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restraint and voiced opposition to the plot the news still resonated elsewhere in the region in iraq and nation that is no stranger to u.s. actions the attacks stalled a deal that was nation has struck with an oil giant exxon mobil to boost output in the recovery nation according to a reuters exclusive the deal which is worth $53000000000.00 has been held back due to the move on iran and the heightened tensions in the area. the strait of hormuz is in focus as president tom called out the military strike against iran and now the market is reacting but if this trend continues what can we expect to see in the oil sector and what are the other factors that are play for the rising prices here to drill into all the details of our seafood is that science haven't juror that is right christie or oil has hit a new 3 week high driven mainly by rising u.s. and iran tensions but there are also other factors in play that are driving up oil prices although not as high as one would expect given the current situation after
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wednesday's drone attack it was a more than 4 percent and brant was up more than 3 percent surging to the highest level since late may but with brant crude over $65.00 per barrel today traders are actually a little confused about the situation in the middle east specially after president trump had given initial approval for the u.s. military to launch strikes on iran in retaliation for terror on shooting down the american joan but before pulling back at the last minute like you mentioned you see christie the trump administration has an on predictable strategy on iran with john bolton in my pump a 0 in the driver's seat and a slightly more skeptical president trump yielding to this advisers and because of this it's a very it's a little difficult to figure out who is calling the shots and even trickier to predict what happens next which has oil traders of the. very concerned but not as
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much as one would predict given the current situation but why is why here's why kristie the drone attack which occurred in the strait of hormuz is the world's most sensitive or all transportation choke point oil tankers carrying crude from ports on the persian gulf must pass through the strait and iran 21000000 barrels of oil a day float through the strait in 2018 now that's equivalent to roughly a 3rd of global seaborne oil trade in about 21 percent of petroleum liquid consumption so given the sensitivity of the location we should have actually seen a much bigger impact on to our market and as you may recall most notably prices spike briefly may 13th and again on june 13th when tankers in the persian gulf and gulf of oman were tacked but both times prices did not show any sustained gains even though geopolitical tensions in the region remain very high and the difference
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this time around kristie is that financial and commodity traders have reasons to hope that a serious economic downturn may be avoided of course the situation is dynamic but the spike in mostly betrays the us federal reserve comments that a rate cut is in the cards and president trumps and now in spend that he and chinese president xi will be meeting to discuss trade at the upcoming g. 20 summit so ultimately that allows the u.s. iran tensions to move back to forefront driving up oil prices but again not as high as you would expect at least not for now and kristie in today's market the u.s. is producing an astonishing $12200000.00 barrels of oil per day so supply fears are actually very minimal and today geopolitical tensions in the middle east cannot be counted to deliver the same automatic increase in oil prices that he once could and what's also really. the interesting is that the surge in oil prices is
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not certain to drive up gasoline cars in the u.s. which tend to peak just before summer the price of crude oil accounts for about 60 percent of the cars that americans pay to fill up at the pump but the national cause for a gallon of unleaded regular natural gas of gasoline actually has fallen $0.02 this week to about $2.66. arche producers side haven't joe thank you so much for insight. now as oil prices shoot up we always like to see how this will affect the consumer we can see here that as gas prices rise of course due to the spike in the price of oil car sales tend to fall you also notice that the reverse correlation happens as well with automobile sales driving when fuel prices are at the lower end of the spectrum joining us now to discuss these concerns and other happenings in the world of autos is the car coach lauren fix so lauren welcome how are the auto manufacturers especially stateside concerned that
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these increased tensions with iran will push up the oil prices so high it will create a stagnant market for new car sales. i don't think the impact as your previous guest said is going to be as great as we thought it would be as it would have been in the previous administration because we're producing so much oil and gas they were shipping internationally as well as what we need here we have plenty of reserves you're going to see very minimal pricing from what i'm finding looking at the analysis maybe you'll see an impact for about a week of a couple cents a gallon but you're not going to see massive price increases as we would in the past because we are not so reliant on the middle east to supply us with oil and gas as we used to be refining our own that also includes we had a fire in a refinery plant in philadelphia that could cause prices to spike very small amounts just for the next week and how these companies hedge their bets actually on this by making moves into the even market. well that even market they're producing
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product because they're trying to lower their corporate average fuel economy known as cafe standards but the real factories consumers aren't buying electric vehicles especially in the united states we're looking at about 2 percent of total sales and that's a little under $17000000.00 is the expectation right now of total sales for the year and you're looking at a global basis is a different story the numbers are higher but we're noticing is in countries like norway they're having problems with electricity because they don't have enough to charge everything because everyone charges like the phone and we're trying to near of charging station you plug in just like you would do with your phone and that really is not the idea they want you to charge at night when electricity is much less expensive however the grid is being overloaded you will also note the diesel sales in germany have been very minor decrease in sales and now they're starting to increase so diesel vehicles are still a option and still very popular around the world so electric vehicles where you think might have exploded in popularity with consumers there's a cost factor involved and there's also a range limit involved that causes
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a lot of concern for a lot of consumers. now let's make the turn over to the self driving car sector and it appears that every major manufacturer and tech company. matter is getting involved into self auto capacity the national oceanic and atmospheric administration recently expressed concerns with the 24 of her band satellites use for the 5 g. spectrum that would affect proper weather forecasting and similarly there have been some concerns expressed over the spectrum use in 5 g. interfering with the g.p.s. satellites and creating interference now g.p.s. which is provided by the us government is used for more than just navigation is there a concern that this could somehow affect self driving vehicles and how they operate as often as they rely in some capacity on the g.p.s. navigation. there's a lot of factors involved the 1st thing is there is a factor with 5 g. words being tested right now where birds are literally falling out of the sky and that is no joke where there were concerned with their 5 g.
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running at full capacity is causing other problems if it's causing birds to fall out of the sky they're wondering what the impact would be on a human being that's one factor that's being addressed right now the other factor is when you're using 5 g. you're right it does impact weather satellites which farmers use it impacts a lot of the 4 g. that's being used on all the satellites that promote g.p.s. how is that going to impact military well they'll probably move to the faster service we're not going to be able to use that as consumers right away so there's a lot of things that we're really not sure because 5 g. is what's required in order for autonomous cars to function properly but we have 4 other factors that are really going to stop autonomous cars from hitting the marketplace in mass quantity i think you'll see it on campuses and a lot of popular areas but you're looking at government regulations they still have not decided whether there's going to be puddles and steering wheels and i'm not getting in an amusement ride and a lot of people don't feel confident in something you can't stop yourself the 2nd
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factor is insurance was still a factor who's at fault is it the software is that the company that made it is it someone who programmed it wrong there's a lot of factors there are the ones that we can't control hackers huge factor there's no permanent firewall that will absolutely protect someone or something that's in those shuttles a hacker breaks into the system and the last one is weather and even though we can predict with 4 g. 5 g. is going to impact that but even with absolute predictability if you're going to hit a snow storm a wind storm hail or rain that shuttle could or boss or whatever you're writing in could park on the side of the road and wait for that weather to pass which could cause some other hazards for those people that are riders i always thought unknown factors in emerging tack and experts in our case are also saying that right now 5 g. is essential to rolling out the fleet the time. cars and cell or car to everything communication will allow for complete information to be relayed back and forth and with the shorter frequencies of 5 g. and the possibility of spotty service are we a long way out from seeing more of these on the road. i don't think you're to see
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autonomous vehicles on the roadway maybe not to lease 10 years that doesn't mean they can't do it in enclosed environments especially looking at like a shuttle that goes on a college campus for example that would make a lot of sense or some sort of park but when you're looking at the roadways with other consumers who are not used to autonomous cars there's a lot of uncomfortableness learn fix the car coach thank you so much for being here thank you. this week has been quite the turnaround in the last couple of weeks as stocks around the world rallied let's start off with the molex pretty much unchanged for the week but it slipped down on friday as either leaders agreed to prolong until the end of january 2020 economic sanctions against russia over the turmoil in ukraine these sanctions include curbs on russian energy defense and the financial sectors moving over to asia the shanghai index had
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a stellar week up more than 4 percent as renewed hopes for a trade deal at the g. 20 summit boosted the markets president xi jinping announce that he is willing to discuss trade issues and emphasized that both sides should resolve the problems through fair dialogue over in hong kong the hang seng jumped 5 percent this week to speeding all 93 major benchmark exchanges tracked by bloomberg it pulls a spectacular recovery after last week's trading session where the market was dragged down by the extradition bill protests over in japan the nikkei gained ahead of the central bank meeting on expectations of a rate cut and ended the week up despite the fact that data showed japan exports tumbling by the 6th straight month in may and p.m.i. is showing weak manufacturing data. the sensex as well foreign investors flowed into indian equities 11000000000 dollars year to date surpassing total annual tally in each of the 4 previous years and this is on course for the highest
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since 2012 down in australia the a.s.x. closed up on friday ending the week up 1.5 percent as a potential trade war truce give stocks a breather as pressures are lifted australian shares pushed higher moving the market to within $150.00 points of an all time high the all shares in south africa are up as well as investors speculate the south africa's reserve bank will probably cut interest rates next month or in september in order to boost the country's economy over in europe the footsie the cac and the lax are all moderately however the gains were halted on friday after a strong run as tensions continue to rise between the u.s. and iran european stock searches 6 week high on thursday as dovish signals from the federal reserve saw investors piling into riskier and riskier assets. over in colombia led by the financials and commodities sectors coffee and cocoa futures traded up while december gold fell point to 8 percent over in brazil the evil of the us but index rallied on friday hitting a record high with markets reopening after
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a national holiday as investors digested the central bank's decision over an us see the nasdaq and the s. and p. were ball all up to 3 percent for the week as the queues lead the entire pack up the tech stocks followed by the materials were all up on friday but we also saw some choppy trading as they pay some gains in semi's and finally up in canada the t.s.a. soared as mining stocks drove the index to a 7 week high on thursday as gold prices surged folly of more dovish stand than expected stance from the us federal reserve. time now for a quick break here because when we return big jump straight from the frying pan into the fire as advertisers have. rather than leave the platform granting them a major revenue. train joins us to break down what life in store for the social media giant. and as we go to break here the numbers at the close.
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in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time. favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they did giving up the right to live among us some even proven. true and how many more years is it going to take before we. realize this is not working and we actually do something about.
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what is it calling his magic internet the new type of digital currency the centralized digital scarcity chancellor. of 2nd or bank that's called the genesis blog for reason to calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history of this columbus discovering the new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing on to the max and stacey. world if you. want to argue. that people. should be commended for good.
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if you should own not bush. god since we. need. to mean don't leave it. in different. rooms. the much touted trade deal between 2 of the world's largest trading bloc is now coming under heat from some world leaders the deal which would create
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a free trade zone between the european union and south america's mercosur bloc has been facing criticism from the hez over several has of the state in e.u. french president emmanuel micron along with leaders of poland belgium and ireland have all committed a letter to the leadership of the european commission citing concern over agricultural imports and the consequences that the deal could have for their nation sector the mercosur bloc which consists of brazil argentina uruguay and paragon are an agricultural force to be reckoned with one major area of concern cited by these e.u. leaders is the beef production in their countries that could be affected and these concerns are certainly warranted given that in 2018 ranking all 4 nations landed at the top 10 list for global beef exports while the deal is not yet official brazilian foreign minister has cited that the deal could soon be signed as soon as july however e.u. negotiators are claiming that there have been some rocky patches in the working out
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of the deal and that a conclusion is still far from a done deal will be eyeing this move as more information comes in. as we mentioned earlier e.u. leaders agreed on thursday to extend economic sanctions on russia until january of next year the initially imposes sanctions on moscow following an annexation of crimea by russian in 2014 they also supported troops fighting in eastern ukraine european union spokesperson president a month said of the decision russian sanctions unanimously extended for another 6 months because of a lack of minsk agreement implementation a reference to a stalemate in the peace talks in eastern ukraine. the sanctions against russia affect the energy defense and financial sectors or only slated to be in effect until the end of july sanctions that banned the e.u. from doing business with crimea were also extended until june of 2020. factory
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output is faltering as global industrial production has been weakening since the start of 20 team this darkening outlook for the global economy is increasing the likelihood that the leading central banks will respond with fresh stimulus to keep growth alive many economists are divided on whether the factory slowdown is largely a consequence of disruptions to trade and investment as a result of higher tariffs on uncertainty or if it's just a pause after a long expansion the u.s. composite p.m.i. output index on friday reported $50.00 in june which signalled the weakest expansion of business activity for over 3 years respondents cited less favorable domestic economic conditions and a tendency for greater risk aversion among some clients service providers experience the weakest business activity performance for around 3 years and require the 2nd week as monthly growth since the global financial crisis business activity edged closer to stagnation in june and 2 thirds of all manufacturers attributed their raw materials increases to tariffs during the month. with more on the global
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economy outlook we welcome back daniel o'shea director of options trading danielle u.s. stocks just got a boost this week after the central bank hinted at a potential rate cut the markets are up around the world and we recorded record highs in some places now is this really justified and should we be at these levels now given the economic backdrop and trade war narrative that really hasn't changed in the last few days. i do think it's justified for a variety of reasons number one the trade war is causing an economic slowdown whether or not president trump wants to admit that but the silver lining here is that the fed is going to step in when things. get bad enough and so when you have a stock market that's essentially protected by the fed and the federal reserve is going to act to maintain the economic expansion for me that's incredibly bullish and that's why the market is rallying despite the lack of
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a resolution with the trade war. and despite that bit of good news the market requote again as the risk of conflict between washington and tehran continues to escalate what sectors are going to be affected by this aside from depends on oil. so i really don't see any additional sectors that are going to be affected in particular when you look at the overall state of the market whenever you have any type of conflict with another country yes you're going to see the entire market initially be volatile and then recover. but for me what i'm looking at is how important the defense sector is here and you may not have noticed but over the course of the past few months as the trade war with china has escalated we've really seen the defense sector particularly lockheed martin. that are have been climbing higher ever so slowly and i think that's going to continue which is a great thing for investors looking to get into some of those stocks speaking of defense as also cyber defense and a lot of the cyber security stocks have been rallying on the news as well and so
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the u.s. has been picking fights on all fronts and basically today the u.s. commerce department has banned yet another 5 more chinese entities from buying u.s. components now this move comes right before trump is to meet with president xi jinping at the g. 20 to discuss trade differences and this is kind of an underhanded slap in the face don't you think. what i think this is is the way that president trump goes about negotiating we saw him do this with north korea we saw him do it with mexico and what he did was he really just kind of pushed them back into a corner to the point where he got exactly what he wanted and so i think that by him doing this directly before they're going to meet what he's trying to do is to push them to want a compromise. so moving over to the tech industry 16 of the world's largest i'm actually teamed up to form an alliance of responsible content against facebook and google the do awfully who controls the majority of all digital
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advertising in the world and at exact now say that the companies will begin to move the advertising away from the duo if things do not change give us a story there and will the 2 tech giants change. so for me i think this is interesting and i haven't seen a huge impact in google and facebook stock we have seen you know they're not as strong as companies like microsoft amazon and adobe that don't have this current issue but for me what i see it as is just. attempts of these companies to get them to change i don't think they have to because at the end of the day they are the ones in charge and they don't have to do anything that these $616.00 companies are trying to get them to do because they're the ones in control because they have the biggest space but if these advertising dollars do pull out of facebook and google where would they go and who would actually benefit from this. well that's exactly
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the problem if they pull out where are they going to go right because google and facebook are the 2 best places for them to be so what i think they're doing is very similar to what president trump is trying to do with china i think they're just posturing we'll probably see a little bit of compromise but i believe they're going to stay with google and facebook do you think any of this will actually go into the old school media because i know condé nast is one of the big proponents of this and he is actually attracting majority of these advertising dollars over to old school magazine and the condé nast digital print business as well. so it's possible but at this point in time google and facebook are in control pretty much all internet traffic as well as advertising and social media and i just don't see it happening is also making a play to advertise on their digital platform as well danielle director of options are simply trying to thank you so much for your time thank you.
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the discussion over a 6 pack can rings and their effect on the environment have raged on for decades now beer brand corona has done away with rings and packaging and altogether announcing interlocking cans according to a spokesperson for an hisor busch coronas parent company the beverage industry creates more than $15000000.00 tonnes of plastic in packaging alone every year the new packaging creates a system where the bottom of each can screws into the top of the next just imagine the beer towers that could be stacked however the company says that they should only be 10 cans high other adult beverage companies have tried their hands out of more eco friendly packaging including get this who in april of this year converted to biodegradable cardboard calls per year changed to recyclable glue in 2018 and even corona tested a plant based packaging solution. that's it by this time you can catch
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signals. to leave the room for the real names to rule the world. 10 minutes to spare that's how close the u.s. came to a direct military confrontation with iran as a trump says he canceled a strike on the islamic republic moments before launch. said i want to know something before you go how many people will be killed came back should should proximately 150 and i didn't like it. an f.b.i. agent accidentally reveals his social media post promoting anti russian conspiracy theories there. an investigation into a synagogue shooting. and also to come this hour a lesson in life a scholar student claims he was booted out of class arguing there are only 2 genders. are you what you think.


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