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he ran cameron for the leadership in 2000 of the army of was $100.00 to $1.00 no but he was the outsider and ball was the trainer he got he was the chief strategist and osborne is running hancock is very clear and 2nd secondly he's got david livingston the ones once the deputy prime minister some of the utech for the leadership. as i never to i thought he might be prime minister of some other kids. and that might have happened anyway so he's living to an interesting instance so there's a bit of a starbucks and support is a bit of quiet money those logs is not unattractive but you think. mark karpal no hope of spaces unfortunately yes although i had my own something what sparky about as for mcvey she's brings a bit of something different. like oh she's never publicly and might go well that ain't true but we're not forcing talking about the grand national here we're talking about flat rates so we should keep our eye on higher court but out of your
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butt let's look at rory stewart and he's been a surprise packet of the airlie stages of the recently of course much more of a style that may have been expected i love this run because he is in the process of reinventing political discourse here the way he goes out and talks to people not just talks listens to people this is very unusual he appears to be unmediated i.e. he hasn't got this team of spin doctors around me piers to be doing it on his own but what i love i. love about stuart is he's doing is i'm way now he is theft of 3 to one my ask a few other small investment yourself and what i have done actually higher than that because i've found that i think even if he doesn't win this time you're winning he'll become a tory leader and proceeds to charity and be an important. i think that he's
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a very interesting player he is really come from nowhere he wasn't fancy at the start of a contest showed up very well in the early trials take at the rate that the watchers have been very very struck by him or let's go for though the field dominic rather his 30 feet one as well the present that is quite surprising because initially he was regarded as a perhaps are much more live well run of them and 30 feet 11.3 of us the rob campaign at the present moment and made to spark into life. i think rob has a major problem he's too young he's too mechanical he's too robotic and above all he's got the boris johnson problem i.e. he is he embarrassed of the too hard to tears and he can't really compete with boris johnson and so rob is i think will disintegrate quite soon i would never i never fancied him i never felt he had a chance i felt that she was overpriced entering the one of his big backers perhaps
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as traders as david davis or willful whiten david davis find themselves as opposed to put notice younger inexperienced horse dominic rob for 2 reasons one i think davis must be very scarred by 2005 when he started the context contest of us in our favorite to be david cameron and then he faltered and fell and i think he's still very bruised and secondly i think it's because david davis is the nice man dominic rob used to work for him used to be his research or is very gifted intelligent and rob probably made davis look rather better than he really was because he is that good and and so davis i think is doing this on a personal goal thing so let's move on to someone who hasn't taken drugs in the home state to shove it i mean. if you will as well only 4 percent he wants toted does being one of the favors a bit of an outsider why is that he has a lack of spontaneity everything is very carefully calculated and contrived he's
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guilty of being a machine politician you would have thought with the amazing background son of a bus driver a 1st generation immigrant. where made a few 1000000 quid in the city going to the post 6 there would have been a bit more to him you know a bit more swagger but everything is so calculated i wish that wasn't the case for some of his position that in. emails from the wind was one of the people in the great state of that he has. on immigration of been less prejudice than the the outgoing prime minister the arguments about police numbers he's within the terms of being a cabinet minister trying to position himself in the late say that the bit as a local reward betting for for being rate the number of fish hasn't he changed his positions on these conveniently less than what they. were when he was home secretary away and still the current predicament i didn't notice him being quite so
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brave as now he's reshaping his positions to disavow positions he was responsible for you know years ago home say it would be a politician yes but i will have saying is that he has these are long standing positions as far as i can tell and let's move on to what we make on the front or was the top 4 really mark by the way i think he's looking good at the moment so jabbered could still i wouldn't i wouldn't rule him out of the contest at this stage ok ok but you have a better comparison that right there michael gove and in some ways by far the most interesting horse in this this contest in the sense that what is backwards is quite interesting but and previous contests but it started off as a very very strong 2nd favorite to johnson he drifted out alarmingly 2025 to one but last couple of days is odds of started to shorten again despite the lasik ok in the lasix i guess 6 revelations. so what no for michael gove.
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is he too clever by half well attorney work my theory about why he's been so damaging to him the cook came issue where is it hasn't others it's because the lot of people who run to take revenge you need friends in politics and there are a lot of people who want to get rid of who have long standing grudges which they want to repay. one of them will be the friends of mr boris johnson who will recall that he was stabbed in the back in the front in the front by i view him tended. to think about these 2 great rivals michael corballis johnson could be termed as coming from the same stable could the not not quite. the only johnson comes from the lynton crosby stable trainer glinton crosby is the key figure in this contest because he's the best trainer by far it's like having
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a no brand adar darby morris has got the the man of the moment. brand of these contests. however both of them come from the same what you might loosely the same ownership they are both plaques by from the murdoch murdoch press them and let's call that this was center and. go over who was sense by murdoch and was with murdoch when he interviewed trump remembered couple of years ago something the person says he can't remember indeed worley's is his i think that is the coverts very memorable so better not to the president and then of course murdoch dispatched his top political editor of to the united states to interview trump to get trump to tip boris johnson so in other words what we've got here is that rupert murdoch and donald trump a backing boris johnson very strongly and. of course rupert murdoch and trump
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a big big breaks it is and of course this brings in my firearms because trump's key political analysis alice as far as britain is concern is is nigel farage she takes his briefings from far away so much a one was for his for the michael gove can he recover from that airless setback of the cocaine revelations or not in my view go is going to be very hard pressed to recover the way he had positioned himself was as the kind of compromise can do that but the heartbreak to boris johnson and the more moderate rest of the party and gold go had sort of was going to be the all things to all men can do that and there's one particular reason why the came revelations of hit him is because he's got a lot of enemies who are determined to use that in order to really damage ideally
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from their point of view destroy him and so the lot of this is about old fuge which are being settled. join us after the break when pito bernardo's down the field to his predictions as to who will make it through the final run off and who reach the finishing post at the door of number 10 downing street. seal welcome you. normal guy called. i'm never real world will know each other but you know what if in your ocean comes your. spirit was a mortgage broker said some of you. the morning was to be with one of.
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those novels. you when you just knew he was looking for someplace to. lead you to surround him yes yes. that's what i wanted something. to do there are these. but i hoard you know i don't know i just give them the local police which is based on what. you own or one look you would please leave there's just the start of the digital ship to look at you look to sell shoes. that. you don't like the ones. out. there for. when the lawmakers manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling class isn't protect themselves. when the final
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merry go round certainly the one percent. we can all middle of the room see. officer. told him to get up off the ground and the officer began to pet him down. and then freeze on the sounds of kind of fighting into a grown man like wrestling essentially hurling. through his. wish to away from the officer. of his group. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then what happened on tree swung at the officers hands didn't hit him i never saw any contact with. any kind of back to where they were so the officers back here there try again 15 feet apart at this point and
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that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he bit entre. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to be precise this is what before 3 of them all can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. question. why a paradise with some around turned into a round the experimentation field the agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major here tens there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up
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locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but also an invader you have many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. welcome by. alone standing. conservative leadership but this someone has been the say signal to iran those folks that the contest is going on at the present moment the people who died to the final city in the in the
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betting as the old stand this not until it's forced many people are surprised that she's still. signal for god so we can see that the number of these back years of why is our media lives and so shot in the betting market i agree with this point you're just making i mean andrea lives is going to live with figo she's been quite a good leader of the house of commons she ran last time and stumbled badly her course and distance form is dreadful only betting man would immediately write her off and that's proven by the fact that she has funny 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 m.p.'s backing her now i look at those odds and i would personally reporter 850210021 no chance of top of the actually though she is an 8 to one i can understand it doesn't make any sense if you are so me as somebody who's watched betting patterns over the years sometimes you get fake markets and funny money coming for i think
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that's funny money i don't know where it's from what it's about doesn't make any sense to me it could be somebody who supports or wanted to make is doing this in order to make her look much stronger than she actually is walk a mile for one sees that of the woman in the ratio as the front running woman be there are conservative m.p.'s it won't be a good idea of a 1000000 female going to the final 2 and secondly of course the source the prospect all these other people might blow themselves up and she doesn't look like the candidate who's going to self combust i agree you could argue she did she learn she's learned her lessons from from last time and that she's but the calculation here is because she's the heartbreak satiric she's going to leave the 1st possible opportunity she's calculating that boris johnson will somehow implode and dominate rob won't be able to pick up take up the running and then she will come through as the candidate of the of the hard right maybe that's what she thinks let's come to
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the top 2 in the betting assistant to snow gently hunt a surprise package in many. is in the sense that june early stages of this leadership race he seems to of gain ground gain stature in a way which has surprised many people hasn't surprised me there are 2 if you look at the full book always as you know the racing man the 1st thing to look at there are 2 runners with the best form the 1st one is boris johnson who will come to is what he's won the bigger election and the 2nd one is jeremy hunt he's got the form book as a future prime minister he's run a major department of state for a long period that's the state for help for 7 years and that was he didn't make any big mess ups he kept it under control dottle strake and i remember them camping near st thomas's you're quite right about junior doctors and they were very and he did well you handle that strike saw them off very very good and then the other one
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was it was the fact that he's now foreign secretary enables him to promoting himself on the international stage some people say it's only succeeded as fallen set because this succeeded but it was john's that may or may not be true and some put say will he say that he added succeeded as far in surgery been absolutely useless but be that as it may it's given the opportunity to mingle with world leaders you know donald trump knows who he is is amazing actually and one up and michael gove up at least so and it's given him a bit of stature is the establishment candidate and that's very important because it means he's got a chance of years jack of he's means he's got a lot of big cabinet heavyweights and he's going to go on attracting support watch as the other candidates fall out as for instance. gove falls out you will
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find most of the govt supporters going to hunt i predict he's going to win the can win by quite a large margin. in the 1st race the race among the m.p.'s that's what looks like glee and we're totally nonpolitical way of course or perhaps a political we could could become in the royal commission i wouldn't have thought that jeremy hunt was covering the world colors in this race i would. i mean also it wasn't forget that rory stewart was it was you not to search of the 2 princes i can't remember but i certainly think that boris johnson went be carrying the row colors level and michael michael gove who as you will call disgracefully should have been the end of his political career lete a private conversation here had a privy council terms with the queen that i should say no less a little bit it looked absolutely cut and dried no question that that he is the
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prime suspect and that is a lab slightly terrible thing to do much worse than the legal substances i would seize and the organs of the favor the front of the man who's no odds on in the betting 4 to 6 and the way to sort some books 4 to 7 which is a very short phrase for any horse race was just is he had kneeled on certainty as that place would suggest i don't think he is a nailed on certainty i i think that $4.00 to $6.00 is too short i wouldn't get wouldn't be touching it going to his advantages he's one of actions like you you very very few people in this country actually want bigger lections you've done it boris's done it but very rarely happens. and he's a winner and he's had experience of running running london and experiencing government although i think he was a triumph for the foreign secretary and the weaknesses is not trusted by
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a great many people. hated even if you can imagine it. boris wins you will find certain figures actually quitting the tory party so let's get the numbers up you should know a bit of goes every horse race must come to a conclusion and this process as you rightly said is a 2 stage missile firstly you have taps for the for the final 2 well i think the parliamentary party is likely to pile on behind behind jeremy hunt the foreign secretary with johnson coming a very distant 2nd and then they go to the country that we've month for the hustings unless mr johnson makes a real mess of things he's likely to win among this very selective collection of people who mainly who are ardent brings its ears and quite a lot of them are great admirers of mr johnson at the moment it looks like the
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final 2 would probably be the hunt versus johnson and allows in the country it's that is the race which favors jobs well let's just take these 2 and let's say either one of them becomes prime minister jeremy hunt becomes prime minister by a surprise mileage is to get past bores in the final straight or something happens arlo's them to win the race on the 20 activists what would be has biggest problem as prime minister coming into the concert jewish one big problem all of them face is brick sees and the issue of doing getting through a deal which mrs may was unable to do because we all know that europe isn't changed its mind is not as a lot of possibility that mr barly or gentle of. the 40 year retires might see or thank goodness thank the lord it's not bombers jobs or the words let's give this nice man the jhelum the air above
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a hand there is an interesting thesis isn't it that actually will say to these bricks it fanatics who are playing. our live delusional though simply save you really won't break so you're more likely to get it from me than for mr johnson who is regarded as something about the cat brought in in brussels so gently hunts difficulty be negotiating the brakes a spark boris johnson becomes prime minister he's got a really big problem and parliament has a lot this is exactly right that he can e command a majority in parliament and that takes us on to this very interesting remark that the prime minister mrs may said that she wouldn't she wouldn't reserve which she wouldn't quit until such time as her she was confident her successor could command a majority in parliament you're not telling me the will of the tory leadership stakes is going to be the outgoing prime minister who's just resigned well it could
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be if you taken literally let's assume therefore that mr and i think this must have been intended mr johnson johnson wins the contest in the country he becomes a tory leader but the prime minister says well i will and so i can't recommend to the queen my successor. until such time as i am confident that my successor has a mage can command a majority of the house and then majority can't do so and then the it will become plain that once you voted out the scots and that the labor party implied comrie and the the u.p.a. and 20 tories who say we're not going to serve on the johnson or vote for him that he counts the house just says no this is a great big roles rick and this is mayor sells off into the sunset. has remained as private as well and the even of the late julian critchley could have thought of
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a political ending such as such as that sort of what you're saying is there was a possibility that johnson may or just the winner of the race but be deprived of the stewards of exactly as the prime minister in consultation with other officials . but privately get rid of them so what you're saying is that the glittering prizes of 10 downing street maybe are a short lived achievement for $1.00 stands absolutely may well be that. hugh ever wins actually not just mr johnson is not prime minister for very long and if you were to write a political novel about the circumstances of the last few years would you have mothers to come up with a plot which is quite as involved as complex and unlikely as the one which is no unfold i advise against writing novels a real life is much more interesting get over thank you so much thank you and. many
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harshly says throw up surprises but take them when the stakes are high after all that's what keeps bookies in a comfortable living and this case that was a runaway favorite and bought as johnson but the race is still in its very early stages until his high profile launch of yes the joints in the big cat well out of the way living his rivals to make the running and of course the mistakes now he's out and cleared of the field before partly unstoppable momentum there's many a slip between cup and lip and many a pet for between now and the downing street wedding post certainly his opponents believe there is always the live possibility of borders blowing himself up. however the biggest question of the leadership stakes applies to all of that unless those who want to deal with europe have to explain how they can succeed where to these amir's failed meanwhile the new dealers have to explain how they can get such a proposition passed of parliament to have
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a majority across the parties determined to avoid the suck of stance it is precisely that possibility of a new deadlock between the willing to any candidate and an unimpressed parliament which led to the old board to float the scenario that the outgoing prime minister could hang around until someone else demonstrates they can command a majority of the house of commons is still its inquiring after the race for the whether to lose the race in the student is perhaps far fetched have no candidate as yet has come up with a cleanable answer to the blacks that dilemma and if the new tory leader can't discover to discover that soon than the one thing that unites us fractious party becomes ever more likely they are united in opposing an early general election but that is exactly where they may end up and then to a new race where the people rather than the conservative party membership choose the next prime minister and so for me in all at the show it's goodbye for now.
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officer. told him to get up off the ground the officer began to pet him down. and then freeze on the sounds of kind of fighting into a grown man like wrestling essentially the officer hurley. drew his drawn. twisted away from the officer pulley the toy out of his crib. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then what happened on 3 swung at the officers hands didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the 2 any kind of
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back to where they were so the officers back here there try again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he did it on 3. we are in strange situation where everybody is making a lot of noise about military action against iran but nobody in the part of that alliance actually wants to do it there's no desire for it and so do you hope that iran makes a mistake and somehow. and then there isn't some kind of confrontation and then the iranians will be forced to come to the table you know begging for some kind of solution on american terms but you know i think that is dreaming that's a pipe dream. what is it calling the coin is magic internet money a new type of digital currency essential lies digital scarcity chancellor on the
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brink of 2nd bailout for a bank that's called the genesis blog for reasons to calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history and this is columbus discovering the new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. you know world of big partners a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now for
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watching closely watching the hawks. very special alliance with very special people requires of our equipment for claims that will trump raising medial that sees it the playing of military ties with poland and actually u.s. troops will be deployed as was told by the c. american fighter jets. human rights watch slams the u.k. for its recent report on yemen for failing to mention the extent to which saudi arabia is allegedly responsible for what the u.n. brands the worst manmade humanitarian crisis on earth and a u.s. house panel passes a bill allocating more money for $911.00 victims to congress was paraded in an emotional speech by a former t.v. .


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