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tv   Keiser Report  RT  June 6, 2019 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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this is led to trade wars with pretty much declaring secession from the global economy as we go to neo mercantilist age of globalization and monetarism dollars ation is over and look at the globe we've got a few little hot spots there are the encroaching hot war scenarios upon us of course the notion of going postal started under ronald reagan and this is when he began neo liberalism and deregulation and privatization or well the whole proposition of profits in the socialization of risk so that really started under reagan and became a 0 sum game if you were a loser by the time you were 25 people went postal and they went into the post office and they shot their coworkers this is the same thing as the american empire they have a mentality they're the ones that spread this notion of 0 sum game and even says that when he goes into negotiations on these so-called trade deals he said well why
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did they sign this trade deal with us under obama or under clinton or anybody else why did they sign those trade deals unless they thought they were winning so if they're winning then we're losing so this is his whole way he approaches these things is if if china is. you know exporting more than we are if they have a huge trade surplus if they're way ahead of us in 5 g. technology that's because we obviously are the losers but this is like now his mentality the american empire has become suspicious and paranoid of everybody that everybody's cheating us when it was reagan and thatcher together we set in motion this situation right under reaganomics you know you had this if is aeration of the working class and organized labor you know you had the firing of the air traffic controllers and going postal these are postal workers that were being marginalized through the loss of purchasing power and you see that throughout the
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economy and then you know flash forward to the situation now where trump is indicating that we're moving away from this model of an ever expanding pai remember up until 11 you know 5 or 6 years ago the idea was we don't have to fight over the pie in the pie just keep growing it's about making the pie grow for everyone and we're lifting millions and millions out of poverty around the world and the pie is never going to stop growing now or back to the pie is limited if you get a slice of pie someone else does not get a slice of pie so that's mark until ism and it will be getting back to a gold standard soon because if you're going to have mark until his immediate actual yardstick to measure who's winning and who's losing if trump wants to say you're a loser and or a winner the only way you can say that with some confidence is if there's a benchmark against which he can point and say this is how i know you're winning and i'm losing because we've got this mount of gold and you don't have that amount
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of gold and that's back to the gold standard in a couple countries are already back on a gold standard china russia being 2 examples has been in the u.k. and the u.k. is breaks a thing and one of the things that they're looking forward to is that they're going to have a trade deal with the united states and. turned out that the us ambassador to the united kingdom went on andrew marr show on the b.b.c. chlorine chicken and us private health care on the table and it breaks a trade deal chlorine wash chicken and u.s. firms involvement in british health care would be on the table for a post breaks a trade deal donald trump's ambassador has said woody johnson the u.s. ambassador to the u.k. said chlorinated chicken is as safe as anything in europe adding if people don't want to buy it they don't have to do so labor had attacked the comments from u.s. ambassador woody johnson as terrifying like this is horrifying that we're going to get chlorinated chicken on r. and s. is being turned into a u.s. health care system the e.u. has strict hygiene standards for poultry when they are alive while the u.s.
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washes them with disinfectant such as chlorine after they are dead the factory farming the horrible health care system here like the fact that like. the living get preference in the european economic model and expanding and facilitating the quality of living for the living whereas in the us it's all about. like the grotesqueness whether it's in the factory farming or the people living on the streets in los angeles and san francisco and piles of human excrement and typhoid and and medieval diseases spreading what they're doing is they just chlorinated down after they cause a situation look at climate change also they're like let's just spew all this garbage into the air these freedom molecules of gas into the air national gas and
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methane into the air and then later will do the equivalent of coronating will will geo engineering with nano particles blocking out the sun to moderate the ecosystem here is instead of just like not destroying your environment not destroying your institutions not destroying the fabric the foundational element of our societies and economies the key phrase there being the e.u. you know in terms of its regulations of food in britain would prevent exposure to chlorinated corpse chickens that have gone through formaldehyde and zombified and turned into toxic delivery mechanisms of disease and cancer yes that's right the e.u. puts the block in place but you know the u.s. of course has been the dumping ground of financial risk that originates in the city
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of london the city of london has always been the go to place to commit financial fraud every bank in the world outsources their primary financial fraud to the city of london that gave us the lehman collapsed a.i.g. disaster the banking disaster of 20082009 so. now kind of the u.s. is returning the favor by exporting their food disaster to the u.k. so these 2 have a symbiotic relationship swapping financial armageddon with food armageddon then we have armageddon then california and here's a headline again from the united kingdom and they have a great headline and great photos accompanying this collapse of a city that's lost control shocking new pictures from downtown l.a. captured the huge problem it faces with trash and rats amid fear of typhoid fever outbreak among l.a.p.d. images from the downtown area show trash piling up as workers struggle to keep the area sanitized rows and rows of tents lie on the sidewalks of skid row in the sprawling 50 block area home to around 4200 and on thursday it was revealed
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a los angeles police detective has been diagnosed with typhoid fever they're not doing anything to prevent these thousands of people living amongst the rats and feces on the sidewalk in downtown l.a. said there's just like letting them live they're not building affordable housing or homeless shelters and instead how they're dealing with it is they every once in awhile every once a week or something they they move them out and then spray everything with chlorine and bleach and and then let them move back in there so this is how they this is how they respond to a human disaster well this is the problem of debt that makes you desperate g.d.p. in america includes debt so the more debt you have the bigger the g.d.p. but it leads to high time preference mistakes like you see in los angeles where it becomes expedient to treat people like human garbage to pay off debt because there's too much debt to pay off if you have capital if you have savings if you have hard money like gold or bitcoin you can take
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a step back and say ok we're we want to be in 5 years do we want theses on the streets and typhoid in the police you know department department but they don't have that time they don't have the luxury of time preference they're bound by high time profit so the and the debt keeps going up. so the the disaster will only continue as we see we have all these trade wars going on the reason why trump is. basically waging these trade wars is because the american voter insisted on it because the american voter in the giant midwest the former heartland of america no longer are employed because they are from the unprotected industries that neoliberalism exported to china and all of the rest of the world but we do have protected industries on the coast where the winners live as hillary clinton pointed out we have the lobbyists in the military industrial complex around washington d.c. we have the financial engineers around new york city they get the free money from the fed on the west coast we have san francisco and hollywood los angeles and those
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are protected by the state department and internet intellectual property that are forced on most of those trade deals like t p p n t t i p that obama and hillary clinton had negotiated and which the people didn't want so those are the only places you can go to get a job in america but we have erected in the same places very strict affordable housing they don't they refuse to build any affordable housing so is that you have to go there to get a job you have to be in san francisco los angeles or new york city those are the only places with new jobs coming online and maybe austin and chicago but you have to go there or else you don't have anything so here we have a situation where only those protected industries that these are the gate keepers this is this is you have to get past the moat you have to get into there and get a job but we have a situation where there are no houses for any of these people going there for a job and they end up homeless can you give us the moat of the break and return
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with more. they fit into. this and petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend the forum to address today's and vital issues. watch our special forum coverage on r.t. . nobody could see coming that false confessions would any interrogation out there what you'll see is a threat promise threat promise threat lie a lie
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a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said if i would. send a statement that i would be home by the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in misconduct that has nothing to do with all their crime. so you say that brings this to the end of the series if we could just let josie marino walk away and say we decided to treat up still goes to a very special farewell. we walk along an interesting path as a team but this time to go back to the punch line and thanks for putting on so she
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responded. with. the only thing i didn't enjoy was my then sink. in moscow my dancing. on ice. in. the. middle of the. well thankfully we nailed it literally there we go. close it.
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down. welcome back to the kaiser report imax keyser time now to turn to constantine garg of macro view dot edu constantine a walking back elated to be with you moxon with us they say constantine what is happening in los angeles where hair reports that in this you know progressive social justice warrior state a lot of democrats you have 10 cities open sewage and the straight medieval diseases san francisco los angeles look like a you know vera ball hell hole what's going on well nothing really new it's the same old same old at the last democratic convention back in sunday eggo all of the
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reporters who are going to get inside of the convention and only a few brave souls wandered out into the streets of san diego and what they discovered is complete if you want devastation of the c.d.u. are huge numbers of fancy does large numbers of the own list trash everywhere and so forth and a handful of orders actually break to try to keep order not uncover that in the news it didn't make the front pages of the new york times of course but that's the reality of california you have to ask if the haves and the have nots and the have nots are increasing in numbers and the hounds are becoming more and all locked into their local communities if you look at what's happening demographically in sunken seuss book old communities of our own out young people from those communities can no longer afford to live in there they have no jobs anymore they've been displaced by the cold years they've been displaced by their sector workers not so much with the coders but rather the people who sell the stop looking for use and as
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a result of that the city loses its fabric it loses its culture it loses its community. we look at a neighborhood in some ways the state is like that now los angeles have a house full of people this was on john's use. beautiful melton on the way i remember when i lived in the likes of minds is that there is a constant regeneration of neighborhoods there's a constant constant and normal new building new construction was always much more dynamic in the sense and sense of social mobility than sounds as there was apparently in the home it is there is again you can see it is a large numbers of people who are unemployed destitute and cannot afford any sort of roof over their hats there is a fuel nation boss accumulation of raw. disposed off by the middle losses little losses in for communities in large quantities infestations of rodents and so forth human excrement is
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a problem now los angeles just that as it is the future probable sounds nice but there is a moment up in san francisco which allows you to digital media or the full prince or the few minutes form of san francisco recently balls that they have managed to develop again we want the universe it is. your round existence payments which when applied to the public services were actually for jack nurenberg back at the person you're in a to the public space it is almost like wall where you have communities like you are only super awkward and external to save really anthony laid out them scape and so forth and few miles down the road you're up to see it is where the ordinary people live and effectively they're being left to go on ends and means is a great by the way it is a very communities where people long for security long for law and order they long
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for how fools as a family communities are and in ruins and so forth well i so if salinas is of this war for example. and they cannot do that simply because all of the resources have been stopped in the well to do areas they get no public services they. yet want they do not get any policeman and they gamble on with this is a huge problem fear if you look at who also look at homelessness and in california roam by these horns on the blog about on the 1000 phones every year so it's on the supply and most phones there is no new construction except in the largest segment in silence is the luxury condos are only supplied to the point where they're not some of the prices of all but you can now build affordable housing units simply because of the nimby isn't of the local communities of lentil gentry rather poignant in the state where people who have owned property because the lumper generations benefit from huge tax deductions or dark spots in terms of their
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property costs and those who are buying today are they want to sound or hire are ill property thoughts of those that cannot afford barnacles the subsequent cannot afford month then when that falls you call the greater pirates of the station it is effectively a state where the landed gentry of the pascola generations is presiding over the rampant racism or a rampant reeses joins up with all of the old rentals available markets bollox in terms of the rights for renters that they get a veil off is that it will them more it's own all of that these rocked up into this nice and if you want political agenda of what you all see the progressive is where are the so-called progressive labor that this is somehow more environmentally and socially sustainable then broke our houses or people read more and more about how folks and they top 110th of one percent are building gated communities and wild
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commander days to x. like themselves are promoting at the same time policies that increase the number of almost the successor so constantine elsewhere and no matter where we look we see signs of an increasingly rapid d. globalization tromps trade wars down closed end via and mexico has. it has considering australia your thoughts on the global economy at the moment wow do you see at the macro picture constantine i think we're at common to now and what's around and trends the 1st trend is the globalization as you mentioned and that's with the regionalization of trade on the regional moch start at the margin and the 2nd all a lot of this like the late example as mars is back in his nation of avarice an american and it's interesting because we don't think about rape as a center on the opposition groups back to things like sanctions when the funds were mine going to talk about weaponization of all this or what the reality what happened with that some specific partnership. back under the obama administration
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it wasn't very near to you don't or should wait for free trade boards the trade which serves your political interests primarily in this case will stunt the sort of the geopolitical interests of the united states or in the china and the russia in the pacific region along with china and russia it's losing both of those countries china is the biggest the on the wall now even the almost african force that we have at last month but that is the case and yet it wasn't looking for him to be so moving on words were riding the problem ministration the roles of weaponization of free as if you want those are while having as you mention the and threatened against mexico the against china they feel threatened against only war threaten the boss against ghana they were threatened against in the past against. their homes luminance rat off was sanctions against european union answer or if you look at the
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least of the factories the troops entered the park just published the so-called manipulators aren't bantus monsoreau spent years there are several european countries including germany who are linked. and it's ironic of course because the euro is not the other foreigners but i think very very very curious for the manipulation and the aren't and aren't bound to really pounce or plus it's one of the major my theory of all by those criteria anyone who's a successful explorer of the united states being able them these labeled by their you part with effectively as a manipulator. that's the reality of it and without force weakness in their gardens of fox and rats or elites the rhetoric bomb a lot of the right policies that they animals the unfortunate it public and fox which for a lot of its own roots and then shows as free traders in the process is molecules on their idea off but we get those thousands back as station we're having war and
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therefore we are the trade war in reality if you look at for example on the new york fed analysis published article on may and they didn't make it clearly shows that it was u.s. households in those files they're asking about the exist the balance that with that weight loss were bought $140.00 for a year in the households that's when you were found was the fact that the revenue is followed by the united states fracturing but of course it's also nonsense to say that ordinary households in america benefit from that they're actually on that in any sort of boxes when we look at the imposition of the expenditure or was badgering it's disproportionately favors and dispassion is spending and general spending this lot the likes of and the moment the likes all the spending on the specific 1 o'clock it was especially the older generations of the baby boomers and so forth so anyway when with a bad sense that there has been
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a direct loss to the household as a result of that in there also then boss on the estimate about maus but if you look at the fed's analysis of the proposed. mexico battles not mexico that that doesn't just proposed. janice crouse yes that was the rises it formulates in mind all those problems were volatile perspective too much luggage box spots. in parks and jobs or 17 day amounts will not reach 1140 well those were year for your average american family house 4 and so they're now going to take it from today to 9 or goes back. on effectively in part the american possibles it talk about weaponization of trade is also weaponization of the u.s. dollar when the u.s.
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can get involved in sanctioning trucks by censoring the swift system and other things like that i wanted to ask you about the various responses around the world whether it's the practice of voters the election of trump as you say shamu but in france in a lot of these are folks are pushing back they're asking for a radical change are they are they have an agency will they get anywhere word of a mess saying or is it a lost cause constantine well even in the age of great nation. it is her to beijing which has not yet materialize in the form of then that fear and change what we will see it is that. in effect it is that. a lot of the armor for change in moscow voters and moment of the station of actual ideologies of youth is what the new law that says it is that really when the age of uncertainty and the big moves and complexity of the european elections for example
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that if you are to show that the results as you vote share and so forth will if you want you know relatively stable but still lying on the ground declining influence or 3 major parties a party last year in parliament all the battles and dignity for the population which is broken out in the world from the point that you saw one who needs radical change but we don't know what it is well below the united states is very similar that if you look at that is it for this type of phenomenon these are all putin is elected officials who are presented a pungent weight with the lights off from both not presenting any feasible yet alternatives they might move or a month say they might need the manifesto is going to swallow them for the policies but there is no experience in the large yellow wall that is a more than pretty place this kind of. fall apart box of a bomb of what's very clear all is that into the future florence was thought as
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wanted were conceivable the wall the oxidative bomb is no longer sustainable already in the market although both were are in a multiple of world which is not just so that's it with a motion of the figures or notional with only size figures you look at us and metric in fock of the countries like russia for example like. you can also look at their usual way in. we. don't think we challenge that american centric unit so while we see. where you want it. or not where you want to your thoughts but maybe walk the line in terms of the american resonance and points. or even we're seeing want terms of the motif long and this is slow and certain and so on in today's
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environment this is why i will leave on the big change was this appeal to what he's changed is going to be because i think for either side what thanks for being on this edition of the kaiser report thanks marts mike where you are i'm not going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i just i guess constantine want to catch us on twitter it's kaiser report until next time by oh. there's a question that has libya and the one who needs to decide that is the libyan people that is why we should carefully slowly gradually. go into
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election day you have basically 2 parties so everybody laban's the other the way he wants because there is a very deep crisis of legitimacy and this crisis of legitimacy cannot be sold bought by going to be a. china does not want to fight a host of fights up at the same time we're not afraid of it china is bold and resolute and is able to defend its legitimate rights and interests in china is still holding the door open for the us china trade negotiations if the united states she wishes to proceed with them even needs to be more sincere.
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coming up to 6 pm moscow and st petersburg this is an international going to take you back to the international economic forum the world leaders and international decision makers in northern russia right now thousands of key figures from industry and finance. all correspondent have a truck because the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman marie as i. call it. the way the big business is done around this world is that it is always of course intertwined with what the diplomats are up to and that is the nuts and bolts of international relations so it's a great chance for us to have a conversation a quick conversation with the russian foreign ministry spokeswoman marie is a horrible she's here with me live on our t.v. right now maria hi welcome to the r.t.e. corner at the international economic forum in st petersburg very nice place very
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nice atmosphere it is great to have you here you don't time is running but every year this form happens someone always tries to spoil things a little bit ahead of the form send a political message maybe make a statement you know that the american ambassador ahead of this forum said he's not coming but the american business is here do you think at this time can someone to really gain something politically by making the deal to get used to all the american tricks. presented by state department washington d c. i don't want to still come film make a big deal of theater where not making so why should everybody thing. i think that lots of people i didn't hundreds thousands.


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