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14 illegally by a canadian company so canada had said they were going to take it back but they haven't taken it back so the philippines is saying we're going to dump it all in your coastal waters if you don't take this fact right you know the earth's carrying capacity for humans is not infinite you know humans generate a lot of garbage and trash a lot of inorganic and now we've hit the limits of that and it's causing strife you know i would posit there's a connection to the central banks because they emit. trash if you look in venezuela the streets are littered with trash. and that's the trash and fund the kind of malinvestment that result in our again ic trash that's now choking the causeways than by ways and fields and combine that with a lot of other stuff and you're talking about quite an intractable problem well these
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problems become intractable because we ourselves are allowed to feel mighty good about ourselves so we think we recycle everything so therefore i can consume more. in fact our trash our plastics are garbage or toxic waste all that stuff has been shipped to china china no longer wants it canada was being it was dumping stuff in the philippines and it's polluting the philippines and their pristine waters their previously pristine waters it's just just because we cannot see the disasters and toxic waste we are dumping everywhere that doesn't mean we ourselves are not responsible for it that we are not guilty of these things and we can point our finger all we want and you know project our own guilt all we want to around the world but the fact is we're responsible as well i see an analogy bubbling up in this area you know the russia gate hoax remember hillary lost and they figure that
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let's blame russia and using social justice warrior virtues signaling techniques like we are somehow morally superior how could we ever loses must be russia now in the case of the garbage wars every single country is saying our garbage doesn't smell our garbage is pure our garbage is from god you it's your problem you're the garbage yours. doesn't work unfortunately there are limitations in physics and we live in a world driven by physics the speed of light gravity garbage limitation. i mean we're can't escape the. limitations of reality so the other projection issue we see is that the utter hysterics in the mainstream media and the mainstream cable news media here in the united states particularly not fox news because fox news of course they're going to celebrate anything trump does but
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c.n.n. and m s n b c are in genuine hysterics over trump and one of the things or most and stare except out is how racist he is and his wall is so racist and all of this stuff well let's look at what happens in silicon valley and connecticut 2 of the most you know right on woke sort of populations in america they indeed truly believe they are astounding good human beings well 2 years after angry silicon valley locals chanted build a wall to keep homeless out the city is reportedly cracking down on a growing r.v. camp outside google's headquarters according to bloomberg 2 years ago at a city hall meeting in nearby san jose those who oppose building more affordable housing chanted build a wall and reference to keeping the homeless out of their town so these same people
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in silicon valley are working hard to not only de platform anybody who would say build the wall against mexicans coming in or latin americans coming in over our border. but in their deep platforming those people they themselves are saying build a wall to keep poor people out and poor people could be mexican they could be latin american they could be the migrants coming over they could be african american they could be white american they could be all people but they're poor people and that's i think one of the biggest wars that actually has always been going on and martin luther king jr pointed that out over and over it's a class issue and this is a war against poor people oh no are devolving into an autocracy driven by these feudal digital potentates you know back in the middle evil days you know the king or the queen would make some pronouncement that's ludicrous but people have to accept that you know the sun only that you know this are and this color. orange
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represents the high holiness of whatever this and you must bow before it and people have to do it so now you have over there google they're saying these are not poor people these are people that don't believe in the divinity of google and therefore they must live in these camps or those say oh we must build a wall or not build a wall you know use a reason which is straight out of a medieval deranged potentate king's mind that these are r.v. camps outside of google's headquarters here there's a road there with public parking google themselves have built like 65 affordable housing units in the city but there is an endless supply of people who do not receive the feds free money and so they're being locked out of the housing market they're moving into r.v.'s they're moving into parking lots in their cars then we have you know i mentioned the philippine president but we in america also have a president who's just speaks like a thug they speak blunt and they don't hide anything and this is i think with the
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most the biggest objecting objection that the likes of silicon valley and the connecticut dwellers have that they would they'd rather have their their own horror . you know cleansed in just plain language. separated by design how some of america's richest towns fight affordable housing in southwest connecticut the gap between rich and poor is wider than anywhere else in the country invisible walls created by the local zoning boards and the state government block affordable housing and by extension the people who need it so of course connecticut is where i grew up so i know this quite well but we do it very politely we're not and i thought it was like trump who would build such a hideous wall and tell it because we're keeping out these you know these migrants that we don't want we do it politely just well if you can. you know afford to build
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a $30000000.00 home anybody is welcome here no matter what color you are but obviously you have to be a certain class and have a certain level of wealth so they do it very politely and and it has connecticut has the single worst. affordable housing situation that the wealth and income gap is the biggest in the entire country and yet it's been run by democrats for decades now i'm almost fascinated by the difference signaling between the warring groups you know you have the crips and the bloods and i think red and blue are their colors and depending on you know showing those colors you could get murdered in the street you know in tony connecticut or or i grew up westchester county you know the signaling is a lot more subtle or polite as you say so akasher to the alligator and your shirt back in the eighty's used to mean something or wearing nantucket red pants you know those pants that are that called nantucket red or having a c k a bumper sticker on your car which is the. era of air not an airport
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designation for nantucket it tells the world that you know that's your game and if you cross us we will very politely if history to you and put you into concentration camp. painted pink because pink is the cold over q but it's the same gang warfare and it's getting worse because the earth's carrying capacity has is now beyond the ability to support human life i think we could all look at the wall and trumps language about the wall in the southern border and we could all agree that it's pretty vile. the reality on the ground however in places like connecticut who are the most vocal about this. is suggest they are no no better at all than trump there's nothing at all and i think that's part of why they project so hard about him because he is everything that he is like the role he is like that
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x. essential crisis because they're looking into the mirror and they see themselves they are the slug that is trump in a liberal state that has provided billions in taxpayer money to create more affordable housing decisions our local zoning boards the connecticut capital and state agencies have thwarted court rulings and laws intended to remedy housing segregation as far back as data has been kept connecticut's low income housing has been concentrated in port cities and towns in imbalance that has not budged over the past 3 decades but they they themselves the people the the wealthy of connecticut have told you harder and harder. mostly on their media there are many connecticut posh people in the media who will tell you how good they are and how much they donated to a food bank or something like that and the fact is that their own local you know forget what they say look at what they do well you know it's puritans vs the catholics in other puritans in the northeast of america don't look down on money
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the catholics in europe do and there was a big difference between these 2 tribes for a long time but now they were both heading into an eco holocaust and there's no more food or resources available for anyone all those tribal distinctions will become meaningless because they're just heading into all vs all everyone vs everyone total savagery and chaos globally and again they always have something polite to differentiate themselves to those brutal thugs like trump and do charity in the philippines or other leaders around the world that they themselves are not grotesque many zoning boards are. lying there finally tuned regulations to keep housing segregation firmly in place they point to frail public infrastructure clogged streets a lack of sidewalks and concerns of overcrowding that would damage was often referred to as coal quote unquote neighborhood character which is just as as grotesque and vile as anything trump about the people of in the caravans trying to
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cross the border and seek safe haven from our wars in central america you know that if you want some greater television character stay tuned after the break we're going to examine our fine television characters for you with some additional programming don't go away. join me every thursday on the i like simon short and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. the bridges it was good for you to run here because we were like you mrs we don't believe but what. was the response to move people. there with.
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your 1st rule is very true you are more to. do the no close you you presume this loop i'm going to lose you the most you to him are used to both of those. things continue going to jimbo the universe just you've got a few days to. open your muster up because. you're going to grieve. it's your move to. who are you more you would almost. always.
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welcome back to the kaiser report on max kaiser our time now to continue our conversation with randy bowler who big time democrat here in north carolina is that a fair description randi it's fair i started as an affiliate but affiliated with the democratic party you know maybe on affiliate at some point fair enough and so now like i said in our last segment you know we talk we've had a lot of conversations and you know it's easy to pick on the democrats because they're losing a lot and but you know they represent values and it's important values and in the case of bernie sanders as you point out a lot of his policies were basically picked off by trump who then used them in politically to his advantage and then you get into how the election was ron and how the media reacts and then you get you know could have been this way and it's a lot of at this point america's political life turning into a bit of
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a mishmash but one thing is clear and that is that this wealth and income gap that is now in the country it brought this book along runaway inequality by leslie appalled which i'll take a read i haven't read it yet you just gave it to me but this this is a this is the problem that you know you know if the com agree on because there's a lot of really nasty things going on yes and ok democrats. are aware of them they can't seem to muster a lot of political muscle for whatever reason but they do articulate these things a o c who i think you know she points out a lot of interesting things i mean she's she's the learning curve is kicking in and i think in 4 or 5 years she'll be a lot stronger but let's look at you know here's here you brought some charts and here's a good 160 profitable fortune $500.00 companies paid 0 in taxes on a total of $79000000000.00 in revenue or profits in 2018 amazon and netflix combined should have paid $16400000000.00 in federal income tax instead they got
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a net tax rebate of 4300000000 right i guess that's on revenue i should be clear so i mean that's a stunning number there are these other reasons so aside from the fact that it's stunningly gross for many reasons that you know it everyone would love to not pay tax everyone would love to government to give them a rebate instead of paying tax. but here you have a group of folks that get rebates they don't pay tax and they as a result they make billions and billions and billions it's very clear so why why why is this not. causing some reaction like maybe a change of the herd at the very top you've got you know a left wing and a right wing of the same porpora talk or see just imagine it is a plane and they keep changing out who the pilot is yet let's just hope it's not a 737 dreamliner but. as. these are the same folks going to the top of the
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political parties that are raising the money form that they're considered the best and brightest and they're coming in and they're working in think tanks so they're getting in their ministrations but they're writing the laws to benefit themselves i don't. know why what so ok i'm a fan b.c. they identify you know they identify with them being kind of like anti trump i think that's fair to say or c.n.n. as well and yet they would spend probably on that on a monthly basis exactly 0 minutes on this is they're all right rachel maddow this is never ever crossed her lips so even though it's obviously causing an extraordinarily dislocation in the economy result in poverty death disease america now has a declining mortality you know life expectancy is declining infant mortality is rising i have been there but to spare you right now
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a lot of lies isn't on the top of the over there c.n.n. a lot why are they wasting everyone's time picking on the russia gate hoax and not something important while it's possible that you know if you're looking at amazon b.c. or fox or any of them c.n.n. those are advertisers right those are people that are buying ads or or some folks that are looked at as you know favorably in the economy when it when in fact some of the outcomes for how the structure works. are not good you know i think it was in 1902 they changed the law on tax buybacks that used to used to not be able to do that they used to be called you know basically churning the stock right pump and dump they outlawed that after the 1920 s. l. they changed the code under reagan and a whole series of things happened over about a 17 year timeframe to get us where we are today so one of the i think things that you'll see in the book that's not well understood every talking head gets on and says mechanization and automation and that's changing everything and people are
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losing jobs turns out that this study shows that's only about explains about 10 percent of what's been going on in the last 40 years. 45 percent or the single largest contributor to why we are today is the financialization of our economy all due to changes in laws that benefit wall street now if you are in a podium talking to a room full of democrats and progressives and you know i be like right on you know this guy's making some sense i might vote for this guy and because it hits me in the brain has me in the gut it makes perfect sense so walk i'm not a single democrat is speak like this they do speak to this the problem is amplify on the message if you actually go look at what the resolutions are for the party or the platform it's there you know it's kind of scary when you you know exuma the platforms of the party and read what's really in there right but it's there the
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problem is that people aren't out there constantly you know getting on shows and using them as talking points and hammering point i mean right they said it before that the media is controlled by the advertisers in the advertisers or defense contractors when they get in the racks generals' as a former elected official i know i know how that starts to happen so if you work in local government you know you're funding public safety and if you have a crime in town and they say that you know mayor max kaiser cut funding people are going to say you're weak on prompt crime and someone got hurt so you're always getting played the same works with the fence we cut it yeah and something horrible happens or they wag the dog on us and they claim like because we were weak this is why you know a bunch of servicemen were put into harm's way yeah but that's why the founding fathers lost stuff like oh you know the constitution the bill of rights and all the work that went into it ben franklin fame famously saying you can trade security for prosperity whatever the quote is you might know it better but anyway the point is
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that we as a people have as a birthright a certain sense of individual sovereignty we don't need to have somebody walking around all day long and wiping our us you know what i can do it ourselves and we're not for it and you know you're pans out. well i mean yes that all started fresh and i want to kind of the whole that's a good chart this is the sharia law you know ask why have wages and productivity stop rising together this comes up on the show often this is an interesting chart people want to know what why why is this randy voller explain well actually if you look if if if wages track productivity and if i'll send you in all the charge so that they have all the time time lines on and people would be making roughly $71000.00 a year and these are jobs that are in the vast 85 percent of the economy that we're not even talking at the very top of the food chain you know those are just good basic solid jobs that people have what happened is is about 45 years ago as soon as
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we we changed our operating theory of the economy and went toward a more trickle down one toward these these ideas of stock buybacks were more important than reinvesting in your human capital you started getting this is jane so when you look at that chart starting in 1906 right when the war ends and where the you know there are things of the world every time productivity one up wages went up and then magically in the late 1970 s. when certain theories started to become vogue and people started adopting him and taking to d.c. we got this disparity but the money didn't disappear we're talking about trillions of dollars in delta there between those 2 the money went to the banks because look at finding a lot of the worth american billionaire or multi 100 millionaire i have 2 choices i can either say hire a bunch of people in pain or b. i can print money right and so that show so it's easier for me just to print money right it's easier why go through the hassle of all that wetware all those people in
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there running noses and their need to take bathroom breaks and eat who need to know that worrying and bother when i can just print money in real economy works best when you have all these folks getting paid real wages so they can actually. they pay rent they can buy things they can put their kids through school in a way are not political agency right nice to have an organized labor of this kind they used to have and shot shot is that doesn't exalt and undermine all dead so they have no vote it's a shell of what it was they got nothing they got nothing randi they have something but it's not what it used to be and that's clearly that there's been a theft over the last 45 years in our fun tracy out of our shows another day at work or pay 791 to 21 right so like i mean i don't health care industry. i pay you know. thousands and thousands of dollars in health care even though the deductible means i don't get health care it's
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a scam because the health care executive will make $67080000000.00 a year right by stealing by larceny well. because that's another that's a racket well it's the incentive they're paid on getting i'm getting stock they're told to deliver for the investors right so if they buy the stock back they shrink the supply of the stock and they raise the value right but where do they get the money to buy the stuff borrow the money while debt has gone up rightly in ours and corporation get it by friends and i heard during my one exactly is it it all comes back to that what you want to hire people and work or work yourself or you want to print money that's the choice there you go merica if you get to a certain class you just print money otherwise you have to deal with horrible ugly smelly nose running people all day and feed them you know and so what's what's happened is over the last 50 years we've gone from you know a 40 $5.00 to $1.00 to almost $800.00 to $1.00 that's obscene yeah i mean you can
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kind of shrug and say well you could think like this that c.e.o. can afford to buy $794.00 houses where the average worker that my worker from can buy one i know that insane amount of wealth but the base guys are told every single day. they get that get together at like at davos or build a burg and they fluff each other to the point where they're all self ingratiating and grand izing and reinforcing the illusion that they are the masters of the universe they have a god complex and we're heading to neo feudalism well that's exactly where we're heading right so i suggest going on the path without for quite some time right i mean we are going to be getting used to a different form of life style here in america well the one thing that's changing this is the change in our environment and this is the planet decides that it wants to further shake off the species and some of these folks that are masters of the universe are going to be in the same line as everybody else look every time there's
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been massive wars and other catastrophes you know you can't sell our work and get money when you're trying to leave a country that's falling apart suddenly other things matter like water like food security now it's just we're in a position of being you know prophets in the desert screaming at the wind and seeing what's going to happen and have me being powerless against it sadly except for pickling. anyway randy thanks again for being on kaiser report thanks for having me all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with made max kaiser and stacey however like to thank our guests randy of all or if you'd like to reach us on twitter is kaiser report until next time by.
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you know world of big partisan lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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what is it calling the coin is magic internet money the new type of digital currency the centralized digital scarcity chancellor i'm bringing a 2nd bailout for bank that's called the genesis blog for reason to coin a civil disobedience a source of optimism. as i can't control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history and this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is all off and spearing dramatic developments only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful
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very critical time to sit down and talk. who was before. much of those who heard the preview. we're going to. move. move. move show you this new you. look good. move slow most of these goals did you feel good good. good good issue so look why do you distribute belonging to show the story should go. to start ups to
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get to meet until it was the middle of the mist they'd say look it is it's. him testing understand just move the mashed on. to stop the president and please i'm trying to. we have produced because lucifer to snoop to come up with you of course are those the girls who were his supporters to whom she is the nation shouldn't feel you should cook door for the one who's do or do the. how can we help citizens become healthier and happier moscow open for all of the
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7th of july as our young here is news program interactive exhibition open health congress open festival the little details don't have also been forum dot com 16 plus. little trump and tourism a vow to maintain the special relationship between the u.s. and u.k. is the american president continues his state visit to britain. at the monti term protesters flood central london with the infamous baby donald balloon flying over the city once again but u.s. president seems to be looking the other way. where are the protests i don't see any protests i did see a small protest today when i came very small. arms race based genocide is how our government report brown's decades of violence against canada's indigenous women prime minister just in trudeau is failing to use the word genocide when.


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