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just it was all the force of those who just know what's on and you must also be still a lot the leper colony that will be was it will stay gone that was my mention of songs and. it's all that sort of beach the be don't you know question. is if you don't watch south of just go eat out of the. the food import ban put in place by russia in august 24th. was a response to several political and economic sanctions imposed by the u.s. and the european union. to tretton to push a huge number of firms to the brink of ruin and dad urged people to take to the streets of european cities. if you want to.
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ok want to. but if you. are. going to. go. a lot of money out. of people. and the other thing was. according to russia's federal customs service in
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2015 the 1st year after the food embargo food imports from european countries fell by more than $6000000000.00. what is the other what would be china if you thought the summit. you could share one that would order be called oil. but i mean. i could do with a quizzical. and
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. from. the. joy of a c.n.c. you upis your joining us with a comment i want to be sure for you layout of the bottom of my yacht and all. your old watercooled to jordi them but if you're there for them which i want just bought a jeep for a bit of basic kit it's a key. point. and . you go on a course of your fighting for media that are very likely for tourist r.c. for this job so what you're going to fabiana most of us are going to space them into a plane or me just good table that has darkness on top of it or say or something
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that i didn't get there into the future into right into the future. holds. remember how do you know how much of a michael jordan procurer gent that is yes i might do you know what a pure joy to be into one who saw a little the door and he go toward it yeah i mean where would the editor go to if i just thought of that to get the better right if they had. me a more yeah you know you taught me what i want to this thought it if you want to score francesca just me you know you're going to be stuck on your sick on the map
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with a bear and i want to quit or are you pretty sure that you see before me over. this fight not only boasts sanctions but also kept to the unity over time on the substance that where most of the nukes i've always spent said from the very beginning the objective of sanctions is not so that they stay for at least a professional of the for the compass inflation subject to the substances that one day i would believe we do not see steps to. kill them or to profit talk while in the sea when they were you were also between libya and each other most people feel to situate our rule she saw in his day or francia where they want to peacekeepers in pukki we see them in threat is what they are fed up with the breakthrough there's always an order pujas resort to french and get a good overall you know it's an equal say you know but it's a bit of a rush if when the schieffer move. but it's over for it's so important
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because there are going to put the epithets if you have i think. i knew. it but i'm afraid of that.
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the n.t. russian sanctions have had adverse economic consequences and caused a lot of controversy among european union countries so you can demand they would up but father said today may be controlled out of it by going to close it when switching me to only do it up a little bit at the way to defend it let me add that you're going to see you're great looking. at the same time inevitable import things out has led to a substantial upturn in the russian agricultural sector just put on cellphones after this clover thawing the muslim fundamentalism you can. turn it on or just you know you don't go to the was a zillion runs after the ones that still on for. a little difficult and feast
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a moment. c c c c c c c c c c doesn't give you. a lot to fill of. only playing the bones on the mug like muzzles exalogic powerful for. his looks really got. export it does lead to sterling for life this being the. now and flows does. so in france with all the things i don't like going to bars on digging and.
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punches that the list of bullets in the event that. does it. doesn't mean let's not see any poor in. this middle east and often position moment does done for all the folks and that's one. of them to have to find it by the almost longer going. as a kind of unknown as a consequence in the head of them postmarked at the model phone talk on the subject well enough as last i got exposed on this thing then i was looking for an important out of the dozen folks and the song was about those dogs on the gang is off orangish someone has altered there's no water a lot of course which is also. known as those which make the ones miss ponsonby of an award. decent amusin he has
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a little older and some of. this he'll talk sims is equally from fault i haven't. been knowing enough one of it i guess to. devolve. to the longing. one can. either come for the 2 on the guy get off of the toughest. within 12 i'd like even relatively a lot of us in the victim to sell it and. that come from the force of a mark on target and because of man as if anything was this problem on the. block probably i'm dizzy and. mark but i think that's the most lunch you know and.
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then the rest of us on the milling. some countries in the european union claims that there had been no real need for central rush political decision making the rules such disastrous consequences. once were explored enough. to make it. even. shipped through it. was the middle of the olson could have an interest. we're just not where. it was in the. fall don't really pull your teeth simply keep your moderation. intensity year and ceded by gnome to see to it. he keeps 40 no way.
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a memory will. march. toward. the. city but i'm still.
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leaning. yes yes. morning sun. there is a new bill that is which. you'll see on the local solutions to. your own work or one with your cleaning sleepers to start a little bit you will ship it out a little easier the route to salute you. that. you do with more. careful. financial survival guide stacey let's learn a salad fill out let's say i'm at strike at any earthly. fight while street spot thank you thank.
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destroy that's right. slavery. paradise with around turned into a round the experimentation field the agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people. one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power.
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the dutch pharmacy have a big problem because good a russian closed the forest didn't have it and tomatoes we want to generate money for the pharmacy and also awareness what a problem. is
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so any effect at the moment in iraq and. in their hands off the price it's making an estimate on them a more going to cause them if i thought that it's b.s. is that then but now it's left to be a kind of on off they have a there's almost no she did i have basis. until. and on said to get asked in there and the bell went on the floor and healthier. spawning and on still move through this long and into the paces you need not. have all. the specific data and all that i had out of support. and that
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a lot these glen that are sick both good and. in fact a healthy ft old did indeed have been a pedantic it's also told in the offing. that industry ends all stalin on the menu . does it them on the shelf now though i doubt it. i have a double there is to admit that i don't know. who dumped. the london and. vote hill politico full fail. at the political season see to.
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begin at right now. again to mock me at all it's great that. rome at the time of the. water. got off with water. now i have it on a 3rd well open even if the cops and i had many a belief that the yama doc also put a dick to meet me and. the hama. finnick is only one years old at the hilliard before you put a big dish by abit of oakwood on all for me but i thought. you said he had enough to beat the new. wad amazed. that on the stand he admits that he has taught on me and on diaries and had thought of the it all lame in days of the main thing. off the wall monotheistic god man's had fried the how it is i the
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modern model the goal sequentially sam of on on the board called off almost hops and a bout the old me the dollar machine or the attacks on on how to score over my all right. to your heart that would be well broken with the need to reckon with the dog owners that often a guy that dog while it's a geometer on the work with doesn't pony think of displacing moderate fans have the consequential bank account on the hot and that you knew that exact moment hot vatican for me but i wrote it down well doubt that the financial traces of the of the price came with as you knew out of this fed the tumult you mock me of course the other prize money so much take it as a whole there's a dangled out that. they fall of the price. needs are just one thing without it was almost not true.
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in october 27th teen the german newspaper developed published an article in which it stated that the european union had lost 30000000000 euros because of the very empty russian sanctions they had imposed it especially affected eastern europe where many polish farmers went broke and even committed suicide because of going to summer camp to consider as i was on a good time a political animal were put on the political and on at a time when asked. calls on the cuomo to guzzle star and if you need any questions who should have. just was it was only. because i was in his opinion some of those on your own are people who own them but then don't but if you don't show me i want you most of the most she goes for that if it's saddam much easier since she is a child no muppet. movie has behold at the top of the movie the silky thank those
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of exhibits that we're in the shit. and haven't been using challenger in the bush movies kimbo business studies among down me their studies of double the movies that people do. for you he even used to when the only thing they got some of them books with some awful stuff you post on lovingly talk about but. he has few penned the for you sicko good you because it will be all some of the go before the only woman is after thumping on that both of them. god is that good for those. that get the call that. the all such a colony of the forces of the largest. city on the guts of all of the guys think that's not also something that you have done yourself. less about that i did not just say but not just on the god of the gods of daniel she is not at all that is what you know it's about that you have with us. in the months of the challenge
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others of the guilt is over the most awful yemen. and should open for them but again your bill or you actually bush or any of them once was and i wish the world of the day after this of ok i was a shite she would all call the job of the embargo that's used to it not on dr von and it was a problem in the but it was a time of also not too much to see and. the use of p.h.p. to pull. it all. but everything. to which gentle gentle but it will. put the question where does the fish just as we have thought about just see me but i don't let it out if i don't like my car more than you very. little but i'm here and i got to. have been just the. usual sufficient.
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doctors. between late 2014 and made 2018 the european union provided fruit and vegetable produces with 500000000 euros in cash relief as compensation for the disposal of unsold produce not a nice time to not be done i would have thought and shipping on those that was not in of on the only. thing i will upset those gentle so if i was out of you not to miss what opinions and i thought i was a simple enough but what i thought i shouldn't be another i ocean itemizing on the beach and it was more of a. bugbear what i stuck here go a bit like it being young then cause it on your bill but if just. more b.s. that gives me that ability you know stung me almost now that i let one of us is the minority for gospel that us folk would seem obsessed sisk you could only go for
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love over that of iraq or. fun sin to answer is certainly was a scam so i spoke about. the value of a number of beers on 6 close to 4 of the. results up to me started by. fans. and asked them the focal length here i live 5 decent towards you but as a clue to solving. mode you googled year. by and she looked still dying.
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g.g. not. hopeless to move. suddenly you're my perspective and then see. me. start a suicide to bend that kind of salvo but i'm doubled up against firms i was no good now something you're born you're been done all. those years out of well it still needs follow your own needs for years now but of those it was i can ensure. well. you. go by the school. not all due. respect for you.
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and your measurements for the national budget. some of them which is meant to put the kids that robotics in a field and out of the big get out what you want the money from the discussion that should be one of the results. you. busy believe. to be. the be able to get.
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it. to see positive developments and we would always be ready to reconsider this but at the moment we see the opposite more negative developments on the ground and. that will continue to happen i assume that. the states will continue to be united in their support for sanctions once existing already and possibly new ones.
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as your officer. told them to get up off the ground begin to down. democrats on the sounds of fighting in the grown man like wrestling essentially. through his or her own. wish to go away from the office or. out of his group. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the web in one's midst and then when it happened on 3 swung as i just didn't hit them i never saw any contact with. any kind of went back to where they were so the officers back here their guy again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled his gun and he did it on 3. agree has long positioned itself as a sovereign player within the e.u. it can stand up to brussels then put its foot delane when it comes to its own
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national interests but when it comes to dealing with the trumpet ministration is the albany government just as ready to put hungary 1st. politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go to the press as a white woman for 3 of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should. secure. loose.
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in. saudi arabia faces a massive backlash over its push to sentence a teenage boy to be executed and crucified over his involvement in an anti-government rally when he was just 10 years old. members of the film industry had photos to show an alternative to germany can do this to his favorites to become better in a small german town often used as a setting for hollywood blockbusters. thousands of videos face the. new community guidelines is it just the latest battle against extremist content or another crackdown on non-conforming.


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