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i. threatened with obliteration if moves to attack america congress the us president a clear message on our. u.k. suspends exports of crowd control equipment to hong kong over the cities states cracking down on recent protests that's one of the resume selling weapons to saudi arabia which stands accused of targeting civilians in yemen. and fresh fears in germany over the possibility of islamic state fighters returning home as the government admits it's lost track of scores of extremists who travel to syria and iraq.
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watching r.t. international i'm daniel hawkins wherever you are joining us tonight. and perhaps his most threatening twitter outburst yet the u.s. president has warned he would obliterate iran if iran attacks anything american a threat followed iran saying the white house was suffering from a mental disorder over u.s. plans to extend sanctions on the country this is mr trump. what message did you want to send your tweet the message you know ok with the messages when they're ready to have to let us know. when they're ready to let us know for something to go to you or me whatever doesn't make any difference whatever they want to do i'm already have an exit strategy for iran if war does break out. you're going to need an exit strategy. i don't need thanks in stratagems however some u.s.
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lawmakers have reacted strongly to the idea of war representatives from both parties voted to repeal a $911.00 law that would allow a military strike against iran without the approval of congress. this amendment affirms what president knows and believes unfocussed unconstitutional and ending wars in the middle east make america weaker not stronger congress must result to ensure that any military action is carried out constitutionally and last week we watched president come within minutes of striking iran evolving the united states in yet another trillion dollar war in the middle east present from campaigned on ending costly wars overseas but given the advisors he chose and his recent risky actions he's not living up to that promise now we have members of congress coming forward one democrat and one republican putting forward an amendment to the national defense authorization act that would not allow for any funding of a u.s.
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military attack on iran without the approval of congress the bill would prevent the president of united states from taking action against iran unless there was statutory or congressional authorization for him to do so this bill has some pretty widespread support now us president trump was recently interviewed by the hill and in that interview he stated that he did not believe he needed congressional approval in order to take measures and strike against iran this is what trump said in the interview do you believe right now that you have the authority to strike iran without cause. yes i do i do believe that i like the idea of keeping congress abreast but i wouldn't have to do that this has been a longstanding disagreement if you look at recent u.s. history many military actions by the united states in places such as vietnam or libya have been taken without congressional approval been carried out simply on orders of the president now it's interesting to note that there has been voices criticizing trump for the potential of
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a new war against iran one voice was that of mowbray looksee is a republican member of congress from alabama and he said that in washington d.c. there seem to be some forces that are pushing for new wars without thinking about the consequences for the military military families and others who are affected by the decisions this is mo brooks there are a variety of political influences in washington d.c. that love it when we flex american military muscle and they don't seem to care one twit about our men and women in uniform who are risking their lives and sometimes giving their lives well it is interesting to note that recently the united states did come apparently 10 minutes away from a strike against iran apparently there were 3 locations in iran that were to be hit by a u.s. military strike however trump called off the strike 10 minutes prior to it taking place now that was in response to iran shooting down a u.s.
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drone now this drone that iran shot down iran says it was in their territorial waters they were defending the territorial integrity of their country however the united states maintains this drone was in international waters and that it was an unprovoked attack all eyes are now on washington d.c. as many voices around the world are deeply concerned about the danger of conflict between the united states and iran. donald trump has also claimed that the real reason the iranian people are suffering is because their government spends all of its money on terror while the white house continues to insist it's not seeking regime change in iran as one group would perhaps like to see take power there were against the earth broke the story down. sometimes i get the impression that trump knows what the iranian people want bed then the uranium people he his government congress talk so much about how the iranian people want the said that this is good
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for them and maps bad for them it's almost like they knew each other obviously the people of iran are great people you know i know many of them i live in new york have been there very much less to have for years but i know many arabians living in new york and they're fantastic people personally i have my doubts about the iranians trump knows being representative of the entire nation but whatever there is one group of the rains that the white house and friends knew very well could even say that pounds were jad dean heil or the people's mage idea of iran will make for sure they've been busy bees lately last friday they got together in washington protest the tile asli calling for regime change and the removal of iran's supreme leader.
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we've always been saying no war no appeasement but change by the iranians and they've shown that in uprisings that it's what the across iran where they chant just like you hear in the background we want regime change in iran and that's that never mind what moves the rain ians the ones actually in iran think on the matter but i digress american politicians love these guys mek they were almost called them you stand for free or iran where you stand for democracy you stand for human rights keep up your fight. those who love and cherish freedom in our country and throughout the world stand with you stand. you're on the right side of history right and in fact united states has big plans for these mujahedeen great expectations they have destined to rule the declared
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policy of the united states of america should be the overthrow of the mullahs regime in tehran and that's why the 429 t. we hear celebrate in tehran thank you for. now that introductions are over let me tell you about them or just dean of iran it hasn't been 10 years since they were moved from america's terror lists still in plenty of others make killed anyone who didn't like shootings assassinations bombings targeting police iranian officials civilians just for supporting the government americans both in iran and in america and yet since they renounced violence they would taken off these blacklists the department does not overlook or forget the mujahideen had exposed to acts of terrorism including its involvement in the killing of u.s. citizens in the run in the 19 seventies and an attack on the us soil in 1902 the
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department also has serious concerns about the mujahedeen hynix as an organization particularly with regard to the geishas of abuse committed against its own members oh yeah they don't just target others they target each other to the best traditions of every crazy cult human rights watch says abuses carried out against dissident members range from beatings and imprisonment to torture and threats of execution coding to h r w one guy tried to the mujahideen would you believe it for this. humus crime he was kept in solitary confinement for 8 years scientologists you've got nothing on these guys aside from maybe influence the recently released documents makers who organize dozens of meetings with us politicians interviews features articles with big media begs the question of course where do they get the
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money it rain ians on donating make has almost no support in iran the answer is well they do the odd job according to this alleged conversation between mack members released by iran. we did our best to blame the iranian regime for the oil tanker blasts the saudis have called maryam rajavi office to follow up on the results to get a conclusion of what has been done and the possible consequences look at it this way whoever's financing them isn't doing it because they're nice they aren't you know the saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend even if he's a murderous crazy cultist apparently unfortunately united states seems to be very fond of using terror threats i mean they meet to using terrorist this is a very very dangerous group not because it has any hope of ever being in iran and
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ruling but they're very dangerous because they're a cult they are just they do not understand at 1st in human rights and their terrorist there's no way they can replace any government in iran and that i can i would bet on it it's not going to happen i don't think america plans it but then america would like to tell them. so that they would continue their activities not because they have this group being able to we know with the iranians to their side. the u.k. government suspended exports of crowd control equipment like tear gas and rubber bullets to hong-kong decisions been taken in response to suppression of this month's protests in the chinese city state which saw millions demonstrating against the proposed extradition law. but we remain very concerned with the situation in hong kong and i raise those concerns with the chief executive on the 12th of june
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today the hong kong s a our government to establish a robust independent investigation into the violent scenes that we saw and we will not issue any further export licenses for crowd control equipment to hong kong unless we are satisfied that concerns raised on human rights and fundamental freedoms have been fairly. or the freeze on sales of police equipment to hong kong comes just days after the u.k. was forced to suspend new weapons exports to saudi arabia over riyadh's alleged abuses in yemen looking at the 2 cases and some apparent discrepancies here charlotte didn't skip. becomes just a week after the u.k. government also announced that it would not be allowing any new licenses of exports of arms sales to saudi arabia and to its coalition partners in the war in yemen that followed a decision by the court of appeal here in the u.k. that said that those arms sales had been a norful again citing possible violations when it comes to human rights now despite
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that decision by the court and despite the fact that the government says it will look at that decision the prime minister to reason may said that the u.k. government will look to appeal that decision we continue to operate one of the most robust arms export control regimes the world. and we take our responsibilities on arms export licensing very seriously we're disappointed that the court found against the government on one ground and we will be seeking permission to appeal this judgement so 2 cases of possible human rights violations let's took a look at the 2 together now let's start with hong kong 3 weeks of protests tear gas being used rubber bullets being used accusations of police brutality and dozens injured but not a single person killed as a direct result on the other hand you have the conflict in yemen which the saudi led coalition is involved in at the moment and what we have
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a close to 100000 deaths over 4 years the majority of them many say are civilians so what's the difference between these 2 different scenarios on the ground well some would say what you really need to do is to follow the money and when you look at what the worth is of those. sales to hong kong it's apparently only around $1800000.00 pounds to the u.k. economy on the other hand in yemen arms sales since 2015 are worth more than $4700000000.00 parents it's a huge difference and some might question whether it's easier to take the moral high ground when there isn't much of an impact to the u.k. economy and that's what this comes down to a not really a stance when it comes to human rights violations little analyst chris bambery told us that humanitarian concerns take a back seat for the u.k. government when it comes to lucrative weapon sales. britain along with western
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governments is very selective about those that it seeks out the situation with the arms sales to the us so days very different because the decision of the hong kong as one media by the british government in the question of the arms sales to sodhi and its call which in our eyes in the war against yemen this forward a court case where it was brought by the campaign against the arms trade and enjoy all and what we have you is the british being forced to the british government force to seize these arms sales to saudi arabia and the others but not wanting to do that one iota i think the british will do everything they can to overturn the court's decision and or to find a way around it because this alliance with saudi arabia is fundamentally important to the bridge to bring great britain p.l.c. they will do everything to maintain it even at the cost of $100000.00 yemeni date. the us democratic presidential hopeful elizabeth warren has proposed the nor that
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would allow same sex couples to amend past tax returns and request refunds and before 2013 legally married gay couples were forced to pay higher than straight couples as they were unable to file joint returns. the federal government forced legally married same sex couples in massachusetts to file is indeed and the morning taxes for only state de kate we need to cool the discrimination and to make it right congress should pause it to fund equality act immediately the refund equality act which was 1st introduced back in 2017 but failed to gain traction would allow married couples to claim back all of the tax that they have unfairly paid and as with warren estimates the refund would total around $57000000.00 let's go live now to chad but more journalist and commentator thanks for joining us on the program today what do you make of the timing for elizabeth warren to push for this bill now
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last time it was raised back in 2017 why now. because she's pandering for votes this is all we're seeing with the democrats they're offering nothing but free stuff this is what they want people to believe so it comes at a time when they're pushing for black reparations which went away for 8 years during obama free for student loan forgiveness free health care free free free they think so lowly of their constituents that if they just wave some money in their face then they can get votes one of the great ironies of this bizarre piece of legislation is that gay couples by and large in the united states earn vastly out straight couples so here we have elizabeth warren one of the tribal chiefs of the socialist movement in this country which is all about taking from the rich and giving to others is essentially asking for the poor and the middle class to have to
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pay reparations to wealthy gay couples who bless their hearts the poor things had to pay slightly more in taxes for 2 or 3 years what do you think it is those same sex couples would deny this in the 1st place i mean isn't this you know positive discrimination isn't a you know allowing them not to claim this a case of discrimination against them. no of course not because our laws are not retroactive so while gay couples who are married in states that had gay marriage got those state tap tax breaks they could apply on the federal level this is our federalist system what's the next step of this is suddenly every gay couple in every state that didn't have gay marriage at that time get some kind of refund how do you even begin to manage this how do you begin to prove this is true can i just go and grab my ex-boyfriend and say hey let's pretend we wanted to get married back in 2030 but our state didn't allow it well now we're being discriminated against because these other states you could get married it's never ending in this is why
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our tax code much like our criminal code is not retroactive you can't go back in time and start trying to repair these injustices you see marriage equality as they call it happened it's not a human right despite what the supreme court said in their bizarre ruling it's not a human right although it was ruled on constitutional grounds so this is not some sort of unfair treatment and another thing is i've been following the big gay industrial complex for a very very long time and i have never once heard the l g b t lobby bring this up and even now that liz warren is brought up once again i don't see them getting behind her it's a strange piece of legislation that nobody really cares about it's only meant for her to do a hail mary to the gay community much like she recently marched in a little pride parade with a feather boa around her neck it's ridiculous none of these things will ever come true will never happen it's blatantly illegal but she can stand there and virtue so
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you know and try to make people think that they will it's sort of abusive it's abusive the way that for the not well informed members of the left actually get their hopes up over something like this being asked and never will i mean certainly a lot of people yourself included sarah going to see this as you know pandering for votes as you know a populist move is that important though for presidential hopefuls to try to reach out and win over. the united states. well there is still there is still relying on this divide and conquer victimhood strategy so so no i don't think it's important for presidential candidates to specifically reach out to minority victim identity groups this is why president trump wanted to see spoke to all americans his message was one of all america it wasn't various waving various flags to different groups it was only one flag the stars and stripes so the left can continue this pandering to different groups we
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just saw poor mayor pete bridges get humiliated and dragged by black lives matter while he's courting the gave the gay vote you know what the left wants to keep doing this that's fine that's their strategy they cannot win the election unless they convince these groups that there's some horrible bogeyman out to get them and that and that the democrat politicians will will protect them and be their saviors meanwhile president trumps message is simple we're all americans and he wants to make america great again for everyone it's an economic argument it's jobs it's controlled immigration while liz warren is out pandering for gay reparations for rich gay couples we have a huge crisis our southern borders we have americans being murdered by illegals we have still our jobs being sent overseas we need to pass the new trade deal with mexico and canada but the left is concerned with pandering to victim groups ok well good for them meanwhile most sane american see us more as one people and not
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a tapestry of these various special interests some people would perhaps disagree with the notion that trying to promote is unity given you know some of the rhetoric he's had and you know tax cuts for the rich etc the whole wallet it together perhaps some people would look skeptically at it but let's get back to the presidential race in terms of some of the bills that have been proposed you mentioned you know u.k. should writing off student loans free health care etc it is a bit worn as a male you want to propose bill. is that have been viewed as progressive do you think many of them you know will be written off because of the timing of all of them because the presidential race simply trying to achieve votes and reaching out to minority and special interest groups as you put them or do you think there's more behind this. they certainly should be written off as that because that's what they are but that you know you can write them off and on
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several different levels for example the student loan forgiveness if everything that they were proposing if black reparations student loan forgiveness and universal health care for example came to fruition our nation would be crippled our economy would tank there would be bread lines it would be it would be an apocalypse in this country if all of those things came true there's no money for it so they can talk a big game all they want not only were all of them come. to fruition but i can't see any single one of that reparations alone would cripple the economy student loan forgiveness is is such an insane offer you're expecting you know blue collar guys who went to trade school to pay for someone's $300000.00 education because they decided to study you know gender relations at harvard. is soon as you just peek below the surface of these grand ideas that they're trying to sell on to voters all crumbles apart no rational person can see any of these propositions working but you
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know that's not the point right chad but more journalist and commentator thanks for joining us on the program today great to talk to you and get your take on some of those policies thank you my pleasure. one of the headlines the german government says it's lost track of around $160.00 islamic state supporters who travel to syria and iraq to join the ranks of the terror organization and mission from the interior ministry which came in response to a freedom information request has led to fears that some surviving fight is may try to return to germany with the story here is peter. the best estimate suggests at least a 1000 people left germany to go and join an isis and following a question from a member of the bundestag to the interior ministry it's been revealed that in 160 cases those identified as extremists have disappeared without a trace occasionally such individuals could have succeeded in escaping and all
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disappearing in an attempt to alleviate fears of isis terrorists living among german society the federal government has said that they are convinced that it would be extremely unlikely that anyone who had traveled to join isis would be able to come back to germany and live or noticed however the m.p. that 1st raised concerns says she's not convinced considering the surest fragmented protection of the easy external borders it is particularly worrying that the federal government has a patent taken no further measures to prevent the uncontrolled reentry of isis militants 2 thirds of those who have left the country have german citizenship this presents another issue what to do with those who want to return to germany well in the case of isis supporter of. currently being held in a kurdish jail his lawyers are suing the german government they say has a responsibility to bring him home from our point of view the federal government is
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constitutionally obliged to bring fabien back to germany it has not fulfilled this obligation for political reasons the lawyers maintain that there is a german constitutional obligation for the government to protect the fundamental rights of their citizens even when they are held in foreign nations and his younger brother who's location is unknown traveled from the central german city of castle to syria to join isis in 2014 their father says he was a should be and would be released if berlijn requested it however he believes the germans turning a blind eye to the sea. you ation the german government would prefer it if my children on the other islamist would just disappear forever is the thing it isn't that easy for the german government to intervene even if they wanted to and there is no indication that they really do germany currently has no diplomatic relations with syria and the federal government doesn't recognize the kurdish y p g group who is holding
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a heart in the case of the at least 160 people who travelled from germany to join isis and remain unaccounted for or berlin doesn't know whether they are alive or dead whether they remain in the middle east or whether they've come back here and if they've come back here whether they pose any potential threat to society the german government and the security of the secret service intelligence services seem to know exactly how many people left germany to go to syria and to iraq and to fight with one of those armed groups and suddenly they say now we lost track of them germany seems to have been sleeping officially they didn't say a lot about this and certainly they have no real policy about us this is why nothing is happening now and that discussion is being put forward through the media or through the facts on the ground they will be forced to do one thing or the other eventually and our society is not really aware and cannot really imagine what these
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people are might be up to we need a public discussion about this without stigmatizing without being a racist or islamist for big but the german society and the politicians have to be more realistic about the threats. and in a world 1st facebook and france have struck a deal to hand over data relating to hate speech and possible terrorist activity from the online platform is all these poor with more on that agreement. facebook has agreed to give up daughter to the french authorities in cases where it will help identify those users on its platform that are engaging in hate speech this is the 1st time that the media giant has of me to hand over identifying information regarding its uses that are not related to violence or terrorism cases now france's digital affairs minister has applauded the news this is huge news it means
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that the judicial process will be able to run normally it's really very important they're only doing it through france now it follows a number of meetings that were held earlier in the month between the french president emmanuel necron and the founder of facebook mark zuckerberg and also meetings between facebook's global affairs head and french ministers however a spokesperson for facebook says that this does not mean that the french authorities are being given carte blanche and that the media giants will scrutinize each and every request from the french authorities for basic information in criminal hate speech cases he also says that in those situations where they feel that the authorities request is too broad or inconsistent with human rights or in some way is legally and sound they will push back at the moment facebook users artificial intelligence to identify hate speech and it defines hate speech as a direct attack on a person based on their ethnicity their national origin their sexual orientation
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their gender they religious affiliation and they race. horses the china laws you from spoke to the code from the roof french media outlets who thinks the different mission of offensive content needs closer scrutiny. the whole problem is about how we understand the terms hate speech and offensive content that's the problem if they want to include racist anti-semitic content content which is offensive to a certain sex or religion they will need to define it and understand what's behind it otherwise blasphemy will be included as an offense which is not so you need to be extremely careful about what will be included in the concepts of rhetoric that incites hatred and offensive content and who will decide this is a money micron's said this will be a working group in which there will be a french controller and representatives from facebook they will work together to define it or. sustain soon that are to international up next going on the ground.


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