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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 17, 2019 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow dimitri bobbitt she's a political analyst and editor at interest me internet media project and in london we crossed to charles bridge he is a security analyst and a former u.k. army and counter terrorism intelligence officer originally cross-like rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate me going to charles 1st thing in london let's talk about mike pompei or he officially his title is secretary of state but isn't he really turning into the minister of missing december mation this whole approach to the media explaining what happened in the gulf of oman the attack on 2 or oil tankers both actually going to japan wow remarkably chav anees prime minister was meeting with the iranian leadership and this is what my poem peo had to say to the media this is based on intelligence the weapons used the level of expertise needed to execute the operation recent similar iranian attacks on shipping and the fact that no proxy
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group operating in the area has the resources and the proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication he further or further on he said taken as a whole these unprovoked attacks unprovoked underline present a clear threat to international peace and security then charles he left and didn't answer a question from the media no facts no forensic evidence whatsoever he's sure. and the media for the most part is following his lead your reaction charles yes i mean we've seen this playbook before haven't we multiple occasions and will continue to do so we're seeing a situation here where they've presented to us has presented no credible evidence for its position and i think it's they've presented a very grainy video that shows allegedly olympic mine i'm using that terminology being removed from a ship by what he alleges to be iranian forces but this was of course was several
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hours after the attacks allegedly took place and i don't think anybody anywhere around the world would suggest that as a matter of logic let alone forensic evidence certainly admissible evidence that would be in any kind of tribe you know without evidence of somebody removing. unexploded device perhaps removing it for evidence gathering reasons or to perhaps make that vessel safe would be evidence conclusive evidence that they actually planted the device otherwise you get bomb disposal teams around the world being arrested for planting the bombs that they actually had before so that is the only evidence so-called evidence presented so far and i think and i think it's very significant i think that this stage couple of days or to several days down the line from this incident is very serious incident and yet there are very very few countries around the world that are backing the u.s. and now also the u.k. version of events there almost certainly in the u.k. version and certainly in the u.s. version that iran was responsible for that and even the closest u.s. u.k. allies are not at the moment back in this position and hardly surprisingly because
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1st of all the evidence isn't there to support that accusation and secondly there's any number of motives and means of other countries in the area particularly the u.s. israel of course saudi arabia and he who could be responsible for this incident and have the motive to be you know let's go back to probably the worst moment in colin powells life when he was presenting false evidence based on false intel. and the run up to the war illegal war against iraq now they don't even go through the pretense do they they don't even put on a show like colin powell did i mean if you make a claim without evidence and then you don't even accept questions from the media i mean this is a real evolution but in the wrong direction i would say absolutely well the problem is that the quality of the photos gets wars and wars you have 50 and fuzzier photos you have of your footage but the united states is so used to all the
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allies immediately accepting their version of events that they don't have a plan b. i mean instead of explaining where the speedo came from bell just kept dublin don't own it you know let's look at it from the radiant perspective iran was exporting in 2m1x63w3w barrels a day right now it's exporting around $500006.00 times less so of course iran is interested in you know leaving the sanctions in making them softer that's why the invited and they receive this japanese prime minister for the 1st time in decades right and why would they attack a japanese operate a tanker well i think the moment when they have the best camper you could be a coincidence absolutely absolutely so it's you know where i've been sold very
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badly story you know by michael by john bolton. you know these people i think they they've got to kind of jaded by then you understand you know the need to offset it derek yes it was said recently on our key before nato was founded the principle was that and that back against iran isn't that they all know it's an aggression or van member of the united states against another country and everyone has to really want to do. participate you know they formulate it in a slightly different form a threat is a threat to everyone well being aggressive countries are always threatened so suddenly all these countries and they all understand that they will have to take part if indeed the mass starts to go back to london charles it's one of the interesting things before i sat down to do this program with you and diem or as i looked at the reaction to western media including in the u.k. and it seems to me if you read the headlines that the administration is getting
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a free pass i mean there's very little doubt these seem to just accept the fact that the state department is making this claim because well particularly in the united states has been a very anti iran media for decades my entire life and sensually. this is so remarkable for me because it's a repeat of 2003 people just giving power a pass and you would have thought you would have hoped that they would be different this time but it doesn't seem that way does it. there is some evidence i think some examples of where there is a bit of a push back but i think the reason for that is because the media in the us particularly of course is conflicted it is very anti iran and it's very pro should we say for want of a better phrase pro deeps or security state the us security state of course wants to promote conflict or at least confrontation with countries such as iran of course
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let's not forget that iran is the most feared enemy of the closest u.s. ally which of course is israel and that is largely of course what's going on behind the scenes here together with the influence of saudi arabia again another country that has great influence in the us media but the same time not only does the u.s. media of course support the u.s. security state and the u.s. foreign policy as you mention or really unquestionably or unquestioningly but they also don't like trump particulars and yeah sure and so you have got a couple of instances for example c.n.n. mentioned n.p.r. mentioned that if they have at least mentioned in some cases that. pompei was made a statement without producing any evidence and that itself is a glimmer of hope that at least to some degree the administration is being held to account that isn't happening in the u.k. i would add the u.k. simply media largely just from trumpets what the u.k. phone secretary is saying which of course is to back the u.s. position unquestioningly but what you have got of course is that it will be it'll
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be interesting to see how this evolves over time because if of course any conflict should break out or further incidents or most certainly of course even those few voices of question in the u.s. media now which are driven not by i think a desire to achieve the truth but a desire to undermine trump himself it will be interesting to see how that pans out you know charles city it seems to me and we have these. tankers being attacked i think it's safe to assume without evidence one can make the claim that this is a false flag and i'm perfectly willing to entertain that the rainy. we're involved if evidence is produced i mean i have an open mind here but the perpetrators of this have a goal and i would imagine that they haven't achieved their goal so we could expect more incidents like this to happen and it probably very very soon charles. no you're absolutely right i think that needs to be understood that this is just
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the start of a campaign i mean you it sounds as though you've got some frustration for example on the part of the saudi leadership the that is in the last couple of days come out with comments suggesting that perhaps they're frustrated that no action is taken place so far that they want some action to occur while also saying of course they don't want to general war regardless of the fact that any u.s. action against a military action against iran is likely to be reciprocated responded to and likely to of course escalate rapidly but what you've got is a situation here where perhaps it's difficult to again as so often and not just under trump but also under obama to determine what the true nature of the u.s. foreign policy in this case is i mean it's not a coherent beast as we've often said before the u.s. foreign policy and so it may be that what we've got here trump is actually perhaps using bolton as his attack dog to make these statements perhaps to turn a blind eye to things that perhaps even the pentagon of the cia are organizing or at least complicit with behind the scenes and here i'm referring perhaps to the
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possibility of false flag attacks or incidents with a view to pressuring iran to enter into some kind of negotiation with trump so that he can then better obama's deal as he would like to see it but of course it's a very dangerous game to play of course back in to your introduction peter where you mentioned how long has how long indeed has. john bolton got to go in all of this well we're going to be talking about john bolton is not going to go for the program. do you think that the radians will be tricked into some kind of reaction because how much how much can you take before you have to react with. rouhani basically dismissed all the gear and he said that iran cannot remain you laid pretty committed to ready the. plan of action d p c or wait when are the pockets are not participate and are not fulfilling their commitments so i think it's a it's a it's
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a warning in fact. i think the best assessment of the situation was given by daniel ellsberg you know the man who published the pentagon papers you real quick the recent and yes marathon conference on good on our sons then you love the book said that this is the same evidence that we had with the bay of tonkin with a smoking gun in iraq and again it could be a precursor to war i think that's a good warning from daniel levy ok we're going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news today with party.
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believe that this is long but. tom. green who harsh ringback. that's geysers financial survival bill they say money the girl i'd. love to visit this is a central plank support diagram is kind of problem right now so you stop the. welcome at the cross talk we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news.
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and now to athens where we're joined by alex christian forro he is the director and writer for the duran dot com alex it's talk about john bolton the the evil twin mike pompei oh there's been a lot of chatter i think it was john kiriakou in the consortium news dot com wrote an excellent article about the last 2 days john bolton i think john bolton is a fascinating character because he serves as a kind of for oil inside the trump administration in a very bizarre way kind of shielding trump in one sense and endangering him in another your thoughts. yeah actually i agree with that assessment and you know i think that the bolt in for me the trump administration peter and trump is a person i've never thought of trump to want people that you know push against him and i think that bolton definitely pushes against him and takes it even further in that he sabotages him maybe both and thinks he's sabotaging him for the good of the
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country and for the good of america or for the good of his world view because baltimore and then go to john bolton. to the world view is pretty twisted but either way you know there's no doubt that bolton definitely pushes against how trump sees things and many ways he sabotage just him and i think the point where trump kind of saw you know what this guy is not going to fit into my administration was actually north korea and i think the point set out in his article that you sent me peter i think north korea was that was the point where trump was putting a lot at stake to get a deal with north korea and bolton busy for all of that and i think that was the turning point as to how long bolt is going to stay there mr a should now or we're counting down the days who knows it get for me it can't come soon enough. it's very interesting is because trump looks like a dove compared to pump a 0 and to bolton is that intentional because i'm beginning to think he's saying
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he's going to eat distancing himself from his own 4 administration's foreign policy because he'll come you know come out in the rose garden say well i don't think that's true and i don't think there's going to be a war and it's absolutely in contradiction to what his underlings are doing is this a strategy or is this just serendipity well i think that what's going on is very interesting because we see in a walk in some of the machine that started to was in yugoslavia in iraq because because of that unfortunate election of 2016 which i think was very fortunate for the world. basically 2 parts of this machine fighting each other so basically what happened is that we have not only a hawk but a warmonger named john bolton let me quote him on iran you know his message to the iranians on the 40th anniversary of their revolution i don't think you'll have many more diverse areas to enjoy isn't it the threat of war isn't it pretty heated by
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the un charter i don't think that trump really wants war just recently he's stunning revelation to the fox news you know we do have military industrial complex and they do i call it wasn't it a revelation right and because because the democrats the liberal establishment which is still running the country because the country gave that victory in 2016 they know if they're all criticism at bolton and compel using the congress using the media that would have happened if he were clinton had been in power if she had been elected we would have a war in iraq right now war in iraq or in iran right now but you know now i just rub my eyes you know i can't imagine it in the chorus the armed services committee chairman adam smith promised to prevent an unconstitutional war in iran but with all the legal trump administration already says he wants it so the war in
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yugoslavia the war in iraq were not more constitutional than this one but because of the state between the 2 camps between the 2 groups of very dangerous people in washington we have the machine exposed we can see the levers moving you know we can see how compel unbolted really want a war you know and the other side you know they just don't want to allow trump to get the benefits of victory when you know. i've been under the working assumption that trump is basically outsourced his foreign policy to these 2 character. as here with the caviar don't start a new war ok because i term seems to be very very sensitive to that campaign promise so this is where the tension is go ahead escalate escalate but don't cross the line because as carry out go put it in his article he believes in loyalty most
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1st and foremost and that loyalty means getting him reelected he doesn't care about the consequences he cares about the goal alex yeah i agree with that as well i think that trump knows that the only way when one of the main ways someone say the only way the main way that he's going to lose 2020 at this point is if he gets bogged down in a war and a war with iran is going to get very very messy no one wants it none of his voters want it at all that's that's for that's for sure so i think trump knows that and i also think you're right peter that he gave pomp alun bolton a lot of leeway but he says don't start a war the problem is that bolton in pompei especially bolton wanted to start a war wants to start a war and will start a war and i think there's no doubt about it and he's wanted for a very very long i mean this is this is his resume and that's his resume right there. really this was his opportunity this was his opportunity is going to take it
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alex it seems to me also is that he wants bolton to be the fall guy i mean trump is good dealing with people what is good it wants to do is because it's very interesting trump keeps saying the iranians can call him i mean this is the classical good cop bad cop but trump has positioned himself saying hey i'm open i'm open to a conversation of course bolton isn't is that get out of jail free card of things go south. i hope so i mean the fact that trump says that i think is is a good sign i mean you know and anyway to open up some dialogue here is a good sign i think that bolton wants to shut down any type of dialogue now is both going to become the fall guy let's hope that he does become the fall guy and let's just hope that it doesn't escalate because what i see going on here is we had an attack about a month ago the same type of all tanker attack we have another one expect a 3rd one peter and this is the pattern we've seen in syria with 3 chemical attacks
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we saw this with iraq w m d's we saw this in libya there's always that little escalation step by step incremental war it's incremental it's manufacturing consent and they do it piece by piece by piece until they get to the 3rd or 4th attack and then trumps hand is forced to do something exactly you know. bolton in palm paint they want to have an international consensus against iran it's not working is it i mean of course the spineless brits in line immediately the the europeans are are showing a lot more skepticism for a change in stepping up and saying we don't see the evidence that iran is escalating here that this is this is very very troublesome for the trumpet ministration because they they're used to people getting in line and getting in line fast well the united states is used to it not just ministration but in fact i think the europeans would not be object and if it hadn't been for that position
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inside the united states in the media in the congress but that doesn't mean that. it's just you know the allness the owners of american media they remind me of the directors in russia in the theater of the 20th century they send these messages to their actors their journalists you know and you have them updating you with why their knowledges don't and suddenly become dull you know we kind of the washington post which doll to that you know. claim that they have tagged by taliban in eastern kabul or the. 31st of may for civilians that this attack. that they said that was instigated by iran yeah well fought for for michael was information iran is an enemy of taliban they have been the nords for many years you know they're the diverse aris but pump air you know he is so used to that you know why. iraq has been connected to their. 11911 terrorist
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act. the u.s. media lived above 100000 course of any unskilled and the european media and the public in the united states and in europe walked it you know wanted. to go i can sing that and know there is that message obviously from the washington post and they are all over the wall street journal they're all of us know where the dollar will. suddenly fall the experts who know that bond is not the friend of iran they would have found them if hillary had an attack against iran but now. they're searching for. they're searching for evidence and they find it surprising to her that i mean all they have to do is going to factor. i think what's really interesting here is that given the anti rand sentiment that bolton has had for such a very long time. that he sees himself as a man in a hurry to make history because i don't think he cares about trump i don't think he
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cares about trump's legacy i don't think even cares much about american interests this is part of his d.n.a. and that is the reason why he's going to stick it out to the last 2nd until you know the throne out of his office i think this is what's in play. yeah absolutely i mean we saw that it with north korea too didn't we peter i mean he you know there was no doubt that he was going to those meetings to sabotage it even though it was something that trump explicitly said that he wanted he wanted some sort of deal with north korea and trump and bolton did his best to sabotage it and iran for bolton is a much bigger deal then north korea a much bigger deal there is no way that bolton is going to let this slip through his fingers which is why we're all you know hoping that in article he is right and that trump gets rid of bolton very very quickly before this escalates to the point of no return because we are reaching that point and we definitely are here.
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bolton's legacy if he's removed from his office. will just get wiser and that we'll just know i've been there is that it didn't hear him having lived there all that we'll get to why do you notice the secretaries of states and national security council people who just get worse and worse and worse they're more in more ideological actually knowing nothing about you know i can watch and what's not just because they're bad person so you know it's so easy to demonize a person and the problem is the ideal would you be kind of the problem is that machine you know operating behind it not all thing board because of that 2016 election we have who wants to get you know their all or else for winning they're. winning the case in north korea and once a nobel peace prize we have the other the other side which wants him to fail everywhere and in this way the preventing these here and these are people that are his advisors exactly and there are he's at the wisest who want to destroy iran and
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destroy north korea because and gatorade a be destroyed trump in the process is like pulling so everything i got into the note we have run out of time no thanks and i guess here in moscow athens and in london and thanks to our viewers for watching us here r.t.c. unix i don't remember rosmer. why a paradise with some ground turned into a round the experimentation field but agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot
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in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental racism going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go right to be press for survival before 3 of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in that. question. what is do before you came here where did you work before you came here when you
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live well death row i'm in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what. given up the right to live among us. and how many more. before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about.
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us bases spread all options are on the table for iran including military action which runs alleged. in the gulf. interposes trade tariffs on dozens of u.s. products in retaliation. by washington. 2 sisters in saudi arabia played to the international community for asylum after reportedly suffering years of abuse at the hands of their parents. joined a growing number of women looking for a way out of the gulf monica.


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