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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 12, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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in the leadership of western europe's largest socialist movement the chief target of the former cia boss another u.s.a.'s top diplomat mike pompei o is labor leader jeremy corbyn labor has responded saying president trump and his officials attempt to decide who will be britain's next prime minister are an entirely unacceptable interference in the u.k.'s democracy jeremy called it himself was the 1st senior political and to meet granville survivors after the catastrophic fire more important peo later in the show joining me now is an evacuee on the night of the joe delaney of the greenfield action group joe welcome to going underground just before we get to the anniversary you're wearing that i am indeed i am reason that's the name of someone quoted by the member of parliament for kids in chelsea who claim that reese morris is locked up while granville perpetrators of frequenting where they claim to want to talk about what's emblematic of all i mean it's ridiculous to release who's clearly traumatized individual who's absolutely been scarred by who is r.j.
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reese is a member of the north kensington community has lived in the area his entire life he lost family members and friends in the tower and the fire at the tower he's obviously upset about that because of the lack of support that has been in the area in terms of health and social care and you know just basic structural support for anyone a toll he's feeling rather upset basically unfortunately his anger got the better of him and one point he was jailed for strangling. yeah he basically he had an altercation with a member of staff who manages the ground fall site because the plastic covering that they've put on it keeps coming off despite repeated assurances that they've fixed it now and it didn't matter how strong the winds got that it would stay on this keeps happening and frankly you know it's like ripping a plaster of an open wound it leaves this is along the. after the fire the actual
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top all ins and so on on the building a full hour comes off all the time it comes off all the time and the only time there is the remote possibility of a pile when it's just seems to peel away now there may be repeated promises that they were going to fix this frankly when when reese questioned the guy about what was going on the guy was rather a choose should we say at the time and respects in the last 10 lashed out now what's really bad is that they have completely made peace about this reeses apologized they moved past it those 2 people and yet for some reason this was still brought to court and he was still charged and he is still languishing in prison at the moment whilst those who are really responsible for that $200.00 foot there is you know less than 50 meters from reese's house are walking free will when it happened there was a lot of mainstream media conversation about the tragedy people talking about it being emblematic of tory live demo severity and so forth what happened it breaks that news just solid help so that the country forgot about it well i think the
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attitude seems the prevailing attitude nowadays seems to be you know why haven't people got over you know that that's an attitude that we've heard from members of the council as well i mean code referred to some of the comments the members of the council have made in the past council officials unnamed of racism calling it the afrikaner of kids in chile it was the laffer curve caliphate akins yes all of that starts in minutes of one of the meetings that's absolutely beyond a doubt that that was said because that was said in a meeting in front of dozens of witnesses at the time it was in relation to allowing child refugees into the bar basically saying if they did that it would turn the bar into an islamic caliphate you know frankly our brother an islamic caliphate and you know some neo liberal you know quasi state where basically you don't really have the rule of law you have the rule of money and that's all that talks and you know that so let's have a listen to and. it's ridiculous that to reason may have the cheek and share on gas
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city to try and claim credit for her actions in relation to graeme felt how our economy was how racism she said that she was against racism obviously in her resignation speech and she used her resignation speech to talk about the setting up of the independent inquiry into the tragedy the search for the truth that she made to dick key platform of her legacy vis search for the search for the truth you know basically had she had to be dragged kicking and screaming to even agree we're still waiting for the diverse panel to be appointed for being going to the panel in a 2nd but you saw her when she visited to i was the one who called her a coward time and it made the news because it was it was shockingly it was shockingly tasteless it was shockingly crude and it was shockingly crass of her you know i mean there are often insult her silver to visit to give sympathy way that she visited there was no tact or diplomacy for a politician you know she certainly doesn't know how to turn on the charm i mean
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i've heard i've heard people say in the past you know she's been compared to a robot frankly i find that insulting to robots well in fairness to her which is gone now she's she's not on these up are telling us they're not going to eat and she did set up the inquiry phase one is now over what do you make of this judge mr more bricks some are more big i mean if you look if you look at the way that people look to macpherson when he was appointed to the stephen lawrence inquiry i'm hoping that some are more because on a similar journey because you know i mean mcpherson at the time was seen stream really right wing he was seen as you know an establishment character who was absolutely not going to criticize the place and you know he would contain the issue for the government and you know he was absolutely scathing of the many gave us a phrase which we used to this day which is institutional racism in. which inspired
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me to use the phrase institutional indifference ok well that's optimistic some kind of hope there because i mean after all what the judge has been the interest from who over ruled for social cleansing whether in fairness to him there i mean he couldn't really do anything other than in to interpret the law at that point you know he didn't have the discretion basically to for one of about well look at the spirit of the law he had to interpret the letter of the law in this regard he has a lot more interpret you know he's a wider he does have a wider remit you know we have seen some movement from him i mean that the fact that he you know depends panel getter is well west that well we're still waiting on that you know i blame the government on that issue as much as i would blame him in that regard you know it does seem that he really don't think he's saying what it is the community wanted what he said today on the way sickly i mean up to the judge it was the same with it was the same with macpherson it's like you know even with the best will in the world the fact that you know you're
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a privately educated you know elderly white english judge gives you a completely different life experience to someone who's grown up on the streets and get stopped and searched when they want to go to the shop for toilet paper face in need of it the time is basically people to hold his hand and talk him through some of these issues and explain things to him rather bluntly him rather clearly who actually had some weight so he was forced to listen to them i think more bit would benefit from the same is used to being the top dog in the courtroom you know everyone sort of defers to him in this instance you could say it 1st me in that he had with us where someone sneaked a recording and you could say i'm arguing say no you you know you can't say this i will you allow that when you gave evidence i gave written evidence thankfully i didn't have to go and gave i didn't have to give testimony i may do for phase 2 because obviously involved a lot more in the incompetence of the counsel in the for the years preceding you know for years going back than. was would sort of as on the night thankfully i was
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able to get away from the area about 3 34 am in the morning i went to stay with a friend of mine in west from park one of my neighbors and a kid i genuinely pity those who had to stay there and sleep on the grass on the estate they slept there that night under the sun to that smoldering wreck of a tower as people were dying in the u.k. well it's a $128.00 households are living on the walkways to. myself included no no real housing so what did you think of it should we said that just as we approached the 2 year anniversary on friday police interviewed people finally for criminal we're here today to interviewed 11 people i don't get why this was really announced i can't help but think that you know it somehow somehow deliberately been rian to steal the thunder from codes back bench the bay or perhaps to distract attention from racist officers and councillors at kensington and chelsea
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council and their general incompetence in this matter certainly that if they would deny that the news management because we only know what we do i mean not many people may know about these property sales they made 129000000 pounds from property deals homes owns a sierra leone woman so what. does it feel like to be there and what does it feel like for the others to be there knowing that your council your local council got 129 now i mean nobody in just 3 years they made 129000000 that's 17000000 pounds a year they were making on property deals that is an absolutely ridiculous figure but you did receive some help from the county if we really i mean the i'll tell you what but how piracy because i paid my council tax info because i was always hopeless with that bill i would always pay in full at the start of every year because i paid it for when the credit crunch hit in 2000 and day i got a 50 pound refund and that 100 pounds. refund from the council and that was because
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i was someone who paid my council tax info people who actually were on council tax benefit other ones who should have got the 100 pound back i was working at the time much and bloody need it you know i had no need for it whatsoever and i did not get it someone who lives in knightsbridge you know was 100 pounds to someone up there is a little bit of extra kinlaw that day you know or maybe some organic orange juice it means nothing to people. thank you well we invited the lawyer very small response in davidson on the show but he didn't get back to us in time for this broadcast he has said in the past that mr morris grew up in the shadow of gran feel he is a very active campaign about what happened on the day is that feelings intentions ran over board he lost his temper as simple as that the complainant and mr morris and then on good terms they've mended their grievances after the break as children have nightmares waiting to be read house we speak to the opposition leader of the richest council in britain about the fight against new liberalism in chelsea britain and the world and justice for grand final 48 hours ahead of the grenfell
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silent war what can britain learn from bangladesh and its response to munches lethal skyscraper in front of. the walls of the music from the poet laureate for grants over the more going to have going on the ground. recent high level controversy surrounding you tube clearly demonstrate the online universe and freedom of speech are not on the same page apart from says he wants to ban extremism it's probably fair to say most would agree on this the problem is how you tube defines this concept. you know world's big partisan mob and conspiracy it's time to wake up to. deeper to hit the stories that
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mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back after the west tower block fire in london since the 2nd world war still the lives of 72 are made of 100 households homeless there are still more than 150 buildings across the u.k. that have the same grunfeld planning and with no replacement in sight is the 5th richest nation on earth waiting for another tragedy joining me now is labor leader of the kids again chelsea council pat mason that thanks for coming back on to your county your leader the opposition do you know the residents have trust in in kensington and chelsea as to how the government along the council have responded to
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the grand catastrophe no i mean globally no they've done a few things but i mean we still have the government. haven't probably responded to the toll to the judith hackett recommendations and she said in her review over a year ago now that the that the building in fire regulation system was completely unfit for purpose it was a recipe for the builders making up as to go along basically but we have this argument about still this infantile argument about how many people have been housed how many people have not been housed infant or given jail or smith says a 100 for the m.p.'s wouldn't go do we try to get over this row says 128 who's right well of course you can tell a smith is not. looking at the people who are what they call. homeless people who are homeless but are sleeping on somebodies couch they're not counted in a plus the last also counting in. people have got severe trauma and mental health
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problems who were who lived in beside the fire actually in the town itself so little that using 2 different said this is another hearing about us just how this those people and stop are going about the figures but no nobody really trusts the council of the government i mean the council is trying to close down the grenfell recovery scrutiny committee which was a committee set up to the council's front line response to all things because the job has been done presumably now they want to mainstream everything perhaps they think the job has been done i mean i don't it tells us that they don't really understand either what happened at the file what happened to people and if they think that 2 years means that it's the job is done i mean the trauma is really just setting in though we had one of the well known campaigners commit suicide last december we still got people on the suicide watch list brazenly used her resignation speech to say she was presumably proud of the reaction and you got to admit that the british government has said that they will pay for the cladding on
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towers like that in grand fell although i understand 90 percent of the tower blocks in this country have some sort of planning they haven't replaced all the way to 2 years to say that a fire could have happened any time and in fact it could happen any time now and they're only talking about a.c.i.m. flooding anyway and lots of other combustible materials on blocks on hospitals on all sorts of private buildings that's a sea of private buildings owners out there who as you know i've been arguing for the last 2 years about who should pay for this they don't want to pay for it they want to give it to the leaseholders least of all to say well it was legal the time they're only consulting now after 2 years as much right said on another station they're doing absolutely nothing they're talking talking talking talking about better fire safety getting rid of combustible blinding fire brigades and they're doing that so enough that fabregas union yes i mean this is a failure of neo liberalism i understand the you're part of the campaign to save north kensington fire station back in 2013 which is part of your. already kurtz and
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it was ken's it didn't work as a fire station crews that were 1st on the scene 2 years ago underwood 1st on the scene and they were on the scene at the library. the lab or grove train disaster in 1909. of course close the whole number of fire stations in london boris johnson did that who might be prime minister he got 45000000 of the fire service in london in the long run mean more londoners getting bumped to death why do you think it became so emblematic of near liberal austerity after the after the crash that a lot the cost of that on to people down here it was a completely can in a sense i mean we know that in the last 2 years for example it is 10 percent in this country of 14 percent return you'll need to look at this through the 2 worlds here is the world of the stock market and the banks and the global companies who run everything no who have you democracy as it were there is no vision for this country apart from the race to the bottom we are now but still a 2007 wage levels we've got 4000000 people in england who are effectively homeless
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2000000 in this country americans spend way over the trillion a year on arms they're bombing and stuffing 7 countries at the moment whilst china are using that sort of money to go out in the world economically but generally whole areas instead of bombing and stuffing them with the british government to deny their the electing britain for foreign wars i've got to ask you then because the amazon washington post has obtained a leaked leaked or your recording trying to get hold of it here are going underground suggesting that your leader jeremy corbyn is under attack from the u.s. state this is the u.s. secretary of state by compare former head of the cia saying that the us has to bring bring him down really before he becomes prime minister nothing surprises me but the us i magine have the mighty us is of the labor leader of the u.k. and this is a man that stood against us it's african military. hey jude in the south african
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apartheid campaign he has been to gaza and stood against the israeli army and what i mean is yes he has went there and been involved in some of those actions way back in the past they know that this man means what he says and he will not be swayed by our government i don't order that and that is completely trashing our people's lives any time soon germany called will be a number 10 and you know they know that for the 1st time in decades we will have a government in this country that will look after the interest the people in this country are not look after the americans and the friends of the tories look after their people in in business we love god and that's what that's what terrifies them about it he said thank you. well in the next 48 hours thousands of people across the u.k. will march to remember the 72 people who died as a result of the grenfell tower 52 years ago where samuel's involved in justice for grant fell joins me now thanks so much for coming on would like to think of itself
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as a great 1st world country there was a tragedy in bangladesh in march which when the 6 people perished if you have 4 terribly bangladesh capital dhaka people who are arrested they've already been arrested you would you think of that discrepancy that people have been arrested but no one in authority has been arrested that actually any credible breach of trust between citizens and local and central government i think it actually sends a very strong message that they certain people who actually carry weight and the others who it doesn't matter i have to also say that it's only in the past few days just as we approach this 2 year anniversary there we saw another fire in london another resident saying that they had previously sold an investigation into fire risk what did you make of the. the fire and embarking in as i think it was quite horrendous to actually see the images. a lot of reminders for many of the
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community especially coming up to the 2nd year anniversary but i think again what a dream forced is the fact that actually fire safety is not taken seriously because the residents actually complained about being concerned about safety issues you know it just demonstrates that actually we haven't got regulations that were robust enough to actually protect people in the building industry you know putting wooden balconies you know i mean i'm a lay person on the narcotics but for me it doesn't make any sense to put a wooden balcony up there will be an investigation well the thankfully there are no fatalities we did invite the council of the richest council in britain people to come all the tory council they said no one was available but they said no one would have intentionally put lives at risk and no one foresaw the grenfell tragedy. no
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one foresaw. i think that indicates a real what we call institutional interference indicates a lack of duty of care it indicates a kind of carelessness too in terms of your responsibility for. you or the local population the tenants of grenfell tower one housed ultimately by the council even though they had. you know a nick an elmo consistent management organization responsible for that but at the end of the day it was the council's responsibility they made the decision to save money and put a cheaper cladding on they made a whole range of decisions that actually meant that going for was a death trap. no there is an international dimension here what was your reaction when the tories on the council they've appointed a company called e-com or
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a call. a company that previously got 830000000 pounds for iraqi army contracts after tony blair's war in iraq they will be checking on soil contamination around the green fill area from from now on or from a little before from now on to the subsidiary was done for price fixing in the us nuclear facility what do you make of this company checking on whether the soil around granville is currently polluted or no well again it raises concerns for the community in terms of trust we've done our homework we also you know know the facts that you've just explained and you know we are concerned as a community that actually the government is prepared to take on a company. where this is an indication you know the pokot the procurement was not done appropriately. to get the contract where you
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know we want to explain how the contract was procured was it put out to tender. apparently not so the media the queen the flea trying to get the council's view on that i knew that you also been outspoken actually about the retrofitting of sprinklers what do you make of the scottish council don't these city council saying they weren't going to retrofit sprinkler systems to buildings we hear this again and again the fire brigades actually off the grid for quite recently i think it was in february or march denny cotton led a campaign to have sprinklers. fitted you know sprinklers save lives you know that they actually suppress the fire they don't put out a fire but they suppress it so what would be the reason for not doing that if it isn't a cost implication if this always a cost implication when it comes to working class people's lives you know they are they not prioritized and so you begin that frustration that we as
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a community. feel that following ground for this seems to be a real reluctance to put in place measures like communal long richard for you know fitted sprinklers you know more than one access fire escape this is a real reluctance and the dragging of the feet to implement this which for us beings that we're never going to get justice because justice has to be about a real change a change not just for our community but for the whole country parcels thank you well before we go here for what is an actress loki kyron green goes to granville and that's it for the show we'll be back on saturday to ask in the wake of the strong response of the russian press to the arrest of journalist even golan of where the u.k. media is so quiet about jewel in the sun jill that keep in touch via social media is lowkey. with ghosts of growth. words cannot express please allow me to begin
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130 day you have to shout it from a window people craned in the street watching the burden of big. tower would now historically be a symbol of people reaching out windows screaming for their lives in their graves trying to reason with the skies the champions comparison it's clear the every single person in the bill would do would see you so don't judge the tide and i try and sometimes leave and leave in some beat. you see yes a sort of fire and he ran inside to. say when he and his family died she was like the grief you want to see over the last who shall live now today when there was no prishtina for. us and me to go in this position now was flower was fitted to the sphere. that was.
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that was. too cool for justice now here we're. see each other in the faces of souls of the witnesses in the suits in the faces of the walls of the missing the sea hopes fulfill would be ships never be achieved no one no one would be one see that did him which means life was just an autistic gift of could be heard for you bless it's in never be to repeat. strafer the.
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state by name with. the most consume homey can appearance we are the last to see with the recent sue we face with a face we never know what leave this week was basically house in the best place not to be left see the last. days written the book press made and that spade it was no good for the families who committed 3 with the city and the homes their love. lives with every dollar you saw. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race based on often spearing dramatic development
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only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and talk. seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days become active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. officer. told him to get up off the ground the officer began to pet him down. and then place on the sounds of kind of fighting into
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a grown man like wrestling essentially the officer who. drew his own. individual twisted away from the officer holding the toys out of his crib. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then what happened on tree swung at the officers hands didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the 2 any kind went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and aimed it on tree. some muscle. out. of the out of. reason. to believe that all of this will not be covered but.
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you know what was the. president trying to say is he sending an extra 1000 troops to poland under a deal signed during the polish latest visit to the white house. the u.s. officially requests the extradition of wiki leaks co-founder julian assange is that stateside he could be jailed for 175 years some. survivors of london's grenfell tower fine start legal action against u.s. companies whose materials that claim to have contrary to the tragedy. a warm welcome to dottie international with me kelly. the u.s.
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is sending additional troops to poland the move was agreed.


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