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copies of george orwell's 1984 from the kindles of its american customers the move instantly evokes the memory holes in the novels totalitarian dystopia and inspired about equal measures of shock outrage and jokes if a fictional amazon in a dystopian novel had performed the same mass deletion critics would have said it was too on the nose but in hindsight amazon's action was also a striking harbinger of a shift that has only become more pronounced since our wholesale tilt toward becoming a tenant society in terms of our own devices great title opens up a whole. around of interesting inductive. opinion that i will now state. it always reminds me of these stories the idea of narcissism and technological darcis of people look at these devices to
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isn't very narcissistically you know we know from these social media apps that people are driven mad and they are like tarsus in the same a story driven to distraction and madness then also this idea of self-sufficient thinking or what i call the casino gulag so people are going to be interacting with these devices and clicking on a newbie snacks for you know a sandwich here and there. while getting the promise of big payout like wed yourself to this thinking machine and you might win a car you might would a house but you're living in a state somewhere you know out of the lot that dated trailer park owned by some wall street private equity firm and you're starving but you're with your sister clea to the device hoping to win big this is the casino girl like i've been warning about for years happening right now so of course if you're a tenant you are not solvent you are not
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a sovereign individual you are working for somebody else you're looking at yourself and staring at yourself in the device as maybe a narcissist but somebody is capturing that data so they're monetizing either you or you or maybe once in a while randomly they might select somebody to win big and that's how the casino operates you know the house always wins but at least one or 2 people go away from the millions that visit say vegas over a weekend one or 2 will win big and get in the local news might go national might go international if they won really big and everybody's like i'm going to go there and win this big then or well the state puts in the surveillance cameras in our present day or well 19 eighty-four. dystopian nightmare we put in the campus we install the cameras on the nest cameras in our doors and on our mental pieces and put the spying devices in our hands and in our homes with aleck's and other of
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these mass surveillance technologies that's the difference between orwell and so days he is a worst nightmares would never think that we will imprison ourselves and i get the fact that as a tenant we're working for somebody else but to me it's deeper in that it's part of the prison industrial complex and that there's no greater profit margins than the prison business and the war business and if you have perpetual war like it or well suggested we're always a war with your asia you combine that with the prison business with the casino and you've got a cash flow machine and we've been covering the air of d. globalization and of course what we think the last totalitarian state and of course george orwell was writing during the last totalitarian phase of european history that resulted as a consequence of this sort of shift in power so this is also part of. the reason for the targeting of huawei is that basically that the n.s.a.
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did hack qual way back in it was like 10 years ago and they were basically trying to install back doors and they couldn't so they want these back doors they want you to be the tenant farmer for them so i think this is about competition for that but in particular regarding this amazon story and what it tells us about today is they did delete people's books off their own device that they thought they they had paid a $1000.00 for this i phone and that they had paid for it to download the book but it wasn't apparently amazon found out that it wasn't the actual bright color who had uploaded the books that they deleted it one thing the company couldn't take back was the demonstration of it sheer power even the biggest traditional retailer could hardly dream of reaching into people's houses and taking back what it had sold that. it's a memory hole is now part of our everyday existence as we go from the physical world to the purely digital world and the digital world is controlled by the laws and centralized bad actors people who are old old old gop lists and power
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hungry sociopaths and they are wielding this regulated power with reckless abandon and totally destroying society as we know it in particular a lot of people will have heard of this howard tenant farmers on our own devices in that they've heard of john deere john deere you know it's a tractor that all farmers have used for 100 years in america and you always think of the small farmer out there farming that corn and wheat free when bringing it to the market and that's the way you get to eat and this is the backbone of the heartland of america well john deere figured a way to use copyright the carp the right cartels to basically introduce software to their other previously mechanical devices the tractor so now we have situations where by they don't allow farmers to have their software repaired on the tractor
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anywhere else but a john deere location so you know they'll often find themselves in a situation where the software has gone haywire in the middle of harvest season and they're supposed to book an appointment try to find a local john deere location bring the tractor there and stop you know harvesting so they've been hacking them basically they've been going online find new ways and dark net forums to hack these devices in order to fix this so they can harvest you know their crops and yet they're tenant farmers they're finding out right that the john deere tractor featured i believe in ronald reagan's election commercials is a symbol of american sovereignty individual sovereignty and a symbol of self-reliance. so what you're talking about is that we lose our self-reliance and they cut to the heart and cuts out the heart of what's i guess called american existentialism with the works of the row and others who believe
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that self-reliance was an american trait whitman also this is really hard and gentle as the transcendentalism thank you it really rips the heart out of the american psyche and it's done so purely for evil evil purposes well it's it's the casino gulag casino does not want you to leave. without losing big time and then they want to take every single penny you have to your name before you leave that's the only way the house always wins so here this is the same can't be self reliant because you can never escape the nickel and dime ing by the software that rules your life because you're a tenant farmer now in this you know software ai dystopia a report out shows that woody harrelson face shouldn't be enough to catch a beer thief so in new york some dude stole some beer from
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a c.v.s. c.v.s. reported him to the police the police had image of the guy here's the guy and he looks a lot like woody harrelson noted the police now the only reason why this is emerged is that a university which is georgetown law study this case and this guy looked a lot like woody harrelson the police ran it through their facial recognition software that basically looks against all your driver's licenses and passport photos and they couldn't find a match because the photo was not close enough it was not clear enough it was too vague on the c.c.t.v. camera so they instead went to google looked at woody harrelson downloaded a high resolution photo of woody harrelson and ran that through. their facial recognition device and they found somebody not what he herald sun but some guy who according to this facial recognition software looked enough like woody harrelson and they arrested that guy could maybe not be the guy but anyway we use this
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advanced technology this ai what do you harrelson faces now in their software the algorithm knows what harrell since face i don't know if he should be very happy with this but the fact is like that you know this is our dystopian future all the time i get tweets online again from this algorithm there will people tell me hey stacy i saw you last weekend in borough market i didn't want to. disturb you that i didn't come over to say hi i don't say i was i'm in london it wasn't me but with a facial recognition software there they're looking for somebody who looks close enough to you you know just like about 5060 years ago when the f.b.i. was created under hoover and they had card catalogs of fingerprints just millions and millions of these cards and part of the job of the f.b.i. guy was to get the think of crane and then look through all these cars it would take weeks and weeks and many of them became cold cases and they took years and they were never solved here you've got
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a database capable of taking an image and locating in real time using a lot of data points that would also enhance the search like g.p.s. and maybe they would cross reference to beer drinkers or beer lovers of beer club members all this data needs a little bit in their artificial intelligence and they can find a guy in real time so the data processing capabilities now in the hands of the authoritarian technologists is at the point of being similar to that of the atomic bomb this is a this is a data equivalent of a tom a bomb that they can blow up at any moment and it's not really great to have them to have that power without any regulations or any checks at all yeah we have constitutional rights and we have like 4th amendment rights we have all sorts of rights granted to us well recognized as in doubt and in the alley inable to us and
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these are being circumvented by this i mean my uncle was you know involved in you know taking down some of the mafia and the things he would say compared to now that he could you could just go on line and google and find out the information they used to have to apply for warrants for you know and it was a really slow laborious process but now almost even if you're not on line even if you do. i don't have a digital basically you can escape a digital footprint somebody somewhere has uploaded a photo of you richard stallman for example has thousands of feet photos on facebook and though he himself has no facebook account and he has no intention of ever getting a facebook account but there are loads of that algorithm on facebook knows everything about him because people up load photos and create fake accounts for him to naked in the ghosts of the underworld norman mailer us novel about this but it he's dead ok so bill man who is the c.e.o.
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of mine's dot com is up after the break so don't go away.
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oh. please. lists lists. lists. and a very warm welcome to you watching us in such. this
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footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public eric's allowed in because he's the seller his personal doctor. people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move saving yachts and flying aircraft kept. us all from. his home. he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. and while that's happening amazon. how are you so sis going out busy doing nothing is going to do the population because it's going to people from momma's on.
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when lawmakers manufactured to sentenced him to public wealth. when the room in clusters and protect themselves. in the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room 6. 1000000 real news is. the world. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser time now to go to bill ottman of
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mines dot com bill welcome back and i think farming out right platforming it's all the rage these days where do you think this pressure to deep platform is coming from. it's probably some financial interests what are your thoughts well bill thanks for asking you know well in other words the big tech companies in silicon valley are getting pressured that they are still licking their wounds after the 26th and a loss that they didn't see coming or somehow messed up and even though no matter how much money that was thrown at them to sort of the elections and hillary's favor they failed to manipulate the outcome as they had hoped or promised to do so now they're blaming their users they're blaming their customers how dare you use our product minds dot com as an alternative product or people known to have free speech but i agree with the it's all financed based the money guys are upset that they can throw elections like they used to the f.b.i. can name a stage a coup like it is to or the cia can even stage
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a coup like they used to down a venezuela what's wrong with the us government yeah i mean we've inside chase doing some deep forming recently so there is you know there are number of factors involved there's advertiser pressure there social pressure there's political pressure but i think it's sort of a myth that needs to be dispelled that advertisers need to be playing politics i mean i understand boycott theory i think that there are use cases for that but you know if you're selling a computer to be saying oh i'm not going to sell my computer to this audience and then to pressure a network to take down that content is really pretty disruptive but you know why how do we get there how do we get to this place i think. there was always a minute none of the major networks have ever really been consistent i mean google you can search for anything you want mostly that we know of but there are certain apps on you tube they're going to they're censoring all this kind of stuff so
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depending on the portal that you're in you can access to different information i think that google generally knows that censorship is bad that's why they're resisting going into china but up but forces dragon-fly want to go into china there so well look facts are expensive and opinions are cheap. right and so the news business they get out of the fax business because it's so expensive you have to go hire somebody to go to get a fact and they have to get that fact verified and that's expensive or is opinions anyone any frick and it can have an opinion you know this show it's cheap you know just spilling stuff right now but you wouldn't want that across every single news outlet in the world especially their marquee 3 letter a.b.c. c.b.s. n.b.c. c.n.n. they are now all without exception in the opinion business and this n.b.c. is purely in the opinion business so as fox is so c.n.n. so it's facebook so it's close facebook photos so they're entering that world and
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you know this is the platform versus publisher debate going on sensually you know your news feed the content you're getting now is no longer a raw fee based on what you're subscribed to their algorithms which we have no idea what they do because they're proprietary are feeding you biased information and trying to manipulate you in a variety of ways so what's the new model going to be so mine's dot com you've got how would you describe the platform it's just basically neutral yes neutral we've committed to the news feed always being a 100 percent raw chronological no algorithms by default if you want to curate your own feed according to your interest book you know the algorithms are totally open source and we can take them off for changes but the news feed that is the core. aim of social media i subscribe to you get your content once you know facebook you're only reaching 5 percent of your own followers now so you know the reach in
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the ability to have your voice heard by the people who subscribe to that is why we do social media that's regional purpose so the fact that that's being taken away that caused us to build the whole game for cation incentive and token ization of advertising and rewarding people with more reach for their contributions as opposed to stripping it away so now cycling that it's great you know people love the game of occasion in this why we see facebook is starting to block chain stuff and they're stripping people away from from koin base so it'll be interesting to see how that rolls out right so it's also latest it's been a year since we had john this show and so give us an idea of what's being built and where you where you are in your cycle is still a start up i guess you could still say and so are you on your in your progress we had a great raise with net it she ventures. byrne joined the squad i know you know pat yeah and over that it's been a huge lift up and we're about to roll out
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a jury system actually for the moderation so that it's not just our secret forces behind the scenes making decisions we're actually going to be calling on randomized juries of users to help with the appeal process so if if a user thinks that something has been wrongfully flagged or whatnot then it'll go to a randomized group of users to help us make those decisions so really excited about that also bringing multi-currency support soon. with big corn and other tokens so you know it's weird every app is sort of becoming the same thing instagram snap chat you tube they all do the same thing so now it's a matter of what are the principles of that app is a transparent is an encrypted is it. moving towards decentralization is it working with crypto those are the questions that people are going to start to want more of i think a simple isn't mines dot com yes ok so temple is but on our show
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a couple times you know he's a bright young. journalist and social media guy and so what would what was what is he getting on my knees dot com that he couldn't get anywhere else he's getting 100 percent to reach 100 percent reliable access to his audience algorithms are going to strip away he's not going to be monetized. there's transparency he has direct access ability to the team it's not just him i mean we are trying to be as accessible to our community i mean when something happens to your account on facebook there's no there's no recourse facebook is currently you can even send a mind's link and facebook messenger right now it says that it's on secure well yeah so now is there a talent for a sort of there's a what's to say i think sally pronounces them and he's a huge star on i believe you and i think he left you to he didn't leave but he's now supplementing with the live ok day live right so now is that he's potentially
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on the minds dot com he'd come on my eyes i would love it potentially come on down right and so these people are leaving the big platforms for various reasons and so you guys are you guys out there are there making pictures of these big names i think the biggest shifts in critical mass are going to come from people like pretty high and other major cultural figures i mean actually i don't think the big networks really understand how sensitive that is you get the top 1000 influencers on you tube to say i'm fed up with this you know google didn't have a serious problem what about propaganda so there was a lot of people don't leave these platforms because the propaganda from the state department who controls media in america will convince everyone that there is a russian in every teapot and that there is an existential threat and that if you want the mind stuff you're basically means. you'll be singing the russian national anthem for breakfast tomorrow morning how do you fight that subjective fact checkers are not the answer but what we do need is i think
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a layered context with floating around certain post so obviously posted this misinformation can go viral that happens all the time but what you want is to be able to have the commenters in the community essentially apply source's and fact checking to it in a more democratic way not just oh this think tank gets to decide what is true and what is false layer context so does it become one whale to manage this at some point because you're entering the layers on layers and in software they call that being crafty or you've got a lot of junk code and it just starts to mess everything up is too messy i mean ultimately education on the user level of how to do research is probably pretty who's learning guy you're the main dude over their minds i mean i'm what you said you will meet you drop the axes are not extra you know that's what we're trying to avoid with the jury system i know but like steve jobs over at apple will say you
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know he's a he's a friendly dictator i mean you know somebody has got to lay down the law. or is there a guy like that or do you have a governance model that is truly kind without need of a so i figure there's a cool phrase circulating it's not don't be evil it's can't be evil be unable to be evil right and that is where we need to go where we're not there yet i mean i think that putting up the tokens we used to have a point system that was on our servers we took the point system in put it on the user's own wallet so we're not involved in that i'm over trying to be less involved with everything over time but. you know there aren't any fully decentralized social networks that are really scalable right now we have been we started 0 we started filming so did. not fully decided that are scalable at this time not that i know of than the ones that we know scuttlebutt is really interesting it is fully decentralized but i gather no fully centralized and proprietary i think that the
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free speech is good but you know there are actually dissenters only no one source i've got to jump to the point of the start of the interview you know you have a big event los angeles oh yeah anywhere it 2021 say the location don't say location all right somewhere in 2020 so on the west coast somewhere yeah it's going to and i'm apparently attending i think max kaiser will be there i might even be speaking there you know i do a good 30 minute rage where i get the audience ready to riot if you want the police showing on a piece for i have yeah you know the cops get into it you know like car down they come all ready to be you know cop like and then they start dancing and groove and when they hear me talk that's what i that's a value added i bring nice that's what i bring to the table anyway it's happening in january happening yes stay tuned for that what's the point of this why are you doing this we are trying to do a whole day of live podcasts and celebration celebrating celebrating diversity of
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ideas how big was a show rogen cymbalta that is it will grow towards lines we had a huge spike huge spike yeah why doesn't joe have to be on the show i mean i'm on our team on the most influential influence during a marriage where an awesome comment that he not on the show 2 it's not me i don't know why you're there you're on the jump to conclusions matter right now. and you see officer yes yes. my favorite look at this like this is a fantastic film under rated talk to mike judge. and judge what else to judge has judged on study ocracy idiocracy. office space and of course dr zhivago so that was david lee and i get those 2 mixed up any. time the guest i'm having on the show right now goes by the name of bill osman he's the mind over there are mines dot com that is decentralized to many not that there's any
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central got it thanks for being on the show extra well that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy i would like to thank our guest bill up of mines dot com if you want to reach us on twitter. platforms sucks. my cock i'm slash max kaiser oh go to mine dot com instead and states your brain states the herberger over there now sometimes when we can remember. we know but never be peace be upon us in state there will never be a rise in the whole of the state of israel without the palestinian state only those that hold the moderate countries who somehow call rate we something that makes that
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basic they wrecked the 2 state solution as we stated none of the countries will come forward as there will be if will pose solutions on the basis of poor states. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark so. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results deiced on what they think you should be see
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if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more road we give them the sooner we are all. julian fails to appear before a court for an extradition hearing with the wiki leaks founder his health is in decline. coming up on the program a u.s. .


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