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i know. i. used to accuse russia. party e-mails in the run up to the 26th presidential election the f.b.i. never saw final report. which makes its conclusion. britain's lucrative arms contracts with saudi arabia are on the line. when a legal challenge over the weapons possible. in yemen claiming the seals breach international law. russia won't shift its national interests just. as public. is currently
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going he said restrictions are designed to. just. doing against china. live from moscow to the world this is r.t. international from the team myself union o'neill hello welcome. yet we will be jumping in and. presidential in a anything couldn't taste he will bring it right to you but 1st u.s. government documents reveal about the f.b.i.'s conclusion that russia was behind on alleged the democratic party service in 2016 let's go through what we know about this the agency never got a final report from private cyber security. company crowd strike which was hired by
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the party to investigate the hock the report was the core evidence for the russia investigation our senior correspondent. being trawling through the reports. faith is a remarkable thing it can move mountains if you believe something hard enough heart and soul it doesn't actually matter if it's real it ot faith in god in family or in russian hackers russia also who now after having hacked into the d.n.c. russia hacked into the pillar of our democracy russia is hacking and having gas currently and we did not mention exactly that did occur nobody is debating that that did or did not happen it did happen faith no need for evidence proof friends x. or facts but as with every religion there are the tracks is doubtless one of them is
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roger stone a former advisor to the tribe paid now indicted for alleged witness tampering and making false statements all related to wiki leaks as part of his defense he has requested evidence that russia was behind the d.n.c. hacks of 2016 so the government gave them all they had a redacted draft report from a cyber security company it is clear that the government has relied on the assumptions made by a source outside of the us intelligence community that the russian state was involved in the hacking and that the data taken from the various servers were given to wiki leaks the government does not have the evidence and it knew it did not have the evidence when it applied for these search warrants crowd strike the d.n.c. cyber security contractors what is amazing is that the draft report was redacted by crowd strike itself they gave the f.b.i.
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a rough document with parts blacked out the government does not possess the information the defendant seeks and that's all they gave them neither the f.b.i. nor the government gordon unredacted. why for the security of the d.n.c. of course can't have the f.b.i. knowing everything at the time of the voluntary production counsel for the democratic national committee told the government that the redacted material concerns steps taken to remediate the attack and to harden the d.n.c. and democratic congressional campaign committee systems against future attacks so here's how it is a private security company that was hired by the d.n.c. writes a draft report never getting around to finishing the final one crosses out and read that a bunch of stuff because they're worried that letting the f.b.i. know things might for some unexplainable reason hurt their security and this is the
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chief evidence of russia's role and the hack of course that has might ask why on earth a private security company was carrying out the investigation in the 1st place why it wasn't the f.b.i. our friends expose would always prefer to get access to the original device or server that's involved so it's the it's the best evidence were you given access to do the forensics on those servers we were not we were very highly respected private company eventually got access and shared with us what they saw their remarkable faith really can move mountains transform believes politics countries you don't need prophets and miracles all you need is a private cybersecurity company to blame russia the new democrat testament russia did it of course that is will be doubtless and beulah may be one of those
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heretics you need 261650 you officers appear to have still in thousands of emails and attachments which were later released by week 2 weeks in july 26th seen now odd hate to be accused of blasphemy but perhaps a little more investigating would be helpful alternatively russia did it so it is written the less it be the word of crowd strike men. right because they have all former cia officer ray mcgovern told us he believes the d.n.c. invented the russia hacking story us at the struction to the wiki leaks revelations . and there's no factual basis for the russian hacky into the d.n.c. computers and now we know that the f.b.i. went over went along with the very styria us evidence evidence with no chain of custody evidence incompleted redacted the game was this so assume as the democrats
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realized that julian signage had these messages they composed a cover story points julian a signed release those e-mails went to the press the press was a willing accomplice and they said look the russian to the russians that and so the headlines were not consumed steals nomination from sanders but rather the russians had waited the russians had white this attack the war it worked like a charm i call it an magnificent distraction. ok to another big story of the day british arms sales to saudi arabia could be on the line after peace in a legal challenge over the weapons potential in yemen they claim a lucrative contract breach international law and contribute to what the united nations calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis british appeals court.
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so a bit to get through. in the blanks with correspondent charlotte. yes a pretty much we've got a court victory for the campaign but. over arm sales anywhere over. the route. the campaign is trying to stop these. government. that has. been for several years. the field today you watched a ruling that was made back in 2007 by the high court ruling had said that. means that it was decided. in the judgment today d it was read the princess decision. is wrong. in one
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significant way went on to say because the government had made concluded assessment of whether the saudis coalition had committed a violation of international humanitarian law in the past no attempt to. use of. yemen so a very specific. this was the reaction so i. this goes to the very top of the conservative party we now need a judicial review in the whole licensing system parliament has been shown to be totally broken we had 4 years to sort this out and the committee failed to meet the 2 years and then for 2 years we've had a committee chair the shrill for illegal arms sales this is down and just like after previous judgments that we've had in the past like the iraq arm sales in the ninety's we now need a public inquiry on this matter the government should not waste time in appealing
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this judgment the government should fix our system while those on the sales by the u.k. government saudi arabia is said to have been with 4700000000 pounds that since 2015 in the u.k. government is said to be the 2nd largest exporter of arms to riyadh those arms that have been exported into and 12 thinking were made missiles and forms a report by the un back in 2018 suggesting that the use in might be used in populated areas actually account for 92 percent chance when it comes to civilians and injuries on civilians and it was talking about looking for better ways to use explosives by the military but we've also heard from captain reaction to this decision today and also the solicitor representing cats in court who's called now on other governments across the western world to rethink their arms
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sales to saudi arabia. those fighter jets and those baldwins have created be humanitarian catastrophe which yemen has endured for these last 4 years this has been a brutal condemnation of u.k. foreign policy business been a very strong judgment against we want to see action from the government the court has done its job it's time for the government to do its job the decisions that took in relation to existing life. since i make the decisions that took to continue to grow on licenses those decisions are unlawful and they have to go back and reconsider looking in taking into account and the key question of whether they can say it's breached by a child rules well some estimates put direct deaths in the war in yemen close to 100000 people since the start of the conflict and haul off of the 20000000 people in yemen said to be in food insecurity and that
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war has caused the worst cholera outbreak in modern history let's have a look now at the war in yemen and the causes and how it some found it. first secretary of state for international trade the in focus has been addressing the colemans on thursday in the wake of that decision by the pool to appeal he says that they will appeal that judgment again today saying that the judgment was not about whether that decision themselves to sell those arms was right or wrong but
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whether the process in reaching that decision was correct indeed liam fox went on to say that the u.k. government continues to apply rigorous process and decision making when it comes to selling all to foreign governments a long way to go we no doubt the u.k. government will appeal this decision but for today as a big victory for the campaign is who have been. taking this court battle for many it is to try and get the export of arms to saudi arabia still. breaking down the story for us live in london our keys charlotte dubin speed. president putin sees russia will not shift its national interest just. lifted he added that all sides involved have suffered major economic damage to them which actually currently talking the presidential q.
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and a still going he said restrictions are designed to curb growth just as you have tariffs are doing against china let's get an update on where we are right now from correspondent who's been listening in walking over the past 2 hours or so i think still going strong there the russian president tell us more about the sanctions issue and indeed anything else that caught your interest today in. that unit hello well after addressing the issues of health care wages poverty in general something that is seen in this country as somewhat of a failure of the so-called waste reform the presenters of the q. and a session reminded lot of our putin that the european union is about to decide whether to extend the sanctions against russia talking about the economic restrictions that were adopted as a result of the events in and around ukraine in 2014 well of lot of more
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putin was addressing this point after several questions. that were addressed to him one of them was probably it's worth making a quarrel indeed to the russians are worried about how moscow is getting along with europe and to that. that russia was and the country that is. this bad as you said he believes that these kind of things are similar to what's going on against china when it comes to the trade wars so he openly compared the tariff war the trade war what you want with what russia was facing about 4 or 5 years ago when these sanctions against russia were implemented let's have a listen to what exactly the russian president should. we got our act together.
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we can surrender we can give you you can give away our national interest but we will there be any change we might have with. american signals. there will be a drastic change in the. china china has nothing to do with crimea all should. be new south east of ukraine we're a. complete novice and that's a lie but what about china it has nothing to do with it it's of the u.s. . should you can call it sanctions tariffs sanctions that the same way that what about the attack against our way. is deirdre when you. really want to do they want the. development of the rise of china. the u.s. the same is happening in the case of russia and it will continue to happen. if we
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all. have. in this world we just need to be strong and particularly in the economy. well there are many different way through which the russian citizens can ask a lot of questions as this was written form obviously this is something that's not being accepted at this moment because the event is already underway but also text messages messages through online form of social networks phone calls video calls 3 will board and video messages a massive variety but i said russian citizens it's not only russian citizens that are asking the president questions they are also coming from abroad and one phone call was received from ukraine surely this was a question about everything that's going on between moscow and kiev at the moment
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something important that a lot of our pool addressed was the fate of the craney and sailors and servicemen that are. in moscow after the strait incident that happened last year a lot of our programs answer was that their fate will only be decided together with the fate of the russian citizens that are being held and ukraine at this moment so this is something that needs to be done together simultaneously at the same time according to the russian leader now another highlight of the q. and a session which has nothing to do with questions by the way or the cyber attacks on the call center but as you can see the event is still underway and the phone calls and the questions are coming in according to russian communications officials the attacks were successfully rebuffed but it looks like someone really
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wanted to disturb the event with these 2 big cyber attacks as we put it but. your thanks for talking us through all the international and regional issues as well just as you were talking there was whole life. pictures of the russian monitor and the tennis thomas love cherchez off so anybody who's anybody wants to hear what's going on there it seems do keep abreast of what's happening there on we will surely be going back to you in time in central moscow talking about that life q. and a still ongoing all right time for a quick break here on r.t.e. international a busy news day malaysia islam is results of an investigation into the dawning of flight m.h. 17 politically motivated i'll bring you all the details of this. democracies
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do not deport human rights defenders over there peaceful expression democracies do not rule over millions of people for another people you know for decades on there is a larger context here in that context starts with the fact that israel has been occupying palestinians for 52 years and that occupation itself has deteriorated the most basic ideas of what a legitimate democratic government looks like inside israel. some time as well like a honeypot. everyone believe that it was all on stable and on the reliability of russia but they thought that if one was great over their russian businessmen they want to do business in the west because they feared some could take everything away from them and russia which now is the opposite day of business is outside of russia was snatched less is frozen the whole blog now the student whine about.
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21 minutes into the program welcome back the prime minister of malaysia has spoken out on the findings of a probe into the dawning of malaysia airlines flight m.h. 70 he say's the conclusion of the joint investigation team was politically motivated with the goal of placing the blame on russia on weapons the dutch prosecutors charge 4 suspects over their alleged role in the trial $298.00 people died when their plane was brought down over east ukraine and $24.00 to. we were very unhappy from the very beginning it became a political issue and how to accuse russia of wrongdoing even before the exam in that case they already claimed it was done by russia we want proof of guilt but so far there is no proof only follows it's very hard to accept that conclusion
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so what was concluded was that the investigators said that 3 russian nationals one ukrainian played a significant role in the tragedy by receiving a book missile allegedly from russia now the case will be heard in the hague next year moscow's describe the accusations not its military was involved in the donning a flight m h 17 as regrettable and absolutely baseless it odds that out there a case relies heavily on falsified video short of all the guards the statements made by the joint investigation team during the press conference on the 19th of june about the alleged involvement of russian troops in the malaysian boeing m.h. 17 crash cause nothing but regret russian agencies have done a tremendous amount of work from declassifying data on russian military equipment to conducting hybridization tests to prove the video material on which the j.i.t. is basing its conclusions were falsified moscow has repeatedly said it's ready to
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cooperate that it has presented lots of information already radar data classified military data on the missing documents showing not the missile which done the plane had been in ukraine since the 1980 s. among the information 100 over the team in fact seemed to send mixed signals over whether russia had presented information or not however. in if you look back you can establish that from the 1st day after the 17th of july the russian federation hasn't disclosed anything about what happened and that is a slap in the face to all the relatives of the victims and i call on them to start cooperating to tell us what happened there we received the information ok back to our top story as you can see where the 17th annual presidential q. and a session is ongoing president putin feeling questions let's cross over. in russia. cause. the damage is.
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calculated randomly. and. i would like to as a person myself as a person who deals with this all the time i'd like you to give these people a chance to leave these detained bail. so. they can try to weigh in that we have long hands unfortunately some people do run away they go abroad and when we have criminal cases or just civil cases our partners from other countries. are not willing to extradite people they do extradite but not in all cases you're right that this shouldn't be abuse in those areas particularly if the concerns economic i fully agree with you. i'm sure you've heard what i said in my state of the nation
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address to the federal assembly was my focus. was to. use the bail. as a more frequent decision yes i agree which is like house arrest but. just like other preventive measures. again but i read detention it. has to be the parts of. rich people and they would just be a millionaire get away and people who are listening the poor of people who are listening to us would think that's ok they just pay their way out of jail so we need to keep detention as one of the. measures. that will bail yes we need to use it in
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a broader way but one of the key issues is that we have so many people in detention . repeatedly the supreme court and the prosecutor general's office to analyze the situation and. so i want to just mind structure like the constantly below back 3 years you could lines by the end of november please put. your proposals both the supreme court and the general prosecutor's office. another question here from their. article 20 of the ministry code of the russian federation it's used very often. something i don't even have to comment on it. so i must live with that 100 percent that something would definitely need to look into it if the legal departments of the get involved the russian president needs to
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look into it but the parliament needs to take a look. at the cover. and the. interpretation the legal interpretation is really she. follows. a criminal group could be anything like the board of directors of the management board of an exaggeration or even at least someone violated human. law that says are acceptable i agree with that it's quite obvious legislation needs to be amended. and several occasions where you remember the ninety's today and soon this will be 30 years since 20 years since the tragic events in dagestan between when the locals to try to see. what the militants asked so we go to both cliff and to our correspondent on a site called. where
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we are. also got what i call noone here to do a soyuz even mountainous region it's raining we were wondering who were able to show you the beauty. you can see but it's getting clearer now in the village of your bottle if you can see it now 20 years ago fighting took place here all of this was on fire and so we chose this place to go live because we found out that we have under our feet we have shells we have round used rounds these are areas we were taking by militants and here the russian guard. soldiers who were going through. blood was shed.
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were. there platoons are were. not. all for. the 1st short that was taking not only against the militants here and there were thousands of these militants here international terrorists even the 1st shot was made by a person from this villa. from the local militia here are the participants of the events. here are the people who acted despite the danger to themselves and their families they took arms and in that with that arms in their hands. they combined their forces were with the police and with the soldiers to fight for their land and they would like to ask a question to you mr burton good afternoon. mr putin.
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and we remember the day when you came here. yes this was the most difficult hour for our people. the people of buckley. the local militia the populace is so she did it for tear. so easy to protect their land and to protect russia. shares than they would feel discover them see if this moment i would like to say you did. this around in perth you've been people who were wounded who were who were killed. for a moment. and still they haven't received this status the legal status of a participant.


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