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tv   News  RT  June 27, 2019 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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i mean. for headline stories world leaders are touching down in the japanese city for what could be a turbulent 20. years session is expected to be dominated by trade tensions that global climate and the threat of conflict in the 1st poll. in the run up to the forum president donald trump has been threatening china with a further $300000000.00 worth of tara. is a. complete u.s. farmers are bearing the brunt of the trade. and there are 2 farmer the casualties in this trade war i think they are one of the casualties they are of the trade disruption. also ahead iran's foreign minister jim it's
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a reef accuses the. international law of the worms with its threats to obliterate its country. a washing powder of birds far. by challenging traditional values for moving gender equality we get reaction. a lot of women it has been their position and their desire to change within their country to be on the commercial simply give them a platform to add an enhanced their life that they've already been using they're putting. women at risk with their commercial and our liberal american agenda. live from our international news center in moscow this is our team from the team and myself you know me well hello and welcome. the leaders of the world's major
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powers have started arriving in for the g. 20 summit which begins friday they are facing a raft of challenges this year's forum including the u.s. china trade dispute the deteriorating security situation in the persian gulf president putin will be among the heads of state in attendance and is expected to meet with donald trump on the sidelines with more from japan here shortly. the u.s. president donald trump made it to japan quicker than his russian counterpart lot of our pokemon not that it was a race but still the u.s. president's plane touched down at the airport in osaka just before sunset and i'll tell you what the american leader had something to say about the talks even before he left america even before he boarded air force one i'll have a very good conversation with what i said it is none of your business there's a possibility i'm meeting with russia i'm meeting with china meeting with many
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countries were meeting with many countries now just compare that to donald trump's words 7 months ago compare that to what he said right before he headed to argentina which hosted the g 20 in 2018 based on the front of the ships and sailors have not been returned to ukraine from russia are have decided it would be best for all parties concerned to cancel my previously should you are meeting in argentina with president vladimir putin that was mr trump referring to the current strait incident last year when ukrainian vessels were trying to sail through the straits between crimea and mainland russia but in any case how was that for a change in tone last year it was widely thought that president trump chose not to sit down with president putin because he was allegedly fearing
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a backlash back home from the media and from quite a few politicians and there's barely any doubts that they would have destroyed him otherwise for what they call not being able to stand up to everything that the kremlin was up to while something's definitely changed this year the confirmation but the whole get together we'll have. happen from both the white house and the crumlin old became a couple of days ago and we heard from both administrations that the leaders will discuss the usual iran syria ukraine north korea and venezuela and let's hope that nothing will change at the very last moment besides as i can tell you that i've had a chance to talk to one of the members of the russian delegation earlier on thursday she was physically present in the room where the talks are going to happen
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it's a rather small room with plain white walls the only decorations there will be the flags that's of course the tradition and also the logo of the summit so nothing lavish there at all so hard that around 20 journalists will be let inside to hear the 1st minute or 2 of these discussions so at least in this short period of time we'll end up being someone's business we're guard lists of what mr trump thinks. i had an interesting chat with geo politics expert peer among them on earlier he told me that in light of the shifting balance of global policy or in his thoughts he says that the meetings on the sidelines of this year's g. 20 will be particularly significant. what you experience seeing is a new cycle or. just 46 years but war and its means new
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power. merging varies a great power rivalry which dominates the scene and the outer one organizations are less and less the center of. attention of great power us and we can see that as g 20 be led to or d.v.d.'s and meetings would be more important g 20 summit said if he's seen it i know we've for the new book tree in america 1st of. all before it jetting off to japan donald trump threatened to hit all the remaining imports of chinese goods to the u.s. with tara if a trade deal isn't struck in stock so they want to make a deal they want to make a deal more than i do let me put a bad market they want to make a deal i've only done phase one phase one is 25 percent or 250000000000 i haven't done phase 2 years now phase 2 doesn't have to be 25 percent it could be 10 percent
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which people can absolutely handle yet the u.s. has so far impose tariffs on $250000000000.00 worth of chinese imports over what it sees as unfair trade practices among washington's concerns or beijing subsidies to chinese firms it's restrictions on competition and its alleged intellectual property theft china for its part placed import taxes on 110000000000 dollars worth of american goods that's hit the u.s. i grew cultural sector particularly hard as china is its largest export market accounting for almost a 5th of overseas seals and 2017 artie's came up and picks off the story. one section of the u.s. economy is certainly on edge and that is the agricultural sector farmers have long been upheld as almost sacred in americana from the writings of thomas jefferson idealizing the yeoman to the iconic speech of paul harvey delivered in 1978 and on
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the age. gone looked down on his planet paradise and said i need a caretaker so god made a farmer god sent i need somebody with me to get up before dawn milk cows were told to go in the fields milk cows again each summer then go to town and stay fashion the night of the meeting of the school board so god made a farmer now you would think that farmers would be a central focus of drums promise to make america great again after all it was the agricultural states like iowa wisconsin and minnesota where trump won big however at this point as the trade war with china continues farmers aren't winning they're hurting bad more farmer but. a little straight war i think they are one of the casualties they are the trade disruption yes but trump says the farmers should just take it after all it's for their own good in the long term we were going to help out a farmers we will ensure that our farmers get the relief they need and very very quickly it's a good time to be
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a farmer this claim doesn't match the actual numbers look at soybeans corn and wheat production at this point the midwestern heartland of the united states is already suffering from d.m. dust realisation and now it's seeing its agricultural base plummet income of american farmers has dropped to half of what it was in 2013 and the rate of debt of farmers has reached $427000000000.00 the highest it's been since the farm crisis of the 1980 s. farmers are also defaulting on their loans left and right the highest rate that it has been in 7 years and 3 months a lot of us were forced to take loans to keep our business with afloat but yet some businesses were so far and the banks wouldn't give them their operating loans for the your prices for. greens and stuff have gone down significantly that we're unable to pay most of our bills and get the banks paid off to get our loans back in check with the banks that they don't threaten to shut us down the mood's a nigger culture community are very stressful it's theirs angers everything else
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our planting window this year has been so long from the wet spring that we've had half the farmers don't even have all their crops they need to feed their animals or make a livelihood this year in the ground it's very stressful and very irritating now farmers received a $16000000000.00 subsidy in the hopes of making up for what they cannot sell to china but it was only a drop in the bucket the bread basket at the center of the american economy seems to now be on the chopping block as trump plays his art of the deal game with the 2nd largest economy on earth a lot of voices have to be asking how much longer. r.t. new york. the g 20 will also be overshadowed to some extent by the crisis in the persian gulf iran's foreign minister job and zarif sharply criticize donald trump on wednesday over the u.s. president's threats to annihilate his country president trump should remember that
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we don't live in the 18th century that is the united nations tried to and threat of force is easy going. well when asked about the possibility of a war with iran mr trump boasted it would be a quick affair but odd that he doesn't want. something should happen where diverse drunk position it wouldn't last very long i can tell you that it would not last very long and i'm not talking boots on the ground i'm not talking we're going to send millions old use it but i'm just saying if something would happen it wouldn't last very long. and the word this week that he used to threaten iran with was oh blitzer ration if tehran attacks quote anything american the u.s. secretary of state might pompei o is of the view the u.s. has done everything it can to lessen tensions with the islamic republic america's done everything it can to deescalate if there is conflict there 3rd war if there is a communique activity it will be because the arabians made that choice america's
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campaign against iran let's just threw it includes crippling sanctions and also the deployment of additional troops and military resources to the middle east that's got reaction the president of iraq is the latest high level figure in the region to speak out he warned that the u.s. will not be given permission to use his country to launch any kind of military action against iraq the american troops the coalition troops in iraq again at the invitation of the iraqi government for the specific exclusive mission of fighting isis we do not want to be a staging post foot any hostile action against any of on neighbors including iran and just to point our tensions escalated between tehran and washington when the u.s. abandoned the 2015 uclear deal last year here's the view of an iranian journalist the relations between the 2. the fresh air or the approach that the americans or their allies have had toward iran has impact that this behavior iran now we are in
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this collection more than the region as a result of the united states withdrawal from the nuclear deal and then followed by the maximum pressure against tehran on the one side we're seeing the americans talking about negotiation on the other hand they are using military threats as well as economic war against the country this shows inconsistency as well as i think ambiguity in their policies because i think donald trump is enjoying advisers who have conflict viewpoints towards iran and other international issues and this has caused this broad chaos to the white house in relation and visit iran the solution in the region needs cooperation and talks and diplomacy between different sides in the region this is the argument of iran still to come a joint project between russia and europe is facing increased pressure from the
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u.s. and possibly more sanctions the details after this. join me everything on me alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. the answer to every single the economic problem every single number and every single statistic every single market reactions to lower rates that's the old it's like an alcoholic drinks when they're happy they drink when they're sad they drink because it's tuesday they drink because it's day time they drink because this time they're not balling they just drink drink drink drop how rates whether the economy is expanding whether it's tracking booth present it doesn't matter is the dog bit
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his wife hates he's going to lower rates makes no difference that's the only thing they didn't. bring in the st petersburg international economic forum and the topic of our panel is are we witnessing a paradigm shift in the global economic order will be the answer of course is yes it's a matter of degree. quarter of an hour into the program welcome back a washing powder triggered a gender equality row in pakistan the front owned by american multinational procter and gamble opted to show women taking on traditionally male roles.
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eat tom. donohue eat. yeah the advertisement host drummed up plenty of reaction on social media with some people even calling for the authorities to take action against the broom. boy could ariel we're muslim and we love our culture or religion and no rituals the government should take strict action against ariel brand and it's my request to all my dear pakistanis that please boycott ariel as soon as possible because religion comes 1st and this is our responsibility to protect our religion boycott areal prime minister of pakistan we want ariel cloth washing detergents banned in pakistan immediately for driving and spreading anti islamic campaigns through media we took the chance to ask some media commentators whether they detergent dad was right to push the boundaries of social organise in pakistan. i don't think it's
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a big u.s. companies job to insert themselves into pakistani culture or if it was women speaking up against their own culture that would be one thing but i feel that it's very wrong for a western company to come in and insert themselves in a culture that maybe isn't adapted the same way that american culture has and a lot of these women it has been their position and their desire to see a change within their country their desire has been for women to have more rights to you know education to financial stability financial empowerment that's come from within the culture so for these women to be on the commercial simply gives them a platform to add enhanced their voice that they've already been using this kirshner may set back that agenda this commercial may set back that initiative for these women this commercial may create children are you married at the age of would it be a gala can it be i understand how much how we're not sure brady and not getting are
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getting to know marilyn company in jail getting them said are willing to you know why why you came saying how i see any women i think they're really pushing the envelope when they're dealing with sharia law and just like i don't want sharia law to come here to america and take over my western american values i don't necessarily think i think it's very confrontational to go into a country that does have shari'a and insert western values there has never in the history and i'm just curious if you're going to acknowledge that any type of knowledge that without women in america who are willing to speak up you're not going to acknowledge if we were in america in the 1928 it were not about women sitting up there is not america up against not america if we were in america at its peak you would tell that it is and not a marilyn to speak up against slavery because it would put people at risk of being lynched. well companies have challenges that lead times overlook staunchly conservative values in other countries too coca-cola came under fire for
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a video showing a woman driving a. critics described smoothing over the pression women face in the last one but advertising specialist leslie holland say that's simply the nature of the industry . brands need to find a way to cook through the muscle humiliation. and or sell by one way of doing that is to be controversial and that means not objective if you only don't cook through they don't have impact they can't succeed in getting consumers to make choices and . they will offend a number of people going to doing so but it's very serious. potentially increasing sales which. when you get went down to it that's there and then runs on that robots why there is this they have to make profits that have to reach new consumers. amounts what they're doing very creatively. the u.s.
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national security agency has reportedly being on that must in yet another case of a legal survey once a new report claims that the n.s.a. has been collecting the phone data of suspecting americans. these documents only confirm that the surveillance program is beyond redemption and should be shut down for good the n.s.a.'s collection of american school records is too sweeping the compliance problems to many an evidence of the programs value all but nonexistent there is no justification for leaving the surveillance power in the n.s.a.'s hands right according to the american civil liberties union the n.s.a. collected data on it picked last october in terms of this with the agency using an all new named more company to gather the information the scale of the over a collection the specifics of the data or as swept up is still on clear it's
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certainly not the 1st case of over collection with revelations coming out last year about a similar incident 4 years ago as a result hundreds of millions of phone call data including their time they're being collected the agency had been claimed that all the collected data had been deleted the n.s.a. declined to comment on the recent case but said that the entire situation is more of a mistake unintentional. while i miss a little data pertaining to foreign power engage in international terrorism to provide to produce an accurate data and data beyond which in a city sort or whistle blower william binney told us he believes the n.s.a. could be collecting much more data on its letting all. well frankly i wouldn't trust anything they're telling you koblick because if you notice if you
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look back through that time and look at all the testimony in the public record. in congress the vast majority of it's been lies from the intelligence community i mean you know from clapper through alexander all of them they don't own up to what they're really doing under the upstream program they're collecting all the e-mails all the chatter everything on the fiber optic network as well as you know all the phone calls it which means they get the metal data as well as the content of the phone calls as well so it's not a matter of i mean that's what. tim clemente the former f.b.i. agent after the boston bombing was talking about when he said the b. i was questioning the the wife of one of the sun i wrote this about the phone conversation they had before the bombing and if she wasn't honest about it the cia and the intelligence community had ways of getting back to that goal the thought that find out exactly what was discussed well that's because they had collection of the content of the phone call. the u.s.
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is stepping up pressure on a major energy project between russia and europe in a last ditch attempt to thwart a north stream to gas pipeline a sanctions bill is being proposed by the house foreign affairs committee wants up and running north stream to well stretch 1200 kilometers connecting not true gas and russia to central and western europe 9 and a half 1000000000 euro have been invested in the project so far with the goal to double gas imports to europe its plan to be completed by the end of this year or the sanctions bill will likely be passed itself next month if it becomes law the united states will impose financial penalties on north stream to investors despite washington's opposition some of europe's leaders have been unwavering in their support for the project. these sanctions are counterproductive fail to serve the political purpose drive a wedge between america and europe and harm everyone in the long term the e.u.
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should get started with ending its own sanctions against russia. well the geopolitical expert we spoke to says the nation's facing sanctions can still come out on. those determination on the side of us and this is also deepening the rift between the europeans and the americans. because us have several objectives for imposing the sanctions initially on companies investors and also individuals this will make it difficult even if they try to defy it because i'm pushing this road to finish 2 tours of it even if they try to divide us sanctions especially the companies which are involved in the project will be blacklisted by them. and this is going to have very serious implications for the business interests in the united states not in europe price is extremely important in this natural gas trade and russia having the largest reserves and the exports to the
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european union if they play with the prices and also terms of contracts restructure the contracts make it more attractive to the europeans with what they were the u.s. sanctions or will be very incentive for us to get more gas from russia and russia has despite our work to do it this way it will also prevent. us gaining market share kept market share from russia for its own natural gas especially l.n.g. exports that we are expected and we are expecting to increase continuously over the next years. is how a thursday news update is shaping up for not time for a visit though to the cocksure report studio next where marks and stacey are standing by do stay close this is 247 r.t. international.
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i know that you found it right. my son doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abusers he started going after the users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like
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criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became convinced that the ready war on drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for. long sentence in this for borin or minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. everybody is max kaiser this is the report the share that makes you taller more beautiful and sexier stacy yes maxwell you know what's happened in the past week or so is
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not only is the big queen bull market back krypto winter is over but finally gold has broken out of a range and which is then trapped for over 6 years when it took out its 2013 high and then it's no matter what this ups and downs right now it's in a new it's in a new cycle yes the bull market and gold is back so we've had a long $77.00 most a year bear market in gold and that's now over driven by a realization by the marketplace of 2 things number one cut quantitative easing is now permanent there will be no downsizing of the fed's balance sheets they'll be no return to normalized rates financial oppression will continue that is low rates that destroys savings and destroy capitalism and destroy labor that's now a permanent feature of global g 20 economies and 2nd of all it's
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a realisation by the marketplace that the only way to develop create outsized returns like paul tudor jones a very famous hedge fund manager in connecticut follows career for 30 years he's now all in on gold purely on a valuation of timing basis to the pendulum bear markets and at some point the bear market in gold is now finished it took 7 or 8 years us sometime you know that when i started on wall street 1982 there had been a bear market of stocks for 16 years people in the work and paine webber where i started my career were working nights as schoolteachers and taxi drivers to make ends meet they key could not afford you know to support your software. as a stock broker in 1902 was considered a dead and worthless job and then the bear market ended and we began a bull market which is still going on from this day the stock market the dow jones was under a 1000 it could get over $1000.00 for 16 years now of course the rat $2627000.00
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that took place since 1982 to $2.00 todays market interest rates were 1718 percent now they're less than one percent closing in on 0 yet so we're going to go over 2 sets of charts from charlie b.l.o. and it's going to basically highlight some of the numbers which show that we're in a very unique time i think it's mostly to do with all this monetary intervention and experimentation that's going on live on our financial system around the world and has been going on for 10 years gold hasn't reacted i'm told recently but that's because all the participants in the system have been doing quite well and now they're starting to realize maybe it's not going so well as we thought 1st we're going to look at the s. and p. 500 is up 16 percent year to date the best start since 1997 just one percent from its all time high at the time we're recording this number to unemployment at 3 points.


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