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despite months of u.s. led efforts to overthrow president but remains of the political deadlock washington now says it might consider entering peaceful negotiations. u.s. by colombian army faces. cover up of civilian killings in colombia more than a decade ago. the leader of germany's ruling party is proposing media regulation to have a vote. for the party's losses in the e.u. elections. should apply for digital content. to. the full. deadline looms for israel's prime minister form
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a coalition government will face new elections we're going to be going live to tell of a for. by the just said not of the morning or this wednesday the twenty ninth of may good morning for me kevin and the rest of team today so those headlines in more detail first push for a negotiated resolution to the venezuelan crisis is picking up steam representatives of president nicolas maduro and opposition leader are expected to meet for a second round of talks in norway later this week the return to the negotiating table comes despite the hawkish stance of some western leaders he goes down off looks at what could be behind america's apparent easing of plans for military intervention. to leave i swear to formally soon the teachings of the national executive as president of venezuela i. and that was how it all began
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a long and porthole road to the chaos and mayhem venezuela's in today it once needs a local politician overnight shot into political stardom and with the u.s. on his side it seemed one why don't you simply couldn't lose. by mike pence the vice president of the united states the united states supports the courageous decision by one god or old a bit of cringe a way to demonstrate your allegiance yet many more countries follow suit brazil has just issued a note recognizing one why do as venezuela's president. one. one one door in europe why the uk you know why the venezuela began to devour itself from the inside to one by protest streets flooded people on mass reassuring maduro
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of their support all venting their anger at a president they call a dictator. meanwhile washington and rolled it. from threats to sanctions to even seemingly harmless things like aid it try to slip the balance of power in favor over there man why don't i wish him a long quiet retirement on a pretty beach far from venezuela and the sooner he takes advantage of that the center is likely to have a nice quiet retirement not a pretty beach rather than being in some other beach area like guantanamo an unconventional holiday but among the mildest ideas in america's rhetoric what would make you use the u.s. military in venezuela it's an option we continue to say and we always will for the day all options are on the table all options are on the table all options are on the table all options are on the table because the. always or but with all that
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commotion in why dose camp would have more durable what was he up to. asks venezuela well the incumbent leader was willing to go all in conventional to trying to a to kill eight his readiness to talk it out with his new rival compliment you've got i am committed to international dialogue today tomorrow and always i'm committed and personally ready if i have to go and meet this guy and climb to the top of mt pico humbles at three in the morning i will if i have to go naked i'll go naked on foot by car by motorcycle it must be very clear to the world and to this regime nobody will take part in this fake dialogue. but back then why do it was feeling too good to grace's arch nemesis confronted with the blatant refusal more duro klang to the second best thing he had and has apart from the support of a good share of his people the military it stood strong with the dural despite what
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you do and washington's efforts to encourage defection. the president imposter tried to make it look like things were going his way. the armed forces are standing behind the people and the constitution but very soon his votes tool overstatement was clear desertions worst paradip local and way below the critical mass needed to have a dura worried and all that leads us here to a complete stalemate why don't has won the battle for the hearts and minds on capitol hill for the embassies for the right to be called president of venezuela on the diplomatic papers of third party countries but not his own and this demonstrates just how capable he is of bringing change inside a country he says is the leader of would you like to see them into variant militarily your vision i as president in charge of the national parliament will
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evaluate all necessary options however cautious it may be an official evaluation of an international intervention is as good as an open call for one but with the us no longer looking as trigger happy as before why don't he has sent his emissaries to talk with him a duro no longer too good for that and the us apparently wants confident a quick power play would lead to victory now has learned that all or doesn't elect presidents. fully goes down of there were some in washington appear to be harder to convince a birth the peaceful resolution to the venezuelan crisis though former presidential hopeful and staunch war seller lindsey graham surge donald trump to take inspiration from an earlier us invasion. douras not the legitimate leader of venezuela he wouldn't be in power without six or seven thousand cuban security forces in venezuela i would do exactly what reagan did i would give cuban ultimatum
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to get out of venezuela look at they don't our let the venezuelan military know you got to choose between democracy and the dura and if you choose more dura in cuba we're coming after you under president reagan and u.s. forces invaded the caribbean nation of grenada or nine hundred eighty three in a bid to replace the government there encountered communist influence in the region a little glaring differences between now and then that senator graham overlooked for starters could it is geographically much smaller than venezuela of course making it easier to access and control in one hundred eighty three it's populations to do just ninety six thousand well venezuela is currently thirty two million people in it but then the u.s. deployed just six thousand troops to overthrow the governments in the country but now a military intervention in venezuela on the other hand would require estimated one hundred fifty thousand troops there's twenty five times the deployment in grenada or conflicts as an intervention would prove to be
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a total disaster. the idea that the u.s. is going to be able enough the venezuelan government really need to start is just silliness of course the u.s. could try a military option from the u.s. point of view it would be a disaster it would be a very protracted military struggle europe where in the end not support it i think most south american countries do not support it even apparently the military brazil i think the u.s. would stand and i think diplomatically it would be a disaster for the u.s. and it could be a disaster in many other way again if they got the u.s. got something to another vietnam war it would cause the deaths of course u.s. personnel would cost trillions of dollars. treasury in many cause rebellion will be united states against the government as we saw during the vietnam
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war so it's a very very risky proposition for the u.s. to be in. that of a club it always under pressure to resign after he was linked to the alleged cover up of civilian killings more than a decade ago documents leaked to the associated press news agency for ongoing investigation of cast a shadow of the activities of a u.s. backed military in colombia the documents show that the military leader made several questionable payments to supposed informants that led to combat operations against suspected rebels the generals however denied his involvement in any extra judicial killings carom open takes up this rather complicated story. colombia's top ranking general is facing some new damning revelations this is the latest blow to the reputation of the country's u.s. backed military and its crackdown on leftist guerrillas decades ago human rights watch has long been raising and highlighting atrocities.
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according to the prosecutor files general nicasio martinez aspinall would pay to a source for the location of rebels and then the soldiers would move in for the kill every one point the general was trying to claim he had no idea that these payments were being issued however the new documents ripped that claim to shreds the general reportedly ordered his troops to double the body count and to accept that higher civilian casualties was just a natural consequence the new york times reporter who was working on this story was recently forced to flee the country human rights and press freedom groups are worried lawmakers have the right to question any piece of reporting but dangerous irresponsible comments like those medias nicholas casey have the potential to endanger the security and discourage reporting insisted issues in colombia and you
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would think that with human rights violations an american journalist being threatened the u.s. colombia relations might actually suffer well if you thought that you would be wrong apparently there was just a meeting between the vice president of colombia and the u.s. secretary of defense that was described as friendly if you will with a thug to the united states or for many years we have been working to the with your institutions the usa continues to shower weapons on colombia seeing it as a useful ally against venezuela bolivia and other opponents trump just spoke highly of the u.s. colombia partnership i just want to thank the president for working with us and we're working together our militaries are very focused on working together and if they don't know or less your own people in colombia deeply concerned about the situation and they want to see justice served and for the truth to be uncovered it's also vital for the government and its international status was not. no with
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general lose this post this is the task of the justice system which needs to resolve the case imagine that some high ranking venezuelan commander was accused of killing civilians and then covering it up the white house would be up in arms but when it comes to a friend like colombia mass killings aren't such a big deal. r.t. new york. had a german is ruling party faces a major backlash after a statements on imposing stricter measures on political discourse on the internet. but isn't this we lost among young voters for two reasons we failed to adequately address issues that are important to them and we feel due to the handling of the reserves what would happen if sending more asked people to decide it just two days before the election to make a joint appeal for c.d.u. or as speedy that would be a clear case of political bias in the run up to an election so we'll do all she
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applies for digital content these are the questions we will need to discuss not just for to see you but for media policy as a whole and the future of democracy. by a statement comes after a number of you to bloggers in germany called on people not to vote for the ruling coalition parties in the elections she believes the campaign in fact was to blame and for the c.d.'s heavy losses on sunday. so how does this how clear factual evidence is there for current system is destructive actually it is my democratic. vote for the s.p.d. please don't vote for the c.d.u. and please don't vote for the c.s.a. . we ask you all not to support this. and don't support the s.b.c. kind and don't vote for any party who doesn't operate on logic or science and isn't course to destroy. the city leaders statement caused outrage among other parties to the left called it an assault on the freedom of expression and repression in the
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german constitution the freedom party said political movements need to have a dialogue with social media platforms martin dolls are two for the left party things might turn in relations with the youth is crucial. all young people are searching for how can we doubled up a society they want to participate in the decision process in the society to the movement of writers for future out there as well on the internet like raise or end up us is a part of a search for participation in society for a perfect for future and the less the political mainstream. able to create discourse its witchery the trick the emotion of the people emotionally and by the on the left a little to crow conscious the ball start to organize themselves the more they move. so much from different frames where they can see.
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us you know its international effects shooting into around the world the time now exactly fifty minutes past nine in the morning moscow time coming up after the break among the stories ahead britain the u.s. set to give their rubbish back as malays it refuses to serve as a dumping ground anymore we'll tell you more and go live to israel after the break .
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sex crimes or financial survival does. one customers go by you're reduced. to now well reduce some lower. that's undercutting but what's good for market is not good for the global economy. he would lead sort of suffered another humiliating black eye and bloody nose all across europe voters put the leads on notice the status quo is not working for the people the surge to the right in the rise of populism may be a game changer will be a week down list of. good morning it's crunch time for israel's prime minister he has just a matter of hours now to form
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a coalition government and avoid an election if one is called it would be the first time in israel's history let's go live now to our correspondent. take us through this last few hours left and so mr netanyahu has till midnight to form a government is he going to do it. well that remains to be seen as you say netanyahu having just a few hours to put together a ruling coalition government now he's had since april the ninth which is when the last israeli elections were held giving him forty two days to put this coalition together the sticking point is a former ally the former defense minister avigdor lieberman who who needs netanyahu really needs to form a sixty one majority out of one hundred and twenty parliament with lieberman he has sixty five without him he only has sixty the issue between the two is the whole contentious topic of whether or not ultra religious jews ultra orthodox jews should serve in the israeli army now this is something that has divided israeli society
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for a long time religious jews are currently examined for new construction but lieberman insisting that they should be part and parcel of the israel defense forces. i don't think all the doctors should go to the army because that's not what they believe in and just because we believe in it doesn't mean that's the right thing they say they should do everyone can you know kind of chip in and be integrated into the works and the ridge people should actually we should let some of them actually study study study bible study the torah although most of the most of them should really should really either get drafted to the army or do some sort of civil service they should serve as anyone. i think we all have to serve in the army because we are all citizens of israel and i think everybody needs to contribute in their own way. for the religious soldier religious they should find
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a certain framework for them to contribute in their own. now religious parties make up an important part of coalition and there it will go to hades with men because of course they don't want to serve in the army so at this stage it's difficult to see how netanyahu is going to resolve this issue because you really have to include some coalition partners who saying opposite things this is an issue that has resulted in the past and it goes back months if not years in vineland clashes between israeli police and religious jews. was. the. was right. now there are many here in israel who don't believe the issue is only about conscription this is a political struggle between lieberman
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a former netanyahu ally who actually has his sights also sit on the premiership serve many has speculating that he's hoping that by preventing that on yahoo from from forming a coalition government and forcing him to call new elections this might put him in a better position to potentially be a future prime minister of israel we'll be following this story throughout the day and bring you updates ok we had lawmaker will be across it with your help frank's post here in tel aviv. the u.n. is raising the alarm of a child malnutrition and all rubbish to afghanistan they say they don't have enough funds to help the millions of children in need of urgent comes as u.s. troops really twenty years in the country now. they are two million children in the country which suffer from acute malnutrition and among them six hundred thousand children that suffer from severe acute
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malnutrition a child that suffer from some government isn't it a child that it's urgent treatment otherwise you might die. we are the sole provider of treatment for civilians in the nutrition if we don't have money to buy this treatment the severely adamant mantra wished we do not get it. unfortunately ghana standards we can treat severe malnutrition as a high level the main reasons are gratian poverty don't work polluted drinking water substandard food and an educated mothers.
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malays here is mounting a fight against illegal imports of contaminated and norm recyclable plastics be environment minister vowed on tuesday to ship three thousand tonnes of waste but the countries of origin including the us britain france and japan and she showed reporters the scale of the problem. it's been seven days even though the megastar must sit in the sun. while malaysia has been awash with way since china stopped importing millions of tonnes of plastic from the developed world last year much of it spin and finding its way to weather southeast asian countries the malaysian environment minister though insisted this practice has to stop. whoever this says they are ways to malaysia where they are those plastic ways or whatever ways we will send it back and we will fight back even though we are a small country we cannot be bullied by
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a developed countries malaysia isn't the only southeast asian country pushing back against this influx of garbage after a six year dispute just lately kelleher agreed last week to accept the return of a huge shipment dumped in the philippines over one hundred shipping containers of mislabeled household waste been said to two ports in the philippines back in twenty thirteen and literally left to fester there the political fallout became so severe president attorney thrown to dump the rubbish back in canadian waters. will declare war against canada we can take them down i'll return the trash just wait and see i will advise canada that your garbage is on the way prepare grounds reception eat it if you want to environmental campaigner george barda describe the offloading a waste as free trades dirty secret. so the wind a phenomenon and this is part of his work is what's known by some as waste colonialism and the really dirty secret of so-called free trade is that it's free
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for corporations to do what the hell they like but there is very little freedom for . poor countries that are often the subject of this you know these toxic arrivals to do anything about it after china announced a ban on imported plastics at the end of twenty seventeen that neighboring countries in asia the philippines malaysia etc have now become the dumping grounds for that country for that waste and the depressing thing is there seems to be no evidence whatsoever that countries like the u.k. are doing any kind of follow up to make sure that that waste is being treated in a in a remote responsible way is virtually no there's no inspection of that regulations . revelations or documentaries expose child sex abuse in poland roman catholic church is about to wave of rage in the country the film called tell no one should hope priests have never faced any consequences for their crimes.
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finally the peta photos in black folks will face justice make more movies like this one which discloses the deception of the church big respect to everyone who decided to be a part of this film artist's tell about their horrible experience without the camera the catholic church doesn't lead people to god it just makes them run away from him the movie was financed through a crowdfunding campaign is currently being viewed more than twenty million times on you tube the public is now revising the legacy of some priest and who were once considered heroes the governing polish lower justice party has been widely supported by the country's religiously conservative population and positions itself as a defender of christian values its leader initiated indeed a vote in parliament on longer prison terms for child abusers after the documentary attracted so much attention but he also accused those who raised the issue of abuse by priests of undermining offending the church here earlier said there is no poland
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without the church. you know everyone has the right to express their opinion but i think politicians need to be more careful with their what is it's not just a matter of individual offenders the crimes were covered up these things were known to be the church authorities just absolutely the way they moved offenders from parish to the parish is horrendous they should real punishment merely losing a position in a church is no justice must be so. it's a problem it's hard to say maybe kaczynski want to say it was an attack on christian values but he is partly right it's like living in an apartment and closing the rise to the neighbor's pathological family and when a tragedy happens everyone wakes up but if you react early you can prevent a tragedy you have to fight against those who degenerates you the film shows the truth and how people react to the truth is their private matter but i do not consider this movie an attack on the church. to get pushed you know the church
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needs to be kept separate from politics that will solve the problem. you know if they were there just for the news it was so far the smalling so much more of course on the main site r.t. dot com it's now twenty seven minutes past nine moscow time for me kevin owen of the rest of the team want you to hear this morning of a great wednesday. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. if you think. i'm going to talk about football not the or else you think i was going to do.
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by the way what is that that's like here. and. what is it calling the coin is magic and the new type of digital currency the centralized digital scarcity chancellor. of second for bankers call the genesis blog for reason to coin a civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo eleven landing on to the next and stacy. readings
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and sell you take. officially personally. national security agency or n.s.a. is to lead the u.s. government in cryptology that encompasses both signals intelligence and information of cern cern's products and services unable computer network operations in order to gain any decision advantage for the united states and its allies under all circumstances that's the official explanation other less government operations manual sounding words of the n.s.a. basically it's the i squat of the us ready and willing to protect the nation from cyber attacks all while analyzing and collecting basically everything we do online or over the phone but what happens when the n.s.a.
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zone technology is used against the very people supposedly there to protect that's what the city of baltimore is now asking after new york times investigation revealed that a tool developed and created by the n.s.a. may very well be at the heart of a cyber attack by digital extortionists that has frozen thousands of computers shut down email and disrupted real estate sales water bills health alerts and many other services. called eternal blue tool takes advantage of a bug in the old versions of microsoft's windows operating system opening a door for other malicious code to be run from the infected computers the bug was leaked online back in two thousand and seventeen by a group calling itself the shadow brokers baltimore city council president brandon scott told the baltimore sun quote the federal government needs to have a larger role in supporting the city's recovery including federal reimbursement for damages the fact that the root technology that enabled this attack came from our own federal government just miles away.


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