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at least 11 people were killed and 6 injured in a mass shooting in the u.s. state of virginia the gunman died in a shootout with police. are you an expert on torture ses julian a song has been subjected to in fuming treatment that has taken its toll from the wiki leaks founder of mental health. looking through personal beliefs. are you an assessment on a song stays the british foreign secretary go on the offensive pulling for the u.n. to down and down and refrain from making inflammatory remarks. the u.s. rebranded shale gas as molecules or freedom attempts to persuade european countries to switch from russian energy to american for flying.
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a warm welcome this is r.t. international with your world news headlines island carol and we start this hour with breaking news of a mass shooting in the u.s. state of virginia at least 11 people have been killed and 6 others are injured after the attacker opened fire inside a government building in virginia beach we can of course live to our correspondent caleb more people to discuss is rather like a look could you just talk us through what happened and what is known about the shooter at this point. well at this point we understand that the shooter was a city utilities worker and roughly at 4 pm local time he began going from floor to floor in a municipal building in virginia beach shooting people are randomly almost at this point 11 people are dead when the police arrived on the scene the shooter then began to shoot at the police officers who returned fire and now we understand the
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shooter a city utilities worker in virginia is himself dead now the motive is unknown at this point there is no indication as to why this this city utility worker decided to open fire inside the municipal building now the shooting was at roughly 4 pm local time and we understand the f.b.i. is on the scene investigating and searching the scene for potential other weapons anything that could be on the scene to point as an indication of what has happened but it is no longer an active shooter situation the shooter is himself dead at this point police have the building locked down people are being searched the building has been evacuated people are being questioned and authorities are trying to determine exactly what what caused this incident to take place what the motivation may have been if it perhaps there is any other any other weapons or dangerous items in the area but at the moment the number is 11 people dead plus the shooter himself i think a lot better thank you for that update i expect more details will be coming out in
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the coming hours and days and we will keep. posted on not for now thank you. know united nations experts on tool in a sons is being subjected to cruel and degrading treatment and that several democratic states the trying to break his will the special ruffles visited the wiki leaks found in london's belmarsh prison mills meltzer explains morgan going on to ground 0 nazi. julie sunshine physical consequences clearly from not being able to access all the medical care for several years the much more serious aspect is how he has been mentally and emotionally are affected by the extremely hostile and increasingly arbitrary environment she has them exposed to for several years so here he really showed all the symptoms that are typical for a person that has been exposed to psychological torture with the u.n.
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official coming into criticism for his comments daniel hawkins look the hound deep the control the full could run. reports on the remarks by the un special experts on torture has brought the media's attention but they've also drawn quite a stir online from officials in the u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt for one trading tweets with the united nations special rapporteur about the extent of his involvement in the legal battle surrounding julian a son's. this is wrong assigns chose to hide in the embassy and was always free to leave and face justice the un special rapporteur should allow british courts to make their judgments without his interference or inflammatory accusations. with all due respect sir mr sons was about as free to leave as someone sitting in the rubber boat in the shark pool as detailed in my formal letter to you so far you get caught some not shown the impartiality into objects to the required by the rule of
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law others through despite what some modicum of control proceed mr saunders case has drawn from all sides which you north all rootie human rights organizations and the media community this all stemmed of course on a report released by mr meltzer to the british authorities as well as other countries documenting the treatment of a song that's already got response slowly not only from the u.k. foreign secretary but also from australian authorities who issued a statement just earlier today strongly denying rejecting any claims they've been complicit in any form of psychological torture saying they have provided mr sands with all the assistance you require as mr meltzer though has insisted that these claims are not just speculation he visited to sanjian belmarsh high security prison where he's now being held alongside medical experts spent several hours evaluating him and his concerns has to be said that didn't pull any punches he's described the treatment of our songs as a psychological torture describing
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a deliberate concerted and sustained abuse judicial persecution and of which we can fire much but far enough. course through his time in the ecuadorian embassy in london he made those comments to add he's going on the ground host optionor tanzi you can see the full interview as you mentioned that morrow here is a good preview of what the u.n. official said to us earlier. where it was but political prisoners of war for years and but what we do in these cases you can with a doctor see psychiatry you sign should call which is designed to examine potential victims of. these standards and use the evidence was well when we leave clear. jewel in the sunshine and be exposed to several. forms of cruel inhuman and degrading treatment which surely we can only describe psychologically koch well as you leave shocked me with this particular case is that
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a single individual has been solicited and singled out by several democratic states and persecuted systematically and says it's just a manner which could point to the breaking of this comes shortly after julian assange says extradition pace in the u.k. court was postponed view through ill health his lawyers stating he is unable to even hold a functional conversation the swedish authorities on their part have refused to postpone a hearing ruling on his attention in is that percentage despite calls from lawyers and human rights organizations so it's clear he faces mounting legal pressure here from all sides mr meltzer also expressed concerns about the potential for his extradition to the united states where he of course faces 17 new charges from u.s. prosecutors relating to the more serious allegation of espionage as opposed to simply computer hacking these allegations would draw a month's link the a prison sentence we're talking many decades perhaps even life behind bars so
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really there is no end in sight for the case of julian assad that this has dragged on. so you draw your emotions on from troubles you from both sides ranging from a forward to these legal experts some people roger musicians to of course there was a journalist community journalist cassandra fairbanks told is the 7 years julian assange spent in the ecuadorian embassy amounted to torture it seemed like he was losing weight. he was in good spirits and he was feisty and he was fighting but he he didn't seem necessarily like himself and i know that it's been kind of declining for a while now it is very very different than when i visited him the 1st time which was over a year ago and you can kind of see it progressively getting worse i think that the case has already spent $25000000.00 or more on surveilling and busy and they
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wouldn't have done that if they didn't have intention of making sure that he was prosecuted i mean when i would visit him it was like living it was being in a fishbowl every move that he made was monitored there were cameras going down the hallway cameras outside the bathroom there were cameras in the meeting room where they forced him to have all its meetings i feel like that would take a huge toll on anyone about a year ago a group of doctors that went in and visited a songe and they determined that he needed to go to the hospital julien couldn't leave the embassy because the u.k. refused to allow him safe passage to a hospital you know this is a form of torture. united states has found a new way to market its shell gas to reluctant european customers officials are now branding it molecules afraid a correspondent eco's donna has been sniffing out the reasons. hey can you smell this scent of freedom or you can well check your pipes seriously you
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might have a gas leak and the intoxicating fumes could be all the more deadly for they come from the wrong place too with the u.s. in another year of record setting natural gas production i'm pleased that the department of energy is doing what it can to promote an efficient regulatory system that allows for molecules of u.s. freedom to be exported to the world yep kids the next time i geography teacher asks you what's buried in that texan shale you can proudly old freedom and all mel gibson from braveheart on them and don't even think of wasting your money on the dirty desperate gas coming from the wrong places seriously for some exporting those freedom all accuse from the us to europe is a heroic milestone akin to defeating nazis. 75 years of to liberate in europe from nazi germany occupation the united states is again deliver
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a formal freedom to the european continent and this genius freedom marketing is only the latest fad in america's push to monopolize the european gas supply chain ever since donald trump got into office his administration has been pushing the wall becoming increasingly aggressive with time we are committed to securing your access to alternate sources of energy so poland and its neighbors are never again held hostage to a single supplier of energy. when germany makes a mess of oil and gas deal with russia. we're supposed to be guarding against russian security goes out and pays billions and billions of dollars a year to russia. we have not deployed the full set of tools it could significantly undermine if not outright stop the project. we emphasize that
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companies involved in russian energy exports are taking part in something that could prompt a significant risk of sanctions if you come up with the same actions or the car industry or german banks or the german chemical industry and so on and so on and so on and then you tell them they have to keep their freedom. on this same person that creates your economy down and sorry this can't be honest ironically enough it seems that energy aside trump and co have done everything every possible thing to alienate europe from threats of a trade war to straight up trying to dictate policies to countries like germany so not only is it cheaper for the e.u. to get its gas from russia it naturally doesn't want to keep. all of its eggs in one basket. germany is entitled to secure its energy requirements in various ways
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one of these places fresh natural gas i have a big problem with a 3rd country interfering in our and the deposing german industry needs to to enhance and just supply safety saying morlock use of freedom instead of natural gas is like calling or oil a liquid bomb magnet except the latter is actually rooted in reality about well in the age of i phones and all out marketing they had to try. to get more expensive gas from russia or the well market price for gas and they have to because the u.s. made this agreement with john kirk to explore natural gas to europe and he agreed and he said ok we'll take a certain amount and the whole house will sell this so then this was a try to make. better people that it is more expensive
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with the u.s. continuing to rail against europe's imports of russian gas sophie shevardnadze has been talking in depth to kremlin spokesman dmitri peskov explains why the north stream to gas pipeline which is expected to come online next year has got washington worried the full interview airs on monday but huge international project . that we've seen other projects being and did before it started. well that is being performed for for the benefit of those countries supplying natural gas and receiving natural. the project there would be a very significant contribution for many of your. and the project that is a huge competitor and very serious competitor for american gas producers and suppliers. so instead that the main reason of course instead of fair.
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competition. they prefer to act like and wild west time so they just show the gun and they say that no no you guys here in europe you're going to buy our natural gas and we don't care that it is at least 30 percent more expensive . than the gas coming from the russians about with no stories off this very short break stay with us.
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the european governments especially the germans and the french and the britains why do they really want to help iran economically they have no control over their private sector and their private sector is if they have to choose between the bonnie and market forces the us market again you don't have to be an economic genius to figure out that they would go with the us markets. welcome back the malaysian prime minister has questioned the findings of the dutch
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led investigation into the downing of malaysian airlines flight m h 17 over ukraine in 24 c. mahathir mohamad says the international inquiry which was that which alleged that russia was complicit in the atrocity was politicized and has not found enough evidence to support his conclusions he also claims malaysia has not been allowed to inspect the plane's flight recorders. the accusing the russians by any means but what decency every day you could even be the ukrainian government because the 2 have disappeared. i corresponded among calls arrive he's been covering the mh 17 tragedy since it happened earlier gave you know neil more on the latest developments 5 years have passed but it's only seems like it happened yesterday you know i was there one of the 1st reporters on the scene so we have. a prime minister who says malaysia accept the results of the investigation however they accepted to
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certain points they accept that the plane was brought down by russian missile but to this is that has not been concluded and this is what malaysia has a problem with the moment also there is absolutely nothing that supports the investigators claim that the weapon was actually smuggled from russia and after the deed it was taken back from the korean territory which there were claims that the missile belongs to the russian military moscow obviously denied all those claims and what they did was actually trace its origin back to the soviet union the missile was manufactured in a soviet union but then it was routed to ukraine and this is where it remained. for the rest of the time and also russian defense ministry said that the type of weapon that the joint investigation committee claimed was used is not being utilized in the russian army in this 21st century the last time they used it was back in 1900
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did the investigation then when you look at i'd like to actually come to such conclusions well we began this story with the malaysian prime minister is a saint so i think we should get back to him because he's explained it best in my opinion as having us and. we don't know why we screwed from the examination but from the very beginning we see too much politics in it the idea was not to find out how this happened with all that but seem to be consent. to being on rush or headed. the examining and making conclusions we. are always willing to accept but here we have these who have some political interest in the matter. well there we go promise or malaysia's say yes and himself political reasons behind it are right from the get go from the very beginning everybody was accusing the russian federation of what had happened and
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also each time we heard some revelations from the investigation saying it was highly likely russia is highly likely russia that we are more than convinced that it was russia however there was never ever any undeniable proof that would say that this is exactly who the culprit is and also from the from the very start of the inquiry methods themselves well they did raise a few eyebrows around the world 1st of all ukraine was allowed to participate in this to gauge and that's a country who did not close their airspace while there was an internal conflict going on in ukraine and also prime minister of malaysia was saying it sued and the 17 belongs to malaysia is the malaysian the airline however that country was not allowed to participate in the investigation of the black boxes so quite a few things there that raise eyebrows around the world the fact that evidence and
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parties including malaysia under russia has been excluded absolutely undermines the credibility of the inquiry the investigation itself because of course it raises the suspicion that evidence and parties have been excluded because it's not convenient to the desired conclusion and that would suggest that a conclusion was arrived out before the investigation was even mounted all tops as indeed the malaysian prime minister suggested actually was that the back of people's minds throughout the investigation that the purpose investigation was to pin the blame on russia more than actually establish what happened. germany has found itself wedged into the u.s. china trade disputes often my pump a visit to the e.u. nation america's secretary of state met with german chancellor angela merkel and other top officials and it appears washington is trying to ramp up pressure on berlin over defense issues especially when it comes to the new 5 g. mobile networks and energy memory if an ocean reports from berlin. well the message
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should the u.s. secretary of state mike compare brought to berlin on friday was quite clear china and its giant who walk away world's largest telecommunications equipment producer world's 2nd largest smartphone producer that washington had recently accused of spying on the american government for b.g. and stealing intellectual property the company that america had also blacklisted threaten national security of not only america but also europe and western democracies all around the globe and america's mission. in front of the cameras is to make sure that the channels through which the information flows are trusted and that data is not going to end up in the hands of china's communist party my compiler was quite direct remember that hawaii is a company that is building right now the fast 5 g. . network that america is so unhappy about but there was another mission mentioned
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by the u.s. secretary of state and that is to protect america's part in this world wide by opening their eyes on threats dangers and risks that cooperation with china and these companies may pose let's take a listen and national security risk to the states of america we think to europe and western democracies around the world and so we are laying out a new just ready series of courses of action 2nd mission which is to make sure that we have to get our friends about these risks as well that we talk to them plainly openly they'll make their own sovereign decision and that is something really hard to believe given that america had repeatedly put pressure on the european countries asking to ban who are we here as well go in as far as threatening germany with consequences through its ambassador in berlin something that angered germany dramatically experts say they say as the country among many other is that where the ban is very unlikely to be implemented any time soon and that is making america
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cross of course so. obviously might compare came to berlin seeking for support and putting more pressure on german and other european countries but it is not quite clear whether he was able to find what he was looking for and meanwhile china is striking back and we hear about the decision to create a blacklist of companies and officials promoting her while we ban and also we hear that the american personnel of the company working throughout the country had been expelled from china. mines now of our breaking news from the u.s. state of virginia at least 11 people have been killed and 6 others injured in a mass shooting at the virginia beach municipal building according to police a lone gunman went from floor to floor opening fire indiscriminately the suspect has been identified as a long time employee of the public utilities service the shooting happened soon after 4 pm local time when police arrived at the scene the gunman opened fire on
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the offices injuring one of them and was killed in the return fire the injured officer was apparently saved by his bullet proof vest the local police chief has called it a devastating incident which is going to change the lives of a number of families from all 50 and the city mad described it as quote the most devastating day in the history of for jenny a beach. of more updates on that breaking news story and plenty more coming up for you at the top of the hour.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. sing mad capitalism is false the great companies they compete they make products some fail some of them succeed there's a central bank there in case the banks go under as the lender of last resort and that's the way it was designed us that supply but now we're in a situation where the central banks become the buyer of 1st order. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going
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to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw or not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not the or else you think i was going to go. by the way ways of the slide here.
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this is the last broadcasting around the world in covering the world of business and financial impact upon us all on doing your very own and i'm christiane washington here's a look at what's on deck today terror threats and hanging global markets lauren fix the car college is on hand to sift through what the move spells for the global auto markets and consumers and the u.s. markets aren't the only ones feeling the heat as markets across the pacific are turbulent on the terror turmoil danielle shay of simpler trading joins us to sift through it all back show day so let's go and die right in. an escalation of the
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trump trade wars leads our global report today as u.s. president threatens to impose tariffs as high as 25 percent on imports from mexico president announced this latest surprise on twitter thursday evening saying the u.s. would impose tariffs of 5 percent on mexican imports starting june 10th and increase them until the illegal immigration problem is remedied a later white house statement said the terrace would increase to 10 percent on july 1st and buy another 5 percent each month after up to 25 percent until mexico complies with u.s. demands on immigration but neither mr not the one nor the white house cited any specific actions mexico must take the latest threat came even as administration is trying to pass a new nafta on the same day that mexican president lopez obrador said he would officially introduce the revised trade treaty to the mexican congress and the day after canada's foreign minister made a similar move the prospects for passing the u.s. and c. .


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