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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 26, 2019 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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the national army general their sexual orientation they change it they religious affiliation and they race asses to china lawyer for all spoke to the co-founder of french media outlets who thinks the definition of offensive content needs closer scrutiny. the whole problem is about how we understand the terms hate speech and offensive content that's the problem if they want to include racist anti-semitic content content which is offensive to a certain sex or religion they will need to define it and understand what's behind it otherwise blasphemy will be included as an offense which is not so you need to be extremely careful about what will be included in the concepts of rhetoric that incite hatred and offensive content and who will decide this is among your microphone said this will be a working group in which there will be a french controller and representatives from facebook they will work together to define it or. sustain soon that all the international up next going underground.
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time after time said we're going underground as president donald trump tries to kick off a palestine peace process in bahrain with his son in law jared krishna alleged a british war criminal tony blair accused of catalyzing a mideast war that killed wounded or displaced tens of millions and is trump threatens iran with obliteration coming out of the show the end of u.s. or germany we speak to a former top i.m.f. official about the prospects for fundamental geopolitical power transformer nation for this weekend's japanese g. 20 summit and shooting for the stars we speak to britain's astronomer royal about armageddon and ways to avoid it from space travel to a post human existence all of them all coming up in today's going underground
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a 1st war ministers from nato converge and brussels today and tomorrow to discuss future conflict representing the usa will be acting secretary of defense mark s. a former top corporate lobbyist for a company alleged in this c.n.n. reporters being involved in civilian murder using images collected by award winning yemeni activist groups and independently verified by c.n.n. as having been american made c.n.n. has been able to identify at least 11 separate incidents of coalition strikes on civilian areas using u.s. made us lucky during the bus attack but also raytheon yes raytheon is involved in the world's worst humanitarian crisis one in which britain still supplies weapons that threaten tens of millions despite last week's court order and now amid calls from u.s. politicians to hold the sale of arms sales to saudi arabia trump has put a former raytheon vice president in charge of the largest employer in the world.
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the pentagon i have as i have concerns about the vetting process i will tell you judy my more significant concern as a member of the armed services committee is this tendency to be very cavalier about well we don't need to send you a nominee let's just have acting secretaries that suggests to me that the white house likes to run. the defense operation politically out of the white house john bolton and others not according to president trump who appears to see advantages in unvetted acting members of his team so actually give your budget greater flexibility a lot easier to do so that's the way it is but what things war with iran of the javanese g. 20 perhaps nato will today have one eye on japanese prime minister shinzo a bit he was with iran's president rouhani of the time of the tanker attack in the straits of hormuz while the u.k. broadcasters ruggedly north as news of japan's ties with iran it made news around
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the world for instance in this clip from singapore japan is finding itself in a unique position as a strong u.s. ally and a friend of iran mr mediterranean the president hassan rouhani when he was arrived yesterday since that meeting trump is all but declared a full scale military attack on iran after claiming he stopped short of the monitor of 150 arraignments he declared further economic warfare not only on the iranian people of sanctions but on iran's head of state to the response from jeff ron is making headlines in the usa iran is the lashing out at the u.s. over a new financial pressure saying there will be no diplomatic end to this standoff this morning a romney and president hassan rouhani called new u.s. sanctions outrageous and idiotic his words now a spokesman for iran's foreign ministry said the measures equal a permanent closure for diplomacy so that's it then no more diplomacy and then just ahead of friday's g. 20 summit trump tweets about terminating u.s. so-called protection of world oil supplies. versing the persian gulf there was of
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clearly done so much to protect the middle east so after the tweet drums iran point man pops up on business channel c m b c to give jitters to crude futures markets about who pays for maritime security that the g. 20 is coming up and so that's a good forum for i think leaders to talk about maritime security and freedom of navigation to iran responded to all this by saying donald trump is 100 percent right the u.s. has no business in the persian gulf it will certainly be a trick for u.k. neo-con politicians to align themselves with this new policy and what else will world leaders have to talk about at the g. 20 in japan this weekend and how isolated will britain in the united states be joining me now via skype from tokyo is professor they took a japan's representative at the i.m.f. during the western economic crisis thanks so much nicer guy for coming on the show to tell me about that have a history tell me about it g.
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20 began to replace g 8 after the shock of the 2008 western economic crisis and the obvious austerity to pay off bank losses. that actually started in the year spring of 2009. 6 months after the name a shock at the spring meeting of the i.m.f. g 8 meeting was scheduled in washington d.c. and i was there as a percentage of what the government. and those there is. obama obama administration they they feel that it would be a bit difficult. a whereby. for european countries if for the russia is included it's 5 might that all you noticed is floyd's fear or do you think managers meant over their presidential market in the united states which caused the shock so at the time you know this. states. shifted.
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its weight on g 28 rather than g 8 and what does it feel like for you because you kind of seen it before i want to actually talk about nationalize ation whether it's going to be on the agenda this weekend because you were part of the bank nationalization program in japan after the 9090 southeast asia gracious crisis did you just treat everyone like you'd seen it all before when. this started those so-called. global standard which we were preached by western countries we mean include the asian countries including japan we're seeing countries it's just i think if threw away those i think a crisp or a we today they actually they actually preached us our way and they just i think risk you big banks and big businesses using the i think taxpayers money you
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remember of course how well my dear is back maybe he's going to be the g. 20 how he was attacked for not supporting i.m.f. orthodoxy and the kind of neo liberalism arguably that still hangs around the european union today when we had that thing asian i think you can request is you to a certain dr martin who actually proposed to stop the free movement of but all the capital and he had to close down his country and thanks to that he's country are actually recovered very fast but he was heavily criticized by i.m.f. and also we're saying european countries but we're lima shock started actually i'm a started to introduce that doctoring into other western european countries so it's an interesting i think history do you think this weekend there will be a greater understanding that democratic accountability of financial.
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is more important rather than neo liberal privatization. unafraid it would take much much longer time for the for people to understand that because there is going to put the x. works not on the so-called democracy but mainly for example you need money for you to campaign so i think big business is and always a big banks still have a big voice in the united states and also in europe but is japan in a peculiar situation right now. of course was in tehran when the united states was accusing iran of attacking a japanese tanker in the persian gulf when i worked as a budget examiner in the missile fire and as you know late 1980 s. and also in early 990 s. the same kind of a quizes study ocurred in that home straight at the time of the iraq war and as you
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know that there was a very hot internal debate what japan can do so i think now this is the time where and when the parents should go back over the president and again i think debate internally what we should do but of course iran denies attacking the japanese tanker and trump's advisers on the record for wanting war with iran before they joined the administration will the g. 20 be in different rooms because china russia and india are of with the 1st to announce try laterals they clearly don't want any kind of war or conflict with iran or economic warfare even trying to and he he made it he made it big clear that he doesn't want any war and he actually i think. did. you really and actually approached prime minister. how to deal with mr trump so that
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was why. he decided to go to a think a tour on of the then trump tweeted why is the united states subsidizing the protection of the straits of hormuz given that japan relies so much on those straits for oil imports. but actually it is not only japan but also the many asian countries who i think we live upon. which go through that are the home was a discreet and one thing which is very clear to me is internally this crisis would actually help japan to discuss more thing more positively on the issue of the resumption of the nuclear power plant in japan ok but what about the well of sanctions at g 20 because the united states is clearly using sanctions described by its victims as economic warfare as
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a big tool turkey saying it's going to get s. 400 missile defense system from russia china of course has been repeatedly threatened over the past 12 months what do you think g. 20 leaders are going to tell the united states the most difficult thing in india by a lot of negotiations is to bring you or your you're the counterpart on to the i think the nuances on table and i believe that i believe that trump has a very very successful at the business she knows how difficult it is so he has been throwing lots and lots of balls to many countries like china and russia. and. mexico and canada so we should not take. action too seriously. because i believe that he doesn't have
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every. expectation of the result of such a thing it was asian well just finally they used to call obviously the economies of southeast asia the geese economies following japan you'll remember that well the european union its average less than one percent g.d. . growth since 2008 what do you think about lots of talk in europe spain italy particularly let alone portugal and others who may be looking to southeast asia and more specifically china now rather than to washington well i believe that since up in 2016 the world is in the turning point of history starting with the presidential election in philippines. the bracks it and the victory of followed in 2016 and in 2017 the same train
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continued with the it in general with that in the election in the united kingdom and also the victory of mccraw. and also only in new york in an election in germany and all of these clearly showed the defeat of so called the establishment i think particularly on both sides of the atlantic. thank you. after the break as washington ratchets up the conflict from venezuela to iran and they pose human existence help humanity avoid catastrophic annihilation we speak to one of the queen's scientists astronomer royal greece of ludlow pioneer of multi-verse is black holes and galaxy formation and 80 is off to libya with the 2 remaining contenders for britain's premiership secret war conflict 100 years since the signing of the treaty of versailles over the ball coming up a bunch of going underground. parts of gerrard
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deal this century have been made public and the reception has not been good focusing on aid and infrastructure the deal was silent on the most contentious political issues and for all intensive purposes the long proposed 2 state solution appears to be dead is the deal of the century dead on arrival. welcome back while arguable apologists for israeli violations of un resolutions look to trump's so-called bus rain deal of the century we are 48 hours from 100 years since another deal of the century after the outbreak of the german revolution which ended world war one the imperialist treaty of versailles which led inexorably
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to world war 2 was a deal signed in france to carve up and bankrupt the workers of germany this is what u.k. labor leader jeremy corbin said about misplaced commemorations and the. memories of the schools over the schools with. the new name on the east front in the way says it will all to be funded by the leader of the british labor party's famously antiwar. so what about his future counterparts given britain's conservatives find themselves in a leadership battle here is one contender appearing to complain that corbin is not ready to join in any trump military action against mideast oil superpower iran do you think it would be pretty obvious who was responsible for this when we actually have video evidence that shows what the iranians have been doing but oh no for jeremy corbin it's all america's fault and this is the same man by the way who refused to condemn after the souls perino chalk attacked iran absolutely denies
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responsibility for the tanker attacks but jeremy hunt it is not just iran goldman is wrong about it's also britain's world war 2 ally russia mind you he is competing with someone who thinks last year's russian world cup is comparable to the 1936 olympics held by the treaty of its size by the fisheries the nazis i think the comparison with $936.00 says is right and i think it's an image in prospect rightly. think of. putting glorying in this this is a sporting event given johnson is speaking about a russia that could destroy britain and that he supported tony blair's catastrophic war in iraq now might be a good time to ask about the prospects for humanity as the u.s.s. abraham lincoln sails near iran britain's astronomer royal lord reese astrophysicist colleague of the late jeremy corbyn supporter stephen hawking will today be addressing global threats at the stars festival in zurich other speakers
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include cosmonauts and astronauts as well as musicians like brian ino and queen's brian may the astronomer royal joins me via skype from cambridge laundries welcome to going on the ground here speaking of the stars festival in zurich in switzerland tell me about the talks title prospects for humanity based on the book you've published with my book covers many topics but in my talk on. to focus on the future prospects because the stars festival is a wonderful occasion which gets together astronauts an astronomer etc and what i will say is that space now is something we use every day through sat nav communication monitoring weather forecasting etc but of course in a sense the glamour went out of it because the high point of manned spaceflight was what we're celebrating now 50 years ago the apollo moon landings and of course
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we have to ask is the going to be a revival of space that will make it is prey tional again and i think that we are going to expect that because robots of advanced so much the practical case and the need for sending humans is getting less because machines can now do far more and i would imagine that we will have much cheaper ways of launching sings it to space we'll have robotic fabricators that can build huge structures in space maybe moving clatter of industry off the earth and having to sell energy collectors huge radio antennae and things like that in space but what about dual of human beings and i personally think that the human part of space exploration will become really something which is an adventure rather something practical and i think people will want to go to space we should cheer on those who want to go but i think they will be people who will go on cut price high risk ventures because i don't really
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imagine they funded space exploration is a degree americans they invested huge amounts to get men on the moon and they then invest in lost in the space shuttle and the shuttle is lost $135.00 times and it failed twice and each of those failures when the shuttle crashed was a big national trauma now. 2 percent failure rate is 2 in $100.00 says he launches is quite acceptable to test pilots in the venturous but the american public wanted something even safer and that's why i think it would be too expensive for the americans and probably for the russians to do a public to funded space program which is safe enough you know glory some might be shocked because obviously our own colleagues stephen hawking was a great friend of german corpsman in the book and presumably in the talk are advocating the privatization of the exploration of brave private companies as i am
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because i don't think any taxpayers' money should be spent on it because it's of no practical use it's an adventure it's a high risk project you mentioned stephen hawking and i have to say that i strongly disagree with late stephen hawking and with elon musk when they say that we should invade his mass emigration to mars and i think that's a dangerous illusion because living on mars is far less comfortable living at the south pole will top of everest and dealing with climate change on earth is a dottle compared to terra forming mars so there's no planet be the organ risk averse people but on the other hand i think we should cheer on these pioneers but the reason they're important is this there's by that time. we will have huge advances in cyber technology and in genetic modification and we're going to regulate these technologies here on earth to potential unethical
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reasons but these guys out on mars their way from the regulators who are over they've got a far greater incentive than us on earth to use these techniques because they're clearly ill adapted to mars whereas where well adapted to the earth's so it's those guys are models who will use all those techniques to modify themselves and eventually within a century or 2 they may be in effect a new species whether they'll be still flesh and blood or whether they let them be you know organic and electronic we don't know in fact in fairness to the late stephen hawking presumably it off so remind us that actually the reason why a tax pair we could be justify the tax measure pay for it is because the public at large here on earth benefits so much from the side effects of basic knowledge and faith exploration we're not saying that we shouldn't pay for unmanned space flights
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i'm saying that because robots are getting more efficient the minute risin it be dry as a ship better i don't think we should spend public money on manned spaceflight but to say why i think it's exciting that issued happen i think that if we envision the far future many centuries ahead then these entities on mars will probably be electronic. rather than face and blood and if that happens then of course they're not lydian at the spiritual they may prefer 0 g. they will go off into the blue yonder and if they're near immortal an interstellar voyage is no deterrent to them and so if we imagine the very far distant future then we can imagine that intelligent entities which are in a sense our remote progeny will spread maybe entirely through the galaxy and if this happens the trigger will have been these people on mars now of course we know
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we have a president in the united states who doubt the science of climate change doubts arguably finds itself what would you favor some of these policymakers who are saying well the earth is passing through the door of meteor shower twice a year that's the risk not climate change and i would try and persuade them that doubts not the consensus view among the experts and that climate change is something we need to address in my do the best way to address it is to accelerate research and development into all kinds of clean energy to clean energy become more efficient and become cheaper and countries like india where they now get energy there's no keystone was in there only burning wood and dung and need some sort of grid those countries will be able to leapfrog directly to clean energy and not depend on coal fired power stations you've earned they have a great deal of important to wealth distribution wealth redistribution something
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that surely will probably isn't supported by perhaps the meritocratic right. and you often do you talk about this in the context of a an issue for him and if he has robots begin to replace an occupation that's right i mean it is clear that robots are going to replace certain jobs. not just luke. solar factory jobs but some are white collar jobs like a computer coding accountancy legal work etc and even some medicine and surgery is going to be a massive redistribution and i think it's very important that the companies that own or control the robots should be heavily taxed and that money should be used to set up dignified public service jobs in huge numbers where the human element is crucial and number one among those is kara's for people number 2 is probably
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teaching assistants and things like that and so we want to use numbers it's deplorable how few people are employed in that sort of work in most countries and certainly that includes i'm afraid our own country and we need far more of them they should have more secure jobs and be more respected and if for instance those who are now working in mind numbing jobs like amazon warehouses all call centers could have a job as a carer then that we have more dignified for human being and as win win situation for fashion change in economics cambridge is known for john maynard keynes you think enough of a flower for him to talk about will never come to grips with intel for policymakers with external if he's on the account 5 things for people understand whether it be climate impact or impact on foetal welfare of companies think about those things
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well of course. companies may be to sort of self interested so we do need for regulation but since you mention keynes i mean he's famous for having said that number 4 today the average working week will be 15 hours and we would have solved what he called the economic problem. as you would agree he's been too optimistic about that but i think we should bear in. mind that the economy is a means to an end that providing dignified and satisfying work and lives the human beings and just finally on on the prospects for humanity as regards armageddon apart from climate catastrophe the of support the policy of jeremy corbyn on operating the trident nuclear base they're discussing nonproliferation in the un today what's your view of nuclear weapon vacay prepays 40 they threaten earth with destruction where the proliferation would. certainly threat knows and i think if we
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look back on the cold war era it's clear that we were lucky rather unwise to survive i mean if you listen to walk people i've met in the mara said in their retirement it's fairly clear that there were some close calls during the cold war and perhaps had we known what do the risk was at that time we'd have been less content to have peace guaranteed by this balance of terror and of course that threat is somewhat in abeyance because the number of nuclear weapons now is less that was during the cold war so i think the risk of a massive nuclear exchange the kind of might of devastated europe and north america is lower on the other hand the risk of a nuclear exchange this in some region is probably higher because there are 9 or 10 nuclear powers now and we've got to keep that number down but if you ask what worries me most and i learned far more about bio in cyber attacks because
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nuclear treaties can be monitored fairly where you can verify compliance because they require conspicuous special purpose silage is on the other hand the techniques that could lead to bio weapons or cyber attacks are of course harder to monitor and family are in the sea united states says they launch one on iran just in about 3 days indeed their level. yes and i'm sure the russians have also been doing similar things. thank you and that's it for the show will be back on saturday on g 20 days. until then keep in touch by social media day 103 years to the day britain sentenced its diplomat and irish republican roger casement to death for his part at least arising.
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from threats and some wrong with obliteration of terror on moves to attack america . the us president clear message. there. to the south of the u.k. suspends exports of crowd control equipment to hong kong over the city state's crackdown on recent protests that's one of the resume selling weapons to saudi arabia which stands accused of targeting civilians and. peers in germany over the possibility of islamic state fighters returning home and the government of mit's its lost track of scores of extremists who traveled to iraq and syria.


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