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tv   Sophie Co  RT  June 24, 2019 1:30am-2:01am EDT

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safeguards in place for the for the population of veterans or the population in general we don't have secure housing we don't have secure employment we don't have secure opportunities for education we don't have secure health care and the military targets the most vulnerable populations in order to meet its recruitment standards so we are recruiting people into the military having them face untenable situations and then frankly just trying to find a pill to fix it after the fact which only failed or not break brings you up to die for this outside things are looking way back again in 30 minutes.
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join me every thursday on the daleks so i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to the world of politics or i'm showbusiness. vanco i'm never not there is fortune is asked and made it into billions and billions of dollars and. globally minded person who could theoretically be investing his money in lots of worldwide projects if it weren't for the western sanctions because businessman and sports money put aside. circle
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today my guest is actually about the. western sanctions against russia are affecting companies and industries but they also targeted russia's most influential businessmen personally what's it like to be persona non-grata the. country will trade ties between russia and the rest of the world survived the sanctions and russian business or dumps into its new reality and i don't and i think it's great to have you on our program at this really really happy because we have lots to talk about and so there's just the widespread idea in the west that slapping sanctions against certain people their assets their kompany as well as people to create an opposition to the russian president and that will ensure a result in a policy change you're one of the 1st people who are hit by the sanctions and they mean they haven't been since then it's. 5 years and the sections haven't changed
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stands at all how long are you ready to stay in this pressure like forever. would probably be better without sanctions since it's easier to do business and sanctions do have a certain negative impact on the business. that we're living under the sanctions we had me for a while now and will continue to do so. doesn't bother us really and there are no major disruptions here. is that how much money have you lost sanctions and you've got your new. number. no there is no such figure or there was the 1st wave that mainly affected the bank because there was a global roche and people started withdrawing money from their accounts and they took out significant amounts out of our bank. at 1st it did
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a failed operations then we took a number of steps and explain to our clients that it poses no actual risk to them and thankfully they believed. so there is no danger. basically we didn't lose anything you filed a complaint to the european court of justice challenging the restrictive measures imposed on what are you hoping to achieve i mean the europeans imposes sanctions against you and they did it legally it's based on the young laws what makes you think that the european court of justice will overturn it i challenge the sanctions and it was before we started building the crimea bridge so they had no basis for imposing sanctions i went to court and i warned. ready dissensions against me in 20142015 or unlawful burton 2015 we started building deliberation.
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so they extended just sanctions and made them what. for you was more about them acknowledging the fact that the sanctions against you are lawful and unfair rather than going to getting something back yes it was about lowering justice because we believed it was completely unjust dissensions were imposed when no reason whatsoever we would build the crimea. well we still have a bit to finish up with the railway tracks and we will be. wrestling through what precious businessman has of state owned companies they stand united in saying that sanctions are all full they hurt business but you know we'll manage to pull through my at the very end will become even stronger as an ordinary person well i don't really see any opportunities here i don't see that things have somehow improved over the last 5 years. i don't see them where do you see them could you explain what the sum which it is are and how the sanctions are mobilizing our economy are
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pushing us forward. i don't get it. the sanctions have influenced operations of course you know i simply meant that we learn how to leave on to these sanctions. it's not the end of the world we don't scare us on the playlist i let them get all of their past told me that sanction i mean a lack of foreign investment which is very dangerous for the russian economy and that is whole thing is actually about opportunity strangely rather than opening up how come you don't share his passion is. i think he's being too pessimistic about this. great culture for example. there is been a fusion breakthrough. now we have a new direction always just so. we're moving away from the royal experts role that if. we had to produce something you know selves develop our own tipping.
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that is definitely a good thing. that we go now we need to get results thank you very. much we could afford to be idle and would things often work or not or do them at all but now we need to do. in the past. if we start falling behind if we slow down. we will fall behind. completely. so we have to be proactive all the time. because it would be easier without saying no question about it. so you set thinking about the legacy you want. after crimea breach of a dream or maybe a plan to build something similarly impressive. fails in march so
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i don't really get what could be more grandiose than the crimea bridge. there is a number of things really i think it's like giving birth to a baby we made this rage and now it's hour of daybreak i have many children. love one of them more than all the others i have to love them equally for russia the bridges on down to the a very important life was a challenging project. for times they tried to start construction and failed. i have many new projects in mind. i don't really want to go into them. but we do have a dream like. you will be working for a while yet. but you are with them with still so why do you think that you know you are interested whether crime may approach construction traditionally very important projects because your presence close friend and he knows you as well. time. or.
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something else and you because of their lot of rich people in russia but somehow you got interested in what this project why cheating the one. with. many takers to be honest. some were afraid to buy some new. they won't be able to finish the construction many had relatives in ukraine or you firstly assessed our capacities whether or not we could build the bridge then they made a decision and said if you trust us with it we can tell you this project and build the bridge so you know an engineer architect you spearheaded the construction of a unique region you had to actually gather it to trust so it's 100 percent how did you ever see that word i mean how did you pick the experts consider that you're not a bridge builder you're not a specialist yourself i mean if anything had gone wrong and responsibility would
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have fallen on you not the team. you're right i'm not an architect and i didn't mention the instruction works. too well the one that would happen that we did not build a bridge to the truth be told i couldn't sleep at night knowing. all this 3 and a half years. yes i actually never talked about this. that was one of a kind operation. it was a meant to be they were trying to imagine is where all the g. is would work seamlessly similar to any us legal if one of them broke down the bridge would be doomed we had never build anything that ambitious and that is why i knew that if we pulled through. zambo would have something to be proud of. our children are. rather good but if you turn your life upside down you don't regret it at all because you can't even like get a vacation outside russia actually with
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a mind that i could go places anyway since i was on the sanctions less so my life didn't change march i do love russia i love the most people i know a lot of places were going to have a really good time especially now that we have crimea crimea i'll try and buy local is absolutely stunning i regret nothing i have many children and i haven't lost my appetite for life and i do enjoy it. so when i take a break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to businessmen and present the closest of friends i've got you know at the back stay with us.
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know what. i don't want to talk to a communist news agency forgive me we'll have to find someone to. lower the trying to say with a swastika meaning of the going to be just like the jews this is exactly what. you saw me live if i mean yes you see into that where.
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we have to be the bad guys 2. i think i can. fight off the it's an indication of how important most movements are. sold out of solitude indication of where the left must move towards we are definitively winning it because we have the people they have people in power but we are the monsters.
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good food descriptions sound up even for the owners so how to choose the pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets is really more based on what they want to sell us than was necessarily good for the pet turns out and pet food may not be the best people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders allergies we are actually creating these problems and it's a huge of a demagogue problems all of them i believe can be linked to fairy simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets less treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research.
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that they are owed to the birds or have to go a bit harder for a few of us so to argue. that the target is the q excuse or to fit the letter to the. consumer might occur to me look. i'm going to manage to finish it oh my gosh the food home in israel will lead . to a god so. can a mother. need. me though to. give . you the 15. minutes shouldn't our new show.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic developments. i don't see how that will be very critical. to sit down and talk. max keiser one more of my guide to financial survival this. is a device used by professional scallywags to earn money. that's right. more and more to the. global economy you need to protect yourself and get in for.
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it we're back with business. i mean there has to be a reason for this common approach in russia which is you can earn money in russia you can only steal it why can't people these days make money and that is beyond us about how can we change that i mean it's not like we can eradicate corruption by endlessly putting people behind bars one after another i mean look at china they have a death sentence for that just like we did during stalin times but every once in a while presidency. and other corrupt official. what we need is a real lucian rechange there was a saying that restrictions on the punishment. should be to do something only keep thinking about how to do that anyway. so no prohibition xenon of these
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numerous arrests but i think an even our president said that they can stir up some fear. but they will not bring fundamental change. in the deal so how do you had big businesses and you personally see the so-called high profile corruption expert says he published by either the or the opposition that the number actually does this get on your nerves even pay attention yet it may be actually disciplines you i think. when it all transparent and. then we need to expose it so that everyone. is certain to punish mint has to be. however we should not go over the top and the problem was that we were to loss of. more of our own talent. but that keeps you on your toes right. yes that's true.
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all the sanctions in place is there any hope that we'll be able to actually benefit from the basic breakthroughs in technology in artificial intelligence i mean you know we should advance our own scientific research but it's the west and the u.s. in particular that at the forefront technological progress right now where are we going to get new technologies i mean are you thinking. china south korea perhaps. we are smart enough i think. we'll never be lacking in mathematicians and software engineers physicists or anyone else for that matter so we have what it takes to develop. so we just need to stop competing with all cells we're not because everyone is hugging the blanket. someone develops a new technology they keep it to themselves not willing to share at any cost. should be vice. and we need to join our efforts. with. a certain
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amount socialism. because when everyone is on their own that's capitalism. when their one is on their own it's about capitalism this way the only thing we get is the handfuls. of little capital of the worker who. i think is way better. major company look at what alibaba and male dog. they're building something really big. and that would be a huge step forward to. start and will have what it takes to actually grow and develop take a look at the defense industry. even though no one in the worst won't we would actually do it but we did. that one then we will need to invest in technology as much as we did in weapons is this happening. yes and that is exactly the plan of course the west is not going to stand and wait for the day were
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trailing behind but we need to move forward any way you can get there let's turn as if. we can find a way to snipe some new technologies from them they would respond with more sanctions and once again will be cut off and would have to go asking for handouts need to start doing something in our road for example artificial intelligence this is serious in any way we need to move forward whatever it takes and we shouldn't expect help from anyone even china find resources here in russia and tap into the potential we have to. do we even have the money i'm not sure we have a yes absolutely clear minds and we have is more asian alliance who always had every ambitious slogans completed a 5 year plan in 4 years as we used to say in the soviet times so if we give our people enough inspiration and somehow unite them there will be nothing we couldn't
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do. happened with the crimea bridge also come out that we pivot to the east to china i mean is it a good idea for chinese people i talked to they say that this is good for us in the international arena because china russia together are a power to be reckoned with and i also spoke about that with a lot of people from the political and business circles and they think that the chinese are very difficult partners actually and it's difficult to reach an agreement with them on their loans or expensive terms and conditions are oppressive also could you share your experience i've had some experience dealing with them even though i don't have any joint projects or the chinese at this point. or the chinese have a whole different mindset that's. very different. and that you encourage russian businesses to pull their money off from the off shores because of the risks and the west can arrest the money at any moment in this war of
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sanctions so why would a russian need an offshore i don't know i think ordinary people have certain tastes of the word why can't our businessmen just keep their money in russia. which one is it is that unprofitable or. what happened because for some time there was were like a honeypot. everyone believe that it was all on stable and on the reliability. of the thought that and if one was great over the russian businessman the want to do business in the west and it was. everything away from them in russia it's now it's the opposite of dave's businesses outside of russia were snatched frozen old blog and whine about it and no one can take your business away here and we are good or we have is in russia. nothing is that are possible but i believe the business climate is getting better and better. and i'm asking this because after crimea their rules of the game between major businesses and the kremlin have obviously
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changed now and the businessmen. lives in russia and who is wealthy enough has to build something like you had to build a bridge back but it was sanctions right president asks to finance a project and you know our businesses have no other way than to agree on the what this way they all have to contribute somehow to russia's geo political interests to compare that to what we had 10 years ago this is not freedom at all i mean you're so on free well. if you look at the situation with the bridge for example the president. to come here you're going to build a bridge and if you do. the opposite actually. to consider the risks and i was aware of the risks of ready what we do here we do to our country or is our what should live here and we have no plans to move anywhere else. but why shouldn't we build this bridge when you talk to all the groups many of them say. all our money here under this
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president why should we take you somewhere else. telling us what to do with our capital but the words and you go out if you want to in this here where not only i mean our thought of what your life would be like when the president is not your close friend i'm asking because i've experienced something similar in georgia . you know one power change happens in our countries you would say that people that you thought you could rely on here somewhere and this is very surprising because it's not at all like you thought it would be even understanding you're very close with the president but what is your life going to be like when president. you think about. we've been friends remain friends no matter what our friendship has stood the test of time over 50 years. thanks. where ever things that
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are thanks for the start of light a lot of course i will and thank you all. please . join me every thursday on the alex salmond shill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. there are all the birds or have their mobile phones for the few of us are. out of our group. every day is that we'll. just
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show you the letter for good to. see more money to move. on and manage to finish it oh my gosh could. lead to. god so. can a mother i need to learn to me don't need. this kid or need. to give the learning. system definition in. minnesota the new shit. both. when i was trophy seemed wrong. but all roles just don't hold. me to be yet to shape out just they become advocates and in gains from an
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equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. it's hard to take so from somebody if you know have some to replace. i'll be going to this interview today and all these markets move and then they take me. to. the area. so how can i tell you stop selling drugs if we'll hire somebody put the money in a box. they just mean the way they live it's almost been basically mccullers fees for the worse do you guys know what security security positions are going to be that david jack me again. you see people get all their
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cars and i'll see you coming in the herd and it seems like they'll hurry up and run into the house like they don't want to they don't want to talk to your get your mail or anything like that. i just want to go. and do this. just try renaming. me now and now it's you know some give me.
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the headlines this hour the u.s. plans to his around with a new round of major sanctions later on monday we look at how washington the stance on iran seems to be pulling in different directions also to come the parents of critically ill palestinian infants taken from gaza to better equipped hospitals in israel are being denied access to their children with exit permits much harder to obtain radel than this leave their heads over the country's mounting debt with the deputy prime minister met here selvi need threatening to resign but his rowing proposes a new kind of ball which brussels sees as a threat to the euro.


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