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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  June 27, 2019 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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we humans and our governments and our businesses and militaries are still stuck on the great oil spigot that got us through the 20th century and the results of this wonderfully sticky toxic relationship are grim discoveries like the one recently uncovered by the federal bureau of safety environmental enforcement along with the national oceanic and atmospheric administration which found that the longest oil spill in u.s. history may be 900 times larger than originally estimated yes way back in the bygone age of 2004 hurricane ivan crashed through the gulf of mexico and damaged in the oil production platform operated by taylor energy to the tune of a continuous leak of 3 to 5 gallons a day despite the company's best efforts to stop it or at least that's what we were told back in 2015 when the leak was finally finally revealed to the public thanks to an a.p.a. investigation well now according to this recent study gizmodo is reporting that the leakage could be as high as 4578 gallons
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a day and just for you folks keeping score at home with the calculator that's roughly 25000000 gallons of oil leaked into the gulf of mexico since 2004 and why can't they just put a cap on this leak well according to one of the report's authors andrew mason the physical scientists and the oas center for coastal monitoring an assessment you have buried pipes broken pipes a combination of oil and gas and all this potentially broken getting down to those is not a cheap or easy fix. so today let's dive into this law into the longest running oil spill in u.s. history and find out just why or why are we still in our toxic relationship with big oil as we start. to wonder what it. looks like the real thing this would. lead to the bottom.
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of the like you like i got. was that we. would. do. it because i. was going to watching ox i am i robot and on top of the law and this. i even though it's one of these things that i've said there's a difference between the way certain foods taste when i was a kid to now which isn't bizarre long ago. when you think about gulf shrem there's been a major change difference from you know post say around 992000 and memo and this explains a lot not just the the b.p. deep deep horizon this is this is beyond this these are things that are going on for a very long time it is insisted this is one of those acts like this is something that led you know b.p.
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was big everyone saw it as washing up on the shore animals are overdoing it like all that this has been like a slow steady ugly leak you know for i mean what 2004 to today and so. a lot of oil just pouring into the gulf of mexico on a daily basis and the reason that they couldn't have the sad thing is the reason that they couldn't get accurate reading on this beforehand was they at the time they're relying on like satellite remote sensing of the sheen of oil resulting from this mess t.c. pavitt the new measurements are actually based on direct measurements of the oil in the water and where it's coming from is a big oh well it just was us calculated by the shine that i was the. doubling my dermatologist walking in with makeup on and do it go well you're not. looking a bit doing years or a little bit i can't do anything with us and as i said it's when you when you look at this spill it's kind of that slow steady bird at the end of the day because you know you're just not you're not seeing it it's easy for us to get alarmed when we
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see the oil spill words right there in front of us and you see the birds covered from exxon the b.p. horizon you know we saw that over and over and over again and that's what's really upsetting i think is because we've seen reporting on deepwater we saw the reporting on exxon we saw the birds you know don and i take it we saw all this there was you know a play that was played out in front of us but with this oil spill it just seems like they kept it under the wraps and i haven't seen major major reporting on it no apart from these little moments where you saw you know use. in 2050 you know when it happened we kind of knew about it but like you know it's kind of been kept under wraps and you know when you look at the company behind it they don't even exist a bit you know so this is what happened with taylor energy which ultimately owned this oil rig right so normally that's a nor it was a resilient new orleans based company they sold its assets in 2008 whatever assets
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were left and that was taken to fund what i consider a fairly loose if area trust fund of $666000000.00 which was supposed to pay for plugging up the damage of dismantling and removing the oil platform from the gulf sea floor so getting all of that stuff out of there capping at outpolling and stopping that the company claims now the new owners of a leaking oil rig i don't know who taught you about the old you that was a good a good investment so the company claims that any oil raising from this site is from it's not from the actual hole in the pipe but in the drilling that they did it's not from it's just it's from all the sediment that soaked up all the oil beforehand and so that. any gas the ideas like oh the
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bubbles the fish produce this is all in all this oil that it's not coming from the big a hole that was drilled in sea floor brought to a point. where the new report clearly states and the chemical nature and volume of oil and gas measured preclude sediments from currently being the major source of oil to the marina where. they want verifiable scientific data they're given verifiable scientific data now the company is still claiming that stopping leaks now would do more damage than good albert. so it was a great idea yes we're just supposed to watch trouble so their ideas i will just let their slow burn is slow we just continue to poison the gulf because all it might cause too much environmental damage occurring. that's ridiculous absolutely ridiculous. what the war hawks in washington d.c. are circling are on the ghosts of iraqi weapons of mass destruction still ringing
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in our ears many have been questioning the trumpet ministrations unwavering claims that iran was behind the recent attacks on oil tankers near the strait of hormuz and now it appears that the united arab emirates may also be joining the growing chorus of skeptics demanding evidence or to america sarah montas over joins us now with the latest to talk about a big talk about an issue you know a region of the world that just everything is constantly changing and new stuff comes out every day now the united arab emirates the u.s. in the middle east made this pretty bold statement over the attacks that happened would go for those last month what exactly did they say so the u.a.e. minister foreign minister shaikh abdulla bins i had on my own met with his russian counterpart part. really are today and they discussed u.s. iran tensions and both incidents that happened earlier this month and last month in the gulf of oman the strait of hormuz and he basically said the u.a.e. u.s.
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closest ally said that there is not enough evidence to point blame or point fingers at any specific country he said quote if there is a country that has the evidence that i'm convinced that the international community will listen to it but we need to make sure the evidence is precise and convincing though he also talked about the coalition that u.s. secretary of state my pompei o is looking to form take a listen to what he said. if you move to it. and he said with regard to the coalition and he was talking about the importance of enhancing the international involvement in operation for physical protection of oil tankers and other vessels in the persian gulf the gulf of oman the strait of hormuz and wherever i can confirm that any practical steps in this direction are aimed at providing security to the vessels and the goals but not against us. so the u.a.e. norway and saudi arabia were all looking into this were investigating and the result they said really didn't point to any specific country they said it was
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a state actor who was responsible didn't name a country but us national security advisor john bolton continues to reiterate and repeat that it was iran and listen to what he said. well i've said it was almost certainly the case that iran was responsible for the attack on the tankers we expect that the countries of the vessels in saudi arabia the united arab emirates and norway will in due course and i think fairly shortly make public the results of their investigations i don't think anybody who knows the region has any doubt who staged those attacks or the attacks on the saudi pipeline pumping stations whether iran or their surrogates were. interesting watching someone of mass destruction weapons or any way. we can remember warhawk white pompei as our very pale was on a tour of the middle east what's coming of that i mean this he should be fixing
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everything right well he went to the u.a.e. and he's trying to discuss iran tensions in this coalition that he's trying to form and get backing from other middle east countries to help the u.s. and the u.a.e. it's a huge ally to the u.s. so it's surprising that they didn't support the u.s. and and just went against their claim that iran was responsible but he also has met with. crown prince mohammed bin zayed and he discussed maritime security near the persian gulf and russia recently back to iran on last week's claim where the u.s. drone was shot down by iran and russia did say that it was actually that u.s. drone was actually on international iranian iranian airspace so not that they had a need to shoot down the one and earlier today russia also. that moscow is really going to encourage civilized dialogue between the u.s. and iran so they want to have discussions get on the to get to the table with these to try to solve these problems i mean i would hope so i mean right that's what
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everybody wants i think tired of wars at this point maybe i don't know about my. mind and. let's not make any assumption. here speaking of these attacks on the oil tankers every heard anything about this 2nd attack that happened in the gulf of oman on the japanese ships that occurred earlier this month well we've definitely seen more of those attacks in the news coverage in the media these days but and it has definitely escalated tensions between the u.s. and iran both saying that military force all options all options are on the table and this case the u.s. continues to blame iran they're saying they have evidence of video tehran continues to deny it but the united nations has had several closed door meetings where they've discussed these tensions nothing has come out of that they haven't blamed any specific country but the u.n. has urged maximum restraint around the gulf region and want both sides to refrain from using force i mean i hope so i hope that that's all this ball plays out at the end of the day you know exists absolutely just ridiculous to me that were once
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again like you said earlier it's just reeks of weapons of mass destruction again like the set up the gulf of tonkin poison pill things like that that we've seen throughout history not a history i want to repeat. ceremony. thank you so much for coming on today always a pleasure for informing us and you were. already going to record watchers don't forget to let us know what you think about the cover the facebook and twitter and to put your poll shows that are coming up top of the walls because some groundbreaking and status and big new statistics on the electability united states and then our 2 americas rachel covered the latest scandal at our old friend the national security agency state.
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in the lead a showdown between washington and tehran there is no regional ally to restrain the u.s. is worst tendencies with barbs treated and sanctions imposed what can stop the us from sliding into yet another middle east war. in the st petersburg international economic forum and the topic of our panel is are we witnessing a paradigm shift in the global economic order the answer of course is yes it's a matter of degree. my 7 years doing drugs my nephew was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse the sort of the users in the prison population who are
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we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill. the war on drugs. there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. sins for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. americans are very good at discouraging certain members of our society to run for office. ainley by invoking the curse of electability if you're say black with a muslim sounding name i'm sorry but you're not electable. are you
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a 29 year old bartender running for congress in order to make climate change a priority i'm sorry of that i've never got out been or a loud brash opinionated former professional wrestler who's running against the establishment talking points i mean really wait it almost seems like the concept of electability is a mess and a new report from the reflective democracy campaign shows out in 2018 people of color and women one at the same rates as their predominantly white male counterparts when you look at the demographics of political power you see that according to the most recent us census white men women of color men of color and white women are almost on the road to being pretty evenly distributed in the voting public and yet our elected officials do not reflect that with a mere 4 percent of women of color making up 20 per cent or 7 per cent men of color make up 19 percent of the actual population when you look to the white
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side of things you see that while white women make up around 31 percent of the population we only account for 27 percent of elected officials while white men who make up 30 percent of the population wait for it make up 62 percent of elected officials and now we've heard quite a bit about that electability mostly from democrats who decided that is what is on the outside that matters people like actress activist activist alyssa milano who after interviewing interviewing u.s. presidential candidate joe biden told m s n b c that despite biden having a movie or problem giving both his hands and his ego to him self she supported him because quote this primary to me is not about policy it's about beating. trump period that's it end of story it's not about who's going to make the best president . and that's the nice to be a white woman in hollywood who doesn't have to worry about things like policy
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because it as a 0 effect on you personally but alyssa milano isn't alone according to data from a recent gallup poll democrats prioritize the ability to be trump over issues stances because apparently the belief goes if you are white if you aren't males if you are willing to sell of progressive ideas you can't win except guess what that too is wrong so you cording to the reflected democracy campaign report that dug through local state and federal election data it turns out that when they're on the same ballot women and men of all races when exactly the same rate as white men well there is one difference women of color well 4 percent will run 5 percent will win white women 28 percent will run 29 percent will win 6 percent of men of color will run while 7 percent will win oddly enough of men while
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61 percent of them very very good one and only 60 percent of the vote with it will literally by one percentage point. that means white men don't have special powers at the polls it comes down to recruitment and the study's data shows that while women are less likely than men to have considered running for office they're just as likely as men to respond positively to political recruitment so you know what this all comes down to if you ask they will run and they will win. that they will we've seen this comb times over and over again what more wake up call do we need to become so illusionary magical thing that the media invented called electability is actually real as you clearly point about it's about that likability i think ability to be the coward who never go to miami garner was a no no new governor mayor you know oh my gosh he's never had
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a when he does donald trump no one thought was going to win he did not play well and that's one thing that happens is why this comes up and why it's so interesting is that this time when you know we keep hearing from democrats and republicans that there is always this well is a flu but we see this all over the world oh well this country elected a woman it's a flu. is it a comedian it's a fluke it's all a fluke it's not real when you look to places like queens new york so where arrows see part of her in that same district you had some districts or it was actually a public defender who had. tiffany so she went up against a very centrist democrat lots of backing by the democratic party lots of money lots of everything however you had to finney c'mon who went up with. very little it was all very small donations small money doris or democratic socialist love for
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everything that we keep being told you're not going to win you're not going to win we're going to lose we're going to go through all this stuff they scare tactics today we have with 99 percent of precincts reporting the 31 year old public defender of lead melinda cats who is the queens borough president as i said supported by nearly 1100 votes or about 1.3 percentage points in a field of 6 candidates and here's the really interesting part so a little bit earlier right before the show today daniel colgan who is the presumptive republican to go up against tiffany. he said today he told the new york post i don't expect it to be much of a canned mud there are to be much of a campaign on my behalf i haven't decided to make an active campaign yet so her republican opponent who is a white male lots of money you know at that early look the clearly electable. he literally is say. i don't even know. if she can beat the centrist
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democrat how am i going to win because i don't have anything better really you know and the thing is you have someone you know like tiffany of on who you see right here going to vote this is someone who a few years ago we were told wasn't supposed to wed but obama again your dad your true you're seeing a lot more young people running for office versus what 31 years old general they always say well the young don't vote like the one mistake they made with my father as they told him over and over again all the young people college kids that are going to vote and other people never go out to vote if you have the right kind of the speaks to them they will come out in droves like my father did and that's the thing where you know there's 2 party politics and really party system in general is really hurtful because when you look at the numbers there are people who would we would have a properly honest reflective government. reflected the views and the people that live in the united states of america if we left the electorate do its job and stead
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of telling them their stupid intel inside of telling them they voted ron instead of telling them all my god you're so dumb we have to protect you from mediums or you'll vote the wrong way they voted the way they voted and you said listen you should and these numbers say that to do it do not let them there's no nobody special it's all going to work it will work out because guess what you just got to run the candidate good i guess what i gotta get out there today thank you good ideas when i like that all right. well we are now finally seeing some fresh new faces and ideologies on the political scene here in washington d.c. it appears that the old surveillance state is still the same old same old and up to its old dirty shenanigans yes the national security agency appears to be up to its old tricks again as new documents obtained by the american civil liberties union show that the n.s.a. has once again once again improperly collected phone calls from u.s. citizens or to america's rachel blevins says the story. the national security
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agency was caught illegally collecting records from innocent americans through a controversial program that is supposed to be used for counterterrorism purposes and this is not the 1st time it has happened according to new documents obtained by the american civil liberties union last year between october 3rd and october 12th and as a compliance reports show an unidentified phone company provided the n.s.a. with records that it should not have received because those records were not related to terrorism suspects their reports were obtained through a freedom of information act lawsuit and because they're heavily redacted it's still not clear exactly how many records the n.s.a. collected without authorization it is also not clear how many times it has happened before the latest record suggests that the n.s.a. was guilty of at least one other over a collection episode in the same year which had a sick. if it can effect on americans privacy because of the volume of records that
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were obtained in response the n.s.a. reportedly deleted the program's entire database and june 28th seen then reports from earlier this year stated that the n.s.a. had quietly shut down a system that analyzes logs of americans domestic calls and text messages but the n.s.a. has yet to publicly acknowledge any of this and despite repeated claims that the purpose of the surveillance program is to catch terrorism suspects privacy advocates question whether allowing the government to have so much power is actually making americans any safer in a statement the a.c.l.u. argue quote the n.s.a.'s collection of americans call records is too sweeping become playas problems to many and evidence of the program's value all but nonexistent there is no justification for leaving the surveillance power in the n.s.a.'s hands now section 215 of the patriot act which has been used to justify the mass collection of american phone records under the approval of a secret foreign intelligence surveillance court is set to expire at the end of
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this year while there are only a handful of members of congress who have been else spoken in their criticisms of the n.s.a.'s practices there is also concern as reports signal the white house plans to push for a permanent renewal of the surveillance law despite years of privacy concerns as the latest revelations show there is also a problem with oversight and despite the fact that the n.s.a. has been caught illegally collecting private information from american citizens get again it does not appear that anyone has been held accountable in washington rachel glove and archie. the legendary giant squid the world's largest known moleskin has eluded scientists only been having been caught on camera in a meaningful way once before in all of history now because of the work of dr e.t. wider the founder of the ocean research and khan conservation association. we have caught the craig and on film again for the 1st time in u.s.
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waters wider invented a camera known as the medusa back and deep deep underwater and by adding a little light and lured that replicates the glove adelie fits it attracted the squid with medusa this video was captured off the u.s. coast at about 2200 meters underwater which truly makes you wonder what else is deep down in the oceans depths considering it took a century of camera evolution to get to images of a giant squid and we've only explored about 20 percent of our oh sentence here to be a giant squid here is to the elusive giant squid you know what about the giant squid has electability and i would i want to go in 100 percent for the giant squid giant squid 2020. the current congress here for your vote i will give it my procrastinators covering for your votes all right about a very short period of terrible regular everyone in the world we are not told that we are loved up so i tell you all i love you i am tired rover i fell asleep
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watching those hawks out there another great thing about it was. true descriptions summed up to tell using even for the owners so how to choose just had food industry is telling us what to feed our pets is really more based on what they want to sell us than was necessarily good for the past. and may not be associated with this people believe we have animals that have you know diabetes in arthritis they have auto immune disorders these type allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge epidemic of top. all of them i believe can be linked to a very simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories
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about their pets last treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making a good $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research. is hard to take so from somebody if you know have someone replacing. we want to do this interview today at all to use market motion that may take me. off the area. so i'm going to tell you start selling drugs if we'll hire someone to put the money in it back. then just me all the way in life it's almost been basically a color space for the worse do you guys know what's a good many security positions over the last. day or jack me again.
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you'll see people get all their cars and i'll see you coming in the herd and it seems like they'll hurry about run into the house like they don't want to they don't want to talk see or get your mail or anything like that. i just want to go. and do this. just try reading. i mean they're now to some give me. it was the. homeowners not the news group local media and.
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these are the. world leaders are touching down in the just in the city of osaka for one of the most important 20 gatherings in recent years most of the real business is predicted to sideline presidents because none from expected. it comes as the u.s. leader threatens china with more official time home say american farmers are purring the brunt of the. american farmer a casualty in this trade war i think they are one of the casualties they are the trade issue of the.


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