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tv   News  RT  June 22, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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more. like. 10 minutes that's how close the u.s. came to a direct military confrontation with a round before donald trump changed his mind and canceled the strike u.s. president reveals he's putting both slow and rapid and new sanctions on tehran. and said i want to know something before you go how many people will be killed came back. approximately 150 and i didn't like it. and the f.b.i. agent accidentally reveals his social media posts promoting anti russian conspiracy theory investigation into a synagogue shooting. and a lesson in life
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a scottish student claims he was booted out of class for arguing there are only 2 genders. what you think and i knew. things i knew it for you if you want to see a clear very clear discrimination only goes if you can discrimination which i'm pushing for 2 genders male and female. to have your company this evening this is r.t. international. says he called off a strike against iran with just 10 minutes to spare the time it was meant to be in retaliation for tehran downing a pentagon surveillance drone over the gulf region strait of hormuz the us president adds he will however put fresh sanctions on tehran some of them slowly
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and some quote very rapidly. they came in they said sure we're ready to go we'd like a decision i said i want to know something before you go how many people will be killed. in this case the remains they said came back. approximately 150 and i thought about it for a 2nd i said you know what they shut down on me and. drone and here we are busy sitting with 150 dead people and i didn't like it the council strike is the closest the u.s. has been to direct confrontation with terror is the white house pulled out of the nuclear deal last year around said the u.s. drone or flown into its space washington insists it was operating over international waters this month washington also blamed tehran for attacking to oil tankers in the strait of hormuz around denies those accusations stating washington stage the attack. the u.s. has also been sending charism warplanes to the persian gulf and it's impose
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crippling sanctions on iran while lending waivers on countries that importer rein in oil. and its election campaign trump insisted another middle east war would be a mistake but he's assembled a team known to favor regime change in iran in fact his cabinet seems packed with people who contradict the president's views killam open explains. so trump has decided not to bomb iran for now he says it's for humanitarian concerns however national security adviser john bolton does not share trump's concerns apparently for protecting human lives in fact john bolton has been itching to attack iran for a year or so you want to be must be made to do it or there will be tangible and painful consequences the attack think the required to stop this regime from getting nuclear weapons policy of the united states of america should be the overthrow of the mullahs regime in tehran before 29 t. we here to celebrate in tehran it seems
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a bit strange that donald trump who campaigned on a platform of not wanting new wars and has reiterated that during his presidency would then go higher john bolton however bolton seems to fit an interesting pattern when it comes to trump appointees trump articulate one position very clearly and then he hires someone with a completely different stance for example trump seems to be wildly critical of china we can't continue to allow china to rape our country however trump's secretary of transportation is elaine chao now elaine chao has more than close family ties to the chinese government she and her husband senator mitch mcconnell have reportedly received millions of dollars worth of gifts from family ties now trump has wildly attacked the banking sector and he's promised to drain the swamp but when it came time to fill those financial posts many of the appointees were former exacts at the financial giant goldman sachs trouble also likes to attack
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drug companies like to bring a federal lawsuit against those companies a very very firm. because what's happening with drugs in this country and throughout the world but in our country it's a disgrace and we can stop it it has become a major crisis with the country facing an epidemic of opioids so who does donald trump of point to. his drug price control regulator well trump's health and human services secretary is alex czar he is a former big pharma president who actually set some of the prices that donald trump slammed now trump has also be mown the military industrial complex and its influence on foreign policy you do have a military industrial complex they do like war you know in syria with the caliphate so i wipe out 100 percent of the caliphate i shall want to bring our troops back home to place one crazy they want to keep that they were you have people here in washington and they never want to leave some day people will explain what this is
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and if you will to have you do have a group and they call it the military industrial complex secretary of defense was a former boeing executive and then replaced him with somebody who used to work at raytheon trump speaks up on twitter about crucial issues facing america it seems like he doesn't seem to notice that some of the people he's appointed to solve america's problems are those who created them in the 1st place. are to see new york . who come to salute rockwell things that should get rid of war mongers in his cabinet see if he wants to to tragedy. and those cities in iran which is a country that's already present with starving because of american sanctions and shutting down all very and really strangling them economically and also with medicine as well the food terrible terrible thing that probably many many people have died in iraq we probably will never know that number but it's on the conscience of the people who put these sanctions employers which include of course
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right of the president trump so he's if you want those things not to be on his conscience not to be there as a mass murderer you should get rid of these people and stop the warmongering. and the f.b.i. agents exit into the revealed his own social media postpone. russian conspiracy theories happened during his investigation into a synagogue shooting in california with all the details is that a trunk. oh the unbounded online world with all of its shady hidden corners you never know what you may stumble upon think of a synagogue shooting tragedy and an f.b.i. agent spreading anti russian conspiracies as parts of one single story weird one home well here's the story a couple of months ago a young man opened fire in a california synagogue killing one and one being 3 sheriff says police were
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reviewing an open letter he posted on line on the last day of passover bloodshed in the middle of shot service in the complaint alleges that ernest took one life and injured 3 other people including a child the f.b.i. put special agent michael j. rod on a mission to dig into the crime eventually the application for a search warrant against the shooter was published online there were screen shots from an online platform called a chan known as an ultra right community the shooter was an active user and even reportedly posted a pre attack warning there anyway special agent didn't just observe it turned out he actively posted on a chan presumably for the sake of the investigation mr rodd screenshots revealed his platform id and a bit of flicking through the web archives revealed to the f.b.i. man wrote way more stuff than seen in the screenshots
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a lot of these posts look like they were from some of the staunchest russia hating conspiracists i believe that the shooter did post on here but there's also more i've been here all day there are at least 2 others that are posting in a bot shill like fashion to promote this this thread would never. i have made the 1st page where i found it this morning i think there is outside involvement likely russian this was posted by one of the shills that knew of the shooting prior notice a screen shot is that 20100 that correlates with ukraine and western russia if you do the math when someone trolled the user that appeared to be f.b.i. agent rod the reply was no not must not stop attacking the board and slighting this thread sloppy job putin. or there you have another exchange. it's balls led putin know your psyop worked but you did up with your english i
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presume you were chosen because you said you could talk speak and type like american this makes you wonder is this the new guideline at the f.b.i. get supremacy a store any other folks the agents are after to buy your russian bots are everywhere rant on laws and you'll get to the bottom of anything when you have the the political leaders or the directors at the top who designate a priority then in order to get a promotion in order to really climb the ladder if you want to become a boss or a special agent in charge you are going to have to fall in line with those priorities unfortunately any time they have a priority they put so much emphasis on that priority date it often leads to abuse it's because they put so much emphasis in priority on organized crime so it it doesn't matter what the priority as they essentially kind of lose their ability to
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be more balanced in more critical thinking and they go with that priority and it just was a needle that flip flops and it actually often causes mistakes in abuses when they do that. we have us the f.b.i. to comment on the story although we have yet to receive a reply. the 17 year old scottish student claims he was kicked out of class after arguing that there are only 2 genders he secretly filmed being told off by the teacher. i am stating what is national school authority policy ok not every policy is scientific muddy and you can come out here and say that i'm not being inclusive so much so i didn't see the research i said what you just seeing you as not being inclusive of all costs so you know what you think and i know what that authority thanks i know what the authorities point if you want to say very clear very clear that you make no discrimination on the grounds of videos
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you make in discrimination i'm simply saying there are 2 genders male and female anything else is a personal identification i'm sorry but you chose to make an issue of making a point which is contrary to policy. the local authorities say the video does not show the full context of the exchange of the danger council added that it wants good relations between different groups and schools and to quote an inclusive and forum and for all it is important to understand the context of any video clip taken without a person's consent in our schools fostering good relations among different groups can be a real challenge but our aim is to support a fairer inclusive environment for all. we put the issue up for debate. i think from what we've seen obviously the people was was fairly challenging but i think it's within the bounds of reasonable debate and i think the teachers are
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actually quite stern and dismissive and maybe there is more to the exchange than was in the video but i think it's healthy and right that people's and teachers should have a robust exchange of views think it is wrong and disruptive to video a private discussion between the pupil and the teacher that is deeply unfair to the teacher and it is deeply destructive i think the teacher was wrong to throw the boy out of the class and i think the boy was wrong to video the exchange however it is a fact that there are basically 2 genders are these morally wrong that anybody who says that should have any trouble from any public call for it say in the united kingdom or elsewhere where there are 2 genders male and female but there are people who have variations of both server example intersex people have a combination of both male and female chromosomes hormones and genitalia so it isn't strictly true that there are only male and female i'm not concerned
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about the science of brain gender or anything like that i simply say if you wish to transition from a man to a woman you own your body you have the right to do it but actually there is an issue of rights here if the teacher is right then what do you suggest to gays that the policy of the council is that you cannot say that there are only 2 genders and if you say that that is something that should be confined to the home absolutely this is a free speech issue peoples have a right to free speech that people will you agree with him or not has a right to freedom of expression and that where he's got the right he was exercising in that school class should be a place where ideas are expressed with their challenge where they. refuted critiqued supported amplified that's what a good school is a good school as a place where ideas are contested. georgia has witnessed the
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3rd consecutive day of anti-government rallies in its capital tbilisi pectic clashes between protesters and police on the they saw 240 people injured including the police officers more than 300 people were detained moscow described the demonstrations as a provocation the kremlin also announced the ban on passenger flights to georgia beginning next month the decision to suspend air service as explained by extremist anti russian threats in georgia might be directed against our tourists we cannot seem different when anything threatens the lives of our citizens which is foreign ministry insists the latest events in tbilisi haven't posed any threat tourists including russians earlier on saturday when shouting nationally slogans was an attack during an interview by russian state t.v. into policing has been of a travel agency chief was kicked on the ground while his wife was being interviewed about russia's ban on flights to georgia. tensions between russia and georgia broke out on thursday evening after russian m.p.c.
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governor life was invited to open a parliamentary assembly orthodox christianity it was followed by mass protests on the streets of the capital of the assembly called the protest a provocation by nationalists and radicals during the session the russian m.p. sat in the speaker's chair of the parliament it incited outrage from the opposition and georgian people but coverage of claims that he had the right to take you see there as he was invited by the georgian side to do so. but it's definitely see as a president of the assembly i have the right to take this seat in any country where the assembly session is held in this case the place was offered by the georgian side the session was invaded by radicals who shouted threats to our lives we tried to continue but more radical activists showed up with cameras and posters with anti russian and insulting slogans we decided to finish the session in the hotel nearby radicals tried to storm the hotel they attacked members of parliament including me
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when we tried to leave that the speaker of the georgian parliament has resigned following the mass protests or thirty's of called on demonstrators to refrain from illegal acts post as a now demanding need to administer resigns over his handling of the situation he said he is ready to do so if needed but demanded the protest also stop. georgian president pointed the finger at russia over the incident same the protests benefit nobody but the kremlin that is 2nd to feel if again he believes this accusation is wrong. because events like the case of georgia is one of the largest trade partners of russia a lot of georgians work in russia russia would not want anti russian protests into parliament assembly of orthodoxy was used as it's a big international forum with a lot of international guests from europe asia and africa making it so much easier to attract attention i believe all of this is the racist styria in the wake of protests to take power to get the white house revealed an ambitious plan for peace
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in the middle east details for you after the break. when i often say like you the enemies e.m.t. car we should not forget if you could interest to transport the cars to boost used enough transport if you could that car pooling or what we do is actually very very . i need today to the biggest expansion for us not in the next year but in the next 510 years is how do we build a better product more trials more safety maybe a better economy contract between the best of the driver to convince more drivers to shove a call for passengers for symptoms to. some time off shore as well like a honeypot everyone believe that it was all on stable and on the reliability of
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russia but they thought that everyone was great over their russian businessmen who wanted to do business in the worst because they feared some could take everything away from them in russia which now it's the opposite dave business is outside of russia was snatched less is frozen all blocked now the student whine about. back donald trump senior advisor has unveiled a middle east peace plan to carry cushioning says the 10 year deal will focus on massively boosting the economy $50000000000.00 will be pumped into egypt jordan lebanon the west bank and gaza the idea is to create a 1000000 new jobs and slash unemployment the white house adds reducing poverty will stabilize the situation in the region. but there's already pushback from the country's targeted palestinian authorities insist that the measures will not change
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anything senior palestinian official and on. the economy will grow not through u.s. money but by lifting the siege of gaza and ending israel's occupation and mass officials palestine is not the sale israel however welcomes the plan former u.s. diplomats in gentry's police palestine has been left without many alternatives. there are basically 2 assumptions behind this plan one is that the palestinians will get only what the israelis are willing to give them and the palestinians are unwilling to accept it well the next offer will be worse than this one and they have no other alternative it is all about land alternately the palestinians understand whatever their alternatives are that not only will the israeli settlements remain on the west bank but the areas controlled by israel will expand water control expand and that they have no choice but to accept whatever not particularly attractive deal as all 3 of them that's the israeli calculation based
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on 100 percent backing from washington the other assumption is that the us gemini in the middle east will be maintained in the after lead and that countries like saudi arabia and the emirates and other countries like japan for example which are understand as most of create for the record or that connects gaza to the west bank will continue to cough up with money to make this plan worthwhile. the serious attempts to recover from 8 years of conflict it seems a new war is brewing over weight and u.s. funded think tank claims the crop will prove a decisive weapon in the country comes as farmers battle fison golfing we failed to cross the country's northeast. as a car region is known as series breadbasket and has historically been a key source of food for the capital damascus but now they send to other provinces which together account nearly 70 percent of the country's entire wheat production mostly lie in the hands of kurdish led opposition and u.s.
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backed forces say that they will ban wheat sales to damascus but claim it's just a strategic move for the region. it is not a political decision to impose a siege on the mosque is not at all it is a decision to keep the harvest of the region for local consumption. the kurds say the fires were started deliberately but haven't pointed the finger of blame to mask claims the kurdish side was responsible. lapham the damascus center for strategic studies it is the kurdish town it is an attempt to force damascus to safeguard their autonomy. in these here generally in one of the best years in the reigning. government sources talking to more than 1000000. in this year corbis forces we want to control all these season maybe they were they will make business for the ceiling.
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to the talk here from one side and we need to avoid playing this year in government to be an official to be very busy and be able to get benefits from this is very dangerous orientation anyway i feel that in go it is working proceeding that government to give the farmers very good surprise but what happened we are noticing in these here that there is some hands we don't know is behind the idea started to firing the farmers. the wheat because they don't want the farmers to give the wheat to the government because i think that the considering that the wheat is one of the factors of the national security of syria. he chewed passband spain's nationalists vox party over copyright issues party leaders have called the move an attack on free speech and the expression of political views we talked to folks activists to please you tube acted with bias. no movement doesn't look all of
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a sudden vox was sanctioned without any warning youtube said that the vox party made 3 violations of its rules and all of them are connected to the fact that in some of the parties videos there are pictures or audio which being. long to some radio stations or t.v. channels well i can say all political parties in spain do the same based on that you tube took action not even giving vox a chance to appeal the decision in other words they said from this moment we are closing down your channel the end. described as a nationalist party fox is the 5th largest in the congress of deputies it opposes council and independence on this critical of multiculturalism and also calls for the expulsion of muslim immigrants from the country. vox has been steadily gaining support among voters this year the party secured its 1st seats in parliament following a general election well in the recent european elections it took slightly over 6
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percent of the spanish vote as in turn they are say the gain believes his party's targeted simply because it runs counter to the government's positions. it is a party that's being persecuted as the party is constantly being labeled as neo nazi fascist or other types of insults and all of this simply because the party's political affiliation is not the correct one under the current democratic system we have interfering in communication platforms like youtube or facebook is basically doing the impossible to shut up the only dissident party in spain every other party uses the media whatever the outlet is without any problem party leaders appear in the media whenever they want vox has also abided by such rules. we have asked google to explain why the vox party had its you tube channel bunked we awaits their reply. ok that wrap things up for this evening that's all from
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a stick around the caramel bring you all the latest of the top of the. food descriptions sound up to tasing even for the owners so how to choose the pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets is really more based on what they want to sell us than was necessarily good for the pet turns out and may not be as healthy as people believe and we have animals that have you know diabetes and arthritis they have auto immune disorders they can't allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to very simple
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problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets less treats the larger corporate. answer not treat interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it to $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is scary dramatic development is only going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. i. was.
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americans in america covering american news called foreign agents saw last week prosecutors stunned the city of flint michigan by dropping all charges against officials accused of ruining the community's drinking water they claim they're doing this in order to extend the investigation and charge more people yeah you know all those times you've heard of investigators dropping all charges on a case just so they can really do a good job next time around. i go buy a nickel for every time. i would over $0.35. anyway it's been 5 years the water in full it's still tainted despite claims to the contrary and no one has been prosecuted for it but it's not just clinched excessive levels have been found in almost 2000 water systems across all 50 states so there's something nationwide going on here and it has to do with how we view the common good our
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water systems used to benefit everyone right whether you're rich or poor or sexy ugly didn't matter it used to be a turn on the faucet and get nice clean water art. country used to care about the common good unless you were indigenous or black or something but to some degree we used to care for the common good but now water systems around the nation are collapsing and poisoning people how about public drinking fountains you seen one of those recently there spiders living on this fire in the bounds yet receipt of a repairman fixing a public water fountain no of course not but because the common good doesn't matter to us anymore and letting water fountains die just means that nestle and co can sell more bottles of water and the wealthy who generally have much more political power they don't care because they can afford a 1000000 bottles of water every year their dogs only drink bottled water right there their plants only drink coke and water which might come as cannibalism but.
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our corporate media isn't going to lament the death of the common good either with the exception of a rare article like this once public drinking fountains are disappearing and that's a bad thing what about public transportation the new york city subway system looks like the lower intestine of a 68 chevy. the washington d.c. metro catches fire once a week and their slogan is i'm not kidding back to good faith wow way to set the bar really high the see what was that slogan meeting like. hear the final options folks d.c. metro back to. d.c. metro left the. d.c. metro at least you know live in detroit. finally d.c. metro only rarely the center of an ebola outbreak. so what are the
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reasons that motivate a city.


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