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tv   News  RT  June 19, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. charges are brought against 4 suspects by dutch prosecutors in relation to their alleged involvement in the dawning of malaysia airlines flight 17 eastern ukraine in 24. during today's media briefing the representatives of the joint investigation team appeared to contradict themselves over the information that they've received or not made 17 from russia. on the 1st day after the 17th of july the russian federation hasn't disclosed anything about what happened. to the missile. also coming up this hour on the program venice wheeler's opposition
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party is accused of spending humanitarian aid money. drugs on prostitutes. publish u.n. report calls for an investigation into the saudi prince over his possible role in the brutal murder of journalist. one minute past 11 am in mexico city i live in pm in bangkok and 7 in the evening right here in russia's capital city welcome to r.t. international in our top story russia has this miss the accusations of the team investigating the dawning of malaysia earline flight m h 17. baseless earlier on witness the investigators charge 4 suspects with murder over their
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alleged involvement in the 2014 tragedy which claimed all busy $298.00 people on board the joint investigation team russia to cooperate with the investigation of which also has not been a part. let's bring in our ship down of for more on what we know igor welcome is the 1st time isn't it that joint investigation team have named names absolutely it's the 1st time we're hearing names it's the 1st time we're seeing photos so it's 4 names of 4 photographs that we have been shown at the media conference just today we've also learned plenty about the intentions of the investigation now they've announced their intention to charge these people with murder as you've rightly said and also they are putting them on the international want to list now an interesting detail that all these 4 suspects have in common is that none of them are related have any connections to a russian military brigade that is accused by the same investigation of smuggling
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the book missile launch system into ukraine that eventually brought down the mh 17 now as for the intentions of the investigation they bound to take it to the court of law the breach treated this quite a number of times and they in relation to that they made a couple of remarks that a they are not releasing all evidence all information in their possession to the public and they are saying that so the public might still have some questions over how they determine their guilt how these this is why they believe that they're guilty because mind they are still suspects so it's innocent until proven guilty and so some of this information will only be released if the court decides so if the judge deems some of the information worthy and that it deems that it should be released and made public then it's up to the judge but until the case gets into court we are still in the dark when it comes to
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some of the evidence what's russia's reaction been to today's development well of course it's a big accusation 4 people 3 of them russian one another one ukrainian russia has said that they. feel that russia feels nothing but regret over this case and that is because according to the russian foreign ministry the joint investigation team takes into account information that it received from questionable sources this is how the foreign ministry put it now some information is known to have they have known to have gathered some information for instance from social media some of the of the information came from ukraine a biased site a is a side with a horse in this race and russia also once again reiterated its readiness to cooperate and also underline the fact that more school already has done so quite a number of times that that it has provided plenty of information has been knocking on many many doors but it has been sort of ostracized and kept away from the
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investigation that's an important point is that moscow has provided with data done the years as you say what did the investigation there for doing well absolutely and i mean the accusations against russia have become sort of a major line like a highway so a thematic highway if i might put it this way at today's media conference but the investigators were a bit they sent mixed signals because at 1st they were saying that they received no information from russia no corporation whatsoever that russia didn't explain anything and then admitting that he did indeed received plenty of information and they had the even looked at it will have a listen yourself. if you look back you can establish that from the 1st day after the 17th of july the russian federation hasn't disclosed anything about what happened and that is a slap in the face to all the relatives of the victims and i call on them to start cooperating to tell us what happened there we received the information from murder
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russian federation from ocean about the missile and the documents about the missile and we also received the rod or. that wasn't clear enough to say exactly what what's happened with the missile given didn't give us the right picture right so courtly differing stance is there what do we know what russia shared yes of course we do and i mean for instance what this man has been talking about he's been saying that it's the documents didn't make it clear what happened on the day what happened to the missile well for instance russia showed the original documents dating all the way back to the u.s.s.r. the russian defense ministry traced the missile that downed the mh 17 jet and it showed that since 1906 you create a ukraine possessed ukraine it would be the missile was in a position over ukraine and that it never left the country so another another thing
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is radar data which the man in the clip also mentioned may seem like a lot to take in so we preferred a short clip explaining what they what they received and what they are now saying wasn't clear enough doesn't paint a clear enough picture have a look. the previous g 80 investigation so many tram frankly shouting accusations at russia but instead of trying to out yell its critics russia showed original documents raw data and experiment results which poked holes in the investigation exhibit a. russia's defense ministry dug into its archives and deep it traced the missile based on the pieces discovered among the debris of m.h. 17 the ministry determined its tail number revealing the full life cycle of the project tile manufactured back in the days of the soviet union in 1986 the missile
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was shipped to a military base in ukraine it never left the territorial the soviet republic and then after the breakup of uses of the country according to the ministries data the book missile was moved only within the borders over ukraine and in 2014 it was set up and stored at a base in the west of the country exhibit b. . the many fracture of book messiah was a conducted a feel experiment over its own it targeted a segment of an aircraft ho similar to the downed boeing with book missiles the goal was to determine the likely angle from which the projectile impacted on the malaysian aircraft back in 20 c. and consequentially pinpoint the likely spot on the ground from which the shot was fired the verdict it could have only been launched from the ukraine controlled part of the front line exhibit c.
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. russia provided plenty of technical results to the dutch led investigation from the specs of the book missile to raider readings from southern russia which borders with these 2 crane according to most school with the. and be food and on that day raiders failed to detect a new language which would be impossible if indeed a book missing had been fired from a rebel controlled area. we also touch in another aspect because it's not just russia that's been critical of the probe no no russia was already mentioned russia was kept away from the probe it wasn't part of it but malaysia the country with the direct human lives lost from this heinous tragedy they would while they were part of the investigation we did see a malaysian representatives malaysian representative sitting behind that able even delivering some of his remarks but despite that malaysia has repeatedly
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criticized this probe even having access to it saying that it was made into a political farce that it has that it has been politicized to a great extent and this is not something that their country that has suffered directly from the tragedy wanted from it have a listen. the accusing russians of. what decency every day you could even be the ukrainian government because they do have does him. no way we excluded from the examination but from the very beginning we see too much politics indeed the idea was not to find out how did this happen when all that. seemed to be concerned that it did need to be on russia here we have but these who have some political
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interests in the matter and they examine well anyway the dutch led investigation has indicated that the next step on this train the next stop on the strain is court court hearings court proceedings and in court both sides should be represented even even while they said that they won't try to extradite anybody from russia that they will merely ask russia's law enforcement of russia security service to question the people they've named as suspects still even if they are tried in absentia should they should have a lawyer they have a right to have a lawyer and in all likelihood there will be a person defending them in court so the judge will have to have a look and to weigh the information the evidence presented by both the prosecution and by the defense so if we'll see how that fares in court how the evidence provided by both of the 80 and russia and if anything new comes up how that will
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fare yeah i want to delve deeper into that now with a guest on the program igor thank you because we're joining vanished like all he's an aviation lawyer also represents relatives of the german m.h. 17 victims you're very welcome to the program how do you feel about the investigator statements on the charges brought against 4 individuals in connection with the tragedy. good evening 1st of all i have the impression that the investigation was just one way as you may know we represent german relatives against the ukraine who failed to close the ashtrays about this rebel region and about this about. possible told of the ukrainian government nothing is said in the investigation and of course you claim somebody said that $298.00 people were killed and you
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also should ask the question about ukrainian involvement and you ukraine is a part of the investigation russia know we heard about this before and we know we can expect. predict why this is the case just maybe sum up for us if you will haiku what's the legal challenge for what you're doing against ukraine at the european court of human rights. this is just to get compensation for the loss of next of kin. the ukrainian government failed to close the airspace rare a rare that some of the areas such missiles were. involved in the case because some days or some hours before there was struck by on a military aircraft in and hide which was not. at and that at the
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shoot which was not close by india or. ukrainian government so we try to get compensation for this and at the same time of course the same intention has g.i. t. is. possible call of. them. at least. to get them to feeling that. something is disclosed and not dumping it. somewhere which would lead to some sort of closure of course for the relatives after so many years do you for see any time in the near future when that would be so well when those people your representative would feel as if there is closure. not at the moment i cannot predict when this will be the case already 2 years waiting for at this mission whether or not
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this case will be opened at the. court. and receive that they've received their own complaint and we receive some explanation from the ukrainian government and that's it then 2 years 3 or a thing for having that case in the court having at least the decision whether or not they both thought it proceeding i'm sure you've been following the details of the of the probe how solid is the investigators case and what do you think will be the outcome of the trial next march will it be lengthy. it should be a lengthy paid course. what they have investigated. they say that they have investigate something because they present it to the public nothing and they explain that by. natural all and by that procedures
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they have to follow but on the other side as if i'm not brong what i understood is that the investigators are not quite sure what that should be it will be at these times the full of people because it was said nothing but at the end why nobody but be invited and it is up. to the chuch to give them. the chance to be a representative and lawyer knowing the truth all knowing all the procedures that should be followed thank you very much for coming on the program and sharing your stance heikal vanished nytol lawyer representing relatives of the german victims of m.h. 70 thank you. ok let's move on to some more global news on the program now members of the venice wieland opposition are being implicated in a corruption scandal leaked documents appear to reveal that officials from one
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whitelist movement have been embezzling aid funds for personal use the money was intended for soldiers who defected and fled to neighboring colombia. humanitarian aid it is more a humanitarian robbery all the money from the famous humanitarian aid fund was stolen of take note washington not only are the opposition liars but they are thieves too who stole thousands of dollars from each other let's just point out what's been spoken about their thousands of dollars raised from an aid concert on the colombian border were partly spent on hotels prostitutes and look surely goods by 2 members of one party they were in charge of overseeing humanitarian aid your senior correspondent rutgers they have sex drugs and rock'n'roll aren't something you'd associate with a humanitarian aid concert wrongly it seems colombian authorities themselves
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a shocked and barris that what they've uncovered and to think it all began so innocently we need to try to help those who are not getting medical help help those who are hungry and today hopefully on the back of this concert we can start maybe getting supplies into that to sway those people who are not suffering so much back then the freshly self-proclaimed the president of venezuela called in the military to defect join him and top all the corrupt regime. and we gladly armed forces welcome to the right side of history and welcome to the soldiers who are today following the constitution welcome hundreds of soldiers did defect some with families some of the small children they scared to colombia they were put in hotels and by mid march it were living in the streets we are desperate we do not want to
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stay in colombia we want to return to venezuela but not in the current living conditions we do not know. how could this happen out of the 7 hotels that the soldiers were staying in all but 2 were being paid for by the un and the colombian government to hotels is all who and why do those representatives had to pay for except they didn't according to the journalists who broke this story why and why do all of this a month ago. when we couldn't allow for any bad managing of money to overshadow what has been a big effort on the part of all venezuelans that's why as soon as we had the information about the ongoing investigation we decided to send it straight to every impartial of dorothy. the people who did this bear in mind were appointed by do personally and he only chose to speak with the story already public knowledge
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saying transparent investigation is needed also amazingly managing to somehow imply that the venezuelan government does involve culpable complicit and that guy duo doesn't cover up corruption which he kept covered up for at least a month obviously the actual venezuelan government has questions. this huge drop in corruption to divert money that we could use fall sick children instead of being spent include the medicine these being used to pay for alcohol prostitutes expensive shopping trips and luxury hotels as do those allies why is his party which promises to cleanse venezuela of corruption and exercise the demons of the old regime why are these people blowing tens of thousands of dollars in aid money on prostitutes drugs and booze and live
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a concert that richard branson has led along with others in the us pros a chance of february 22nd 23rd that's a complete failure of plan why those forces inside of bennett and columbia have been using the money to enrich themselves for luxury staying in 5 star hotels and therefore they're really showing what they're about it's about wanting to power for personal enrichment the corruption scandal is just one small part of what the u.s. is engaging in in this enormous assault a genocidal assault against the people of venice well it's hundreds of millions it's chance of billions of dollars that the u.s. is stealing in the name of one way though stealing money from the venezuelan people . the shortlist to become britain's next prime minister will get
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a little shorter this weapons they follow will become 4 in the race to replace trees and may as conservative leader and then in thursday's final poll out m.p.'s will knock out all but the final 2 candidates after that the grass roots members decide artie's poly bucko looks at who's still in the race. but contest is hotting up and the field has been whittled down one blonde bombshell remains the front runner and these are the politicians who's made it through to the next round of the conservative party's game of knockout or should it be called the contest for who gets to lose to boris johnson in the race for downing street a.t.o.s. very still no you really think i'm going to get off the plane taishan sounds like how there is nothing i don't need only the quest for a new media has got the country poring over the contestants of dirty laundry. gordon brown as prime minister would be obsolete rageous not just because you don't
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popping interfere in high tax and complicated of life but mainly because he's a scot and government by a scot is just not conceivable in the current constitutional context. my wife is japanese my was telling the story. here we reviewed the carrier. steve you say that the man that you are backing jeremy i'm so sorry jeremy hunt of never said that before in my life it's usually men who say that so i really really want to apologize i'm sorry can you guess which politician took which drug in their preponderate ix days michael gove's was a front runner but his campaign was marred after he was forced to admit he dabbled with cocaine in the $19000000.00 ts it was a crime it was a mistake i deeply regret it should you have gone to prison. while i was i was
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fortunate in that i didn't and then there's what he started as the rank outsider his warts and all media strategy hash tag laurie walks has been gathering momentum up until now the secretary of state for international development wasn't that well known outside of westminster or isn't guys. are you happy to have a quick fill in the very. well therefore i'm filming for the i'm a politician standing to be prime minister standing room meeting people oh i want to see her grow up with all this dirt on offer you'd expect those competing for a chance to move in here in a couple of weeks time to engage in some good old fashioned political mudslinging but at this stage of the contest boris johnson is so far ahead that the other
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conservative candidates appeared to have come down with a case of lightness perhaps looking into the future and vying for top positions in an all but inevitable boris johnson cabinet. the daughter of nelson mandela who is south africa's ambassador to denmark has caused outrage with controversial tweets about color and land ownership. every tide apologist's your time is over you will not rule again we do not hear you finally. you know that statement was condemned by b. countries opposition and a south african trade union group both are calling for is in z. monday to be dismissed from her bus authorial post but the economic freedom fighters party say they fully support mandela running her critics racists she defended the comments herself thing she's entitled to have her own opinion but behind the argument is the controversial land reform bill in south africa the
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expropriation of money from overwhelmingly white farmers the idea of it is to restore justice after apartheid according to the government white farmers will also be asked to help mentor black farmers we spoke to start a government policy fellow up the south africans to toot of race relations about the controversial tweets. she is the investor to a significant european country which has had very good relations with and that her behavior is entirely on diplomatic and it raises a very pick concern for us in southern africa race has been used as a. political tool by various parties to either act as a stand in for not doing enough of the right thing or to and taken as. a child creates a split between what subject the redistribution of lead isn't actually it took as they just lotion without compensation to resolve the problem the problem is largely
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an administrative one it's got a lot of catching up to do it i think this is why it has taken this particular star of relying on the. past instead of saying look it's a it's a 2 to achieve a decent ific for people we actually need to do it properly. is as much as we could cram in this r t bulletin do delve into plenty more news and views on r t dot com stay close. 1 what is it calling the coin is magic internet the new type of digital currency the centralized digital scarcity chancellor i'm bringing a 2nd bailout for bankers called the genesis blog for reason to calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just
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a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history and this is columbus discovering the new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. what holds and. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to be rich. if you're going to be which is what the 3 of them will be good. interested always in the waters of. this.
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great artists and salutations war is cancer inevitable to those who profit from it for those who pay for it the cost is just too high and that cost seems on the minds of world leaders as tensions between iran and the united states intensified at least in the war of words last week the sabers were rattled toward iran after 2 more oil tankers were damaged off their shores and video released by the u.s. seemed to suggest some. radian involvement as usual all options are on the table though the rhetoric took a sharp turn on tuesday when a radian president hassan rouhani told state television are wrong will not wage war against a nation that is facing us are a group of politicians with little experience and response secretary of state might pompei it took umbrage with the very suggestion that his desire for war with iran was anything less than pure telling journalists in florida we are there to deter
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aggression president trump does not want war of course despite a leader who doesn't want war the us announced yesterday it was sending a 1000 additional troops to the middle east and president trump called the tanker attacks minor so which is it are we on the brink of world war 3 or not well acting defense secretary and former boeing executive patrick shanahan seems to think so as he announced this week that he authorized approximately those 1000 additional troops for defensive purposes to address air davil and ground based threats in the middle east then shanahan announced he was removing himself from consideration for the job he just used to send a 1000 young americans into a war even he can't justify not that this will slow the or roll since a former lobbyist for raytheon is most likely taking his plates so if this is all just a case of crossed wires ego has the lack of meaningful diplomacy amongst middle eastern countries and the interference by the us.


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