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tv   Keiser Report  RT  June 27, 2019 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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in the united states is drug abuse we started going after the users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these drugs like criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became convinced that the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for inconceivable long sentence in this for being minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss you in waves and say by daddy as you're walking out of a business it's just it doesn't get easier. everybody is max kaiser this is the report the share that makes you taller more beautiful and sexier stacy yes max well you know what's happened in the past week or so is
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not only is the big queen bull market back krypto winter is over but finally gold has broken out of a range and which is then trapped for over 6 years when it took out it's 2013 high and then it's no matter what this ups and downs right now it's in a new it's in a new cycle yes the bull market and gold is back so we've had a long $77.00 most a year bear market in gold and that's now over driven by a realization by the marketplace of 2 things number one cut quantitative easing is now permanent there will be no downsizing of the fed's balance sheets they'll be no return to normalized rates financial oppression will continue that is low rates that destroys savings and destroy capitalism and destroy labor that's now a permanent feature of global g 20 economies and 2nd of all it's
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a realisation by the marketplace that the only way to develop create outsized returns like paul tudor jones a very famous hedge fund manager in connecticut follows career for 30 years he's now all in on gold purely on a valuation of timing basis to the pendulum bear markets and at some point the bear market in gold is now finished it took 7 or 8 years us sometime you know that when i started on wall street 1982 there had been a bear market of stocks for 16 years people in the work and paine webber where i started my career were working nights as schoolteachers and taxi drivers to make ends meet they key could not afford you know to support your software. as a stock broker in 1902 was considered a dead and worthless job and then the bear market ended and we began a bull market which is still going on from this day the stock market the dow jones was under a 1000 it could get over $1000.00 for 16 years now of course the rat $2627000.00
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that took place since 1982 to $2.00 todays market interest rates were 1718 percent now they're less than one percent closing in on 0 yet so we're going to go over 2 sets of charts from charlie b.l.o. and it's going to basically highlight some of the numbers which show that we're in a very unique time i think it's mostly to do with all this monetary intervention and experimentation that's going on live on our financial system around the world and has been going on for 10 years gold hasn't reacted i'm told recently but that's because all the participants in the system have been doing quite well and now they're starting to realize maybe it's not going so well as we thought 1st we're going to look at the s. and p. 500 is up 16 percent year to date the best start since 1997 just one percent from its all time high at the time we're recording this number 2 unemployment at 3.6 percent the lowest since 1969 number
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3104 straight months of job growth the longest in history number for wages up 3 point one percent year on year outpacing core inflation which is the 2 percent fed's target for 78 straight months and yet 5 fed expected to cut rates and july so on that surface that they can control that's essentially their billboard and they could put whatever advertisement they want on it best the s. and p. $500.00 that's the unemployment rate which they can make whatever they want they can set a target and say look don't feel great it's the lowest since 1969 when you perhaps walk around and see under the surface. it's of the advertisement of the american dream perhaps it's not as good as many people think and we're going to get to that but the negative bond yields what we're talking about here is that there's a lot of inflation going on and the government will say it's targeting 2 percent or
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maybe it's now drifting a little higher than 2 percent the actual inflation for stuff people buy few that's your measure of inflation that would be health care education and housing things like that. inflation's that 89 percent that's the true number of inflation in america today if the federal reserve bank were to respond to that number by raising interest rates as is their remit as is their job then you know it would be a problem for the banks because the banks then would have to admit that there insolvent j.p. morgan goldman sachs citibank b.n.p. lloyds of london h.s.b.c. they'd have to come out and say you know what we're actually insolvent but they don't allow that to happen so what you're left with is a policy by the central banks that goes like this they buy trillions of dollars worth of bonds forcing the interest rate lower and then they tell people that while the interest rates low so we're going to lower rates again so it's through the looking glass they're not supposed to manipulate the market and then base policy on
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a manipulated outcome they're supposed to sit back let the market decide what is actually the demand and the supply and then respond to it you know that's the relationship but the fed says we manipulate the price. we drive the rate down to near 0 and then we tell the public that well the rates near 0 so we're going to have to lower rates we of course here in kaiser report did warn for the last 2 years that you can't taper a ponzi as the fed tried to pretend at least signal that it was on winding quantitative easing and that everything is great the stock market's on all time highs wages are rising unemployment rate is down and everything is great we can raise rates everything's fine we said you can't taper a ponzi and this is it the fed has to act now they have to cut rates because the
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market is now pricing in 100 percent certainty that it's going to cut in july so it can't not ok with out a crystal ball or when you say the market is pricing in a rate that price exile is manipulated by the central bank so that it's an illusion to say that the central bank has looked at the market and is responding that not what i want but that's what i said is like that's their billboard the things that they can control or the s. and p. $500.00 that's up 16 percent year to date one percent off of an all time high they can control they determine what the unemployment rate is they say it's 3.6 percent but they have changed the way they count unemployment over the past 30 years and it always ends up looking better in terms of buying the bonds and driving down negative yields if you look at this chart another chart from charlie b.l.o. all of that sea of red is negative yielding debt only the u.s. has positive debt on the whole scale of from one year to 30 years so negative bond
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yields through 30 years in switzerland 15 years in germany and the netherlands 10 years in japan denmark austria finland sweden 9 years in france and belgium 8 years of slovakia 7 years in ireland as slovenia 6 years in spain 5 years in portugal 3 years in malta and bulgaria and one year in italy so negative yields all the way out. up to 30 years in the case of switzerland right now drone powell who runs the federal reserve bank took over from ben bernanke you know he got to testify before congress periodic like ok here's a question that maybe a sake it could ask or somebody in congress could ask your own pal next time he's in front of congress this is a simple question you must ask him mr powell tell us under what circumstances you would raise interest rates dancer from jerome powell be there is no circumstance under which i would raise interest rates the answer to every single economic problem every single number every single statistic every single market reaction is to lower rates that's the old it's like an alcoholic who drinks when they're happy
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they drink when they're sad they drink because it's tuesday they drink because it's daytime they drink because it's night time they're not a holiday they just drink drink drink drone pow will cut rates whether the economy is expanding whether it's contract ing who's a president who doesn't matter his dog bit him is wife hates them he's going to lower rates makes no difference that's the only thing they do importantly remember back in 2008 during the financial crisis when it was all going haywire when. we broke the dollar broke when the mutual funds broke the bucket with the money market funds broke the buck that was when really all chaos broke loose and the fed really intervened to the treasury and everybody and they bailed out and they bailed out lehman brothers not lehman brothers they let that die but they bailed out j.p. morgan and everybody else i think the thing to look for in these negative yielding bonds is if the u.s. does that if the u.s.
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you know the center of this global financial empire goes negative then that i think that's what gold is signaling now is people are thinking like oh my god is that actually going to happen that will have negative yielding debt in the united states because that's i think the equivalent of of breaking the buck i think that's a fair analysis ok you know. similar to breaking the buck during the last crisis if you go negative interest rates in the u.s. it will sound alarm bells but there's an interesting thing just like big star mark zuckerberg into a drone and that he introduced labor as a stalking horse to make that claim go to $100000.00 a coin. the interest rates of aereo going negative is similar to the big claim protocol that as they hash rate increases they're chasing after a nonce where the fraction is ever more fractional preceded by zeros is almost 0.00000 the difficulty is further further away the difficulty of going
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higher so that in a negative sense it's goes because more higher negatively that's the way the nonce chasing of the protocol work so i think that's had an influence on global central bankers they've been turning to drones and they are seeking negative interest rates because a suppose she's vision and that's going to drive because higher so once again is turning. constant over there at the bank of international settlement the 2 targets and constitute an carsten carsten not just right in carswell gust in carson to town of august he's been affected by the bitcoin protocol droning mechanism and so as mark zuckerberg and so as drone powell so this is all about getting because 200000 through the disease or the virus because of protocol i mean we only have 30 or 40 seconds left here so i wanted to say you know with regards to facebook coiners box or whatever they're calling it libra. you know the fact that france the central bank there and the u.s. is calling for congressional testimony and in the u.s.
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and france is investigating this it's a little bit too a it's amazing that they've missed all of this stuff. happening while they've been focused on the whole of bad acts in waters will become like try gray and lose her bearings she gets big coin derangement syndrome right she'll get because. you want to congress well that if you're if you're not of pure spirit and you look at the protocol like why do you go mad if you're on dress on some up us you become ennobled you become a saint but if you're like a cry great or maxine waters you lose your footing ok we're going take a break when we come back and become a full don't go away much more coming your way. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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we're going to st petersburg international economic forum and the topic of our panel is are we witnessing a paradigm shift in the global economic order of the answer of course is yes it's a matter of degree. for the future but so. far good. for the image of the.
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think of. it this is. kind of an assistant definition in a head in a 7 hour news and from. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser here's the headline the obscure london startup that made facebook libera possible look at this they are like look look like ok so what about the london startup let me introduce jeremy ala dine dot org jeremy will welcome back hi max hey stacy thank you for having me again so i see your company is in the news here is evil corp otherwise known as facebook paralysed
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post your team wired magazine got so toshi wrong now they've got your story wrong with a headline that reads the obscure london star at the made facebook labor possible tell us more jeremy will this question blowing me away or so my colleagues at the decode project so basically it's not just might deem to be 2nd source to me european research and we paid those researchers for more than 2 years we taxpayers money to research on privacy as a human right on technologies to make dot i used only when people consent to eat to avoid extraction and dot a mining and when it is a should not private data of people this sort of stuff that even of corp is doing all the time and it well we are very sad to see some of our colleagues go without carrier in the completely opposite direction which also poses some ethical questions to us in the meantime and to why did technologies we are developing the
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out quite bright groundbreaking as old he's there's a lot of people that are doing wonderful things on the ward it's what is really disturbing is that the ethic oh the ethical focus that we all started doing beats going already back getting involved following that to most of set us back in 2009 down to now being completely aqui hired to so busy. stole into the bee industry that that actually foster sold extract the beast and everything that is standing against it so that's the sad news but i think there is something positive going on in this war starting and well one thing clearly is that that defense between these it is a sucker buck that they are creating is is that it's completely centralized this thing is not even. is just like
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a distributed database where did this sort of company that is they're getting zuck bucks is different from paper in the way that it knows where you go out where you get drawn the people who got wheat and what you read the end all your pics that you regret from the parties you go so basically they just put needles into your life to know more about your or your private life to actually has sas if you can get a loan or not because that's what's coming next in that in that business and in the meantime can you imagine having that pop up message on your wallet on line that says well you posted to some new d.m. that outward air so we suspend your wallet and your account for tree days now we are going to review if you can buy something with bucks this is just utterly insane so i think the good news is that it will never really succeed and actually maybe here people we really see the value of what we stand for to principles out on
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a me of liberty and off decentralization that also our european project stands for and i think that the difference between the dems and know what we what we know as meat going provides and many of the op didn't seem to keep the horde then would be evidently more positive people cannot forward in a trap banking down bank to buy a single company them panned them back to get the ready bank today just download a decentralized wallet. and started doing crito there is no problem with that so i think the law is it would be an acceleration and i think that regulators will react and are reacting and we will advise them to react very quickly to that we can't stand by and watch these monsters fight like that beat car up against at the beginning late there's and in the meantime we know that we're beating the decentralised really permission lest really not remind economy that people can enter and out honestly my age so i think beat corn is becoming revolutionary again
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with this more it will become less road show and much more of an evolutionary easton's and this is a sorry to use your at your show for peace but i would like to call to our common friend me of docky who recently actually does dismissed beats going as just that a road show and a marketing gig i mean look at this beat going it is a revolutionary technology and when the big market will try to actually recent realize it and connect it to today's black that enhanced through experimentation of private data because when you stand as the technology that has endured all of these time and he's providing a truly decentralized but form so i mean it be back because we need to you know i have come up with a theory called the bitcoin the ranchman send around where the protocol has the ability to transmogrify human intelligence and to convert
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ordinary people into. drones on behalf of bitcoin and we are saying this manifests itself in a number of different ways for example in the case of craig wright or john mcafee they clearly went insane in the case of undress on sanaa policy became ennobled by big pointer entrances syndrome he became greater than he was before bit coin but in many cases people degrade themselves into becoming really a sociopath like craig writer john mcafee now heard the elegant let it lead don't let let let me let me fennell me get to my point here so in the case of mark zuckerberg i believe that he now has been turned into a drone by the bitcoin protocol and he's become a useful idiot of bitcoin and he's become a stalking horse for bit quiet sun other words he's going to go to congress is
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going to take the hay he's going to put is $500000000000.00 company out for to be slaughtered by the marketplace on behalf of bitcoin sowed this was predictable you know we've been following because when you've been following it since 2009 we've been reporting on it since 2011 this is the pattern a big point it is able to co-op bigger and bigger entities to work for it it's a virus in that regard it's a plague of happiness that cannot be stopped your thoughts 1st of all and what really i couldn't keep is that i heard did it create right now claims to be burke he's easy seriously claiming to be mark zuckerberg now he has left to disassociate yeah and he wants to be desperate minds up bucks basically so yes but for 4 footed as they only have night easy is something that people go manioc complete to
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ride in to be. old to governance and. everything that's been going to men should be doing for us i hope that entirely gentz left in public sector realizes that we have at least some safety belts if not the regulations in place to say ok you cannot just mine money as a big company and not being a bank and not being a transport system and not be a telecommunications system that has some permission for that those safety belts are to dad or by ages and ages i think relations now 1 may believe in them or not but in these case the low has to be quote for everyone and i think these regulations show heat these people that abhisit will manage trips because what is at stake is privacy and we privacy it goes out also democracy if people can't control our minds to the point in which they control how much we spend we get loans and they can predict actually what we desire and how we cannot quiet what we desire
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by knowing everything from what we have read who we need to gain what we eat and where we spend our money then d.c. is really not any more a democracy can be only some want something where you can only live things not dislike damn and just like continuously be positive about a regime that constantly controls us so these are my thoughts these are perfectly they generous man hacks and if we are out to some history lesson we should never let them become dictators of our democracies just like exxon while co-op some of they images and phrases from greenpeace to promote it a holocaust you know of an exxon ad are several on at all shall be at a full forests and beautiful lakes and they'll talk about how they're protecting all of these assets and they it looks like a greenpeace that so they because that that's what their objective is is to
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delegitimize greenpeace so you have labor a over the. facebook and there he is borrowing the phrase the ology and some of the images and some of the ideas from bit coy about helping the world being able to transact without an intermediary without a bank and you know he is all the catch phrases and the end is certainly great but what's going to happen here you know is there's going to be a showdown between 2 psychopaths jamie diamond and mark soccer burge and and facebook is 5 times bigger than j.p. morgan so i would imagine facebook will probably buy j.p. morgan as part of the protocols initiative when it was launched in 2009 this is all hard baked into the protocol this kind of managed him and psychosis remember the hash array that keeps it secure is based on ego maniacs trying to hack it
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so now we have jamie diamond and mark zuckerberg who are going to drive that are straight up from 60 terror has the 2nd to 200 terror hash a 2nd right here very good at pretty much. not only in financial predictions and i think that it is fight we can't just stand by our legacy really be current crypto created everything that they are pretty 80 and attempt me i mean be predicting our project it research that we have done on selecting krypton not older developments but most of it and we have to stand by our developments because this is also a sign it what we're doing is getting parton is actually moving these people moving your interest to see what we're doing to copycat it and it means that what we're doing can change toward disease a good message that we can get out of the speech even if we don't watch the giants finding their old fights but there is something new to understand here there is
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something that is moving refund. and i think as unethical as and that ego point i'd like to make what is also very important to do what efforts of the creep to an off beat going and what comes we need is that identity is not one thing it cannot be named do one number one record in the database of a company to one provide the one assessment of your preferences to one saying no we are all different beings in different contexts and that's what we kept repeating the code there is not the one identity it depends from the context you want to show up to be it's off yourself you want to show credentials to access to certain places but you do not want to show all about yourself and that's why i think what he's facebook is doing right now is deeply i'm at the go because they are narrowing down everything one human being to one representation of it in their database and there was out of that information it was sally who do basically insurance companies
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medical insurance banks for knowing your customer principles and know that which she is a monopoly that is bigger than j.p. morgan because j.p. morgan was not putting neil's into the brain of people like these new people are doing they've got about 20 seconds they wanted to mention all of benny quickly tell us about that it's another colleague of us is in an advisory board of the project is it beat it no journalist is mentioning it right now easing he got detention since 2 months in ecuador just for assessing encrypted devices on himself there is no proof against him they are they are just imprisoning aiding him just because they know that he was friends with julian assange and therefore they are keeping him inside for ever and ever without even a court case so free all of beanies went to look up and police have public good colleagues that actually have fought a good fight and they're at dock and even in prison listen we got to cut it off
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there thanks so much. for being on the cause. report cheers masto stacy thank you and that's going to do it for this episode of the kaiser report with may max kaiser and stacy herbert like to thank our our good friends in this jeremy eliezer over there dying dot org and the decode project if you'd like to get in touch tweet us a kaiser report the next time by all. this hard to take some from somebody if you know have something to replace i'm. going to do this interview today i don't want to use the market and then they take me.
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serious. so i'm going to tell you stop selling drugs if we'll have some to put the money in it back. then just me all the way to life it's almost been basically mccullers feast before the war. to us what sickened me security positions i've been in that. day were jack me again. you see people get all their cars you know see you coming in the heart and it seems like they'll hurry up and run into the house like they don't want to they don't want to talk see her get your mail or anything like that. and you know. run just try read a. chance give me.
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world leaders arrive in the japanese city. for what could be a g. 20 gathering is here session is expected to be dominated by trade tensions the climate crisis as well as the throats of conflicts in the persian gulf. in the run up to the forum president donald trump's been threatening china with a further $325000000000.00 worth of tariffs that's as i grew culture secretary complains that u.s. farmers of bearing the brunt of the trade war. in their own farm are the casualty in this trade war i think they are one of the casualties they are the trade disruption also coming operands for a.


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