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tv   News  RT  May 29, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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the free and fair election doesn't exist the more rope we give them the sooner we're all. breaking the silence us special counsel robert mueller comments publicly on the investigation for the 1st time reiterating the report's conclusions statements drawn up a predictable reaction to. miller's statement makes clear with his report no it's an impeachment referral and it's up to congress to act they shoot nothing changes from the reports there was insufficient evidence and therefore in our country a person is innocent the case is closed. a possible u. turn in the venezuela crisis as the opposition on the united states now looks at the talks with president maduro to be held on neutral territory and norway. the
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leader of germany's ruling party is slammed for proposing tighter pre-election media regulation blaming you tube bloggers for her party's heavy losses in the e.u. parliament dollars. so why rules should apply for digital content these are the questions we will need. for the media policy as a whole in the future democracy. welcome to the international. news room of the world news this hour 1st for you for the 1st time in 2 years u.s. special counsel robert mueller has commented publicly on the russia investigation he addressed a number of lingering questions about his 22 month long inquiry which found no evidence of collusion but numerous instances of possible obstruction of justice by the president as the details well now that the special counsel's office. is
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closing and the probe into alleged collusion between donald trump and russia led by special counsel robert muller has concluded we now hear from robert muller his 1st statement to the press now he spoke for 10 minutes and reiterated and clarified much of what was in his widely read report after the 2 year investigation this is some of what we heard from robert mohler if we had had come confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he is in office and he made clear that he could not charge a sitting president he clarified that as the last stands the department of justice cannot bring charges against a president rather there are other procedure laid out for that and democrats interpreted the statement from bob muller regarding the fact that he cannot bring charges against a sitting president as
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a cue for them to raise the issue of impeachment made clear this morning that his investigation now lays at the feet of congress no one is above the law congress should begin an impeachment inquiry. these administration has continued to stonewall congress oversight begin impeachment proceedings is the only path forward miller's statement makes clear with those who have read his report no it's an impeachment referral and it's up to congress to act they shewed given the special counsel was unable to pursue criminal charges against the president if the congress threw stones of the crimes noise in the room doing a president trump and we would do so however what he was saying was not very much different than what he said in the report months ago emphasized what was in the report he cited indictments against russian citizens as evidence of russian meddling in the us presidential election many emphasize that no collusion between u.s.
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president donald trump and the russian government was at any point discovered now democrats have been harshly critical of william barr the u.s. attorney general arguing that he is in favor of u.s. president donald trump and has been swaying and distorting things in donald trump's favor democrats accuse william barr of making unnecessary redactions to the report and acting in other ways that showed a kind of sympathy for the president however when bob muller spoke he did not offer any criticism about william bar or his comments on the investigation report and we appreciate that the attorney general made the report largely public and i certainly don't question the attorney general's good faith in the decision responded to the report saying that the case is now closed that he has not been proven guilty he is innocent and that there was no collusion now bob mueller made clear he will not be testifying any further or making any further comments he did not take any questions from the press and he made clear that his report is meant to speak for itself. ok
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live now into legal and media analyst lionel welcome back to see what made it clear that trump was in charge not because there's a lack of evidence that he obstructed justice but because of constitutional constraints that means the attorney general lied about his characterization of the reported in the double trump is not off the hook. no no no no no i know 1st what we just heard was gobbledygook that is the legal terminology gobbledygook it is incumbent upon a prosecutor out of the american system of which i was a prosecutor and a criminal defense lawyer will tell you that the prosecutor determines are you going to indict have you found evidence yes or no if the answer is no that said you don't exonerate anybody it is not the job of the prosecutor special counsel or otherwise to purge to remove any any taint of guilt he goes
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into this ridiculous all over explanation the question is did you find this or are you charging in fact to be even more precise a prosecutor could find elements of a crime but elect not to the interesting thing to note is one of the reasons why many suspect he doesn't want to speak to congress is one that republicans asked him when did you know this how many years ago how many months into this investigation did you come to the conclusion that there was no evidence are there was no reason to charge him but how long have you been stringing the country and the president and the world along that's the question because it's one thing for you not to find something but the question is could you not have shut this down or do i have to explain to the world what happens when
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a president is under investigation how this can affect the day to day going on of one of the arguably the most incredibly complicated jobs in the world this is the most incredible example of almost juridical double speak and he made it sound like well as. as you know the rules are that we can't indict him so we're not going to win by them or charge him because we can't well here's another question for you if you can't end dive him if those were the rules why did you investigate him in the 1st place did you know these rules before or did you know the rules before that say you can indict him or charge him then what were you investigating brits ah you were investigating collusion but it's also not going to take the heat out of people who are going to be pushing for an impeachment especially when you've got melissa saying things like if we had confidence the
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president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so that's going to be fuel for them isn't it. there is going to be no impeachment let me remind everyone impeachment merely means the charge you impeach in the house you charge conviction in the senate is the trial that's when you remove the president let me remind the world the elections next year there is not going to be any impeachment do you know how long it takes to even get together the members of the house impeachment t. it would take a year just to vote on that this is a pipe dream this is the judiciary committee and gerald madder who by the way and a little miniscule judiciary committee is going to find more information than bob muller with a team of 203-0500 tens of millions of dollars in budget it's it's ridiculous
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this is political gamesmanship but the real question is and what a lot of people are asking is how long did you know there was no evidence and by the way did you notice such a paltry and de minimus amount of time that was that was given to the reason for this what was this rush in collusion explain this more i've heard it a 1000000 times ok i still can't answer it who are these people. thanks for putting illegal laws across said fred appreciate you joining us again i'll see international thanks for your time. a push for a negotiated resolution to the venezuelan crisis is picking up steam representatives of president nicolas maduro and opposition leader why direct but it's me for a 2nd round of talks in norway next week however the united states still has its preferred solution. as we have repeatedly stated we believe the only thing to negotiate with nicolas maduro is the conditions of his departure and the return to
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the negotiating table comes despite the opposition's initial reluctance to participate. proclamation of power was supported by a consistent and hawkish stance among western leaders over the last 4 months it goes on of takes us through the power struggle. for only i swear to formally assume the duties of the national executive as president of venezuela. and that was how it all began a long and porthole road to the chaos and mayhem venezuela's in today it wants needs local politician overnight short into political stardom and with the u.s. on his side it seemed one why don't you simply couldn't lose or lower. by mike pence the vice president of the united states the united states supports the courageous decision many more countries followed suit brazil has just issued a note recognizing one why do as venezuela's president. 1.
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11 door in europe where you go you know the one with all venezuela began to devour itself from the inside 2 on by protests streets flooded people on mass reassuring maduro of their support all venting their anger at a president they call a dictator. meanwhile washington and rolled its arsenal from threats to sanctions to even seemingly harmless things like aid it try to keep the balance of power in favor over there man why don't i wish him a long quiet retirement on a pretty beach far from venezuela and the sooner he takes advantage of that the center is likely to have a nice quiet retirement not a pretty beach rather than being in some other beach area like guantanamo an unconventional holiday but among the mildest ideas in america's rhetoric all
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options are on the day all options are on the table all options are on the table all options are on the table all options are on the table because they always are but with all that commotion in white dove camp would have my dural the incumbent leader was willing to go all in conventional to trying to articulate his readiness to talk it out with his new rival program if you go i am committed to international dialogue today tomorrow and always i'm committed and personally ready but back then why do it was feeling too good to grace's arch nemesis confronted with the blatant refusal my duro klang to the 2nd best thing he had and has apart from the support of a good share of his people the military is. stood strong with the dural despite what you do and washington's efforts to encourage defection. the president impostor tried to make it look like things were going his way. the
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armed forces are standing behind the people and the constitution but very soon his boastful overstatement was clear decisions were sporadic local and way below the critical mass needed to have the dura worried and all that leads us here to a complete stalemate why don't has won the battle for the hearts and minds on capitol hill for the embassies for the right to be called president of venezuela on the diplomatic papers of 3rd party countries but not his own to like to see them into vain militarily your obvious and i as president in charge of the national parliament will evaluate all necessary options however cautious it may be an official evaluation of an international intervention is as good as an open call for one but with the us no longer looking as trigger happy as before why do it has sent his emissaries to talk with the duro no longer too good for that and the us
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apparently wants confident a quick power play would lead to victory now has learned that all or doesn't elect presidents. there are some in washington who despite the resumption of the oslo talks appear to believe hostility is the best policy senator lindsey graham even recently invoked the invasion of grenada in 1903 which was widely viewed as illegal to make the case for intervention in venezuela. douras not the legitimate leader of venezuela he would be in power without 6 or $7000.00 cuban security forces in venezuela i would do exactly what reagan did i would give cuba an ultimatum to get out of venezuela look at they don't i would let the venezuelan military know you got to choose between democracy and the dura and if you choose more dura in cuba we're coming after you all to remind you under president reagan in 1903 the us sent an invasion force into grenada under the pretext of protecting american citizens from the caribbean nations marxist leadership in just over
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a week operation urgent fury had overthrown the line government that senator graham's comparison though seems to be glossing over some crucial differences between venezuela today and grenada in the eighty's for starters the island nation of grenada is geographically much smaller than venezuela making it easier to access and control in 1903 its population stood at 69000 venezuela's it's 32000000 back then the us deployed around 6000 troops according to some estimates the u.s. military intervention in venezuela today would probably require $150000.00 soldiers human rights lawyer and author dan kovalchuk told us that an invasion by washington would be disastrous. the idea that the u.s. is going to be able to knock on the venezuelan government grenada style is just silliness of course the u.s. could try a military option from the u.s. point of view it would be a disaster it would be a very protracted military struggle europe would in the end not support it i think
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most south american countries do not support it even apparently the military brazil i think the u.s. would stand alone and i think diplomatically it would be a disaster for the u.s. and it could be a disaster in many other ways again if they got the u.s. got something to do another vietnam time war it would cause deaths of course u.s. personnel would cost trillions of dollars and treasury in many cause a rebellion with the new united states against the government as we saw during the vietnam war so it's a very very risky proposition for the u.s. to the us. the head of germany's ruling party is facing a major backlash more than 50000 people have signed a petition against what they say are underground crime carabao as plans for censorship it comes after her statements on imposing stricter measures on political discourse online. but isn't this we lost among young voters for 2 reasons we failed
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to adequately address issues that are important to them and we feel due to the handling of their role as a radio where would happen if 70 newspapers decided just 2 days before the election to make a joint appeal don't vote for the c.d.u. or s.p.d. that would be a clear case of political bias in the run up to an election so why rules should apply for digital content these are 2 questions we will need to discuss not just for the cd you live for media policy as a whole in the future of democracy a statement came after a number of you tube bloggers in germany called on people not to vote for the ruling coalition parties in the elections and she believes that the cow that campaign was to blame for the christian democratic union heavy losses last sunday so now does this clear factual evidence that the current system is destructive and it is my democratic duty to ask you please don't vote for the s.p.d.
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please don't vote for the c.d.u. and please don't vote for the. we ask you all not to support this. and don't support the s.p.t. kind under the bill and those for any party that doesn't operate on logic or science and isn't course to destroy our future account of the cd here latest statement infuriated rival parties as well the left party called it an assault on the freedom of expression and repression of the german constitution the freedom party said that political movements need to have a dialogue with social media platforms. from the left party told us that maintaining relations with tech savvy youth is a crucial. all young people are searching for how can we develop a society they way they want to participate in the decision process in this society into the movement of writers for future good out there as well on the internet like raise a lot of us is a part off a search for or participation in society for the 1st tech to fall future
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and the less the political mainstream. is able to create discourse that's which really the trick the emotion of the people emotionally and by the on the left a letter to your conscious the wall they will start to organize themselves the more they move. so much for different frames where they can cross a grapefruit. revelations in a documentary that exposed the child sex abuse in poland's roman catholic church have sparked a wave of outrage in the country the film is financed through a crowdfunding campaign and has been viewed more than 20000000 times on you tube. users. most of the crowd. finally the peta followers in black cloaks will face justice make more movies like
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this one which discloses the deception of the church big respect to everyone who decided to be a part of this film artists tell about their horrible experience without the camera the catholic church doesn't lead people to god it just makes them run away from him . the governing coalition or in justice parties also reacted to the film's revelations pledging to confront the problem of clerical abuse its leader initiated a vote in parliament on longer prison terms for child abusers after the documentary began attracting a widespread attention but he also accused some of using the situation to attack and undermine the church as a whole the 1st there is no potent without the institution. everyone has the right to express their opinion but i think politicians need to be more careful with their words it's not just a matter of individual offenders the crimes were covered up these things were known to be the church authorities just observing the way they move the offenders from parish to parish is horrendous the real punishment merely losing the position in
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church is not punishment justice must be served. in support of the it's hard to say maybe kaczynski want to say it was an attack on christian values he is partly right it's like living in an apartment and closing the rise to the neighbor's pathological family and when a tragedy happens everyone wakes up but if you react early you can prevent a tragedy you have to fight against those who degenerates you the film shows your truth and how people reacted to truth is their private matter but i do not consider this movie an attack on the church. or the bush you know the church needs to be kept separate from politics that will solve the problem. there's only a couple of hours left for israel's prime minister to form a government or face another election has been looking into the challenge facing benjamin netanyahu. he did win the snap elections that he was responsible for calling on april the 9th and this gave him 42 days in which to form this new
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coalition and the prognosis really was that he would succeed to do so but unfortunately for him certainly he hasn't the sticking point comes from a former ally a former defense minister who served under netanyahu ever done even then who is the leader of a right wing political party and the issue at play is the whole matter of whether or not ultra religious jews off a ducks too should serve in the israeli army this is an issue that has resulted in the past and it goes back months if not years in violent clashes between israeli police and religious jews. now the israeli parliament is made up of $120.00 seats to form the next government netanyahu needs a minimum of $61.00 and without the lieberman party he only has 60 but
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the problem is that those 60 seats comprise a fair number of religious parties who are against conscription for the sun so this announcement really being pulled between iraq and place on the one hand trying to satisfy lieberman who wants to see these religious soldiers and the army and his religious clinician partners who don't this is a topic that has often divided israeli society and when we took to the streets we found that there was a very diverse view of opinion. should go to the army because that's not what they believe in and just because we believe in it doesn't mean that's the right thing to do everyone can you know kind of chip in and be integrated into the oaks and the rich people should actually we should let some of them actually study study study bible study. the torah although most of the most of them should really should really either get drafted to the army or do some sort of civil service they should
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serve as anyone else now this is really a smokescreen for a deeper political struggle that is happening between leader men and netanyahu and certainly most people haven't as well since that lieberman feels about pushing netanyahu into a corner this is really his big chance of potentially winning and attaining the highest seat of office here in israel but it remains to be seen of course we learn you know in the coming hours what develops. the un is raising the alarm over child malnutrition in war ravaged afghanistan they say there isn't enough funds to help the millions of children in need of urgent aid it comes as u.s. troops marking their 20 year presence in the country. meet. they are 2000000 children in the country which suffer from acute malnutrition and among them 600000 children that suffer from severe acute malnutrition a child that's so far from severe condition is a child that needs urgent treatment otherwise he might die.
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more we are the own sole provider of treatment for syria to the nutrition if we don't have money to buy these treatment the severely atman mandarin wished we do not get it. unfortunately ghana standards we can treat receive your money tree she is a high level the main reasons are gratian poverty don't work polluted drinking water substandard food and an educated mothers.
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we also spoke to unicef communications chief for afghanistan who says its children who suffer the most in times of conflict. this week last 600000 children who are severely acutely ill not reached has been a twin for the last 5 years the only issue now is that everybody is recognizing that it is a crisis it is an imagined see and it needs to be put in the national and that's why we need to the attention of everybody together with the government and this is a crisis and urgent attention and we call on all parties to the conflict all the while inflections to teach that the impact of conflict is mainly pulled by children and that some local children should not be part of any conflict in any country. now or 400 kilometers above the earth 2 russian cosmonauts are conducting a 6 and a half hour space walk and further about half an hour away through the busy day trying to conduct experiments and do repairs on the international space station
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they are commander con america flight engineer alexey. kohn and anchor it's his 5th space walk he's the one wearing the blue straps and the blue markings that you can see there from his i believe it's his helmet cam these are live pictures by the way from the international space station currently traveling at something like 5 miles a 2nd over our heads also with him as i said is a flight engineer alexy of kin enough for him it's his 1st spacewalk if we do get to see him he's the one wearing the red stripes he was also one of the cosmonauts from the failed launch last october you might remember the drama when his 4 years fell back to work moments after blast off not that it put him off as you can feel may the 29th is a shadow of maintenance day for the international space station but it does not a much more poignant moment in history as well especially for russia because of an alter honoring the 85th anniversary of the 1st person to walk in space the soviet
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union's alexy leon of delved into the dark unknown for the 1st time. about their work and i should use for this our next as european voters put the big center ground parties on notice crosstalk asks whether the shift is just a blip or a game changer. seemed wrong. but. just don't hold. any belief yet to shape out this day become educated and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground
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1. what is it call and decline is magic internet money a new type of digital currency essential lies digital scarcity chancellor on brink of 2nd bailout for bankers call the genesis plot for a reason to calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history and this is columbus discovering the new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the moon with max and stacy. this in petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has
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become a leading global platform for discussing the keys economic issues facing row. emerging markets of the world thousands of business community members attend the forum to address today's vital issues. especially foreign coverage. hello and welcome to crossfire for all things considered i'm peter lavelle.


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