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tv   News  RT  June 13, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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i think that i know my. then. current senator. the u.s. secretary of state directly accuses iran of being responsible for attacking 2 oil tankers and d. stabilizing the situation in the middle east. secretary hands a u.s. extradition request for julian assange is to the courts meaning the whistleblowers fake could be decided to take hearing on friday. very special alliance with very special people big buyers of our equipment for planes. prices a new deal that sees a deepening of military talents in poland the 1000 extra u.s. troops were deployed to. more than 30 american fighter jets.
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thank you david thanks for joining us this is. the u.s. secretary of state said washington believes iran was behind the attack on 2 tank is in the gulf of oman during a press briefing he called around a threat to international peace and security it is the assessment of the united states government that the islamic republic of iran is responsible for the attacks that occurred in the gulf of oman today these unprovoked attacks present a clear threat to international peace and security a blatant assault on the freedom of navigation and an unacceptable campaign of escalating tension by iran. ok let's discuss this issue now and bring in some guests who can speak to shabbir razvi who's political commentator and
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director of the international dialogue foundation and jump and run expert on political and social issues in the muslim world welcome to you both gentlemen for a good evening. let's just talk about what might prompt a 0 as is said 1st of all us to stay he says say is that iran is responsible for this attack as usual as it is with the united states these days though no evidence has been put forward is there any reason to believe what bumppo says that this was iran's shabbier what do you think. well as you quite rightly pointed out firstly good evening pleasure to be here as you quite rightly pointed out in your opening comments that as soon as something happens in the gulf region and particularly or the last few months in the. persian gulf and the strait of hormuz it's immediately blamed on iran this is the usual rhetoric and the mainstream media both
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here in and in washington really create is this a conspiracy theory mainstream conspiracy theory as i like to call it because if something that comes on our t. or other channels which provide alternative perspectives it's often said that these are conspiracy theories who are talking about ill founded. issues but the reality is that it's not in iran it's not in iran's interest to be involved in any activity like this and the reality is that what should turn with mr palm piro and mr bolton are really trying to. escalate the situation so that they have an opportunity and an excuse to attack iran and also in the current situation when these 2 tankers were supposedly torpedoed you know u.s.
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is not providing any evidence there are american fleet there america is observing all the movement of all the shipments in the persian gulf and they are not able to provide any evidence that it was really iran is just a conspiracy theory that washington is putting forward to the world to really blame iran there are other interested parties who could very easily been walled in this particular act which took place in the last 24 hours. could be saudi arabia could be washington itself with this fleet in the gulf region one really doesn't know in reality what's happening without evidence i think jumping to conclusion is really shortsighted and really feeding into the conspiracy theory that washington is putting forward on all matters ok let's bring in java drawn so the accusation from the us that is that it is iran and we were saying that we really don't have any
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kind of proof one way or the other so it's worth looking at this point motivations what would you run stand to gain from such an attack. i think that on is being ignored we can least skewed by the us particularly after it was removed on this blog all foyle. 7 it concludes and since then i think it has come down very hard on the indian economy and i think because of these reasons i think or get not very good asked to be behind these attacks but it appears it works so just 2 days ago interest economic interest because the mas now. rice off of there is i visit is awful for one person in the oil price and they don't international market that that if there is a crisis supply that is will do so if it didn't interest so that is one such
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possibility but that we cannot see conclusively that the iran is behind you before they have their war afford to simulate attacks. actually what short of blaming it on them we have also seen look many activities in some of the saudi to be have been have been attacks. and the muslims attacks on the saudis in solutions so this is all interconnected and you might recall that not long ago it in your evolution gosbee have triggered that debt to block the spirit of scoreless interest the yuan is a fact of the situation was out of the control so in any i'm not going to be blamed and be out of the interview subject of suspicions. that they have in the middle east but generally there is a perception that it does don's and just because if there is a crisis all in question the international market i have to parse is goal of prices go up that they have their dues the international community would be. and they
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certainly would like to retain this. in americas are trying to create a situation we're in. don is forced to actually come going to bush shouldn't be able to understand and condition and i think that is unlikely to happen given the fact that these include by the japanese. prime minister that did not deliver the kind of the results that the americans were expecting because iran has not responded positively to the japanese prime minister and shall be if we've got saying it's a ram either it is iran or he's lying which then suggests that someone else and points quite a big finger towards america what motivation would america have for carrying out such an attack. well america may not have a clear motivation but the reality is that america is
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a rogue state really in the middle east where ever they has been problem where they seem to one is fran iraq or syria with the support of its partners in particular saudi arabia chaos has been created it's really in the interest of usa to have a chaotic situation in the middle east so that it can manage manipulate and control the region in a manner that it desires and in particular there's a history of american interference in the middle east and i don't even want to go to south america at this moment but really america has been differing continuously in the middle east and you may recall that the 953 democratically elected prime minister of iran was sudden was. got rid of by cia and my own country britain's. involvement in iran at that time so it's very
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clear that the usa one thing to remove the current government in tehran mr bolton has clearly been rubbing his hands with glee over the last decade when he wasn't security advisor that he wants removal of the regime in tehran mr pompeo has also many times said that he wants the government in tehran to not be there in power so it is in the interest of the usa and us and america's allies in the middle east to have a different kind of government which will tow the line of washington like rather sharp did prior to the slavic revolution and they will do all. all that they can in their power to get the democratic government in tehran removed by whatever
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means that they have available whether it is through economic warfare which has continued over the last 40 years and has become more thought of stringent over the last 34 years. and 8 year war that was inflicted on iran or during mr carter's time the whole tab as incident when america wanted to attack iran so there is a strategy there's a policy there's a historical evidence to show that america wants to do all it can to get the current government in tehran removed. if there possibly can and obviously the policy of the government in iran is to resist america at all junctures and that's what upsets washington and also you know london paris and other western nations which have an interest
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economic interest in iran and they're not able to reap the benefits of it. judge it what do you think about this we've heard comments from the leaders of both the united states saying that the time isn't right for dialogue now so whoever's responsible the effect is that both countries are backing off from any kind of further discussions about improving their relations do you think that's the aim of this entire incident and indeed attacks on tankers within the last month in the region is it is it so discord and perhaps alienate iran. i think that the policy of the us is quite good they won't do basically as ignore michelinie they want to create a maximum pressure on it on economies already batch ready to back shipping it on and people are quite unhappy ody with the economy being the run i think that kind
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of situation the americans have already lifted the river that it had given about 7 to its completion which was importing audience from. around to get back back back to countries in that kind of situation i think the quote by the americans is that sooner or later the nod would come to the negotiating table because of the back to traditional economy i think is knowledge that it was learned about americans dictated i think that back of the problems by the medical model getting kind of the signal what expecting from a number list seems in that kind of sonata you will see. the i think the only option that the meetings have been deaths would be well believe what he was a foxy's like his blood like booties in yemen and then they will use every possible method of it by they can disrupt the food while from the go fucking months
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because that is the next up almost 20 percent of the entire. tide of passage of the oil is from the seat and that's because of. this kind of stuff or is going to continue where buyers even you would continue using the as their proxies directly or indirectly through the whomping just of americans is are you. do you to be up and up the destroyer supply on the other hand i think the americans will keep on trying to be a situation very of where were you on. i hadn't explored on and on is in boards affectively so i think it is not in the list off and it can be to go fight of war because of this war would be more stupid in clashes in the middle east and elsewhere in the muslim world because muslims are out in minorities else living in
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the void particularly insult or have the maximum number of public or so i think it is also very risky business for the non who will fight it was a bug of the fact that the iran has had. its disposal many proxies they have all of that you have they have used to his will out the other militant outfits in iraq in syria in yemen so there was a lot of. american interest in the middle east but that the end of the day it's going to be the decision by the pentagon on whether ma got wounded will fight a surgical strike on iran but if that happens that would be a terrible situation but the vast attrition is hurting it seems there is going to be more escalation in this will come and the possibility of a walk in would be ruled out and did could be possibly missed got a condition from the either side and the entire region would possibly erupt into war ok left or out things gentlemen thanks to my guests political expert java drama
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speaking there and also. director of the international dialogue foundation thank you so much. older than easy case home secretary sounded a u.s. extradition request for julian assigns to the courts which will now consider the whistleblowers fight the hearing into the matter is settled for friday shaadi added stache t.v. pulls from london. well it's a dark day for julian assange and his supporters as the u.k.'s home secretary sajid javid has just signed an order paving the way for dear innocents to be extradited to the united states now he himself said that he was pleased that you're innocent just behind bars and that justice will prevail in this procedure you're very pleased that the police were finally able to apprehend him and now he's want you behind bars because he broke you cade law i want to see justice done all the time so we've got a legitimate execution request so i've signed it but the final decision is now with
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the court well it must be noted that the final decision is for the courts and the courts alone of course the united states does want your innocence for 17 indictments under the espionage act for publishing and delivering classified communications and documents all related to the iraq war and the war in afghanistan but also conspiring and even indeed hacking government computers and publishing these secret documents now the platform of which was used to do this is wiki leaks and the editor in chief and day says that you're innocent will not receive a fair trial i do believe that we are going to win this with legal argument there is no chance the julian will get a fair trial here in the u.k. or in the u.s. of course unless there's a change of reporting that people actually start speaking out we're not talking about a prosecution we're talking about a persecution welcome to the scientist 1 serving a 50 week sentence in the u.k. it's belmarsh prison that's a high security prison here in the u.k.
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and that was for skipping bareback and 2012 now this is a video filmed inside the belmarsh prison by an inmate and it was a tame by artie's video agency ruptly and as you can see he looked somewhat may see it and rather skeletal there in the belmarsh prison now last month during a sonorous 1 actually moved to the medical ward there and his father earlier this week said that you're innocent is recovering from a dramatic weight loss during his time. i mean the belmarsh prison and indeed the ecuadorian embassy of course tears aren't it was thrown back into the public eye back in april where he was forcibly removed by british police from the london's ecuadorian embassy where he was actually seeking political asylum and he was holed up there for almost 2 and a half 1000 days which is the sum of almost 7 years in confinement there well it isn't just the united states that want your innocence we're also hearing that swedish prosecutors want you in a science for sexual assault allegations made against him something that your
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innocence he himself them and need a nice you also believes it's a pretext to then extradite him to the united states. so to speak now to douglas now who's an international criminal defense lawyer specializing in extradition proceedings also a law professor thanks for joining us the glass. for the sort of the context of what's happening now do you think this was standard procedure going from the home secretary to rubberstamp this given the explanation he wants justice to be done. well i don't know that it's a rubber stamp i would suggest that the u.s. government filed a full blown petition direction or addition it was sent to the home secretary but who reviewed it made sure that it's treaty compliant between the u.k. u.s. extradition treaty clearly not home secretary found that that's the case certified it to the court we need to be careful here because much of the press is reporting
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that u.k. has agreed to the extradition of mr a songs that's not the case the home secretary has certified the case to be heard by the u.k. extradition court and that's all that has occurred at this point so the home office assange that the petition for extradition is fully compliant with the crazy it's now up to the u.s. court of the u.k. courts to hold of fullblown extradition hearing to make the determination as to whether mr assad should be extradited to the terms of that treaty if mr assad to loses that extradition hearing he certainly has the right to appeal under u.k. appellate process so nothing is going to happen anytime soon i suspect and what of the fact is that the court will be assessing do we have any kind of insight as to which way they set my guy. well you look to the terms of the extradition
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treaty itself it's like a contract between 2 parties this is a contract or a treaty between 2 states so that treaty sets out what must be in the petition for extradition it isn't complicated it's a copy of the allegations brought by the united states government against mr a songe anything that is not something in english must be translated into english it must set out. the basis for the extradition request it's a rather pro forma process what is going to be a challenge i'm sure aggressively in the u.k. extradition hearing is going to be whether or not mr assigned should be extradited to the to the u.s. in particular because mr song as she is now facing espionage there is a potential death penalty that is on the table so ultimately at the end of the day if the u.k. courts agree that mistress saw a should be extradited to the u.s.
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then they're going to want to get to see some sort of formal assurances from the u.s. government that if mr assad is convicted in the u.s. that he will not be death penalty eligible that's frequently done with latin american countries european countries that oppose the death penalty and it is frequently those assurances are frequently given to the requests states. have less appreciate your time and your insights thank you douglas mcnabb international criminal defense lawyer my pleasure. as into our top story this hour the u.s. secretary of state might pump said the washington believes iran was behind the attack on teen tankas in the gulf of oman during a press briefing he called iran a threat to international peace and security let's catch up with our correspondent can him open he joins us from new york just take us through please scaly what exactly pompei had to say. well the u.s.
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secretary of state is placing blame for the incident regarding to oil tankers he says that the islamic republic of iran is responsible and that that is the position of the united states this is what we heard earlier from mike pompei oh it is the assessment of the united states government that the islamic republic of iran is responsible for the attacks that occurred in the gulf of oman today these unprovoked attacks present a clear threat to international peace and security a blatant assault on the freedom of navigation and an unacceptable campaign of escalating tension by iran. now 2 oil tankers were involved along with 44 crew members that were on board those oil tankers the incident took place near the strait of hormuz now at this point we're hearing that one of the vessels of the front all tear was described as quote on fire and adrift and we have photos
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that have been appearing on social media of the flaming vessel the burning ship now front line which is the oil tanker company that owns these oil tankers it has confirmed to russian media that there was no oil spill caused by the flames now furthermore we understand that there were actually 11 russians on board of the ship and that the ship the oil tankers were sailing under the flag of the pan of panama and the marshall islands now the u.s. navy reported 2 distress signals in the morning as this was taking place iranian media is reporting that it was an iranian vessel that was 1st on the scene and that has essentially reached the scene and rescued all 44 of the crew members who were involved in the incident they are now getting medical treatment in iran now we also
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understand that some media is reporting that a tarp ito was responsible for hitting the oil tankers whereas other media is saying that this was a mine incident that the vessels hit a mine now folks will recall that back in may there were 4 oil tankers in the united arab emirates that were hit and that unnamed state actors were blamed for it after investigation we now see washington blaming iran for this incident that just took place and we understand that a u.n. security council meeting is scheduled for later today to discuss the incident so all eyes will be on the u.n. security council as they begin the meeting and we now have my pompei was saying that iran is to blame for the incident. people will be wondering looking for more information a lot of quick developments here a lot of nervousness in the international community in response not just to this incident but in response to pompei i was announcement. morgan reporting with the
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later live from new york thinking. human rights watch says that a british government report whitewash saudi arabia's role in yemen's humanitarian crisis the british foreign office report states that the conflict in yemen has had a devastating impact on people's lives but it only mentions saudi arabia one of the sides in the war in connection with alleged use of secret prisons and mr international alleged the use of secret prisons in areas under the saudi led coalition's control there was no reliable process for inquiry into detainees held at these facilities human rights watch and that we had sanctions in yemen could amount to war crimes and accuses the u.k. of turning a blind eye the reports most striking weakness is on the yemen while acknowledging the many civilians killed in the conflict it ignores the saudi led coalition's responsibility indiscriminate saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen have hit hospitals funerals weddings markets civilian homes and even
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a school bus killing and wounding thousands many of this attacks maybe work crimes . since when 15 britain sold 4700000000 pounds worth of weaponry to rerent making it one of the biggest exporters of arms to the kingdom the issue of weapons exports to the saudis are sparked heated exchanges in the u.k. parliament we have requested comment from the british foreign office and we are awaiting a response such as a coalition began its bombing campaign against the rebels in yemen which we had seized as terrorists back in 2015 so de ribber insists it's all it can to reduce civilian casualties but the un's describe the situation in the country as the worst manmade humanitarian crisis on earth and warning you may find some of the following images upsetting.
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the bombings are killing the cholera epidemic the number of people who are in hunger because of a block a port of data etc the foreign office is trying to obfuscate or hide from the british people the fact that they are supporting the illegal action saudi arabia and its. in its war on the people of yemen the united kingdom just like the united states has strategic interest in the region they want to protect these and elected dictatorial monarchical governments in order to secure natural gas resources and the people of yemen fighting
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for their liberation. to their foreign policy go. an alliance of new euro skeptic parties in the european parliament have come together to form a bloc called identity and democracy will be the 5th largest group in the parliament with around 10 percent of states also now announced that they intend to oppose the extension of anti russia sanctions may for national has a story. we have been hearing about the nationalist alliance in the european parliament for quite some time already and on thursday in brussels the leader of france's national rally magnet then announced that officially saying it is a drastic change to the political chess board of the european union identity and democracy or shortly aidid that's the blocks name will unite the right wing parties from 9 european countries common direction common goal to take power from brussels and give it to the country members capitals for that very reason they are often referred to in the media as you are skeptics shortly after the new born party
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presentation its core chairman who is also known here in germany as the federal spokesperson for the alternative for germany a right wing party presented one of the features of the parties who are us that is definitely too different from the european union sanctions against russia make no sense let's take a listen we oppose the extension of sanctions they did not fit the actions of russia we can extend them for another 10 years it will not change anything it came less than a week after the russian president vladimir putin said that russia is dreaded to move towards the european union but the you should take the 1st step if the use policy towards russia changes will not only welcome it will take reciprocal steps this also applies to the countries sanctions we were 1st to apply after the certain restrictions on us then you alliance will take 73 seats in this 751 seat european parliament 10 percent compared to 5 percent in the last previous
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significant change 8 makes it to feast largest alliance in the palm and which makes the chances are very high that the party will be successful in pushing forward its policy and we indeed are going to see the changes then talked about there are many lives of. all the major issues. in the. we have about 25 to 30 percent of your skeptic parties and only the core is 10 percent or fraction and we had a lot of allies with whom we cooperate so yes we are stronger out of the scene people see what the e.u. brings all over all over europe. the fact bring to become more u.s. so we have a elite of brussels that has lost contrary to the romans and the reality of the member states. people want to get control back they want to sort of govern.


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