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thank. you. u.s. repeats its threats of all options are on the table for iran including military action over 2 rounds alleged to all tankers in the gulf of oman. victims of fall sterilization in japan appealing government offer of compensation saying it's not enough for the suffering that you would have in a party speaks to a relative of a victim. when i 1st saw the really big scar that was when i knew something was very wrong. donald trump continues his battle with the new york times he's now accused the paper of treason for publishing an article about u.s. cyber attacks on brushes and electric power grid.
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88 monday morning here in moscow welcome for me kevin i went to the program i'm here with the latest from the arctic and actually from the next 30 minutes so 1st and washington's once again pulling out all options on the table with iran including military action u.s. secretary of state payroll reiterated his belief in terrans direct involvement into a tax on oil tankers in the gulf of. the american people should rest assured we have high confidence with respect to who conducted these attacks as well as half a dozen other attacks throughout the world over the past 40 days we are confident that we can take a set of actions that can restore deterrence which is our mission so you say a full range of options does that include a military response force iran in turn vehemently denies any involvement branding america's statements sabotaged diplomacy the united states earlier released what it claims to be evidence of to run having a hand in the attack including
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a video which allegedly shows an iranian crew removing an unexploded mine from one of the tankers and it seems america's closest allies in the region are on the same page too right now at least saudi arabia's crown prince says that he's ready to deal with any threat posed by iran israel's also joined the chorus with the country's prime minister praising washington's firm stance towards to iran during an opening ceremony of a new jewish settlement named after donald trump. sometimes even obvious things must be said out loud and trump does it in his current firm stance against iran's aggression in the gulf of a man in the persian gulf as well as in the region in general amid the saber rattling russia has warned the u.s. against fingerpointing moscow cited the invasion of iraq back in 2003 when false evidence was used to justify military action and that's this morning as r.t.c. goes down off explains washington may now once again be trying to find
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a pretext to wage war. donald trump is not a president known for policy consistency but one thing no critic can take away from him is his apparent a burning hatred for iran everywhere we go in the middle east it's a rare ran around spread death destruction and chaos behind every problem is iran's a very dangerous player very bad player iran's leaders so. death. and destruction and with guys like might bump a 0 and john bolton pushing trying to squeeze that trigger it seems a war could be looming but thank god it can be just the president's cool thing like this needs congress' approval on paper except that really it doesn't we were absolutely presented with a full formal presentation on how the 2001 math might authorize war on iran yes i'm certain i'm sorry sir secretary powell pale said it with his own words
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he did not say i want to go to iran and i'm going to use 2001 he referenced a relationship between iran and al qaeda there's a convenient loophole that can help them and it's something called a u.s. a u.s. stands for authorization for use of military force against terrorists a long name but basically it allows the u.s. to attack any country that has ties to al qaida this is already been used in iraq and afghanistan and if you look hard enough terrorists can be found everywhere in a bit like cockroaches but with suicide belts in the past few months iran has been turning into a more and more of an al qaeda haven according to washington for 40 years the islamic republic's revolutionary guard corps has actively engaged in terrorism the world's leading state sponsor of terrorists of the really regimes use of terrorism as a tool of statecraft makes it fundamentally different. from any other government they
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are a nation of terror and we will put up with it all aboard the militaristic bandwagon it is the best chance the hawks in capitol hill have had in years up until now would trump has been more or less true to his promise to curb his country's military adventurism being all bark and no bite as a candidate for president. i loudly pledged a new approach. great nations do not fight endless wars. and while there is literally more verifiable evidence that would allow saudi arabia to be bombed into oblivion and have the saudi other good guys in washington's playbook the of course outright deny all such claims of involvement with extremists they're america's greatest ally in the gulf which also happens just like trump to hate a run with a passion starting
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a war with iran would be unlike any other war the united states has engaged in before abroad that would be a conflict that in some ways my be worse than vietnam it certainly won't be iraq the problem is that and bolton are in charge of foreign policy i don't think it really has the details in hand it's like he's a rider on the horse but he doesn't have the reins and of course they will use this tool the. authorization with the congress based on terrorism because they will present whatever iran does in the persian gulf or elsewhere as an act of terrorism that is the best way these days to get americans behind. and attack aside all this of course donald trump's repeatedly claimed he doesn't want to go to war with iran we asked people in new york what they thought of the possibility of potential military action. can you imagine
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a situation where it would be you would be in support of a war with iran. it was after one was another war and then another war then another you know things other way. things open assassinations and bombing other people and we knew about it you could prove it i think we need real proof that some type of activity is actually happening where people are losing life losing land where some type of injustice is happening at the hands of iran but at this point i i don't really know that that's necessarily a terrorist attack on you know innocent people you know something like 911 happens of course the response is this is necessary and immediate. is war the answer to that maybe not maybe but i still think personally we should find a different solution besides war we've been to many wars a lot of people have died in doesn't seem to make. a list you're on is having
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violence against the horrors i think the country maybe can resolve is always use. other countries interference i can say is i hope nobody gets hurt i hope for world peace. this morning in japan victims of a 1948 sterilization more appealing a government compensation offer they said simply fought too low for the suffering that was inflicted on them the law which allowed the government to forcibly sterilized people were suspended in 1906 for the compensation was only offered of april this year or 2 spoke to a relative of a victim. so no one needs of course i know my sister in law was sterilized when she was 15 years old while she was in the 3rd grade of junior high school until the age of 30 show off and suffered from domino pains when i 1st saw her really big scar that was when i knew something was very wrong in the old records i found it was written that my sister underwent forced sterilization due to heredity redevelopment
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disability however she had until actual disability because of an overdose on the street here she received much was a baby i don't believe my mother in law gave consent for their permission because their disability was not imperative she had also wished for her daughter to get married. the law was aimed at preventing people with disabilities from having children some 25000 underwent the procedure of which more than a half were forced to do it against their will in many cases they didn't get any documentation to prove sterilization even took place while in april then a compensation bill was passed which offered each victim $29000.00 despite rejecting that they did welcome a decision by the court to label the procedures unconstitutional but he told certain again says she believes the government's measures are simply not enough. all can you say who are good with achieve judge declared that the old eugene
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explore was unconstitutional he also showed that it was impossible for those who suffered from forced sterilization to demand an apology and compensation from the japanese government i feel as though parliament's lack of interest in the problem effected our trial and mantooth couldn't get a good result of the 20 victims who filed the lawsuit it's only my sister and one other woman who have managed to obtain official records relating to their sterilization the others don't have them it was a member of the japanese government that introduced the legislation that means the government is responsible for the matter i think the japanese government should offer proper policy to the victims. don't translate into new york times again this time after an article about u.s. cyber attacks on russia's electric power grid or see the correspondent we're going to have a small this morning. it's difficult to pinpoint who declared this war but it is
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a war no most of no armies just articles tweets and a whole lot of hate failing new york times versus demagogue trump 1st battle took place before trump was even president ford the candidate and the pundits over objectivity was the 1st to fall in this bitter war if you're a working journalist and you believe that donald j. trump is a demagogue playing to the nation's worst racism nationalistic tendencies that he cozies up to and see american dictators and that he would be dangerous with control of the united states nuclear codes how the heck are you supposed to cover him. you'd think the obvious answer would be keeping your opinions to yourself and doing your job staying professional this is war things like honesty and impartiality only get in the way the n.y.t. even went against its own neutrality bible writers negative should guard against
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word choices that undermine each ality if one politician is for resolute an opponent should not be rigid or dogmatic if one country in a conflict has a leadership while the other has a regime impartiality suffers in those days the n.y.t. reported but trump it destroyed them from the ashes was a new new york times these days it no longer just report he's so persistently lied i do think to be frank he changed us i think we're different as a result of donald trump once you break some barriers there's no going back that's it they've gone to new york times headlines became the ying that trumps twitter yang trump lies he lies he cheats he tells faults hoods they mock trump for his 10000 lies i mean this isn't journalism this isn't reporting
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this is a personal vendetta just like trump's tweet after tweet accusing the new york times of lying deception of treason most recent incident a story about the u.s. hacking russia's power grid made up says the president. do you believe that the failing new york times just had a story stating that the u.s. is substantially increasing cyber attacks on russia this is a virtual act of treason by a once great paper these are true cowards and without doubt the enemy of the people enemy of the people they don't like that out of all the things trance call them and that's perhaps what hurts the most enemy of the people is not just a toss of a line it sounds good in the tweet. it is a particularly pernicious phrase deep history no president has ever uttered those words in public what aside the president of the united states and once proud
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journalists virtually slinging. childish that again perhaps this is healthy good for everyone else i mean the both of them the others the elites as they call themselves really needed to be taken down and not has been running against elites his entire business and now has political career and that includes us well footnote to this to new york times to far salva tweets back at the president according to the newspaper the u.s. president's administration had seen the article before it was published with tribes own national security officials expressing no concern about the content say 40 in the morning this monday here in moscow good morning my name is kevin 0 in this is r t international after the break women in saudi arabia turned to social media to help them escape domestic violence and oppression in that kingdom and just one of the stories we got lined up for you after this quick break.
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starting really in the 1980 s. under reagan at that turn deregulation you had the fed take over and their sole purpose at that point was to. tried to squeeze workers completely out of the global economy so wages never went up real terms. but stock markets keep going
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up and the reason to justify this is that the fed will say we need to try to take care of deflation even that they are causing in an environment where their money printing is increasing the. morning live from moscow this is our 2 international with me kevin next story for you ecuador was granted the united states for a mission to use one of its galapagos islands as an airfield but the government in quito is facing a backlash from what critics are calling a violation of the country's constitution over and over. takes a closer look. the galapagos islands home to the giant tortoises birthplace of darwin's theory of evolution and it'll wear you rocked to sleep by the sound of lapping waves and the gentle hum of american planes you know as you know you know i
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love those i've mentioned that the galapagos for google is our aircraft carrier it is our natural carrier because it is shores us permanent replenishment interception facilities and it is a 1000 kilometers from our coast united states is going to take charge of improving conditions especially refueling watches might now find some new star spangled species zipping across the sky because ecuador has just agreed to allow the u.s. military to use the u.s. go world heritage site reports claim the pentagon will now keep planes on the historic sun crystal island for operations in the pacific ocean with the primary purpose said to be fighting drug trafficking so far so good that's just a small catch a minor inconvenience really the ecuadorian constitution doesn't allow foreign military bases on its soil but now if it says the defense minister it's not a base passaic it's a funny little gathering place going to look at the u.s.
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aircraft meet for periods of no more than a week and is subject to the protocol of the preservation of sovereignty those are my concerns gone also on the plus side washington's covering all the costs but perhaps unsurprisingly not everyone's happy about this latest addition galapagos is not an aircraft carrier for gringo use is an ecuadorian province patrimony of humanity patriotic ground that his vessel soul can reach such a level describes very well the government to represent now ecuador and u.s. relations hit a no no under former president rafael correia he i'm going to washington by closing one of the largest u.s. bases outside the state relations father soured one crank wanted wiki leaks co-founder to be an asylum. asylum and sheltered him from the long arm of the u.s. justice department for years but things have been on the up recently thanks to lenin moran oh he's been in power since 2017 it was maranoa who decided that
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a son had outstayed his welcome at the embassy in london we all know the fallout from that the whistle pro was dragged out by the british police slapped with 18 criminal counts by washington now faces extradition to the u.s. and potentially a 175 years behind bars now coincidentally or not at the same time acquittals bank account got an almighty boost with a $4200000000.00 loan from the i.m.f. the international monetary fund where the u.s. has huge voting rights we all know friendships about give and take so at the end of the day what's a small national treasure when your allies got deep pockets. 2 sisters from saudi arabia repealing to the international community for a safe haven after reportedly so from brutal treatment at the hands of their father the girls turned to twitter to try to raise awareness of the plight but the social media platform and suspended their account of that explanation as well as the account of a human rights activist who posts on their behalf asked me several pages of now
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been restored under one of the videos they appealed to be given asylum my father took a low bass boat and islands tonight in iti he is looking for us now we trace it so on you mean rights and gives the nations going to all human rights activities to help us move to a safe 3. young women describe their parents who have religious hardliners who are both verbal or physically abusive to them one of them said she had to be taken to hospital to treat her injuries they're now in turkey apparently having a scope whirl on a family holiday the human rights advocate we spoke to says social media was crucial in helping these girls. it's very important that anyone who's potentially at risk to publish their case it's going to help them find asylum lucene other instances we girls have just waited too long to get their story out and that's allowed the family to track them down and essentially take them back to
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saudi against their will we need to be using social media more often it's revolution what allies the way that we can deal with human rights situations like this but at the same time it's hugely risky because when we see accounts being suspended by swiss we have to question them and what their protocol is that it protects people who are in the situation obviously they need to install more safeguards for situations where there's another string to the story to whether outside saudi arabia or no there's still a risk of being found by the authorities because of a smartphone out that's been created by the government it could be used for monday in things like renewing passports and paying parking fines but it also allows male family members to track female relatives and even prevent them from traveling because the system isn't unique every year around a 1000 women attempt to flee the kingdom one successful case was that of a. who tried to flee to australia via thailand after barricading ourselves in
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a hotel room she launched a twitter campaign with a mention he granted asylum in canada saudi diplomat later joked that denying or access to technology might have been a good idea. going to be one of the more i wish they would have confiscated instead of passport. but distilling again says that as the number of cases rise everything must be done to give these women a voice. over the past year we've seen cases such as simpler ringback teeth or we've seen a half mohammed done we've seen hints from the u.a.e. and we're seeing more and more and i think that as as each case is quite public and in fact. case was published and broadcast inside saudi arabia is a step in itself to sort of promoting those more secular secular belief system and the fact that it was since it is quite surprising and therefore that it's going to inspire more and more girls who are suffering abuse to really try to escape in and
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risk their lives to secure the kind of freedom from abuse that of course everybody wants i mean often these women would like to report the kind of abuse they have suffered to also are at ease within the coaches to the u.a.e. authorities to saudi but they're not taking seriously and in fact it can lead to the increase in mental punishment or even did by way of homage killing. as america's trade war against china gains momentum and while we continue to face scrutiny over spying allegations it seems everything chinese these days are treated with some deep suspicion and that's causing some red faces in the west defense industry. we are celebrating a lot of different approaches of many at 35 very bipolar the fine there's just the way they say but it's by the way you are the world and you knew that you had your
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choice. why way is something that's very dangerous due to their close ties to the chinese government or of the term solo in cyber espionage. i think it's bred it's not. bad but it's a question of how bad is. we have been completely and about the role of china and it is only now that people are beginning to wake up what people are concerned about and i'm one of those have anything with a chinese connection at least it ought to be noted and the risks need to be assessed to have in the world's 1st face generation strike croft i think is really
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a cause for concern. these parts like all components on the f. $35.00 are inspected repeatedly each stage of manufacture additionally except in p.c.b. has no visibility or access to any sense to program information and there is limited no risk associated with that minimal role from the program. i 25 and a half this monday morning a mosque. so that's all from the arts international news room so for those get follow us on twitter keep in touch on facebook as well so you know moscow for now is kevin no inside thanks so watch it and have a great day. when
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you'll make this manufactured sentenced to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the crime larry go round to be the one. we can all middle of the room 6. 1000000 relieved. what politicians do. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to go right to the
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press this is what before 3 of them or can't be good. interested always in the waters in the. first. what is it calling the coin is magic internet the new type of digital currency essential lies digital scarcity chancellor. of 2nd or bank that's called that got us a lot for a reason to call me a civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history and this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. washington's
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disdain for international agreements has left. about the u.s. as a trusted partner while the new constellations of the e.u. parliament help pull through. political coalitions a collection and newcomers from the right. to the test with
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competition between traditional powers on the right is. to present a united front with the challenges of today. political forces. that really great to have you with us to talk about so start with the latest elections in the e.u. so the populist wave that everyone thought would take over again happen come about but the far right still got more seats than before in the parliament. begins and in france in hungary not enough to take over but what do you thing this game will do will it allow to disrupt the parliament from within. well firstly i think you're absolutely correct the gains have been there but they're relatively marginal we're talking about a 5 percent increase compared to 2014 and also a very strong on the other side consolidation a very very clear pro european consensus between 4 political families the popular
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party the socialists the greens and the liberals now when it comes to the minority that 25 percent minority on the nationalist side in a sense precisely because they are nationalist and being nationalists they're not particularly good at cooperating internationally i definition actually not only is it numerically relatively contained minority but it is also one that is unable to work together i think we have already seen the 1st instance of this was there so we need the leader of a guy in italy there essentially try to unite the national missing the populist to that extreme right but failed to do so i don't think is going to be able to do it and he has a very demonstrated that he's been unable to do so particularly by failing to reach an agreement with.


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