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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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the u.s. thinks the extradition of julian songs as the wiki leaks co-founder continues serving his prison sentence in the u.k. . russian journalist yvonne bolling all of these free to air the old challenges dropped all charges they those responsible for arresting her long drug allegations have been suspended. leaks messages that just a corruption case against brazil's former president needed to sold out was a stitch up designed to destroy his reelection bid. because of the western media who mourn the death of a syrian militant describing him as a rebel icon take a close look at the controversial figure who supported hardest groups the un
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praises the $911.00 attacks. the latest on these stories head to our website dot com coming up next on our take cross talk looks into you tube latest efforts to stomp out online extremism. hello and welcome to crossfire we're all for you to consider and i'm peter lavelle recent high level controversy surrounding you tube clearly demonstrate the online universe and freedom of speech are not on the same page the platform says it wants to ban extremism it's probably fair to say most would agree on this the problem is how you tube defines this.
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cross talking censorship i'm joined by my guest who rivera in new york he is editorial director for reactionary times dot com as well as a columnist at the american thinker and townhall and in geneva we crossed a major fire saying he is fund manager and author of the book planet puns they are a gentleman cross-like rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always a prescience michel let me go to you 1st in geneva. as i mentioned in my introduction you tube is having a lot of problems that a lot of. issues surrounding it for the past few weeks and obviously number one it's a very badly managed company number 2 it doesn't really know what it's talking about one day it says one thing another day it says another and it seems that it is sucking up to power and stead of being a platform for all people and all voices within reason and i think 98 percent of us
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would come to a reasonable conclusion what should be put on that platform and not the only that 2 percent apparently is your political views and that's where you tube facebook and twitter a creating a mano political culture and you know what we're not invited go ahead mitch. yeah thanks peter i wrote an article in 2017 that was published widely outside the united states the title of it was facebook twitter google and amazon are evil and i spoke about the sense of blatant censorship of these companies i mean i'm on twitter under the moniker of planet ponzi and what they do is take away and shadow ban and you tube specifically as you're saying is in bed with google what they do is even more obscene instead of shadow banning you if you put out a video you can't see who is seeing it or who isn't seeing it and if it's not liberal left hard liberal left you're either censored shut off demonetized or it's
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not allowed to be played so people made a big stink about the elections being manipulated in the last presidential election that's why trump won so google facebook twitter especially are going to make sure that the 2020 election is rigged to make sure that trump loses this is what this is all about it's all about power don't let anybody tell you anything other than that it's about political power and all these organizations illegally censor people and they have no recourse because they're actually publishers they're altering the content and they're going to citing what people can see and what they can't see and that makes them a publisher but we have no rights to sue them because the congress has allowed them special privilege ok well it let me go to julio because mitch in his short segment right there mentioned every single issue i want to talk about on this program so we're going to pick it apart right now is an excellent answer when we i mean one of
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the things that really bothers me is that it's almost like in forcing values their values on us and that's i didn't sign up for that ok and it seems to me that if you don't play by and in and out and i can perfectly accepted they have those values that's fine i'm i'm for the marketplace of ideas. but they seem to only want one set of values and given what you tube has been doing in the last few weeks they don't even really know what those values are or how to get there all they know is that when they hear something they don't like they shadow ban and who knows at one point they may start banning go ahead in new york. exactly i mean they're defining basically extremism as whatever they don't agree with and it's unfortunate because there's people that you know do this for a living you know you have it will put together a professional podcast they invest a lot of time and effort into this suddenly without warning arbitrarily you tube decides to d. monetize these people and it's ridiculous we published
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a report on reactionary times a couple of years back around the time of the 2016 election they basically stated if you did a google search for donald trump the $23.00 out of the top $25.00 stories they came up on google were negative donald trump stories this is around the time the jim kone jim comi rather was drafting the exoneration of hillary clinton and you know a month before you know the investigation into the e-mail server was even completed i mean you had all these horrific things going on in the left you know we all know about how you know bernie sanders kind of got. i don't know how to say it without saying a negative word here but you know he got really undermined by elements that were sympathetic to hillary clinton at that time and you know none of this stuff was being broadcast if you weren't reading right wing. news organizations at that time you would in a found out about a lot of these things so listen at the end of the day you tube and facebook they
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are private organizations so if they want to they kind of have the right to do this but we as consumers also have the right to say we're not going to deal with it i don't want to be part of a social media. outlet that doesn't give an equal time to different when actually i disagree go ahead mitch jump in go ahead. yeah i decide i disagree they're publicly traded companies and they the they actually go out and the reason why they got a. special permission or had a law allowing them to publish is because they say that they're going to provide alternative viewpoints and a platform for everybody which is a fundamental law you've seen jack dorsey from twitter go on television go in front of congress and actually lie to congress you've seen mark zuckerberg not only lied to congress but he went in front of the u.k. parliament and he also went in front of the e.u.
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commission and they lied in and told them that they weren't doing things that they are doing so and they got away with it and the people were actually polite i think when they were in the u.k. they said oh mr zuckerberg would you like some tea cakes i mean it was pathetic how they were growing you know in front of facebook because what happens is they hire they hire these guys when they you know facebook hires x. politicians i forgot they hired nick clegg who was going to the liberal democrats in the united kingdom and he went to where i think it was facebook he went yeah it was you're right a big payout at the end for being good little boys and censoring censoring people that are don't drink the kool-aid you know i mean this is part of the problem and the government needs to grow a set and rein in these guys and tell them if you're a platform for everybody and for free speech and for liberty then you let everybody talk that's what democracy is and that's not what we get you know who i just go
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back to your last answer i mean when you know the history of the government's place to do that oh well hang on here let's go get there that the thing is that with this shadow banning indeed monetization is that the people that are on the short end of the stick it's never explained they can just it's just done to them suddenly out of the blue it's not explained to them and i think that is a violation of their own rules here so i think that and. about the state running i think that's exactly the problem i keep coming across because these are utilities now ok but if it's good if the government utility could be just as bad if not worse ok i want to change here julio one of the things that really bothers me again is this extremism issue i've watched some of the things. jones for example ok i think a lot of his stuff is in bad taste ok but i don't think it's extremism ok it's so we're there conflating these these platforms are conflating bad taste and extremism
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that's wrong it's logically flawed go ahead julio exactly yeah a guy like alex jones i mean if you check them he's generally right over 90 percent of the time but yes you know the way he presents things in times could be imported taste but you know if you tube wants to decide that they want to do that it's time for someone on the right you know there's plenty of billionaires you know that are right wing got kind of guys why can't they start another type of a you tube platform i mean 15 years ago it was share your world and it was my space you know those things have largely at this point disappeared for you tube you know to facebook and twitter 20 years from now it should somebody should come up with something that's balanced that only really targets true extremism like i have no problem if you're going to sit there and you want to ban the k.k.k. or you want to ban the black panthers or you want to ban this one or that one but don't you know go after somebody just because they share views that are different
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than yours and not necessarily something that could be considered technically hate speech ok well i mean i again i'm very very sensitive to the 1st issue 1st amendment ok and even ideas that i don't like you i mean for example what i said in my introduction i mean if someone is calling for violence against a group of people violence against an individual that all. should be banned and even punished i think ok but you know using very poor taste language using. swear words i'm talking about someone that's in the public eye that's fair that's fair speech in my opinion that's fair speech and i'm not going to let these platforms define what hate speech is ok the supreme court couldn't go ahead mich. well you know you also have a t.v. remote control and just chain example if you don't like what they're saying i disagree with a lot of the guests that certain programs have because they sit in life through their teeth because they're democratic operatives and they have their pitching in
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narrative and some of the republican operatives are equally as bad but getting back to people who are out of line so these big companies are monoliths they are monopolies now and they regularly violate their terms and conditions and terms and conditions that are published and it's on an arbitrary and capricious basis that they decide to do this and censor individuals now hate speech is what i heard both of you talk about there is no legal definition a great speech what if you hurt somebody's feelings oh that's hate speech now if you go into the university i don't like what you said so that's hate speech i'm sorry it's not hate speech you can dislike it and this is how you have a dialogue and this is the problem in america where people want to tear each other's throats out nobody can have a dialogue if you if you disagree they raise the volume and start screaming when they don't have a rational reasonable argument to have
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a discussion this is you have a reasonable debate and you discuss issues that's how you resolve them when you scream at each other and you have these fake groups like anti foe which are hate groups that are fascists are a bunch of fascists yes and they go out and they start beating people up if the democrats don't denounce them and it makes matters worse this is a big problem that they're allowing to escalate so i'm ok we should have some adult ok i'm to exactly accidently we don't we don't we have to we have to i have to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on censorship on social media stay with us. so you say that brings us the end of the series if we could just let josie merino
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walk away so we decided to treat up stuff to a very special farewell party. but this time to go back to the punchline and thanks for putting on such a group bonding. with. the only thing i didn't enjoy was my eyes. my dancing. on ice. well thankfully we nailed it literally
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a week. inconvenient truth time we've never been off the gulf and. people say we left the gold standard but in fact central banks clear all their. dealings with gold and now after this period of experimentation with a purely run currency. of the globe various countries are recognizing that it's all nonsense they need to go back to pure gold standard as they should. welcome across the uk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle reminder we're discussing censorship on social media. ok and now we're joined by jennifer braden and lantus she is an attorney and policy analyst ok jennifer i understand that you heard most of the 1st part of the program
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so i'll give you a moment here to react to what you've heard go ahead. i agree with a lot of what's been said i mean we're seeing a time in america like what has never happened not just america but i throughout the world where things can be censored for the united states especially though the country a country that is the beacon of free speech of 1st amendment rights of the constitution of obligations to liberty to justice for people of equal protections under the law we're seeing now. this. progression of taking away the speech and taking away the assembly rights the rights of people not only freedom to assemble to speak freely. from these platforms on these media platforms specifically twitter without any explanation and what's troubling is that in this day and age we have people that are analysts that are whose business is reliant upon social media not only their business their livelihoods everything is what i know on social media
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following and if they can be taken off because of their conscience and theirs and whatever it is that they believe their political beliefs these people don't even have the right to work anymore because how are they ever going to get customers or clients just because jack dorsey or somebody else doesn't like what they said you know that's very interesting let me go to. react to what jennifer had to say there we have a constitution that talks about freedom of speech ok that's where i'd look to in judgments by the supreme court not to these social media companies they should not be allowed to determine what free speech is that is a very slippery slope let me go to you because i think jennifer got us on the path that i want to go here this is my theory to everyone on the panel what they're going to do is are going to everybody they don't like everyone ok you could be there you can talk you can do whatever you want more or less ok but we're not going to let you be rewarded for all your hard work people who turn it into their profession or become very very successful at it that are not extremists in any way
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shape or form just so they don't conform to the the the. speak of the left here here julio do you think that's a possibility though just to monetize everyone go ahead yeah listen this is as a conservative it repulses me too but i have a bit of a nuanced outlook on it i mean at the end of the day you know the 1st amendment does apply not necessarily to public company you are a very private companies even though they are publicly traded the consumer can make the decision you know you can see you tube and facebook stocks go down and it has gone down you know zuckerberg had a day where he lost several $1000000000.00 in one day and i had a lot to do with the way that they're you know not guarding our private information and whatnot so you know i. feeling on this is that the democrats are setting up for next year's election and what they're going to do is they're going to pull a lot of these voices off of the platforms that are generally the most consistently
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use like you tube facebook and twitter the problem is that we haven't caught up or prepared properly to have our voices in our message disseminated through alternative sites at the end of the day if this is what's going to happen to conservatives then we need to get on and we need to create the next facebook the next you tube in the next twitter. mention in geneva how do you feel about that because again i who who you know and i and i have this very difficult time about regulation because if they are publishers i think that's obvious now and we have to have laws to apply it apply to deal with that situation go ahead midge. well as i mentioned before they need to apply the terms and conditions not on an arbitrary and capricious basis but they have to apply it to each individual in the same manner which they're not doing so that's a direct violation so so these are likewise utilities planned
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parenthood for example runs washington because of the massive amounts of money that they have so they censor you know right right to life groups and twitter bans them or shadow bans them now no matter what your view on the matter is i mean you have infanticide several states in america allow infanticide laws to go through and you can't really talk about it so that means that any time that a child is born they take the child out they make them comfortable and then they let the child die so now i believe in right to life but infanticide i don't believe in and i don't believe in censoring people from understanding how far these laws have taken it you know so what can we do about it to go to an alternative platform you can do that but google won't publish it because google will hide it on page 7000000000 so you'll never see it the more than it was going to be a little let's go to someone else that doesn't you too yeah but you know when they
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don't know who know what you know what they do you know what they'll do what they do is they buy these companies and then they'll shadow ban their own company i mean these are these people are so monopolistic and so anti competition and let me go to let me go to jennifer here one of the things that came out in the last few days for i'm on you tube is talking about conspiracy theories and you know when i look at the script in the u.k. the alleged gas attacks in syria there's a lot of evidence that it's not been presented to the public and mainstream media keeps peddling these conspiracy theories the biggest one of them all is russia gate so if we use you tube's own words they should they should ban c.n.n. . and then it's n.b.c. from continuing that this ridiculous russia gate hoax but they won't because you tube and google and facebook and twitter they obey power that's what they're interested in and their profits go ahead jennifer. absolutely absolutely and this
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comes back i'm going to use conspiracy theories of what i heard on the program earlier stated about hate speech there is no definition for this there is no definition for a conspiracy theory according to these people according to twitter to you to whomever there's no definition for that it's all going to be subjective so we know that a conspiracy theory would be the russia hoax which we now know there was no russia collusion we we know that right now that would now be actually a conspiracy to continue to talk about that to say these kinds of things while we might think that's a conspiracy they might say it's something else anything that they would approve of it's anything that they would think is hate speech so everything has now become subjective that means that the people that they don't agree with if i come on and talk about something whether it's whether it's gassing whether it's syria whether it's iraq whether something in the u.s. whether it's it whether they're talking about the investigation into how the russia collusion hoax started everything is going to be called the conspiracy that the left or that the social media outlets want to highlight as
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a conspiracy they're just going to accuse you of conspiracy and kick you off just like they accuse you of hate speech and then kick you off without any actual objective definition or or actually explaining to you what that was and how that was defined as conspiracy or hoax you can say that something is true but if somebody calls you conspiracy theories they can just kick you off we can shout anything we want as an excuse to silence you but that doesn't make it right. so perfectly put it what is happening here is that these social media platforms they could be really distort reality because if they can control what people talk about then you control the narrative and that's what i find so frustrating i mean look at jordan peterson somebody that i have a lot of respect for though i don't agree with him on everything but you know the way he presents his arguments in there are very rational he's a very smart guy but he gets ripped apart as being a massage it is being a racist i've watched hundreds of hours of his stuff i do. never seen any massage
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i've never seen any sexism i've never seen any homophobia and all but you know when you when you start pushing these people out of the the public square then these social media platforms control what people think reality actually actually is and that's why i'm very worried about these things go ahead mitch it turns from news to propaganda and i mean the propaganda that they have the moeller report was a complete fraud and then when you get people that say the mulla report wasn't a fraud the argument they use is look at all those russians that were indicted now let's define what an indictment is you can indict anybody but you've got to prove a case and those people those people 17 or 18 people might not even exist and he just made allegation after allegation because you don't have to prove anything nothing is proved it's just an allegation you know you can say anything you like now that becomes extremely difficult and so you have the propaganda spin mill going out and putting out stories that are disingenuous and they know aren't
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true that maybe 40 percent of the public will believe but if you look at the ratings of c.n.n. and m s n b c since donald trump wasn't dragged away in handcuffs like they promised their faithful viewers they've collapsed i mean c.n.n. is laying off 200 people but that doesn't help i mean you've got to have like the f.c.c. or somebody come in and say look. you've got to have fair broadcasting i mean because all the time that they spend now kicking trump around. every single cable news network except fox i mean fox has its own problems all they do $93.00 store in harvard came out with the study the sorensen school or whatever it was media that 93 percent of the stories that are published about trump are negative so i mean you know you have this outrageous propaganda and bias i mean it's so outrageous that 3rd reich hitler's 3rd reich had a ministry of in light moment run by joseph goebbels he would be blushing in his
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grave now that's how egregious their propaganda channels are you know you know jennifer one of the things i already talked about the scenario of possibly monetizing everybody you don't like i bet you anything that you tube will reorient those revenues to go to the new york times in the in the washington post and c.n.n. they're going to turn all that money around they have a nice convenient circle last 40 seconds goes to jennifer and lana go ahead absolutely that's that's of course what they're doing that's what they're already doing i mean we're seeing all the monetization from from from twitter for the left groups for the new york times for all these other people for these spokespeople who have been the most out loud against them for anybody who might have been rising in the ranks to become the new to become the new spokesperson on behalf of the administration but look this is what we have to really truly consider now yes the 1st amendment only applies to the government not being able to do that but we also have anti-discrimination laws we have state anti-discrimination laws where
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businesses can't discriminate even in the recent supreme court case about the colorado baker yes supreme court even noted in agreeing that he was allowed to practice his religious beliefs they actually did say that it's a long held belief that businesses cannot discriminate basically willy nilly they cannot do that that was a majority opinion in itself they can't discriminate the colorado baker did not do that because they were going to allow the person you know engage in a service that was a new one. opinion and so twitter has it here today ok where the people speaking out where the belief i am wait yeah and we're all bakers on this program god love those people and and most of our audience watching this program is to that's all the time we have many thanks to my guests in atlanta new york and in geneva and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. the next time and remember.
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we are in strange situation where everybody is making a lot of noise about military action against iran but nobody in the part of that alliance actually wants to do it. there's no desire for it so do you hope that iran makes a mistake. somehow and then does it some kind of confrontation and then the iranians will be forced to come to the table you know begging for some kind of solution on american terms but you know i think that is dreaming that's a pipe dream. you know to go 2017 the german newspaper developed published an article claiming that the european union has lost 30000000000 euros as a result of its very anti russian sanctions. particularly affected eastern europe many polish film as went broke and even
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committed suicide. sometimes i can't account as i was of on the get a moment. looked at on the political front on the. phone does it for the young to have to find out by the almost i'm going to get stuck. it was a kind of a no home and then let's see in the oh i'm in the pool in. swung the smith position all. on the stumps with all the folks and that's what. you. do.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the globe and covering the world of business and finance in intent upon a song and in your burrito and i'm pissed see i know washington has a look at what's on tap today relations between the u.s. and china have gone south as of late other nations are taking sides taiwan's box has said that they won't be able to move apple's production out of the people's republic of china r.t. correspondent alex mchale of it is on hand to catch us up on what shaky relations can mean for manufacturing. amazon has now claimed the title of the world's most valuable company as they are beginning to wade into the new sectors out of matches on how to break down like tech giants are making their way into the finance sector and later on mexico have been avoided for know what could be in store for trade floor calls from the international policy joins us to break down trade across the southern border we've got a pound showed you those so let's go and dive right in.


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