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i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. the u.k.'s home secretary hands a u.s. extradition request for julian assange to the courts in the whistleblower state could be decided at a hearing on friday. plus 2 oil tankers catch fire in the gulf of oman suspected attacks amid high tensions in the region the incident has an oil prices soaring. or special alliance with very special people big buyers of our equipment for planes and donald trump praises a new deal that sees a deepening of military ties with poland a 1000 extra u.s. troops will be deployed as warsaw buys more than 30 american fighter jets.
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you're watching our show international coming to you live from the russian capital where it's just turned 5 pm welcome to the program. the case home secretary has handed us extradition request for julian assange to the courts which will now consider the whistleblowers fate a hearing into the matter is scheduled for friday try to edward stasi reports from london. well it's a dark day for doing a silent and his supporters as the u.k.'s home secretary sajid javid has just signed an order paving the way for genocide to be extradited to the united states now he himself said that he was pleased that you're in a scientist behind bars and that justice will prevail in this procedure we're very pleased that the police were finally able to apprehend him and now he's right behind bars because he broke you cade law i want to see justice done all the time so we've got a legitimate extradition request so i've signed it but the final decision is now with the courts well it must be noted that the final decision is for the courts and
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the courts alone of course the united states does want your innocence for 17 indictments under the espionage act for publishing and delivering classified communications and documents all related to the iraq war and the war in afghanistan but also conspiring and even indeed hacking government computers and publishing these secret documents now the platform of which was used to do this is wiki leaks and the editor in chief india says that your innocent will not receive a fair trial i do believe that we're going to win this with legal argument there is no chance the julian will get a fair trial here in the u.k. or in the u.s. of course unless there's a change of reporting that people actually start speaking out we're not talking about a prosecution we're talking about a persecution well given the scientist serving a 52 week sentence in the u.k. it's belmarsh prison that's a high security prison here in the u.k. and that was for skipping bareback and 2012 now this is
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a video filmed inside the belmarsh prison by an inmate and it was a tame by artie's video agency ruptly and as you can see he looks somewhat i'm a c 8 and rather skeletal there in the belmarsh prison now last month genocide was actually moved to the medical ward there and his father earlier this week said that you're innocent is recovering from a dramatic weight loss during his time. i mean the bow much present and indeed the ecuadorian embassy of course was thrown back into the public eye back in april where he was forcibly removed by british police from the london's ecuadorian embassy where he was actually seeking political asylum and he was holed up there for almost 2 and a half 1000 days which is the sum of almost 7 years in confinement when it isn't just the united states that want your innocence we're also hearing that swedish prosecutors want you in a silent for sexual assault allegations made against him something that your
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innocence he himself them at me denies he also believes it's a pretext to then extradite him to the united states. to oil tankers have caught fire in the gulf of oman in suspected attacks incident occurred amid high tensions in the middle east and triggered a surge in oil prices it comes a month after similar events in the region back then the u.s. accused iran of sabotaging 2 saudi oil tankers something the islamic republic has denied when i joined live in the studio by donna quarter what's the latest well jacki we still have a lot of unconfirmed information but much of it has been cleared up since the explosions the main thing we know right now is that the crew members all of them are safe and accounted for iranian state t.v. reports that 44 crew members and 2 oil tankers were involved in this incident that took place near the strait of hormuz 11 russians were on board and the tankers were sailing under the flags of panama and the marshall islands now there were witnesses
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that said that one vessel was quote on fire and adrift and iranian state media shared pictures of this on twitter the company that owns both oil tankers frontline told russian media that the fire actually has yet to be put out but there doesn't appear to be any pollution related to an oil spill or anything like that now going back to the beginning of this incident it was it became originally known after the u.s. navy reported 2 distress calls and rescued all 40. 4 of the crewmen according to the iranian media the fleet's commander later said that an attack may have taken place and taiwan state oil refiners said that one of the ships may have been hit by a torpedo although we have no confirmation of attacks or torpedoes or anything and frontline also said that it may be too early to confirm whether this was an attack or not a similar event was seen last month as well tell us a little bit about that yeah that was back in may actually for oil tankers were attacked by the united arab nearby the united arab emirates the government there
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1st denied the attack altogether but later blamed it on an unnamed state actor for sabotage involving naval mines actually although the u.s. was much more straightforward in blaming iran national security advisor john bolton said that he was almost certain that it was iran to blame and in response to ron called this accusation ridiculous and called bolton a warmonger these harsh words though they weren't random actually they came amid heightened tensions between the 2 countries that continue to persist in the persian gulf let's not forget the united states navy is in the persian gulf while the government is also saying that they're not trying to raise tensions or start a war or anything and on top of that washington has declared its intent to exert maximum economic pressure on iran after the failed iran nuclear deal so it's certainly a delicate situation that could easily become more volatile in the future i'll quote i think you're saying cross the star for us. the u.s.
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is boosting its military presence in poland as part of a new deal with donald trump or sought will host an extra $1000.00 american troops by u.s. fighter jets and purchased american liquefied natural gas well scott says it regrets the u.s. military buildup in poland donald trump praised his post counterpart in washington . u.s. polish alliance it's a very specialized with very special people poland will still. basing an infrastructure to support military presence of about $1000.00 american troops polish government will pay for this so america is bolstering its military presence in poland they are adding to the $4500.00 troops that are already in the country on a rotating basis now it sounds dramatic but it's actually somewhat short of the request from poland for a permanent us military base which they intended to name for trump in the end the usa agreed to shift non-combat troops to poland to had already been stationed
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elsewhere in europe so who are the poles trying to defend themselves from because. russia is again showing its unkind unfriendly imperial faces russia is always looking out to take us territory yes those menacing russians on whole one's border just waiting for the right moment to invade but it seems that donald trump doesn't quite share that view do not see the rush to read the whole 1000000 and 2 you wrote . i hope. we're with everybody and i hope that i think that russia will treat poland with respect now while the russian threat may be imaginary the money that poland is showing the united states is very real big buyers of our equipment for planes and our communications in every form in every respect at this point we've got praising warsaw for meeting its nato spending requirements 2 percent of their g.d.p. trump is encouraging poland to buy more than 30 f.
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35 fighter jets even had one of them fly over the white house on the sunny afternoon dude gave an encouraging wave and there's more money from poland coming america's way trump ale the deal in which the country would purchase 2000000000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas from the united states furthermore at this point trump is praising poland for its baltic pipe project to support poland's construction of the baltic pipeline. which will help european countries diversify. their energy sources it's desperately needed them that's the way to go so the big bad russians have got poland into a situation where it has no choice except to increase its military spending purchase a bunch of fancy new f. 35 fighter jets and import liquefied natural gas all the way from the other side of the planet yes trump the salesman is happy to make a deal it seems that sometimes having a bogeyman can be very convenient kaleb up and r.t.
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new york. let's bring in political commentator and journalist john white for more on this now u.s. already has around 4500 troops in poland why does warsaw need even more. now this is owing russia has sort of poland to exercise its historical animus towards russia and unfortunately the polish government is confusing their revolution that is russia in 1900 with the russian federation of 20 and i think it needs to wind its understanding of russia forward a century because this is redolent of early changes century norms when it comes to poland and being very provocative and trying to engage the u.s. in these provocative actions against russia today and this is symbolic through more than anything that to really threatened russia at this stage but the symbolism is important and of itself it is it is further proof that in washington the neo cons are teachin over the ascendant john bolton and make pompeo nose in complete control
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of the us foreign policy as richard did issue a press of and in just for that or provide evidence to most of it does not have in the us a 1st ability for diplomacy or for international cohesion so very rich or gates stacked a very sad day for it push to push people taxpayers' money is going to be wasted on trying to opium for these u.s. troops this year to tional deployment and oversee the polls want even more they want a military base a pen and us military base and a country if they go to the last it then who knows what the consequences will be because it's only the addition of russia up to now and not responding to these are pretty publication of a load situation today i mean stable how long that remains a case who knows how do you think the people in poland and other european countries will likely reacted that's what they be concerned. they should be concerned because
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it is no fet from russia to people and none whatsoever russia has no any territorial and ambitions when it comes to push tentative as they see their confusion revolutionary russia of 1900 with the russian federation of $29000.00 russia as a force for steps that billet in the region its actions prove that the situation in crimea was no of russia's doing it was born of western struck us expansionism trying to use kiev as a cast off i think crimea and 20000 was not an extent was liberated and the economy people in overwhelming numbers voted for their reunification with the russian federation and that will and that referendum should be respected given the unique circumstances in which it you place the polish people of course to consent i'm sure you have much better things to spend your tax money on the u.s. military deployments in their country which will only increase changes rather than a debate on with russia russia school norway or so on poland's border and it's in poland's interest to try and move towards russia for better relations and it will
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benefit the polish people not only in terms of stability security bolt also most importantly economically. why do you think that the past present is pulling so hard to have good relations with donald trump. because ideologically he is committed to the west he is just a dude on the law and justice party or our own western part of the sea their future with the west as a see want to exercise a historical animist force russia and is probably the only thing the lows are to meet anything or cohesion there's nothing more persuasive than our fabricated threat from it though in order to achieve social cohesion within and i think this is the path that mr duda has gone though with regards to its relations with russia and shanked who had to leave medicals and to loathe him as i see to exercise his animus towards russia this is a good logically german it's not given by anything to do with reason and certainly not driven by anything to do with any real threat political commentator and
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journalist john white thank you for coming on the program today. human rights watch says a british government report whitewashes a saudi arabia's role in yemen's humanitarian crisis the british foreign office report states that the conflict in yemen has had a devastating impact on people's lives but it only mentioned saudi arabia one of the sides in the war in connection with the alleged use of secret prisons and missed international alleged the use of secret prisons in areas under the saudi led coalition's control there was no reliable process for inquiry into detainees held at these facilities human rights watch adds that riad actions in yemen could amount to war crimes and accuses the u.k. of turning a blind eye. the report's most striking weakness is on the yemen while acknowledging the many civilians killed in the conflict it ignores the saudi led coalition's responsibility indiscriminate saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen have hit hospitals funerals weddings markets civilian homes and even
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a school bus killing and wounding thousands many of these attacks maybe work crimes since 2015 britain has sold 4700000000 pounds worth of weapons to riyadh they had one of the biggest exporters of arms to the kingdom the issue of weapons exports to the saudis has sparked heated exchanges in the u.k. parliament we have requested comment from the british foreign office although so far we have not had a response they said it led coalition began its bombing campaign against her 3 rebels in yemen which riyadh says as terrorists back in 2015 saudi arabia insists it's doing all it can to reduce civilian casualties meanwhile the un has described the situation in the country as the worst manmade humanitarian crisis on earth and warning you may find some of the following images upsetting.
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the bomb is a killing the cholera epidemic number of people who are in hunger because of the blocking port of data the foreign office is trying to escape or hide from the british. or the illegal action saudi arabia. in its war on the people of a. the united kingdom just like the united states has strategic interest in the region they want to protect these unelected dictatorial monarchical governments in order to secure all natural gas resources and the people of yemen fighting for
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their liberation is enter thema to their foreign policy go and only formed a skeptic bloc opposes the extension of anti russia sanctions that story and more after the break. we are in a strange situation where everybody is making a lot of noise about military action against iran but nobody in the part of that alliance actually wants to do it there's no desire for it so do you hope that iran makes a mistake. somehow and then does it some kind of confrontation and then the iranians will be forced to come to the table you know begging for some kind of solution on american terms but you know i think that is dreaming that's a pipe dream. so what we've got to
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do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race based on spirit dramatic developments only i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. welcome back to the program an alliance of new year skeptic parties in the european parliament have come together to form a bloc identity and democracy will be the 5th largest group in the parliament with around 10 percent of the seats they've also now announced they intend to oppose the extension of anti russia sanctions are very few national has the story. we have
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been hearing about the nationalist alliance in the european parliament for quite some time already and on thursday in brussels the leader of france's national rally magnet then announced it officially saying it is a drastic change to the political chess board of the european union identity and democracy or shortly aidid that's the blocks name will unite the right wing parties from 9 european countries common direction common goal to take power from brussels and give it to the country members capitals for that very reason they are often referred to in the media as you are skeptics shortly after the new born party presentation its core chairman who is also known here in germany as the federal spokesperson for the alternative for germany a right wing party presented one of the features of the parties who are us that is definitely too different from the european union sanctions against russia make no sense let's take a listen we oppose the extension of sanctions they did not fit the actions of
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russia we can extend them for another 10 years it will not change anything it came less than a week after the russian president vladimir putin said that russia is dreaded to move towards the european union but the you should take the 1st step if the use policy towards russia changes will not only welcome it will take reciprocal steps this also applies to the countries sanctions we were 1st to apply after the certain restrictions on us the new alliance will take 73 seats of this 751 a seat european parliament 10 percent compared to 5 percent in the last previous significant change makes it to feast largest alliance in the palm and which makes the chances a very high that the party will be successful in pushing forward its policy and we indeed are going to see the changes and talked about. u.s. national security adviser john bolton says reports of disagreements between donald
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trump. and his top aides are part of a disinflation campaign by the likes of russia china and iran he also branded american journalists who write such reports a stenographer as of those regimes north korea iran. venezuela russia and china pride too so just information about the administration and to say that the president and his advisors are divided and things like that the naga refers of these regimes in the american press immediately pick it up. come on mr bolton in case you've been living under a rock the past few years u.s. president donald trump doesn't get along too well with the rest of capitol hill close to 30 of his team members have either resigned or were fired since he got into office his term has been haunted by a cascade of information leaks by insiders saboteurs and trump hasn't always been on the same page with the rest of the administration. you think north korea remains
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a nuclear threat yes but the president said he doesn't it's not what he said i mean i know i know personally we did it and there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. i had a very good talk with president putin is. that looking at all to get involved in venezuela he was apparently ready to leave after the airport but the russians talked him out of that is that right that's right now it could be because the trump isn't a tory asli divisive figure by nature could be because he's flip flops so much that he's policy u. turns were created into actual flip flops well you know he's sometimes difficult to keep up with and you know after all he doesn't have to be a bad thing a clash of ideas challenging each other on policies is synonymous with democracy isn't it i really didn't use 3 times due to how unbelievable it is that the russians in other bad guys spread this information about a divided opinions of u.s.
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president and his closest aides seriously when the president and his inner circle have different opinions it is a sign of the democratic process in the country doesn't washington defend this value with such zeal so yeah it could be a good thing except it probably stops being one when things move from the realm of professional to personal to go to work for a man who. is pretty and disciplined doesn't doesn't like to read doesn't read briefs. reports doesn't doesn't like to get into the details of a lot of things rex tillerson didn't have the mental capacity needed he was dumb as a rock and i couldn't get rid of him fast enough he was lazy is how we already know a lot about the discord ready in the tribal ministration from former tribe it ministration officials i mean let's face it what did north korea did to sow discord in the us what could be his way it would be it doesn't make any sense the white
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house is now want to appear to be fragile they're now facing the reelection very soon in 2020 and boldness trying to help trump cover is behind by claiming others are responsible for discord and not those within the wife of course the message being that you know john bolton's looking for pretext to go to war somewhere he's a very devious man he likes to write. the shanghai cooperation organization has gathered for a summit in the caregivers capital bishkek and noncom who became the leader of pakistan last year has given his 1st interview to the russian media since he came to power in 2018. the have. developed cooperation with russia. between our defense forces that has always been meeting i think our defense personnel have already met and so yes we hope to deepen our converse.
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contacts. most of the fifty's sixty's seventy's was spent in the cold war to reason with india was close to the soviet union and pakistan was close to the united states so we were in different camps. things have changed india is also friendly with the united states and pakistan is also friendly with the u.s. so we no longer have the cold war situation and so it's a drift. that we have developed. with russia and they're developing all the time for us to be all. in with india decreases so we do not have to buy arms because we want to spend money on or no human development but yes we are looking for. exchanges we develop gone we prove what trade russia is. energy surplus country. has
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shortages and energy and so we hope to talk on those. but also apart from defense we want to also improve our trade in other areas with russia we hope our 2 delegations will soon go to russia we will invite the russian trade delegations to. give opportunities to invest in pakistan that's a wrap up of the day's top news for now but don't forget you can always find us on many of your favorite social media platforms like twitter and facebook perhaps as a member of. you know touga 2017 the german newspaper developed published an article claiming
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that the european union the last 13000000000 euros as a result of its very anti russian sanctions. particularly affected eastern europe many polish farmers went broke and even committed suicide. sometimes i'm cancer comes or as i doze off on a good amount of. will put on the ground on the. phone does it for the younger them to have to finance my view on the whole so i'm going to get stuff doesn't go on to other kind of a no harm doesn't then let's see in the. if and if one song a smith addict and often a position. on doesn't dance with all the folks and that's what you call. getting
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manufactured sentenced to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room signals. is. what politicians do so. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president. or something. want to breast. cancer go right to beatrice with what the 43 in the morning can't be good that i'm
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interested always in the waters of my. first sip. kaiser this is the report out as predicted on this show many times yes quantitative easing for q.e. 4 is now well under way can't taper a ponzi scheme no economics matters only money printing and stock manipulation j. j. clayton master manipulator shame on you yes stay clay in as the chairman of the f.c.c. and jay powell is the head of the federal reserve bank and he recently said we should get rid of this horrid unconventional when relating to all the crazy
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monetary policy tools he's deploying and of course i just want to read quickly these headlines from dow jones market watch just say you can see the environment in which we're going to cover the headlines u.s. economy gains just $75000.00 jobs in may as wage growth flashes a warning signal with 3.6 percent unemployment but one 3rd of americans say they need a side gig to pay expenses and then investors are so bearish on stocks it's about time to get bullish says bank of america merrill lynch which is quite odd because of course stock markets are far higher than they were and the lead up to the 20072008 crash and as you point out there's 2 days there's j. clayton jay powell jay powell over the fed but clayton one on a mainstream media recently and claimed that you can have a big big coin e.t.f. because you have to solve the manipulation problem jake claim to over at the f.c.c.
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oversees the greatest crime spree and market manipulation spree.


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