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tv   News  RT  June 14, 2019 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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you know with. the crew of one of the oil tank is damaged in a suspected attack in the gulf of oman say they were hit by flying projectiles apparently contradicting u.s. claims that the iranians planted a mine on the vessel. also succumb to iran has hit back the american allegation accusing the u.s. of resorting to sabotage the plane missing. but. the u.k. court will hold a hearing on whether to extradite junior sanch to the u.s. where the whistleblower could face up to 175 years in prison and tech giants are accused of silencing speech they don't like that after you tube removed the video project there a task detailing the way social media pinterest allegedly senses conservative
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groups. documents with tade raised serious questions about whether these companies are neutral platforms for publishers with an editorial agenda. hello good afternoon you're watching r.t. international now america's claim that iran attacked tankers in the gulf of oman has had a certain amount of doubts cast upon it because earlier washington presented a video of what it claimed were rain ians removing an unexploded mine from one of the vessels the tank is owner who says that his crew reported flying projectiles hitting. the crew say they were hit by a flying object we don't think it could have been a bomb attached to the boat. as mentioned the u.s.
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military central command has released a video showing what it claims is an iranian military patrol boat removing an unexploded mine from one of the tankers iranian leader hassan rouhani has accused the u.s. of the stabilizing pace and security in the middle east secretary of state mike pompei or he said that washington's assessment that iran is culpable was based on intelligence adding that no one else in the region had the capacity to carry out such an attack islamic republic of iran is responsible for the attacks that occurred in the gulf of oman the proxy group operating in the or has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication. over the last 2 years the u.s. has been implementing an aggressive approach violating international law and using its financial and military clout this poses a serious threat to the region and to global security when the iranian foreign minister has branded the claim iran is behind the attacks to sabotage diplomacy the
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u.s. has since sent missile destroyers to the region to iran denies any involvement in the attacks and this question the timing of the incidents is colored moppin reports . so there were 2 oil tankers that were hit. over your. forward but i want to know. from one of them get it from both of your. brothers and i want company. to go and he's going to be our neutral. group or everybody.
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to put the dock was good is civil the system in the did it will get on or not specifically. let's go over the facts now the 1st one belongs to john frederick 2 so he's a long time norwegian trading partner of iran his relationship with iran goes back to the 1980 s. one biography even refers to him as the ayatollah as lifeline so at a time when washington is using all kinds of pressure to try and stop or running an oil exports it really doesn't make sense for iran to then lash out and attack one of its oldest friends now the 2nd oil tanker to be hit is even more interesting this is a japanese owned chemical tanker and it was hit at the same time that japan's prime minister shinzo ave was in tehran meeting with iran's supreme leader is that. iran from the ancient times of the persian empire into the present day has been the
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great country of the middle east and will remain so i mean the future so we're to believe that at the time that iran was making nice with japan while japan was helping them to find ways to help their oil exports keep flowing despite. u.s. sanctions that iran then turns around and decides to bomb a japanese vessel in fact iran has been rather nice to the united states in the last few days a u.s. resident who is charged with espionage was just released as a gesture of good will so why would they then choose this moment to fire tar paedos in the gulf of oman the iranian foreign minister job and zarif is describing these events as suspicious report to the turks on japan related to tank use occurred while pm was meeting with ayatollah for extensive and friendly talks suspicious doesn't begin to describe what likely transpired this morning while iran is struggling to keep its nuclear deal intact and keep its economy afloat by selling its most prized resources on the international market like bomb peo would have us
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believe they then flipped out and torpedoed their 2 key business partners now why exactly would iran do that well because they're the bad guys of course don't ask too many questions caleb mopp and r.t. new york where the 2 vessels caught fire in one of the world's key oil routes near the strait of hormuz it is the only way in and out of the gulf the incident prompted the oil price to say to which iran has threatened to shut the waterway in response to the u.s. ending wave is on reining in oil imports last month for oil vessels russo sabotage near the same strategic strait back then the u.s. also pointed the finger at saran and sent an aircraft carrier group postponements to the region in may iran's said it would ruin a sum of its commitments under the nuclear deal you know that's really abandoned by the u.s. after washington imposed sanctions well it has. sparked fears of
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a confrontation although both nations do say they do not want a war with let's get some analysis now with the iranian journalist and he joins us from tehran and you very welcome thanks for coming on let's just 1st need to. about this latest incident because we've heard a discrepancy of you 7 we've heard crowing from the japanese ship saying they were hit by a flying projectile of some sort but not so long ago we heard pompei oh say we believe iranians planted mines on that ship. well you know when the incident happened in iran sense of risk and relief in order to. save the crews on board for those tankers and on the other hand iran has described that incident as suspicious so i think this is part of a tactic in order to put pressure on iran why the japanese prime minister was paying a visit to iran to mediate between iran and the united states i think this is
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a message from the american side in order to signal to iran that if you do not come to the negotiating table and there are conditions you will see this escalation in the region and they want to somehow let's say highlight and emphasize on the military threats against iran but on the other hand it doesn't make sense for iran at the time that its leader is meeting with japanese prime minister to do such kind of things and comments remarks by the united states secretary of state mr pompeo i think can be can be analyzed against the backdrop of his comments rescind the or in the past while he said that he was the cia director they cheated they lie and this can be part of that this information we have been seeing that this information happening visit the iran by the united states the state department as well as american media pass you reported that. the united states has the voted
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a cover operations budget and i think these are part of the strategy or tactic to put. exercise pressure against iran in the region while the americans want to push iran toward the negotiating table they want to have with the iran but their own conditions what are the chances of ever getting to the bottom of exactly what happened he think there will be an independent investigation. i think where they ran once and that will be in the benefit of iran is a clear investigation on this issue because there are sides in the region who want to bring escalation to that part of the wall while iran has been talking about cooperation with other countries in the region in order to establish that this part of this part of the world and if a clear light is put on these kind of suspicious incidents i think that will
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benefit iran and that war is some countries in the region or beyond the region because what they want to see is an isolated iran and it's interesting that before a japanese prime minister's visit to iran we're seeing there some sides in the region like the israeli prime minister is calling. this asking him to put to impose the pressure and increase the pressure against iran so there seems that there are sides in the region who do not want to see iran's cooperation with the countries in the region or beyond the region that they want to bring us on the other side the united states sees pressure and these kind of incidents as a kind of tactic to put pressure on iran in order to yield to go to the negotiating table that the united states once but and so if any further i mean lie
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geisha is done in these kind of incidents which are suspicious in the region i think that will benefit the region as well as iran ok mr gillani look we're going to have to leave it there but very good to talk to have aslan he's an iranian journalist based in toronto and king. in other news a protest against the extradition which. is underway in front of westminster mansions court in london where a hearing on whether to hand him over to the u.s. has just got under way state side he does face. more than 175 years in prison for publishing classified documents let's go live now to the coaches outside chavis that was dashed is there for some a moment. just run through then the latest on this case and what's happening right now shouting. oh right right it's crunch time for cheered this is the extradition request is heard we all had there i was just and i just right was c it just fun to do your case but i'm such a such a charge of signing that. just yesterday i read
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a thing why for this. is the right justice but protesters and activists think. that they believe it's an incredibly dark day for the freedom of it have come out in and numbers to show solidarity with. himself to not be able to cross this day will be a further via video link to. say what we know is that this will mean that breivik find safe of his extradition will be no it's not a government. that is merely procedural at this moment in time. we know that they want to do most of indictments 75 out in our. publishing right. here across the border in afghanistan. one of. the hacking government was of people. that. go to.
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prison for purposes of 175 years i want. to write. a national security threat. to united states and i said i think for. many it is exercise it will not face a fair trial and that's enough going in held by the rich people. well i don't believe that we are going to win this with legal. argument there is no chance that julian will get a fair trial here in the u.k. or in the u.s. of course unless there's a change of reporting that people actually start speaking out we're not talking about a prosecution we're talking about a persecution. was never. her story happy because it's a genocide in the belmarsh prison. guards of the local answerable target he
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also has said that they were extradited he will not face a fair trial in the united states and he had violations of human rights freedom of expression and the private bishan of torture now it's not just the fischel organizations like the united nations that one read and concerned about this extradition but journalists here they believe it's a very dark day for freedom of expression. the with the new indictment of a songe the government is advancing a legal argument that places such an important work in jeopardy the administration has gone from denigrating journalists as enemies of the people to now criminalizing common practices in journalism any government use of the espionage act to criminalize the receipts and publication of classified information poses a diet threat to journalists seeking to publish such information in the public interest irrespective of the justice department's assertion that the sun's is not a journalist this is an extraordinary escalation of the trumpet mistresses attacks
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on journalism and a direct assault on the 1st amendment their spin us indictment of his sons for bob listening is an extremely dangerous frontal attack on the free press bad bad bad the department of justice just declared war not on wiki leaks but in journalism itself this is no longer by julian the songe this case will decide the future of media this is madness it is the end of national security journalism and the 1st amendment was of course i did a search warrant back in. to the public earlier this year and. also be remembered by 1st place from london's ecuadorian embassy that he was seeking political asylum for the grant from the fountain days which is a question of almost 7 years in the fine men he began serving at 60 when. the case fell most getting filed by 20 throve and this is actually.
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by inmates at the belmarsh prison on the same. video. unit so i think someone is going to enormous and maybe a surprise. l house at the moment he started does look like not in that video footage wilson only was present medical ward and his father but i cannot see this week about. how now on top of all of this is not just a nice one it will they want to fight for the allegations of sexual assault something of which sounds very much. a free for his extradition to the united states but i want to say protesters are really upset about this extradition request credibly worried about the freedom of expression and they believe that to say this really does seem to feel like the poll is rolling towards extradition and i say oh . ok thank you ashanti that was shoddy and which daschle outside westminster my
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school there in london where at the extradition hearing has just got on the way concerning shooting the son. you want to know if he will back with more stories for you in a couple minutes. what is it going to coin is magic internet the new type of digital currency decentralized digital scarcity chancellor i'm bringing a 2nd bailout for
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a bank that's called the genesis blog for reason calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus is a game changer in the human history and this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. welcome back to our think he has removed the video by project veritas which uncovers the way special media app pinterest allegedly senses conservative twitter also chimed in to temporarily banning the group for sharing internal communications from pinterest the founder of project this is accused of waging war on journalism.
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tech giants retaliate against the side who leaked docs showing censorship of christine and pro-life material they have removed our investigative inside reports you tube now 40 bullet proof journalism by deleting it censorship that's how you tube responded to a recent report by project vera 6 posing well censorship in social media the investigation features an inside source from the social media platform pinterest concealing his identity during the interview whistleblower eric cochrane exposes the ways his employer censors conservative voices on the platform words like bible verses and christian are put on a so-called sensitive terms list basically words that might offend people are excluded from search suggestions a list of what the company considers conspiracy theories was formed also to control the spread of certain information and a pro-life website was even labeled as pornography to prevent usage of its link on
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the platform the documents we've obtained raised serious questions about whether these companies are neutral platforms or publishers with an editorial agenda or her school groups and cruise through. and somebody. wardrobe should go to war. are the ones who support our. troops over from war so what of this whistleblower get in return for shedding some light on social media censorship the boot from his job and the backlash didn't stop there twitter also suspended project veritas after the organization leaked pinterest employee chats publishing conversations without permission violated the terms of service they said but the published talks revealed employees calling ben shapiro a white supremacist the pinterest insider also saw how quote white supremacist
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unquote content like ben shapiro. commentary for instance goes from identified to censored and somehow his name found its way to pinterest sensitive terms list alongside cocaine and some not so very tasty sandwiches see the connection and to be honest this isn't the 1st time project vera toss has so controversially done what journalists are supposed to do. one strategy is. to shut. down from one. show she what she should how to. go. about it with you. if you're.
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i think what i thought. it was. you know what they say when the going gets tough the tough get going on quarter there were pinterest said that web site was targeted for misinformation relating to conspiracies and anti vaccination advice while you said that it's robust guidelines exist because of the importance of use of privacy tech expert we spoke to just say that platforms like you tube are increasingly losing people stressed. but they didn't want people to know what what they found out i mean what they found out was actually very bad they found out that there was a systematic suppression of conservative voices on on these basically on
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these platforms that are open in fact under the law are these are supposed to be communications systems which are protected speech that people have it's just like a telephone they don't censor your telephone calls and why should they be able to censor you when you go on twitter or on instagram this is the kind of thing that's happening now and people just need know one thing they cannot trust these platforms for anything. now the b.b.c. is facing a backlash from u.k. pensioners because they are angry after the broadcaster announced it was scrapping free t.v. licenses for the over 70 five's with more his but i guess the respecting and. elders looking out for them is one thing but money's money if a 75 year old can watch t.v. they sure as heck can pay for it says the b.b.c. currently all households with people over $75.00 are entitled to a free t.v.
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license that government funded scheme which is expected to cost $745000000.00 pounds by 2021 slash $22.00 comes to an end in 2023 tele's over the grandpas and grandmas time to cough up in short millions of pensioners many of the disabled and living on very modest incomes are going to have to sponsor the b.b.c. because the corporation doesn't feel like shutting some of its hugely expensive projects the b.b.c. did the math right what they got wrong was the public reaction outrage boycott the b.b.c. there is disgrace money grabbing all sound a 5 year old should be exempt from pains a license fee. so over 70 five's have served their country and worked for decades to make her country a better place will not be church 154 pounds for a t.v. license a week after d.-day commemorations shima new b.b.c.
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petitions popping up left and right anger frustration a feeling of injustice why of those who worked serve the nation for decades being put in the same level as everyone outs where are your manners even government ministers party leaders are upset pensioners have spent their lives contributing to our society providing over 74 hours with free t.v. licenses is not too much to ask here is the kicker the b.b.c. plans to make an additional 500000000 pounds by making the seniors pay for comparison that's roughly the cost of $5.00 f. $35.00 fighter jets which the u.k. is buying $140.00 of talk about priorities some are angry about the t.v. license cost say the b.b.c. of today the quality of their programmes don't justify the billions that go into it
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with the latest public hits show hosted by a cartoon vladimir putin who has what appears to be a middle eastern accent. you see now why the b.b.c. needs more money the poor fellows can't even afford a russian voice actor public patience is wearing thin for those that are getting tired of the scandals of the scandal coming out of the b.b.c. be it ridiculous salaries for the top guys or lack of objectivity so many british people are asking openly why are they still paying to. these in the age of the internet almost certainly this idea of a t.v. being a separate box that different to your computer will completely disappear. from many
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many households and then the question do you have a t.v. will become a weird question to ask by the way the b.b.c. is still 250000000 pounds short of keeping the all of its stuff on there so if you have any ideas of who else to squeeze for a few more quid immigrants centenarians don't hesitate get in touch i'll appreciate it b.b.c.'s decision does come after the government passed the cost of funding free licenses for the over 70 five's to the broadcaster it says though b.b.c. says maintaining the free licenses would affect the quality of its programming adds to that those least able to pay or still be intitled to a waiver. now brings up tonight that so many say for us today or not he will back again at the top i.
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feel welcome you. both. and i hope of you when you move to new but i'm. sure. you'll be local was wishing that you. just got a little bit you will ship. you. the
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smell of. serious still a teenager but in a year he'll be fully grown wolf by then ivana hopes to be able to afford to move to the country for the time being though given and have to live close to the city center. my. mom. well the most. emotive one was there on the phone from the. to flow when the room.
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used to be. it was all for the wolf cub to help him train his hunting dogs. yeah. yeah. i'm not really a little. bit of those it will help the believes out than the one each telling you something it's not the up with all sub novels by steve. yep you know what if it. was a. friends on the. board. with a wooden.


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