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tv   News  RT  June 6, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good dorothy what was your does and. how can we help citizens become healthier and happier moscow urban core of all of the 7 the july as arianna business program interactive exhibition urban health congress urban festival or the no details don't also been forum dot com 16 plus. russian president says the united states is destabilizing world security. warning came as he welcomed delegates to the opening of the petersburg international economic forum. it seems like for global threat to be issues being ignored. from world leaders to international decision makers thousands of top names from industry and finance have gathered in russia's northern capital r t is
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there to. also headlining this hour a u.s. democratic senator slams the trumpet ministration for giving the green light to sharing sensitive nuclear technology with saudi arabia was done just days after the killing of dissidents saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. also this hour a nurse turned serial killer who murdered 85 patients to hospitals in germany is given a 2nd life sentence. the perpetrator who is completely different feelings and empathy and then we have a culture of looking away if people have more attention to the information. things would have been different.
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hi there live worldwide this is r.t. international thanks for joining us this thursday evening it's now 7 pm we're going to start in. northern russia where the world leaders and thousands of international decision makers have gathered to discuss finance and business at the international economic forum earlier that the russian president warned of possible global threats adding that the united states withdraw from a missile defense agreement is a step towards destabilization. our correspondent. in talk to him now. i that went off to president putin have to say. hi again call him while while right now of the wealthiest russian businessmen and some of the wealthiest movers and shakers in international business are getting together here at the location of the venue somewhere else lot of our pollutants st petersburg resident's he was welcoming officials and also
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the heads of the most important international news agencies and what you just mentioned was only said during a meeting with them and the russian president had quite a few very critical things to say about america raising the signatures on some of the landmark treaties that have to do with the control of the missiles and missile defense and so on here's what mr putin said in particular you know that we. it seems like the global threat issue's been ignored that raise concerns our american partners have withdrawn from the anti-ballistic missile treaty so what ladies and gentlemen i would like to ask you did any one of you protest or takes to the streets with. no silence but it was ok but this was the 1st step for a fundamental destabilizing of the whole construction of international relations in
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terms of global security. but if you start. you see every once in a while the russian leader reminds journalists and the rest of the world as a result of the collapsing important international treaties that are being taken down by the donald trump administration and one of them is the intermediate nuclear force intermediate range sorry nuclear forces. we remember how the american president one said that russia wasn't playing by the rules so that's why washington decided to withdraw even though russia was saying that it's not violating anything well right now mr putin is saying that the government in america is realizing that accountability will be on the way and that's why according to the russian leader
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the americans are now trying to find pretexts by blaming russia for everything that has to do with it putin believes he's absolutely certain that a transparent discussion is needed for a possible revival of the treaty or for possible new treaties that could replace said he believes that these discussions should involve professionals from all over the world and in fact he went on to say that he does have hope that these kind of things could happen guess why because he's in touch with donald trump. that's the latest conversation with president trump and still the suits in optimism in me. concerned in the stands the expense the united states is the rest of the will put into weapons of crucial today the most significant thing is negotiations between countries with the largest nuclear potential but i think it's necessary to only include countries official and unofficial this may be the one right at the end of
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the tunnel. among other things we heard from the russian leader was a rather strong statement that he was sick and tired that the u.s. is using venezuela as its own backyard and also he talked about the change in leadership in the u.k. according to a lot of russia and the u.k. they need to turn the page and that page was something. that had to do with spy scandals and murder attempts and so on so he believes the story should continue with a new blank sheet. ok so still plenty to come between now and the end of that forum on saturday for now though we are trying to petersburg thanks for that. but well let's pick up on those comments from president putin a few hours ago we talked to rent office he said geopolitical analyst and consult and welcome back to r.t. the russian president called the u.s.
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one of the major destabilizing threats in global politics is putin's assessment a bit harsh there singling out washington well i think if we look at the past decade seized totally right with comments but in the past 2 years when trump was an obvious i wouldn't see the picture as. president putin has painted it because president trump. prepared the framework for the solution for some of the most urgent conflicts that were going on that were started on. syria he has retreated his support for the islamist rebel forces and this wave crit group chaired the possibility just all to come but regarding this treaties yes the united states plays a very dangerous rules a role in ending for example the i.n.f.
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treaty and there are some pessimism as well on treaties regarding the start treaty mr putin said that russia won't prolong the idea of that if there's no interest how dangerous could that become if a new treaty isn't established. you know the new start treaty that was close in 2010 will end in 2021 and of course the negotiations should start now to make sure that it can be prolonging it but the basic problem. both president putin and president see is that china has never been included in those treaties and so they do not really mirror the crescent picture that we see in the geopolitical arena in the world china is an important player china also has between 100-1200 high end as a weapons installed in china so china needs to get on board and that's why
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i ask myself whether both president trump and president putin have a strategy to end those 2 teams and to open you know she asian routes where pressure is encouraged on china to be integrated they have no interest in it but in the interest of world peace china has to be part of the game how difficult is it to get those partners on the same page though they're not just military at the service the economic advisers as well now. well i think this is the biggest challenge that we are facing at the moment in this decade in the following let's say 2 or 3 decades that we find a new security architecture where not only united states europe and russia is somehow integrated but also china and president putin has made it clear already 10 or even 15 years ago that he is seeking a partnership a security partnership between russia and the west and this has been utterly
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rejected for a long time in and now it's really time for the northern hemisphere to sit down and talk and see whether they can find some common ground and stability for the whole northern hemisphere which of course also includes russia as a neighbor of europe and also china which as a very important driver of the racial integration process venezuela came up earlier as well in that press panel that president putin attended russia says the united states is using venezuela as its own backyard how do you think the u.s. would react to that comparison. well i think it's an assessment which is clear to everybody is since 1823 trillion made it clear that europeans should not interfere in the. influence of the u.s. and vice versa nowadays of course this doctrine has been questions when we see that
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venezuela enters in a much stronger partnership not also with your political players like russia china but also turkey and iran so i think you know we will see different ways of handling the crisis. just like it was 2011 in libya or 2011 also in syria where the west and the nato could just. push its own agenda without any resistance on behalf of russia and china so in venezuela there needs to be a negotiation solution and russia and china will play a role in that in the future. back to the forum in some pages back then it's a massive event there are thousands of delegates there powerful people influential people in government and business and finance and although it's not a summit is not coming up with policy there are some very important minds at that forum how useful is it in order to try and bridge that problem between geopolitics
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and tottering economies around the world. well it's a very important meeting i assume it can be really already compared to the political weight of the world forum in the us and it just shows that it's a. cooler structures already becoming reality in the world and of course political aspects always have to do with economy and politics and military at the same time so these are horror that plea a very important role here also political processes then. made. between nation states afterwards so it's like think tanks it's like brainstorming platforms that have a great weight in international politics and we're across what's coming out of there in culture in germany or office thanks for joining us and. how many renowned
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experts across various fields are gathered in st petersburg for the next few days one is huge in cars perske founder of the russian cyber security company kaspersky lab he spoke exclusively to us a little earlier well actually where they speak about our so called the national congress are there all the time i say that we have benefits from all this media pressure because relieving the pressure and feels to see a rational calculus so i would acknowledge that some products labor up there much better than our competitors. everyone is aware about their infrastructure or decide better and they're going to the box and many of them this being the cyber security language of the vulnerabilities it will be at bison said that a lot of the same time has to look at work too because the most of the people think of both the computer security or smartphone security but that's not the end of the story because they it's i see. the old the kind of the ways of sound us unfortunately many of them the vulnerable what about the most part they show the
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security of the healthcare security to the us unfortunately it is all these vulnerable based on cyber involvement and unfortunately this side of the minerals the bad guys often tend to than the able to the one that pretty tickle thinks so we steal to look at work to do on the of atoms. now where a company was run by cyber security for any kind of businesses from individuals so from their digital devices store the critical infrastructure and of course it's the next logical step to assist governments. many go and see all of them they govern as a cyber security as one of their top. issues so so they pay a lot of attention please so we are able and we want to assist governments with our knowledge experience to collect. the most like a company straight digit would be a global company and took care. of it in the d.
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of the partners and all business everywhere around the world by in africa it will spawn of that he just which were paid attention i was told many on this about the recently often some of offer to come on this need to use this started to pay more attention to cybersecurity and so we invited the world the government level conferences events so that it was in the rwanda and that was way promising that. it's on top of the headline news now u.s. senator is demanding an investigation into secretive nuclear technology transfers from the united states to saudi arabia senator tim kaine who obtained information from the energy department called the news dangerous. i worry that they're trying to hide information that would that would maybe lead us to uncover that there's some you know corruption or or sweetheart deal in this that they don't want the american public to know the concerns around the timing of the approval it was signed off a little over 2 weeks off the brutal killing of saudi dissident journalist shoji
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for which several high level saudi officials were blamed the u.s. energy department confirmed the transfer was back in march after the 1st reports of but haven't responded to the request for comment on state can statement saudi arabia for its part claims the atomic program is strictly for civil peaceful uses the u.s. congress is also disturbed by the level of covertness that surrounded the transfers and the no time reference has been given by the trumpet ministration the pope and picks up the story. the fact that the trumpet ministration provided nuclear technical expertise to the saudi monarchy has got some in congress pretty rattled the trump administration has broken this precedent they kept it secret we found out in march that they had done a number of transfers to saudi arabia it turns out that right after the show he was murdered by the saudis and they were lying about it the administration said fine here here's we'll pass nuclear technology on to you now a quick reminder the killing of the journalist sent shock waves around the world
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when he was killed in the country's consulate in istanbul now the brutal death apparently sent shock waves throughout the world but it wasn't enough to stop some nuclear deals now it appears that the trump team was rushing perhaps because they thought the fallout from the killing would make it more controversial at a later date and following the shoji case a bipartisan group of legislators did indeed pass a law allowing congressional oversight of any nuclear cooperation agreements with saudi arabia and tom certainly does seem eager to promote nukes how many countries have it iran is going to happen at some point we have to say you know what we're better off if japan protects itself against this maniac in north korea we're better off frankly if so. korea is going to start to protect its saudi arabia you have to look at saudi arabia absolutely now let's not forget that saudi arabia is a signatory of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and they do have a working agreement with the international atomic energy agency however arms control experts raised their eyebrows over the building of
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a recent nuclear reactor facility do you have to consent to that saudi arabia does not want to acquire any nuclear bomb but without a doubt if iran developed a nuclear bomb we will follow suit as soon as possible the united states administration is going to give the saudi arabian nuclear technology while they are fighting and they are doing sanctions on your own to not have nuclear technology for peaceful reasons if saudi is going to have it so dacia the americans and every american administration should be fair and now everyone to have the nuclear technology peaceful peaceful cause now peaceful nuclear energy is certainly permitted and russia has worked with saudi arabia on atomic energy before however russia's agreements with saudi arabia were upfront transparent and they included a signed road map on what would and would not be happening with the program the u.s. secrecy is certainly frustrating to the point that with any deal done behind closed doors you have to wonder what they're trying to hide caleb up and r.t.
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new york but still to be germany's woods to peace time a serial killer has been sentenced for the deaths of 85 more patients on t.v. reports from outside court after the break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy for indication let it be an arms race based on often scary dramatic developments only going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be 6. very critical of. you said . you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back a german nurse who murdered 85 patients has been given a 2nd life sentence 42 year old neil's hogle earlier said he was endlessly sorry in 2005 hope was caught ball tampering with a syringe pump and of ministering a cardiac medicine without cause this led to a series of investigations he was initially convicted of attempted murder in 2008
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and sentenced to more than 70 years in prison then in 2015 a judge sentenced him to life in prison for 2 murders and 2 attempted murders riff and reports from outside court. that is of no doubt an absolutely shocking case of course we heard the verdict for news her go 42 year old former nurse who is believed right now to be the most prolific serial killer in post-war germany and probably worldwide he was found guilty of killing 85 people and god a life sentence which is the toughest punishment here in germany or i would rather say their life sentence because today's court was the 1st one for mr fergal and he's currently serving a life time jail term for 2 other murders and attempted murders he had been convicted of back in 2015 a massive trial huge public attention court proceedings had to be held in these
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festival hall that you can see behind me instead of the original court to embrace all those people who wanted to attend the trial including the families of the victims of course and the man's work behind the verdict investigators looked into 200 suspicious cases and had to 100 just just think about that 130 bodies including germany and poland and in turkey but the problem is that most of the people who die during mr her girls she's the hospitals work are maintained and we heard today from many people including from the main judge of the program says that the exact number of people killed by mr her ago is still unclear what actually happened for 5 long years starting in the year of 2000 needles her girl working as a nurse would pick up that patient any age any sacks any social ground any raise all medical health condition to inject kind of
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a cocktail of drugs to cause cardiac arrest or other complications so that later he could calm and revive that pay. to win everybody's admiration and he's call exe were really impressed with his skills and they even gave him a flattery nickname resuscitate a rambo so they suspected nothing until a certain moment but actually rember was not able to save all of he's. a victim horribly the most shocking thing is that news her go committed his crimes at 2 different medical institutions and while he was serving as a nurse in the 1st clinic actually it became clear at some point for the authorities that the number of that's almost doubled so they started suspecting something and they decided to simply get. the nurse without reporting their fear is
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anywhere and after that mr her go was able to find a job at another hospital in neighboring town with no problem who is to blame so we have been able to talk about that with so many people today and all of them almost agree that the reason a complex of reasons behind this terrible situation let's take a listen it's not only the system of hospitals and and. people who are working in those hospitals but i think it's almost a problem of each person just to look away don't want to see what's happening and. i guess many people think you know i don't know it's not my fault it's not my case i would just go ahead and i haven't seen anything and that's the main problem i guess we have some through problems the perpetrator who is completely with feelings and empathy and then we have a culture of looking away if people had paid more attention to the information to
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do so then things would have been different to mine i'm not dismissing we need to have this possibility to provide information anonymously and we have to include it into the educational system. people are motivated to work together to identify the mistakes instead of treating these issues as to who speaking openly about mistakes to voice them in future and that should be an important part of the magical education. has been a major political shift in denmark where the liberal party has conceded victory to the social democrat they want to majority in parliament in an election dominated by climate change welfare cuts and immigration issues its leader who set to be the country's youngest ever prime minister has declared a sea change in the country's political direction. have grown to denmark should have a new majority denmark should take a new direction tonight we have a historic victory for their red block in the parliament center left parties back
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to number of anti immigration measures over the years including bans on the burqa and niqab and the confiscation of valuables from migrants who arrive in the country they also voted in favor of doubling penalties for crimes in so-called migrant ghetto areas and pushed for making daycare mandatory and disadvantaged areas with parents who refused to send their children there losing their social benefit payments the party defended it starts saying that these are the problems that people wanted to be solved and that immigration has to be controlled we heard from a member of germany's left party who says denmark social democrats are tackling all the issues that are on voters' minds right now. well the damaged vote was all that's what they do want their government and their track record that is very broad social welfare and that's what the bold and focused policy they want to see them threaten their social welfare and they want to do that not at the expense of immigrants but they very much want to see immigrants integrate into damage society
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they don't want to see women with us on the streets they don't want to see should work. with males in schools they want to see an integrated society and the social democrats have promised to look at that while at the same time frank being the social well. and i think that's part of them because i did it is something that everyone in the denmark believe this coffee to be able to look. ok that's it for me you know neal has your next outing will use in just over half an hour. so you're using that brings the spirit of the series if we could just let josie
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marino walk away so we decided to treat up still host to a very special farewell party because. we walk along an interesting part of the team but this time to go back to the punchline and thanks for putting on such a group bonding. with the red carpets the only thing that i didn't enjoy was my dancing on ice. my dancing. on ice. well thankfully we nailed it literally.
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on. the side. as a science of the future tracker. readings and salyut stations and informed educated knowledgeable populace is without a doubt the greatest threat to those in authority who value the art of corruption and the greed of power over the peace of freedom and diversity of equality and one of the most valued and important tools for bringing education and knowledge is a free press and it seems that since the incarceration of wiki leaks founder julian assange and the us government charges against him of violating the espionage act
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journalism has been under siege quite literally the new york times reports that the australian federal police raided the sydney offices of australia's public broadcaster on wednesday apparently in connection with an article published back into 2017 about australian special forces being investigated over the possibility of war crimes in afghanistan this police raid follows hot on the heels of a different raid on the all of the news corp journalism amicus letters to the sydney morning herald reports that this raid was in connection to her work on a story published an ape. all of 2018 which revealed internal government discussions about introducing new powers for electronic intelligence agency the australian signals directorate the hawk watchers it isn't just a stray leo raiding the homes of journalists new new here at home in the good old us of a back in mid may san francisco police.


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