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tv   News  RT  June 4, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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i. i. i. i. on day 2 of donald trump state visit to the u.k. the u.s. president is expected to meet with the outgoing prime minister to resign made on monday he met the queen and was met by big demonstrations. for a space genocide that's how a new canadian government report runs decades of violence against the country's indigenous women by minister justin trudeau. failing to use the word genocide when
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it meeting the stakes. i. this is a comfortable day for killers. and the ministers. global support for the venezuelan opposition leader. who has led several failed attempts to oust nicolas maduro from power. hello there you are watching r.t. international now it is the 2nd day of u.s. presence 3 day state visit to the united kingdom on monday with protests outside donald trump with the royal family at buckingham palace where the queen was treated to one gaffe after another.
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now while the 1st date was ceremonial where the 2nd is dedicated to work the u.s. president and cerys in may will co-host a business breakfast meeting with senior u.k. and u.s. business leaders from peru also hold talks with the outgoing prime minister in 10 downing street and then in the evening he and the 1st lady will host a dinner at the official residence of the u.s. ambassador prince charles and the duchess of cornwall will be among the guests
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there thousands of protesters meanwhile are expected to gather on the streets of london to show their disapproval of trump a baby trump balloon which made headlines during trump's u.k. visit last year is to reappear in the skies over london and anti trump projections have already graced some of the capital's landmarks you can see here our correspondent should day edwards dashti was one was at one of the year earlier demonstrations. because last year when he traveled to the united kingdom donald trump was met with hundreds of thousands of protesters condemning his policies and this year we've seen the movement on momentum really stepping up to give protesters hits a say the group with donald trump's policies i don't standing in solidarity with those up bearing the brunt of the controversial issues surrounding the mexican border problem in the united states particularly around the muslim travel ban and of course issues surrounding women women and genders process is
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a really say one clear message that donald trump is simply not welcome here he is part of the problem. with. the situation to place these opportunities from these protests show that certainly is just crazy day monday to be having a day without we debilitated the police is pretty good to spend the night but he said that people could. really get the time they. need to be making do. the. things that need the data if you think that it is awfully embarrassing for this country and i feel ashamed to mason my friend boston.
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you. know where you know you're a. professor of law and government the upcoming talks between trump and theresa may won't see any breakthrough. the mayor was the 1st foreign leader rushing out to the white house weeks after had become president in order to woo him to britain with the offer of a of a state visit in order to get that wonderful post trade deal. none of which of course has materialized but there was a lot of speculation as to whether it was going to have a private conversation with trees to may i think that this is not going to come to much it's difficult to see what theresa may would be able to deliver given that she is going to no longer be the leader of the conservative party with the prime minister only until the conservatives can be a new leader that may take days it may take weeks but they soon as they do she will
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be out. and then she's not been able to deliver. what she thought she could pass it's difficult to see what changes she could do. with to make the police try. given the unpopular that theresa may has and parliament of even greater unpopularity. in parliament and in the u.k. . based genocide that's how i can 18 canadian government report has branded decades of violence against the country's indigenous population the study was unveiled on monday at a ceremony and prime minister just be present there excepted that mistakes had been made although he was heckled for failing to use the wood genocide. here many decades indigenous women and girls across canada have disappeared suffered violence or been killed. and our justice system has failed.
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was. this is an uncomfortable day for canada well entitled reclaiming power and place the report took almost 3 years to complete the inquiry heard more than 2000 witness testimonies and claims the canadian justice system is based on the values of a settler colonial society it fails and fails it said to to include indigenous concepts of justice or the probe to state deaths or disappearance of thousands of women have likely gone on recorded and admits to that no one knows an exact number although estimates that the figure could be as high as 4000 report also includes multiple accounts of victims and their relatives here's one of their stories. i was he chaykin and this was literally just a month and i have before my sister loretta was murdered she was stack's to me she
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was like what are you doing delilah this is not just one aboriginal woman or girl this is being considered a national epidemic but we heard from the chair of the indigenous government from rice and university she says that the state is done nothing to address the problem . there's a whole bunch of really you know problematic criminal activity as regards to indigenous women and girls and it's been unaddressed for all of these decades until this inquiry on a light on it i am calling on all canadians and in fact other countries around the world to put political pressure on both our federal government and all of our provincial governments to to do something and to actually investigate state actors who are complicit or directly involved in the murders exploitations and disappearances of indigenous women and girls this state has done nothing about it
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so they've been very complicit in the ongoing sexualized violence and murders of indigenous women and girls but canadians haven't been able to put all of those pieces together until now. i'm with anti semitism on the rise in germany berlin has tried to show solidarity with the jewish community by aging people to wear traditional orthodox skullcap but the move has not been welcomed by some jews is. expects. to wear or not to wear that is the question now surrounding the jewish. for george gabriel pulled this from the berlin also doc synagogue the answer is clear everybody should decide if yes the image in the future could be worse than the fine the debate began when gemini's commission on anti-semitism to get a warning to jews i cannot advise jews to wear the kipa everywhere all the time in germany that advise prompted a few reus reaction from some jews and politicians the president of israel
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described it as a capitulation to and to semitism mr klein then did a u. turn i call on all citizens of berlin and across germany to wear the kippur next saturday if there are new intolerable attacks targeting israel and jews on the occasion of day in berlin i could stay is an annual event marked globally and unites those who dispute israel's claim to jerusalem also known as country. at least 85 percent haven't even war of. the people i notice and i have seen the awful nobody because. you know yesterday the people who were there down off their lives just don't forget the door shut but after all his
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controversial statements we caught up with mr klein with my statement i want to start in on this if a is about the situation we have in germany that is a very good proposal simple i'm for that because many many more in germany and in your opening bid to keep something exotic or not or not to me or it didn't but i would say i'm here to show our solidarity with the jewish community in devon be adept at this but why and it worked though the attention was mixed for me it's like . what i said it's like a disneyland show i don't need you and you were to where we keep our that i do know that you are with me you know i am not wearing a cross that you would think that i'm with you i with you if you need be or if you are friends and i don't show it i don't need it it's in my heart long as the skin says it's easy to show your solidarity on a single location when you know you are protected by the police but that is not enough we also talked to the head of germany's real friendship association not to
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a protestant he agreed with it's a matter of solidarity because like. statements like for critics claim it is it is not just for show it is. of religion it's the same sorry. for instance solution. is a cover. so who ever wants to keep or should do it days after the germany wears keep our event it's still unclear whether jews should wear it to power if it's safe everywhere all the time just like the official said perhaps the idea was not to get an answer but simply raise a question refresh our t.v. reporting from the early. lead contact group and the lima group to comprise of latin american countries and canada calling on the international community to be more active and restoring democracy in crisis create
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venezuela both groups voice their support for the country's opposition leader why go back in january he proclaimed himself and is why this interim president and since then has led failed attempts to iced nicolas maduro from power. while the situation needs to be a businesswoman when the original the regional impact of the crisis requires the region and the international community to believe we are more differ on you support in a prompt return did more prosy in venezuela or canada was one of the 1st countries to throw its support behind behind and has now announced is temporarily shutting down its embassy in caracas but is it here now reports canada has been trying to overthrow the venezuelan government for at least 5 years. so canada's embassy in caracas is shutting its doors for some time because the government there is denying
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canadian diplomats the required accreditation and here's how the person in charge of foreign affairs in canada puts it as venezuela slides deeper into dictatorship and as venezuelans continue to suffer at the hands of the illegitimate majeure regime the regime has taken steps to limit the ability of foreign embassies to function in venezuela but secretly those advocating for the restoration of democracy in venezuela so for the officials and the media in canada the story is more than clear bad guy i'm a duro is at it again doing whatever he wants in the country like it says plaything taking yet another shot a democracy question that anyone would bother to look into the reasons why canadian diplomats are showing the red card in caracas this was canada's previous ambassador to the latin american country ben rosewell although he wasn't even officially accepted by the door government either anyway mr rose well once rally took up the
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job of sorting out human rights issues and men as well we have established quite a significant internet presence inside venezuela so that we can then engage tens of thousands of venezuelan citizens in a conversation on human rights we became one of the most vocal embassies in speaking out in human rights issues and encouraging venezuelans to speak out well that's probably a great thing to do though when you think about it if mr rove's role was a russian ambassador and as well or elsewhere he'd be destroyed by the western media as a meddling agent but we're talking about canadian diplomats write their embassy came up with a special human rights prize an award which only ended up being given to doro haters say officials in caracas in front. the likes of the wife of the old holdall lopez the man who's been pulling the strings of venezuela's opposition for years
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and allegedly backed an anti-government coup caracas even suspected canada's embassy is being used as a covert channel to bring in agents with an alleged mission to stir up on rest. there are reports of members of an internationally known intelligence agency being brought into venezuela through canada's diplomatic mission it is estimated that in the past 3 months some 30 agents specialized in destabilizing activities entered venezuela this way back to former ambassador rose will have a look at what kind of message he brought home for lawmakers they are united in their insistence for change they support their democratically leaders democratically elected leaders in the national assembly. stability will only return to venezuela once it has a government whose legitimacy is accepted by its citizens but that manner of advice what else do you expect from ottawa but to spearhead the and tom adore effort as
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part of the lima group are you still surprised some canadian diplomats are not welcome in caracas. watching us international back with more news just after the break. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to. let you go right to be close this is like the 3 of them or can't be that. interested always in the logs in the. first sit. down. again i think that the daily beast has named and shamed demand they kind is behind a video mocking the u.s. high speed c. which was altered to make a truck. but i tell this to the room when he came in and made that statement that
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he walked there and i tell this to the room when he came in and made that statement that he walked out and i went looking for the russian troll behind the drunk palosi viral video hoax turns out he's an eye tenor and forklift operator from the bronx who's been secretly running hard right news outlets across social media for years also not russian however the man in question does deny making or posting the video and the daily beast has come under fire for trying to shame him. the previously anonymous labor of the daily beast maliciously exposed as punishment for having bad politics denies he even committed the thought crime of making the pelosi mocking video insisting he just posted it who cares his politics are wrong ruin his life when journalists engage in ducks enough everyone whose politics they dislike is a good for democracy daily beast editorial meeting whatever each citizen can we docs
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to ruin their life because they lean conservative well there's this guy who drives a forklift during the day and makes means a night or liberal media do you have some form when it comes to acting people on the right side of the political spectrum. expect. it was not a vast foreign conspiracy to undermine nancy pelosi is reputation after all it was just a guy from the bronx and the fact that mainstream media gave this so much attention it's just one person with video and software tricking people i'm seeing a lot of people on twitter saying you already are responsible for outing him i think he out of them so you know by attaching his name to several fake news sites that then push the video wait a 2nd doesn't c.n.n. have a bit of a record when it comes to outing the sources of memes and putting them in modern day stocks the video shared by president trump was apparently 1st posted by a writ user who goes by this online name c.n.n.
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is not publishing house. name because he's a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of an apology showed his remorse in addition he said he statements could serve as an example to not to do the same sin and reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change it sounds a little bit like a mafia shakedown we sure hate for something to happen to you if you make the wrong move and who can forget c.n.n. i tracked down trump supporter those were russians not russians i don't go with the russian that on me was russian i have nothing to do with the russians they will definitely you now yes these investigators are quite proud of themselves for tracking down average americans who engage in cyber activism and distort facts however you would think they'd be a little more outraged when actual news organizations do this kind of thing right like when a local seattle news station distorted footage of president trump or like want to
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statement from president trump was taken out of context to give the impression that he was calling all immigrants animals these are people. these are animals in reality he was pretty obviously referring only to the members of criminal gangs at this point the mainstream media is not going after its colleagues who engage in biased reporting or distort facts. instead it's got its eyes on average americans who make the wrong move online what we're seeing this is not journalism these are hit pieces these are people who have taken it personally they're not a part of the journalistic desire to find the truth to investigate to talk to people to have multiple sources that oh no no no this is about going after people who may dare to be either supportive of trump may be considered raises drawer or whatever it is it's become personal it's become lynch mobs it's become inciting a riot anybody out there this is for you. if you think it's funny if you want to
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put up some that dared now a me mcgann's trump please we will help you we will promote it we will reach we do all day long. on it is i'm within the 1000000000 muslims around the world are celebrating the end of ramadan today festivities are also gathering pace in moscow don't kota reports. behind me you can see the largest mosque in moscow where muslims are gathering to celebrate the islamic holiday of eda al feeder it's an official holiday in muslim countries marked by the sighting of the new moon in the lunar calendar it's also one of the most important holidays in islam it translates to the festival of breaking the fast and marks the end of ramadan a month long period of dusk till dawn fasting for muslims and it's one of the 5 pillars of islam actually just as important as a pilgrimage to mecca the faith says that ramadan commemorates when allah reveals
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the qur'an to the prophet muhammad and in breaking the fast muslims are celebrating their perseverance through prayer and charity with special prayers as you can see taking place behind me down below in the street usually take place outside they begin when the sun reaches about 2 meters above the horizon and when it reaches the meridian now the as for the charity portion muslims are required to donate money to the poor in the final days of ramadan and of course another part of the holidays that there's a lot of good food to be had the types of dishes vary according to different countries but sweets and desserts are pretty much a constant usually prepared days before the holiday for family and friends to enjoy as they spend their holiday together snow as for russia islam is the 2nd most popular religion in the country as well as in it's very popular in central asia and the caucasus so we'll definitely be seeing a lot more celebration in moscow across russia today until the holiday ends
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tomorrow evening i'm cool to report never most of it so i well that's how things are looking safe today or not he would back again just a. little . live. pled. the 5th. leg. length. play. live live.
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live . live. live. play. live. play. list. playing. and very well might continue watching on since last. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be
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speaking to guest of the world the politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. when the lawmakers manufacture consent to step into the public well. when the ruling class is protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts and be the one percent. we can all middle of the room 6. 1000000 real needs. of the project was good if you give up on your birth or like if you missed it or
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don't blame people what. was the worse done so move cheaper food in the indoor. given our school is i assure you i'm over to beasts of. this city for this new the no plus you presume this loop i'm going to use your most fear to move him he's doing this in both of us and i was going out the main. question boning you isn't in going to the history of physics to. know you are never stopped because. you're going to reach your eyes because you're going to have to deal with what more you'll more you'll with almost 2 days of. the old freedom going to. live within your means someone who knows the. new moon star of the. winds and also
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in wales. politicians they should be sure they don't know yeah but it's not your fault because most of them will be giving us this little thing you don't disappoint him you're still ni-mh it destroyed little son michael with the bush's scheme fortune little do you trust more your little to mrs. what's in the mulch it's a good business but it could fall false and i welcome that the push to deal with the sheep that probably of what the most just calls that love call now would at the least or should beats his next move his business doesn't. mean that your music industry. or.
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the sciences the world. where some of the borg were moved from one of the troops in the. stood. still.


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