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headlining today doubt submersion evidence used to accuse rush or of hiking democratic party e-mails in the run up to the 2016 presidential election seems the f.b.i. never saw final report by a private cyber security firm on which it based its conclusion. judge for british arms sales to saudi arabia the u.k. court sent to decide whether that should be suspended as peace campaigners claim the weapons are being used on civilians in yemen breaching international border. prosecutors charge for suspects over the downing of a later realigns flight m.h. 70 over eastern ukraine 14 joint investigation team members of the contradict
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themselves over what information they received from russia and make 70. on the 1st day after the 17th of july the russian federation hasn't disclosed anything about what happened with received the information form of the russian federation information about to the missing. morning just to the 28th of june here in moscow mimes kevin i am here with the latest from the r.t. international newsroom for you u.s. government documents reveal doubts on the f.b.i.'s conclusion that russia was behind an alleged attack on the democratic party's servers in 26 state seems the agency never gotten a final report from a private cyber security company crowd strike that was hired by the party to investigate the hack the report was the core evidence for the russia hacking investigation with all this warning us. the correspondent word of. faith is
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a remarkable thing it can move mountains if you believe something hard enough heart and soul it doesn't actually matter if it's real it ought faith in god in family or in russian hackers russia also who now after having hacked into the d.n.c. russia hacked into the pillar of our democracy russia is hacking and hammering gas currently and we did not mention exactly that did occur nobody is debating that that did or did not happen it did happen faith no need for evidence proof friend's ex or facts but as with every religion there are the tracks is doubtless one of them is roger stone a former advisor to the tribe paid now indicted for alleged witness tampering and making false statements all related to wiki leaks as part of his defense he has
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requested evidence that russia was behind the d.n.c. hacks of 2016 so the government gave them all they had a redacted draft report from a cyber security company it is clear that the government has relied on the assumptions made by a source outside of the us intelligence community that the russian state was involved in the hacking and that the data taken from the various servers were given to wiki leaks the government does not have the evidence and it knew it did not have the evidence when it applied for these search warrants crowd strike the d.n.c. cyber security contractors what is amazing is that the draft report was redacted by crowd strike itself they gave the f.b.i. a rough document with parts blacked out the government does not possess the information the defendant seeks and that's all they gave them neither the f.b.i. . i know the government garden unredacted version why for the security of the
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d.n.c. of course can't have the f.b.i. knowing everything at the time of the voluntary production counsel for the democratic national committee told the government that the redacted material concerns steps taken to remediate the attack and to harden the d.n.c. and democratic congressional campaign committee systems against future attack so here's how it is a private security company that was hired by the d.n.c. writes a draft report never getting around to finishing the final one crosses out and that's a bunch of stuff because they're worried that letting the f.b.i. know things might for some unexplainable reason hurt their security and this is the chief evidence of russia's role and the hack of course dowd has might ask why on earth a private security company was carrying out the investigation in the 1st place why
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it wasn't the f.b.i. our friends expose would always prefer to get access to the original device or server that's involved so it's the it's the best evidence were you given access to do the forensics on those servers we were not we were a highly respected private company eventually got access and shared with us what they saw their remarkable faith really can move mountains transform believes politics countries you don't need prophets and miracles all you need is a private cybersecurity company to blame russia the new democrat testament russia did it of course that is will be doubtless and beulah may be one of those heretics you need 26165 g. or you officers appear to have stolen thousands of emails and attachments which were later released by weaker weeks in july 26th seen. now are they to be accused
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of blasphemy but perhaps a little more investigating would be helpful alternatively russia did it so it is written blessid be the word of crowd strike. former cia officer emma govern told us that the d.n.c. invented the russia story as a distraction to the wiki leaks revelations and there's no factual basis for the russian akki into the d.n.c. computers and now we know that the f.b.i. went or went along with the very styria evidence evidence with no chain of custody evidence incompleted redacted the game was this so assume as the democrats realized that julian signage had these messages they composed a cover story clinched julian a signed release those e-mails went to the press the press was a willing a cockles and they said look there are issues that rushed at it and so the
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headlines were not close in steele's nomination from sanders but rather the russians had waited the russians had white this is an act of war it worked like a charm i call it an magnificent distraction. u.k. arms sales to saudi arabia face a key code decision later today 3 u.k. judges to set the side if they breach international law ruling which could see the lucrative contracts suspended his campaign to save billions of pounds worth of weapons have been used by the saudis in yemen civil war. u.k. has continued to support saudi air strikes in yemen and provide arms at this point overwhelming evidence of repeated breaches of international humanitarian law this is in clear violation of u.k.'s own guidelines on arms sales and european and international law it makes a mockery of the government's claims to rigorously control arms exports since the saudi led bombardment began in 2015 the u.k.'s license 4700000000 pounds worth of weapons britain is the 2nd biggest exporter of arms to the saudis and it's the
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u.k.'s largest military export contract but the deals more than just hardware is. the court is deciding on a legal claim against the arms sales brought by the group campaign against arms trade while c divil a t. you say the u.k. not only sells arms but also provides expertise to the saudis human rights watch says riyadh actions in yemen amount to war crimes and has accused the u.k. of turning a blind eye the u.k. government says it has very rigorous arms controls yet weapons continue to be sold to saudi arabia despite considerable evidence of the saudi led coalition abuses in yemen the case is a key opportunity to make sure that the u.k. rules on arms sales are being properly applied to saudi arabia the situation in yemen has been described by the u.n. as the world's worst manmade humanitarian crisis the saudi led military coalition say it's fighting to free the country from hutu rebels and restore the exiled government riyadh also says it's doing all it can to reduce civilian casualties
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over 70000 people have been killed through fighting and famine since january 26th 18 with 10000000 yemen is facing starvation millions have also been displaced britain doesn't just supply weapons it provides the personnel and technical knowledge required to keep the war going 6000 british contractors are stationed in saudi arabia to train saudi pilots maintain planes and supervise the loading of bombs with no end in sight to the conflicts the u.k. continues its arms sales to saudi arabia meanwhile 2 candidates for the conservative party leadership have also played a role in september 26th seen boris johnson said the saudi led bombing campaign was not a clear breach of international humanitarian law while jeremy heimans who took over as foreign secretary in july 28th seen said halting arms sales to saudi arabia would be morally bankrupt because the u.k. would surrender our influence the aerospace defense and security sectors provide
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the u.k. with a 1000000 jobs and boost the economy by over 74000000000 pounds the government says the u.k. has one of the most robust export control regimes in the world powers that control is regarding saudi arabia will not be decided by the court. in the face of strong criticism at home in time conservative party ministers have been at pains to stress that it's not the u.k. which chooses the targets in yemen they say a former british politician we spoke to says it's time the government changed to a squabbling m.p.'s right now it distracting from serious crises like yemen at a time when most of british attention is focused inevitably on bragg's it it's really important that we do look at the issues such as arms sales and in particular in this special case because so many people are losing their lives in yemen and really it's a difficult situation that has to be resolved and it's significant that all of the
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opposition parties not just the labor party but also the liberal democrats and the scottish nationalists and other small of parties have agreed really that this is not something that britain ought to be supporting it's really only be conservatives who have taken this line of strong support for arms sales to saudi arabia and so there are probably will need to be a general election for that to change and that is more likely to succeed perhaps than the legal challenge. russia described accusations that its military was involved in the downing of malaysia airlines flight m.h. 17 as regrettable and absolutely baseless on wednesday dutch prosecutors charged 4 suspects with murder over their alleged role in the crash which killed all 298 onboard when the plane was brought down in east ukraine in 2014 moscow says their case relies heavily on falsified video and that investigators are still ignoring
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the information provided by russia correspondent down off gave you know neil more on the latest developments. it's the 1st time we're hearing names it's the 1st time we're seeing photos so it's 4 names of 4 photographs that we have been shown at the media conference we've also learned plenty about the intentions of the investigation now they've announced their intention to charge these people with murder and also they are putting them on the international wanted list now an interesting detail that all these 4 suspects have in common is that none of them related have any connections to a russian military brigade that is accused by the same investigation of smuggling the book missile launch system into ukraine that eventually brought down the mh 17 russia has said that they feel that russia feels nothing but regret over this case and that's because according to the russian foreign ministry the joint investigation team takes into account information that it received from
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questionable sources this is how the foreign ministry put it they have known to have gathered some information for instance from social media some of the of the information came from ukraine a biased side and russia also once again reiterated its readiness to cooperate and also underlined the fact that more school already has done so quite a number of times that that it has provided plenty of information has been knocking on many many doors but it has been sort of ostracized and kept away from the investigation that's an important point is that moscow has provided with data done in the years as you say what did the investigation there for doing well absolutely and investigators were a bit they sent mixed signals because at 1st they were saying that they received no information from russia no corporation whatsoever that russia didn't explain anything and then admitting that he did indeed do it received plenty of information and they had the even looked at it with often off the plane when you look back you
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can establish that from the 1st day after the 17th of july with the russian federation hasn't disclosed anything about what have. and that is a slap in the face to all the relatives of the victims and i call on them to start cooperating to tell us what happened and how we receive the information from murder russian federation from ocean about to the missile and the documents about the missile that we also received the rod or. that wasn't clear enough to say exactly what what happened with the missile given this and didn't give us the right picture we prepared a short clip explaining what they what they received and what they are now saying wasn't clear enough doesn't paint a clear enough picture have a look the previous investigation so many triumphantly shouting accusations at russia but instead of trying to out yell its critics russia showed original documents raw data and experiment results which poked holes in the investigation
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exhibit a. russia's defense ministry dug into its archives and deep it traced the missile based on the pieces discovered among the debris of m.h. 17 the ministry determined its tail number revealing the full life cycle of the project tile manufactured back in the days of the soviet union in 1986 the missile was shipped to a military base in ukraine it never left the territory of the soviet republic and then after the breakup of uses of the country according to the ministry's data the book missile was moved only within the borders over ukraine and in 2014 it was set up and stored at a base in the west of the country kerry also touched on another aspect because it's not just russia that's been critical of the probe malaysia has repeatedly criticized this probe even having access to it saying that it was made into
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a political fast accusing her actions of. but what decent evidence you could even be the ukrainian government because the 2 have disappeared we do know way we excluded from the examination but from the very beginning we see too much politics in the the idea was not to find how did this happen when all that but you seem to be concerned that it did play need to be in russia here we have but these who have some political interests in the matter and they examine the judge will have to have a look and to weigh the information the evidence presented by both the prosecution and the defense so if we'll see how that fares in court how the evidence provided by both the g.h.z. and russia and if anything new comes up how that will fare. it will cover it
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covering this to come out later on today a few hours time russian president vladimir putin set to answer all of the questions from the nation literally lying to its builders it is and he will q. and a marathon before the big t.v. audience this is one of the big stories of the day where cross it will be full of yours as well but we'll tell you what to expect when we come back. democracies do not deport human rights defenders over their peaceful expression democracies do not rule over millions of people for another people you know for decades on there is a larger context here in that context starts with the fact that israel has been occupying palestinians for 50 years and that occupation itself has
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deteriorated the most basic ideas of what a legitimate democrat. the government looks like inside of israel. some time old shows were like a honeypot everyone believed that it was all unstable and unreliable and russia but they thought that everything was great over there russian businessmen wanted to do business in the worst because they feared some could take everything away from them in russia it's now it's the opposite dave business is outside of russia was snatched less is frozen all blog now the student whine about. good morning is just turned 80 minutes past 10 in the morning moscow time the killing of a pro refugee politician in germany a scandalized the country and raise concerns over the rise in right wing extremism
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that the suspect arrested in connection with the killing reportedly had links to the neo nazi n p d party or your correspondent peter all of his got more this morning. the killing of the district presidents of castle in central germany is being treated as a politically motivated terror attack bolton was shot at close range outside of his home on the 2nd of june it's understood he had been receiving death threats in connection to his pro migrant stance a 45 year old man has been taken into custody in relation to the killing it's understood from authorities that he has a long history of connection with the far right mr live care was a member of christian democratic union party the chancellor says no stone will be left unturned in the investigation isn't it this is depressing news that we're hearing and naturally all these must be pursued intensively that is why it's right
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that the federal general prosecutor has taken charge of the investigation to uncover the background information as fast as possible i hope that we have full clarity soon to make the final assessments the suspect who is only being named as stephen as a standard practice in germany has a long history of connection with the far right back in 1903 he was convicted for planting a pipe bomb outside of a home for asylum applicants he's also known to have connections with the violent neo nazi group. the suspect embarked on a career in right wing extremism during the late eighty's he has conducted extreme motivated crimes and therefore has been on the radar of the intelligence services since that time he hasn't appeared on the surface in recent years so he has been in the background of our surveillance. after the murder was announced there was a flurry of right wing extremist messages posted online reveling in the killing
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purportedly due to the fact that mr libby. wanted to take in more refugees into his region the spokes person from the. german government was reluctant to say more about an ongoing investigation but did expressed disgust at extremist content being posted online full of fizzing from a numerous right wing extremist chief who comments on the internet after his death repugnant and disgusting and has also defeating of everyone sitting at home and the government working with all its force against right wing extremism in this country as well as against left wing extremism.
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should the investigation revealed that this was a politically motivated assassination it would be the 1st in germany since the 1970 s. already though there is concern about the size shape and scope of extremism in the country as the investigation continues to determine why wall to leave care was shot and who carried it out peter all of r.t. believe. in a couple of hours' time the russians nationwide get the chance to put a question directly to the president on the issues that matter most to their military has more on his 17th an annual public q. and a marathon coming up in a couple of hours. there are 2 grand q. and a vents on vladimir putin's calendar one that happens at the end of the year usually is for journalists well this one in june is for the people and over the years it has devolved into somewhat of a t.v. show where the russian leader gets to deal with the problems of the nation and live
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on air i can tell you that in the previous years the government joins the q. and a event it was something like the big video conference call and it becomes a very tough exam for them because the russian president gets to tell them off or give them out orders directly live on air the journalists are also was joking that june is probably the toughest time for regional officials in russia so what do russians ask about or rather in most cases what do they complain about it can be absolutely anything what if somewhere salaries are being delayed for months for the employees of an entire company or a maybe the most remote corner of russia a road full of holes isn't being repaired for years when russians are desperate they see this as an opportunity to send their message directly to the president
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there are also suggestions from serious ones to rather weird ones one of the questions from one russian this time is why not make wednesday an official day off so how are the russians submitting their questions they can do it in writing form they also send texts make phone calls use online forums but in the ear of instagram short videos have become the most popular way to reach out to the russian president so mid june in russia is the time to send you or stories to mr putin quietly. truly i can tell you that the russian leader will begin reacting to these stories at noon and throughout the rest of the day we are across it here on our team will tell you all about it. president trump's nominee for the united states envoy to the u.n. kelly craft pledges to keep up pressure on moscow she receives the post but i'm not
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going there to be russia's friend they're not our friend they undermine us at every opportunity that they have and you better believe i will keep a clear eye on them and i will continue to hold them accountable we will continue to apply maximum pressure and if confirmed i will promise you that we would be shining a light on russia kelly craft is an american business woman and diplomat she was also a major donor to president trump's 2016 election campaign in the republican party says 2017 she served as the u.s. ambassador to canada in february president truck nominated her as envoy to the u.n. replacing nikki haley who resigned last year we spoke to sariah fast libertarian u.s. presidential candidate sell food thinks that kraft won't bring anything new to the job. whole point of the united nations is to try to foster peace and unfortunately we've seen that the united states the current administration in the
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past administration whether with samantha powers or nikki haley and now this new ambassador if chosen is not going to be any different i strongly feel that the president at heart wants to get along with russia i think it's a whole you know the mother's report and all the stuff that's going on with the supposed russian interference you know they have to give some sort of. front you know that they are against russia so i really don't know what to expect anymore from this current administration all i can say is that she's going to be no different than the past 2 ambassadors that were there if she's even chosen so they have an agenda on their own and it's going to happen with or without having a seat in the united nations unfortunately we'll continue to cover the twists and turns that. some of the many stories we're covering international looking for that so much more of course and. i'm kevin i mean for me the rest of the morning of a great day.
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paradise with some. turned into a round the experimentation field cultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major here there's no question otherwise why would the chemical company workers themselves be. locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments that often in day you have many of these people. one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to
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poison the why and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with it because the people have less political power. but hopes and change to. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president and you. want to. have to go on to be pro-choice that's what before 3 of them all can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters at the age. where.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the globe and covering the world of business and finance and the impact upon us all i'm daniel brito in washington here's a look at what's on deck today the trade war could finally force a major american company out of china but instead of coming back stateside as promised they could be having elsewhere in asia which is correspondent alex mahela bitches standing by to break down apple's potential plan to dodge the trade war the federal reserve meeting has markets on the move peter schiff of euro pacific capital is on and off break down the details and wall to get a glance at global sales and later while china has seen souring ties with some american companies they've also been opening the capital markets to some other foreign firms. hillary ford which of the british. business association joins us to break down what the openings mean for the united kingdom in the wake of bread
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products its impact on business we've got a packed show today so let's go and dive right in. a big rally for markets in china and hong kong leads our global report today as presidents donald trump and she jinping confirmed they will meet during g. 20 the g. 20 in osaka japan to resume trade talks the c.s.i. 300 index which indexes the performance of the top 300 stocks on the shanghai and shuns and stock exchanges rose by 2.22 percent on wednesday meanwhile the shanghai composite index rose by 1.5 percent following the announcement of the meeting in hong kong the hang seng spiked 2.4 percent over the same period the largest single day spike in 2019 and while a resolution of the ongoing trade war between the united states and china during the meeting is a long shot by all reports including according to recent comments from u.s. commerce secretary will ross markets market movers seem pleased to see the parties at least return to the table.


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