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many of these companies is bad for competition bad for the consumer even for freedom of speech no doubt silicon valley is lowering of. the greatest alliances the world has ever known donald trump hails the howard special relationship with britain during his state visit as thousands of god sent from london to protest against him like today the u.s. president will take part in world war 2 commemorations. also become a republican congressman defends a u.s. navy seal accused to pull prime saying killing civilians is part of the job. wired hundreds around the palooza probably hundreds of civilians probably killed women and children if they were left in the new city when we invaded so do i get george 2 and a disgrace for our country prominent french lawyers lash out at paris iraq
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sentences 11 french citizens to death for supporting terror groups islamics that. allow their good morning to care in moscow you're watching international now it is day 3 of donald trump state visit to the u.k. and the u.s. president will visit the city of portsmouth to join commemorations of world war 2 d.-day landings in france on tuesday he spent the day in talks with the prime minister theresa may well the 2 reaffirmed the special relationship between britain and america. the extraordinary alliance between the american and the british people it's the greatest alliance the world has ever known i've always believed that cooperation and compromise are the basis of strong alliances and nowhere is this
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more true than in the special relationship. also discussed iran breaks it the prospects of a trade deal and also security concerns over chinese tech giant tech giant huawei u.s. presence that a phenomenal trade deal was possible once the u.k. had breaks it it as for ran both sides committed to ensuring taran will never develop nuclear weapons and although they disagreed on the threat posed by huawei they did it to protect intelligence sharing correspondent shadi edwards dashti has more on the talks. i moved from how did joint press conference with teresa make it to not always seeing eye to eye on politics but today finding some common ground around the special relationship donald trump going so far to say that it will if the relationship with britain is the greatest alliance in the world and on the issue of the brics it i he mentioned that there will be phenomenal opportunities
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for trade links and trade deals in the post breck said fritz and i really predicted what was going to happen some of you remember that prediction was a strong prediction made at a certain location known as development we were opening the day before it happened and i thought it was going to happen because of immigration more than anything else but probably it happens for a lot of reasons but i would say yes i would think that it will happen and it probably should happen thousands of protesters took to the streets to condemn his policies surrounding climate change immigration international relations and of course the issues surrounding women and. was.
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was. far as the protests i have to tell you because i commented on it yesterday we left the prime minister the queen the royal family there were thousands of people on the streets cheering and even coming over today there were thousands of people cheering and then i heard that there were protests i said where are the protests i don't see any protests i did see a small protest today when i came very small so a lot of it is fake news i hate to say no. as this is an aside the tiny thing issue how much is all of this costing what in terms of costing it seems like trump has out trump himself has this is the most expensive state visit in british history that's in a more expensive than you. guessed to assess the chances of the trade deal with bricks it still not sorted of course she's the outgoing prime minister and she's
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overseen not on his wavelength i always see seems more and should. be will probably be coming in i'd also with mr for raj correction i think britain is ruling in the same direction as you like to state and sort of policy that all makes trade and if we are as i said if we can get those fabulous trade deals with the united states great for britain great for breaks well you know perhaps it is really undermined a lot of the international power of the u.k. despite what their own leaders will say they're so busy every single day trying to figure out how to leave the european union what does going to look like that i can't imagine they won't be exhausted when they get to the negotiation table about specific. trade deals and certainly there is some pushback about some things that donald trump wants certain types of chicken for instance and how they're being prepared being brought over he wants to consumers to decide whether they will purchase or not and he's made that quite clear but when it comes to the negotiation
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table there are so many things yet to be understood about whether that's going to mean about leaving the e.u. that the u.s. might just get a little bit more than its bargain for because of that weakness well it wasn't just the prime minister whiting to create trump street someone else will say i gave him the perfect welcome.
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now u.s. military judge has removed the lead prosecutor in the case of a navy seal accused of committing war crimes one week before the trial a republican congressman recently defended the accused to going so far as to confess to crimes himself with more on the story his. the case of a u.s. navy seal accused of some pretty nasty crimes in iraq has grabbed headlines the man is eddie gallagher he's accused of murder attempted murder and a slew of other crimes now according to the reports when his team initially reported him and demanded an investigation nothing was done about it and he's teammates say they saw him taking pointless shots they say they saw him gunned down an old man in a white robe as well as a girl that was simply walking with other girls furthermore the teammates insist that he was unloading gunfire as well as rockets on the areas that were not known
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to have enemy forces now it all sounds pretty horrendous but some members of congress are speaking up on any gallagher's behalf congressman duncan hunter not only defends eddy's actions but says that based on his own experiences serving in iraq killing civilians is just part of the job so i was an artillery officer and we fired hundreds of rounds in a palooza right and killed probably hundreds of civilians if not scores of not hundreds of civilians probably killed women and children if there were any left in the in the city when we invaded so do i get judged too in addition to the other crimes that he is charged with taking a photograph of himself next to the corpse of a captured i still combatant that he allegedly stabbed to death now congressman duncan hunter says that taking photographs with dead bodies is not uncommon i think . a lot of this. so we've got a sitting member of congress who is now if that he himself is guilty of the crimes
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for which any gallagher is now charged now what about pentagon was in military courts if mistreatment of the dead were committed intentionally it could be considered a violation of the law of war u.s. service members have been charged and punished under the uniform code of military justice for posing for pictures with human casualties by any standard. war crimes tribunal he should be brought up on charges this idea that there is 5 year and 7 year statute of limitations actually not true of course there are nazi war criminals that 30 and 50 years later are still brought up on charges and every one of the people in the us officers and commanders who are guilty of war crimes should and ultimately will get caught up on charges of war crimes keep in mind that trump has already pardoned michael brown hen
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a former soldier convicted of killing a prisoner trump's critics say that sends a bad message some of these soldiers are people that have fought hard war you know we teach him how to be great fighters and then when they fight sometimes they get really treated very unfairly so we're going to take a look at it that would create unbelievable discontent within the ranks this is something we're you have to be concerned regarding good order and discipline those who committed the crimes such as duncan hunter defending the crimes or a navy seal operations chief edward gallagher he is facing a pardon this elected representative is to say no charges and yet chelsea manning julian assange and all the ins for revealing these crimes are facing very heavy charges now that shows the absolute wallace of
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united states war today that's the way they conduct war. now the hit t.v. mini series chernobyl has generated intense interest in the 986 nuclear disaster that one of the key think is in the cleanup operation after the tragedy was the sole of the major general nicholai that i can off he was in charge of the so-called liquidators division tasked with removing radioactive material from the chernobyl site that i kind of says the disaster will stay with him forever. were there 2 years of my life in hospital but i was still in the army i returned to service as deputy chief of staff of the russian civil defense but 2 years later my symptoms caught up with me again my doctor said you will be suffering the rest of your life chernobyl will never let go of you. that you know will disaster shocked the soviet
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union more than 30 years ago it is considered to be the largest nuclear accident in history almost 600000 people were affected by the blast at the nuclear plant it is thought up to 4000 will die as a result radiation levels in the epicenter were massively higher than a lethal dose because 10 i can of again recalls what happened. i spent 3 months the chernobyl the hardest part as far as i remember was when we came in by helicopter we hovered above the reactor and it was simply frightening to view the results of the catastrophe i could not even imagine something like that what kind of a nuclear catastrophe could destroy that giant construction made of armored concrete we had a lot to do all the scientists were involved in the process about 300000 cubic meters of soil were excavated collected and brought to
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a special disposal area 300000 cubic meters of debris were delivered and later the place was filled with concrete and covered over with slabs immediately after that the radiation level in the area decreased a 1000 times that allowed us to tell the soldiers to enter the station and start deactivating the facility s. i usually give the scientists and others credit for the very important job they did there but ordinary soldiers were the main heroes. radiation sickness for example i could shave and accidentally cut myself and the bleeding would not stop a small scratch wouldn't heal for weeks it's scary just to think about it my dear wife who was a ph d. took very good care of me i was taking a ton of pills and i still am in my kitchen i have about 8 different kinds of medicine i take them 3 times a day where. the character really looks like i
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mean i really like you know i almost fell in love with him the actor looks like a real general i don't have the slightest criticism about his acting obviously how the series ended left out some important things like when i gave out awards then the division commander assembled his men and this scene was included i stood in front of the soldiers and said the men of our people are tired of the constant reports about the huge disaster at chernobyl we have to get rid of the consequences of this catastrophe all of you are volunteers and if anyone does not want to continue please leave the team when you have one minute to make a decision over or no one will blame you for it because it's your life and i am responsible for it. with. a group of $45.00 french lawyers has slammed paris for abandoning the plight of its citizens that after an
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iraqi court sentenced 11 french men to death for their affiliation with the terror group islamic state. it would be a great disgrace for our country to make these death sentences possible. for the kid it is not for me to describe today how iraqi justice works we will of course ask that the death penalties imposed on our citizens be commuted to life imprisonment france did not want to repatriate its nationals and prefer to expose them to the death penalty and to expedite the trials which we know are a serious breach of the rights of the defense. we respect to rex judicial sovereignty and i would like to tell you contrary to what i'm hearing here and there the trial was fair or baghdad has sentenced 500 foreign suspected i saw members either to death or life in prison 11 french men on death row were
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captured by kurdish forces in syria before being transferred to iraq in february they have 30 days to appeal now with hundreds of french fighters captured in syria it's thought more death sentences could follow that if they are also transferred to iraq from syrian camps according to iraqi law joining a terrorist group is punishable by death francis said that i still members have to answer for their crimes wherever they are but it's paris opposes capital punishment this has sparked controversy over how to handle french jihadists our guests debated the issue. cicle fire selig's protected jihadists in accordance with the law i understand that the starting point here is to comply with the state's rule of law and democracy the trial should be impartial to jihadists have been convicted but they didn't i dear guilt in lead to trial was rushed through. i find it normal that
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the iraqi court declared itself competent to give the sentence do not forget that we're talking about a society affected by 80 years of war which claimed thousands of human lives it would be strange if france in whose history they were post occupation $945.00 trials would suddenly want to deprive iraq of the right to try these foreigners who came to fight kill and rape say lap this country's authorities do not want to seriously address this problem a problem that is not legal but is political in nature. even 70 of iraq's or $25000.00 foreign nationals fighting on its grounds well so what now every state will order a rock to send their citizens to trial at home why should the french have special rights an iraqi court ruled that the case is in its jurisdiction so it will be the iraqi court which passes the sentence for its part france provides concious support for the known use of the death penalty this is also absolutely normal. that
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facebook has hired a journalist who praised the massacre in the crimean city of odessa back in 2014 we'll have a look at that in more detail of the stories today just after the. this in petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend a forum to address today's and vital issues. watch our special forum coverage on r.t. . when
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lawmakers manufacture consent instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. going or middle of the room signals. the real news is. the world. hello again now a controversial journalist has been appointed facebook's new policy manager. got to really crook has officially announced that she's now working at facebook as a policy manager for ukraine while located in warsaw i should say we've been expecting this for years catarina is a leading expert in the information field
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a speaker at all conferences on dissin from asian that have been held recently and a very honest person with principles or she is known for her coverage of the uprising in ukraine and was even praised by the u.s. atlantic council i can 2014 she tweeted about the tragedy in a desk praising the actions of the pro-revolutionary so-called modern activists the n.s.a. massacre at the time was the result of clashes between those for and against the uprising and he might not activate had become trapped inside a trade union building which was subsequently torched 42 people were killed a warning some of the images coming up you might find disturbing. was. was just. in this primary donald believes the such an appointment should raise serious
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concerns. she was that facebook a company which has certain rules and community guidelines against extremism has literally implied somebody from a neo nazi background to take over their operations in ukraine i mean it's very very worried because obviously i mean. she's obviously got a certain ideology on them perhaps she'll be totally fair in the way she implements the. job she's been given you have to ask questions of me have to wonder like i mean our face have facebook i'm going to make a statement of this are they going to say they've had some guarantee you some missed crook that she's you know renouncing your next years or more house call of work and i don't think that facebook would allow that to happen and the other countries i mean i don't think it would be tolerated in russia it wouldn't be tolerated in the united states it wouldn't be tolerated in germany or france or spain or italy or britain for some reason facebook about no qualms about finding someone like this in ukraine i mean. you know it is extraordinary but we did ask
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facebook for a comment about this appointment although so far we haven't received a response. to the death of the bank card looks nice in china where payments have surged in popularity the chinese electronic pace of sandy has tripled the number of its european merchants vangelis obsess has more on the. so i'm buying this item with one of the most common payment apps here in china alley pay. 0. there it is i just speak straight from my phone answer they are bank account and no banks between us and then no way there's any bank that made feet out of my transaction so you're probably wondering now how does this all work i fuck this item for simply $0.60 us if i use my big account which will be connected to u.s. payment i would have to actually pay a certain fee for it and if i bought it offline i would have to pay up to 2 percent if i bought it online i would have to pay 2.3 to 2.5 percent even if i used apple
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pay i would still have to pay a certain amount a fee because it's connected to my bake account but i'm currently in china and i don't even need a bank account to buy this item so we went around and asked people to see how often they use payment apps such as hourly pay and we chat and whether they even have a bank account at all i use my bio human food $250.00 times a day i use we chop it so convenient. convenient we need isn't my low food around tweed nothing but you my phone and i have friends and we chat it's convenient for transferring money to buy chinese mobile payment apps are not only limited within china there are now spreading outwards and so the united states and canada i only play which is the largest chinese company in its field is now operating in the united states and canada but it's only limiting itself for chinese tourists there but just the thought that this company or these type of companies
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could potentially be spreading outwards outside of china is bringing big headaches to u.s. banking businesses according to a new report the banks are sets of make 43 dollars 2020 from transaction fees in the united states alone so if these ups managed to get a similar market share in the united states as they enjoy here in china that would be big sis for those banks so more and more of these questions now are popping up with the most calm. and one being do we really need retail banking in our everyday life so a question that the baking in there she would rather you weren't asking americans might block the particular chinese companies but they complicate the overall trend and i think it's basically been a in sense not so much of a single firm monopoly is an industry sector monopoly of course now we have the presidents of here who are being blocked by america on the telecommunications argument which is slightly digital meant but at the same time it's because china has a large leap on america in this technology in sense of china's apps i'm sure they'll do something to block them as is all part of trump's tried war so it's more likely
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going to work is if those companies lawson's this off with other companies based in europe or maybe even in america or if other companies just basically emulate what the chinese applications are doing and therefore it will still be a danger to the banks. and that's how things are looking so far this morning here in our back again at the top of the. you know world of big partisan new law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and
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shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. nobody could see coming that false confessions would be that in this book place the fall the conviction books and any interrogations out there what you'll see is threat promise threat promise threat lie a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said if i were to. send a statement that i would be home by that time the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in
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misconduct that has nothing to do with solving their crime. or. that. this was such missile was specially built. for the optic am down toxic and now it's embarking on a very unusual mission. it's heading for latitude 82 degrees north to find a thick ice flow wedge into it and set up a camp nearby. for about a month simply drift along with the ice. the purpose of the expedition is to carry on research begun by drifting polar stations which have to stop working because of melting arctic ice busy. it's just you know she's the bird was the worst if.
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you have those who is. very very very. hot in the arctic for centuries it remained a mystery fear symbol and silence for centuries man calling aspired to the north so high latitudes to the pole to the axis of the earth where the weather of the world is born. 70 palos own northern pole s.p. for short is how the polar stations one. in autumn an expedition landed on an old
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thick ice floe and people lived and worked there for a whole year slowly drifting across the arctic ocean. before. that there were other fish if that. would have done their part. in it. weather models can't work properly without data from these latitudes and many research scientists see the chance to work in the high arctic as quite a coup the collection of data by drifting stations for ocean ology hydro chemistry hydro physics bottom research and ocean biology continued for many years. until the arctic ice started to melt. serious were fertile so it was the good work there will be some who's going on snow
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thank you ms i'm a designer but it all started with a night simberg only thing to do was look at the docs for but also through the social pulls to look. you would do with the lows are all for creamy old us living would do was a bust doesn't look. at most presidents but always preceded it it was president bush sitting on his bus. while an expedition is on route to its destination bottom geology and ocean hydrology research is carried out soil and water samples are taken nicholai from the chaff headed as p. 40 the last drifting station. was most of the.


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