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tv   Politicking  RT  June 21, 2019 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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nation for the presidency not only is he well ahead of his primary challengers some polls actually show him beating donald trump in key swing states but something interesting is happening in the fight for 2nd place in the primary among the democratic candidates some polls and a few editorials show senator elizabeth warren gaining on sanders and suggest a cooling toward the vermont senator this as political analysts expect senator warren to perform very well in the upcoming democratic primary debate in florida so will that progressive ring of the party embrace warnitz sanders expense and what threat is she to joe biden for the democratic nomination let's talk about that with katrina vanden whoville she's the editorial director and publisher of the nation and a washington post columnist she's in new york city welcome to the program thank you so there's a lot to discuss but 1st your publication the nation endorsed bernie sanders for president in 2016 are you expecting the nation to endorse him again.
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so early matthew what we're endorsing is what we call the ideas primary and i think bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are winning that primary elizabeth warren has a plan for everything and i mean well thought through connected to her personal experience dealing with the true fundamental problems issues of this country bernie sanders ran a transformative campaign in 2016 and you got to give him credit that the issues he elevated medicare for all 15 minimum wage free higher education are now front and center in this debate medicare for all has several co-sponsors were running in the democratic primary including kirsten gillibrand kamel harris so i think let's hope for a virtuous competition around the ideas primary elizabeth warren no question has through her tenacity through her persistence and through rolling out a plan every week. driven her poll numbers up so i think she poses a real challenge both to joe biden and bernie sanders but for now the endorsement
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the nation is given as to the ideas from her and i love that the ideas primary that's a great way of looking at it and it's exhausts me when we in the media just cover the horse race aspects so i want to do that however a little bit because of course it's fascinating to look at the statistics and and where the polling is showing but let's also talk about some of the key differences what are the differences that you see between sanders and warren. i think didn't someone else put it quite well and she's a candidate who believes in regulating and taming capitalism she's kind of like franklin delano roosevelt 2.0 in the sense that she wants to tame capitalisms excesses through regulation bernie sanders is the candidate of revolution of political change and i think he is known social democrat is a social democrat in a western european context but he's a democratic socialist at
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a time when that word no longer scares generation millennial i think it's still a tough word in this country's politics but she's very much someone who crafted a piece of legislation a few months ago called holding capitalism accountable very good piece of legislation but he is as he explained in a smart speech last week a democratic socialist so i think those are the fundamental differences i think she appeals to african-american women and women perhaps more than bernie sanders i think he still has great appeal among the younger generation which were many fired up in 2016 and have stuck with him but both of them are working overtime as they should to speak to the african-american community in ways that they certainly elizabeth warren didn't run last time but bernie sanders is speaking very clearly taking on charter schools i would posit that his education program is bolder than elizabeth warren's and certainly he's stronger on medicare for all which i think is
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a program whose time has come and has great appeal to millions of americans who are suffering from lousy health care in this country let's talk a little bit about about the polling numbers that we can understand those a little bit better we're constantly hearing this refrain that the president that joe biden is the front runner so he's the front runner in certain key swing states is that correct do biden in warren have a chance oh i think i think sanders and warren have a chance i mean it's not. when i saw you i saw a quinnipiac poll the other day you may have seen it matthew what was interesting to me is that you had biden i believe was biden leading trump the next under and then you had bernie then you had to lose with warren then you had booted gedge and then one other candidate now as we just talked about the nation loves to do ideas primary because we resist the horse race certainly the horse race can be sexy but polls are you know a snapshot and we're so far out and so much can change i mean we're in such
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a volatile moment in our politics matthew was you will know that you know a week can change our political dynamics and we have to you know we have 2 days of debates coming up next week those are going to be very important we're going to see breakouts you may see a war and do very well you may see a biden falter so i think we got to be cautious but certainly there are interesting to look at and i think trump is training his. you know his wrath his tweets at biden to a large extent because he's worried about biden and his appeal which i believe bernie sanders has as well in those white working class communities where i would argue trump has in many ways betrayed his promises to those communities and so there's you know some real concerned well let's talk about trump's betrayal of promises what are you speaking of particularly well i think you know he's treated as this aberration i think trump ism is
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a fundamental force in this country today ethno reactionary right wing populism but he's essentially signed on to the traditional right wing republican tax cuts for the richest deregulation for the most powerful corporations and though the economy is doing well his tax policies and the regulatory policies have not served his voting base well. i would all i would i'd also say that his military stance here you know campaigned in a sense not as an isolationist but as someone who didn't want to waste trillions of dollars in the middle east look what he's doing with one of the things that is talking about is the likes to claim that we have the lowest unemployment figures in years of course these are unemployment figures that he himself said don't pay attention to unemployment rates prior to his election and even in the 1st months he was in office has the economy the economy's been improving for under obama's
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administration as well has he done anything to actually improve the economy at greater rates than obama was already doing and can i couldn't even claim credit for the economy i think that's a great that is the great question i think the economy has its own motors its own drivers i think we're seeing the outcome of an obama economy which trump scorned but trump is benefiting from it now i wouldn't forget that wages still remain stagnant that credit card auto debt. college debt is still very high in this country banks are ever more consolidated we could be on the cusp of a recession or another financial crisis so as i said i don't think trump's tax policies or d. regulatory policies which are very traditionally right wing republican have benefited those who are in communities or plants are leaving the industrial ization
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is occurring one thing i think the democrats and this is where bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are strong and joe biden is not they they have understood that the trade policies nafta for example are entering w t o. those policies have shafted working people in this country can you talk a little bit about some of the innovative ideas coming from other democratic candidates like andrew yang and marian williams and i believe they both support a universal basic income these are the specific policy concepts that according to their studies and their testimony would certainly stimulate the economy and could could even radically scene's the the the level of poverty abject poverty in this country were people to be able to have a $1000.00 a month extra let's say matthew it's interesting i think it's not just andrew yang marianne williamson but i think the top tier candidates as well have supported u.b.i. universal basic income but fused it and i think important to fuse it with a guaranteed jobs program you know the dignity of work issue is
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a central one for the progressive wing of the democratic party and i think that's something that all the candidates now understand they must speak to cory booker has talked about an innovative idea called baby bonds and investment in from the very outset to lift up children of you know of all classes i think tolson gabbert is an interesting candidate in my view she's going to be in the 1st debate because she's really the only one speaking very clearly about the dangers of endless war of regime change war but most particularly the escalating nuclear peril fueled by a new dangerous cold war but there are a lot of interesting ideas we talked about the medicare for all the one idea which i think is extraordinarily important and both sanders warren and others the green new deal which takes the climate crisis out of an elite perspective and builds into
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a jobs transition in communities suffering from changing economics build renewable jobs invest in the infrastructure. in this country for a modern economy so i think you we're going to you're going to see some really interesting ideas now ideas aren't all that bad or as you know i hate to do the electability piece or the likability piece but people are also looking for authenticity and candor and i think that'll be important to witness in the debates who do you think is going to come across the most authentic or who do you think is the most authentic let me ask about way well i mean i think i think you know i am part of the progressive wing of the democratic party so i let me just focus i think bernie sanders is who he is he's graffy doesn't pretend to be anyone other than he
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is and his ideas are embedded in decades of work elizabeth warren as i said earlier connects her ideas to her own family experience for example losing her home or the need to get education with her family couldn't afford it or her mother trying to find a job after her father died so young and she takes these ideas into parts of the country were communities are reeling for example her opioid plan she unveiled in i think west virginia. so i think she has a lot of candor and authenticity joe biden is complicated he's a man of a different time trying to make it in a new time and you can see him. you know. navigating that difficulty and trying to be more of this generation of this moment now what's so fascinating is we're talking about 3 candidates i think warren tell me i'm wrong is 70 bernese like 76 and biden is 77 i
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believe that people of all ages should run but we haven't talked about the younger generation i mean buddha judges 37 tulsa gabbert is 37 a seth moulton who's not going to be in the debate is very young andrea yang is very young and then you have the middle tier so i don't know how that plays with authenticity but what's always fascinated me is that bernie sanders one of the oldest candidates has a very young following not a not all millennial so there's can't break down into one monolithic generation but that's interesting i think they see the authenticity they like the kind of you know that he treats them seriously that he's not pandering to them that it's not glib or sound bites well he's also with war and as you pointed out he's the most revolutionary some of his ideas are the most or the most clearly different than the status quo certainly is ongoing position about the iraq war and and the drumbeat that again we're hearing now with regards to iran but that's all the time we have
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today ok now thank you so much thank you and more politicking right after the break . join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. came here where did you work before you came here when you lived. in many u.s. states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution and most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up the right to split the mothers some are even proven innocent of 2 years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as
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a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. seemed wrong why don't we all just don't call. me a little bit yet to shape out these days to come to advocate and engagement because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground. why paradise with around turned into a round the experimentation field for agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major here tens there's no question otherwise why would that the chemical company workers themselves be geared up and suited up
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locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments that often in day you have many of these people who have one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel they can get away with it because the people have less political power. welcome back to politicking i'm matthew cook sitting in for larry king donald trump has engaged in a 4 year war against the mainstream media which he labels as fake news and enemies of the people most people except his diehard supporters dismissed this war as political rhetoric if not out now it's false but a new book by the founder of the media research center sets out to prove an anti
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trump bias by the media brant bozell co-author of that book entitled unmasked big media's war against trump joins me now from reston virginia bret welcome to the program. no matter how you good good so let's talk about your book you're setting out to make the case that the media is waging war against president trump so give me the top 3 bullet points that prove your case. well i will say 1st of all just to correct your introduction it's not that most people believe it paul so it's more people believe that that there is fake news then that i think that that's a bigger problem than a whole host of things including climate change in america today so this is. just a fringe group of supporters believing this is a vast swath of the american people think that there's a real problem in the news media today if you look at the news that is reported i like to compare it to where the news was 20 years ago when people like larry king
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were on networks like c.n.n. you had groups like the media research center that were criticized in the media for a liberal bias and yet with a network like c.n.n. you had an organization like the media research center that could go to c.n.n. and i could meet with the president of c.n.n. and could lay out their grievances and discuss it c.n.n. might might not agree alternately but there was a discussion that could be had there is no discussion any longer there is an antagonism toward the conservative movement that we've never seen before the conservative movement in general and donald trump in particular the likes that no one has ever seen before well before before we get back to my question let's talk about the conservative movement what particularly do you mean by that because you know as someone who was an active critic of obama during his administration and active critic of the media under obama critical of his drone bombing attacks critical of his disregard of the rule of law when it came to bring osama bin laden
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to justice and really delving into the circumstances behind the horrific attack. i was critical of a lot of things under obama that i would consider a corporate media problem and not an anti conservative media problem so i want to understand what your criticism is of the media and if it overlaps with my own. through there's an interesting development and it's interesting you say this matthew. i believe that there is a growing left right. convergence on a whole lot of issues where there is they are more like mind than most people realize take the example of big business conservatives and liberals point there is a lot of common ground and yet there are some conservatives and some of liberals who don't take the issue of decency i worked very closely with steve allen who is
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liberal politically as i was conservative politically yet we could see eye to eye i think there are those issues within the conservative movement there are the same kind of tensions there are with the left some people like donald trump some people don't like donald trump but what we try to get across in this book is that the integrand ism towards trump is partially because of a personal dislike for him and let's face it it's a 2 way street but it's also because it's a personal dislike for the policies that he espoused which were open repudiation on almost everything of barack obama and this is something the media didn't like at all so that this is interesting to me because i would argue and suggest that the media is really most interested in ratings above and beyond anything else and because donald trump is such a wealth of lowest common denominator tactics town et cetera et cetera and the
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lies are i mean they're astonishing i mean one of my favorite donald trump lies is the one where he impersonates his own p.r. person and you can go online like our viewers can go online and they can listen to donald trump impersonating his own p.r. person and donald trump's response to that is i've lied and impersonated my someone else before but not that time which to me sounds like what a 5 year old does when they haven't learned how to lie properly yet so it's hard to blame anyone in the media for being skeptical about anything that comes out of his mouth do you not agree. well anyone who is sit in front of this camera and say to you that flag ali dollar trump doesn't lie would of course be lying of course you should be skeptical i was skeptical i was a ted cruz supporter i wrote as we were talking about a minute ago i wrote
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a piece in the national review explaining why i wasn't supporting trump why i was supporting cruz over trump i truly was skeptical this is the man who has spent his career indorsing liberal democratic policies and candidates and with some they wanted us to believe he was a conservative republican sure i was skeptical the record however is the record and he backed up his rhetoric with a record but when it comes to lying and when it comes to audience look let's face it and les moonves of c.b.s. said it in black and white terms that donald trump was good for business he was good for ratings he was a creation of the media in that he was the celebrity that was with the apprentice and the media made him a celebrity but this idea that it's a business proposition simply does not work any longer look what happened since c.n.n. became the all trash trump network 24 hours
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a day 3 months ago the ratings the national ratings for c.n.n. and were 570071000 people nightly to put that in perspective that's 2 tenths of one percent of the american public that's there are more people who have pet chickens then watch c.n.n. there are more there are more prostitutes in america than viewers of c.n.n. that was when it was a 571 now it's down since the moeller report has come out the number for cratered for both c.n.n. and miss n.b.c. why because they won't let go of this cool lucian obsession even though. the man they pointed to for 2 years as being the man of justice robert mueller said there is no evidence of collusion and vindicated from that didn't stop them now it's impeachment probably now until election day but i think the audiences are telling c.n.n. and the m.s.m. be something which is they're not buying it so let's let's talk about the those top
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3 bullet points again give me the give me the top 2 or 3 proof that the media has a bias against trump where they are the ones who are committing the fall since. oh i think 1st and foremost there's half reporters themselves i find it very interesting matthew that we've been at this for 32 years and consistently what i heard the press was no we're not biased we are objective no one says this anymore no one can look you in if with a straight face and say when it comes to donald trump i am objective i meant partial it can't they can't say without bursting out laughing just like i can't tell you that donald trump has never lived without bursting i know i'm having trouble laughing myself. but you know that this this is the reality some of my 1st with a would be asked and asked them if you took themselves and they'll tell you but then all you have to do is look at the coverage we documented month after month starting
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from the 2016 campaign and to the present and by we it's not just that it's a conservative group doing it because no one has has question our numbers but harvard itself did a study and its numbers were right in line with ours every single month every single month the coverage of trump has been 899-291-9394 percent negative unheard of matthew this is heard of in the history of the republic and i would also say say which you will about donald trump whether you do you don't like him you can't the no i aced screen of successes. he's had when isis is defeated militarily when you've got millions of jobs created the lowest unemployment for blacks and hispanics in recorded history all this 217000 i do know this 217000 illegal immigrants with
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criminal records detained in 2 years you look at those things and you say dozer real conference no matter what you think of donald trump have you done a study and i was curious if you've done a study of donald trump and his communications himself and what percentage of donald's communications are positive or negative. oh we look at that we actually discussed that quite at length in this book with the trump has picked fights with the press in fact. i think it's fair to say he picked this war with the press because i think he knew it and we discussed this in the book i think we're being very fair in this he knew this was a war he could win because he knew that no matter how low his popularity ratings were the media's were lower and so if he got into a fight with them the enemy of my friend is my enemy is going to be that situation where his base does not like the press to begin with and the more he picked a fight with them the stronger he would get with his base and i think smartly that material i mean he did that by picking fights it's certainly
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a smart strategy and look so so politically smart are the is the discussion of the numbers of the isis defeat the job numbers and so forth there's no doubt that we are continuing a trend of improved unemployment numbers improve improvements militarily in our battle with isis which i would argue is and. well it started under obama i mean if we look no no no no no no no yes i don't i say i use the i suspect race didn't start on the overall it was a little trouble who took the war to them to go question about that if they were where they were the air force says if there were 100 something 1000 bombs that were dropped in the campaign against isis 2 thirds of them were dropped under the obama administration it's hard to it's hard to argue that something that was started over the previous administration completed or continuing under the trumpet ministration is only due to credit to donald trump similarly with the unemployment a y n. y r y
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r allies in the middle east crediting donald trump and not rock obama well i think it's smart to credit current president with whatever the current president is doing especially when they're in when they're having serious foreign policy discussions about what's happening currently bret i wish we had more time to argue i really appreciate you coming on the program today we're not arguing thank you for having me we have just got started anyway his new book unmasked a big media's war against trump is out it's available everywhere including for download and thank you for join. me on this edition of politicking and thanks to larry king for letting me sit in this chair today remember we love hearing from you join the conversation on larry's facebook page and as always you can share your thoughts on twitter by tweeting at kings things and using the politicking hash tag i also invite you to join me on facebook at matthew cook official and that's all for this edition of politic.
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describing the trump administration's around policy is confusing contradictory and even incoherent would be an understatement as members of his administration beat the drums of war the president suddenly injects themselves into the conversation with words to the contrary what is the world think. quick now for those italians that want to keep their savings or put it into because you can escape to confiscation of the government or the vatican whoever runs the
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country over there and you will preserve your wealth and jurisdiction that respects your sovereignty as an individual and respects your wealth don't live in a country that's just going to rip you off blind. we had one man 3540 years old. it all starts in the water. some 30 fisherman later and it's not. understood. i want to move ahead and i shouldn't take another minute most of my feet will stop when and what the machine and. i believe that this is one of the therapy is.
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absurd it's really harsh things that happen tonight. get it out and you'll find out and maybe you'll find out you'll find that. tensions mount in the persian gulf as donald trump considers a response to around the downing of an american military drone wrong because it had violated a routine airspace which washington did not. i . think the speaker of the georgian parliament resigned after a match for protests in the country's capital bunco has accused the country's opposition of using a visit by a russian delegation to spark the protest and 220 people including 80 policemen were injured in the hospital.


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