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thanks. $1000.00 troops to the middle east as tensions with iran continue to rise washington accused iran of. social media platforms controversial psychologist jordan. u.s. courts. and says people in the public sector are not allowed to wear religious symbols at work anymore and. say the new law violates religious freedom.
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broadcasting a live studios in moscow this is our national thomas certainly glad to have you with us. the united states has ordered an additional $1000.00 troops into the middle east as relations continue to worsen with iran secretary of state says the deployment is being made for defensive purposes and that. donald trump is not looking for a new conflict. but we are there to deter aggression present does not want war and we will continue to communicate that message while doing the things that are necessary to protect american interests in the region the responsibility for diplomacy achieving this is the president trying to set forth on all of us but the state department is the 1st or the water. but we can't do that without making sure that we have the capability to respond if it makes
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a bad decision. earlier my colleagues. have discussed the significance of the deployment. the step itself isn't entirely significant but there have been so many steps leading up to this less than a month ago a $1500.00 more troops was sent to the middle east they had strategic bombers stationed in the middle east additional strategic bombers they had ph it and t. ed defense system station in the middle east carrier battle group last time they justified it by saying that there was an imminent credible threat from groups that would go in to attack us personnel in the middle east we of course never saw any evidence is all classified this time they've offered videos and photographs apparently showing that the united states is correct and that iran was behind recent attacks and will tankers in the gulf of oman iran of course denies all of
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this and says that we've seen these reports before the united states blaming other countries things that are very questionable they're saying that the united states is trying to sink diplomacy and at the end of the day they say if they wanted to shut down the persian gulf and all the oil flowing through it but just do it regarding the new incidents in the persian gulf republic of iran decides to block exports of all through the strait of hormuz it is militarily strong enough to do go out and publicly give us a sense of the international reaction to this house it playing out what are people saying when it comes down or are they siding with just one side or is it more nuanced than that well iran's traditional rivals enemies if you want saudi arabia and israel. of course backed the united states over these flames over these allegations they're willing to stand by the united states in case of an escalation but almost every doubts russia china the european union have taken this. with
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a deuce of skepticism. sober assessments and wait for some evident. to be presented with it is because ridiculous decided secrets in this case ready in the last days were called for the massive restraint the world cannot afford not a surprise especially in an area like that. we call it all parties to remain rational and restrained not to take any actions to provoke the escalation of tension in the region and not to open a pandora's box there might be the odd trump supporter voted for him and 2016 on the back of him saying you know our adventures in the middle east were going to come to a close it's costing too much money too many lives but yet the trouble are seemingly doing the same thing present donald trump came to power by criticizing his predecessors by saying that enough is enough we should pull out of the middle east out of afghanistan that we're sinking manpower resources human lives into conflicts
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we don't need to be in i happen to think it was the worst decision made in the history of our country going into the middle it's like quicksand it was a terrible decision terrible nevertheless all the evidence that donald trump is being shown with regards to iran for example all of it classified maybe nuff to sway him but it isn't enough to sway other countries including more to do in syria want to bring our troops back home to place one crazy they want to keep they want the us people here in why she wanted they never want to leave some day people will explain what this is a view. and they call it the military. so. remains to be seen where the situation goes from here but so far it's just been an escalation of the escalation we also discussed the situation with a member of the hamilton coalition to stop the war against own who believes
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washington is still set on changing the government in tehran. the u.s. has never forgiven iran for overthrowing the shah its puppet shop 40 years ago and it fully and intends to achieve regime change in iran and to put back another shop on the throne in tehran iran is not a compliant state from the point of view of the us rulers of the us empire such as trump and pompei oh they don't look at us as a distance on a map they look at the map as their own map as their their own playground and they don't intend to broke any disobedient regimes and that's what this belligerent statements and actions in the gulf are all about there is a difference between the 2 spokespeople for the us here on pale on the one hand trump on the other i don't know how anybody could believe anything that the us says
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at this present moment. there are concerns about america's military activities on the climate front as well a new report by a leading us university has claimed that the pentagon is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions its output in some cases surpasses that of whole countries breaking down the findings his artie's donald quarter with commentary. forget single use straws and plastic bags there's a much bigger problem wreaking havoc on mother nature its war the pentagon's wars to be exact i 59000000 metric tons of greenhouse gases that's how much the u.s. defense department spewed into the atmosphere in 2017 alone brown university says the d.o.d. is both the largest oil consumer and institutional polluter in the world there are
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entire countries that don't emit as many fumes portugal finland and sweden to name a few how is that possible while the u.s. military does have a presence in over $150.00 countries it's $560000.00 buildings worldwide make up 40 percent of its greenhouse emissions the rest is from military operations which in 2016 used up 86000000 barrels of fuel that's in afghanistan pakistan syria you get the picture and it's not like americans are electing people who understand wars environmental impact the department of defense must do more than simply acknowledge take piecemeal action to address climate change while it's increasingly threatens in homs oh militaries infrastructure and operations even the pentagon itself says it's worried about climate change the facts of the changing climate are a national security issue with potential impacts to department of defense missions
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operational plans and installations the top brass might say they're concerned but their words certainly are not matching their actions in fact the u.s. military budget may see its 5th consecutive year of growth in 2020 despite spending more than the next strongest military combined the d.o.d. is not cutting back it's actually preparing for more military ventures and considering u.s. iranian tensions are escalating in the persian gulf there are few signs of any turning back. the last 4. major national security threats that both have all of them identified. as being one of those huge threats and yet it soon activities are leading to exacerbate there is this serious threat to global security i didn't buy the pension which is common and yet rather than doing anything serious to. problem miter expenditures do
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seem to be oriented towards creating global in secure climate change and in many other ways. but divisive canadian professor and author jordan peterson has announced he is launching a new platform called think spot and it is based on a single idea of no censorship he says the side will only remove content if ordered to do sell by the authorities despite not yet being fully up and running is already causing a stir is actually public. if they won't let you in the club just to set up your own that's the philosophy behind a brand new anti censorship social media platform that's hitting the web this summer think spot will be an intellectual playground for censorship free discourse that's according to its founder controversial academic and bestselling author jordan peterson the canadian professor is
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a divisive figure hated by the left and dahlia fide by the right earlier this year he was snubbed by the most intellectual of british institutions cambridge university he was supposed to have a visiting fellowship this sort but that offer was rescinded after a backlash from star students this was jordan peterson's response to the decision at the time what do you think it says about free speech in britain cambridge university made an announcement this week saying they were going to invite you to speak i don't think it says more both nature of the universities in general than about free speech in general i mean i don't see all the my decision to sion has compromised more in free speech ability because i have so many platforms on which i can discuss my ideas according to peterson's latest video think sport will be a subscription service where controversial creators will be able to monetize their
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free speech once you're on our platform we will take you down and list were ordered to by a us court of law that's the idea so we're trying to make an anti censorship platform one of the testers of the site will be anti feminist you tube or call benjamin his you tube channel saga on of a carriage was recently downgraded after he made offensive comments about raping a british. politician he was also banned from crowdfunding site patriot last year olds right poster boy milo yet not police suffered the same fate for jordan peterson and his community patriotic as actions to block these prominent commentators was the final straw doesn't look like moving to an alternative provider an alternative commercial product provider that's out of or bailiwick out
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of our control is going to be viable critics argue that an anti censorship platform could in practice turn into a safe place for extremists and the person who most publicly to test the platform is somebody who's not only joked about raping somebody but then doubled down on it saying well if i was junk enough maybe i would you know this is this man is very dangerous because i mean he's interested in much overlap with mine and i don't mean to student of you and many others that you and pizza is interested in but because he has that learning and speak something and this is amazing but very to support the creation of peterson's think sport say that western society need somewhere to exchange ideas without fear of reprisals and clampdowns the major point that we have to defend and cultivate prioritize what i think gauging and the robust discussion in public life is that no situation anywhere as an adult is free of risk
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in that we enter into these things to try and get something out of it it's hard to argue with the numbers alternative thinkers like jordan peterson and the rest of his self-styled intellectual dark web have attracted millions of subscribers that suggests that audience is all gagging for their free speech barrows not to be gagged. the canadian province of quebec has passed a controversial new law banning public service. in positions of authority from wearing religious symbols at work lawmakers say the legislation aims to ensure the separation of state and religion and allow for the provision of secular public services change affects government employees including judges teachers and police officers and applies to symbols such as he jobs turbans skull caps and crosses inspectors will also be tasked with ensuring that they are not being worn although
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the legislation reportedly enjoys broad support in the province critics have blasted it as a violation of their basic rights. the prime minister has once again suggested that quebec's values are incompatible with fundamental rights the 16th of june 21000 is a very said date that has just entered the history books of quebec a date that will forever mark a vision of quebec that divides rather than brings together that excludes rather than includes that stigmatizes rather than reconciles will there be police officers going after people to check if they have religious signs we don't know it's not clear we didn't even have time to analyze this modification clearly they did it in a very undemocratic way my colleague in a dear tutor earlier heard from our guest panel on the possible implications of comebacks law change. i got to say i mean sikhs should be able to wear their turbans and carry their daggers and the idea of banning in yemen is absurd but even
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in any environment whatsoever including policing but i kind of agree with them on the burka i mean if you can't see the person that you're speaking to it that's just not compatible with western culture we had occasion new york city where there was a fellow who was working on subway he was a sikh and he wanted to wear his turban under osha and safety rules he said you have to wear a hard hat he thought they were being unfair in that particular case you could make a point but if somebody says you cannot wear a yarmulke koofi because it might be antagonistic that i think we don't look and see where there is fish possible to allow people to enjoy the free exercise of their religion and to be serving the public at the same time to make sure that this is not some attempt just to thora to religion using sort of a pretextual reason there are 2 sides to this debate aren't there antonia's as you
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clearly see what are your thoughts on this in my experience especially in a city like windsor where you have a significant amount of people who exhibit exterior signs of religious belief i counted discover to my big surprise then sometimes even that symbols of religiosity were of the are that you or and or we are pressing care naturally reflect religious belief more and to the statement this came up in many conversations i had with my students and i wonder. if this mind around their various opening up some sort of box that is there and what can be const through the religious symbol antennas come up with quite a few interesting points there and having been to windsor myself you see full diversity and when the denny antonio and healthier seem to rub along quite nicely
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there and that doesn't seem to probably average how can this little. be passed in a country that has braced immigrants. i think we have to differentiate between quebec and canada i lived there for 10 years and it's not canadian in fact in co back they they call canada kak canada because there's so much animosity they had a referendum where they almost voted to separate and and then come back they talk about poulain pure wall and it's not an open province you can to emigrate if you don't speak french your children have to go to french schools and if you have a sign that says joe's shoes bigger than show he'll do joe they have actual language police they come by with polaroid cameras and you get a fine now they've managed to maintain a culture where their accent is 100 years old and they're nothing like the rest the country they're nothing like france french people can't understand them so they've managed to maintain this bubble eventually you're going to come across as
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a fascist you can't have it both ways so yeah i think you just drop it at the facial veils i have to be able to see your face but you're right if you if you start banning sikhs turbans then you ban the cross around the neck then you start banning that little fish bumper sticker that christians have it's a slippery slope what if it said 9 a catholic nun mother teresa that's a different story that they all look we could talk semantics all day long you know now and i know what this is all about come back is a little bit of an island it's a little bit different to a certain cases and i do believe there is a mixture of. this. attempt at preserving the uniqueness of back problems with. very candidly a whole. issue we all know about and it's probably about
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controlling or trying to how can i say dress a sort of immigration situation i doubt this will have talked up. even if printed stories. sent more news after a short break designed to international. starting really in the 1980s under reagan at that turn deregulation you had the fed takeover and their sole purpose at that point was to try to squeeze workers completely out of the global economy so wages never went up real terms sense that but stock markets keep going up and the reason to justify this is that the fed will say we need to try to take care of deflation even know that they are causing to place in
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an environment where their money printing is increasing the debt. would. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and she. wanted. to go on to be pros this is what the book 3 of them can't be good. i'm interested in the water. and welcome back this is our tea inter-national now u.s. president donald trump has officially kicked off his 2020 election campaign at a rally in orlando florida trump was joined by some of his closest political allies and family members as well as vice president mike pence you're looking at live
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pictures right now of the rally. at the podium as we speak to discuss this we're joined live now by a legal and political commentator jennifer rubin who someone who i want to go to and talk about things like this with so jennifer thanks for being with us as always . donald trump. he announced the start of his reelection campaign for 2020 officially and even though he's announced a long long long time ago he's been holding rallies throughout his entire presidency will we see a shift into a more aggressive campaign no. i think so one thing trump has been hinting at is not only a change in tactics but also a new slogan we've talked about mad make america great the color red and everybody kind of knows what they what it what it is that they see a red had or what magen means but he's been talking about k.g. keep america great perhaps potentially the color white the white hats and so you're
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going to start to see a shift because he wants to ensure that we keep that that he keeps that trajectory going that that campaign that that his supporters see that there are there is a change it's not the same old thing and that maybe people that were on the sidelines are going to start to be more interested so we will see that but absolutely there's going to be a more aggressive approach specifically with the 20 plus democratic nominees or the 20 press that recruits that are running for president going to start to see a lot of that labeling and really the labeling of the democratic party which is something that has to do in general and something i think also the democrats need to be doing better so still a little over a year before the election. he doesn't what do you rate his chances of getting a 2nd term actually i mean us in orlando specifically he's not that popular this is where he's kicking off his campaign the local orlando paper just had a scathing endorsement of anyone but trump why are lando and do you think he can get a 2nd term. i actually think the chances are much higher than
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people might think generally incumbents just do very well they're already on that trajectory they have a large war chest you know there are people here that might not want to ever say publicly that they like and support trump but they actually really like their paychecks they like their bank accounts they like the economy they like their jobs feel a little more secure and so it just depends on where we are yes i would say than our lando there's a there's a higher population that would be against i think it was a little bit premature for the paper to say anybody but but of course we do see that trending on social media platforms that your supporters anyways and basically anybody else that says anything that might be affiliated with being pro-choice so we've got a lot of these different things going on and i think of florida was a very careful choice for just definitely a major swing state has 29 electoral college votes so so having the having the official announcement be there was definitely a ploy by him and i don't think it's any surprise that there are protests going
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around that there are people that aren't happy about his showing up in orlando but again there were 2 florida florida homeboys marco rubio and jeb bush in 2016 that trump was able to beat and so i think he's trying to continue that getting in florida and keeping florida in his playing field something is going to go on to go back to the huge field of democrats they've got quite a large field in fact who is most likely to trump and 2020. i know this is asking you to go down there are a whole the question you know i've had a couple theories. you know i've had a couple of theories on this i know it's pretty difficult i think it's going to have to be a big name so you know it's funny when the polls come out we're seen joe biden leading pretty well i actually said that i didn't think joe biden would be would be a real contender for trump or anything what did that trump would be worried about because of course it was joe biden as vice president to barack obama that allowed trump to get elected in the 1st place so it's kind of surprised to see the polls favoring biden harris of course has been doing pretty well so we'll see how she
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does i actually think that if the democrats really want to do this again we're going up against an incumbent and yes there's a lot of mainstream news stories that are very anti trump but i think at the end of the day if the democrats are smart they're going to realize that they are up a very they're going to an uphill battle against an incumbent against somebody that has really changed the game for politics goes so they're either going to have to do . you know end of the line or some kind of surprise candidate or wait till 2024 and just let the chips fall where they may in terms of 2020 but i think that again it's also people are good. it's also getting a little bit of steam in the polls. harris of course joe biden so it's really going to be anybody's game at this point nobody has really though been energizing the voters as much of course as trump does his own base so we're going to have to see who starts to energize and who can really play a middle of the ground playing field or middle of the ground politics and energize
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those never chompers the moderates the ones that aren't super far left but would go for a moderate democrat jennifer this is going to be an incredibly interesting ride i trust that we can come back to you as we get closer to the action to how should all out and i look forward to those conversations right general legal and political commentator jennifer britton on our certainly hope so. i'll be with you in about 33 minutes when you stay with us. the. how why a paradise with some ground turned into
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a round the experimentation field for agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments that often in day you have many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. join me every 1st day on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to a guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that.
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hello and welcome the cross-talk were all things considered i'm teetotal of l. is trump winning can he be reelected based on his record there are many other questions as trump seeks to remain in the white house will the democrats run against trump as opposed to challenging his record in office have the democrats learned anything from the electorate so instead of crushing defeat in 2016.
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across talking trump i'm joined by my guest richard goodstein in washington he is a democratic strategist and former campaign adviser to bill and hillary clinton also in washington we have any merit he is a congressional republican candidate for the u.s. house of representatives and in st petersburg across to scott rickard he is a former american intelligence linguist are joining cross liberals in effect that means you can jump into in any time you want i always appreciate richard that pro the title of this program is trump winning so that's the question to you is he winning go ahead richard well there's a couple different ways to look at it one is frankly politically what's his standing in the eyes of the public and if you go by his own pollsters let alone fox news polls and every other independent poll in the key battleground states the answer is no let's put aside and typically the polls this far out don't tell you a whole lot but they tell you something which is that if air.


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