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tv   Politicking  RT  June 14, 2019 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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threat to the united states what's your reaction one he well let's get to the raw politics of it when you're in a democratic primary that's got 24 candidates anything that gives candidates the opportunity to stand out i think is a positive one remember these candidates are fighting over a relatively narrow sliver of turf whether ideologically or from a policy perspective so i think for vice president biden being attacked by the president directly allows him to continue to make the claim that he is the one candidate who the president is most concerned about who's on the top of the president's mind who is in a position to contest the president directly in a general election i think that all of this attention being paid to the vice president can only be a good thing for him at this stage of the primary john. i'm not necessarily convinced that that's why trump is attacking him it's a perfectly plausible hypothesis that this point but donald trump is an immature child and i think that biden currently leading in the primary is reason enough for trump to go after him let alone the fact that biden has been bringing up trump more
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than many of the other candidates in the primary right now i think that biden is i guess a barbs or attacks against trump so far have been fired and i think that you have to tread a very careful line at this point the primary where you have to be seen to be able to defend yourself against donald trump when he does go after you while also recognizing that attacking trump is never going to be the thing that helps you to win the election at least in my view so let's jump to that what it's what's the thing that's going to win the election one here your thoughts. well you know the general election it's tough to tell because we're still very far away in the primary factor in my mind is going to be the state of the economy i think if the economy continues to trend positively or at least if we're not in a negative trend i think the president is going to be very difficult to beat that having been said for the primary election i do think there are a couple things i mean to john's point i do think that the democratic primary electorate is looking for ideas i think that's why you see so many different ideas
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out there i think that's why to a certain extent elizabeth warren's been gaining ground and gaining attention because she's got a lot of ideas out there so i think the ideas battles important but i also do think that the ability to demonstrate that they can deal directly with donald trump that they can contest him directly and not back down i think that's going to be an important factor as well the big issue is going to be can someone like joe biden tread the line of the general election candidate see while still winning the progressive base of the democratic party and i think that question is one that remains to be seen but i think all those factors matthew will be important john do you agree i think that if we're talking about the general election i think that joe biden's path to winning is a little bit different than if it is bernie sanders or elizabeth warren i think that. he was saying if it. bernie or if it's warren i think it's going to be putting forward an all encompassing platform that addresses not only the issues that have clearly cropped up while donald trump has been president but the issues in terms of health care and jobs and wages and all of that that were already
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a problem before we ever thought about donald trump in a political context whereas i think that of biden is the candidate i think it will end up being a tighter race i still think that he can win but i think that it will be playing on that obama in a stall just the nostalgia for things to go back to some semblance of sanity while also making sure at the same time that you're not doing too much to turn off more leftist or progressive voters i think it's often said that the the next president is a reaction to the previous president right so if you just looking at the state of the country looking at who we have in the white house right now who among the current democratic candidates would be the reaction to trump. well i think you look at someone like people to judge as an example of a very different kind of candidate different kind of political figure in terms of tone and rhetoric from donald trump what's not clear to me there is whether booted speaks to a constituency beyond the sort of well educated liberal elite that are currently
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gravitating to him you know so i think the big question is going to be does he gain traction with ordinary democratic primary voters in places like iowa new hampshire but in terms of contrast i think someone like you to judge is probably about as different from donald trump as you can get john. i think again it's sort of matter in terms of what you mean by a response i think that a substantive response to donald trump would be to counter the sort of populism that donald trump ran on a populism grounded in racist appeals in a phobia needless cruelty and all of that with an authentic populism that someone like bernie sanders or perhaps in elizabeth warren could run on that acknowledges in the way trump pretended to the economic realities that americans have been struggling with for decades but while putting forward an actual plan that would do so. thing about it but like i said i think that if biden ends up winning i think that that is a response as well it's a response by the american people who'd be saying we want someone who at least appears to be competent for the position and so i think that the sort of the dual
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pass between those 2 is going to be very interesting to watch as the primary proceeds who do you who would you bet on at this point i know we're way out but trump seems still incredibly strong even with all the negative press even with all the there was that study done a couple of months ago that he reached the 10000 mark in terms of the number of lies that were counted during his you know in tweets and so forth and so on yet he still as he claimed you know it seems like he could go out and shoot someone still his base would support him is he going to win what do you think. well yeah i mean i think that currently if you look at the race there are a lot of reasons to think donald trump is well positioned i what i would say is if you look at the key states where trump did well in 2016 these are the same states everyone is paying attention to michigan wisconsin pennsylvania in particular the question is has he meaningfully lost support from that group of people who said you know look i'm going to give donald trump a chance i'm not
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a dyed in the wool republican i'm not somebody who believes fundamentally in voting conservative all the time but i'm going to give trump a chance because he looks different that's the population really i think the president needs to be concerned about and the question which i don't know that we know well enough now is whether those people that sliver of the population has changed in their views of donald trump are they going to not vote for him because of some of the things he's done while in office either because of style or because of substance i think that's really the population that matters there's a lot of noise out there about you know a look at the 2018 midterm elections i don't think that that's a very apt comparison quite frankly because where democrats were able to do well it's not clear to me is going to matter a whole heck of a lot when it comes to the general election next year so i'd really be keeping an eye on those. key swing states in the key swing constituencies within those states determine donald trump's fate john i think that considering the fact that at least some of the macro economic numbers appear to be doing ok with the economy that it
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is his election to lose and if donald trump would just stop and think just a little bit about what he could do to secure his victory i think he could win this easily if he would listen to some reasonable republicans who want to see him succeed i think he could do it easily if he were to put forward a serious plan to combat the opioid crisis or if he were to take lead poisoning seriously and put forward an infrastructure plan that finally strips out lead paint lead pipes and all of that he could do a few things like this that would get him a ton of credit in the mainstream media that would draw some support from democrats who want to do something about those issues it would stabilize them at least a little bit with some independents especially people who pay less attention day to day to politics and he could cruise through this thing but he has shown no interest in doing anything like that and so i think this election is going to be far closer and possibly winnable for the democrats that it doesn't have to be from the point of view of donald trump if he would just exercise a little bit of reason. let's let's talk about the subpoenas for a moment so house democrats have voted to allow committee chairs to seek subpoena
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enforcing court orders against the trump administration so is this significant is it going to accomplish anything. well you know look the investigations i think have always served the purpose for the democrats of trying to keep some of these things in the news trying to keep some of these things front and center and you know the reality is without the court intervening there's not a whole lot worthwhile in a congressional subpoena in fact from an item worth the paper it's printed on so the fact that they've gone out to the authority that could potentially enforce it is meaningful in the sense that now they'll actually be able to keep the story in the news they'll be able to create a little bit of a ruckus if if executive branch officials and other trump allied individual. continue to refuse to appear i think that we'll continue to keep these things in the news but the question really is to what end and i think for democrats they have to decide is continuing to talk about this going to change people's minds about
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what the trumpet ministration may or may not have done and i think that is the issue that nancy pelosi is struggling with more broadly as she thinks about impeachment but particularly with respect to investigations i expect the democrats will continue to do it they'll continue to press because they believe that they've got solid ground to stand on but i'm just not sure it's changing anybody's minds to your question earlier about what electorate is going to be necessary to help the democrat prevail in 2020 john do you agree is there is there some point to this or is it just keeping items in the news i think there might be some point i think that if we imagine we lived in a world where nancy pelosi takes as seriously the possibility of impeachment as she implied over the last week that she did then yes this does streamline the process of getting more answers and access to sources things like that but i don't think that she's actually interested in that i mean she said we should let the voters decide and many people have made the point there are the case i should say that if we do this too close to the election that that will look bad it will look too
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political i don't necessarily agree with that but it is a self-fulfilling prophecy the longer you can drag this thing out the easier that case is to make i support further investigations of the sort that alexander acosta cortez's talked about in terms of insurance fraud and and things like that i would like to see serious consideration to impeachment but what i'm getting out of at least the democratic leadership i don't think matches the authenticity and passion that that case has been made by some of the democratic primary and also some of the junior members in the house i think that palosi said that she thinks that donald trump wants to be impeached and that's going to help his chances in 2020 do you think that impeachment would be a winner for him lanny. yeah i mean i think it's probably a net positive for a couple of reasons 1st of all it allows the president to really solidify his base to the extent that he hasn't already not argue it's already pretty darn solidified but there's nothing that really charges people up particularly they support president trump then to see that you know folks are still coming after him and the
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impeachment stuff i think is on the grandest scale the way that democrats would come after him well we shall have to see john thank you for your time today thank you more politicking right after the break. after a break down the negotiations presidents trump and she may soon again meet to hash out a trade deal the stakes couldn't be higher both sides need
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a perceived win failure could witness the global economy divided into rival blocks and a dual internet for. the 2017 the german newspaper developed published an article claiming that the european union the last 30000000000 euros as a result of its very anti russian sanctions. particularly affected eastern europe many polish farmers went broke and even committed suicide. sometimes i'm a canticle that i was i was of on a good time i'm a political animal we'll talk on the political rant on that optimist but as i look . younger jim did have to find out by the office i'm going to get stuck dollars and on to other kind of unknown home
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police don't get us and then let's see in the in the point of if the defense on this middle east often position log. on doesn't dance with all the folks and that's what you come to. because. we are in a strange situation where everybody is making a lot of noise about military action against iran but nobody in the part of the lines actually wants to do it there's no desire for it so do you hope that iran makes a mistake and somehow. and then there's some kind of confrontation and then the iranians will be forced to come to the table you know begging for some kind of solution on american terms but you know i think that is dreaming that's a pipe dream. looking back to politicking i'm matthew cook sitting in for larry king the
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democratic party presently has the most diverse group of presidential primary candidates in u.s. history but the huge field is also highlighting deep divisions within the party between the progressive and the establishment wings and the true fight for the nomination hasn't really even begun so is the democratic party going to be able to heal its internal differences in 2020 and support the nominee regardless of which wing she or he is coming from or will one side stay home on election day just on principle it's a very real potential problem for party leaders here to talk about this is david morey democratic strategist and former advisor to barack obama's 20082012 presidential campaigns. and diane may communications director of our revolution a progressive grassroots organization and pro bernie sanders group they're both in washington d.c. welcome to the program good to be with you about having me so all right let's talk about this deep divisions in the democratic party moderates versus progressives how
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much of a split is there and what does that portend for 2020 let's start with you dave. well i think i think it's the split is a little less than polling or optics would show you know this is the classic new york times piece that ran you know the twitter universe versus the demographic polling universe and i think that's why biden's got a very strongly but not an insurmountable lead versus bernie or other more progressive people within the party i mean the truth is i think that if you think of 2018 and that midterm victory that was the most trancing of a party in modern political history 40 of the 43 seats that moved were right down the middle moderate centrist kind of seats so you know there's an electorate out there that isn't hard left there are forces within the party that are more to the left the good news about their progress is they're going to get people focused on the future and that's what we we can't just go back to the best of the obama years we've got to go forward i would say matthew diane what are your thoughts i think
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there's a really big difference in the democrats that are running for president right now in the 2020 locsin is really going to decide the future of the democratic party right now you have candidates like former governor hickenlooper who are going to states like california and announcing medicare for all you've got john delaney our president john delaney he's also doing the same thing and then on the other side you've got senator bernie sanders his new guest yesterday on wednesday campus speech defending his democratic socialist views so there's a really wide range of issues and values within the democratic candidates and at this election is going to be a real decider for what the democratic party does so when we have a democratic candidate like let's say hillary clinton or a joe biden who are considered a moderate an establishment candidate is that the type is that candidate really part of what's contributing to a movement of this country to the right if you even agree that the country has been moving to the right in the past couple of decades david what do you think it's
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a great question matthew you know the voters are proving it's not a left right continuum it's an old versus new. continuum they've been proving that around the world by the way you know new is beating old everywhere and i don't mean age of candidates i mean ideas i mean approaches you know the left right continuum got us sort of nowhere of the last 10 years maybe we passed 3 major bills and in a senate you know and each of them has their own flaws as michael bennett says eloquently i say is about one percent the polls so i would say you know you've got to go all new we've got to find new and you know there's the danger is when reagan was elected in the us the democrats nominated someone pretty hard left both times mondale to caucus same thing in the u.k. when thatcher won the liberal party nominated foot connect and they all forgot trent so you know there's a sort of formula for going hard left and losing because the country isn't in the trotskyite left on the other hand you're going to have to find new and remember bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are chopping up each other's new here so the
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progressive party would actually be winning against biden if you really look at it that way dianne. well i agree with you on that point i do disagree i think that the real the terming about there is economics. and right now it's not either voters want a democrat or republican it's who's speaking to their pocketbook issues you know there's no minimum wage is people are struggling to pay their health care bills people are continue to live continuing to live their houses to foreclosure so rather than old versus new it's really which candidate democrat or republican who's really speaking to the kitchen table issues that voters care most about well if we look at who's leading in the post polls right now we've got we've got biden and biden i mean his track record is is so far to the right of what i hear are the major issues of the progressive left right so he voted for some of the 1st deregulation of banking with clinton he voted for
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a landmark reagan tax bill that that of course once again cuts taxes just like trump just did primarily cuts taxes for the wealthy and high income. he of course votes for the 1904 crime bill which i wouldn't mind spending some time on this program talking about landmark crime bill that eliminates pell grants for all prisoners and just for viewers to understand what that means to provide a little context about 40 percent of state prisoners are not able to read and it's one of the primary factors leading to the the enormous recidivism rates that we have in our prison system our prison system just doesn't work 90 percent of. roughly 85 to 90 percent of people going to state prison return to state prison within 5 years it's a broken system mass incarceration is a huge problem both for people of color and for all people in general. this is a policy that biden voted for also the iraq war let's talk about how many people
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died in the iraq war and the unpopularity of that war is you know what does. the democratic party stands for when these issues are so pertinent to the new for example david. well those are good points and those votes are harder for biden to defend they were obviously votes of their times he thought they were right they're harder to stand up in the scrutiny of hindsight you know bill clinton says is the crime bill went too far bill clinton himself said that and you know the rock war vote you know obviously was based on terribly flawed intelligence which people didn't know at the time so these are tough votes for by now i think to defend but i think you got an electorate there i mean you know one point i would make to diane and to you matthew was when trump is on the other side of the of the ballot here a lot of rules go out you know you know in another age joe biden would be the bob dole of 1906 you know he might win the nomination and and get beat in the general
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election were going against donald trump some people think the fate of the country is now at stake and so some of the that's why i think you're seeing this really strong question who can beat trump you know can bernie sanders really be trump one on one as a quote unquote socialist even though he changes his terms on that yes david yes he can. say. i wish you know any of us knew that for certain and that's what the voters are asking i think and that's really a lot i mean that's taking biden a little further along here because people are willing you know once people get in it's so hard to actually get stuff done you know they're saying look let's let's let's win this election right now there's a question about who can win. diane what do you think you're on your last comments about about policy you jumped into economics but we've got economics we've got wall street deregulation we've got tax policy we've got foreign policy we've got justice on all of these issues a candidate like biden is so far to the right. he really is and i think it's
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important to remember that economics is that a standalone issue that ties into what you mentioned before with their broken criminal justice system but it's going to be really hard for progressives to get behind the candidate like like joe biden while he may be leading in the polls now now there's 5 other candidates that are also able to be according to the recent polling. you know i want to make a point if i could medleys on that. he's so far to the right compared to what compared to bernie sanders or elizabeth warren compared to trump peace you know center left and you have a president you know with harry truman from harry truman on you had repression in foreign policy terms let's say played between the 40 yard lines within 20 yards of each other on a football field donald trump is often one of the end zones here you know so you have a look at the tax bill the tax cut bill $1.00 trillion where are we paying for that i think with with bernie sanders and lose with warren entsch to lose with warren's
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credit those plans are unbelievable i would urge all the viewers to go on and study them they're amazing there's going to be a real question about who can pay for it how you're going to pay for it and that's going to be a big question for the progressives i think biden is you know in a world where donald trump is your opponent bart biden isn't so hard to the right he's more center left i would argue day and you agree. absolutely not i admit is that finally a moderate i think at a time when more and more candidates are coming forward and saying that they're not going to take corporate money president biden continues to campaign with well known lobbyists and corporate interests you know right now people really understand. what . happens in washington and how i being work as more and more candidates take pledges that say that they're not going to take corporate money i think vice president biden is really going to have to answer for why he continues to raise money with special interest i think it's a really interesting conversation i just had a friend of mine who just posted on facebook about how he's trying to convince
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everybody to not vote for biden and respondent said can you please just support someone's the being against biden who do you support and my friends response was all 25 of the other democratic primary candidates. so let's talk about identity politics a little bit the democratic base is younger it's more diverse it's more progressive and more female than ever so how do we explain that the polls continue to show 2 senior citizen white guys leading the pack of democratic presidential candidates let's start with you david. well i think if you really look at the democratic electorate that's being polled and will vote they're not as young and progressive i think as you might believe if you're looking at just twitter feeds i think there's more centrism there there's more you know more older voters there but i do think you have to capture the newness of a o c a bernie you have to find a way if you're buying if you're going to win this nomination and be trump you have
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to be you can't say i'm going back to we're a bomb a was you know people i love broke obama worked on 2 campaigns people would say i could argue he didn't deliver as much change as a lot of us wanted you can't just go back to that non-delivery of change you have to go to i think a more progressive point of change diane how come we've got these 2 old white guys who are the leading candidates. well i think there's a big difference between to use your term that's to help the white guys you know bernie when he ran in 2016 performed very well he beat hillary clinton with voters in a 35 and then with voters of color and that age ranges well and so you know i think it's not so much about you know what race bernie sanders is but that he truly speaks to the issues that younger voters care about which is you know how do i pay for college you know if i do graduate from college am i going to get stuck with
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loans that i can't pay back bernie speaks directly to those issues he's not talking about you know making your loans affordable he's talking about making sure that everyone can go to college for free he's talking about making sure that you can get access to health care with and so those are issues that younger voters care about and i don't think we should discount them when it comes to the primary elections absolutely i mean i think some of these ideas that are cast as being radical these are policies that existed in the united states for a long time they were free colleges and universities in new york city and in brooklyn and that's where jonas salk went to school and he cured polio. i'm sure we'll be talking about this for the next 18 months and more david diane thank you so much for your time today now you matthew and thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking and also thanks to larry king for letting me sit in this chair today remember we love hearing from you join the conversation on larry's facebook page and as always you can share your thoughts on twitter by tweeting at kings things and using the politicking hash tag i also invite you to join me on
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facebook at matthew cook official and that's all for this edition of politicking. just. feel welcome you. normal guy called. a member of the real world will know well but what if in your project. was a march. toward was to be with the one that. you would use new york city 4 times to. meet you. yes yes. one of them wanted something.
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new for the church. of the local bush which is based on. your own work or one luke your word means the there's just a total digital shift of would you look this up which you. would. so you say that brings this to the end of the series if we could just let josie marino walk away and say we decided to treat a stone post to a very special farewell party and by god. we walk along an interesting path of the dream but this time to go back to the punchline and thanks for putting on sr it bought it. with
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a red car that's the only thing i didn't enjoy was my eyes. my friend seen. on ties. well. literally. you know that's not what. we're. going to the son of the money. can buy not
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my god out there. aren't some. tensions flare up in the gulf region iran says the u.s. is resorting to sabotage to. washington the keys it of attacking oil tankers. will hold a hearing on whether to extradite fusing this song to the u.s. where they could face up to 175 years in prison and tech giants recuses silencing speech they don't like that often moves video by approaching. the way social media interest senses.


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