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yes. the u.s. and an additional $1000.00 troops to the middle east with the wrong a continue to rise comes off the washington accused of orchestrating the recent attack on all of this in the gulf of oman. any social media by the controversial psychologist children peterson ignites debate he says. any content unless u.s. courts alter it to. people in the public sector where religious symbols at work anymore at my practice say the new law violates religious personal freedom.
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it's 9 o'clock here in moscow and you're watching all to international live from austria with me. into the program. the u.s. has awarded an additional 1000 troops to the middle east as tensions continue to escalate with the wrong washington says the forces all for defensive purposes to address threats in the region i have authorized approximately 1000 additional troops for defensive purposes to address naval and ground based threats in the middle east we have received credible intelligence on hostile behavior by iranian forces and their proxy groups that threaten the united states personnel and interests across the region and in my colleagues you know neal i discussed the significance of the deployment. the step itself isn't entirely significant but there have been so many steps leading up to this less than a month ago
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a $1500.00 more troops was sent to the middle east they had strategic bombers stationed in the middle east additional strategic bombers they had picture it and t. ed defense system station in the middle east carrier battle group last time they justified it by saying that there was an imminent credible threat from groups that would go in to attack us personnel in the middle east we of course never saw any evidence is all classified this time they've offered videos and photographs apparently showing that the united states is correct and that iran was behind recent attacks and will tankers in the gulf of oman iran of course denies all of this and says that we've seen these reports before the united states blaming other countries things that are very questionable they're saying that the united states is trying to sink diplomacy and at the end of the day they say if they wanted to shut down the persian gulf and all the oil flowing through it they just do it regarding the new incidents in the
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persian gulf republic of iran decides to block or exports of all through the strait of hormuz it is militarily strong enough to do go out and publicly give us a sense of the international reaction to this house it playing out what what are people saying when it comes down or are they siding with just one side or is it more nuanced than that well iran's traditional rivals enemies if you want saudi arabia and israel. of course backed the united states over these claims over these allegations they're willing to stand by the united states in case of an escalation but almost every doubts russia china the european union have taken this. with a deuce of skepticism. sober assessments and wait for some credible evidence. to be presented with cheaters bits ridiculous decide secrets in this case ready in the last days we've called for the maximum restraint the world cannot afford another
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surprise especially in an area like that. we call it all parties to remain rational and restrained not to take any action yes collation of tension in the region and not to open a pandora's box there might be the odd trump supporter voted for him and 2016 on the back of him saying you know our adventures in the middle east were going to come to a close it's costing too much money too many lives but yet the trouble are seemingly doing the same thing present donald trump came to power by criticizing his predecessors by saying that enough is enough we should pull out of the middle east out of afghanistan that we're sinking manpower resources human lives into conflicts we don't need to be and i happen to think it was the worst decision made in the history of our country going into the middle it's like quicksand it was a terrible decision terrible nevertheless all the evidence that donald trump is being shown with regards to iran for example all of it classified it
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may be enough to sway him but it isn't enough to sway other countries including more to do in syria want to bring our troops back home to place one crazy they want to keep but then you have people here in why she wanted they never want to leave some day people will explain what this is really viewed. and they call it the military industrial complex so. remains to be seen where the situation goes from here but so far it's just been an escalation of the escalation and special adviser to the foreign policy recently spoke. about the simmering regional tensions natalie toci says she doesn't believe donald trump is in the driving seat when it comes to america's policy on iran you can find the fall into you on our website. i also think that it would be actually fairly irrational for iran to leave the j.c. p.
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away before 2020. simply because it is basically what a year and a few months time before there could be a change in the united states or not all in all its i mean if the are so is not there indeed if i were iran i would probably not stick with the j c p a way unfortunately at the moment it seems to me that the us is iran policy houser very clear author and that author is not the president of the united states unfortunately on iran 1 he's actually been led into a very different direction as i said particularly by john bolton whose positions on iran date back way way way or you know further down sort of back the line you know in the bush 2 administration even earlier. there were concerns about america's military activities on the climate front to a new report by a leading us university has claimed that the pentagon is
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a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions it's output in some cases surpasses that of the whole country's breaking down the findings is a double quarter. forget single use straws and plastic bags there's a much bigger problem wreaking havoc on mother nature it's war the pentagon's wars to be exact. 59000000 metric tons of greenhouse gases that's how much the u.s. defense department spewed into the atmosphere in 2017 alone brown university says the d.o.d. is both the largest oil consumer and institutional polluter in the world there are entire countries. don't emit as many fumes portugal finland and sweden to name a few how is that possible well the u.s.
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military does have a presence in over 150 countries it's 560000 buildings worldwide make up 40 percent of its greenhouse emissions the rest is from military operations which in 2016 used up 86000000 barrels of fuel that's in afghanistan pakistan syria you get the picture and it's not like americans are electing people who understand war's environmental impact the department of defense must do more than simply acknowledge or take piecemeal action to address climate change while it's increasingly threatens in homs own military's infrastructure and operations even the pentagon itself says it's worried about climate change the facts of the changing climate are a national security issue with potential impacts to department of defense missions operational plans and installations the top brass might say they're concerned but their words certainly are not matching their actions in fact the u.s.
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military budget may see its 5th consecutive year of growth in 2020 despite spending more than the next strongest militaries combined the d.o.d. is not cutting back it's actually preparing for more military ventures and considering u.s. iranian tensions are escalating in the persian gulf there are few signs of any turning back. the last 4. major national security threats both have all of them identified. as being one of those huge threats and yet it soon activities are leading to exacerbate that there is this serious threat to global ready security i didn't buy the pentagon which is crime and yet rather than doing serious to tackle the problem literally expenditures do seem to be oriented towards crew to global. climate change and in many other ways. the divisive canadian
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professor and author jordan peterson has announced his knowledge into a new platform called of think spot and it's got one key principle no censorship he says the site will anyone with content afforded to do so by the authorities despite not yet being fully up and running it's already causing a stir his party. if they won't let you in the club just to set up your own that's the philosophy behind a brand new anti censorship social media platform that's hitting the web this summer i think spot will be an intellectual playground for censorship free discourse that's according to its founder controversial academic and bestselling author jordan peterson the canadian professor is a divisive figure hated by the left and dahlia fide by the right earlier this year he was snubbed by the most intellectual of british institutions cambridge
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university he was supposed to have a visiting fellow ship this sort but that offer was rescinded after a backlash from star students this was jordan peterson's response to the decision at the time what do you think it says about free speech in britain the cambridge university made an announcement this week saying they were going to invite you to speak i don't think it says more both nature of the universities in general than about free speech in general i mean i don't see all the my decision to sion has compromised more free speech ability because i have so many platforms on which i can discuss my ideas according to peterson's latest video think sport will be a subscription service where controversial creators will be able to monetize their free speech once you're on our platform we will take you down and
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list were ordered to by a us court of law that's the idea so we're trying to make an anti censorship platform one of the bt testers of the site will be anti feminist you tube or call benjamin his you tube channel sagal and of a coward was recently downgraded after he made offensive comments about raping a blue. politician he was also banned from crowdfunding site patriot last year olds right poster boy milo yet not police suffered the same fate for jordan peterson and his community patriotic as actions to block these prominent commentators was the final straw doesn't look like moving to an alternative provider and alternative commercial providers it's out of or bailiwick out of our control is going to be viable critics argue that an anti censorship platform could in practice turn into
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a safe place for extremists and the person who most publicly to test the platform is somebody who's not only joked about raping somebody but then doubled down on it saying well if i was junk enough maybe i would you know this is this man is very dangerous because i mean he's interested much overlap with mine and i mean huge student of you and many others that you and pizza is interested in but because he has that learning and speak something and this is amazing but very to support the creation of peterson's think spot say that western society need somewhere to exchange ideas without fear of reprisals and clampdowns the major point that we have to defend and cultivate prioritize what i think gauging in the robust discussion in public life is that no situation anywhere as an adult is free of risk in that we enter into these things to try and get something out of it it's hard to argue with the numbers alternative thinkers like jordan peterson and the rest of
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his self-styled intellectual dark web have attracted millions of subscribers that suggests that audience is all gagging for their free speech barrows not to be gagged. the canadian province of quebec has passed a controversial new law banning public. servants in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols at work lawmakers say the legislation aims to ensure the separation of state and religion and allow for the provision of secular public services the change affects government employees including judges teachers and police officers and applies to symbols as he jobs turbans skull caps and crosses inspectors that will also be tasked with ensuring they're not being warned of the legislation reportedly enjoys broad support in the province critics have blasted it as a violation of their basic rights. the prime minister has once again suggested the
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quebec's values are incompatible with fundamental rights the 16th of june 29th teen is a very said date that has just entered the history books of quebec a date that will forever mark a vision of quebec that divides rather then brings together that excludes rather than includes that stigmatizes rather than reconciles will there be police officers going after people to check if they have religious signs we don't know it's not clear we didn't even have time to analyze his modification clearly they did it in a very undemocratic way we had the views of our guest panel on the possible implications of quebec's law change. i got to say i mean sikhs should be able to wear their turbans and carry their daggers and the idea of banning in yemen is absurd but even in any environment whatsoever including policing but i kind of agree with them on the burka i mean if you can't see the person that you're
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speaking to it that's just not compatible with western culture we had occasion new york city where there was a fellow who was working on subway he was a sikh and he wanted to wear his turban under osha and safety rules he said you have to wear a hard hat he thought they were being unfair in that particular case you could make a point but if somebody says you cannot wear a yarmulke koofi because it might be antagonistic that i think we don't look and see where there is fish possible to allow people to enjoy the free exercise of their religion and to be serving the public at the same time to make sure that this is not some attempt just to thord a religion using so that of a pretextual reason there are 2 sides to this debate on their antonia's as you clearly see what are your thoughts on this in my experience especially new windsor where we have a significant amount of people who exhibit exterior signs of religious belief i
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counted discover to my surprise then sometimes even at symbols of religiosity where the are that you or and or we are pressing care natural reflected religious belief more and to the statement this came up in many conversations i had with my students and i wonder. if this mind around their various opening up some sort of box that is there and what can be construed as a religious symbol and 10 years come up with quite a few interesting points there and having been to windsor myself you see full diversity and when the danny untenured and healthier seem to rub along quite nicely there and that doesn't seem to probably average how can this little. be passed in a country that has braced immigrants. i think we have to differentiate between quebec and canada i lived there for 10 years and it's not canadian in fact in co
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back they they call canada kak canada because there's so much animosity they had a referendum where they almost voted to separate and and then come back they talk about poulain pure wall chemical and it's not an open province you can to emigrate if you don't speak french your children have to go to french schools and if you have a sign that says joe's shoes bigger than show he'll do joe they have actual language police they come by with polaroid cameras and you get a fine now they've managed to maintain a culture where their accent is 100 years old and they're nothing like the rest the country they're nothing like france french people can't understand them so they've managed to maintain this bubble eventually you're going to come across as a fascist you can't have it both ways so yeah i think you just drop it at the facial veils i have to be able to see your face but you're right if you if you start banning sikhs turbans then you ban the cross around the neck then you start
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banning that little fish bumper sticker that christians have it's a slippery slope what if it's a nun a catholic nun mother teresa wow that's a different story that veil look we could talk some man takes all day long you know now and i know what this is all about come back is a little bit of an island it's a little bit different to a certain cases and i do believe there is a mixture of. this attempt at crisler being the uniqueness of back problems with. very candidly whole. issue we all know about and it's probably about controlling or trying to how can i say dress a sort of immigration situation i doubt this without. different story. except. for a spate of suicides in the ranks of the n.y.p.d.
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has been described as a mental health crisis by new york's police chief. depression is real people need to understand that this is that ok i don't feel i don't feel myself i feel down i'll bring myself out of it sometimes it's a downward spiral that unless there is intervention from the outside it's not going to stop and something bad is going to happen you need to talk to someone. and then i had his case a respected 29 year old detective committed suicide outside his precinct off to 6 years on the job 3 offices and i'll kill themselves in the space of a fortnight in new york the city's police have urged those suffering from mental health issues to seek help from friends and colleagues stressing it's not a sign of weakness. while the nonprofit organization which collects data on police suicide says the number of officers who have killed themselves nationwide is higher than those who die in the line of duty it also says the worrying trend has been on
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the rise since 2016 we spoke to a former us police officer about the intense demands of the top. police officers are the single most treasured tested men and women on the planet everything they're doing is criticized by the public their personal problems are being criticized by their off families and then their behavior on both calls which is a mixture of both personal and private or private and professional actions are being criticized by the command staff the public doesn't understand the pressure that the street cop shot that for the 1st responders do and that goes all the way it's up to the detectives but for the most part it is it's a basic concept that these men and women are in a daily pressure cooker from every single angle of their lives and they have no they have no escape from that. holland is preparing for the arrival of $1000.00 additional u.s. troops who are expected to be relocated from germany in a move that's concerned washington's partners and rivals alike maria phenomena
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explains. meeting across the pond suddenly became news for germany when the american president pledged to send his polish counterpart more u.s. troops from their neighbor we have 52000 troops in germany. and germany is not living up to what they're supposed to be doing with respect to later and poland is after you graduate you thank you very much strategically 1000 soldiers less than germany and a 1000 more in poland makes new big difference so what was the motive i think there are several aims to what trump is doing one of them i think has to do with putting pressure on germany so he wants to play the polish card against the germans trampas try to put more pressure on germany that germany is paying more for the military budget reckon 2014 all nato member states promised to meet the guideline of spending 2 percent of their g.d.p.
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on defense within a decade half way to that deadline it's clear berlin will likely fail and that's driving washington nuts it's not yet clear when or how the american troops stationed here in germany will relocate to poland but trumps mere hint about them crossing the border was enough to put their lead on high alert and that was the purpose and it worked we heard from part is usually on opposing sides of the political spectrum. for germany's own sake we need to finally in a significant and permanent way that reflects our global commitments increase defense spending. making sure the military is ready for the future is a question of solidarity with our e.u. and nato partners it's hard to say where they don't go further than words the recent poll suggests that the german public is deeply divided over a defense spending increase but it seems donald trump sprats backed by steps like
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they want to really kate u.s. troops from here to poland leave little choice some welcome this pressure after older lean made these commitments before trump became president this has nothing to do with the american presidents but with our responsibilities to our soldiers and to europe and credible burden sharing but others disagree they see or germany will see its biggest military budgets rise since the cold war by more than 5000000000 euros that's according to angle merkel but even that falls short of what nato and trump want somehow he's change that for make america great again to make nato great again they were going to make the europeans pay more for their defense what they never what they never point out of course is defense against whom they say nato is not directed against russia although everybody knows that nato is directed against russia even though i don't think anybody honestly believes there is
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a russian territorial threat to any of these countries every new member states is a part of the whole war machine huge need to represent us and we have to overcome these war mostly because these war machine all these dinos out is other of history what we need is to reduce the troops at the border to russia to bring the troops home the old slogan of the peace movement is actually an adequate but defense spending is not the only bone of contention between washington and berlin and just one of many aspects that separate poland from germany.
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result applause and contracts for one tariffs and sanctions for the other and soldiers shifted from germany to poland is the most recent of these punitive measures but unlikely the last. russian fighter jets have intercepted and redirected several u.s. bombers heading towards russia's borders according to the russian ministry of defense this pilot video apparently from a russian su $27.00 reportedly shows the jet tailing and then flanking a nuclear capable b. $52.00 h. americans for teaching as a result of the maneuver no actual violation of their borders took place along the baltic and black seas a week ago another russian su $27.00 intercepted us a swedish to an incident confirmed by washington. in japan the victims of a $948.00 sterilization program have appealed against a government compensation offer saying it fails to cover the gravity of harm the
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victim suffered the law which was suspended in 1906 allowed the government to forcibly sterilized disabled people to prevent hereditary transmission of diseases but the compensation was only offered in april this year last month a court rejected demands for more money because the statute of limitations had passed spoke to a victim's relative who told us about the torment her sister in law experienced. song. my sister in law was star lies when she was 15 years old while susan thought grade of junior high used until the age of 13 shocked and suffered from the dominant pains when i fast some of really thick skull that was when i knew something was very wrong in the old records i found it was written that my sister underwent forced sterilizations due to hereditary developmental disability however
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she had an intellectual disability because of an overdose as these issues received when she was a baby i didn't believe my mother who gave consent to the operation because the disability was not inherited. to you so did the chief judge declared that the old eugenics rule was unconstitutional he also showed it was impossible for us those who suffered from forced on isolation to demand an apology and compensation from the japanese government back that i feel is their parliament's lack of interest in the problem affected our trial and that we couldn't get a good result of the 20 victims who filed the lawsuit it's only my sister i'm one of the woman who have managed to obtain official records relating to the star lies
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ations the others don't have them it was a member of the japanese diet that introduced the legislation that means the government is responsible for the marta i think the japanese government should offer a proper apology to the victims. the former head of european football's governing body has been taken into custody in france amid investigation into alleged vote rigging concerning the 2022 world cup which qatar will host it's been reported that michel platini has also been questioned over improprieties at the last european championships and for all its 2 but jamie was banned from football. 2015 and i just had payment from the chief's blotter in french football legend as seen in that twice despite admitting for the wrong to being at the $998.00 world cup he returned to the game just 3 months ago. the main allegation the core of the allegation is supposed bribery which may have
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taken place 9 days before the future ballot was cast deciding the 2022 world cup host country which eventually went to jail but he wasn't the only person to be taken into custody on tuesday morning along with. the former advisor to nicolas sarkozy and also. the former head of these administration they are also suspects in this case the allegation is that michel platini and a couple of persons from nicolas sarkozy's administration of held a meeting with then prime minister of qatar and the foreign minister of qatar and the investigators suspecting that they may have been bribed into voting for michel platini on numerous occasions back in the day said that he would contemplate voting for the united states for the 20 to $22.00 world cup but he eventually voted for qatar and he also admitted to that every time there is a big world cup or a major football tournament going on there are a lot of scandals there are a lot of political control the seas and conspiracy theories.


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