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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 8, 2019 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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google glasses you know possibly or. realize nation of. some orwellian. in the sense that. this place is a google between your eyes and the world so you not only is who are collecting your email with you use team have you sent word for not only is it collecting for you thinking about me and searching your location information if you use it and for a friend. or interest you have on you tube and so on who are able to click directly. to the images that you are pulling through well while surveillance in britain and 29000 may suppose that an i j t 4 little a said today about george orwell's neo mccarthyite sympathies it was all well who shopped icons like charlie chaplin to u.k. authorities for subversion it was george orwell who advised the british foreign office that the legendary paul robeson was a racist that's paul robeson who spent his life fighting fascism and who recognize
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that without the soviet union d.-day would not have been possible donald trump of course is infamously smeared as a russian agent in nature nation media if he was an agent he would have perhaps mention that without russia d.-day would have been impossible so what's behind group think joining me now via skype from los angeles is american actor singer and entertainer robert davi he was the f.b.i. agent in die hard and the bomb villain in license to kill robber welcome to going underground your father 14 was wounded in world war 2 what did it mean to see your president commemorate this month 75th anniversary of d.-day. well 1st option i want to thank you for having me on the show and and what a great name you have. your name is almost action red counties it feels like it belongs in in a bond film the day my dad my dad fought in world war 2 he was a gunner on a merchant marine ship for the navy for the u.s. navy ship was torpedoed he was in the water for 3 days and
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a lot of his friends. were you know met their demise that in the war as many did and my my uncle who had 6 uncles who fought in the battle of midway and which was a decisive battle during world war 2 and some relatives some friends of mine that well my godfather was in the battle of normandy and so it's quite. poignant specially being a bit of a historian. loving what what and when did during that time the time period because his eyes raise some eyebrows because russia are on the eastern front last proportionally thought of more people in the fight against naziism but over there where you are in hollywood rushers and being midge of a deed age being mentioned because because almost hourly would you say that your president is basically being talked of as a some kind of russian agent yes you know it's so absurd to me option because in
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the twenty's. the communists had infiltrated not only hollywood but also the united states it's a known fact to storable and talk about the day the great speech that ronald reagan gave ronald reagan in the 1940 s. there was a dinner. of the communist party russians. operatives at either latino's house who was a who was the a female director she was in a communist herself but there were many comments at this dinner by sterling hayden the actor from the godfather played the police captain who was the head of the communist party in hollywood there were tons of operatives at that time and they were recruiting people the actor william holden had actually told reagan about this meeting and reagan who at that time was a bleeding heart liberal he says himself went to that meeting sean and wanted to speak and none of them wanted him to speak except one actor john garfield great actor he was
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a probably the 1st method actor was the leading man and working class act got up and said he should speak garfield then got a lot of throwback from the left of hollywood so it's been around and it's absurd to me that during this stalinists years hollywood embraced this stalinists as we said how many russians were killed during world war 2 and we know that kerry kennedy teddy kennedy went to nicaragua when reagan was negotiating we know that john kerry did stuff we know that didn't gain a red but it's absurd to me that they're throwing this on donald trump who was probably the most well arguably are no none of those people you mentioned were russian agents arguably and it was the point about the hollywood story back in the twenty's that they did when they wished when it was the soviet union they didn't allow dissent at this particular time there's a different ideology there's a globalist ideology and one of nationalism and skip being the shot when you have your nations it's what direction it is going through today in london so what's.
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winning is this conflict of ideologies and for the most part the hollywood elite have lost touch in some ways and they're wonderful people many of my friends they have lost touch with the common man now i understand you know the 3rd wave that alvin toffler talks about in terms of leading the industrial revolution into the technological revolution i understand jobs are going to change and things are going to shift around and they have to be but there's a lack of understanding or compassion but something else that both coast left coast and left coast new york and l.a. are missing ok i'm going to get on to the working class a bit more in a 2nd but i mean anyone who knows robert de niro's films now smart some of them are now great some of them are. you seeing him presumably on saturday night live when would this happen that suddenly someone who is great and i would someone argue intellectually so great suddenly his films were suddenly believe that. someone like
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donald trump is really an agent of vladimir putin's it's beyond me it's part of the narrative you know i respect nero as an actor i've met him i've known him he's a brilliant actor brilliant artist but in terms of some of the language that's been used in punch the guy in the face in that view and and all of that i think it's beneath the dignity of the nero as an artist you can say it much more articulate the style of donald trump the brashness the authenticity honesty is the most transparent presidency we've that well i think in the british media certainly there isn't an tag unism with donald trump i think that's probably you know arguable but you mention working class let me. action because the media you know we talked about the fake media we've known for years underground people have talked about how we've been manipulated and we travel the world i've watched certain networks like c.n.n. say she interpreted an event in and that happened in america and i watch it
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someplace and in budapest or in latvia and it's totally different future princess or princess marco she she never called her nasty. he was told she said some nasty things about him but he went when i said that he didn't know that she would be so nervous city which is calling her nurse the after all he's an honest guy it was nasty what she said why can't somebody say they were nasty to me no matter who they are why do we have to have this political correctness in like. you said the working class and he certainly back in those days and never talked about class the way he did in the run up to the election when michael moore suggested that russia is a massive distraction for the democrats that they should be attacking trump on clus because actually everything trump has done is not mean what he said in his
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inauguration speech for the poor working man and woman in the midwest it is mean to serve the one percent i could disagree with princeton's michael moore i don't like this roger and me film i like some of the things he did but some of the stuff he's a little bit on the fringe for me where i have to show you about the work in question which i did have you ever seen the interview that donald trump did with oprah about 20 years ago over 20 years ago i had i didn't see it i got to admit. you should let me just tell you what the view is here go back and look at that donald trump said the same things when oprah wanted him to run for president as he's saying today ok he talked about our trade deals he talked about us being ripped off by different countries he's not changing his tune even what he said about north korea 15 years ago donald trump is being authentic and i you know i don't blindly go after a politician i don't go for the style i go for the content of what i think they can do for the country our employment is lower than ever before black unemployment women i mean what's happening here jobs are coming back some of his policies are
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working now imagine if you didn't have the obstructionist of the left then what happens is they know that it's the same thing with the breakfast party and one that they know that if this works if it goes right the left is going to suffer a big consequence some i know call it the less some might call it the globalist i mean just a quick citizen care mamma obama between 272016 will drop for the 99 percent buy for enough $1000.00 and the one percent took an extra $4900000.00 that was obama do you think that trump is going to really reverse that trend of. rewarding the rich because his tax cuts and just looking at his cabinet of people with hundreds of millions of dollars in assets hollywood makes $20000000.00 a film some guys make $20000000.00 why don't they read this. i can't believe what people say unless they're doing what they say if suddenly hollywood star and i
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won't mention names who's getting above the line $101220000000.00 and they tell the rest of the cast and the work is what you guys got to take a cut because so and so is taking all the money that's a lot of hooey now what's what me off more than anything right now action is what's happening in los angeles and san francisco in seattle in portland we have homeless people on the streets. better living worse than many evil times that plague might come to los angeles i don't know if you know that maybe about janet gonna play outbreak in los angeles they already have diabetes and. tuberculosis because of these these living conditions that the people living in ok another american said that i think people do people would get 40000000 will not be able to aid tonight in your country without food stamps but on another subject the amount of chinese investment in hollywood right now is reaching new highs what's it going to do to
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hollywood trade war with china not only does what hollywood has to do with culture it has to do with the messaging i've seen already scripts that have been shaped or reshaped because of that influx of money here's a guy that wants to bring the country back if you action if somebody was cheating you year after year after year after year after year and you finally had someone that said you know what i can help you out of this would you just throw your hands up to go no continue to do it when you should when you were shown that it was wrong that the deals that were made were made because there was graft involved or some other kind of things so here's a guy that's saying i want to go shake the fairway the trade war is about a fair trade not about this free trade about fair trade i think every human being wants that for instance i'm strong with l.g.b. t.q. rights i think you know that's kind of like to me. it frustrates me that people
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don't understand the humanity of that and how to judge you can't judge someone else who they love or who they want to be of course some countries will then censor films that are for equality for those in the l g b t q community just recently the russian state apparently a censored elton john's biopic brockman what do you think what do you have to say about the. donald trump is the 1st president that came out and said that this was he wanted to sanction those countries that did not give freedom to the l.g.b. think you community i mean that's a big step obama didn't do it bush didn't do it clinton didn't do it he's come out and said that we have to have this. this freedom of big of a right i think that's a big step and that's i agree with that and i think that's a darn good thing. thank you. ok thank you upset after the break with the u.s. china trade war at the top of the g.
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20 agenda today human rights activist and former presidential candidate the reverend jesse jackson calls for an end to the u.s. negotiations through threats over civil coming up about 2 going on the ground. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. somehow wanted. to go on to be press which is like before 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of the. question.
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what is it calling the coin is magic and the new type of digital currency essential lies digital scarcity chancellor. of 2nd for bank that's called the genesis blog for reason to calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. welcome back given outgoing u.k. leader tereza may was with donald trump this. week to commemorate d.-day in a way that arguably suggested russia had nothing to do with world war 2 it was
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defacto deputy david living tin in her place of pm queues the jeremy corbyn it was rebecca long baby who appeared to be as equally ignorant as other politicians of the sacrifice of tens of millions on the eastern front that made the day possible to act on his comments made regarding the marking of the 75th anniversary of the d.-day landing which is being commemorates it today in portsmouth we must never forget the extraordinary sacrifices of all those who landed up day in norman day to raise amaze replacement didn't forget russia though he ridiculed long baileys party his stalinist for not putting shadow foreign secretary and really thornberry up against him implying it was because of his policy differences with jeremy corbin why welcome gonna but lately i feel slightly sorry for the right one. is thinking south who used to to joust with who seems to have been dispatched to internal exile somewhere i don't know you know you just write.
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me the only way to be true to watch out because i think there's a lesson there that anybody who the dispatch box out shines the dear leader risk i research being brought to the public bureau historian long bailey who was shot as secretary of state for business energy and industrial strategy dismissed the smear and focused on the global existential threat of climate catastrophe trump and his team famously don't accept the science but they have at best seemed ambiguous on whether a u.k. u.s. trade deal would mean the end of the u.k. universal health care system as we know it the us president did say that the n.h.s. was on the table in the trade negotiation and the pm did not intervene to stop the need to read this and so we have already voted through the health and social care act which opened up the n.h.s. . see to us it's 10 percent so many try to size and that makes it hard to beat us
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has no issues if us try to have to have insurance replacing n.h.s. note cards who can be trusted without any test except the later carty really what about blair brown and the current labor mayor of manchester the only goal a team like lloyd to pretend that the majority of n.h.s. contracts get for private say to did not actually take place on the conservative ministration but on the labor god. we don't do. that to expect salary to trump who opposes bernie sanders vision for a us and h.s. called jeremy colby the negative force this week that a wonder that the commander in chief refused to meet the leader of a majesty's loyal opposition joining me now is the gentry civil rights campaigner and diplomat the reverend jesse jackson who has worked alongside bernie sanders and corbin as well as martin luther king jr fidel castro good chavez and julian assange thanks so much jesse for coming on the show so you marched with jeremy corbyn
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against iraq in the streets of london why do you think your president refused to meet with the leader of majesty's opposition here on the state visit to britain is right wing in his ruling the world seems that mr trump has a regime change orientation yes new goals international law point to mr trump mr bush. that time and told them it was a little samantha what restaurant they found you spoke at a good job his funeral what do you think we can learn from him. and i don't know martin luther king jr in calif you know about about iran about iran specifically because i understand that iran is one of the things that was talked about here in london this week. well again mr president obama wrote that our arrangement had the global community working with iran mr trump cool that of course the part
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was for it the crisis he was solve the crisis he created by pulling out fact is iran was at the table on the supervision over an oversight and that deal should have been enforced not not on the mind when i asked if i'm from canada or mexico from china from europe he said he's fighting to be isolated he's succeeding is not good for america not good who are all security but he campaigned on an antiwar ticket yabby his lies a lot that he's a consistent the point is that he has. threatened iran with war and these days fights in the compound and fights opponents in the biz of isolation us threatens a nation isn't. darlow if it isn't tough negotiations isn't trade not inviting with a not you cannot bomb away into relationship you must negotiate or that of a ship we have robert from stress which is not overplay our strength you have it on
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like say president obama he hasn't got the united states into full fledged wars like in libya and in syria going to iraq was a mistake and libya as well as been bogged down in iraq there's no doubt about it and in syria it is not about that seems to me it was just have this kind of arrogant notions toward war and control as opposed to relationships i mean we will in fact have the power will bring the forces binns will to the table and negotiate a working relationship and room reconciliation that's our strength reconciliation not not not regime change always as regard to china. that's the multilateral negotiations and in time you cannot undo the china tribulation but bluster and 11 speech and one threat we cannot have negotiate with threats. and bluster when the need that when we will respect will negotiations for transition
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and transformation that is chomper really any different from other presidents ronald reagan when he came here didn't get a full state visit he addressed parliament and he came here when there are death squads in central america the invasion of grenada or a commonwealth territory a u.s. president's visit of this country so they will be treated kind of the same mean to bomb grenada and there's another 6000 people the bump on my christmas time folks the poll ratings as woodward reagan did in the iran contra scandal and the people rejected that and then there's as as trump says the mexicans will come out and people come to measure the death of the desperation of drug dealers and their muslims me locked out the rule rejects that those narrow. nationalistic notions and its own street legal have a quiet closed little dinner with the queen and the meeting with miss may but the people are saying no to race nationalism and limitations based upon. another point
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of division we say there isn't usually is israel palestine what do you make of jared cushion a being in britain here partly he's going to negotiate the deal of the century after your country recognised your islam as israel's capital jerk isn't qualified to do what he's working on doing is that they have the ability to seem the model of are not experienced in the background by does israel and palestine is a must to exist and not cool and i like you as the only country now with this imma say and in jerusalem making that statement said you know you have goals and i suspect you even will do that even good spellers an occupation those are not peace plan those are war plans all those those plans create a reaction but he didn't talk it out not not cited by that well we're trying to draw on that on the show to rebut what you said they're not sure whether you know but there was an off the record briefing mike pompeo now secretary of state of
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course said i get why people think this is going to be a deal only the israelis will love do you think this deal of the century is basically sponsored by israel of course is the movie on the side of one country done in jerusalem it's 7 is offensive 2 thirds of the coalition and most of the world. our commitment to make it was a true must be to make is for its allies and enemies more for the door that to make gives the enemy is more hostile as the mic is alyssa q i understand the reason you've been campaigning for democracy for people to go out and vote in the united states for decades and decades do you think the media and they're concentrating a lot on the russian interference in your elections. i understand that republican state voter fraud may have interfered with the election meaning will the republicans they don't program will restrict their focus on all suppression the boat moving pre synch. megan did for the boat all kind of schemes are
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mending and they saved ned ludd group projects so hillary won by 3000000 both 3000000 votes states rights defeated gore had the most votes there and 2000 hillary a dreamy bill she won and 2 in 16 in trouble 9000000 votes in 28 teams will not feel trump winning the election with can be trouble when sexed up booze suppression lit by the republicans but we know from wiki leaks how hillary clinton if we let alone the wars she wanted your country involved in arguably more than those trump is involved in we know how he tried to from wiki leaks how hillary clinton tried to destroy bunnies on his campaign what did you feel when you read those leaks which are now just being ascribed to russian meddling didn't do a good about it but my point is that chairs to mark them us on the mark them read the rules must be transparent because these lavs and schemes come back to haunt us
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open free for the mockers it's the health of the box at the moment it's not open not free not fair not democracy at all and we're going to be we want to explore this idea of democracy we must on it it ourselves and hold a course now during a sanjeev you met in the ecuadorian embassy in london is now according to the united nations being tortured in london while don't trump was visiting the queen what do you make of of the un allegations that he's being tortured by australian ecuadorian british and american government we just don't know when i went to see him i mounted the in-laws in india in the division of blows who made this kind of move is easy come to america and griz's case in the courts now he's wanted on charges including the espionage act they could see him so 175 years in prison in
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your country there's a dozen my boat was meant to go back to america to me then as a journalist make his case any comes easy receive fair and just treatment. but of course you're saying there for there is just treatment of the united states there wasn't just treatment arguably for bernie sanders in the $26000.00 election as we canucks revealed we need to be supporting but he signed as he supported you when you ran for the us presidency in 88 and i mean that says you know that marise is a potent and then time from from common era school student time and as well as from our book rhythm aeration my aunt. elizabeth warren she's a tremendous force for change and endurance and as i think we have a problem candidates we have but we have time to determine after several debates to see who's capable of winning the election and be troubled and be in trouble due to concerns or that isn't addressed predilections alone and other than being from as
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important to us you know they get stablished democrats like come on aristotle and joe biden will try to destroy the candidacy of any scientists this time i don't know i mean bird runs a real threat this is cool because he is among his independent ideas in the pendant in the course of his conviction may simba different makes him a while. he's not bound by the system that makes them different. reverend jesse jackson thank you and that's it for the show will be back on monday the anniversary of syria's defeat of israel and lebanon when we ask if another british war on the side of al qaeda is imminent until then he talks about social media see that.
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clint fisk live for us. live.
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live. live.
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and a very warm welcome to you you're watching us in. how can we help citizens become healthier and happier moscow open forum to 7th of july is our you business program interactive exhibition open health congress open festival the moon details don't i'm also been forum dot com 16 plus. hours headline stories a glimpse into wiki leaks founder julian just life in a high security prison in london our video agency ruptly has obtained exclusive footage also ahead on the program the international monetary fund that mitt's quote mistakes were made when trying to resuscitate argentina's economy saying it failed to tackle the country's p.t.o. .


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