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tv   News  RT  June 26, 2019 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. us congressman and table a bill to block the us president from launching an unapproved strike on iran while trying to threaten with obliteration and event american interests are attacked. fear that up to 160 islamic state fighters could return to the country and recognized as the government has lost track of their whereabouts. and the dutch university academic positions on one of its programs exclusively so women sparking debate on positive discrimination. inequality itself like reciprocating process shutting down an entire group of people just to give something to another group of people.
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it's 1 o'clock here in moscow and you're watching r t international live from our studio with me welcome to the program as a verbal battle between iran and u.s. leadership rages donald trump post perhaps his most a threatening tweet against the iranian government yet warning obliterated if terror attacks anything american iran earlier said the white house was suffering from a mental disorder over the latest u.s. plans for sanctions on the country's leadership tribe was asked by journalists in the oval office what he hoped to get from the iranian government. what message did you want to send your tweet message you know ok with the messages when they're ready to have to let us know. when they're ready to let us know. to go to. whatever doesn't make any difference whatever they want to do i'm already have an
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exit strategy for iran if war does break. you look at it in a strategy. i don't need thanks in stratagems. against the idea of war i republicans and the democrats have tabled an amendment to block any military strike against iran without the approval of congress. this amendment affirms what president knows and believes unfocused unconstitutional and ending wars in the middle east make america weaker not stronger congress must result to ensure that any military action is carried out constitutionally last week we watched president come within minutes of striking a. united states in yet another trillion dollar war in the middle east present from campaigned on ending costly wars overseas but given the advisors he chose and his recent risky actions he's not living up to that promise now we have members of congress coming forward one democrat and one republican putting forward an
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amendment to the national defense authorization act that would not allow for any funding of a u.s. military attack on iran without the approval of congress the bill would prevent the president of united states from taking action against iran unless there was statutory or congressional authorization for him to do so this bill has some pretty widespread support now us president trump was recently interviewed by the hill and in that interview he stated that he did not believe he needed congressional approval in order to take measures and strike against iran this is what trump said in the interview do you believe right now that you have the authority to strike iran without congress i do i do believe that al. the idea of keeping congress abreast but i wouldn't have to do this is been a longstanding disagreement if you look at recent u.s. history many military actions by the united states in places such as vietnam or libya have been taken without congressional approval been carried out simply on orders of the president now it's interesting to note that there has been voices
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criticizing trump for the potential of a new war against iran one voice was that of mowbray looksee is a republican member of congress from alabama and he said that in washington d.c. there seem to be some forces that are pushing for new wars without thinking about the consequences for the military military families and others who are affected by the decisions this is mo brooks there are a variety of political influences in washington d.c. that love it when we flex american military muscle and they don't seem to care one whit about our men and women in uniform who are risking their lives and sometimes giving their lives well it is interesting to note that recently the united states did come apparently 10 minutes away from a strike against iran apparently there were 3 locations in iran that were to be hit by a u.s. military strike however trump called off the strike 10 minutes prior to it taking
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place now that was in response to iran shooting down a u.s. drone now this drone that iran shot down iran says it was in their territorial waters they were defending the territorial integrity of their country however the united states maintains this drone was in international waters and that it was an unprovoked attack all eyes are now on washington d.c. as many voices around the world are deeply concerned about the danger of conflict between the united states and iran. trumps also claimed is the iranian leadership the contributions to its peoples problems by spending money on terror and with tension rising washington seems to find a group it claims can stop the suffering the choice though may seem quite contradictory as r.t. senior correspondent mark gatiss d f explains. sometimes i get the impression that trump knows what the iranian people want bed then the uranium people he his government congress talk so much about how the iranian people want the said that
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this is good for them and mats bad for them it's almost like they knew each other obviously the people of iran are great people you know i know many of them i live in new york have been there very much less 2 half years but i know many arabians living in new york and they're fantastic people personally i have my doubts about the iranians trump knows being representative of the entire nation but whatever there is one group of the rains that the white house and friends knew very well could even say that pounds were jad dean hutton or the people's mage idea of iran will make for sure they've been busy bees lately last friday they got together in washington protested leslie calling for regime change and the removal of iran's supreme leader.
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we've always been saying no war no appeasement but change by the iranians and they've shown that in uprisings that it's what the across iran where they chant just like you hear in the background we want regime change in iran and that's that never mind what moves the rain ians the ones actually in iran think on the matter but i digress american politicians love these guys mek they were almost called them you stand for free or rhyme but you stand for democracy you stand for human rights keep up your fight. those who love and cherish freedom in our country and throughout the world stand with you stand. you're on the right side of history right in fact the united states has big plans for
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these mujahedeen great expectations they have destined to rule the declared policy of the united states of america should be the overthrow of the mullahs regime in tehran and that's why the 429 t. we here will celebrate in tehran thank you for. now that introductions are over let me tell you about them adjusted dean of iran it hasn't been 10 years since they were moved from america's terror lists still in plenty of others make killed anyone who didn't like shootings assassinations bombings targeting police iranian officials civilians just for supporting the government americans both in iran and in america and yet since they renounced violence they would taken off these blacklists the department does not overlook or forget the mujahideen had exposed to
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acts of terrorism including its involvement in beginning of u.s. citizens in iran in the ninety's seventy's and an attack on the us soil in 1902 the department also has serious concerns about the mujahedeen hynix as an organization particularly with regard to the geishas of abuse committed against its own members oh yeah they don't just target others they target each other to the best traditions of every crazy cult human rights watch says abuses carried out against dissident members range from beatings and imprisonment to torture and threats of execution according to each r.w. one guy tried the mujahideen would you believe it for this. humus crime he was kept in solitary confinement for 8 years scientologists you've got nothing on these guys aside from maybe influence the recently released documents makers who organize
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dozens of meetings with us politicians interviews features articles with big media begs the question of course where do they get the money it rain ians on donating make has almost no support in iran the answer is well they do the odd job according to this alleged conversation between mack members released by iran. did our best to blame the iranian regime for the oil tanker blasts the saudis have called maryam rajavi office to follow up on the results to get a conclusion of what has been done and the possible consequences look at it this way whoever's financing them isn't doing it because they're nice they aren't you know the saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend even if he's a murderous crazy cultist apparently unfortunately united states seems to be very fond of using terrorists i mean they meet to using terrorist this is
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a very very dangerous group not because it has any hope of ever being in iran and really there but they're very dangerous because they were cold they are just they do not understand a person human rights and there are terrorists there is no way they can replace any government in iran and that i can i would bet on it it's not going to happen i don't think america plans but then america would like to tell them. so that they would continue their activities not because they have been able to we know with the iranians to their side. the german government has lost track of around 160 islamic state sympathizers who left the country to fight for the territory of as many as a 1000 left germany raising fears they could return and recognized our europe correspondent peter has the details the best estimates suggests at least a 1000 people left germany to go enjoy and isis and following a question from
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a member of the bundestag to the interior ministry it's been revealed that in $160.00 cases those identified as extremists have disappeared without a trace occasionally such individuals could have succeeded in escaping and all disappearing in an attempt to alleviate fears of isis terror. living among german society the federal government has said that they are convinced that it would be extremely unlikely that anyone who had traveled to join isis would be able to come back to germany and live or noticed however the m.p. that 1st raised concerns says she's not convinced considering the surest fragmented protection of the easy external borders it is particularly worrying that the federal government has a partner take a no father measures to prevent the uncontrolled reentry of isis militants 2 thirds of those who have left the country have german citizenship this presents another
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issue what to do with those who want to return to germany well in the case of isis supporter. he's currently being held in a kurdish jail his lawyers are suing the german government they say has a responsibility to bring him home from our point of view the federal government is constitutionally obliged to bring fabien back to germany it has not fulfilled this obligation for political reasons the lawyers maintain that there is a german constitutional obligation for the government to protect the fundamental rights of their citizens even when they are held in foreign nations and his younger brother who's location isn't known traveled from the central german city of castle to syria to join isis in 2014 their father says he was assured that would be released if berlin requested it however he believes the germans turning a blind eye to the situation the german government would prefer it if my children on the other islamist would just disappear forever is the thing it isn't that easy
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for the german government to intervene even if they wanted to and there is no indication that they really do germany currently has no diplomatic relations with syria and the federal government doesn't recognize the kurdish y p g group who is holding. in the case of the at least 160 people who traveled from germany. their joy in isis and remain unaccounted for or berlin doesn't know whether they are alive or dead whether they remain in the middle east or whether they've come back here and if they've come back here whether they pose any potential threat to society the german government and the security of the secret service us intelligence services seem to know exactly how many people left germany to go to syria and to iraq and to fight with one of those armed groups and suddenly they say now we lost track of them germany seems to have been sleeping
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officially they didn't say a lot about this and certainly they have no real policy about us this is why nothing is happening now and that discussion is being put forward through the media or through the facts on the ground they will be forced to do one thing or the other eventually and our society is not really aware and cannot really imagine what these people are might be up to we need a public discussion about this without stigmatizing without being a racist or islam or for big but the german society and the politicians have to be more realistic about the threats. and google is slammed by u.s. lawmakers for adopting artificial intelligence and so-called persuasive techniques $20.20 as a sale a platform a story and more after this break. when i was told seemed wrong. but all rolled just don't hold. any world
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yet to seep out does the. attic. and endangered. radio. one sunday find themselves worlds apart when just to look for common ground. you know world of big blue mark and conspiracy it's time to wait to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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engineering university is going to offer its academic positions exclusively to women for one of its programs men will only be offered a job if no suitable female candidates are found the irene curie fellowship will give a female employee a starting package of 100000 euro to spend on their own research and is expected to recruit more than 100 women in the coming years in the university's rector says that trying to correct a gender imbalance. we attach great importance to equal respect and opportunities for women and men we are aware that we're suffering from an implicit gender bias we're now using the fact that plans to expand our academic stuff considerably in the coming years can be used as a means to make
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a big step forward in one fell swoop we discussed the move with gas political activist kate smith weight and media commentator generated an. inequality it's a self like reciprocating process inequality inequality breeds inequality because if young women don't see women in positions of power doing the jobs that they might want to do it slows their progress through without women at the top it's harder for women to break through so they're just taking this opportunity when it comes to discriminating specifically against men that's one problem i have with this but secondly and i think perhaps even even more more imperative is the fact that from this point on if they woman has a high powered job at that particular institution everyone's going to know that she had special advantages to get there honestly right now when i see men in positions of power i think most of them are only there because the system is totally set up
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to favor men i don't look around even you know the government big companies working with around the world when i see their their their board of directors and it's white guys white guys white guys white guys i don't think i bet those are the 10 guys best qualified to run this company as a woman in a male dominated field who has managed to do ok despite discrimination that i've definitely incurred as many women have i would still rather i would still rather fight and win then have a participation trophy which is what this is tantamount to yeah you know you've got you've done great but maybe you deserve to do brilliantly maybe you deserve an even better job than the one you've got maybe you deserve a better salary than the one you've got i think when i look around there are lots of women i know who have overcome obstacles but i don't feel like you know they've overcome obstacles but have they really. reached their full full potential no you would have gone much further if you hadn't had to spend so much time and energy overcoming these obstacles but but i don't think that we do any groups anything in playing identity politics especially where we're shutting down an entire group of
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people just to give something to another group of people i think it sends a message that those people somehow weren't competent or nothing could earn it and i think that's very dangerous for women i think it's very dangerous if you're talking about you know hiring a doctor for a hospital i don't want to go to hospital and and look around and not be a doctor but this is an academic institution and much as i love reading scientific research papers i've never woken up in the morning i must have 600 milligrams of scientific research paper or i'm going to die this is not the kind of job which cannot possibly be left open for 6 months in fact it's very very common that these kind of academic positions are left open for a lot much longer than that but k k what if what if the research they're doing is for example on cancer or something and it's it's now postponed for 6 months how many people are going to die because that research didn't get out there in time because we were all obsessed with making sure once special group was equally represented i say let the best people in that hold on
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a minute at least have the positions and i believe that women will be equally represented in that group because i think women are perfectly competent to get there we know when it comes to academic research that it's really really important to have a wide base of people doing that research and there are lots of instances actually in the past where we've seen research being done by all male groups and when we look at the research when it's published we realize that it's not as widely a political as it could be because it's failed to take into account female viewpoints and female experiences so you know how many lives are being lost because research into all sorts of aspects of human life is being undertaken. because there's parent company alphabet under fire from lawmakers in the u.s. congressmen have criticized the use of what they say are persuasive techniques. nice of artificial intelligence to select content. you say google doesn't use persuasive technology that is cracked dark and persuasive technology is not core
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to how we design our products that google which are built around transparency are you joking about you are the whole family of companies the whole family of companies including you tube you don't want to clarify that a little further. we build our products with privacy security and control for the users that is what we build for and ultimately this builds a life long relationship with the user which is primary that's not what any of that . the main concerns voiced during the hearing were about the spread of fake news and conspiracy theories online but more accusations are flying in the direction of the search engine investigative group project veritas released a probe claiming google is politically motivated and biased the video was posted on you tube but was quickly blocked it includes an interview with a whistleblower and a secretly filmed conversation with a company executive. and we're rude crn about fairness there's a half to work results so it gives them the political or germ growth book that we
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want and so they have to buy this through all the rhythms so book b. can or looking good for a job of course if they were anything that is a great look. like a letter it would seem very high to like nothing better to make it worth their while the smarter. the resources needed to be charged with the same thing in existence 3. i think it's up to. the google executive film by project farah tast says that claims in the video are nonsense she says she has no connection to the projects discussed although admits she did use imprecise language we spoke to benoit cam mark a senior lecturer at the melbourne university of technology who believes algorithms have made google more influential than whole countries. google has and this is the great paradox of the system as a company it's bows its transparency to information but of course the reality is we
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do not know. the nature of how its algorithms function in an open sense it's not entirely transparent with us because of course on a certain level google social and sit is greater in many ways than of states governments themselves and that's rather dangerous if you believe in the notions other than accountable of accountable public institutions and so forth but that is the nature of information management it tends to produce interests of a specific type and that's what google tends to through its algorithm system employ . the nice and out you know nail will take over and around 30 minutes time with will global updates so they stay with us.
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was i was up. for that.
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as of 2013 the pet food industry was dominated by only 5 more taken glamour companies. yet when a consumer walks into a store it's easy to assume that there is a vast array of choices for their dog or cat and the ability to choose that one perfect food. but just how different are these choices and what's really going on inside of those bags is what's inside really as healthy as the shiny outside labeling would have you believe. my name is karen becker and i'm an integrative veterinarian here in bourbonnais illinois.
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this is a commercially available raw food diet this is what i am i'm also going to give the boys in a. great 1st approach. is a very dire. time is it. fair. so there's a problem in the pet food industry and most pet owners aren't aware that there's a problem and unless you have an interest in digging deeper and finding out what those issues are you can go through your whole life eating the exact same food assuming what you're doing is healthier pat and once you start digging the evidence becomes overwhelming that the industry has significant issues. the human animal relationship is deeply embedded in our society.
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it is estimated that 80000000 dogs are in the united states with 96000000 cats. americans alone has been an estimated $60000000000.00 on pet expenses every year and that number is growing exponentially. it's always a 1st of all to buy something you're. something that will make them happy and live a healthy lives we give them exercise clean water and lots of love. we've always purchase food from a grocery store or a pet food store that provided convenience the promise of nutrition in familiarity with the brand. the industry at large survive for nearly 100 years without a single thought from consumers as to what was going into the pet food. that all changed in 2007 when a toxic ingredient made its way into pet food killing thousands of pets nationwide .


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