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tv   News  RT  June 24, 2019 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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the headlines this hour the u.s. plans to his around with a new round of major sanctions later on monday we look at how washington stance on iran seems to be pulling in different directions also to come the parents of critically ill palestinian infants taken from garza to better equipped hospitals in israel are being denied access to their children with exit permits much harder to obtain rattles and italy in the heads over the country's mounting debt with the deputy prime minister mat here sell vini threatening to resign that is wrong proposes a new kind of bond which brussels sees as a threat to the euro. like morning welcome it's 9 o'clock here in moscow you're watching r.t.
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international now the u.s. is piling more pressure on iran with a new round of major sanctions to hit her and later on monday the escalation comes in response to iran's downing of a u.s. military surveillance drone which the islamic republic says violated he says space but washington has expressed doubts over who's really to blame for the attack b. expect the president to announce an additional round of sanctions in response to iran's downing of an american unmanned vehicle president also had doubts as to whether or not the downing of our unmanned aircraft was actually authorized at the highest level so i can't speak about intelligence that the united states has with regard to that but you heard the president reflect open little maybe we were a rogue not convinced that it was authorized at the highest levels washington's messages regarding iran have been getting rather mixed lately is
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r.t.g. goshdarn of reports. just do it to run a marathon or to start a war as good a motto as any now according to iran the so-called b team of instigators ran out of breath whispering in donald trump's ear obliterate iran into a beating it's just do it the b. team being advisor john bolton the emirates israel and saudi arabia a rare moment of unity between the latter bolton tried so hard apparently trump said this i have to have some people have dubs and i have hawks you have some. john bolton is absolutely a hawk is up to him he'd take on the whole world at one time ok it was almost mission accomplished until the u.s. president decided otherwise at the last moment and saw all hawks turned against him there and the way that he announced it it shows weakness and it's not in our
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interests but what happens when our adversaries understand that he's never going to follow through with president trump was being urged by outside advisers not to carry out the strikes we don't know who they are or why he would share with them people not in the chain of command or in his defense circle incredibly classified information about a military strike on iran critics went as far as to accuse donald trump of changing his mind under the influence of tucker carlson a celebrity faux anchor now something fastings happily the very people in some cases literally the same people who lured us into the iraq quagmire 16 years ago are demanding a new war this one with iran the president to his great credit appears to be skeptical of this very skeptical truly the media has never come closer to serving as the 4th branch of power even john bolton the mother of all hoax had to take trump's side saying that the president didn't just chicken out neither iran nor any
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other hostile actor should mistake you. yes prudence and discretion for weakness our military is rebuilt new and ready to go if if he you know started out with the wrong decision to head the advisors saying to attack iran you know people would criticize and then if you cancels it then they'll criticize them for you know not. showing resolve it's kind of assumed by a lot of people that the democrats are not the war party but it's not a party of peace and a lot of democrats want to show their toughness by saying you know we've got to stand up against iran and it could be just that as trump himself has been saying that he's neither a sinner or saint everybody was saying i'm a warmonger. and now they say. they got neither you want to know that i'm
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a man with common sense and that's what we need in this country's government says not starting a conflict with world war 3 potential is good sense indeed he had when it comes to other statements on iran by trump and his servants alike well see for yourself we are prepared to talk to iran without preconditions right but iran needs to understand that we will never allow them to obtain a nuclear weapon so is it no preconditions or one precondition it's like telling a kid they won't get candy until they eat their greens but then immediately giving them all the candy and it's not the only thing take this for instance what do you think message they're trying to send you with this i think they want to negotiate and now how about this donald trump who stake in the time and pleasure of tearing into the iran nuclear deal but now once in agreement over his own i don't care which what kind of a deal it can be separate or it could be total one on one talks the way it was or
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as i want to one talks you any ayatollah we're going to resume you can have nuclear weapons and if you want to tell. but it could otherwise you can live in a shattered economy for a long time to such consistent inconsistency doesn't help understand what exactly washington wants from its foreign policy people need to have a lot more certainty that they're dealing with somebody who has some integrity. sense of principle and when they say one thing they stick to it trump is not that kind of a person you can't really bargain you make make you know major deals that affect the future of your country with somebody who turns on a dime and says something else. you know moments after he said something different so i think he's going to have a very hard time convincing. he's serious if he offers some kind of a deal to. now the parents of critically ill palestinian infants who have been
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taken from gaza to a better equipped hospital in israel are being denied access to their children because that exit poll and it's a 5 to 4 of them will not say metaphorically that lost 2 children while separated. ringback the lawyer and going to i was 7 months pregnant and they diagnosed it as early labor but since i had an in vitro fertilization they didn't have the necessary facilities. and. my application was very urgent and i should have gotten approval very quickly from the coordination office because the lives of the mother or children could have been endangered but it took the coordination office 5 days.
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to get close to him and they said my surgery went fine and the stitches would be removed in gaza i told them i'd least want to stay to breast feed the babies and they said no i kept crying it wasn't easy for me to leave them i didn't know they would leave or die and i went home devastated. just one day i felt so bad i was exhausted and the same night i heard that one girl had died her name was malott she died one week after i went home that. fatah said i'm going with after a while they told me the other child was not doing well they didn't say he was dead then they said he had to sit in the blood then they told me that he's heart stopped
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. someone called me from the cards nation office and told me you have 10 minutes to get ready and go pick up your daughter so my husband told me some cordon to go right now and pick her up in the tech shop so much during those 4. marked psych had to endure a lot of suffering and depression but thank god all of that went away when i saw my daughter. well israel justifies its land there and sea blockade of gaza by arguing that it does prevent local militant groups from launching attacks the un though has criticized it we sent a request for comment to co get the israeli body responsible for coordination between palestine's administration and tell of a volvo so far it hasn't responded well physicians for human rights israel and israeli medical n.g.o.s says that most children do travel with that their mothers
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or fathers according to them more than $7000.00 permits were issued for minors from gaza last year and fewer than 2000 for parents got a module a boost from the ngo told us more about the situation. there is no specific period to have a decision in inquiries for permits it can be one moment in it can be half a year we had cases where people waited for more than one year to affirm it or to have any kind of decision regarding their inquiry the situation between the kids and their parents in for their sake a logical and socially situation and we know they're also influenced very covertly and the process of the treatment itself. meanwhile the trumpet ministrations middle east peace plan officially unveiled at a workshop in bahrain has been slammed for allegedly trying to bribe the
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palestinians into giving up certain political ambitions it offers them $50000000000.00 worth of investment in exchange for some key concessions. explains why palestine has already rejected what trump is billed as the deal of the century . is trump not generous not fair and merciful who outs would offer palestinians such generous conditions such great perks and amazing bonuses that someone else is presumably going to pay for it don't call it the deal of the century for nothing you know and just as with all great deals it's totally secret political side and the economic side are 2 very robust efforts our thought was that it was better to put the economic plan 1st makes sense when you are offered a job anyone would 1st want to know how much you get paid rather than what the job
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is and this pays great $50000000000.00 an investment though they have no idea where that's going to come from a 1000000 jobs in what's left of palestine unemployment slashed to shreds and still the palestinians are unhappy 1st lift the siege of gaza stop the israeli theft of our land resources and funds give us our freedom of movement and control over our own borders and space territorial waters etc then watch us build a vibrant prosperous economy as a free and sovereign people the plowden or well the pay will be discussed in bahrain this week and the palestinians aren't going and neither of these release which isn't great considering that this is the palestinian israeli peace deal. we're not going to turn this works or the economic situation should not be discussed before the political one as long as there is no political solution will
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not deal with an economic solution. what the palestinians need to understand is that the again some and get lose in this case you apparently lose most of your country but they'll make the gas and coast really nice 40 kilometers of pristine beaches millions of tourists with great palestinian cousy oh yeah about losing half your country part under certain circumstances i think israel has the right to retain some but unlikely all of the west bank i get why people think this is going to be a deal that only the israelis could love i understand the perception of that i hope everyone will just give the space to listen and let it settle in a little bit yeah i forgot to mention draft of a plan have leaked and according to them palestinians will be forced to give up 60 percent of the west bank it will be forbidden for palestinians to have an army and
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they'll have to pay israel for protection for ever and if they refuse to go along the us will sanction them to kingdom come also they still have no idea who pays for all of this if it's private investors the palestinians will then have to pay them back presumably if so in effect the palestinians have been asked to. told to give up most of their country in exchange for a loan hill of the century more like deal of the millennium if you go by how absolutely one sided and absurd it apparently is this is not does not show that the us is. fair. mediator between the palestinians and the israelis basically referred to a mr burleson years are not capable of ruling themselves this vision violates
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international resolution national law. and the ninety's the palestinians their basic rights and in fact makes it almost impossible for next to impossible means that israel would be allowed to continue to control the resources. for the students in the west bank and east jerusalem and that means that it's no longer possible. a small group buyable ready for listing in state. like ghastly have with that reform that's still to come for you to stab brussels is left on the press place for the slightest idea on how to deal with it stats i mean phase is edging ever closer to leaving the euro zone have a look at this in more detail just awful.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to let it be an arms race. and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. they put themselves on the line big get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to. have to be right to be close this is what the before. camp you could get. interested always at the water's edge.
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it's really his race these states and it's ongoing conflicts with the european union over the country's debt crisis that the prime minister matthew sell dini said he'd resign of brussels doesn't green light his proposed tax cuts it comes off the parliament post a new way debt payments so-called many balts a form of bond which brussels apparently sees as a potential threat to the euro. has more to. one always feels bad for the e.u. as if the public humiliation of $17000000.00 brits saying they just didn't like it wasn't enough now it's got another troublesome child on its hands italy now while it is the 3rd biggest economy in europe it's also one of the weakest it's plagued by sluggish growth high unemployment and a whole lot of debt and the e.u.
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is getting a bit annoyed that not enough is being done to deal with this debt crisis so it's issued a warning that it will take disciplinary action but the mediterranean countries got other plans and it's come up with a nifty way around it all many box or bills of treasury that basically smooth you know it's the government would use to pay off people without using real money a bit like a lunch coupon but the financial elites aren't happy they say it's got all the signs of a new currency and marks the 1st step towards leaving the euro zone. all there it. goes up. here. the people here remark is here all these many roads doesn't seem to be very promising many better ways to actually deal with the payment of areas.
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does not require the creation of such instruments vaughn's you know it's highly and von's could absolutely do the job now the idea of the many bought isn't new similar techniques have been used in argentina greece and california also it's not like it is the only country in the e.u. to have spent for 10 years front also failed to meet its debt reduction targets that brussels held its tongue but then again france doesn't have a populist government manned by no euro skeptics. asks me to food brussels. your rules say you cannot feed your child do you think i would respect brussels rules do you think i would feed my child it is decided to wage a war on the home front to aside from the many pots it's also proposed a draft law that would give the government the power to appoint members to the bank of italy the e.u. is flustered fearing the board could end up less independent and more anti you and
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it's likely disappointed over the loss of an ally on the inside the bank reportedly acted on behalf of the european central bank to help oust former prime minister silvio berlusconi. they threaten governments that misbehave with financial destruction they cut off refinancing and threaten to kill the banking system they create a rollover crisis in the bond market this is what happened to italy in 2011 so you can sympathize with the e.u. the current italian governments make no attempt to hide its disdain of the block the recent e.u. parliament chill actually thought populist euro skeptic parties when ground the threats it uses to dissipate and wayward member states are being bypassed and they're not exactly galloping ahead practice shown by resident bit painful alternative you'd forgive the e.u. if it needed a moment to mop it brow we are sure to find some solutions who. go out from the system to offer. we want to change this.
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because that is a fact that is not working in the right direction so we want to fight the flexible we see who shows us ways to get me into west of european countries because we are for these hoops walkers and decent care just the. basics and so i'm not making the tourist up there call me or not make big tourist author. now a graduate of london's royal college of art has changed his name to name surname and what's more it's held him in his master's degree from the prestigious school the student says he wanted to highlight issues of gender and diversity the initial gesture was just to minimize my identity to as small as possible i didn't. see the
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kind of things that all get brought up in the conversations around a good name surname it's anonymous and paradoxically not anonymous at the same time because it highlights itself to something different. name surname will present his work namely himself as a graduation show which opens later this month he's planning to talk to our lives too about his new identity discussing everyday experiences such as how to communicate with a bank or college officials with a name like that it is the final piece in his contemporary art practice degree and his tutor seems proud of his students' work. in some ways it's a very simple piece of work which opens up on to lots and lots of complexity i think that's quite an admirable thing to do but we talked to were human rights attorney jennifer braden about this and also social commentator my rounds are to get their reaction to the students' work. while the purpose would be considered art
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of for creative in cultural understanding and opinions i think that there was an end product an end result something that can be considered the end work of the art besides just a human being that already exists it having a different name and i think there's probably no big statement that can be made right now why must i be defined by what you think is or you might think is a muslim or you think is gay or straight or anything else but most are a lot of the people that are claiming for for identity to be seen for their identity are coming out stronger within their identity whether they're muslim whether they're catholic whether they're black white red whether they have a different ethnicity that they want it here too and so yes you could make the argument that doing so would be considered a work of art or doing so would be something that's important to these gender identity politics or social constructs this student chose to have absolutely no identity in this day and age for somebody to say i'm going to throw an identity book for myself and completely take away any idea that mr mason the mrs i'm
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non-binary gender fluid or ideas about heritage why do we need to package everything up and say this. market people want to be free to express themselves freely now you don't have to be an art critic to understand that appreciating art is something that's supposed to be a universal concept a concept that has brought people together and so in the times we see today we're seeing more and more division and so when we start to redefine these terms take something that is universal like music or art in general and throw it into that political and social maelstrom throw it into that divisive context i think we do have a problem this is a huge huge and it's very contemporary is very of the time and i think it's important that we give it you credibility because it actually raises questions about how we govern society how we munches so id how we stop certain voices shining through and how we limit other voices and allow other voices through and if i give them platforms and raise them up yes it has incited. conversation debate i think that's very good to do but let's keep that in the social political constructs and
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outside of the universal bringing together idea of art a discussion we had him earlier on r.t. so that's things are looking here in moscow just coming up to half past 9 in the morning we're back again at the top it. is hard to take so from somebody if you know have some to replace i'm. going to do this interview today and i want to use the market and then they take me. off there and. so i'm going to tell you stop selling drugs if we'll hire somebody put the money in a box. they just mean the way the life has almost been basically
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mccullers peaceful for us all or. do you know what security security positions of that. day were jack me again. you see people get all their cars you know see you coming in the herd and this seems like they'll hurry up and run into the house like they don't want to they don't want to talk see her get your mail or anything like that. i just want to. do it. just try read a. good chance someone give me. join me every thursday on the alex salmond and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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my objection breaks it is not that i'd like to hear you but it without the mollifying influence of the e.u. the brits are going to be exposed face on head on to people like boris johnson and jacob smog who are who are certifiably insane. time after time say we're going underground as the un human rights council convenes to hear a report in the u.k. racism and xenophobia fueled by conservative liberal democrats will stare at
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a coming up of the show will a predicted post-breakfast house price crash ends of the age of property speculation the un special rapporteur on the right to housing they money for a explains why you can't afford a home of your own and is no experience really required we investigate whether tory government outsourcing and incompetence is promoting sex trafficking and slavery in 21st century britain plus within days of the shed your old one and a half 1000 for us execution since its 1976 really is a sion the artist on death row who created off to prevent the color being taken from his mind all the civil coming up in today's going on to grab a 1st while a fraction of a percent of british electors choose who will be britain's next prime minister it is obvious. important to remember the warnings during the u.k. leadership crisis made by the also rans his foreign secretary jeremy hunt on an imminent threat to democracy itself our country and our party are in peril while
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we've been arguing about a norway breck set or canada. labor has been planning a venezuelan or a cuban briton arguably venezuela has been unusually important in the race for number 11 contender accused of wanting to shut the houses of parliament down mrs attributed a whole caracas assembly as he criticised a competitor i don't know what they want to citizens assimilate well i mean look at madeira when they let us not champagne democracy is former cabinet minister dominic rab they're suggesting that president maduro of venezuela back to the assembly of washington either support or pretend one why do the way from the tory leadership crisis venezuela is also up for discussion at today's un human rights council that was venezuela under good chavez that instituted missions a more an integrated mass land redistribution program for the dispossessed the housing policies in one contrast to say the neo liberalism of chile or of canada spain sweden or britain joining me now is the united nations special report to an adequate housing their money far who features in
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a new documentary with nobel laureate joe stiglitz and others and it's called push special represents so much for coming on let's just start with why people watching this right now can no longer afford to rent or buy homes in their cities and why these cities appear to be emptying of people certainly at night. yeah well we are in a new world i would say. there is a new housing landscape and what's happened really it's since the global financial crisis the big financial actors have moved into residential real estate and have really started to buy up properties especially properties that are affordable where everyday people are living in you know paying their rent they're buying those up they're renovating them modestly and then they're jacking up their rents and people are being forced out there either.


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