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tv   Keiser Report  RT  June 13, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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this will take 73 seats in a 751 seat european parliament 10 percent compared to 5 percent in the last previous significant change 8 make said their feast largest alliance and the parliamentary which makes the chances are very high that the party will be successful in pushing forward its policy and we are going to see the taint is matching the pen talked about there are many alliance of party is that the major issue so in fact we have about 25 to 30 percent of your skeptic parties and only the core is 10 percent or fraction and we had a lot of allies with whom we cooperate so yes we are stronger to see people see the e.u. bringing all over all over europe. the facts to become more you are aware elite of brussels that has lost context to the groans and the reality of the member
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states. people want to get control back they want to sort of govern their countries and those same actions are not very popular among the people in europe they want to extend that they want partnership with russia instead of a new cool war and as long as the issue on the table in brussels and all of the federal states in germany but i don't there's a nation states in europe we just haven't politicians come on the pressure. this is off. the top of their. seal. normal got called. a memory a little you know welsh up a. cruiser. up on
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the board. with the one that. will. lead to the need for times to. lead you to surround us. more than one in something you need there are these. ideas in the local which is based on. your own work or one with your means lucas to start to look at your bullshit to look at you lucas i wish you. that everyone. you know would like the more. careful.
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kaiser this is the report out as predicted on this show many times yes quantitative easing for q.e. 4 is now well under way can't taper a ponzi scheme no economics matters only money printing and stock manipulation j. j. clayton master manipulator shame on you yes stay clay in as the chairman of the f.c.c. and jay powell is the head of the federal reserve bank and he recently said we should get rid of this word unconventional when relating to all the crazy monetary policy tools he's deploying and of course i just want to read quickly these headlines from dow jones market watch just say you can see the environment in which we're going to cover the headlines u.s.
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economy gains just $75000.00 jobs a may as wage growth flashes a warning signal with 3.6 percent unemployment but one 3rd of americans say they need a side gig to pay expenses and then investors are so bearish on stocks it's about time to get bullish says bank of america merrill lynch which is quite odd because of course stock markets are far higher than they were and the lead up to the 20072008 crash and as you point out there is t.j. there's jay clayton jay powell jay powell over the fed but clayton one on a mainstream media recently and claimed that you can't have a be big coin e.t.f. because you have to solve the manipulation problem jake claimed to over at the f.c.c. oversees the the greatest crime spree and market manipulation spree ever in the history of the world he's a racketeer he's basically the john gotti of manipulation and he should be in jail and and punished. severely for everything that they said the l.
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lot of banks pay constant fines there was just a fine this week paid my $91000000.00 by the 4 x. market riggers so rigging is part of the economy and that's part of the financial market so without broad there would be no stock market is that you can't seize a fish in a fish bowl yes so surrounded by fraud or you can see the fraud big coin will get rid of jay clayton and the f.c.c. thank god because they're horrible and yeah you know they melt up in the stock market is well under way to say that stocks are some people are bearish on stocks this is new speak from 1904 you can't have people are bearish on stocks while there it's hitting new all time highs and trading adjusted for stock buybacks it's never traded at a higher price earnings multiple in history not even in $1029.00 or stocks trading at those high of a price earnings multiple and they are right now adjusted for jay the illegal stock buybacks there is actually an e.t.f. which is just launching for a trade war it's a trade trade war e.c.f. so you can bet on that but that relates to this 1st headline here druckenmiller
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dumps all his stocks piles into treasuries expecting rates to hit 0 this is standard or who used to be the chief strategist for the quantum fund you know soros is fund so he's considered you know a great stock picker he certainly did well for joyce laura he sold all his equity portfolio and he's gone long treasuries when the trump tweet went out he said i went from 93 percent invested to net flat and bought a bunch of treasuries duncan miller said monday to bloomberg referring to the may 5th tweet from trump which threatened an increase in tariffs on china and which sparked the most vicious bow of trade war related selling yet explaining his decision druck said that it's not because i'm trying to make money i just don't want to play in this environment for a story hissy fit like next week. decided to go 150 percent long stocks
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thing about having a quantity that's fun as you don't pay any fees to liquidate your portfolio back into your portfolio of the sky hedge funds never perform he said a lucky track record for a few years he and george soros of course invented reflexivity they're caught their term for market manipulation the you know soros said if you were to bully stocks enough you can manipulate the price we call reflexivity it's called stock manipulation j t by the way said this before the rally going into you know because trump is causing wild swings he himself does way up at 4 in the morning and a bad mood sometimes and i'll tweet something crazy or he watches fox news and then he tweet something even crazier and then you tweet something sensible by noon once he's spoken to his wife it's like so he is great for these sort of guys hedge funds they love the volatility so he has certainly brought with his tweet some interesting volatility to also i think local markets and to well look at your face
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say now that's like the look of many world leaders looking at tweets going we were at war now well on a percentage basis you know i'm not sure he causes any more volatility than we've ever had the stock market because you know a move on a $25000.00 dow looks big but it's on a percentage basis not so big but worry does help are in the options market so the options market is where you can you know take a lot of premium volatility premium off in ways that he is definitely helping so if a $5.00 option is swinging $22530.00 back and forth based on trump tweets yeah you can make a lot of money in the options market company like microsoft again here is market manipulation they manipulate their earnings announcements with purchasing and trading options on their own stock that's called marker. jay that's 5 examples so
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far in the 1st 5 minutes jay clayton then the article goes on to say looking at other assets classes just in miller said that while treasuries have become less interesting amid the furious rally in recent days they remain quote the best game in town if the economy deteriorates and certainly if rates tumble another 2 percent to 0 or below he said and gold's not bad either look when you have 11 trillion now negative interest rate bonds in the world there will be no interest rate rises ever rates are going all rates in all countries are going to 0 and most countries will go negative and the stock market will melt up of gold will melt up bitcoin will melt up then they'll have the fed and these governments will coordinate and they'll say in less you've got prove to us and we have surveillance technology we'll know whether you're lying or not you've got a $25000000.00 net worth in assets if not deleted just like you 2 can delete
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people spuriously. i'll go see as i just delete you they'll say we had no we didn't make an executive decision to delete this person and cast them into the into the d.m.z. into the swamp so the no a lot of bad lands the algo did it we didn't do it and they'll be millions of people wandering around in a zombie land but if you got $25000000.00 that would be the cut off i'm guessing and you know you live in a walled garden or a fortressed barricaded spot and you'll have you know you live great but that'll be available for very few people but it's coming probably in the next 18 months you know i want to look at this chart because you talk about the coordination between governments and central banks but i'm not sure that and many of our guests have actually suggested that that might not happen in the next crisis and what we've had is since 1971 when the u.s. went off the gold standard there was a lot of coordination people other nations excess. them that they weren't getting
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their money back namely the united kingdom who had just asked for their gold 300000000 worth of gold that the us had no were going off the gold standard and nobody complained maybe behind closed doors they did and then japan started to overtake us even on this global currency grid the japanese out competed us and then they were threatened or whatever and the us and japan. agreed to the plaza accord they agreed to basically allow the u.s. to dominate instead so you know since then we have this chart and this goes back to $96.00 just after the plaza accord the blue line is the u.s. yield 10 year yield the red line is germany so germany since 20142015 has become exactly like japan japan since the plaza court has basically. this is the end of that we've we've been able to extend and pretend since 1906 that this whole global off the out system has been fine but in fact what you're seeing is that the slow
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death everybody's zombification this is the zombification all you know central bank around economy right well one of the unforseen. circumstances that occurred by the reagan factor period of deregulation was that the biggest beneficiary was japan so then you today in the u.s. had to get together to squash japan again was the atomic bomb of interest rate manipulation another manipulation that 6 now in 6 minutes and so japan had to be put back in the box and but then the result of that is that markets became completely zombified and dead then you had the greenspan put the bernanke you put the janet yellen put the jay powell put so every single fed chairman has come in and they've squashed price discovery in favor of price manipulation j. that 7 ok right i can come up with 30 years this is a mark manipulation so. are you
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a frickin moron that's my question jay how do you even walk down the street without for you on your face and smashing it i mean you're obviously a complete imbecile jake layton so market manipulation of via the federal open market committee and the various central banks around the world of course has resulted in the stock. boom this week because market participants are betting on up to 4 rate cuts by december so here's a headline from wall street here's my prediction if the fed doesn't cut rates 3 or 4 times by december 11th markets are going to. stock market and corporate bond markets are in lala land pricing in an economic boom they're not seeing a rate cut economy so why would the fed because the fed's boller just said this week that the rate cut is coming as well so and yet the stock markets in the corporate bond markets at the junk bond market especially is like booming as if boom times are forever well here's the thing he said the stock market is near its
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highs and predicting boom times forever more during a downturn of the type that would induce the fed to cut rates corporate collapse revenues fall p. e. ratios go to hack and over leverage companies begin to default on their debts which tends to wipe out shareholders economic downturns can be terrible for stocks that have been inflated like this and priced way beyond perfection but there are no signs yet that the stock market which is supposed to be forward looking is pricing in any of these risks as gallivanting around in la la land there's no risk it was writing a melt up in stocks look here's a tip for the democrats elizabeth warren said a couple of things that really were actually lucid so she seems like she's got over whatever her problems were but here's a tip if if the economy is really doing well like trump says. then interest rates should be going up exactly right so the fact that interest rates are going down is because the economy is crashing and it's in dire straits that's simple fact that
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talking point in the hands of someone who can speak like it was with warren for example should give them traction leading into the 2020 election ok but they won't will never do that because their entire base are just social justice warriors who are don't want their feelings hurt so they'll never win but that's a fact and the bad job numbers allegedly you know so they always revise them a few months later but right now that's causing markets to rally immediately because they're receiving bad guarantees from rate cuts for them but they have always been there why wall street main street are always at odds if main street's doing well wall street does poorly and vice versa but now we live in an era of the central bank monetization schemes where central banks are always helping wall street and only bad trick of the financial markets that he only looks at our stock prices that is his knowledge of because he own stocks are going to take a break when we come back more coming your way.
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to. join me every thursday on the alex salmond and i'll be speaking to guess what the world of politics or business i'm show business. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser and time to talk with mr shad lock of miss talk dot com mish welcome back pleasure to be back on a day stacy accuse me of jumping the shark what do you think about this yeah michel i wanted to talk to you about this i saw something very disturbing on the internet very recently it was you doing a cover of johnny b. goode except it was called bubbles be good you sing you dance in
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a musical tribute to the fed this is buffalo stuff i know that chicago is known for its theatrical reviews and 2nd city t.v. i didn't know you were such a star well here we go max yeah i mean i recorded this a couple weeks ago and i was just worried because we both know that paul was going to come out and write and guess what 2 days ago he comes out and he says. unconventional it is no longer the unconventional so he's talking about 0 interest rates for or what her forever is is that the route interpretation or that's how is it. we're going to test the lower bound of interest rates and you know and it's not maybe we're going to do it that is just like knowing everybody's cut interest rates to 0 you know that's kind of the point of this video that you made bubble of
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bubbles be good in other words you predicted that jerome powell would come out and become a does all the talk about higher rates was fake as it all with is and he made this video a couple weeks in advance and then the 2nd he kind of did what everyone knew he was going to do you drop the video kind of a proof of work situation and you know that i think that was part of the point of this whole thing it's very very predictable because as our. friend misfires stein says you cannot taper a ponzi scheme and the fat is now trapped they're now stuck in a ponzi scheme as it is the global central banks are complicit and colluding in this ponzi scheme and your comment michelle look where we are it was in september and december of last year you had said we were on automatic pilot here for our current or quantitative tightening and
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automatic pilot for it least 2 rate hikes and you know some of the fed the median action i believe we're story and some i'm fogger going to have for fire right all of a sudden we've gone from an expectation of a median expectation of 3 to a meeting in expectation of 3. so. you know that shows you just how out of touch these. go hers are and everyone said when i got palin there pal is going to be different blah blah blah now it's like oh most trump is waving his magic wand and getting what he wants are out about right let's talk about how this impacts people's lives that yearn illinois and illinois economy is in freefall the public pension sector is underfunded the taxes are going up to pay for it why is it underfunded because interest rates have been artificially
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suppressed down to near 0 so therefore they've run out of all the money to pay these folks out of these funds for putting aside a 2nd whether or not the public sector is a drag on the economy or not the fact is that illinois has this huge deficit in the public sector because of these artificially low interest rates as is the case with social security as is the case with pension accounts all over america they're under funded all the corporations are going under. he's going under the federal reserve is killing the economy they take a big knife called j. paul and he's beating at a stick in the heart of america like does it not die is bleeding and he's a little having us dancing on the gravy saying oh i love america so much i'm going to kill it ok that's the be a viewer of a serial killer and a psychopath why is the not in jail miss macks you know the only thing he has you knowing the panhandler on a cd baby is a see this is your you know mary i drank it was out thinking it's cute from the bed
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today you know talking about raid cats they do you reserve bank of australia you know cut interest rates janet has thought about it you know it's like it's a chain reaction oh the follow a leader there you. hand it leased out and more ikes anybody else but look at the very destructive policy of the e.c.b. negative interest rates charging negative interest rates on money that they forced into existence i wonder if that's not one of the huge problems behind the blog of noise find it clearly you know this is a bite in serious trouble it seems like it's heading to 0 it's going to be need to be bailed out you know even harder to hear anyone talk about this but the seabees policy of negative rates while increasing the assets on the books is.
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punishing the banks at least in the fed we were we were the fed was crooked about it they lied about the reason the fed printed all this money and end to the banks took it and the fed made them accept the pay them interest on excess on the slowly bailed out banks and over time in the us drag it in the opposite cabinet is that mack right that's an excellent point and as you point out in the in the. states the the policy of allowing the banks to put excess reserves on the balance sheet of the fed and they receive an income beldam out over time in europe its negative interest rates a bankrupted the economy don't you bank is the new lehman brothers it's about to go belly up that will cause a cloud global contagion however and no bank will be able to escape the 2008 financial crisis part 2 you know i'm thinking about your musical number bubbles be good miss shed luck if you want to watch this bubbles be good video go to miss talk
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dot com it's michelle block as you've never seen him before singing and dancing you know why not just make this into a broadway musical it could be a version of sweeney todd the demon barber of of fleet street remember the story of that musical is a barber that cuts the heads off of everybody who tries to get a haircut and just put general powell as sweeney todd and every time a new business is for me cuts their head off every time a pension is for me cuts their head off any time some worker tries to get a job he cuts their head off whatever try to get stolen savings and return their savings there is jay powell cutting us at off and singing and dancing the whole way jay powell we kill everybody and it's a great musical when you think about that you might maybe we could buy favor. maybe someday your name will be in lights say in palo. we knew this was going max would we do it i knew this was gonna stand drunk drunken miller or drug drunk drone drunken miller says truck druckenmiller that's it now he's
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a guy who with george soros invented the idea of reflexivity which is that you can always manipulate a stock market any time you want to to make some artificial returns he sold almost all of this entire portfolio he put her on u.s. treasuries he believes rates are going to 0 your thoughts now we're seeing a little bit of a. divergence where the 30 year bond it's not far and in relationship. as as much as the rest of them did i'm still open to the idea that we've seen the bottom on a 30 year but maybe not the 10 year and what might the. bond market be worried about or mad throwing out about deficits as far as the eye can see were drawn so. it's an interesting find it's happening here. how the bond market's going to react to this when all the central banks are trying
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to do the same thing so i and the product is still out on that but we've got some big boat was here that are going to burst max all right this is interesting mesh let's get into this a little bit more so than other words you have various bonds maturing over various length of time from one day with a bill then you have your 5 year notes then you have your 102030 year bonds and they central banks think control the short term the one year the 2 year the 5 year once you get further out on to the maturity he'll you don't have the control when you get to the 30 year bond you have the least amount of control in terms of the central bank so you're pointing out that the yields on the 30 year are not falling like they are in the one year in this in a way that you would expect so you're indicating your analysis here is that the 30
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year is looking at head now to when this whole thing blows up and bond prices finally after 40 years the bubble pops measure it might take a while i mean look at all the number of times people thought. the japanese bonds at the end would blow up it still hasn't happened yet but i mean we're on a path globally. but actually it makes no sense the whole construct of negative interest rates it is is absolutely ludicrous it cannot happen in a free market you would not rather have a dar dollar 10 years from hell then a tollar today that's why negative interest rates say it's fundamentally crazy yet that's what the sober banks of don and then are talking about it and they're saying the latest stock out of whole of the e.c.b.
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end of the fed same tone here this time is that wow we are under shot inflation now for so long oh maybe we need to live with 4 percent of inflation i said or even how to measure it they've created these huge enormous bubbles in that stock market housing again not as big as both or at least time wise but it's there in corporate bonds in junk bonds and when these falls below they create an asset deflation the fed does not even understand the problem it's fighting because routine inflation is a routine deflation excuse me is is simply not a problem yet they all have this group thing that says it is and has
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another interest to invest they talk about the earth we need diversity on the fed well i want the person on the baddish it but you are or may our ship or someone anyone else on the fed except if you know they talk about diversity is oh it's a matter of race it's a matter of economic thinking and these guys all think a lot yeah these negative interest rate bonds it's like a fast food industry getting involved in the euthanasia clinic business and selling make death. and going around and saying we are guaranteed to lose money given you know join us this you to death incorporated that's right i mean it's a repudiation every little known law the economics to be able to sell death and people paying a premium to die what ok fine i guess raul going to go to the fed the fed should get into the body bag business because they're about to murder about 80000000 people anyway mr gotta go thanks for being on the kaiser report.
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thanks for giving. us a big good of. joy bubbles be good love it michael jackson i thought i was about a chimp monkey for a 2nd anyway that's it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy i would like to thank our special guest mish bubbles be good shed luck if you want to catch us on twitter it's kaiser reports next time. i. go to the. i know
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my i have. to study top ranked plea accuses iran of being responsible for talking to oil tankers and the stabilizing the situation in. requests for the. parties in the european parliament.


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