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case closed all sides get some special. russian collusion reports. also the headlines today is somalia a safer place than london while increasing numbers of the somali community in britain seem to think so parents have been sending their children to africa avoid a crime. they feel safe. they feel safe it's. themselves it's very dangerous for. israel's parliament votes to dissolve it solved triggering fresh elections in september. who missed the deadline to form a coalition government last night the 1st time the situation's played out in israel's. schools of space
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flights are placed in all but. musk says he plans to deploy 12000 more for his internet from space initiative. there just after thursday midday or moscow welcome to the program i'm kevin irwin here with the world news update from international h.q. for you. special counsel robert muller has handed in his resignation 2 years after he opened its investigation into alleged collusion between president on trump and russia speaking to the public for the 1st time since the probe he sought to give clarification to the major conclusions of the report but as cullum open explains both comes from washington or interpreted his words in their own very different ways. the special counsel's office is closing and he's going to.
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tire and to celebrate $35000000.00 in 2 years' worth of work he decided to address the media there's an old psychological test they call the war shack and basically it's a set of ambiguous ink blots it's up to the mind of the patient to determine what to see and the 10 minute presentation of robert muller seems to very much be in the eyes of the beholder if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. we did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime it's not that different from what he said at the end of his report but the democrats certainly took a lot from the statement of the mother was essentially referring impeachment to the united states congress. statement makes it clear congress has a legal and moral obligation to begin impeachment proceedings immediately miller statement makes clear with those who have read his report no it's an impeachment referral and it's up to congress to act they shewed given the special counsel was
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unable to pursue criminal charges against the president if the congress threw stones of the crimes and other wrongdoing of president trump and we will do so i think it was very clear if you could clear the president he would have but he couldn't makes clear well muller said the report speaks for itself a special counsel found no collusion by any americans in ira's illegal activities now trump or the opposite from robert mueller he says he's in the clear nothing changes from the mother reports there was insufficient evidence and therefore in our country a person is innocent the case is closed thank you then the white house press secretary clarified with the statement there was no real news and there he reiterated the points that he'd already made in the report. that we agree with them there was no collusion there was no conspiracy and we consider this case closed he completed his investigation now he's closed his office and it's time for everybody to move on there. before it has been published the investigation is long over but
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the saga continues both sides are sticking to what they said all along so you have to ask yourself if everyone was just going to keep saying what they've said the entire time impeach trump or no collusion why did we have the investigation to begin with caleb up in r g new york it's something that legal and media around this line was trying to answer is his conduct to him a reporter probably made no sense in the 1st place. the interesting thing to note is one of the reasons why many suspect he doesn't want to speak to congress is when the republicans ask him when did you know this how many years ago how many months into this investigation did you come to the conclusion a either there was no evidence or there was no reason to charge him but how long have you been stringing the country and the president and the world along what here's another question for
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you if you can't end dive here if those were the rules why did you investigate him in the 1st place did you know these rules before or did you know the rules before they say you can indict him or charge him then what were you investigated ah you were investigating collusion and by the way did you notice such a paltry and de minimus amount of time that was that was given to the reason for this what was this russian collusion explain this more. british teenagers of somali heritage being sent to africa by their parents for avoid the rising threat of knife crime in the u.k. the east african nation itself has a reputation of being one of most dangerous countries in the world indeed the u.k. foreign office warns not to travel there because of the threat of terrorist attacks and kidnapping. looks into why the somali community considers britain a greater threat to the children. stabbings of young people across england have
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become epidemic in those few years i was doing my a levels it was tough just seeing people being dropped every other day being stabbed london is not the place to be for a teenager when they're living here in britain the context is britain this is a british problem and it's a problem that with fallen into one of the things i'll never forget is the fact that when you walk in the streets of kenya you don't have to go over your shoulder here i could travel women out of the city go and visit her about wanted and it was good i felt a sense of freedom when i came here it was like a clean slate my mum feels i'm much safer here than anywhere else in the world and it's not just parents and teenagers who are worried the author or it is are also raising the alarm i'd have to say that the last couple of years on down to julie have been as dave said the highest and most worrying levels i think in my service and it is really worrying 50 people who have been stabbed to death in the capital
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since the beginning of the year and what's even more worrying that number has almost doubled in the past 2 years in hammersmith and fulham in west london there has been an 84 percent rise in these crimes from 236 in 2017 to 18 to 434 in 2018 to 19 while in central london there has been a hike of around 52 percent in knife crime the number rising from 652985 and kensington and chelsea has also experienced an increase in knife related incidents a 25 percent spike from 262-2328 were home secretaries side you job it has called the rise in violent crime a national emergency and the targets are often teenagers from black communities i know for terms of. the. 5 there is. very different picture than the what used to be riveted by
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the. feel for the safety of their children the fear dips a few. themselves i think it's very dangerous for you really to those even a lot of. positive activity. for most of the local authorities. even a lot of good for. the problem is you while off camera somali people in north london say gang related crime is the real problem several refused to be filmed because they fear reprisals for speaking out and to save their children some parents even prefer to send them back to africa while javid is promising to put 20000 policeman back on the streets to fight this virulent disease somehow africa seems safer than london. we can exert as
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a tool has been transferred apparently from a cell in belmarsh prison in the u.k. to a hospital where after his health took a rapid turn for the worse the whistle blows website fears for his co-founders life even and his lawyer says he can barely hold a conversation right now trying to get across what's happening here polly boy has crossed this in london i've got to say when we saw those dramatic pictures of him being pulled out from our embassy you're covering at the time i didn't know well what's happening now 1000 there are long been withheld that the right now been to the hospital wing of their lives and then claims that thing out that a week said into a speaking bail when he was at the ecuadorian embassy and we say that they've got to wait. julian let's. take a listen to what they had to say. during the southern weeks and bo monstrous hope has continued to deteriorate. when he has dramatically lost weight the decision of
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prison authorities to move him to the ward speaks put souls. was actually a songes swedish defense lawyer the one that's dealing with that case that's been reopened against him in sweden falla geishas of sexual assault back in 2010 he's the one that raised the alarm over a staunch is healthy for the state of his health and take a listen to what he had to say about what his son's was like when he went to visit him a little bit earlier on this week. as whole situation on friday was such that it was not possible to conduct a normal conversation with him. but despite concerns for genius on just health and wheels of justice or should i say the judicial system his continue to we are outside westminster magistrates court in london to you know head the crowd of his supporters behind me making themselves very going to be loud and clear that
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they support julian assange and we're here for a 2nd hearing aid for the case of a sergeant extradition eva to the u.s. and so far also by the way swedish authorities have refused to move a hearing in relation to that case as well so the case is the legal cases against sancia going ahead despite what's going on it seems with his health now julian assange just had to pay via video link here at a hearing this is the 2nd hearing earlier this month he formally refused to consent to being extradited a video to the u.s. so to be officially signaling the beginning of what promises to be quite a protracted legal battle over whether or not he goes to the u.s. and it's complicated it's convoluted this case but essentially it boils down to 2 cool issues one is did you get us on to act as a journalist when we published the troad step secret u.s. documents and crucially for him the 2nd question is that. in the u.k.
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willing to send him a bit to the u.s. where he might face up to 175 years behind bars if you add up all the charges that are stacked up against him last week the department of justice on bail the 17 additional charges that they keep on the wiki leaks found and the charges come under the 1917 u.s. espionage act that's a much more serious than the initial conspiracy to have government computer that was unveiled in the original extradition was a response that came into view they also are saying that would have carried him out of my view so we're talking about much more serious than that it out charges against a son and this is the best practice never been raised against a journalist in the past it's only ever been used against government officials who leaks. of course washington's argument is that a songes and show has to secure you to hack or in a by publicizing the names in
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a woman who is a safe socializing grave danger but what's interesting here is that even the songes critics and there are quite a few of them many of them say that the u.s. case against him has serious implications for freedom of the press and for journalists around the was so that's why all the hearings to do with it rule the pool while very good will probably since you could speak another turn of events just in literally from the lawyer for juice on snow so the juice on his too ill to appear by video link for the london court hearing you were talking about just now still even interesting to see in the coming hours days how he is going to represent himself what's going to happen going to put on a pause maybe all know by chief more later than the so develop a new story this lunchtime thanks to the in london for the up the. brutal europe it seems the leaders of facing differences over who gets the books top. right now
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president michel france and german chancellor angela merkel can't seem to find a compromise on a nominee for the president of the commission that hawkins takes a closer look. at the dust has settled for voters but for europe's elite the question is who replaces sean claude younger is the king of dry humor and aimless awkward moments big shoes to fill out a pretty important pad 2. so how does one become top dog while the street some counted up process sounds simple right but actually it is all european parties put forward their preferred candidate and the one with most seats a political consensus wins thing is they all want to win and i'm going to buckle is
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no exception if she wants her man in the presidential hot seat. repeat what i said and to avoid any unnecessary questions we stand by our lead candidate the p.p. candidate manfred weber others stand by their lead candidate obviously that's a problem in the european parliament stated today that the majority of its members are committed to the lead candidate principle that is the message to the european council even though not all heads of state and governments are fully convinced of the value of that principle. the system has worked perfectly and if it ain't broke why fix it but marco has a political headache on her hands president micronor leads a group of rebels pushing for total change not to mention a different kind of. we confirmed tonight that there is nothing automatic in the lead candidate process. political group what their own concerns are at the helm their opponents the conservatives and socialists have taken
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a political battering so they think they hold all the cards and they're not the only ones these socialists also have their own ideas and guess what yes own kind that we would support france i think he's a qualified person for the position for the commission i seemed to not only he was his speech income today but also he has the experience not only at national level but also as you people never going to leave the commission like anything worth waiting for disappointments and hard graft to make up the part of the prize in this case limping parties and political underdogs so let the race. begin. the race of the skies next dutch u.f.o. spotters went into overdrive on saturday when reports came in of its role as strange objects in the sky over the netherlands an amateur astronomer captured what you're seeing there however it seems it was just so the 1st part of the satellites programmed by entrepreneur elon musk space x.
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program heading into orbit law to see that though he says he plans to put nearly 12000 of these things up this year and he hopes that they'll provide internet access across the globe if everything goes to plan but it seems that not everyone was prepared for the surprise of seeing these new celestial bodies heading skyward far from it one local u.f.o. website got 150 reports of an alien invasion may be a lot of people excited the concern for a lot of professional stargazers though is that the night sky will not be changed for the worse forever. i know people are excited about those images of the train of space x. starling satellite but it gives me pause if space x. launches all 12000 they will outnumber the stars visible to the naked eye i consist of us from my garden down to magnitude 5 i'm on the edge of the sitting lots of light pollution and can just see the milky way 1600 stars a bright of the night 5 thanks to space 6 star link i will soon see 7 satellites for every single star to those upset about how bright the elon musk's starling
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satellites are please don't forget their horrendous impact on radio astronomy well since he's heard the concern space x. founder of the musk later asked his team to investigate ways to reduce the amount of light coming from the satellites one astrophysicist we spoke to thinks is the thin end of the wedge that the more companies will be encouraged to use the night sky as a business platform in future. visual issue which is that us in the telescopes usually track the stars in the sky and then the subtle waves move not according to the 30 in the sky with according to their orbits which is a bit faster and that leaves huge traipse tricks in the images when you analyze them and therefore this is a huge problem that you have to deal with we usually estimate we deal with these kind of problems but if the number of satellites increase it's too posed to us with the brightness is maintained as we observed last weekend and that this could be
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really problematic that in the optical reading which is the kind of light that we can see the other probably meeting the radio which i think it's even worse because there is some leakage of radio signals from the subtle out. it might have been that the big relation has to be updated in terms of how many players want to get into this business which is you know really big providing internet for everyone sounds like a good idea but it's really this kind of price but we want to pay for you know you know this case for everyone. i mean if we want to pay the price of fine but someone has to ask. well back down on earth political turmoil in israel about a square one for the knesset they're off to bed the minute knows failed to form a coalition we'll tell you all about that when we come back.
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in or while the state puts the surveillance cameras in. our present day or well 19 eighty-four dystopian nightmare we put in the cameras we install the cameras on the nest cameras on our doors and our mantle pieces and spying devices in our hands and in our homes with another of these mass surveillance technologies that's the difference between orwell and today it is the worst nightmares would never think that we will imprison ourselves. this in petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets around the world thousands of business community members attend
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a forum to address 2 days of vital issues. what your special forum coverage. again good afternoon israel's parliament voted to dissolve itself and hold new elections in september it softer i'm baffled probably just a by the minute you know missed the midnight wednesday deadline last night to form a new government lashed out over the political deadlock. which will not go to shoot in the space of 8 months i'll be do leave him and his choice strike the states where lections because of personal caprice is because of an attempt to receive a few more mandates it's simply unbelievable. i've said this a few times there is no hidden interest and there is nothing going on behind closed doors. this is the 1st time in the history of israel that you have
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a situation where an election was held as it was here in israel back on april the 9th and won by the incumbent prime minister benjamin netanyahu and yet following that election neither the winning party netanyahu city could or the party that came 2nd was able to form a majority coalition government there one year who needed 61 seats out of a parliament of one $120.00 and he was only able to garner 60 he was looking towards a former ally and a former defense minister avigdor lieberman for his support that would have given more time yahoo $65.00 seats but the 2 clashed over the whole issue of whether or not ultra orthodox jews should be conscripted into the israeli army now this is a position that lieberman has taken for many years he believes that they should be but netanyahu relies on religious parties to form his coalition and they believe they shouldn't and neither side was paid to so while that was the main issue
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many people however understood that behind the scenes this is really a power struggle between the 2 and it will remain to be seen in the coming months whether or not this power struggle paid off for lieberman whether he will win more support for having taken such a strong stance against an. on yahoo or whether in fact he will lose and also of course this is going to cost the taxpayer a lot of money we're hearing from the treasury that it's going to cost something like 120 $1000000.00 and in addition they'll be another more than $1000000000.00 loss to the economy who is also facing corruption charges and for him it would have been better if this coalition government had been put together now it's worth making one more point. a senior adviser to the american president donald trump is in jerusalem to meet with netanyahu krishna's here to discuss trump's much touted peace plan but it's questionable now before happen with a peace plan because you don't have an israeli prime minister and you only have
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a government that is in place temporarily spoke earlier to steve lindy's editor in chief of the jerusalem report he predicted a real political buckler that israel. netanyahu was really angry after last night's drama in the knesset in fact he lashed out of a deal lieberman and he called him basically a traitor moving from the right to the left lieberman won only 5 seats by the way in the $120.00 seats claire said and it proved to be crucial in the end that was the a stance of all reason that lieberman gave his basic demand any had several other demands 2 was that the new government passed this conscription bill which basically doubles the number of her radio orthodox ultra-orthodox. into the army i don't think that demand was over the top but it was rejected by the already ultra
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orthodox parties who will do a lot of power in the israeli part that they had the key so we can get out of this eternal blue 1st followed the public after a massive run somewhere attack in 2017 many countries around the world affected banks and hospitals later that year it was also used to target the ukrainian government we asked people in baltimore then whether or not they thought the mayor's office should stump up the runs. should never pay a ransom to somebody that's trying to terrorize others it is the end of states making a responsible report so. this is your group. that's it i don't think that the ransom should be paid am i don't think they should help out any it was world news rap so far thanks for watching cricket why do you listen to all our shows and clips on if you fancy here in moscow at 2627 it's given how insane of a great. facebook
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and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark so. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results deiced on what they think you should be
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seeing if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more we give them the sooner we are all. max kaiser this is the kaiser report in the 2nd half i'm going to be talking to bill men from mine dot com taking on the censorship of the big guys with something new and interesting so make sure you stay tuned for that but here now we're going to be talking about something truly remarkable and stacy told me what it was a moment ago and slipped my mind so let's talk to stacy and find out what exactly
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is happening max mate basically where all tenant farmers and the the thing we are farming is our own minds our essence our being our everything our privacy all that makes us unique individuals we are farming that as tenant farmers for the likes of facebook for the likes of twitter and other big data companies we are attendance on our own devices a decade ago amazon abruptly deleted copies of george orwell's 1984 from the kindles of its american customers the move instantly evokes the memory holes in the novels totalitarian dystopia and inspired about equal measures of shock outrage and jokes as a fictional amazon in a dystopian novel had performed the same mass deletion critics would have said it was too on the nose but in hindsight amazon's action was also a striking carbon ger of a shift that has only become more pronounced since our wholesale tilt toward
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becoming a tenant society tenants of our own devices great title opens up a whole. panorama of interesting inductive. opinion that i will now state. it always reminds me of these stories the idea of narcissism and technological darcis of people look at these devices 2 as in very narcissistically you know we know from these social media apps that people are driven mad and they are like tarsus in the same a story driven to distraction and madness then also this idea of self-sufficient thinking or what i call the casino gulag so people are going to be interacting with these devices and clicking on ads for snoopy snacks for you know a sandwich here and there. while getting the promise of big payout like wed
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yourself to this tenet thinking machine.


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