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tv   Keiser Report  RT  June 19, 2019 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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prosecutors charge for suspects over their alleged involvement in the downing of malaysia airlines flight m h 17 over eastern ukraine in 2014 wednesday's media briefing the representatives of the joint investigation team appear to contradict themselves over the information they've received or not 17 from russia. to the 17 to the russian federation hasn't disclosed anything about what happened. to russian federation information about. venezuela's opposition party is accused of spending humanitarian aid money on lavish hotels drugs and prostitutes. and a newly published u.n.
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report calls for an investigation into the saudi crown prince over his possible role in the brutal murder of a journalist. for more on what is happening around the globe is it r t dot com next on our to international it is the kaiser report but in the u.k. and ireland that's next stay with us. oh either kaiser report here or a i guess wow we were right again. i don't know if you're taking notes about this stuff but there seems to be a divergence between what you hear on the mainstream media stan b. c c n n m s n b c and what we say on this show one huge tour the truth reality what actually happens one tends to
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be fantastical poppy cock spewed by overpaid parrots that would not be. let's get more information on this from stacy harbor well we began this week with a new bad bank and that is for deutsche bank's bad bets they're going to be poor and into a new bank a bad bank that the taxpayers of europe will now be responsible for busy a 50000000000 euro bad bank soon owned by the german state aka taxpayer finally deutsche bank is facing its future head on what's left of the mighty deutsche bank that's the front page of the financial times on monday and it was that announcing what we suspected would happen 10 years ago when we 1st started for all those happy days ago you know they got the lehman brothers collapse happen you know and that was the result of insolvency but we were told that it was
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a problem of illiquidity and we were told that lehman brothers and bear stearns and the wall street banks had done nothing wrong that it was just a crazy unfortunate freak accident that they ran out of money suddenly because of all the bad loans that they made to people that couldn't possibly pay them back and that they taxpayer in the global economy. take a step back and 17 or 18 trillion dollars needed to be printed to bail out warren buffett to bail out wall street banks so that they could keep their yacht payments going and buy. you know billionaire row apartments in new york city for $250000000.00 as we've just seen recently or to invade london and buy properties for $120000000.00 that's money that was given to them by the central banks in the 2008 crisis to avoid having to fess up that they were running insolvent institutions and the they have put the entire economy at risk and that
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they are engaged in a club to crowd a crony capitalist nightmare so deutsche bank as we've been saying now for 5 years was the most likely of the major banks to go bankrupt and require a bailout the state of germany has now provided to it's a bank with a state bailout the bad banks an area is masking a bailout and the accounting fraud at deutsche bank is only now just being revealed. at the tip of the iceberg this they're sitting on half a quadrillion worth of work supposed to rid of that if you mark to market. would be greater than 5 times global g.d.p. this is in fact the beginning of lehman $2.00 this is why gold goes up in price because it's discounting major economic collapse this is why bitcoin which is the virtual digital version of gold
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a matter what peter schiff says no matter what miss shed luck says it is gold to point out best now definitively been the case don't come at me with all of your crazy conspiracy nonsense and so we enter into another phase of the global financial crisis right now deutsche bank the tip of the spear as we've been saying for years. only keep money in deutsche bank you're willing to lose the banking system is about to implode we're on the cusp of of a nightmare. and it's easy to predict if you're willing to look at some simple facts this show kaiser report has been airing for 10 years we started back in 2009 during the midst of the crisis this is deutsche bank share price this is in 2008 down to 2009 while the intervention by the central banks as been keeping some of it afloat now down 95 percent since its 2008 high one thing that has been
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happening since the beginning of the financial crisis this early on we had this debate of inflation versus deflation. you know we had a split evenly split between our gas some said it was going to be inflation some said it deflation certainly this shows that we've had deflation across europe for the past 10 years there has of course ben inflation in the select assets own by the top one percent on on whose behalf that. central banks operate so you've had high end property prices in all the major cities around the world you've had the value of our prices and you know certain things that the very wealthy own has increased now in terms of these this bad bank with what the german taxpayer is going to be on the hook for is the derivatives book they're moving belle long dated derivatives over to the taxpayer of germany of course is the long dated one so it's not going
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to be for another 10 years that even you know the taxpayers who are only well some of them are only like 1015 years old at this point and they don't know. they've introduced negative interest rates across the yemeni germany and the rest of europe there are $1311000000012.00 trillion dollars worth of negative sovereign debt that is taking money out of people's pockets and giving it to the kleptocracy running the deutsche bank the financial terrorist that run a bank they do negative interest rates they put that money in their pockets it's a wealth transfer it's not deflation it's financial repression this is the financial gulag masked as an economic theory these gentlemen are the equivalent of oh i mean the. name off sorts of skullduggery there i mean but it walking down the street and he feels something squishy under your foot you stepped in and it stinks really bad that's the people who run deutsche bank those
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are the people that run the european central bank that's mary oh draggy. it goes beyond simply oh oh racket and a crime wave this is a psychotic cult that's that's bent on. not only equal holocaust but it economic genocide so this is this is what we've been saying it's happening now golden bit coy can't say it often enough let's compare at that time when we were at back in 20082009 bank and j.p. morgan have the 2 largest derivatives books in the world this is the share price of deutsche bank down 95 percent since 2008 this is the share price of j.p. morgan up 400 percent since 2008 so these are the 2 different policies this is what it is to be the reserve currency of the world this is what it is to be the federal reserve versus the e.c.b.
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this is the nerve negative interest rate policy versus. interest on excess reserves that was introduced to help out this is the bailout j.p. morgan was definitely bailed out. bank was not bailed out to the same extent yet well a member with lehman brothers they were sacrificed who is the c.e.o. they had a meeting on wall street they said want to you guys has to be sacrificed as the sacrificial lamb as we roll out this multi-trillion dollar bail out or has to appear as though somebody suffered somewhere and they attacked dick fault because dick fuld was and lehman brothers was the least popular amongst jamie diamond jamie diamond then bought bear stearns bought lehmann for 0 that was his gift for orchestrating this is jihad you know he was gifted these assets and he became a billionaire ok great you know saddam hussein's family was incredibly wealthy weren't they so was jamie diamond and they cut from the same cloth so big fricken
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deal i mean anybody can can burn a forest fire down if you have the insurance on the forest fire and collect the money that doesn't take talent to be an arsonist if you're getting paid on the destruction of the forest it's not a talent that we applaud in. in society but we do in america deutsche bank as you know has essentially been nationalized certainly all their bad debts have been nationalized now the bankers a deutsche bank might do very well now that they no longer have those bad assets it's just the taxpayer and they could start celebrating but across europe we have inspired by don't see bank death spiral european banks think to december 24th 2800 level 1st seen in 1995 the subtitle of this wall street dot com article is the benefit of nerves there's hell to pay even the e.c.b. admits it the notable thing about european bank stocks is just how brutally they've been crushed and recrossed since may 2007 when after
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a blistering bubble run up the stock 600 bank index topped out 534 haven't quadrupled in the 12 years from 1905 during the euro bubble when only the sky was still the limit over the 12 years since may 2007 the index has plunged 75 percent and is now back where 1st had been in october 95 so again this is from 2008 the crash and the attempts to resuscitate and that has not worked in europe and now it's back down to where it all began in 1905 for addictively. if free market system the most who are committing fraud are to compete or become insolvent they're supposed to be weeded out of the system and to make room for new companies new managers. based on the enlightened menace based on adam smith us based on nature. it's not about cancer which is your bank j.p.
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morgan they keep feeding and sugar around cancer feeds on sugar and the central bank prints the sugar in the in the case of the free money and so they feed the cancer and you have millions of people on the street protesting you have all kinds of social unrest everywhere you have the global insurrection against banking occupation but the central. thanks keep printing sugar donald trump keeps telling the bank oh the stock market could be a lot higher if we lowered interest rates. yeah i mean that was the strategy in vietnam wasn't that you could kill a lot more american soldiers if you drop more agent orange on them that's true but do you want to kill more american soldiers that's doesn't that seems counterintuitive so you know but. who knows what goes through the meat balls i don't know so over this happy ass 10 years however kaiser report has reported on this we have said that warned about this reporting the facts you know being the scientists who shows up at a nuclear meltdown and says wait that's
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a nuclear meltdown and all the bureaucrats are like what telling us there's a nuclear meltdown is somehow a threat to the financial system no you were the threat the bad debts and the fraud or the threats to the financial system that is what melted down not reporting on this meltdown that was that was the original meltdown that was the financial turn noble that happened in the global financial system 10 years ago and still ongoing whether or not j.p. morgan the share price has increased whether that will finally join where do i should bank also began bank and j.p. morgan remember have equally size derivatives book you know they're going to go private of course if you were able to get stuff private with the help of the such a bank and we'll never hear from them ever again and they'll be just a bunch of people starving in the wasteland and jamie diamond will be up there filing as nails. who knows what he does in this private time i'm sure it's not wholesome in any way well. i'm going to take
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a break when we come back much more fun coming your way. the don't go away. is trump winning can he be reelected based on his record there are many other questions as trump seeks to remain in the white house will the democrats run against trump as opposed to challenging his record in office how the democrats learned anything from the electorate since their crushing defeat 2016. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics. i'm show business i'll see you then.
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the book. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser time atika dornoch scotland and speak with misfire steinmetz welcome back are you mad i take it or play golf in scotland i see a guy or golf outfit on how i should know i just got off the golf course i hate him i mean a lot that's what i'd just like me that i've got 18 handicap that is i lose 18 balls every round ok now this fire started can taper a ponzi there are 20 now there are 12 trillion in negative yielding bonds is this the u.s. is going to go negative soon met max we've discussed this before do it your baggies on that route insolvency one of the banks that has huge derivatives exposure it's impossible for regulators to figure out exactly what's going on there no interest rate policy is generated on was 14 trillion dollars globally nobody of interest
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rate yielding bonds i don't know why anybody would buy those bonds it's insanity i mean it's part of the european union the reason why the european union was there it is there. you know one of the biggest issues right now with the european union. is that italy has 4 trillion dollars in debt that can never be repaid with interest rates keep coming down because their g.d.p. is there tepid and anemic it is impossible to repay the debt and i think there are probably other european nations as well that are entering into a bit of a recession problematic from a number of different perspectives so to say who currency the euro is really failed the you do project is extremely flawed and the banking system has never been recapitalized to the point that it needs to be i don't know who would shout to the plate do that besides european central bank the central bank had become the world's world's biggest rogue edge fund with no out ability whatsoever probably because it
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is safer by bailout infinity and the next step is going to be fail and so what's happening is that france has this saying portugal and italy with their significant never be repaid so they send created a permanent low interest rate environment and that generally federal reserve follow came out and made a $180.00 degree turn around saying that the rate now saying both operate and ask for more political power to move even more exceptional apple by the federal reserve one of which i'm sure will be the negative interest rate policy. implementation that you mention that because they don't really have i believe they don't have any more bullets in the gun and when she makes and of the ponzi schemer we've got to have a percent know where to be in a floatin of one sort or another so i think that we will someday have to i'm
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fairly often in the mid ninety's that can be repaid limited can't grandfatherly the way it works out where the act will trigger what we blame it on. it was yes you know what i can tell you is a very for various financial situation that we've never seen before where the leverage part of the original credit crisis which was out in a and now we're 400 percent higher on a triple b. and john on the lessons were learned you know. collateralized loan out legations are at all time highs higher than we were or 3 prices levels so you come back to the window and every day this is for a very sure sure fighting for volatility is out the later in italy now so you just gotta know i ransacked people safe deposit boxes and go into people's homes and
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take stuff so this is what we saw in the thirty's right the fastest just innovative people solve the stall stuff right i'm going to assure that they're going to invade your home but i know in italy that they are acting a lot of the oh then you say and then when the generation don't have the money to pay for the. family house or woman with 400. a day off you know who has a problem with. what will pass and if i will misuse it in the stock market bond market. so what is the government use to raise money to move growth on the. back of your 4th wall fosli. house bills and move i pay the. fine who. will be the only policy is that what. are we i want to feel
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and we all knew them and that in the end of the whole. iraq news. there she will if you guys are will raise bones are proud for what they are ready because. they look it is best for this is not i mean we saw how. so you know how do i watch out i will not was sure i can find one. you know. why now we won 4. minutes. you know it's fascinating about deutsche bank because we've been talking about it for years and they've been saying that they're insolvent and they're going to need a state bailout they just got a state bailout they're still insolvent it's the new lehman brothers they'll start a global wave of contagion and we've been talking about it but you know i think of
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the old story about the chappies artist that falls off the trap easy there's no net below but the drummer kicks in with their drummer all got up and then the chappies guy hits the floor of the circus dead it's a wrench shot bang. right i mean that's that's that's our job is we provide the ramp shot and it's the punchline like oh it's a prank is finally and solve it lehman brothers part 2 millions of people are now disenfranchised global economy was held hostage by financial terrorists jokes on us haha oh right i mean no nobody stopped it we all knew it was coming it's and nobody reported it outside of a few shows like this one and we're just going to give them another 5 or 10 trillion dollars anyway so wojo we can take the german government won't let the wages go to the wall. or the problem of moral hazard i think you know is more
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significant when there's a waterfall of maturity than just the john fund area for now he's now in 2024 or 5 trillion dollars and no talking about s.s. i mean who in 5 don't fund in this environment you know it will be moved where they are justify that sort of investment though i don't know the central banks like the european pennsylvania who already buying for. the swiss national bank is already by work with on the japanese central bank owns most of. the metal in the most occupancy and the fence now is looking for more power from the buy stock and on. negative interest rates that apple is afternoon when the. ball is in the. right bank with is a market clearing mechanism that's necessary. excesses that we've created by so
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much freddie and reading zombie ratings and home $1000000.00 check before and nothing learned from. 2000 is not with them this time it's not next it's never different oses same it repeats itself we learn. yeah all absolutely and i don't expect there will be any divergence from this suicide financial chorus and that we look forward to the neo feudalism that's just around the corner what about goldman firestone's barely moved at all what's going on with gold i mean nobody likes golf soon and it's america that would say that we. are reasons. so that indicates now. ready into the now. you know there's a lot of our precious. precious space. personal space and
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he. has got to sit down without going to the. store. and. out. buying some of the thing that. the let's bring in all the way to the present because you describe it's a plan a ponzi the central banks fear of money they collusion that happens at the central bank level the suppression of gold prices for years although the other inching up and up against long term resistance enter into this now facebook for a $500000000000.00 company introducing their own currency the libor up to facebook point it will give you a global currency it could replace the dollar it could replace the and it could replace fiat currency it's a new global fear out currency controlled by the people who control facebook cia m i 6 f.b.i. so this is new cia calling right so all those debts get rolled up into facebook
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coin and people are on their facebook and they're chatting and they're liking each other stuff and they get a little facebook coin and they can go buy a snack for themselves right this is the new global currency this is the new world order it launches this with the white paper coming out from the facebook corp match this. well you know what i did put that into your thought process you know look i think that critter twitter is joe i mean they censor everybody my a takeaway thousands of the people that follow me for no reason whatsoever is that you say negative or derogatory thing about. you know on the off go down and 1000 overnight 1000 followers it's ridiculous but this is so offensive based in a brand new 1000 a long thing as they gather more thousands of the cell that was going around the will basically you are the prophet use case twitter you can seem foolish if they decide who they're going to promote and who they're going to suppress if you're not
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nice and this is a case of the chinese are doing with their social credit right if you're it was good for you to travel on the trains and airplanes but if you're not you will be who live so i hope that safety and i get going room with 2 legs this is a wreck with companies like facebook and google who will manipulate the 2020 presidential election by the side of our operation search you know it when russia and russian backed it nothing to both facebook twitter and amazon manipulate everything they're out with so i think with congress in the senate to pass you look into and seriously figure out further west from sensory things bring back remark was on allow everybody's voices be heard and allow the companies didn't see with this should the need arise ready that they are suppressed in terms of the boss or
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any positive influence like the principle is notice when you think we know we believe that we should have something that is made up where that is some arbitrary and capricious burrage that people dislike and since they dislike it they want to prohibit it they want to censor it but look if you don't. with some of these things change the channel don't listen to them or enter into a dialogue that might be useful you know you can both express what you feel in a civil manner that's a civil societies work out the differences are right now we've jumped the shark with the whole thing they're trying to create us versus them democrats versus republicans you know join the side and this is tribalism at its worst i.r.i. best 1st time thanks for being on the kaiser for coming to us from scotland where you live from the golf course rules or an enduring all right well that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with may max kaiser and stacy herbert i
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guess fireside of planet policy. if you want to catch us on twitter it's kaiser report until next time. so what is it calling the coin is magic the new type of digital currency the centralized digital scarcity chancellor. of 2nd for bank that's called the genesis blog for reason to calling it civil disobedience
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a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history this is columbus discovering the new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. come on welcome to worlds apart more than 70 years after the creation of israel no
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major international actor questions its right to exist except perhaps for these really stem cell. the allegations of to semitism or bias surface in almost every critical discussion on israeli policies often to the government's side or to shut down the conversation altogether is it still possible to analyze and criticize israel's policies without being branded an anime of the state owned worse any gater of its right to exist well to discuss that i'm now joined by omar sheikh here israel palestine director of human rights watch is to secure is good to have you on the show thank you very much for your time thank you for having me now i know that human rights watch has had a number of its staff members deported from countries that are usually thought of as authoritarian regimes but to have a similar possibility happened in a democratic country i think it's quite remarkable what got you in trouble with.


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