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u.s. president on trump says he called off the strike on iran at the last moment after he found out the number of possible casualties. president putin pounds russian airlines from flying their citizens to georgia after mass protests in the capital tbilisi. and the scottish shooting claims he was kicked out of class after saying there are only 2 genders he secretly filmed the teacher telling him off. what you think and i knew quick. thanks for you if you want to clear up a very clear discrimination on the grounds of discrimination which i'm pushing the
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. male female. long term says that he called off a strike on iran with just 10 minutes to go comes amid escalating tensions between washington and tehran a little more than explains. 3 locations in iran were selected for a u.s. military strike according to what donald trump put on social media and 10 minutes prior to when a strike would have taken place donald trump determined that $150.00 people being killed as was the estimate was a disproportionate response to this striking down of a single on man drone so donald trump decided alternately not to go ahead with the attack against iran now the unmanned drone he was referring to was the u.s. drone that was shot down over the strait of hormuz now iran says that this drone violated their territory in the south of the country and that it was in their
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waters when it was shot down the united states maintains however that the drone was in international waters and was unprovoked and really attacked by the iranians at this point we've got donald trump saying that he essentially called off a strike now prior to donald trump's announcement we did see him speak to the media in the aftermath of the drone being shot down by i made a big mistake and they made a very bad mistake. ok i mean really how i mean you find out and you maybe you'll find out you'll find. obviously obviously you know we're not going to be talking too much about it you're going to find out they made a very big mistake now tensions between the united states and iran have been rising over the past few months in addition to the united states states withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal 1000 new u.s. troops were added to the middle east region in response to
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a supposed threat from iran furthermore the united states has blamed iran for attacks on oil tankers that took place on june 13th now iran says they are not responsible for those attacks and have evidence to prove it now at this point we've got many observers looking and saying that the way u.s. officials have spoken and conducted themselves regarding iran especially since the trumpet ministration has taken office for their neighbors to go to everywhere we go in the middle east it's a real. major destabilizing in influence in the middle east spread death destruction and the leaders over a record piers the world's largest financing of international terrorism behind every problem is a ring and what we've been trying to do is to get iran to behave like a normal nation the united states is calling for a u.n. security council meeting to take place on monday the united states maintains that this drone was shot down in international waters and this was essentially an attack
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on the united states iran says it has records of the drone and can prove that not only did the drone violate iran's territory in the south of the country but that it was shot down in iran's territorial waters so at this point all eyes on the international community and on the united nations security council in the hopes that things can be resolved. this will come to leave iraq will join us on the line would you think of. about face was it strategic. well i think i would say thanks be to god that he did it and there would have been far more than 150 people killed and although all his advisors pomp aoa jeana hasp all the torturer in chief bolton they're all calling for constantly calling for the u.s. to attack iran he didn't do it so i would say that's a very good sign maybe he's harking back to his campaign promises of peace and nonintervention will decide to see but if he doesn't want that and then the rumors
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are he would like to have talks with iran he said he would like to have talks with the rand as well then for one thing you need to do what the iranians are asking for that matter what the north koreans are asking remove the sanctions stop trying to starve and sicken our people remember we don't know how many people have been killed in iran because of the sanctions but i remember when the bill clinton secretary of state. i was asked about the 500000 people who had been starved to death and sickened to death in iraq by u.s. sanctions and she said we think it's worth it well you know of course there's nothing worth the death of 500000 innocent people so for and some people are calling for nuking iran which in an unbelievable or so let's hope the president trump acts like a man of peace that's what he needs and fact to be reelected i think probably the argument that if you went to war against iran he would end his presidency and he
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would not be reelected so i think that maybe had a defect on him it certainly should have had an effect we need to have the man who ran for office not the guy who surrounded himself with neo cons and warmongers and we just have to hope this is the beginning of something very very good for the u.s. to actually stop trying to starve countries that doesn't like why are we trying to starve why we successfully storing the people in venezuela and cuba nicaragua and of course in iraq and iran not iraq excuse me but in duran and many terrible sanctions a gun in the tent in starve the people of north korea pump a of the secretary of state said he was delighted that people were being starved in north korea he's a he's a great guy he's a christian you so he said and you know this is just horrendous the the u.s. needs to stop it sanctions which by the way are traditionally acts of war when you're trying to starve the people of another country cutting off all international
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trade with that country that's an act of war so the u.s. is lucky that people have not responded to it let's take off the sanctions let's have real peace talks with iran with venezuela with cuba with nicaragua all of all the countries that the u.s. is targeting let's let's president trump you ran for office as a man of peace you gave people. much hope that you would not be a regular president that you would actually be a man of peace and you know please now with this taking hands off iran start doing that start being a man of peace the whole world will thank you the neo cons of course will hate you even more than they do but that's that's like a medal on your chest president trump be a man of peace don't bomb iran don't do what your are and by the way here's a here's a step you can take immediately fire pump a 0 has bill and bolted the the trio of blood get rid of them and you've got to
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you've got plenty of people advocating war and you the militant the emergence of death and the military itself you don't need 3 of the people 3 civilians in your administration pushing for death pushing for war pushing for killing things which of course the 3 of them never engaged in they're just telling other you telling young american men to go get killed and to kill other people other young men and iran or wherever else because they like it there are course there are there are evil like something out of the lord of the rings on the wrong side get rid of them president trump be a man of peace the whole world will blank you and the court of the voters will thank you be voted in overwhelmingly against the democratic warmongers and the pre-show you join his a seemingly rockwell political commentator like a thank you. putin's bound russian airlines from
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flying to georgia starting from july 8th it comes after huge rallies against russia and the georgian government in the capital tbilisi correspondent joins me in the studio now. to government protests in georgia had to get to this point well the protests today much smaller scale than they were yesterday yes there were thousands and thousands of very angry demonstrators clashing with police in the parliament today it's much more the scale the rage seems to have been spent going out of got out of the crowds but there are still crowds about it's much more peaceful new writing nevertheless we've had a lot of reaction today coming in from the georgian president who blamed russia still looking these anti russian protests which might seem like a very strange thing to do for russia to sort of begin an spark and see russian
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protests nevertheless the kremlin has condemned the actions of georgian officials saying that they are using this situation to sow and the russian sentiment and they're trying to trying to sort of blame russia for the whole thing and get responsibility of their own shoulders. it's the 2nd day things that really sort of late is as it seems but what was the spark for all of this well. there was a and into parliamentary assembly an orthodox christian gathering intended to build relations between the docs nations during that session russian parliamentarian was there in georgia and to deliver his opening address he sat in the speaker's seat in the parliamentary speaker seat that angered many georgians and they came out in crowds 1st and then riot started we had 240 people
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injured. police officers rubber bullets fired tear gas water cannons and it really was. it was. well the police took full control of the situation by dawn on friday committed 5000
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protesters took part in the in the really as i said vicious demonstrations but georgian authorities. called out the people to refrain from bread breaking the law and 3rd to behave themselves in a civil manner and it's it's going to be said you know 11 years now after the conflict in the south a sense here between russia between georgia there is an underlying sort of anti russian sentiment in georgia including tensions thanks for the update i guess they have a correspondent with the latest. on to the news now 17 year old scottish the was kicked out of class after saying that there are only 2 genders see secretly filmed the teacher telling him. well i think it's sort of anything other than 2 generations that anything he says we can actually these keep that opinion to your own house thank you not until you get to europe and you know the question why what
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i am not my money and how sustained i know of which in my opinion and not getting my upbringing you know what i am stating what is national school authority policy. and watch and watch whether or. not every policy is scientific you know what you think and i know what that authority thanks i know what the authorities point if you want to say very clear very clear that we make no discrimination on the grounds of videos making discrimination option pushing for 2 genders male and female and if i also as a personal identification local authorities say the video does not show the full context of the exchange of a council adds that it wants good relations between different groups and schools and an inclusive environment for all we discuss the issue with human rights activist peter tatchell political commentator andrew walker. i think from what we've seen obviously the people was was fairly challenging but i think that's
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within the bounds of reasonable debate and i think the teachers are actually quite stern and dismissive and maybe there is more to the exchange than was in the video but i think it's healthy and right that people's and teachers should have a robust exchange of views well i think peter set the tone for the debate by being quite measured and reasoned on the wider point what they don't accept of all is when we start pretending that somebody with male genitalia is in fact a woman i think the teacher was wrong to throw the boy out of the class and i think the boy was wrong to video the exchange however it is a fact that there are basically 2 genders are these morally wrong that anybody who says that should have any trouble from any public call for it say in the united kingdom or elsewhere where there are 2 genders male and female but there are people who have variations of both server example intersex people have a combination of both male and female chromosomes hormones and genitalia
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so it isn't strictly true that there are only male and female i'm not concerned about the science of brain gender or anything like that i simply say if you wish to transition from a man to a woman you own your body you have the right to do it but actually there is an issue of rights here if the teacher is right then what do you suggest to gays that the policy of the council is that you cannot say that there are only 2 genders and if you say that that is something that should be confined to the home absolutely this is a free speech issue peoples have a right to free speech that pupil whether you agree with him or not has a right to freedom of expression and that where his that's the right he was exercising in that school class should be a place where ideas are expressed with a challenge where they're refuted critiqued supported amplified that's what
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a good school is a good school as a place where ideas are contested. after this short break. most people think just in this business you need to be the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand
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distance is just the right questions and the right answer. the. question. being commissioned lead to a failed to agree on the reins of the blocks top posts some of. that announced in another attempt to break the deadlock commission president council president and 4 of the top jobs were to be chosen by now. well this deadlock in the european union over who will fail a number of the e.u.
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institutions top jobs including the european commission president and president of the european council those jobs are currently held by john claude younker and donald at the moment and they've been heading up talks to try and pick their replacements essentially however those talks have broken down one of the reasons that we're hearing that there's no solution so far wealth comes from leo varadkar the irish prime minister he said that it was easier picking a pope than using the system that's used in the e.u. to pick a commission president as well as other top institution posts it's called the spits and candidate method method or system basically preferred candidate in germany is what it is it means that if you look at all of the different parliamentary groups in the european parliament whoever gets the most seats well there spits in candidate their preferred candidate gets looked at 1st by the e.u. heads of government if they like that candidate well they put them forward to
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majority votes for them they put them forward to the european parliament parliament then votes on them and if they vote them through they become the next european commission president if they don't the whole system starts right over again with whoever came in 2nd as we understand it well so far the heads of government weren't that impressed with munford verba who is the candidate from the p.p. who got the most seats in the most recent european elections and also they weren't that keen on france timmermans from the socialists the european socialist group who got the 2nd highest amount of seats in the parliament so we really are all up in the air at the moment we are looking at a split between key power brokers inside the e.u. over this money we're macron in france he's not a fan at all of disputes and condit method and on the other side. merkel the german chancellor who wants to essentially see her man put into play as the next european
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commission president now the money would be on what he's been while he's been speaking out against the system it's in play at the moment he's also you said the hot angela merkel throwing her hat into the ring it would have been inclined to vote for her have nothing against a german candidacy i said it and wasn't a joke had the chancellor been a candidate i would have supported her because i think she has the qualities the skills to be a very good president of the commission it is not what she wants i respect that very deeply well i'm glad merkel has dismissed 80 chance of her running to be the european commission president she was speaking on friday she also tried to calm down rumors that baena a serious rift between bolin and paris over who should get the european commission top job. and i still say no and i want to add that i'm a little bit sad that my words which i've said so often and i parent lee not respected at all were respect each other i do not want to make
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a decision against france and i believe that france doesn't want to make a decision against germany of the very latest it does seem that money isn't getting the amount of votes and needs from heads of government to be put forward as the next president of the european commission that hasn't stopped the german chancellor though for saying that she still bucks her mom in repeat what i said and to avoid any unnecessary questions we stand by our lead candidate the p.p. candidate manfred weber others stand by their lead candidate obviously those are quite tired looking young who addressed the press after this meeting broke down he's searching for his own replacement however he did allow a joke his own expense. i noted with satisfaction mused and yes pleasure that it seems is not easy. to replacement. so with no decision from the heads of
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government of the states over who they want to see appointed as the next european commission president they're all going to have to come back again next week on the 30th of june for another round of talks in the go see asians to try and hammer out a solution. and u.s. congresswoman has received a fast storm of criticism of to comparing detention centers for undocumented immigrants on the mexican border to nazi concentration camps but alexander cortez is refusing to back down. the united states is running concentration camps on our southern border and that is exactly why they are there concentration camps. people across the us political spectrum slums the comparison by a cast of cortez often referred to by her initials c. o. of course remembers groups say that she needs to educate herself on the issue one polish m.p. invited the congresswoman to his country to see real concentration camps informally
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inviting alexandria casso cortez to come to poland where i don't hitler set up the worst chain of concentration camps the world has ever seen so that she may see the scoring political points with inflamed rhetoric is unacceptable in our contemporary western societies and to take something that happened in history where millions of jews have died and equated to something that's happening on the border she owes this nation an apology a o. c. concentration camps assured slave labor supplied to help in the nazi war effort even as to protect the of the life inside the camps have to assure the ultimate goal of extermination through labor or learn about concentration camps a you see do us all a favor and spend just a few minutes learning some actual history 6000000 jews were exterminated in the holocaust you demean their memory and disgrace yourself with comments like this nazi and hitler comparisons are become
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a common argument in us political discourse. it is estimated that 6000000 jewish people were murdered in german concentration camps during world war 2 by comparison more than 50000000 babies have been aborted in the united states since 973. i'd like to see the president and the congress invest tens of billions in energy i would point to the fact that it took roosevelt many many years to get america willing to go into world war 2 and fight the nazis or we have an enemy though different but perhaps very much devastating in a similar way. even as a carbon dioxide is just like that demonization of the poor jews under hitler
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government is that actually a benefit to the world and for the jews. donald trump you are the president of all citizens of this country you must not inflame the hatred of some at the violent expense of others we've seen jews subjected to persecution. look at the ortez. when she said concentration and she knew that everybody would be thinking about it i she knew were what you saying how explosive. it is but she's an attention seeker. she knows how to play the media and she knew perfectly well that when she brought up the topic of concentration camps she would be on television everyone would be talking about a c.n.n. interview that. was even more.
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listen and cortez's original comment because that featured angela rye was a african american political activist. named in which she actually explicitly said oh we have concentration camps and then we're going to have the death camps holocaust i mean it's just something you use as a or a rhetorical trick in order to try to beat people. up about with updates for you and often at.
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birds or ahead. or behind or if you. are good. or because the people. you're searching for the emotion is. going to move. them into the fears that oh my gosh. they are the house of. god since we're. going to be those of you. who are. kind of assistant. in the midst of them running.
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quick now for those italian this and want to keep their savings if they are into because i and you can escape to confiscation of the government or the vatican now or whoever runs the country over there and you will preserve your wealth and jurisdiction that respects your sovereignty as an individual and respects your wealth don't live in a country that's just going to rip you off blindly. what do you do before you came here where did you work before you came here when you lived well death row in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor of the death penalty there are some people because of what they did they've given up the right to live among us some might even proven innocent his own death through and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we has
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a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. elizabeth warren's poll numbers are up is she emerging as the progressive as alternative to bernie sanders and will her steady grind on the campaign trail pose a threat to democratic front runner joe biden we're taking a look on this edition of. welcome to politicking i'm matthew cook in for larry king former vice president joe biden remains the clear front runner in the race for the democratic nomination for the presidency not only is he well ahead of his primary challengers some polls actually show him beating donald trump in key swing states but something interesting is happening in the fight for 2nd place in the primary among the democratic candidates some polls and a few editorials show senator elizabeth warren gaining on sanders and suggest a cooling toward the vermont senator this as political analysts expect senator
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warren to perform very well. all in the upcoming democratic primary debate in florida so will that progressive ring of the party embrace worn at sanders expense and what threat is she to joe biden for the democratic nomination let's talk about that with katrina vanden who will she is the editorial director and publisher of the nation and a washington post columnist she's in new york city welcome to the program thank you so there's a lot to discuss but 1st your publication the nation endorsed bernie sanders for president in 2016 are you expecting the nation to endorse him again so early matthew what we're endorsing is what we call the ideas primary and i think bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are winning that primary elizabeth warren has a plan for everything and i mean well thought through connected to a personal.


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