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the u.s. ramps up the pressure on iran continuing to accuse the country of attacking oil tankers in the gulf of oman we look back at washington's track record of claims against so-called rogue states. hong kong postpones a controversial bill on extradition to china after hundreds of thousands take to the streets in protest. and the several commercials are cancelled in britain after a watchdog rules that the gender stereotypes are harming society. the the pandering to females. in advertising is appalling and part of that is denigration of men with. stereotypes and visions of the. chaps.
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who are broadcasting live from our studios in moscow this is r t international i'm john thomas glad to have you with us. why the u.s. and iran are trading accusations over a suspected attack on 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman washington's acting defense secretary claims america is simply trying to build agreement on what happens. i think as you can tell we have an international situation there and all of this is not a us situation and the focus for myself and embassador bolton and secretary pompei o is to build international consensus to this international problem earlier the u.s. released a video which it claims shows iranians removing an unexploded mine from one of the vessels but the tankers owner says his career port of the vessel being hit by
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flying projectiles tehran meanwhile has accused america of engaging in sabotage diplomacy and undermining peace and security in the region. over the last 2 years the u.s. has been implementing an aggressive approach violating the international law and using its financial and military clout this poses a serious threat to the region into global security so iran is questioning of the evidence the u.s. has presented and as artie's to your comments america does have a history of making questionable claims. event accusation more we've seen it so many times before is history about to repeat the us secretary of state mike compare who's 100 percent convinced iran's got blood or in this case burning oil all over its hands it is the assessment of the united states government that islamic republic of iran is responsible for the attacks that occurred in the gulf of oman
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today these unprovoked attacks present a clear threat to international peace and security a blatant assault on the freedom of navigation and in an acceptable campaign of escalating tension by iran but similar bold accusation claims have been made in the past and how have they worked out countries invaded have undeniably been led by controversial figures often dictators but the evidence supplied by the us has more often than not been somewhat lacking and let's not even mention weapons of mass destruction let's take a look at libya in 2011 more gadhafi equaled enemy number one secretary clinton was there to tell us the toughest security forces in other groups in the region are trying to divide the people by using violence against women and rape as tools of war and the united states come dems this in the strongest possible terms the media swallowed it whole libya mass rape claims using vi agri would be
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a horrific 1st us and boy gadhafi troops raping issued viagra for as a defense viger branded migs libyan mass rape allegations not exactly the conclusion of the un or even human rights groups come with your conclusion that there is a systematic policy of rape in my opinion we can't i know i said i wouldn't mention iraq so-called w m d's and i won't but i will talk about iraq because remember washington's going into battle against it twice this will not stand this aggression . against the way. in the 1990 s. george bush sr was ready to go to war after iraq's troops entered kuwait not convinced of the need for action perhaps this will help there i saw the wreck you saw use coming to the hospital with guns. we took the babies.
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to think you'd be among the children to die of a cold. that was a young a kuwaiti girl speaking to the u.s. congress cue the headlines witnesses talk of iraqi atrocities the rape of a nation and some literal identity theft and q the war just one problem that girl was the daughter of the kuwaiti ambassador in the u.s. while the interview was organized by a p.r. firm later investigations once again concluded reality was far from the truth back to present day and a new holder of the america's most hated title by this whalen president nicolas maduro trump says his time's up you will find no safe car no wheezy exit and no way. you will know everything. the trumpet ministration accused murderer of torching aid trucks there were photos to most dogs civilians killed by live rooms and the burning of trucks carrying
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badly needed food and medicine this is been a response to peaceful efforts to help venezuelans countries that still brooke it lies madeira should take note of. and once again the media lapped it up a bit embarrassing when the new york times is later forced to admit it was in fact the opposition has been striking the matches so to go back to where we weaken iran still convinced by mr pompei is video perhaps the lesson to be learned investigation before action as opposed to the other way around. and it's incredible that the bracton still plays the game of wanting to persuade because american is the american people to go to war it doesn't need international what it means is that the people at home to think of killing for the greater good iraqis have to believe that the war is to do waging against other countries it's not for america's pocket but because they want to be the saviors of the world through the exceptional
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nation and this is why our. work for america is just lost its moral standing in the baltics of all its wars its lost its treasury now has lost its insanity and if people don't stand up to america it won't is not stand up to america then walk for the world because the world will change as we know what . hong kong's chief executive has postponed a controversial bill on extradition after a wave of street protests i now announce that the government has decided to suspend a legislative amendment exercice restart all communication with all sectors of society do more explanation work and listen to different views of society the bill if passed would allow beijing to seek the extradition of suspects from hong kong to mainland china the final decision on whether to extradite or not would rest with
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hong kong's chords and its chief executive supporters of the draft law say it will prevent hong kong from becoming a refuge for criminals but others fear it will erode hong kong's special status within china and allow measuring to target political enemies but it is not just hong kong residents who are concerned as evangelos explains. for days there hong kong has been gripped by protest over an extradition bill that would allow alleged fugitives to be extradited to mainland china as well as taiwan. the was. did you notice the banners written in english or it doesn't seem the best way of getting the government's attention in beijing but american politicians are
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receiving the message loud and clear the extradition bill imperils the strong u.s. hong kong relationship there has florrie's for 2 decades if it passes to congress has no choice but to reassess whether hong kong is sufficiently autonomous under the one country 2 systems framework the extradition law proposed by beijing loyalists in hong kong would allow political dissidents minorities and foreign travelers in hong kong to be spirited away to china secret police on the mainland the people of hong kong are assembling in the streets to resist this threat to their freedom and send a message to the chinese communist party we stand with the people of hong kong that peaceful demonstrations are a strong profound statement against the extradition bill which undermines the rule of law on a secure business environment so from america's perspective extraditing suspects from hong kong to madeleine china seems to be awful but extraditing them to the
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united states well it seems to be fine because the united states still has an extra a tradition treaty with hong kong dating back to the territories time as a british colony and america is not only giving its moral support the us national and all meant for democracy has given vast sums to hong kong trade unions and rights groups driving this movement so why. behind all this generosity well the chinese state media has made it clear i don't think competitive media who for part of the protests in hong kong really run with beth or hung. the wrong toothy the things between and of the 10 men like americans in particular. who become the new crew campaign. so while the people of hong kong may have disputes with mainland china they're also finding themselves trapped in a power play between beijing and washington the u.s.
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government is threatening eve to be you will be passed it will change hong kong starters if that is the case your own homes just status quo as the opening import towards the world the movement the true will intensify and into a cold war it is of interest off the beach to keep us he is. going to escalate to the whole war hong kong moves be conceived and out the window connecting to real west that's recognized by the united states. president has angered his critics by saying he would be willing to accept compromising information on political opponents from foreign sources without alerting the f.b.i. . to somebody that said we have information on your opponent oh let me call the f.b.i. give me a break life as. he is
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a traitor to the pillars of our democracy that's what that interview shows it's a very sad and very sad thing that he does not know right from wrong is not interference in our elections it's illegal to take help from a foreign country in our elections it's illegal. course you have to look at it because if you don't look at it is not going to know but instead but of course you'd give it to the f.b.i. or reported to the attorney general or somebody like that donald trump has done it again he's opened his mouth and made a comment that has the democrats screaming we've got it and this time it involves for any info and the f.b.i. now there certainly is growing evidence of foreign contacts during the 2016 elections but not from the truck campaign but rather from the campaign of hillary clinton d.n.c. contractor was in contact with ukrainian officials regarding paul man a fort and his dealings in the country paul man afore it was the chief of donald trump's campaign at that time the ukrainian ambassador has confirmed that the
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clintons were digging up dirt the embassy got snow mr lupo because the very engaging with ukrainian and other diasporas in washington d.c. and often had d.n.c. capacity we've learned about the d.n.c. involvement later light is floated by alexandra were related to approaching a member of congress with the purpose to initiate hearings in pomona fooled well that's an investigative journalist on the prison portion crook question about mr manifolds during his public talk in washington d.c. according to some documents the obama white house was in on it as well reports show that meetings took place with the ukrainian anti corruption bureau in early 2016 when this is recalled that the u.s. department of justice was investigating ties between the ukrainian party of regions and folks in the united states they were sniffing around all manna for its contacts but they didn't bring. charges at the time it was definitely the case that led to the charges against manifolds on the leak to the us media during the 2016 election now the leak was provided by that particular anti corruption bureau in ukraine
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about millions of dollars that paul metaphoric had allegedly received the key of district administrative court ruled that the national anti corruption group of ukraine direct broke the law when disclosing information about u.s. citizen pool not afford these have the fact of interfering in the us election in 2016 and was detrimental to the interests of ukraine now whatever you think about foreign meddling this is got to raise eyebrows nothing in the bottom of the report came anywhere near this i think what the d.n.c. did with the ukraine is is. absolutely far 10 times beyond what anybody in the trump campaign did and if the standard is going to be seeking or even hearing information from foreign campaigns that that's going to be a criminal act the democrats are going to be in trouble way before the republicans are going to be in trouble they are really trampling on the 1st amendment now trying to make it a crime to listen to information and i think that's
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a dangerous path and it is unbelievable the way the other side united states is not wanting to talk about all the collusion the solicited collusion on the democrat side they had operated operatives not only actively seeking foreign information on president trump then candidate trump they were paying for that information and i don't know why the left media in the united states has a lot to cover this it's it's shocking. you know of earth our interests have taken to the streets across france for a 31st consecutive weekend in paris there were familiar scenes of riot police using tear gas. i. mean. several injuries were reported to the civil rest unrest excuse me started back in november as a protest against soaring fuel prices it then snowballed into
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a mass anti-government movement activists are now demanding a new tax a higher minimum wage and the resignation of president. german opposition lawmakers are voicing their alarm over trade ties with the united arab emirates that story much more so this is our 2 international. i think you know cubans all over the world. all very similar you know west the west in those did not invent democracy you know democracy everywhere in world history in india in china if you go far enough back creating inclusion in soviet union or you know after 990 was not a matter of adopting the u.s. constitution it was a matter of finding what works in the cultural context. in
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a world in which there are the americans that the chinese the indians the russians etc europeans can only be a player at that global top table by standing united and we are already united on the economic front and we increasingly understand that we have to do so also on the defense front. this is our team international germany is boosting its trade ties with the united arab emirates despite the gulf nations role in the war in yemen a far reaching deal was signed during the crown prince's visit to berlin and it has
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angered many german politicians as artie's maria for national comment. it was clearly a fruitful meeting but it's left a bitter taste in the mouth for some the visit will ration german chancellor angela merkel and the crown prince of the song and in their lane had $46.00 points and focused mainly on business ties between germany and the united arab emirates but the conversation apparently went far beyond that the 2 of you but of course we talked about the conflict in yemen and i'm very happy between a green a common explanation for the reason assessor to disappear or the new treaty of process in the united nations with the un special envoy of course they talked about yemen the united arab emirates is the 2nd key player in the devastating conflict there after saudi arabia and germany reportedly selling it weapons the reason why the warm welcome of the crown prince here in berlin made some opposition
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politicians fuming as deputy commander in chief of the u.s. armed forces he has access to enormous financial military capacities which he and scrupulously uses to support autocratic rulers who oppose human rights in countries such as egypt levy and saddam which shaikh muhammad bin sayed received by merkel and steinmeier a man responsible for war crimes in yemen now concrete actions not just strong words are needed the work crimes of the u.a.e. must not be rewarded by german arms exports even though there were no armed deals mentioned this time the bundestag opposition found out. earlier that the multi-billion euro partnership between germany and the united arab emirates doesn't include some deadly elements answering to a request by germany's left party the federal ministry for economic affairs confirmed yes german weaponry could go to the u.a.e.
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and no rules will be broken the party behind the request strongly disagrees we talked to its palm entry deputy who is also an m.p. the federal government violates the arms exports to the u.a.e. and the other countries participating in a war in yemen which is a violation of the political principles of the federal government for the export of war weapons and other armaments this document clearly stipulates delivery of weapons or arms components is not approved for countries involved in armed conflict or where there is a threat we contacted the federal ministry of economic affairs for clarification but so far haven't received a response and while there is still no clear understanding of whether germany does sell or whether it should sell its weapons to the united arab emirates the public discussion goes on and on last year angela merkel imposed an arms embargo on saudi
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arabia for its role in the yemen war this week she welcomed the u.a.e. crown prince mohammed bin zaid and praise strengthen business links with the gulf country no mention of arms exports. weapons are delivered to dubai the united arab emirates in fact there is no expert ban for weapons they're delivered to the military partners of saudi arabia people are dying anyway we need an e.u. wide expert ban germany which had different times has had various restrictions or rates arm trade with the united arab emirates over yemen claims there was no solid evidence that german made weapons were used in the conflict and therefore the country's guidelines have not failed its embargo with saudi arabia still in force and the general dropping german is arm experts proves that the country that stands for peace making moves in the right direction which probably means that the massive abu dhabi berlin trade with a without weapons is said to flourish i think it's the absolute apex of hypocrisy
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to be talking business to dictate who is at the same time from the slaughtering civilians to bombing hospitals and davian children to death and in yemen merkel. she is doing what's convenient and the pressure. from the united states from the. suppliers in germany is strong pressure you cannot deny that to a strong government it would stand up to the pressure and put the interest of the german population 1st america doesn't do that but she's doing it she's thinking about the 15 nearly 15000000000 in trade between the united arab emirates and germany she thinking about rowing the german arms and. the u.k. advertising watchdog has banned the commercials that reinforce gender stereotypes
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and argues they are bad for society. all riverdance shows how harmful gender stereotypes in ads can contribute to inequality in society with costs for all of us put simply we found that some portrayals in ads can over time play a policy in limiting people's potential the new guidelines applied to all forms of advertising radio t.v. online and print from now on advertisers will have to tread carefully when showing women for example doing the cleaning or men struggling with household duties to get back to me now back again but now back to me sadly he isn't me. and 3 times just if you miss. 3 times to greece. and that just might be the time to relax
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a kitchen floor. ok so you press the button do this thing go bang no it's. ok. we discussed the story with feminist campaigner linda bellos the leader of the justice for men and boys party might be cameron. this is of course just the advertising industry bowing down to radical feminism. the idea that there's some big problem here any well they will. say that linda but only 9 percent of british women suffered and to far as feminists yet feminists have huge influence over of it's got this going not to do it because all this judge gender stereotyping thing is just one of countless firmness narratives lots of women who want to see equality and justice don't call themselves feminists i've got nothing to do with
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them isn't actually has got to do with the no mike the no has says it's $975.00 sex discrimination at that women should be treated no this favorably than men and therefore we don't want to see stereotyped visions and visions of us cleaning out the chaps from the moments that they leave school they leave full time education to retirement age women are far more likely than men to not work at all or to work part time and this is this is this is got nothing to do with this sort of you do have it's isaac it's got to do with gender differences in work ethic i want my son i want my grandson to be able to clean up after themselves not just to think it's a woman's job now is that you might mike you might think that radical frankly this is the 21st century and that's what most of us want. now that there's a female back in 34 minutes with a look at you know who's your watch not international stage.
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officer. told him to get up off the ground began to pet him down. democrats on the sounds of kind of fighting into a grown man like wrestling essentially officer who. threw his baton. which the away from the officer. of his crew. they obviously did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then when it happened on tree swung at the end didn't hit him i never saw any contact with you that you any kind of went back to where they were so the answer is back here there try again 15 feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and aimed it on 3.
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when gold make good manufacture to sampson instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent oh. that's not going all middle of the road signals. the rome dream relieves. the world. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to press. the to the right to be for us this is what the forecast for in the morning can be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my colleagues. question.
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those are this is the kaiser report what's happening in the global world well max you know there's been a lot of topsy turvy. especially emanating from the global empire that is united states and that is causing a lot of distrust of whether or not our trade deals are any good or whether or not our word is any good whether or not we might invade somebody whether or not we might you know spy on an ally like we did under obama with angela merkel for example like so there's a lot of distrust going on and of course the diplomatic speak is that we're all
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fine everything's great everything's going to be sorted out and this is just that art of the deal but one thing you can look at and the data you can always point to is not only the invention and creation and the flourishing of bitcoin for example from 2008 since the financial crisis but also the accumulation of gold and how people are nations in particular are turning to gold the global collapse and trust has driven a secret bull market in gold and this is a tweet from dominic frisby and he has links to his article that he wrote in money week and he looks at a new paper 300 page and or report that comes out of lichtenstein. called from incremental which is a lichtenstein based investment company and they put out a report called in gold we trust and they have a lot of interesting data we're actually going to talk to one of the guys from there soon but incremental observes that in the west trust is disappearing people no longer trust their governments they do not trust their politicians they do not
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trust their scientists or there are economists experts are biased the media is biased even systems and processes are no longer trusted whether it's education. health care even democracy itself right larc lack of trust trust is trading at an all time low trust is crashing on the global markets so when that happens people buy gold nations buy gold countries buy gold central banks buy gold they're buying gold bribes from gold it's making a new all time highs in australian dollars spent almost dies on russian rubles almost dies in canadian dollars almost as a nero's so all over the world it's creeping higher because of the trust being eroded as we get from currency war a trade war and then a somewhat positive we get into a more of a hostile situation you also see that those who sit atop the institutions in which we no longer have trust where there is the large banks.


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