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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 19, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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hello and welcome the cross-talk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle is trump winning can he be reelected based on his record there are many other questions as trump seeks to remain in the white house will the democrats run against trump as opposed to challenging his record in office have the democrats learned anything from the electorate since their crushing defeat in 2016. across talking trump i'm joined by my guest richard goodstein in washington he is a democratic strategist and former campaign adviser to bill and hillary clinton also in washington we have any merit he is the congressional republican candidate for the u.s. house of representatives and in st petersburg across to scott rickard he is a former american intelligence linguist are joining cross liberals in effect that
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means you can jump into in any time you want i always appreciate richard the pro the title of this program is trump winning so that's the question to you is he winning go ahead richard well there's a couple different ways to look at it one is frankly politically what's his standing in the eyes of the public and if you go by his own pollsters let alone fox news polls and every other independent poll in the key battleground states the answer is no let's put aside and typically the polls this far out don't tell you a whole lot but they tell you something which is that if every single poll including his own $2000000.00 poll of 17 key states shows him down which he then had to lie about this to tell people that didn't happen and then they said it was old news i mean depending on what they asked was which lie that they were talking about that his own his own poll results they happen to corroborate the other independent. calls to show that he's not in great shape and the tell there is that
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2016 even though he was unfavorable in the head to head against hillary he was still competitive obviously he ultimately won nationally now his favor building rating and his kind of the number that he's putting up when people are asked him versus biden versus anybody else is the same or worse and i think i would say the suburban women who voted with him and that's was his key constituency in 2016 abandoned him in droves in 2018 which is why democratic congressional candidates won nationally by about 9 percentage points so and on the issues we have this immigration issue i'll stop here that if he had made good on his signature promise we're going to build a wall and have mexico pay for it if he had made good on that we wouldn't be having this discussion i agree but the crisis in the but that's not to nominate that's not trump's fault it's the g.o.p.'s fault congress or do you have p.r.
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yeah i know i'm agreeing with you i'm agreeing with you is own party failed him ok i'm agreeing with you danny the same question here but i mean let's just not talk about polls here i mean there's you can't i mean these numbers about the economy and i think all of us believe you know at the end of the day people vote on these issues about where are you better off now than you were 4 years ago go ahead danny richard i don't think we want to start talking about polls 2 $1016.00 proved that the polls have been wrong when it comes to donald trump every single time is donald trump winning i mean if you were to take a look at what winning looks like in the dictionary you would definitely see a picture of donald trump smiling right back at you he has knocked down every single target he set up for us he's the leader that we need right this 2nd and he's he's effective and i think that americans are sick of hearing people talk they want to see results they want to see an action. and that's exactly what we're getting
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right this 2nd i think this upcoming election trump is going to absolutely destroy the competition because he's proven time and time again that he can deliver results and at the end of the day that's what america wants unemployment is at a record low g.d.p. is at a record high i mean what else can you ask for except our president who keeps that song well you know i'll let me go let me just let me go to scott here i mean richard richard and danny are both right simultaneously about on different areas here but the country is very deeply divided i think all of us on this program will agree are it's your turn in st petersburg scott same question is he winning go ahead well i mean he's winning in one way and he's losing in many others the fact is is that you you have then you mcadams called it right from the ron paul it says to he basically says trump will say one thing one week and say another thing the next week so sometimes he's winning and sometimes he's losing he changes his story on a very regular basis so you know the fact is that is as predicted over 3 years ago
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before he was elected and this is a very unpredictable individual he absolutely is ineffective to the to the nth degree but certainly other one thing i do love about trump is these absolutely expose the hypocrisy of the united states everybody's waking up there's a massive you had the you know the quiet sleepers like clinton and obama and certainly george bush and ronald reagan who basically were white washing the american dream and making it seem as if it was real fact is people are waking up from the dream and really there is a nightmare going on and that's one thing i do like about trump although albeit he's adding to the nightmare he certainly has made people very much aware of it so in that case i would say he's winning ok richard you know they are the democrats going to run against trump like they've been doing since his inauguration are they going to run on the issues because if you look and i'm going to get. hardison right
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now if you look at his media support c.n.n. m.s.n. b c meaning against donald trump here in for the democrats if they continue down the path that they've been doing for the last 2 and a half years that is just going to boost trump's image and maybe electoral success in 2020 i mean the media helped elect trump by mocking him when they mocked trump they mocked tens of millions of americans and that's why they voted for him as the democrats in the media learned anything go ahead richard the evidence is the outcome of the 2018 congressional elections peter the economy was doing quite well last year if the economy was an indicator the republicans across the country would have done much better than losing 40 plus house seats and the democrats won those 40 house seats not by talking about what a crumb donald trump was but because they talked about health care and the fact that they are for expanding health care access and donald trump is for denying
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people with preexisting conditions health care he lies about it but he's been in office for 2 and a half years and he's now talking about well maybe in a month or 2 he'll come out with this health care plan who believes the thing. that you have brought up the midterm elections but there was no blue wave so i don't think that's that you know your point is very powerful right there if we look. but it wasn't a blue wave that's what everyone is expecting people like yourself here danny let me go to you because again you know what that what the democrats what the left wing media how they have this identity politics and this trump derangement syndrome is that going to be enough to push the democrats across the line go ahead danny in d.c. . i don't believe so i don't believe so one bit i think what donald trump is gone is he is completely discredited the mainstream media i think the mainstream media
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have completely stepped on themselves and it absolutely is going to be a number one reason that donald trump supporters are going to come out and they're going to vote in the 20000 election so i think that i think that there's a lot of miscalculation in terms of you know how close this race is going to be i think it's going to be a blowout. ok scott what do you think about that. well clearly clearly the media has been incredibly behind the left in this country it's absolutely clear the wiki leaks reports the kinds of work that the united states government was doing alongside google obviously facebook's been very supportive of the left wing and certainly the media industry now that being said obviously the right has their fox news propaganda as well and that fox news propaganda has been extremely supportive of the trumpet ministration i mean certainly they mouthpieces within you know they've got the guises of even the largest radio networks that
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really run a lot of the red states because a lot of individuals listening to the radio networks across this country those are the individuals who absolutely will continue to vote for trump so will will this be a situation in which a leftwing. candidate comes up and drives me absolutely not i mean especially if they put joe biden there he's basically hillary clinton in a dress you know basically 8 without the dress so this is not somebody that's going to have a chance in hell beating other than name recognition under the democrats certainly a sleepy joe doesn't have a chance they had the democrats have really set themselves up for failure by putting again once again a clinton based infrastructure where everybody knows what happened under the clinton infrastructure because of the kinds of things that came out of wiki leaks and other places that people continue to deny there as crimes have been committed unfortunately not only under clinton ministration and bush administrations but now
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again under the trumpet ministration we have a tremendous amount of corruption in this country and there's and people are on either side of the aisle are blind to their respective parties ok richard i would so it's really early and maybe i don't want to put you on the spot because someone had to be coming on this program but i make who has the best chance against trump on the democratic side go ahead. so i ask friends of mine who are politically savvy if they had a bet today go to las vegas and they could even odds put a bet on biden or everybody else i would tell you i get takers on both sides i could make a case that biden projects a certain sense of this chaos that we've been dealing with will be over i know what i'm doing forget the 8 years as vice president kind of being right in the middle of things but you know decades in the senate i get i know how to get things done i work with mcconnell and so forth so there's something to be said for that which i
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suspect is why he's running so much ahead in the polls today but i agree with the notion that he doesn't tap into that kind of democratic energy and the sense of newness and vitality that a lot of democrats are yearning for so you know who of the others i could make a case for several of them michael bennett actually from colorado who people barely heard of happens to be a guy that i've known and like for a long long time but but there are others who are at the top of the ticket who would do just fine as kind of being the recipient of what a lot of democratic voters want which is to basically kind of get rid of donald trump as kind of a bad dream i mean so this really gets down just to personalities any any other than than trump i think that's going to i think i think that's going to be a very difficult thing to to push i mean me because because trump does to on things are hang on here i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on donald
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trump stay with r.p. . students we came here where did you work before you came here what if you live well death row in many u.s. states capital punishment is still. practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people that because of what they did have given up the right to live among us some even proven innocent after years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. how why a paradise with some all around turned into
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a round the experimentation field for agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people where one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power. it's hard to take some from somebody if you know have some replacing. they want to
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do this interview today and all these market and then they take me. there you know for years or area. so i'm going to you start selling drugs if we'll hire someone to put the money in it back. then just me all the way in my car my skin basically mccullers peaceful for us nowhere. do you guys have secured any security positions open. david jack me again. you see people get all their cars and i'll see you coming in the herd and they seems like the hurry up and run into the house like they don't want to they don't want to talk to your get your mail or anything like that. but just try reading.
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you know world of big parts of lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made history media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter we're discussing donald trump.
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ok let's go back to danny in washington d.c. the one of the things that made trump a victor in 2016 is that he he is an asymmetrical fighter campaigner he's always campaigning that's what he's best at i would say now he is president as a campaign as a candidate. and it seems to me when you look at the lineup of i'm sorry i'm sorry just essentially a group of of nobody's against him. with very little i mean i mean track records that you know we can watch their flip flops for the last few years almost every single one of them is changed dramatically and you know and thank goodness for the internet you know because we can we find out what they said joe biden is the best example i mean he's flip flopped on so many things that i could make a whole month of programs on just joe biden flipping ok so i mean is it is danny does does anyone have any grab a c. or because if you go to the democrats are going to put everything behind joe biden i think you'll be blown away i mean really blown away go ahead jimi. i don't think
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they do honestly i mean is it going to be crazy uncle joe or is it going to be you know bernie the socialist. i don't know why the why the democrats continue to run bank bad candidates year after year and then they they kind of look at each other and wonder you know what happened at the end of the game i don't think that there's really anybody that can come even close to a donald trump joe biden doesn't have the stamina to keep up with somebody like donald trump he wouldn't be able to draw the crowds like donald trump and let's just face it bernie sanders if it came down to it. america's not ready for that and hopefully america will never be ready for that so i don't think that the democrats really have any anybody worthwhile running i mean they do have some fresh new faces to judge well spoken very articulate kind of a fresh new face the democrat party seems to check many of the boxes that democrats
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want to check so i mean i think it's like i said before i think it's going to be a blowout and we'll say ok scott i've been in the put in play for the democrats you know when you look at nancy pelosi just grab hanging on to her gavel there because there's a o.c. and there's bernie sanders i mean you have a lot of red guard now in the democratic party they're in power and this is a nightmare for the leadership i mean i say pass the popcorn around i like watching it ok as a conservative here but they did the democrats really have a real problem here right now and you have these red guards that are really pushing the envelope and then you have the the nancys in the chuck schumer's and you know joe biden hanging on to the past where the red guards are trying to create the radian future here the democrats are in trouble go ahead scott. yeah they certainly are but they've been in trouble for a while i mean look at the d.n.c. it's co-opted to the nth degree by special interest groups and financial
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infrastructure that control the left wing it also controls much of the right wing as well but when you look at the. they have people overseas a great example only a few democrats actually 2 of them are running for president have actually opposed her you have tim ryan and sess moulton these 2 are running for president and then you also have to also gathered it was another good choice for anti-establishment she's absolutely anti-war she certainly was spoke out against the d.n.c. unfortunately she supported bernie sanders after that and bernie caved immediately to hillary clinton hoping to get some sort of cabinet seat but the you know these are sellouts most of the democrats and it's good to see individuals like bolton and ryan and certainly gathered who have gone against the system now. you know these
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guys one of them is a 4 term afghan deployed obviously hopefully learned his lessons about the military industrial complex and the gravitas associated with the kinds of aggression that the american military has had around the world certainly danny should know something about this he served in the military and he served i think under allen west another war mongering maniac on the right wing of this country so obviously these candidates that could come out and create a what i would consider a more reasonable and objective government and foreign policy for the united states that could push something forward for the democrats but sadly the democratic national committee will not allow that the democratic national committee will continue to support their old guard and tosi gabbert is not given a fair shot in the me. dia's well i watch all the slurs against it richard let's
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talk about impeachment again the red guard it wants to push forward with it and there is nancy is is equivocating i mean it's i see that if they go down this path that it's only going to help donald trump because he's got the wind to his back with his mother report i know we could argue about that for a long time but i think the nation is moving on that the democrats don't want to the media doesn't want to but people are moving on here impeachment this is this is going to be something that they would truly regret like we. the republicans regretted doing that to clinton go ahead richard. couple things this notion that somehow democrats are being overtaken by the red card or falling apart again they won the congressional elections in 2018 by a record breaking margin 9 percent parties that are falling apart don't do that and the anti pelosi is actually being seen as moderate because she is not adopting the line from the left on impeachment on green new deal on medicare for all so go
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figure that i see you know and the people on the left are making nancy actually seem downright mean i just mean we had on them i don't. disagree with you in this regard i disagree with you in this regard about impeachment yes the democrats picked up 5 seats in 1908 george w. bush won the presidency albeit with 500000 fewer votes by talking about restoring dignity and honor to the white house that argument would not have been won he could have made which was all about monica lewinsky and the impeachment effort against bill clinton you take that out of the mix al gore is the president in 2000 so this notion that somehow or other the democrats will suffer if they go down that path i think it's a myth being put out by the republicans to try to make democrats think twice about where they want to do this i think the record is otherwise jimmy carter won. in 76
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thanks to nixon having been almost impeached and and bush won in 2000 i would say a large part because bill clinton was impeached ok danny i mean in the 2000 they're going to hang on to that 2000 election was determined by the u.s. supreme court let's not forget that go ahead danny richard who is the actual leader of the democrat party had left love to hear your thoughts on that go ahead richard . i think palosi insure the ones who go in and meet with the president on issues of consequence and this is true only for the out party and i think the fact that palosi cleaned his clock around the government shutdown shows she had not exactly a shrinking violet go ahead danny keep going that took a minute i mean it took richard a minute to answer that question that should be that was a direct question we don't even know who's really running the i said presently schumer and i didn't take 5 seconds. going there is not the case we know that we
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know that we know that that is not the case we know nancy pelosi is not really running democrat party it's obvious. ok danielle to a back to you who do you think is running who is who do you think is i think c n n n m s n b c is go ahead danny. c n n n m s n b c really. yeah i sometimes think that you know it's a wag the dog here i think the media the big the democrats get their talking points from the media now which seems like danny or what kind of candidate could beat donald trump in 2020 go ahead jenny. i haven't seen i'm not saying that it couldn't happen i just i have not seen a candidate that has even a fighting chance against donald trump at this point in time and he's he's done a great job i mean he's he set bench set up and promised the american people that he was going to accomplish the things that he had laid out and guess what he's
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doing it every single day so i don't think it's possible. danny that standing again are you ok ok i need to press you on this ok where's the wall ok where's wall that was his signature campaign promise where's the wall and i'm disappointed by that very indebted by it keep going danny. i agree 100 percent i think that is the last and that was the biggest that was the biggest promise i know that we have built sections of the wall i know that we've been you know getting crushed by congress and holding up this effort to build the american people want the wall i mean the american people want bill it's a national security issue it's a it's a huge it's something that needs to happen and i think i think we'll get it done next term scott one of the one issue well there are many issues that you and i have very much in common in the many times you've been on the program here it seems to me i'm kind of hoping that the campaign promise of not starting any new wars trump
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will keep his word on that ok because you have these lunatics around him bolton him pump a 0 pushing for a war trump it seems to me is wants to keep his campaign promise if he's reelected and might start a war ok but i'm it's i'm talking about now to the election here i think he wants to keep that because he knows his base is very much against these foreign adventures go ahead scott. well sadly you know he hired these lunatics that surround him to so and let's be clear here that's one fortunate thing that both the left and the right can agree upon you know the the going to war perspective there's not a ministration in my lifetime that hasn't been extremely aggressive about going to war except maybe perhaps jimmy carter but at the same time you know trump is somewhere in between richard nixon and lyndon johnson where as far as it being is crazed as richard nixon and maybe not as racist as nixon was but certainly as
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crazed as lyndon johnson was about going to war he was a war mongering maniac and i don't think that he was an anti-war individual he's been extremely supportive of the military i mean obviously in this conversation i feel like i'm the only meat in the sandwich of a stale hero sandwich with you know moldy cheese i got moldy cheese on the left and i got a stale hero sandwich on the right here these guys are so supportive of their their corrupted parties it's that it's actually unbelievable to me that more people are coming to the realisation that their government has been co-opted and that their parties are absolutely to the nth degree not leading them in a direction that's going to improve this country ok well that's a big statement said gentlemen would run out of time fascinating discussion many thanks to my guests in st petersburg and in washington and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. next time and remember us talking.
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dutch prosecutors charged full suspects over that alleged involvement in the downing of malaysia airlines flight m h 17 of eastern ukraine in 2014 during today's media briefing the. representatives of the joint investigation team. from russia. the russian federation hasn't disclosed anything about what happened.


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