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tv   Politicking  RT  June 28, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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prince mohammed bin bin solomon against the backdrop of a u.n. iranian crisis does the president enter this his 3rd g 20 summit stronger or weaker than his previous summits and what does mr trump need to accomplish for this to be considered a success let's talk about that with our 1st guest he's former u.s. representative chris shays republican from connecticut he served as senior member of the finance and homeland security committees and was chairman of the government oversights national security committee with jurisdiction over both the defense department and the state department he joins me from washington d.c. chris welcome to the program thank you so let's talk about mr trump at the g. 20 summit what does he need to accomplish there and what do you fear he'll do. you know this is a really difficult conversation for me because. what do you think they think of this president he signs a statement when he's in france and everybody puts their names in the very bottom and he writes his name on the very top of the of the you know the protocol the
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agreement i think they have no respect for the man i think they're just trying to figure him out and i think we don't know what's going to come come out of the meeting and frankly whatever he does i don't think it has much meaning to the other world leaders is america still viewed as the leader of the world if not why and which country or leader and well there's no real leadership right now and so there's a huge void created by donald trump if we have treaties that we don't agree to honor we lose our credibility if we decide to have an bar goes against certain countries. and they've been buying our product and all of a sudden now they can't buy our product they're not going to buy our products if they can't trust us to honor our agreements our commitments then we can't be the leader of the free world we can't be a leader in the world so who is the leader right now who are his main players on
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there are no you know we have empowered china we have empowered russia. ironically by the way we've acted and we have weakened europe by our denigrating the e.c. and encouraging people like a country like great britain to leave it you couldn't you couldn't imagine that we would have a leader that would do these kinds of things you know one of the things that my biggest heartache though is republican somehow got this feeling that they didn't want government to work because they thought it caused too much damage now we have a government that doesn't work and we have a present. doesn't work it's a very sad indictment of our country right now there's nothing great about what's happening self-fulfilling prophecy mr trump and chinese president xi jinping meet on saturday and the trade war with china has hurt american farmers among other industries logically trump needs to fix that going into his 2020 reelection bid so
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surely the chinese president xi jinping knows this as well so who is better positioned going into their meeting now the president's very weak and the only way the president can satisfy some farmers is to give them more farm aid but they don't want farm aid they just want products that are worth their labor they don't want the government to subsidize what's happening so you know the president he's hurting the very people he said he wanted to help so the u.s. and north korea are engaged in backdoor talks about a 3rd meeting between president trump and kim jong il according to south korea's president reaction. well i i actually think there should be dialogue i was uncomfortable that previous presidents were not willing to engage the korean leader but. i don't have a lot of faith in donald trump because i don't think he has
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a game plan that is i think responsible i think he just kind of shoes from the hip and you know he's the president scares me frankly you just never know where he's where he's coming from how is he using his diplomats or not using his diplomats as would be traditional before entering a meeting such as this well let's look at it this way he criticizes his intelligence community for not being responsible he criticizes people in the state department criticize the people in the defense department he pulls the rug out from under people who work for him and. that can't be comfortable to 2 world leaders you know one of the things that's so important is world leaders need to know where each is coming from and you don't want to misunderstand or guess that they're going to do something when they're not so you would like a mature president to just have a consistent message that people can expect will be honored and you know let me
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just make one other point when the president you know gets rid of one treating gets rid of another treaty why would anyone make want to make a treaty or an agreement with him if he's not honoring what the united states is committed to in the past so. he is very responsible. so who is winning then the political contest of winnings the right word between trump and kim oh i think what he's done is he has not made america great he's done the exact opposite i think it's an embarrassment to america that we have a president who acts the way he acts i don't mind him being tough i don't mind him standing up to trade i don't mind him standing up to read but think of it this way any gates the agreement with iran instead of saying well they abused it here they abused it here therefore we're going to take specific action against them so we know if i was that agreement you know if i was the north american trade agreement
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he know if i sees agreements why would anyone want to make an agreement with him so but let's focus on north korea for a 2nd ok what's the what's he doing specifically wrong in his he doing anything right. well i think he's doing something right in grades in the leader of north korea so i give him credit there. i think he is wrong to suggest that he's a good man and an honorable man that's laughable he's not good and he's not honorable so i'm uncomfortable with that. and i think really what he's done is reinforce the fact that both korea and iran need nuclear weapons to protect themselves that's the irony of what i think. let's talk about military action against iran trump told reporters from the hill that he doesn't need congressional approval for military action do you agree. well it depends what kind
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of military action if there is a an action where we have to defend ourselves he doesn't need it doesn't need to get approval from congress if he's going to attack iran he does if he's going to send a message to iran that certain actions they've done are not tolerated he doesn't need to get approval so let's have your reaction to what's happening on the u.s. southern border and trump's current governing or lack thereof well he may win the next election based on the fact that people are fed up with what's happening in regards to immigration so that sounds a little ironic. to americans like the fact that he calls everyone a danger to us they're not dangerous there are people who want to better life and there's so many here who are having a better life and are in and ironic way better citizens than some citizens. but
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most americans know that almost anyone from central america for instance could petition to come into this country and it's hard for americans to understand why they should be allowed to come into this country we have to take care of them in a year later decide you know their fate so the irony is that. he could win this election and democrats could foolishly allow him to win by their unwillingness to understand certain things like couldn't donald trump say what do you mean democrats you care about immigration you want to prevent illegal immigration and yet you have sanctuary cities so as soon as they come in you're going to protect them from the law i mean most americans say i don't get that it's not a popular thing to say but that's what they're thinking let's talk about the critical and crucial positions that we have in the u.s. government immigration border infrastructure they're all currently occupied by
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acting appointees or. are vacant how problematic is this well you know and one way it's problematic but in another way donald trump doesn't listen to his permanent appointees versus the ones that are just there until someone is made permanent he does his own thing he doesn't listen in my judgment to. it well he's certainly not going to listen anyone who disagrees with him and and it's very hard to know what he thinks for a permanent appointee they they're walking on thin ice they're very careful you know i think. i think some people are eagle eager to get out of the administration once they find their way in just because he's such a difficult man to work with how do you respect them how well do you think that the republican party is utilizing donald trump to forward their agenda they're cowards they are absolute cowards you know you had some like mark sanford who put a periodic lee spoke out of about something that donald trump was doing that was
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wrong and what does donald trump do a week before the election. mark sanford's election he supports his opponent his opponent wins the primary and and mark sanford is out and then we lose the seat donald trump sends a message to any republican if you confront me i'm going to defeat you in a primary and think about this only about 4 percent of the american people decide who the republican candidate for president actually is so you have the republican party that is determined by shaped by the far right and you have a democrat shaped by the far left and the vast amount of americans have no one to represent them do you still consider yourself a republican i'm a registered republican i'm not a donald trump republican and i think if donald trump were to win this next election the republican party is dead it is absolute that think about it we don't have the support of young people we are not supporting climate change recognizing
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that climate change is caused by man we are totally oblivious to the debt that we're leaving our children with i mean what is the legacy that we're suggesting people should appreciate republicans for what you initially had supported john kerry says for president in 2016 and then you eventually ended up publicly announcing that you were going to vote for hillary clinton during the recent reelection kickoff rally donald trump devoted a lot of time to slamming hillary as usual what are your thoughts about his. seeming obsession still with hillary clinton well he has obsession about a lot of things he shouldn't have obsession about and that's one of them let's face it hillary clinton did not run a good campaign but she was frankly an excellent senator and she was willing to work with both sides of the aisle and that's what i'm hungry for i served in congress when we had bill clinton as president we balanced the budget for 4 years
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on a bipartisan basis and then what did republicans decide to do they decided to impeach him and i'm saying to them listen we're going so much done and i even impeach him who shut down the government for the next 2 years. know it hillary clinton would have been a very good president my biggest concern now is that biden will be pushed to be too far left we already know where trouble is and it's not a healthy thing you know congressman congressman stay right there we're going to be right back more politicking right after the break. their own words or. 40 feet but so. far get. everything. should be good but if you did. meet. the
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demand. of. god since we. don't leave. any room to give. your kind of. conditioning. ministers and our names to. you know world a big part of the new law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each
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other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back to politicking on matthew cook sitting in for larry king we're continuing the conversation with former u.s. representative chris shays republican from connecticut he joins me from washington d.c. let's talk about who you represent you represent i think the majority of the the center of the country which is really the majority with you would you agree with that well this is what i think i represent like a lot of other people there are people who speak to the dark side of a person like trump and there are so many people who want to speak to the good side donald trump is bringing out the bad in us he's not bringing out the good in us and that's what i hunger for i want to see someone like joe biden speak to our goodness
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speak to our strengths speak to our character of of wanting to be a better nation and better people when you served in the house with lindsey graham and what do you make of him now of his current devotion to trump a man that he once called a job and worse. well lindsey wants to win reelection as a republican if he doesn't do that he believes that he will be defeated in the primary that's that's really what it's all about so he's now in bed with trump to win the republican primary in his home state. and it's very sad if a nuff republican stood out and stood up to this man we'd be in a much better place i'm curious to hear your your thoughts about biden's position on with regards to some of the policies that he supported that the far left is going to have difficulty with for example the iraq war. right well you know i voted
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for the iraq war the biggest problem with the iraq war was how he carried it out and he went in but it was a great argument why we should have had our embassy in every country korea iran if we had had an embassy in iraq active embassy i don't think we ever would have gone in they did not have weapons of mass destruction we never should have gone on given that but we thought they did and ironically the leader of iraq one of us the think they had congressman i hope we're able to explore this topic on another show and thank you so much for your time today thank you trump on the world stage at the g. 20 summit is all important meeting with the president g. jinping amid an ongoing trade war with china a humanitarian crisis along the u.s. southern border there's so much to talk about with my next guest he is joel rubin former member of the obama state department and currently president of washington
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strategy group he joins me from washington d.c. joel thanks for being here thanks matthew it's great to be with you so this is donald trump's 3rd g. 20 summit if you can believe it to see enter this one stronger or weaker than his previous 2. while he is coming in with a lot of wind in his sails from his own positioning but the world is requiring in many of his ideas so it's a very different kind of g. 20 and the 1st one where he seemed to be gathering his language where he was at odds with his team where he was criticized at home for what he was saying in terms of america's role in the world at this one it's very clear donald trump has an idea of how he wants america to engage it's controversial for sure but it is going to be one where he puts his stamp on this meeting so is america no longer seen as the leader of the free world what's our standing right now at the g. 20 yeah the g. 20 it's
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a mixture of multiple countries with multiple interests and they're all going to be advocating and jockeying the g 20 has not been a forum where we've really been seen as the the dominant leader 70 g 8 meetings in the past those have been a place where united states has been much more leading in terms of setting the agenda but that said the united states right now many of our positions are pushing away our allies they're not necessarily pulling in our adversaries and so the question for president trump is can he actually articulate at these meetings his views in a manner that build support for them because america going it alone is not going to get the task done a multiple economic issues and security issues that are going to be on a stage and the top of mind for these leaders who is setting the agenda these days which countries yeah we got we've got a mixture clearly we've got china which is setting the agenda and in many respects in asia under the radar screen here in washington certainly the europeans right now
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are in many ways internally focused breaks it as a good example where britain british politics are a mess to be bought and they're not looking externally and russia has been able to move it. it's agenda forward in ukraine has been active in syria and other parts of the world and so in many ways a global agenda has not come together rather it's multiple countries doing their own individual assessments of what they can get out of the current moment in our national affairs and that that's a different angle from what we've seen historically well let's focus in on china for a 2nd so mr trump and chinese president xi jinping meet on saturday the trade war with china has hurt american farmers among other industries so who is better position going into their meeting. well the president is strange thing is hand from a leverage perspective but that doesn't mean that he's going to spend any of that
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capital to cut a deal with china in many ways for president trump being able to say he's tough on china is better for him politically than getting a deal with china and we've seen this play out recently where the president thought he had a deal then he claimed that the chinese reneged on part of the deal there for this latest round of tariffs and sanctions and he's found a lot of political backing within his base and even among democrats for this position but as you point out if the pain continues and if there's no respite for american workers and industries that are impacted by it it could bite him but right now i think he's calculating that he's gaining politically by continuing to be tough and he's probably looking for his maximum deal as you can get and that's not something china seems to be willing to offer at this moment what do you think fair trade with china looks like politics aside yeah no fair trade with china has rules based is based upon rules or negotiated not just bilaterally but also through the
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international fora means that there will be intellectual property safeguards in place where we're not victim here in the united states to chinese theft of our technological prowess it means that they're open markets it means that their imports and exports where trade balance is actually acquired as opposed to protectionist purchasing in china so these are these are big issues and they affect industries and it's not like donald trump invented this problem but what he is doing is he's taking an unorthodox approach a different one from predecessors and what people in washington are wondering is will you have the where with all the savvy to know when it's time to cash in this leverage and right now that's not clear to anybody really what that moment will be for him let's take a moment talk about the humanitarian crisis on the u.s. southern border in the context of the g.
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20 how is this going to the fact trump at the g 20. but you know it hasn't come up in the international context yet and i'm glad that you asked this because here politically it's becoming extremely. high high profile and dangerous for politicians tonight expressed sympathy towards the crisis at the border even president trump he's trying to deflect and saying that family separation as an example is not his policy it was obama's policy which of course is factually inaccurate it was not president obama's policy and president trump even talked about family separation as a tactic a pressure tactic a problem and a bigger level with how the president approaches problems so he seems to believe that punitive action 1st is how you get to a better outcome we haven't seen that necessarily demonstrated though and so the g. 20 it could be very interesting to see other countries begin to criticize us publicly for human rights concerns along the border and that would not be something
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that would be welcome in president trump but it certainly would be welcome news for many people here domestically particularly democrats and democratic presidential candidates who are critical of the way the administration is handling this crisis we've learned through the south korean president that the u.s. and north korea are involved in talks concerning a 3rd meeting now between trump and kim john what's your reaction. why i love the idea of talking rather than fighting but the president has so far had 2 meetings and failed to create a sustainable process of negotiation this president and kim cannot negotiate the fine details of a denuclearization. deal basically that that is not something that president trump can do he needs his team to have sustained negotiation so having these previous summits it was fine optics level but the danger here is that the prestige of united
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states was cashed in for very little in return so there we are that's fine but this president needs to get a process in these have real deliverables hard takeaways that demonstrate in black and white on paper that the north koreans are going to change their behavior on nuclear weapons otherwise it's just a meeting and then it raises a lot of concerns here domestically about why the president is being so kind to kim and yet on the same on the other hand being so difficult towards iran which actually doesn't have a nuclear weapon while kim does so there's a lot of contradictions right now in these approaches so let's talk about the approach in a more detailed manner the 2 previous summits between trump and kim didn't have the groundwork by diplomats that usually goes into those kinds of meetings do you think this one is going to be any different yeah no i mean i really don't and that's the concern you're right in the way that you framed it the groundwork for the 1st one it didn't need to be so detail because that was the big summit kicked off but the
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2nd one it collapsed and it actually created negative outcomes looked like john bolton a national security advisor actually undermine president trump at that meeting and put a harder line position on the negotiation in the president was even aware of or wanted to do we can't have our own team fighting amongst themselves you can't go into negotiations unclear about what your team is trying to achieve so the president needs to make sure that his team is really on board with his vision and it has a very clear plan and that all of the members are going to seek to execute it and it doesn't appear like that's the case right now so for south korea if they're trying to mobilize a meeting it's in their interest to ensure that tensions stay calm but for us it's a. our interest to make sure that this next meeting is effective and successful and right now the president's team doesn't look like they have engaged in such a process that will allow a 3rd meeting to be that way so all thank you so much for your insights and your time today thanks matthew and thank you for joining me on this edition of
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politicking also thanks to larry king for letting me sit in this chair today remember we love hearing from you join the conversation on larry's facebook page and as always you can share your thoughts on twitter by tweeting at kings things and using the politicking hash tag i also invite you to join me on facebook at matthew cook official and that's all for this edition of politicking. leg. length. leg. length. plenty.
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the. world leaders meet at the g 20 summit in a song seeking breakthroughs on trade tensions and political standoffs. limit. legal nightmare few there are seems to be working together they gave us great opportunities follow up on that. here. a british waste management firm is convicted for attempting to send contaminated household trash to china wrongly labeled as paper for recycling. it's a leap.


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