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that. was. to trump says he's sending an extra 1000 troops of poland under a deal signed during the polish meat is a visit to the white house. the u.s. especially requests the extradition of wiki leaks co-founder julian no songs were sent stateside he could be jailed for 175 years. survivors of london's grenfell tower fire start legal action against u.s. companies whose materials i claim to have contributed to the tragedy. in one welcome this is r.t. international with me carrying on top story this hour the u.s.
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is sending additional troops to poland the move was agreed during talks between donald trump and his polish counterpart in washington. poland will soon. basing and infrastructure to support military presence of about $1000.00 american troops the polish government will build these projects at no cost to the united states suppose government will pay for this well there will be an additional 1000 troops going to poland that's what we heard from the white house where president trump of the united states and president duda of poland seem to have reached some bilateral agreements now this will be in addition to the over $4000.00 troops that are already in poland operating there on a rotational basis furthermore trump praised poland for meeting its commitments to nato the 2 percent threshold on spending in nato countries he says that poland will be meeting its requirements of a 2 percent military spending budget another item that was on the agenda was f.
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$35.00 fighter jets and trump said that at this point poland is considering the purchase of more than 30 of these expensive military aircraft from the united states now in order to celebrate this possibility trump had an f. 35 fighter jet actually fly over the white house on the sunday afternoon and reporters watched as president dude of poland actually waved to the fighter jet in addition we also heard about natural gas at this point there was an agreement to supply 2000000000 cubic meters of american liquid natural gas to european countries trump expressed washington support for poland's baltic pipe project saying that it would help during pm countries to diversify their energy sources so it seems to been quite a friendly meeting between the head of state of poland and the head of state of the usa the meeting seems to have laid out some new bilateral agreements between the 2
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countries. u.s. prosecutors have made a formal request to the u. . ok for the extradition of wiki leaks co-founder julian assange as according to media reports citing officials from both countries charlotte evince he has the story. that extradition hearing is due to take place on friday we understand from the wiki leaks editor in chief that the u.s. department of defense is due to present its evidence as to why it wants to extra julian assange he's not expected to appear in person but he could appear via a live video link so what's he charged with well there are 17 charges and counts of spying this is because of the publication of classified military and diplomatic documents by the wiki leaks website and also account of trying to conspiracy to happen a u.s. government computer now if julian assange is found guilty of those charges he could
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spend up to 175 years in prison so essentially this is a life sentence which editor in chief says it's just not possible that he will receive a fair trial i don't believe that we are going to win this with legal arguments there is no chance the julian will get a fair trial here in the u.k. or in the u.s. of course unless there's a change of reporting that people actually start speaking out we're not talking about a prosecution we're talking about a persecution julian a soldier is currently serving a 50 week prison sentence that's because he skipped bail of back in 2012 he's serving that at the high security belmarsh prison now in recent weeks has been concerned for his health he was too ill to appear at a court hearing video that was obtained by artie's rocky knees agency showing a songe inside the prison looking incredibly good and thin julian assange his father visited him in prison in the medical ward where he's been receiving
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attention for that weight loss songes father said that he thought his son's weight had stabilized also expressed concern. about this extradition and julian assange his father says that if his son is extradited then this is the slippery slope for journalism to root for actions of votes against somebody. told to. do in. proving he's an icon. for. progress back in april julian assange was forcibly removed from the ecuadorian embassy where he'd sought asylum for around 7 years he sought that asylum back in 2012 following the fact that there were accusations of sexual assault brought to him by
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individuals in sweden that were being pursued by the authorities now julian assange has always denied those allegations of sexual assault and said that they were a pretext for moving him to sweden and then to be able to be extradited directly to the usa from there now this all spans form a massive dump of classified military documents that this was provided to the wiki leaks co-founder to the website by a former u.s. private chelsea manning since then the u.s. government has a searing julian a source for the fact that the wiki leaks co-founder on the website published those classified documents which showed alleged war crimes being committed by u.s. soldiers in iraq. the u.k. parliament has rejected a motion aimed at preventing the country from leaving the e.u. with no deal in place kate partridge reports from london. basically these are labor
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and tory rebels getting together for a motion to say we want the option the house of commons wants the option to rule out a no do we want the say on legislation to stop that so a vote was put forward and it came out with 309229811 votes in favor of the government what does all of this mean effectively it's about who controls brecht's it i've been the deal option the opposition was saying effectively the new leader that came in the new leader of the tory party de facto the new prime minister because that effectively say you know we're not going to go through parliaments i'm going to take the u.k. absolutely as we were not have the power to do that so great for whomever the new leader is coming in and at the moment the current favorite is boris johnson he's always said that he wanted to keep a no deal option on the table as it was a vital renegotiating tool he felt that he had to go back and renegotiate another withdrawal deal with the new he wanted to be able to say to them we can say that we're going to drop out if we don't have a deal but in the meantime the you have said well we don't have an appetite to
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renegotiate anyway but this on the day before has been approved by has been negotiated successfully by the commission and has been approved by all member states and the election of a new prime minister will of course not change the parameters of what is on the table that there is no reason why didn't go shater deal 3 times it went through parliament it was rejected and the prime minister resigned and that's where we end up in the situation that we are now in that we're looking for a new tory leader and therefore a new prime minister and the problem was originally we're meant to go out on march the 20 not to mention leave the e.u. the e.u. looks to us that you can't come up with a deal you haven't agreed to anything will extend it for 7 months there's also elite cabinet memo that that's come out in the press. saying no deal would be an option the country isn't actually ready for it so it's quite an intriguing point it might be a win for the government in the meantime but we still have that tory leadership race and there's also the ramifications of is the country actually prepared for
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a no deal in the 1st place a professor of european law told us the labor party that helped to seize control of the break that process seems to have failed is the wrong moment to do it what you don't do if you're the opposition this is a failure of labor strategy or opposition strategy what you don't do is try and intrude into a leadership contest by daring those in the conservative party to vote against their own. possible leaders so this was not a good mechanism if you like if you want to stop or exit i think there will be more opportunities down the road i don't think the majorities of shifted i just think that context is slightly different and i think things will move on as we're clear about who is going to win the contest over the next 2 or 3 weeks and the 250
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survivors and relatives of the victims of the grenfell tower tragedy in london are suing 3 us firms that made materials used in a block of flats some of the materials are banned from use on us skyscrapers prompting accusations of double standards. are comics and the message that foreign lives are worth less than american lives and that it is acceptable to expose people outside the united states to dangerous to which people in the united states would not be exposed. those 2 names clamping producer conic his product was highly flammable something that helps the grenfell fire spread rapidly and if the names well pull of the make of the refrigerator that's believed to have caused the fire and insulation made by sello texas is also said to have released cyanide gas leading to further avoidable death.
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all 3 companies expressed sympathy for the victims while poll also noted that 2 separate probes fell to find faults with this refrigerator so text that base insulation was just one element of the cladding system used on the towers conic said it would respond in court we spoke to 2 american lawyers behind the compensation claim they explained why u.s. companies should best some responsibility. the fire and tragedy occurred in london and make a mistake this was
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a tremendous tragedy many people were killed many people were horrifyingly hurt don't want to do with that actually led to it came out united states and specifically our state. if those products were never sold busy to those to those. people to this group and he's made this never happens it's more of a mission all we have to do is we're. hard every day to remember so lives went through and we have to remember what that goal is and that goal is to is to prosecute this case so that companies lay around. so they never ever do this again at this point in time these are the companies we have sued these are the companies we're seeking to hold responsible for the wrongdoing that occurred. to the extent that there are other facts that show anything down the road that's
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a conversation that will have that we believe our targets are at your we believe our targets are the ones that caused this horrible tragedy and we believe our targets need to be brought to justice in pennsylvania. by police have clashed with protesters in hong kong lawmakers have delayed voting on a controversial extradition bell after tens of thousands took to the streets in protest many held i'm glad those aloft in reference to hong kong zambrano revolution 2014 and i would have offices on to take out and pepper spray evangelos tips us reports. hong kong faces massive protests due to an extradition bill that they're trying to pass protesters tried to storm government buildings here on wednesday with the police pushing them back using force saying quote that they had no choice but to stop the rioters from challenging them the police used pepper spray tear gas and high pressure water to push back the protesters who were coming
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too close to the legislative building. was. was. a tank. a to put this is that are gathered here are again. the next addition bill that has been proposed from the house that would allow any suspects to be extradited to man land china they say that this would ruin the one country 2 systems that has been established between hong kong and beijing which allows hong kong to has its own government its own legal system its own financial and economic affairs however though the chief executive of hong kong says that if this bill passes it's to improve the legal system and justice affairs meanwhile in the united states congressional leaders and speaker nancy pelosi says that if the bill does pass they
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would review the trading privileges with hong kong the extradition bill imperils the strong u.s. from can relationship that has flourished for 2 decades if it passes the congress has no choice but to reassess with a hong kong is sufficiently autonomy under the one country 2 systems framework this declaration calls china's condemnation we demand the united states view the bill objective lee and impartially and be cautious in making remarks stop interfering in hong kong affairs and in the internal affairs of china the standoff here and on kong is on going after what is the poultice a new round of the hearing over the legislation has been postponed until further notice evangelists obsess for artsy. almost 80000 people have signed a petition demanding that italy drop criminal procedure proceedings against german boat captain pick the 35 year old skipper of a rescue ship is accused of abetting illegal immigration that's after she
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personally assisted in the rescue of more than 1000 migrants they were at risk of drowning and unsafe thing is they attempted to cross the mediterranean to reach europe maria for national. this is the case of peer clem a german boat captain and hero to some criminal to others she was at the helm of the event of boat in august 2017 when it entered the port of lump it was a located on an island between malta and the coast of tunisia the rescue vessel was detained and appears a lawyer now says she may face up to 20 years in prison and horrendous fines but no matter what appears stance is unwavering get out food have witness to what women and children have to face if they are denied safe travel ignore you submarine boats of european warships and expel in libyan militias from people who shelter refugees from unsuitable overcrowded scraps and pick them up sometimes too late italian
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investigators have accused her crew of colluding with smugglers with photos leaked to the media alleged in the bodes returning to libya's coast on purpose to be used again by smugglers a date hasn't been set yet for with klemp has dubbed her show trial and many agree tens of thousands of people are back in her in a petition calling for italy to drop the charges this however falls under matteo salvini is cracked down they tell an interior minister and deputy prime minister is known for his open and strong until migrant views to stop rescue ships that are carrying migrants from docking on and telling shores and allowing refugees to disembark it's what he's been after since his appointment last year and he has supporters too it's not as though the italians acted without probable cause there is much truth through reporting that every year of investigation preceded the
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arrest including videos witness statements don't develop the picture mrs rescuing people from drowning is b.s. propaganda rescue them and take them to germany it is quite convenient to rescue people and leave them initially greece cetera we have enough migrants we do. once anymore sheen able the trafficking of people that's illegal she's responsible for the so-called refugee crisis there is a clear split within the e.u. over how to tackle the migrant crisis and while they seat undecided on whether to assist or hinder the flow of migrants into europe captain clem could be losing her battle at sea and i'm sure marie for nationality reporting from germany. although the italian authorities say that their anti migrant policy is a success rights organizations say lives are still being put at risk. but imagine now you since the start of the year there have been around 2000 rivals by sea using small boats sailing boats rowing boats whatever they have to cross the
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mediterranean that's compared to 14000 last year. by guns have no say in how or when to leave the traffickers make the decision for them they couldn't care less if the people arrive dead or alive if we do not intervene soon there will be a sea of blood the reason why all the said that is because there is no agreement to that european level for the resettlement of the asylum seekers and therefore easily going to become just the container of all asylum seekers waiting for maybe resettlement in other european countries the 1st thing is to return at european level and this stablish clear rules that apply to all member states so the country of 1st arrival we could say doesn't become also and only the only one to receive these people so this this food creates a flow there should be
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a coordinated approach. but at the moment to europe is not capable of device in any kind of solution. yeah g.b.t. community has his out of the vatican for its latest guidance that questions the existing principles of gender identity the paper is meant to be a bid to tackle what the catholic institution calls an educational crisis subcutaneous delves into the reason for the sudden outrage of a rhetoric the vatican has been insisting on for so long. now you'd be forgiven for thinking the catholic church doesn't really know what turns the public on and you'd be right in fact it's just dealt a mosque a class and turning people off the vatican has released a paper which says there are only 2 genders male and female and it's called male and female he created them just so there was no misunderstanding if we wish to take an approach to the question of gender theory that is based on the path of dialogue
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is vital to bear in mind the distinction between the ideology of gender on the one hand and the whole field of research on gender that human sciences of one's taken on the other so according to the catholics men are men and women are women and anyone who sees themselves otherwise is provocative and poses a threat to the institution of marriage and seeks to overthrow nature itself unsurprisingly it's head up you know note amongst those who are outraged to find that any if you want gender theory other than that of course exists by refusing to engage in dialogue with people about their lived experiences or so from a standing in faith the vatican remains in the dark ages for most in a false teaching the law is a myth rumor unfold so the paper is not popular partly because it sounds like it's from the time before christ which it is it's filled with quotes from the bible after all because it was released during pride month the 30 days every year the world celebrates the l g b t community quit but wait no where in the paper does it
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say being gay is sinful and in fact it condemns any discrimination on file and against people the number of men and women who have deep seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible they must be accepted with respect compassion and sensitivity every sign off and just destroy a nation in their regard should be avoided now it's surely not news to outrage friends that the church struggles with accepting homosexuality and transgenderism and when they do throw in the 2 pennies worth met the by. as huge as one bishop in rhode island learned when he decided to share his view on pride month a reminder that catholics should not support or attend t.q. pride month of vance held in june they promote a culture and encourage activities that are contrary to catholic faith and morals. it seems the people who replied must of left the christian value of kindness out
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the door we woke up this morning and we saw the bishop tweet and we were honestly flabbergasted he is like the don't trump of the catholic church goes on twitter and spews out hate my catholic children will be attending pride events as this. always taught me what would jesus do yes those jesus would be attending that pride parade with also with pride and i also know that god is love and jesus is love and love is love the bishop apologized and decided to spread the love but the question begging to be asked is why the surprise kids the church isn't known for being big on reform is it really shocking it's not breaking it's habits pun intended. which isn't turtle security service m i 5 is under fire for illegally holding on to bulk data collected on citizens the situation came to light during a case brought by civil rights group liberty. m i 5 have been holding on to
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people's data ordinary people's date on your data my data illegally for many years not only that they've been trying to keep their really serious errors secret secret from the security services watchdog who's supposed to know about them secret from the home office secret from the prime minister and secrets from the public during the trial it emerged m i 5 was already aware of the failures 3 years ago boyko picks up the story. well there might not be a plaque on the door but even google maps will tell you that that building over there is m i 5 britain's domestic intelligence agency and even though its job is to root out the bad guys the agency itself has been accused of extraordinary and persistent illegality in a high court case the case against m i 5 now relates back to
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a law that was passed in the u.k. in 2016 the investigatory powers act back then the new legislation was sold as something that would create transparency in the wake of the snowden scandal which had revealed that the u.s. and its allies including the u.k. had been collecting vast troops of public data but the investigatory powers act quickly became dubbed the snoopers charter privacy campaigners claim it simply legalized the practices that snowden had exposed and introduced intrusive new powers. there is however a government watchdog that's meant to oversee the u.k.'s sweeping surveillance laws and according to documents revealed in court that watchdog the u.k.'s investigative powers commissioner has delivered a highly critical assessment of m i 5 in particular over m i 5 storage of
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cracked public data in one letter presented in court m i 5 acknowledge that personal data collected by m i 5 was being stored in ungoverned spaces. there is a high likelihood of material being discovered when it should have been deleted in a disclosure exercise leading to substantial legal or oversight failure back in may britain's home secretary sajid javid revealed that compliance risks had been identified with how and why 5 handled data the report of the investigatory powers commissioner's office into these risks concluded that they were serious and required immediate mitigation the commission also expressed concern that m i 5 should have reported the compliance risks to him sooner the court case which is ongoing also revealed that the government watchdog would be subjecting m i 5 to far greater scrutiny from now on comparing it to
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a school being placed on special measures which is the government's equivalent of the naughty step. thanks for joining us tonight international way back in 30 minutes but the latest. quantitative easing for q.e.
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4 is now well under way can't taper a ponzi scheme no economics matters only money printing and stock manipulation. we're going underground 2 years after near liberalism doggedly caused an inferno that killed 72 innocent people today almost 25000 homes in the u.k. buildings planted in the same flammable material 8400 of those in the social housing sector and a further 15 percent of austerity cuts have impacted the fire services that saved lives that night no one who made the decisions that caused the fire that night has been arrested coming up in today's grunfeld anniversary special the rule of law the rule of money ahead of the 2nd anniversary of the great survivor jo delay any
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questions why campaigners are being imprisoned while those responsible for the tragic. walked free to ask pat mason the labor leader of. the richest in britain what he thinks of the leaked plans of u.s. secretary of state might bump stabilized britain's top liberal politician jeremy corbett plus just convener of continuing silent walks through britain's richest enclave on the imminent risk of another grim fell days after another london following alleged ignored warnings from residents and. political. world support. hip hop artist and activist low key performances ballad against corporate manslaughter all this more coming up in today's going underground ground for a lot of us are special but 1st the washington post has obtained a leaked recording of u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o suggesting the trump administration is targeting
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the leadership of western europe's largest socialist movement the chief target of the former cia boss another u.s.a.'s top diplomat mike pompei o is labor leader jeremy corbyn labor has responded saying president trump and his officials attempt to decide who will be britain's next prime minister are an entirely unacceptable interference in the u.k.'s democracy jeremy corbett himself was the 1st senior politician to meet granville survivors after the catastrophic fire more important peo later in the show joining me now is an evacuee on the night of the joe delaney of the greenfield action group joe welcome to going underground just before we get on a verse street you're wearing the t. shirt i am indeed i am response that's the name of someone quoted by the member of parliament for kensington chelsea who claimed that rhys morris is locked up while grenfell perpetrators of frequenting where they claim to want to talk about what's emblematic i mean it's ridiculous that. clearly traumatized individual who's absolutely.


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