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used to be. he was offered a job to help him train his hunting dogs. the. media . i'm not really a little. bit of. the believes that the. the up with all sub novels by. the up in order. to get. bored. with the wouldn't. want. to show. up in the. famous mystery.
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has recently become. he tells stories about his life with the wolf. after complaining recently about having to walk the beast for several hours at a time which will holes in his shoes and made his feet wet the subscribers sent him a gift. you don't. work with me. when you know that the. price.
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alexandr works for the national rescue service. and that's been his dream to meet them the trouble is that alexander is haunted by a deep seated phobia his fear of the predator wolf is so tense. well you know when i've known you all my family when you are on with 3 of the most powerful enough you have to look up what the boy said what. my youth are. for the school movers to. push him was he but to me that would let you do any of the would you choose the most you could you do she. stay at take us off i mean i swear to get the support. also don't be big and i get up off
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he said you know i will post again you keep it i witnessed it off. with an even yeah i made it once which any of us lead people said you'll do with the right but the most all did it was it was accused of using the push. with them so i had to get them like that and yes this will conduct people say is. that. the exit you will but which we thought you was like when its soul got the boot i did but it's at the. at the moment i've made my complete quantity is this. inside of myself include just above all can you wish to walk in on this for months old and. previously been. almost seen it was like but the most on the wall was it a cordial to my friend. do. it
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the way a bush source which will be one of the you're pretty sure you. because of the nice because of the national problem and she writes the sussed for a new coach he became which teach you what's good it's. also mean. was one of. those up was that we get this become totally what are you going to do much of the scene you must mean. that it's not show you. but you see them still in open your site and the way my body. used. to that i should start about that got the whole evening speed.
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by. this block. did you cannot do ted just blocking. yeah and you would give up some liturgy. when you said your kids are like. this are. watching the probably any of these then you would get i want. my own i do have a lot of. that if you're saying you would have them sit with you pretty much critique you i didn't. want to write you off. now let's just put it. this or you know minds.
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of some of these guys here we. start looking up at a metaphor suspiciously so that we just want to reassure. it still bill will well you. know what this. is not to do this year as opposed to what. you should just. to vote for someone that zacharie its own experience 1st on the that they had there was no crysler is the guy did it but clues if my yeah that's because of what. we see as food or food vs flu and there's a list of the local area still sitting on the smears the subway store boy in the moralist bull spoke to look out the door and i want to presuppose you could boy you sure have spin yeah he took the place with. a fortune just as.
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good you got it while the work at the coal for you're such a bloke or are you glad we did use gone with you. but the other with the boys you just go along with that. you're one of the longer you will not there are cards why you why did you. just start your star search sure to kill dot com finally answer me to dot. com let's leave leave. me out of. was this the way we deal. with sure. to state them young on the books of your output of rules. but just the way to think you've jumped over us for watchful what there's 2 of them in your former job for us to watch for just one you more ship board which to me at the with that so as i don't. see should could keep that with the belief that we're still brewing youngblood or other what those joe didn't have phone store or. just me i don't get
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the. going to visit i was listening to the yeah i knew who the chip walks that you . got to have most of us. have got some small time head of waiting for alexander to come over and meet the world so he decided that they'd pay him a visit instead. of always that movie theater. when he. was not. star i need fuel for indigo it would still be a bit like a muscle your actual you don't want to use up a lot i think if you plugs into a bum woman at the pub most people believe they could.
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so you say that brings us to the end of the series if we could just let josie marino walk away so we decided to stop host to a very special farewell party. an interesting path at this time to go back to the punchline and thanks for putting on such a group bought it. with. the only thing that i didn't enjoy was my then sink. in moscow my friend seen.
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the. movie. well thankfully we nailed it literally there we go. to get up off the ground began to. herd them freaks on the sounds of an mit grown man the christening essentially. pushed it away from the officer. of his group. the obviously did a kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then when it happened on tree swung at the observations didn't hit him i never saw any contact with you that you any kind of went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he did turn 3. you know well to which they're all the
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americans that the chinese the indians the russians and said europeans can only be a player at that global top table by standing united and we are already united on the economic front and we increasingly understand that we have to do so also on the defense front. she would just. go to see all those things. such as training to be a dog handler and all her classmates and teachers know she has a wolf so during classes they talk about the animal from a professional perspective. not like you know when you get that right which is difficult.
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when the no idea. what you. mean what they're doing and when it's just a little bump. by . the. governments enough to study with and lead the. new blue. you have to work at the switch. do you. know what that someone could be in your new dish risk is still very. snotty of the realtor in the room and yet you. this.
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guy was somewhat used to. the machines they have this week you know but it's not just on shows i ve show you go to me you know. so much to hear especially in. your team. but. who would it's that you do i have it was busy you. want to know will come close to. the stuff. is cut so we know what it took at that. point the pressure but i didn't know which. blood 2 it was because the.
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chance to ask him was going to. be a bone you will could use about me. you don't do that. you had to get that mushrooms back when the. most to me but i should not have to live but to. be bizarrely sure. that there was. a wall going by the whole. idea is all through. your. neurons when you are. in for fuel.
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it is not i was more snow impressed as it should also remind me that the ws is like a multiple friends. now that somebody was one person the pianist. and i'm in your i want to live not so we didn't. go well if you go there are using your will you always your. know as it was not the most of all could go either way but sure. he is able to drink is if you do a show. but if you. lie down like most ideas. mario these sound like oh well to start your own work was with you or is it. like the most ideas. but you.
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know. that we should run the country when we. come back i guess i don't know much. but. so are part. of. the. syria really hates going home and so even always has to ask his daughter to meet them outside. she will. write these that closely. little cooler
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with very. few people sasha's friendly over isn't quite ready for a close wolf encounter so he beats a hasty retreat fuel flow back i'll go over with your good. school it's so cool. they're right there with. a few of. the. killers if i you know my shift in the city. has put. so over the cliff coaches if you all. could not satish put.
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on what she must be doing all the chin was just. too bushes too didn't know. what a theory was before i leave the last few days there was even if he was there with nobody. to show my. little cause it. is the evil that. should. thank. all of. this imagine true. this is true for you. so if no one should. have to fly 50.
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well what is it that. meanwhile alexander braces himself and decides to meet the wolf we'll do it 1st thing in the morning we're. going by more to the south for more. what so. we're in there. go out in the old.
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blues. show us just you know pretty soon yes yes he just it was an awesome you have to see just by. the idea that this for you wasn't for the those.
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was. that i was there. were. you. even at. the us. the party at the. shots. of the service one. of. them was the studio owners. while alexander goes to war with his father the wolf eats the balcony.
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and then them with the let's. kill ships that should result. in much. insidiousness. of you know what the just one little special can. as well as destroying the wolf is learning to dig holes in belton is so well family meeting is cool they decided to reinforce the balcony so the animal confiscate. you know. so. you're sure will. it's more. what they do though and. than yours are accustomed to look at the world. yes
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there's going to. be a. little you still plenty to do with them but. much much of. this truth locus of my fits but it will not get them. to. the employers. the encounter took place and. in a way everyone agreed it would happen to be when they meet his new boss between them that's when sasha's battle with his phobia will find. this but it. was quite. right there is the wind blowing wind blowing.
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at the huge nickel beats that it would beat them we have to use it well i. don't mean to do that almost the good it was a good question and you still. look where you get the. glow of both to show. that. we win but i said does that mean. you will but those will be won you changed your mind you're doing. more of the. one dish. washing. now somebody. you know there's a lot of videos that show. students going to go also so there are probably a. lot of general plus missions that are sure it won't seem to don't want just the quiet down that.
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she did. that's why easy $1000000.00 of needed to be the does a one year by shoulder while you're done with them while you. get the credit will. the space you use will sheets of. indian fast food church more. that the more ship a new one to. which i don't. want to cook. some of the potential too much of a monolithic barbara bush george. w. liberal by. the bush wasn't for me did you just kill too much.
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to see a chance for years to stay in your. machine was membership measures. in the in the whitish compiler you are going to. show me. what big eyes you have grandpa said little red riding-hood yes my dear said the wolf all the better to see you with. and watch big teef you have grandma said little red riding-hood again of course my idea said the wolf all the better to each you all. you know touga 2017 the german newspaper developed published an article claiming that the european union has lost 30000000000 euros as
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a result of its very anti russian sanctions. particularly affected eastern. many polish film as went broke and he committed suicide. sometimes i can't account or as i doze off on the get a moment. we'll talk on the phone call them down. on these if young jim did have to find out by the office i'm going to the dolls and on to other kind of unknown. doesn't then let's see in the. song the smiths. on the dance with all the faults and that's what.
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i think you know cubans all over the world. are all very similar you know west the westerners did not invent democracy you know there's democracy everywhere in world history in india in china if you go far enough back creating inclusion in soviet union after 990 was not a matter of adopting the u.s. constitution it was a matter of finding what works in that cultural context. well let's just look at.
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the u.s. says it's looking to build an international consensus over the ledge of oil tanker attacks in the gulf of oman and continues to blame iran without providing verifiable evidence to look back at washington's track record when it comes to convincing the global community about supposedly rogue states. hong kong's administration postpones a controversial bill on extradition to china after hundreds of thousands take to the streets in protest. and numerous ads are axed in britain after a watchdog rules that gender stereotypes are harming society. the pondering to female most isn't in that so i think it's appalling and it's deadly gratian of men don't want to see stereotypes versions and visions of awesome.


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