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moscow falls to 7th of july as are you this news program interactive exhibition open health congress held him 1st of all the little details don't have also been for him dot com 16 plus. the greatest alliance the world has ever known. as the hallowed special relationship with britain during his state visit as thousands fled central london to protest against him later today the u.s. president will take part in world war 2 commemorations. also to come this republican congressman defends a u.s. navy seal accused of war crimes saying killing civilians is part of the job and. drugs are too real sure and we fired hundreds of rounds in a palooza probably hundreds of civilians probably killed women and children if there were any left in the new city when we invaded so do i get george 2 and
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a disgrace for our country lawyers condemning france for failing to protect 11 of its citizens who fought for the terror group islamic state and the now on death row in iraq. hello there just come a day here in moscow you're watching r.t. international now it is day 3 of donald trump state visit to the u.k. and on tuesday he spent the day in talks with the prime minister to resume a and they reaffirmed the special relationship between britain and america. the extraordinary alliance between the american and the british people it's the greatest alliance the world has ever known i've always believed that cooperation and compromise are the basis of strong alliances and nowhere is this more true than in the special relationship trump and may also discussed
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a rand breaks it and the prospects of a trade deal and security concerns over china joined by way the us president said a phenomenal trade deal was possible had great city as for ran both sides committed to ensuring its iran will never develop nuclear weapons and although they disagreed on the threat posed by the way they bad to protect he has been sharing his party correspondent she edwards dashti has more now on the talks. not always seeing eye to eye on politics but today finding some common ground around the special relationship donald trump going so far to say the relationship with britain is the greatest alliance in the world and on the issue of brics it he mentioned that there will be phenomenal opportunities for trade links and trade deals in the post britain as the u.k. makes preparations to exit the european union the united states is committed to
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a phenomenal trade deal between the u.s. and the u.k. there is tremendous potential in the trade deal now he seemed to be almost reading from a script because he moved away from his usual famous candid approach but he kept that behavior at bay apart from when talking about jeremy corbett and in fact we actually sort of his signature. is the process i have to tell you because i commented on it yesterday we left the prime minister the queen the royal family there were thousands of people on the streets cheering and even coming over today there were thousands of people cheering and then i heard that there were protests i said where are the protests i don't see any protests i did see a small protest today when i came 1st small so a lot of it is fake news i hate to say thousands of protesters took to the streets to condemn his policies surrounding climate change immigration international relations and of course the issues surrounding women and.
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the policing issue how much is all of this costing well in terms of costing it seems like trump has out trump himself as this is the most. state visit in british history. well we asked our guests to assess the chances of the trade deal breaks it's the sort. of course she's the outgoing prime minister and she's always she not on his wavelength i always seems more and should. be will probably be coming in i'd also with mr for raj correction i think britain is weaving in the same direction as you like to state and sort of policy at all makes trade and if we are as i said if we can get those fabulous trade deals with the united states great for britain great for breaks it well you know perhaps it is really undermined
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a lot of the international power of the u.k. despite what their own leaders will say they're so busy every single day trying to figure out how to leave the european union what does going to look like that i can imagine they won't be exhausted when they get to the negotiation table about specific. trade deals and certainly there is some pushback about some things that donald trump wants certain types of chicken for instance and how they're being prepared being brought over he wants to consumers to decide whether they will purchase or not and he's made that quite clear but when it comes to the negotiation table there are so many things yet to be understood about whether that's going to mean about leaving the e.u. that the u.s. might just get a little bit more than its burden for because of that weakness but it wasn't just the prime minister waiting to meet the trumpet and st because someone else will say that to give him the perfect welcome.
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well u.s. president is now i want his way to the city of portsmouth to join commemorations of the world war 2 d.-day landings in france we'll bring you coverage of that as it happens. a u.s. military judge has removed the lead prosecutor in the case of a navy seal accused of committing several war crimes one week before the trial the
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serviceman has pleaded not guilty to the charges meanwhile the republican congressman recently defended the keys going so far as to confess to crimes himself . now reports. the case of a u.s. navy seal accused of some pretty nasty crimes in iraq has grabbed headlines the man is eddie gallagher he's accused of murder attempted murder and a slew of other crimes now according to reports when his team initially reported him and demanded an investigation a nothing was done about it and he's teammates say they saw him taking pointless shots they say they saw him gunned down an old man in a white robe as well as a girl who was simply walking with other girls furthermore the teammates insist that he was unloading gunfire as well as rockets on the areas that were not known to have enemy forces now it all sounds pretty horrendous but some members of congress are speaking up on any gallagher's behalf congressman duncan hunter not only defends eddy's actions but says that based on his own experiences serving in
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iraq killing civilians is just part of the job so i was an artillery officer and we fired hundreds of rounds in a palooza rain killed probably hundreds of civilians if not scores if not hundreds of civilians probably killed women and children if there were any left in the in the city when we invaded so do i get judged too in addition to the other crimes that he is charged with taking a photograph of himself next to the corpse of a captured i still combatant that he allegedly stabbed to death now congressman duncan hunter says that taking photographs with dead bodies is not uncommon i think . there's. a lot of this. so we've got a sitting member of congress who is now if that he himself is guilty of the crimes for which any gallagher is now charged now what about pentagon was in military courts if mistreatment of the dead were committed intentionally it could be considered a violation of the law of war u.s.
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service members have been charged and punished under the uniform code of military justice for posing for pictures with human casualties by any standard. war crimes tribunal he should be brought up on charges this idea that there is 5 year and 7 year statute of limitations actually not true of course there are nazi war criminals that 30 and 50 years later are still brought up on charges and every one of the people in the us officers and commanders who are guilty of war crimes should and ultimately will get caught up on charges of war crimes keep in mind that trump has already pardoned michael brown hen a former soldier convicted of killing a prisoner trump's critics say that sends a bad message will look at a lot of different partners for a lot of different people some of these soldiers are people that have fought hard
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for you know we teach him how to be great fighters and then when they fight sometimes they get really treated very unfairly in this case the person is also the commander in chief of the armed forces so he is in fact undercutting the rules and regulations that contribute to good order and discipline in the military and that to me is anathema and it's immoral those who committed the crimes such as duncan hunter defending the crimes or a navy seal operations chief edward gallagher he is facing a pardon this elected representative is to say no charges and yet chelsea manning julian assad and all the ins for revealing these crimes are facing very heavy charges now that shows the absolute wallace of united states war today that's the way they conduct war.
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now the hit t.v. mini series chernobyl has generated intense interest in the 1986 nuclear disaster one of the key figures in the clean up operation. after the tragedy was the soviet major general. here he was over he was in charge of the so-called liquidators division tasked with removing radioactive material from the chernobyl side where he's been talking to the cameras 2 and says that the disaster will stay with him forever too does the war there have been 2 years of my life in hospital but i was still in the army i returned to service as deputy chief of staff of the russian civil defense but 2 years later my symptoms caught up with me again my doctor said you will be suffering the rest of your life chernobyl will never let go of you. the chernobyl disaster shocked the soviet union more than 30 years ago it is considered to be the largest nuclear accident in history and almost 600000 people were
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affected by the blast at the nuclear plant in fact is thought up to 4000 will die as a result radiation levels in the epicenter were massively higher than the lethal dose . that i can offer again recalls what happened. when i spent 3 months or chernobyl the hardest part as far as i remember was when we came in by helicopter we hovered above the reactor and it was simply frightening to view the results of the catastrophe i could not even imagine something like that what kind of a nuclear catastrophe could destroy that giant construction made of armored concrete about 300000 cubic meters of soil were excavated collected and brought to a special disposal area immediately after that the radiation level in the area decreased a 1000 times that allowed us to tell the soldiers to enter the station and start deactivating the facility yes i usually give the scientists and others credit for
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the very important job they did there but ordinary soldiers were the main heroes. radiation sickness for example i could shave and accidentally cut myself and the bleeding would not stop a small scratch wouldn't heal for weeks it's scary just to think about it my dear wife who was a. very good care of me while i was taking a ton of pills and i still am in my kitchen i have about 8 different kinds of medicine i take them 3 times a day and what. i really look like i really like your new ordered with me you know i almost fell in love with him then the division commander assembled his men and this scene was included because i stood in front of the soldiers and said the men our people are tired of the constant reports about grassroots disaster at your nobody we have to get rid of the
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consequences of this catastrophe as all of you are volunteers and if anyone does not want to continue please leave the team on their with that you have one minute to make a decision over a board no one will blame you for it because it's your life where you and i am responsible for it. with them now the chinese president xi jinping has just arrived in moscow for a 3 day state visit showing pictures of that in the main screen a little earlier he'll be meeting friday may putin later for talks to discuss a number of international issues but meanwhile the u.s. secretary of state might pump on his european tour one that allies warned allies against chinese economic expansion in the region it does come amid a bruising trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies china wants to be the dominant economic and military power in the world spreading its authoritarian vision for society. and its corrupt practices worldwide are ask is that our allies
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and our partners and our friends go to anything that would danger our shared security interests or restrict our ability share sensitive information. it may trump raise tariffs on $200000000000.00 worth of imported goods from china during stalled trade talks it using china of backing out of its commitments beijing retaliated with a levy on 110000000000 dollars worth of u.s. imports trump has warned he is ready to tax essentially all chinese imports will trump has referred to china as quote our enemy and also a major threat and not a friend of the united states but his trade agenda may imperil business ties between us politicians and beijing is illegal franker now explains. the man who leads the republican majority in the senate is very very very proud of the president he's doing so great a bully in china with his trade war tactics their greatest problems in the trade.
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with china. it's been a long. ongoing problem i think we're all commend the president for taken on that shot is well saying things like that could get mr mcconnell in a bit of trouble with his wife and me tell you something she's the current american secretary of transportation elaine chao and the u.s. journalists who got hold of and looked into this redacted e-mail by an american embassy official believe it shows mrs chalo has a whole lot of business interests in china it turns out allegedly that back in 2017 she was set for an official visit to china and really wanted her family members to be allowed in the room while she was supposed to talk to her chinese counterparts all of a sudden the trip got called off the transportation department never officially explained why that happened although
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a version did come up that it all could have been due to an urgent meeting with the president. someone find themselves on the ground anyway mrs chows family business ties with china aren't that hard to trace. an unfortunate conflict of interest and trade war hunters if you dig further into the matter though you'll find out there are quite a few folks in the american elite who'd love a slice of the china cake what if this guy ends up kicking donald trump out of the office would we then have to forget about us china trade wars for 4 years after all joe biden's son. runs a company that's partially financed by the state run bank of china and mr biden doesn't appear to treat the mission to challenge beijing's economic might as a priority china is going to eat our lunch come on back to the republicans
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a former house speaker john boehner was once behind the push to make china a favored trade partner with the u.s. the most nations of the world almost all the nations of the world have most favored nation trading status and the fact is what we're looking for is the same status for china mr boehner eventually went to work for a lobbying firm squire patton boggs and this company has a presence in china to say the least the most ironic case is that of donald purdy jr in his resume you'll probably find out that he's helped draft a policy paper known as the u.s. national strategy to secure cyberspace masterminded the national cybersecurity division and the department of homeland security while. all that to end up as the chief security officer at technologies usa ties between the us
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establishment in both parties are very very close to the chinese look at you're a guru awful lot of interest in the united states who will say that doing pursuing a certain policy may be bad for america as a country but we don't care about that because it's good for my company to issues divisions within the u.s. policy making apparatus up until trump decided to play hardball with shar china ontario and with many other countries there were no divisions there was it was a very cozy relationship he trying to use have the advantage. of having a united position and i don't see those divisions being healed at all i see them getting much much worse. ok let's just show you some pictures recent pictures and that the chinese president xi jinping just touched down in moscow is for a 3 day state visit to russia where he will meet president putin and that will be their 28th meeting in 6 years apparently it is ahead of the. international economic
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forum where a number of agreements are expected to be signed between russia and china something somebody latest pictures of the weather here in moscow and he will be missing person pays him liked. it. seems wrong. just don't call. me. to shape out this day become educated and engage with equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. join me every 1st week on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to yes the world of politics sports business i'm sure. i'll see you there. thank you welcome back now a group of 45 lawyers is slammed france for allegedly abandoning its citizens but after an iraqi court sentenced 11 french men to death for their affiliation with
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the terror group islamic state. it would be a great disgrace for our country to make these death sentences possible. by the kid he it is not for me to describe today how iraqi justice works we will of course ask that the death penalties imposed on our citizens be commuted to life imprisonment france did not want to repatriate its nationals and prefer to expose them to the death penalty and to expedite the trials which we know are a serious breach of the rights of the defense. we respect to rex judicial sovereignty and i would like to tell you contrary to what i'm hearing here and there the trial was fair. or baghdad has sentenced 500 suspected foreign iceland members either to death or life in prison the 11 french woman on death row at the moment her captured by kurdish forces in syria before being transferred to iraq in february they have 30 days to appeal but with hundreds of french fighters captured
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in syria it is thought that more death sentences could now follow 2000 french citizens are thought through the joint i saw since 2011 with around 450 detained according to iraqi law joining a terrorist group is punishable by death france says jihadists have have to answer for their crimes wherever they are but as paris does oppose capital punishment this has sparked controversy over how to handle french jihadists our guests debated the issue. sickle firehall are protected jihadists in accordance with the law i understand that the starting point here is to comply with the state's rule of law and democracy the trial should be impartial to the jihadists have been convicted but they didn't i did guilt him leave the trial was rushed through. i find it normal that the iraqi court declared itself competent to give the sentence do not forget that we're talking about a society affected by 8 years of war which claimed thousands of human lives. it
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would be strange if france in whose history they were post occupation $945.00 trials would suddenly want to deprive iraq of the right to try these foreigners who came to fight kill and rape and say lap this country's authorities do not want to seriously address this problem a problem that is not legal but is political in nature. even 7 iraq saw $25000.00 foreign nationals fighting on its grounds well so what now every state will order a rock to send their citizens to trial at home why should the french have special rights an iraqi court ruled that the case is in its jurisdiction so it will be the iraqi court which passes the sentence for its part france provides consular support asked for the nonuse of the death penalty this is also absolutely normal. a controversial journalist has been appointed as facebook's new policy manager for
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ukraine katherina croque is known for her coverage of the uprising in ukraine and has been praised by the u.s. atlantic council. got to recruit has officially announced that she's now working at facebook as a policy manager for ukraine while located in warsaw i should say we've been expecting this for years catarina is a leading expert in the information field a speaker at all conferences on dissin from asian that have been held recently and a very honest person with principles however back in 2014 she did tweet about the adesa tragedy praising the death of 43 pace for and he revolution activists trapped inside a burning trade union building they were there were clashes between those for and against the uprising in the black sea port city in southern ukraine the un criticize ukraine for not to be investigating the tragedy there were at the time kiev did launch a number of criminal cases a word of warning they might find the following footage distressing. was
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chris was. was just a. journalist primadonna believes that such an appointment should raise serious concerns. issue is that facebook a company which has certain rules and community guidelines against extremism has literally employed somebody from a neo nazi background to take over their operations in ukraine i mean it's very very worrying because obviously i mean. she's obviously got a certain ideology i mean perhaps she'll be totally fair in the way she implements the. job she's been given but you have to ask questions of me have to wonder like i mean our fave have facebook i'm going to make a statement on this are they going to say they've had some guarantee use of mr crook that she's you know renounced neo nazi use a more house call or
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a game i don't think that facebook would allow that to happen and the other countries i mean i don't think it would be tolerated in russia it wouldn't be tolerated in the united states it wouldn't be tolerated in germany or france or spain or italy or britain for some reason facebook about no qualms about writing something like this in ukraine i mean. you know it is extraordinary but we did ask our facebook to comment on this story although so far we haven't received a reply so that's how things are looking so far today we're back with more on the latest on the chinese president's visit to russia at the top of the next. because the swarms of the blue of them so moving. to build your school or local was
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before. much of those who heard the preview are mostly other movies who see him with the north we will. move. move. move show you just look beautiful live a few minutes and look or a good. movie the muslim also has dulce we'll give you films for good girls. go to shows a look why do you do seem you believe the story to the you should go. to startups to organise some to get to meet until it was a little missed dates to look at is it. just us them understand this new nuggets the mashed old truck stop the president and please introduce more students .
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of your producers to those in this world to snap them up when you look at us the girls are with you swear your supporters to your machine station shouldn't for you should cook dorothy what was your desire to close to. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be. that you'd like to be crossed. this is what the 3 of them will be. interested in the water.
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flowing welcome to crossfire all things are considered i'm peter lavelle ties the time come for google and other big tech companies there's a growing consensus the near monopoly status of many of these companies is bad for competition bad for the consumer and even for freedom of speech no doubt silicon valley is lowering of. cross talking big tech i'm joined by my guest bill new in london he is a privacy campaigner and c.e.o. of the cyber crisis firm the crisis team in dallas we have a he's a wealthy advisor is well as
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a managing partner at chop wood investments and in seabeck we cross to jeffrey.


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