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i'll see you there. tensions flare up in the gulf region iran says the u.s. resorting to sabotage diplomacy after washington accuses it of attacking too all the time kids. the u.k. course will hold a hearing on whether to extradite kuna stange to the u.s. where the whistleblower could face up to 175 years in prison and take john recused of silencing speech they don't like and after each you remove the video by project very task detailing the way social media app pinterest allegedly senses conservative views. documents we've obtained braised serious questions about whether these companies are neutral platforms or publishers with editorial.
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hello there you're watching r t where it's just gone midday in. the iranian leader asunder harney has accused the us of destabilizing peace and security in the middle east it follows u.s. allegations that iran was behind an apparent attack on to oil tankers in the gulf of oman on thursday iranian foreign ministers branded that claim sabotage diplomacy the u.s. has sent missile destroyers to the region secretary of state said washington's assessment was based on intelligence adding that no one else in the region had the capacity to carry out such an attack. islamic republic of iran is responsible for the attacks that occurred in the gulf of oman no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication the us immediately jumped to make allegations against iran without
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a shred of factual circumstantial evidence only makes it abundantly clear that the b. team is moving to a plan b. sabotage diplomacy well the u.s. military's central command has now released a video showing what it claims is an iranian military patrol boat removing an unexploded mine from one of the tankers but as we said tirant does deny involvement in the attacks and has questioned the timing of the incidents as khaled moppin explains. so there were 2 or oil tankers that were hit. so put your fire probably got a fair bit of background so hold your horses back your boat for all we're. going to be free. from want to get from folks that you.
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want but. don't do you get a brand you dream i'm going to be on board no fly well no i don't care but i have been on one company the moment they're going to bump it quite a bit off. the boat but it will do the civil that appeared in the system when the did it will get on or not supposed they can the let's go over the facts now the 1st one belongs to john frederick so he's a long time norwegian trading partner of iran his relationship with iran goes back to the 1980 s. one biography even refers to him as the ayatollah as lifeline so at a time when washington is using all kinds of pressure to try and stop or running an oil exports it really doesn't make sense for iran to then lash out and attack one of its oldest friends now the 2nd oil tanker to be hit is even more interesting this is a japanese owned chemical tanker and it was hit at the same time that japan's prime
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minister shinzo ave was in tehran meeting with iran's supreme leader is that. iran from the ancient times of the persian empire into the present day has been the great country of the middle east and will remain so i mean the future so we're to believe that at the time that iran was making nice with japan while japan was helping them to find ways to help their oil exports keep flowing despite u.s. sanctions that iran then turns around and decides to bomb a japanese vessel and. fact iran has been rather nice to the united states in the last few days a us resident who is charged with espionage was just released as a gesture of good will so why would they then choose this moment to fire tar paedos in the gulf of oman the iranian foreign minister job and zarif is describing these events as suspicious report to the turks on japan related to tank use occurred while pm was meeting with ayatollah for extensive and friendly talks suspicious
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doesn't begin to describe what likely transpired this morning while iran is struggling to keep its nuclear deal intact and keep its economy afloat by selling its most prized resources on the international market like bomb peo would have us believe they then flipped out and torpedoed their 2 key business partners now why exactly would iran do that well because they're the bad guys of course don't ask too many questions caleb mop and r.t. new york the 2 vessels caught fire in one of the world's key oil routes near the strait of hormuz it is the only way in and then moved the goal of the incident prompted the oil prices to surge were to ron has threatened to shut the waterway in response to the u.s. sending waivers on a rain in oil imports last month for oil vessels with sabotage to the same strategic straight back then the us also pointed the finger to iran and sent an aircraft carrier group plus bombers to the region in may iran said it would ruin
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a on some of its commitments under the nuclear deal you know that really abandoned by the u.s. after washington imposed sanctions this escalation has sparked fears of a confrontation although both nations do you say they do not want a war but we are still middle east analysts for their views on who may have been behind the latest incident. washington with mr pompei oh and mr bolton are really trying to. escalate the situation so. that they have an opportunity and an excuse to attack iran when a crime is committed you have to know to whom this crime is beneficial so as all we can discuss and we can see the geopolitical situation of iran and the united states in the persian gulf we can say that the iranians are not going to torpedo if sheep which will lead to the americans to attack them and it's going to give the american an excuse to attack the. country of iraq there are other interested
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parties who could very easily been walled in this particular act which took place in the last 24 hours could be saudi arabia could be washington itself with this fleet in the gulf region the americans know because the americans despite what donald trump always says he doesn't want to go to war he doesn't want to put boots on the ground he doesn't want to send his troops to iran to get killed the american people are not ready for that he just want to score a political win and get the uranium to come and discuss on the table with him in the usa wants to remove the current government in tehran mr bolton has clearly been rubbing his hands with glee over the last decade when he wasn't security adviser that he once removed all of the regime in tehran so it's only john bolton who wants to go to war but even the president
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recently said that he's ready to go to the to discuss with the iranians and even my computer the secretary of state with the hotties and who was go to war all the time he said recently that the united states is ready to negotiate with iran without any precondition. our protest against the extradition of whistle blow to sanjay is under way in front of westminster magistrates court in london where later on friday a hearing on whether to hand him a. to be u.s. will be held stateside he does face more than 175 years in prison for publishing classified documents let's get the latest now from charlie and we. have saudi cool for us in london quite a noisy place to be at the moment shaddy just take us through them the latest we see turns on this cuts. well today really is crunch time for during the sars this week's edition of requests against him to the united states is being
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questioned to mark street school in central london the folks it was yesterday that you got the feeling. paving the way for this judicial procedure to go it's actually this is the united states as you can probably there are plenty of activists all around his shows as sort of darcy richard the sorry state believe this is a very dark day for freedom of expression for journalists and campaigners alike not during the so much of this stuff isn't actually physically present it's saying is a very quiet this is a link to his ill health but what does it all mean for during the song when essentially many noises say this is an important step but it's moving procedural at this moment in time it's expected that a timetable of the exhibition process will be put forward it's a day could take months if not good having said that it still 2 remains to be seen that we all pay for in the weights or would you the soldiers actually shoot to the united states self-will he is indeed and then sit down to 17 minutes and
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count on to be as open or shots and that's for. the face trial that they start by publishing classified documents over the exit to the iraq war on the war in afghanistan plus one count of conspiracy to cost them a computer to publish these secret documents oh no indeed wiki leaks so if found convicted of all of these crimes well he could face up to 175 years behind bars while. some say that he has committed crimes for whistleblowing it's against national security and it's a risk to national security many actually say that if he is extradited was like they was not a trial housing that was edited she was. to believe that we're going to win this with legal arguments there is no chance that julian will get a fair trial here in the u.k. or in the u.s. of course unless there's
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a change of reporting that people actually start speaking out we're not talking about a prosecution we're talking about a persecution. having their own special right there i would say he actually makes a visit to that site in the south and then said that there was no chance that you decide that. they can send. 3. sons in other words. to that and then to such an icy way that. this was just the. time that. now it doesn't have an issue so for example there are issues and she didn't want to. simply tell you that it's outside the especially. any allegations of the. with the new indictment of a songe the government is advancing a legal argument that places such an important work in jeopardy the administration
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has gone from denigrating journalists as enemies of the people to now criminalizing common practices in journalism any government use of the espionage act to criminalize the receipts and publication of classified information poses a diet threat to journalists seeking to publish such information in the public interest irrespective of the justice department's assertion that the sons is not a journalist this is an extraordinary escalation of the trumpet mistresses attacks and journey. list and a direct assault on the 1st amendment their spinouts indictment of his songs for bob listening is an extremely dangerous frontal attack on the free press bad bad bad the department of justice just declared war not on we can expect in journalism itself this is no longer by julian the songs this case will decide the future of media this is madness it is the end of national security journalism and the 1st amendment. no genocide mystery that's. why they put on this year
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was. that he was this guy for a. house i find. myself in that was very bright and the scene was like and then again so i. must say it was taken that i did. this was indeed i to think it was as if you actually think i was sick. and that if i am in that done was to notice each other so much that some other man. was out of this region as he had known i was near cincinnati was not the film us president must was who. his father. was worried about his
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son's house now was a decision. that was the reason that. they was a socialist c something with them at least it was a nice was actually something you know i think. and this. was. certainly making their voices heard to say thank cheri that shaddy edwards dashed the forest. in london. now you tube has removed a video by project their attacks which uncovers the way social media app pinterest allegedly senses conservative views twitter also chimed in to temporarily banning the group for sharing internal communications from pinterest the founder of project very task has accused youtube of waging a war on journalism. tech giants retaliate against the side who leaked docs showing
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censorship of christine and pro-life material they have removed our investigative inside reports you tube now 40 bullet proof journalism by deleting it censorship that's how you tube responded to a recent report by project vera 6 posing well censorship in social media the investigation features an inside source from the social media platform pinterest concealing his identity during the interview whistleblower eric cochrane exposes the ways his employer censors conservative voices on the platform words like bible verses and christian are put on a so-called sensitive terms list basically words that might offend people are excluded from search suggestions a list of what the company considers conspiracy theories was formed also to control the spread of certain information and a pro-life website was even labeled as pornography to prevent usage of its link on the platform the documents we've obtained raise serious questions about whether
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these companies are neutral platforms or publishers with an editorial agenda or her school groups and cruise through talking to. somebody. or. are the ones who support our. troops from work so what did this whistleblower get in return for shedding some light on social media censorship the boot from his job and the backlash didn't stop there twitter also suspended project veritas after the organization leaked pinterest employee chats publishing conversations without permission violated the terms of service they said but the published talks revealed employees calling ben shapiro a white supremacist the pinterest insider also saw how quote white supremacist unquote content like ben shapiro. commentary for instance goes from identified to
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censored and somehow his name found its way to pinterest sensitive terms list alongside cocaine and some not so very tasty sandwiches see the connection and to be honest this isn't the 1st time project veritas has so controversially done what journalists are supposed to do. one strategy is. to shut. down from one of. the show she what she should. go by says i mean that is the you know the you. you're.
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i think a lot of thought. what about. you know what they say when the going gets tough the tough get going on court there will pinterest has said that the website was targeted for misinformation relating to conspiracies and anti vaccination advice while he she said that it's robust guidelines exist because of the importance of user privacy a tech experts we spoke to says that platforms that likely like you tube are increasingly losing people stressed but they didn't want people to know what they found out i mean what they found out was actually very bad they found out that. there was a systematic. suppression of conservative voices on these basically on these platforms that are open in. in fact under the law these are supposed to be
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communication systems which are protected speech that people have that's just like a telephone they don't censor your telephone calls and why should they be able to censor you when you go on twitter or on instagram this is the kind of thing that's happening now and people just need know one thing they cannot trust these platforms for anything we're going to take a quick break now but back with money in to me. join me every thursday on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you. what is it calling. magic the new type of digital currency
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decentralized digital scarcity chancellor. of 2nd for bankers call the genesis blog for reason because civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history of this columbus discovering the new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. welcome back now to the b.b.c.'s facing a backlash from u.k. pension is because they are angry after the broadcaster announced it was scrapping
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free t.v. licenses for the 70 five's. respecting and honoring elders looking out for them is one thing but money's money if the 75 year old couldn't watch t.v. they sure as heck couldn't pay for it says the b.b.c. . currently all households with people over $75.00 are entitled to a free t.v. license that government funded scheme which is expected to cost $745000000.00 pounds by 2021 slash $22.00 comes to an end in 2023 tele's over the grandpas and grandmas time to cough up insured millions of pensioners many of them the same will then living on very modest incomes are going to have to sponsor the b.b. she because the corporation doesn't feel like shutting some of it's hugely
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expensive project the b.b.c. did the math right what they got wrong was the public reaction outrage i'm this close to canceling my t.v. license this close i want my license fee refunded. i'm so glad i stopped paying for a t.v. license 2 years ago petitions popping up left and right anger frustration a feeling of injustice why a voce who worked serve the nation for decades being put in the same level as everyone outs where are your manners even government ministers party leaders are upset pensioners have spent their lives contributing to our society providing over 70 five's with free t.v. licenses is not too much to ask here is the kicker the b.b.c. plans to make an additional $500000000.00 pounds by making the seniors pay for
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comparison that's roughly the cost of $5.00 f. $35.00 fighter jets which the u.k. is buying $140.00 of talk about priorities some are angry about the t.v. license cost say the b.b.c. of today the quality of their programmes don't justify the billions that go into it with the latest public hits show hosted by a cartoon vladimir putin who has what appears to be a middle eastern accent. of the night. you see now why the b.b.c. needs more money the poor fellows can't even afford a russian voice actor public patience is wearing thin there are those that are getting tired of the scandals after scandal coming out of the b.b.c. be it ridiculous salaries for the top guys or lack of objectivity so many british
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people are asking openly why are they still paying to own t.v.'s in the age of the internet almost certainly this idea of a t.v. being a separate box that different to your computer will completely. disappear. from many many households and then the question do you have a t.v. will become a weird question to ask by the way the b.b.c. is still 250000000 pounds short of keeping the all of its stuff on there so if you have any ideas of who else to squeeze for a few more quid immigrants ginger's centenarians don't hesitate get in touch l appreciate it or it ghastly of there when the b.b.c.'s decision comes after the government passed the cost of funding free licenses for the over $70.00 five's to the broadcaster it says maintaining the free licenses would affect the quality of
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its programming but does add that those least able to pay will still be entitled to a fee waiver. a white south african farmer was murdered recently made rising tensions over land ownership in the country r.t. spoke with the victim's neighbor who was himself attacked the day after the killing . i saw. a person in the. in the kitchen and it all. happened so fast it was standing on the ground so when this guy was at the bar has. agreed to hold of it to to try and get a problem because i thought that i could stop him. in but he was so strong in post apartheid south africa whites to make up about 8
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percent of the population but they still dominate the economy and own more than 70 percent of the country's most productive land in 2017 the african national congress indorse the expropriation of land without compensation although the policy has still to become law without prospects has heightened tensions bringing the national debate over the only ship of land to the fore the number of farm attacks is increased significantly over the last 4 years and the government denies that white people are being deliberately targeted and says that farm murders are part of south africa's crime problem white farmers say though they are living in fear. we were shocked when we. had been killed and. so even 3 years ago in the last year. ready we didn't think was necessary. but now we think it's different definitely necessary
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when according to police one of the suspects in the recent phenomenon was previously employed by him and that has triggered combs for better policing of agricultural farm lands and the master off is a spokes person for black 1st land 1st and says that south african society still lacks equality south africa is a divided society the most unequal society the world we continue but people in general in this country are subjected to lend this illness and in this particular case white people in particular the white minority continues to loot over the land at this tolson 60 groupie to 80 percent of the lead people black people in particular continue to live with outland without homes in the undignified way the white community strike tbilisi into the international community. like the. white genocide against because it's completely false white people when they die in the.
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age of communities or and their followers that the stolen land that there was this white people in the white community at large tries to make it like it's some special experience that they have been told that if anything we must realize that black people are subjected to in you ain't got ships they don't need to get those living in a. we really made lenders that majority we were thrown into that get those and kill each other as it is out of those and white people or somebody turned in there and it could have stolen so much to sure that we as black people can look with dignity and not be a placed in the ways that we have been all being oppressed. and that is how the news is looking so far today here in r.t. we're back again with the headlines and more stories in just over half a. i
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. this is the old boss broadcasting around the globe and covering the world of business and finance an impact upon us all time to anybody in washington here's a look at what's moving the markets today while prices are on the rise after an attack on the world key oil producing regions this comes as the u.s. is storming forward with an expansion of oil production r t correspondence type sites haven't garren alex mahela that are on hand to drill into the bigger picture in the oil markets plus is the trans-pacific trade fight continues to have an impact on stocks on both sides of the ocean drugs group the institute for china american studies is on hand to rip through the harsh rhetoric and get to the numbers finally as the effects of the trade war weigh heavily on china another link at the economic chain begins to last as swine fever grips the nation's ports supply horwitz above the trading joins us to lay out how china plans to get through tough times ahead we have attack show days let's go and died right in. with our
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global report today in the middle east where a dangerous situation is heating up after 2 tankers were reportedly attacked in the gulf of oman the u.s. navy was a ploy immediately to assist the sea vessels as they were blazing their crews were evacuated the situation rings of an attack in may 14 ships were attacked near for jerry row near the united arab in the united arab emirates an international investigation it's either attack said a state actor was likely at fault in that case this afternoon u.s. secretary mike pompei all announce a trumpet ministration believes iran is responsible for this attack iran has devolved denied involvement in this or the other attack the location of the strike is crucial as it is near the strait of hormuz an important choice choke point through which crude headed particularly to asian markets passes the attack has further significance as japanese.


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