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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  June 9, 2019 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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to size us for for making business rich just for the art of criticism for the pressure off for allowing chinese investors in our countries but you know what i'm telling you is that there are 16 a major investments by chinese companies in hungary 11016. so the americans germany the areas in hungary immediately became chinese investments so what we can do for how we can have the know how so the thing is that we are always criticised. the so-called 16 plus one for months but no one raises the same question when the german chancellor under french president together meets the chinese leadership and so. you know. how do you explain that it is that. different tiers different sets of rules for different territorial number one this is double standards and number 2 that as i told you at the beginning making business with china is beneficial they don't like to have. a competition issue now
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the decision making is supposed to be based on consensus which is more than just looking for a compromise or foreign and bargain it's actually derived a learned just recently that from the latin word for feeling together and feeling alike in the other many of your interviews you keep saying don't pressure as don't criticize to look at yourself we have to be able to discuss that openly it looks like the old and the new you're somewhat different understanding of do they well unfortunately there have been some debates between the. countries we absolutely are against. putting the member states of the european union into 2 different leagues. of accession because we are all equal members of the european union our interest is to make due european union united and strong again the question is how to. there there are 2 basic approaches one approach just
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should make brussels strong and in the meantime the member states this concept called like a concept of the united states of europe which we totally reject and oppose our concept is different because it's think that the e.u. can only be stronger again if the member states are getting stronger and stronger so for us a strong european union must be based on strong member states member states which are proud of their national identity and we stick to the. historic cultural heritage i think this debate this question is particularly evident when it comes to the issue of migration and what strikes me is that i think much of that debate is rather not only in attitudes towards the present policies but also in the past the e.u. was set up as a project that is specifically aimed at avoiding a certain kind of past germany's past 1st and foremost don't you think that it's perhaps institutionally set up to ignore other countries historic sensibilities you know for us the migration issue is number one
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a security issue. and number 2 is true for an entire issue but it's also utah you keep talking about civilization you're right and you seem to be very much attached to your definition of hungry as it is or as it used to be yeah well actually if you would like to maintain unger is a hungary and country and they would like to preserve europe as a european continent and the. statement that european continent is a christian continent is challenge to read with. the statement to be challenged you know what exactly by the way you mean by that because there is a great degree of diversity within christianity there is a great degree continuing to believe in judaism christianity and islam i mean what what do you mean by saying christian content well for us the christian heritage is very important our country has been a christian one for more than 1000 years the european union was established was established on the basis of christian demarco what is it specifically what it's
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like for us equality of men and women. the mutual respect the respect virk the forward progress going to come from performance and such kind of things and do things do valleys and not present in other religious traditions or in atheism beachy also sometimes oh i don't want to. religions or other of our diversity realisations what i know is that europe was based on these values and these values are definitely the christian values now as you alluded before i. don't seem to be troubled of creating an image of a country that is not very welcoming of migrants in fact i think you are consciously trying to create that image but this is definitely not how the germans would like to be seen is this ultimately a conversation about values a conversation about troubled past or some phobias or is it a conversation about power well 1st of all we would like to preserve our right to
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make a decision on a. home between would like to leave to go to and this is number one number 2 we preserve our rights as a super and country to make a decision on our own who would like to allow to enter the 3rd through our country on whom we do not want to let. the territory or country run it was about the migration crisis you know there are 400000 illegal migrants marching through our country while eating garbage order showing totally no respect to or rules regulations expectations regarding behavior or public areas of blocking highways and the railroads so you know the younger people had a very clear instruction towards the government not to have these phenomenon repeated in the future and we have to act accordingly that's why we have built the fence on our border that's why our military and police is there and that's why no illegal migrant was able to enter the territory or a country just said that. people need to have the right of determining what kind of
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country they want to be but some people would respond to that that when the you are joining the european union you're already committed to a certain type of future to certain type of country and to certain set of values what would you say to that but actually when you become a member of the european union then by definition you exercise part of your running together. with the european union and it's obvious you know putting pressure on the member states to change their identity or to to allow people to the territorial given country whom they do not want to a low this is not a european value now following the recent success of the elections the. president of your country had a very interesting statement to make he said that gave us the task of stopping immigration all across europe and i think that seems like
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a very broad interpretation of he is monday in. it's argued that the germans or somebody else should not tell they can gary and who should live in their countries don't you think you should not speak for the germans i think illegal migration stopped. if you were in the results you'll see that in countries where there are more than 2 parties which is $27.00 of the $28.00 highest public support almost 53 percent number 2 is the polish law and justice party who received almost 46 percent then the 3rd one is the. 4th one is the italian so the top 4 parties having a very strong illegal migration agenda illegal migration has a very serious impact on the entire european union look at the figure since 2015 there are of 33 major terrorist attacks. taking place in the european union committed by persons with the migratory background killing more than 300 people.
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societies which were created in the western european societies you see that they pose a security risk and a cultural risk as well because you know i mean such kind of decisions that symbols of christian faith should be taken all from public institutions is is really. serious but i think other religions also face similar pressure is on for example there is a pressure off downplaying islamics and i don't know i don't know about any islam country. of the muslim faith was forced to take from from any kind of. places but anyway you know when it comes to let's say migration in order to address demography. labor market challenges i think that that must be left as a national competence we do all the member states we do not need any kind of migration when it comes to be sure and when it comes you allow the germans and
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others to make that decision for themselves i mean you know we've never judged them . you know prime minister was talking about stopping. illegal migration you know i mean if a country i mean if we have to leave it doesn't. make a decision how you would like to address. your challenges think that. is a bad answer. for 5 years under enormous pressure. to act according to our friends and. people. even the legally i think it's one thing to rail against the establishment it's another thing to offer an alternative your party is now still. within the european parliament you are part of the establishment is that going to change after. there's a very serious. breach is the biggest group in the european parliament
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should go forward now the status quo has been broken. it was enough. people. came together behind closed doors made some deals and. you were also part of. this is over because the. decrees in the way that. the rise which. biggest parties should. our position is. a very successful. spectrum and. we'll see how. that. plays.
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and we take part in the debate. which way this party group should go in the future mr let's take a very short break now as i say we'll be back in just a few moments stay tuned. max keiser financial survival guide stacey let's learn a ballot fill out let's say i'm not sure i get an earpiece andris tom thanks for the fight well street fraud thank you for helping. destroy 6 that's true. slavery.
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welcome back to worlds apart that hungary's foreign affairs minister peter c.r. the minister the current government has a blossoming relationship with the trumpet ministration the you've publicly praise it many times for its focus on national interest and it's all well and good until you have competing interests when push comes to shove do you think the trumpet ministration would be more receptive to hungriest national interest done for example the e.u. has been so far but actually one president trump was elected that's was kind of a fresh air and european politics the leader of the united states of america 1st
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and that gave us the chance to strengthen our position which raised hungary. 1st you know we base our foreign policy on the principle of mutual respect so we respect the national interest of others well to expect others to respect the national interest of ours as well was not the case with the former u.s. administrator live let's talk about it because i think one potential bone of contention between you and the americans is your and i just supplies for the time being you're getting much of your natural gas from russia by ukraine but the americans obviously are very eager to replace that or at least. own supplies which are more expensive and all of the you have guaranteed how is it in hungary's national interest to replace something that's cheaper and more reliable with something that's more expensive still to me is because many of those fields and all of that peroration and yet the situation is even. more simple because currently hungary is a country. which is on looks as no access to any kind of port and
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the country which have made its home by building the pipelines to the border are surrounded by countries who have not completed their home was just give you 2 ideas number one. is still not building the ports in crook number 2 there was a gas explored discovered on the rumanian territorial black sea or the right of exploitation is. which is an american company on the wind the beaches in austria they have not made their final investment decision yet to exploit the kind i say we will do respect even the very complimentary of both of those projects i would totally agree with you on the if you had operational and you were very eager to see them moving ahead in fact david corn stein i think he is the . question. on a number of occasions that hungry a must that versified center just supplies would be happy to do so but there's no
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physical what can i do well i mean that's that's. still ongoing i think the remaining field at least is still ended the discussion but my point to you is why is it not ok for brussels to tell you what hungry must do and why is it ok for washington to withdraw their american ambassador to tell you what you must do you only talk to the americans very openly and very honestly. american ambassador in budapest whom i respect very much i tell him the thing is that physically we cannot diversify why because of. because you or your company and the austrians have not made their final investment decision in the room so currently there are 4 friends and allies us austria romania and croatia. there we can diversify into future or not but you know he says and operate the industry you cannot make promises and plans you need gas for
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that and if i can buy gas from croatia because there is no construction and if i cannot buy gas from rumania because find the investment this is not me i cannot do anything goes' i just continue cooperation and there is delays in the years mandated projects made hungry consider extending agreements with gas from do you see that as a temporary as a kind of band-aid until the freedom gas becomes available or is it something more long term i have to tell you honestly but i mean if the american investor comes to you 6 months down the line and says ok exxon mobil is investing i am going to put the plug on the gas for a number of mines or one. when it comes to gas supply what matters to us to be safe i mean predictable and to be cheap that's a competition so we have to take care of both strategic and tactical interests as well and you know it's a competition so whichever is the cheap whatever is the source is the cheaper and whatever source is more reliable we. the minister and it was one of those projects
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that you mentioned operation. yes and yes you already put your. contacts with gas from into question and you were considering whether to extend an olive and this is my question has expired i mean there's a lot of the number of russians has expired because at the end of this year or next year delay does it expires but you made it sound that russia is your. 3rd there were maybe a 2nd safe option if the americans are not there and i'm asking you whether it is fair to russia or precisely well there may be a member so he never ever while you were at a conference i think it was in taxes when you when you said that you are eager to diversify if the those of the changes are there but there's a change is a not even put in place why are you discussing them i mean the you said that you need to be safe and stable but that infrastructure doesn't even exist why us for speaking about that that's why that's why i was i know you're going to the same level with what russia has been supplying to you for decades no one considers on
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the same level i mean a continuous dialogue with us from this morning i started with meeting mr northcote and i've gone through the day they go straight to him to see your meter we have agreed that mr miller. the gas supply the need for next year. is already delivered this year and view be stored in hungary they have already the agreement of next year's supply so we are in continuous negotiations i would like to state here that whatever we have agreed so far if you've guessed from was delivered so i guess from what has been a reliable partner for us but in the meantime we are definitely interested in any kind of possibility for diversification of their area if for example x. and mobil decides to finally in the vast in into that the remaining filled you would. exclude and. back on gasp i mean these are calls you and says.
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i don't care about. calling because we. reject any kind of. drove us to be the best has never made any kind of struck me so this is number one number 2 you know we i mean hungary and companies have. hungary. when it comes to the tools and these are national interests so if there's an opportunity to buy gas from a different source. competitive price. another situation of this is. the 3rd. and diversifying the. sources excludes each other. service.
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to see the. operational. 2021 because if this is the case that's another form of diversification diversification of routes and they are less what i mean they guess will still be russian them and then i assume it cannot compete on the same level as the freedom gas from the united states. actually. it's a market issue you know that in this day and age particularly with the trumpet ministration not everything is the market issue i mean they bring politics into almost everything and putting the energy issue aside the trumpet ministration is pretty open about threatening european companies european institutions with sanctions and undercutting the economically. do you think they will ever come a moment when hungry will have to choose freely choose politically and. in brussels and washington well i hope we'll never get in such kind of
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a physician and tell you why. we have a very open economy small but open economy so already our export of g.d.p. ratio is higher than 85 percent so whatever happens on the international markets determine our national economy performance pretty much 78 percent or export goes to the european union member states but our number one export market outside of the european union is the united states so any kind of debate. the e.u. us economy and trade and investment cooperation is harmful to us number one investor in germany number 2 investor is the united way to say nobody likes choosing between mum and dad but this is an environment that does not shine sometimes drives and he's very particular about it so when push comes to shove do you feel more aligned do you feel your future and the future hungary's more aligned with the european union or even the american national we are members of the european union for sure so for our interest is to make european union strong again but i really do believe that if you want to make european union stronger that needs
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a good cooperation with the united states so i rather instead of making fantasies about the choose i love to concentrate on the successful negotiations between the u.s. and the european union now we talked about the ears and evelyn's about smaller countries dealing with china but the top administration is far more hawkish when it comes to corporation of the beijing and they are reframing it from an economic security issue and as a member of nato how much room for maneuver do you think hungry has in dealing with china you know in this regard i'm always very honest with my american friends and counterparts as well i myself supervise intelligence as well as foreign minister of foreign affairs minister and so far. i have not received information as we. would have. obstacles on the way of our economy. of the america sure the you're american or there's. no.
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evidence is. like trying to whoever else or anyone else. harm or risk our national security. harms our national interest security or whatever we reject if you go against. our national interest then we try to cooperate i give you one other example our american colleagues. the president you know they are from china pretty much and they are i'd be goes. heavily present in hungary they are building the 5 g. infrastructure. because the 2 main. provider a company in hungary contracted them to do so and you know who are those 2 companies. and so the number one german and the number one british telecommunication companies so whenever they come to me and. dangers of huawei
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i usually. go to the germans and the british finally if i may minister for a small country congress seems to be very successful at playing at the differences of powers but it seems that those differences are getting a little bit out of hand i wonder what's your broader outlook on the where the world is having i am more concerned or more excited well. we are definitely excited because changes are going on and i'm pretty sure these changes are extremely quick comprehensive and deep and. these changes that's why we continuously you know make decisions on the economy policy how to take advantage of the changes that we as i told you. mutual respect respect others respect respect from others as well and we try to
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take as many advantage of the changes as it's just possible for the benefit of our people so it's always a pleasure talking to you thank you very much. i encourage our viewers to keep this conversation going in our social media pages. same place same time here and part of .
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the 27 team the german newspaper developed published an article claiming that the european union the last 30000000000 euros as a result of its a very anti russian sanctions. particularly affected eastern. many polish farmers went broke and even committed suicide. because i was of vonnegut a moment. i'm going. to have a no harm and then let's see in the. middle. on doesn't. mean you.
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you are one with your means. will ship to you lucas which you. that. is not the one. in the stories that shape the way the russian and chinese president speak out on america's attempt to dominate international trade they were in russia's northern capital something just bug one of the biggest events on the business calendar. breaking cover while the u.s. had spent its way to with new sanctions and the recording suggests washington is failing to unite the country's opposition against president maduro. the labor market under just to keep the opposition united as devilishly difficult to get a few good routes i want to.


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