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tv   Keiser Report  RT  June 23, 2019 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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morning. u.s. president donald trump says he called off a strike on iran because he doesn't want to kill anyone unless it's quote necessary . an f.b.i. agent accidentally reveals his social media posts promoting anti russian conspiracy theories during an investigation into a synagogue choosing. a lesson in life a scottish student claims he was booted out of class for arguing there are only 2 genders. playing just in our andrew farm and she's the most important stories of the past 7 days but right now it's kaiser.
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i'm max kaiser this is the kaiser report exhibit happy days are here again summertime is upon us and the news gets great every single 2nd of every single day i can't believe how great everything a stacey max in the last episode we were talking about germany falling apart and deutsche bank which is basically all of europe in fact now we're going to talk about italy but 1st i want to set up the whole global situation with a tweet from 0 hedge and i was talking about investor gunlock 7 and he said that before each of the last 3 recessions one market pete 1st japan then europe then emerging markets now it will be the united states so that's really quite interesting here is the japanese market crash recession here's the european market and then the u.s. interesting look at perhaps we could be seeing the us head. into global recession yeah i remember looking at the chart by good lack guns lack and
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it goes all the way back to the beginning of my wall street career and during these recessions or times when i took years off like ok so the 87 to 90 it hit that was to japan peak then i was in paris for 5 years then you had a period of growth up until all the speak of europe then i went back to the south of france for 5 years then i met stacy then we had a period of growth smell and we're saying that the american peak will hit so it'll be time for a 5 year vacation again. i'm not sure where but somewhere but this is. take of bitcoin and say adios well into the sunset i think we're done well this is in the you know the context of all these guys like unlike selling all their equities they're getting out. i'm buying bonds predicting a huge recession because if the u.s.
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obviously is in its own space like it's beyond all of the emerging markets europe and japan and terms of where their stock prices are now over to italy which of course has had catastrophic economic story happening there and we've been again covering this for 10 years the european central bank has managed to keep it afloat by buying all their bad bonds some of their rate some of their bonds i believe at negative interest rates even in italy and yet you know if everything is so hunky dory italy proposes tax savings hidden in safety deposit boxes as total retail deposits hit fresh all time highs the italian people they have a lot of cash and they've been putting it into their savings accounts and more importantly in italy they put that into safe deposit boxes salvini is proposing that they basically raid all these savings these safe deposit accounts and
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introduce a tax if you if you voluntarily tell the government how much you have in there they'll do a flat tax of 15 percent i don't know what the higher rate will be if you fail to voluntarily disclose it but they're coming after your savings quit now for those italians that want to keep their savings or put it into because you can escape the confiscation of the government or the vatican whoever runs the country over there and you will preserve your wealth and go to jurisdiction that respects your sovereignty as an individual and respects your wealth don't live in a country that's just going to rip you off blindly we live in america because they have good speech rights and we don't want to end up like these other journalists that are being beheaded or jailed so we liked our american passport but you know we prefer that but if you're in italy and you want to preserve your wealth don't live there or if they're going to take it move to a some other area where you can move here because. have a life you don't want to be a part of
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a neo feudal slime state of living in dirt and picking you know whatever seeds you can out of squirrel poop you need to get a life. first of all 2nd of all this is a complete repudiation of everything post the enlightenment right so they're saying that markets don't work that private property doesn't work and that only the crazy statists with their guns and there are some crazy theories based on some discredited catholic cult nonce these guys are insane you know don't live there it's a nutty many many place they've got good pizza but don't go live there but this is a theme that we've been covering for the past 10 years we saw in the last episode deutsche bank ran up some bad debts they made some bad bets and they lost but they themselves do it a bank was not made to last the taxpayers of germany have been gifted all their bad
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debts here in italy again the banks have made a lot of bad bets and those have already been perhaps transferred to the e.c.b. we don't know yet and told it all actually falls apart and we get to look at the books but right now they're going after the individual the bottom 90 percent and they're going to come and take your stuff there they're going to do like a bail in that's already in the globe in the european laws that they'll do a balan and this is what they're looking for they're prepping for isabel and they're also going to take their stuff i mean just to be clear right so the italians that have money and safe deposit boxes those safe deposit boxes are going to be raided by the state to pay the bankers who made bad bets ok so we saw that in greece we saw that nice. you know they had a different reaction iceland actually kicked out the terrorist bankers you know iceland i think all the time should move to iceland ok it's a different whether you get you know it's not so much pasta more fish but you could keep your wealth move to iceland you can buy property there is cheap don't live in
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italy so wasteland its own thought then the south it's all the mafia tarver. i love italy it's amazing place as great food and stuff like that but you're open a bank account there know just like greece you know greece is also beautiful it has an amazing countryside amazing food maize and weather and there but they're not germans and the european central bank is set up in order to help the germans the dutch and some of the northern states as if you read collusion by no mean prince she highlights this exactly and she talks about this but again so this intervention by the central banks over the past 10 years there their scheme is falling apart they have shifted a lot of wealth to the top and it's the bottom 90 percent who are having their assets seized in this case in italy right here they're proposing a tax like it's very blatant as obvious and at least as transparent they're saying we're going to take your money ok in the united states there is this. we have the
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exorbitant privilege of the world serve currency so they are allowed to print and allow and allowed to say look the average wealth is going up the average income is going up because the the wealth of jeff bezos is rising you know in 2008 it was like 45000000000 now is 150000000000 how did that happen during this time so i want to look at the story. that came out in the past week and that's from jesse eisinger and he looked at a home a property that donald trump his company owned in beverly hills and he saw a case of individual corruption not systemic corruption i posit that this is systemic corruption so he knows that the price of trump's beverly hills mansion was assessed at last year 8300000 dollars price trumps indonesian business partner secretly paid for the property a couple weeks ago 13500000 this is the property that trump own to the flats of
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beverly hills right near off road a.o. drive. his company bought it for $7000000.00 in 2007 and now it's worth $13500000.00 jesse eisinger looks looks at that and thinks this must be corruption on trump's part in moscow be him individually being paid when more than the property is worth thinking that $7000000.00 property must really only be worth 8.3000010 years later but if you look at all the properties all around on zillow you find out that they also doubled since 2007 all of these properties i sent him this this is from zillow all the properties of animals have also doubled and in fact this is what the elite are getting this is what the likes of donald trump is now where $3000000000.00 when they get from the federal reserve was how the intervention looks for them remember this inflation deflation debate is ill oh estimates that property that trump sold was worth anywhere between 10120000 and
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11660000 so this indonesian guy perhaps it overpay but what they're showing is that the last 30 day to change the property prices in that area are going up 1.2 percent a month which on those wealthy big mansions equates to $131000.00 a month so it's going to just see. simberg isengard eisenberg he had a conclusion 1st and then he filled in his fake news to fit the conclusion yes and you're saying look there is a story here is the systemic breakdown of economics and crisis coverage through central bank flooding the market with phony fake money that's the story yes you know it also reminds me of know me wolf you know she's a famous feminist i think her name is that is know me well of know me well fia so she came out with a book where she jumped to the conclusion it's about homosexuality in
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and in the 800 and the punishment there of. and she missed read the law and made the absolute wrong conclusion and was pilloried for this well not pilloried but in a very english understated way that her face ripped off on a live radio interview in london but again she has a conclusion 1st and then you fill in the fake data the fake news to support it but marcus you know this day everyone learns us from the stock stock market right so in goldman sachs they pick a price 1st for where they want the stock market to be or where they want gold to be and then they fill in the trades to get to that price there's no price discovery just like there is no journalism is no investigative journalism anymore you just have people who make incredibly. conclusions and then fill in fake facts to get to those conclusions so in that regard trump is correct there's very little outside of just pure fake news if that's not too much of an oxymoron just say it's fake news and that's unfortunately it spilled over into every nook and cranny every
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orifice of society is now jump 1st and then fill in whatever law you need to get to that fake conclusion again when you tune into the cable news here they are so or look at geopolitics they hate saddam hussein they hate khadafi they hate trump he's an orange guy and it's him individually it's not the system you the viewer out there do not question the system this system is perfect because i you know this elite journalists in washington d.c. or new york where they all live it benefits them so they don't want to look at that system they don't want to condemn the system they want to condemn individuals who we all can agree has funny hair or they're fat or they're ugly in some way and they're vile in one unique individual trait of their personality and that is the reason why his property prices going up 131000 he's uniquely corrupt it's not our
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system which is you you. weakly corrupt don't question the system you know so you never get anyone questioning the financial system for sure because you have a financially illiterate population that can't add 2 plus 2 right sal value just bamboozle them very very simply on every major mainstream outlet and you can bamboozle folks into believing this nonsense as you have pointed out very distinctly well we're going to take a break when i come back much more coming away don't go away. when i. forget if you could interest to transport the corys to boost used to transport. what we do is actually very very tiny
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today so the biggest expense for us in the next year but in the next 510 years is how do we build a better product more safety maybe a better economy between the driver to convince more drivers to show passengers. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. period dramatic. only. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. to sit down and talk.
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but come back to the kaiser report time now to turn to david margan of the market report david welcome back to max it's great to be back to you stacey thank you. david margan the gold silver ratio recently had about 90 what's the significance of this of any and that if think all do you think all drop or civil will rise to return the ratio to its historical average david 1st off a 26 year high but if you look at it and what does it tell you there's no doubt what it really tells you if you could argue it's meaningless as mean claw don't care the fact is it tells you how much silver takes a bite out to go so right now takes about 90 ounces of silver by an ounce of gold whether that means silver undervalued or not i would say it is but you know you could make that argument really really want to point out was you go back to silver
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bonanza my friend franklin sanders book way back if you publish in 93 and you look at the ratio gold silver ratio for the 13141560 hundreds it was a $12.00 to $1.00 which is a natural ratio that's how come out of the ground so for a 1000 years that another 1000 years another 1000 years or another 1000 years the ratio was 12 that once you have 4000 years where the ratio was 12 to one when they were used as the same thing money. and then we got on more sophisticated more quiet except her and we went to the baker being they were surprised at luton you know got the bank back on the gold standard and the ratio had gone to about 60 in the one he deemed it 15 and a half and that's what i call the monetary ratio and it remained there for a while so if you look at it from a historical perspective it's only been the last 100 years or so we've had these i love their anomalies are not factual we've been above much above the 16 to one
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ratio and of course we actually hit about 101 a couple of times so whether it was the monetized that's one silver star these rather significantly. big changes in 2 it's a ratio many argue that the seller has bank completely d. monetize and so it should trade more like an ordinary industrial metal like palladium and so the gold and sell ratio no longer matters their thoughts well still the monetary aspect i was given the program a debate well the up and comers very nice nice guy pretty thoughtful about silver being money or not and of course i had a ticket to go help you know i never said i know everything which one of the best legal constitutional legal people into in the world my view. dr edwin vieira and we discussed it so there's 2 aspects to it max i'm not trying to convert because for make a real simple legally or economically legally silver's money no ifs ands or buts
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about it it absolutely is legally money but i've become to stupid to go into wal-mart with a legal tender $1.00 ounce us minted silver eagle put it on the desk and say here's $1.00 which there would have to accept legally for you know half a pack of gum but i could do that and it's absolutely the other part which is more important is it economically money and the answer is really not because of what i just said who would be in the right mind put down something the. you know you had a much higher value in the open market that it has on the face value of that coin bet coin is not legally money. but the community is making it legally money because it's got a lot of community support you know why can't the community get by itself or you know 1 i don't know i kind of tip my hat to you max i mean you had to do it by silver to j.p. morgan i mean i think it added a lot of people's awareness of you know silver's potential to be reintroduced as
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a monetary asset but as we all know it didn't go our way you might say however i think there will be a resurgence of silver as money because what is cool starts to take a run then the people that are tuned to the gold move will move in the so rick has this better value it is cheaper it's maurice's afford so i think there is still that monetary aspect and look i'll be the 1st to say so residue a purpose primarily industrially 60 percent of series uses right now is industrial uses so only you have to be other 40 percent is monetary that be less than half of it is it you've got jewelry and got silverware so the monetary use the silver really around to 10 maybe 15 percent of the total but it's still got that amount as again it's a small market that if brother was a russian the gold i think will spill over the silver be rather significant so let's talk about the kind of like how the u.s. dollar fits and all this other dollar continues to rise the most quarter and dax is
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now over $97.00 and you know that where's this going or the dollar going and also it's important to understand in our talk about gold and silver priced in dollars if you look in a gold it's making new all time highs priced in australian dollars it's making a close to new all time highs and canadian dollars and russian rubles and there are number of currencies arts at or make. you know all time highs only the u.s. dollar you know do we say there's a lagging saudi but the u.s. dollar is at the rate world reserve currency. how important is the dollar to this whole thing going forward david 1st of all where's the dollar 1000000000 dollars going that does bin of history like all theocracies this is going to the last when they get there and so as you said you know visa these other currencies go looks pretty good the dollar is strong for a variety of reasons primarily because we have special access to being the world's
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reserve currency it has to be accepted in most year commodity trades however it's at a lower level than it was a back in early 2000 when it was one probably in a dollar index right now i think the dollar will maintain some strength to some weakness but i ultimately believe when the liquidity squeeze comes when the next 2000 a crisis hits when the panic manic buying of real assets takes place that the dollar will actually strengthen the reserve why is because it's a liquidity squeeze and people go to what they trust the most most people less to listen to max kaiser you know others in our peer group have no idea what really goes on in the field system they just are clueless and so it takes place as people sell their bonds sell their stock sell their house all their car sell anything $4.00 so you see a run of gold enter run dollars at the same time and many people say why might that can't be right how can the dollar and gold are going up the same time is because
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there is a run to what you trust there's a run to capital that's understood then will take place later and i don't know how much it'll be a week 2 weeks 2 months 6 months or develop the 6 months but will be some period of time where wait a minute if dollars aren't buying me as much of goals accelerating you know piece of beef the u.s. dollar more than these dollars are so that amount of dollars don't go in those exact amount but some amount of that dollars will move into the gold market that. to get the acceleration in the gold it was to dollars to mark this really take place does the dollar do it out salute 0 no no i think the powers that be are too aware of what route to explosive these few out systems and they probably have a plan a b. or c. i don't know i'm not privy to the upper echelons of the deep state and how their thinking goes on this banking cartel what i do know is you look back to the b.o.'s about a decade to 12 years ago. they only accounted for member banks in gold they could
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care less for foreign currency exchange were their share less would feel ill rather other countries all they cared about was how much gold was in their bottom line but you don't hear that anymore because it's you know secret now but the b.o.'s you know as the bankers bankers you as most of us know and that's how they account for their own account for stuff you can print their accounts were gold oh yeah there's still the internet account among central banks is gold and you know there's so much of the sphere of money that's been printed and i heard somebody recently mentioned that the amount of money that's been printed in the last 15 years versus the way that the gold stock reflected the amount of money that had been around in the system back in the thirty's but you'd have to make the conclusion that gold at $1300.00 an ounce is the roughly equivalent to go all that $35.00 an ounce in other words. you know there's so there's so much money there's so much of these
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derivatives and funny money and fake money that versus the actual all known above ground quantity of gold gold hasn't been this cheap sense it was 30 $5.00 an ounce relative to the amount of this bogus fee money david exactly when that's reseller was when i started the website it in silver on inflation adjusted basis was cheaper than it was during the great depression it was like under $5.00. but that $5.00 value was less purchasing power than $0.22 was during the great depression and their business so to say they totally agree with you max has a lot of upside to gold market and silver market and it's just a matter of time i think you know the 2000 a crisis was never really solved i mean we had a dead issue primarily subprime mortgages everyone that you know listeners he's probably seen the big short l. what happens is they made the problem worse i mean that they the banking the stablish would be your local bank or your central bank or your national bank or you
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know all the way up the chain the b.o.'s everything took place to just make more debt papered over loan you know more. morphia basically in the system the reason most people are really misunderstood what took place is because it was sterilized this went to reliquefy the banks but it never really hit main street it went to wall street and the liquefy the banks it didn't go on to the you know the main public with their wages were increased during that type of thing in fact there's pressure on the downside due to china competing currencies in a way the world works now relative to what it was a say the seventy's when i started the workforce and everyone that was in major industries major corporations are given a c o l a cost of living allowance adjustment to our wages i think it happened every quarter every half year or so so we thought at that time that you know as this inflationary pressure continued you had to get hired our wages are kind to go
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on the lives of the weimer republic where you know you might not. stay exactly with the inflation rate but you were at least told that were you don't to make your wages. continue to increase as it places accelerated that of course stopped a long time ago their wage earners are that the nail you now existential threat in america and that probably will not have a very glorious and. but let's in the minute we have left here you know the stock market are signaling one thing you know economic growth the bond markets signaling a completely different outcome these 2 are completely showing different outcomes here thoughts where the bond markets max and the bonds really see problems this is good you'll curve there's a recession built and they're scared to you of that and want to bond more who starts to falter if you're going to go along with it but it has started to falter
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you know it's an existential crisis the bond market it's a negative feeling they got negative yields in europe how how how much what do you what where does this all going to go david it doesn't and other words us already gone past the event horizon of a catastrophe. well bit it has the markets out. there out and said that i mean they're just kind of the pretending you know what jim ziglar likes to say extend and pretend extended out in pretend everything's ok and of course as you stated it's not that i don't think it's hit. the bond traders enough to where it's you know been a crisis where we see it you know in the mainstream financial press you assume we have a real problem in the bond what you should correct there is one but i don't think it's had repercussions yet but this is more subtle it times i mean sometimes a small change is a big big difference over time i just think we've got to give it more time before you know this mess starts to unravel you can further that already well thanks for
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being on the wall i have to be on another segment if that's ok but thanks for being on this part of the kaiser report. that's going to do for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy i would like to thank our guest david margan of the margaret party can reach us on twitter accounts are important and i found by. some time old show as well like a honey pot and everyone believe that it was all on stable and on the reliability of russia but they thought that every one was great over that russian businessmen who wanted to do business in the west because they feared some could take everything away from them in russia it's now it's the opposite dave business is outside of russia was snatched plessis frozen the whole block down the street and whine about.
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and there were $14006.00 i was substituting for a 5th grade class all of sudden it's kids come bursting a library really agitated said one of the boys to their health and on the way he collapsed the next morning. we were not spraying anything but the teachers had actually gone out and taken pictures when all this chaos was going on the school and students were being and they were spraying right in the feels right adjacent to. a follow up study was done on that $32.00 page study the last 4 pages are the chemicals that they have found. we have shown
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an association between organophosphate exposure as measured by those metabolites in the mother's urine during pregnancy and shorten just station abnormal neonatal reflexes decreased mental development in the children at 2 years of age decreased i.q. at age 7 and 10 years of age pervasive developmental disorder which is like. symptoms attention problems in school age poor executive functioning in pre-adolescents and we have also shown that there are some populations of people that might be more affected than others i virtue of their genetics. hurting our kids from chemicals is a common sense thing that everybody can get behind leave points to examples in recent years of students getting sick from pesticides used by farmers near.


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