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but to do that the united states needs to build car peroration with everyone but russia including competent. surely. on the contrary we stupid carp aeration take your opinion. and that's just the crawfords that will most expose these acts person declined. if we take experts to russia for us it's import for them it's experts so it. went to the news of what you mean by several dozens of you were a lot of jobs disappeared so i hope that common sense will prevail at the end of the day. recess. is so important i know everything is important now with channel one. which was what we have already had a question from channel one well we have 2 people here so on the sidelines of this summit meadow mccraw rather responding to the question why would come to moscow on
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the night somebody said yes i would come what about donald trump would he come and did you ask to come anyone else do you invited anyone else. well we think that this is the biggest band in the world that is the 75th anniversary of defeating. the nazis so we should remember that. we should remember about things overt always and we should do our best to prevent anything like that from happening again if we forget about this then this for our major challenges will rear its head of the world today is i mean it's a dangerous place we've been reminding the pictures that. you've been reminding everyone about that as for whether they are going to come or not it's not for us we invited them and we respect our partners we always highlight the role of
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a ally in that fight so you can be sure we believe that she's cute but the way. the fashion. you're real in germany itself as one of our allies says i see them if they refused to. that's ok we understand that anyway we will pay you tribute. yes i promised ok i remember. you. but still we have our meeting with the japanese prime minister. says that it was 60 amid a program to produce curse the north stream and selenski reached out to you he was very nervous when he thought being that we did he asked to to the sailors and he reprinted hard. for me to stay he said that clinton refused to russia's.
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readiness to return the say this is it true is it true that we are now part of the pay because a we promised to return to its people again that's what clinton said no of course not i don't know how these 2 issues can be connected but it. should pay attention to one thing. that will had of the general staff of the ukrainian army that that was a provocation prepared by poroshenko during his campaign. there it's outrageous. incredibly outrageous. because on the position of ukraine they're. virtually. because 1st that that was a provocation it was staged we have a number of issues regarding people detained in ukraine. they say there is they just follow the orders we know that about that however they violated russian
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law and they have to answer for that but we need to settle this according to the law and we are. working on the chook mr choked we know that he helped to liberate 4 people from the. he. alan their own d.n.a. republics in the donbas so we need to have better context here of to have a better dialogue then we will have results if we knew authorities in ukraine are ready to cooperate we will cooperate we may have a lot of progress. and. that's the last question i'm sorry but this is a last question because we are starting our bilateral meeting after that this is start you mentioned already your recent interview to the financial times which was broadly quoted turned widely discussed specially so we got in your attitude towards
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the liberal idea some agreed some disagreed with what you said. and elton john even you said that he disagreed with you he said that you were a double face as he put it this. year and here that was also one of the issues as well as to the task and the cross and the talked about that with you what about other leaders did they discuss their opinion we got what you said maybe someone that debated you maybe someone agreed with you well frankly speaking for me that was the. totally out of the blue that that interview and i thought it was just a minor interview nothing special i didn't say anything new however 8. cause a wave of interest and some colleagues of mine they're not going to give you the name. indeed was discussed on the topics raise in that interview with me here.
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through. agreed and supported some disagreed and argued that indeed happened but you see the thing is that if we go back to the g 20 summit digit why. it is an economic forum. but email is among the issues that were discussed were the issues of liberal policies and migration. but if we take the car in the me. there is a debate between china and the united states regarding trade. china is blamed. for. subsidizing the industries. pretty much as if we want to discuss. industrial subsidies probably at this level there's less discuss agricultural subsidies. which
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are widely applied by the e.u. . but a lot of work are political so we these kind of policy business when the every culture market is closed. what of youth for goose from developing countries than. economy. what about these countries economies how are they going to grow how can we blow up the w t o discussions how can we kickstart the discussions maybe we can direct these subsidies to words supported agriculture in the developing countries to create more jobs there are going to get what is it that our colleagues want to open the market for goods which may. come or open their borders for migrants they will have to do one thing either this or that and that's what i mentioned during the interview. there are the
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issues to you wish. you have to deal with that liberal idea liberal ideas multifaceted. it's quite alluring i agree however the migration. which i mentioned. might be a problem when you hear at least in some european countries all schools parents are told that we school girls should not wear skirts to school still it was a process what about that security should they say look come on people leave in their own home country. they have their own culture. of course and why do they have to face such used to sections now. that is. all we were doing anything really good at this is an injustice and this liberal
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idea well it's voted generally a liberal idea it starts to eat itself millions of people are living their life normally and those who promote these ideas they. so are you proud seem to leave it in their own world that's what i talked about and i think there is nothing special nothing that i didn't not mention before elton's on i do respect him he's a genius of a musician he visits russia after another we always enjoy his concerts i think he's wrong on this issue. which is to do anything wrong we have a very calm attitude towards the eligibility community we are. not biased against them we have villages lation years have a law which we have been blamed for the law which prohibits propagand of homosexuals and i'm on the minus those who are below 18 years away sure ok but let's let us give the. boys and girls the opportunity to grow up and decide who
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they want to be while their children let them grow without any unnecessary propaganda. 6 to 5 gender trans this trans that i just don't understand what these things are. they able to see i'm what i want to wish but everyone is good health look at the 2 structures to the problem is that in this part of the societies we aggressive in imposing its will on the majority we should all be loyal towards ourselves we should be more open and transparent. and i didn't say anything unusual we need to respect you everyone and we need to respect each other we should not impose our. world should not impose our attitudes and the liberal. idea supporters they are imposing this scalds the. imposed the need to have this kind of sexual education and parents being
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blamed there and. sometimes they will almost prosecuted for. not accepting this so this question had to do. with our assessment of the situation in certain but often. countries. yes people in some countries are tired of all that probably very soon reason why dollar trample one group reach probably that is the reason why people in many. western european countries are dissatisfied the took to the streets to protest. but you know what except everyone is bullying mean someone else like russia for all these problems but we are not to be blamed for that we have nothing to do with that oh yes we have some debates on this issue we face our opinion but they do the same.
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we are not putting up and he serious saying they are interfering in our domestic affairs the do interfere in our domestic affairs let's how it all goes unfortunately that's how the international relations. there are deep problems which they do not want to nice and i only mention these problems and i see most of them many times before so this is nothing special nothing new now thank you very much for your attention ok or just watching president vladimir putin delivering a q. and a session that lots of questions came up of course he initially said that they were he was a bit skeptical about the g 20 but has proved to be important and produced some. he said japan has done a great job he talked about 4 main points that have come out of the g. 20 trade climate change terrorism online the spread of it and how they need to combat it digitalisation and they've all agreed to be cooperation on
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ai he also talked a lot about the separate meetings that he had with the different leaders particular trump theresa may and others so we will of course be keeping you updated with the outcomes of that press conference later on in the day but we'll go on to more news after the break.
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globalization period that we had is that they'll be a new globalization it will be a network driven project that america will become a subscription service like netflix you all subscribe to america and they have to offer you a value proposition to keep your subscription alive. joined me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to the world of politics for those of us i'm sure i'll see you there. i think the reason that they have not attacked you ron so far it's not that they didn't want but i would say that they couldn't do it trump is thinking of as short and quick war with iraq but i would say that that would not be the case trump said
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that if they wanted to they would have killed about $150.00 people in the rain inside but the question comes to me is that americans a country in the past by nuclear bombs do they really care about killing 150 people . as we speak large organized care of and are on the march to the united states. and a player coming out for carrying their. fears remains. this is a virtual invasion of our country. there
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are a felony you know. in the form of a. knife. as you do is you know we're going to see a more. you notice. welcome back ahead of 2020 lections in the united states democratic presidential candidates have held 2 nights of bruising debates joe biden bernie sanders and his best warren were among the 20 candidates that took part. takes a close look at what they had to say. so with too many candidates for just one stage we have now seen the 1st 2 democratic presidential debates and it was quite
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a show or should i say shows and among the tactics used to get off to a good start with voters spanish ness is almost. gone the persona and the exit poll is to economy and this president. will be one of the most immigrant places in except probably would welcome be autistic and when it came to the issue of minority rights the candidates outmaneuvered each other with identity politics growing up my sister and i had to deal with the neighbor who told us her parents could play with us because she because we were black as experience of being in a marriage that exists by the grace of a single vote on the u.s. supreme court over the last 21 years i've been raising a black son in america and a clear star on the 1st night gabbert often dismissed as a fringe candidate got a lot of applause for her antiwar stance and many say that she actually swept a victory in round one we have got to have some presence there is this is how as it
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were up there long before we came in the end there. well we us and they were going to afghanistan now you could declare tells the gathered the victor by one clear metric she took the trophy for the most google searches that night after the dust had settled but that's after she claims she got less time than other candidates and even got attacked by a moderator she says that it's clear bias you were the only one who was essentially attacked personally by the moderators what do you think that was. look at shows that there is a clear bias now the format of letting candidates just jump in at will certainly made for a rowdy evening one candidate says that he was treated unfairly andrew yang ready to start talking even if their lives as i mean there in my life is going. to you know the sort of thing where he does all the user talking well you know most of the deeds of the number is i was i being like others out there right. now the candidate
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who seemed to disappoint almost everyone was the so-called perfect centrist joe biden he didn't live up to his fighting joe reputation and that taking blows from almost everyone without much of a comeback do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose bussing in america do you agree i was 6 years old when a presidential candidate came to the california democratic convention and said it's time to pass the torch to a new generation of americans back to and it was then senator joe biden deal that you talked about with mitch mcconnell who is a complete victory for the tea party it extended the bush tax cuts. now despite the smoke and mirrors and t.v. lights the audience seem to actually be concerned about progressive issues it seems that despite the fact that the media is focused on personalities the audience in the american public is actually more concerned about platform when it comes time to
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take on trump. r.t. new york. no matter which candidate the democrats choose and they'll have to go up again and we asked republican senator richard black about that chances. i don't think that they that most of them said anything that really was was a practical suggestion to real world problems they certainly didn't seem to are excited anyone there are so impractical in trying to to get the support of the most left wing elements of the party they're being driven into the arms of people who are so extreme that the american public is just i don't think going to go for them so at this point was something dramatic happens in the foreign policy arena i don't see any of the
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democrats posing a credible challenge to the president. the danish had moscow has received hate mail after that in the on the danish anti michael website and the footage in less than a boy can be seen teaching his fellow pupils how he praised the video was not intended for the public. to go because. the principal says a school is hurting a get to know your classmates week aimed at promoting friendship and mitchell and standing there he is also doing reaction from a number of fright wing politicians. i am deeply shocked at the answer from the school principal he obviously believes that danish students can learn about the basics of islam and its teachings by learning all of the muslim prayers in this way they learn nothing about the nature of islam we had contrasting views on the story
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from civil rights and the democrats and mohammed saffi chief executive of the ramadan foundation they spoke to my colleague daniel hawkins i think in the multi society should we learn about each his faith so we can have cohesive relationships i could he said societies i think most people would say yes it's important for muslim kids to know about the jewish faith the christian faith in do faith yes i'm vice a versa is one thing being made aware but there's a different thing actually sit down and pray and in doing it it's a so mark i want experts of muslim to take. the the catholic. rituals go to a church it's one thing to ciccio and to show them well actually get him to do it that's a completely different thing and that's out of order i think the reaction has been way over the top alleys from the usual suspects people who like sean to anything negative and any way that they could attack the islamic faith or the muslim
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community what they should have been doing was teaching the peaceful side of islam and yes there is a peaceful side of islam we agree but at the moment it's the extremist part that's taken over to celebrate what's the festival or a jewish festival i think that's 5 because it doesn't say you know do i don't think our faith where you where you are going but things were one of only 2 different things. actually very different really sentence it's the school's fault in trying to teach people about different religions it's one thing teach them about what goes on but get him to actively pray that's a violation of their european human rights and it should not be gone. so that these very clear issues are under schools reaction so as you. they were wrong i just find their irony if i may say so stephen you are referring to the european convention of human rights and your campaign of the. leader your opinion in so sorry i just couldn't resist playing out on you on the right just because we don't agree with
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you on your human rights doesn't mean we don't we. just because we want to leave you we want to pull out of your pinko human rights doesn't mean we don't want human rights in england by far what you suggest is we don't know we do just just come down my friend steve and reality is no more we same as a school and still are you at the school. there was sex education why don't you use it you could even mix for that as well let's pick insistent to talk up our history i'm not saying my faith is not immune from criticism or challenge but you know if you're if you're targeting just this topic community then this book a bit further and look at all our history we've all got a dark history. that's the news i'll be back at the top of the hour after this short break with more global updates so don't go away.
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it's hard to take some from somebody if you know have some to replace. the want to do this interview today i had all these market open that may take me. off the area. so how can i tell you stop selling drugs if we'll hire someone to put the money in it back. then just me all the way in life it's almost been basically a color speech for the worst do you guys know what's a good many security positions i assume that. they are jack me again. you see people get all their cars and i'll see you coming in the harness seems like they'll hurry about run into the house like they don't want to they don't want to talk to your get your mail or anything like that. i just want to go all out on the market and being. run just try
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renaming. me now married to someone give me. one little make its manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the roaming classes project themselves. with the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent i'm told. to ignore middle of the room sick. to lose. you. and i rode. far behind or if you get us out.
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of our group. of it is that you. just fit into the mothership did. seem to move. when i managed to finish it oh my gosh. they are the house from. god since we're. gonna meet don't hate. this kid or. any. kind of system definition in. minnesota the new shithead. christ there's a matter if it's a crisis and they sure. as
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a scale of natural disaster just like malaysia. and they bring interest. into the here in japan. are the problem of substances which are the other being. that governments and international organizations do not have enough time to get to that. exists is a stick from the water bottle phone in the stomach of a fish the brand is sponsor of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. soon 6. that seems cool set their plastic. on my end only.
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essential projects funding me. on i knew that is the end of a footy team but for now the mountains of waste only grow higher. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race is on spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. he'd. eat.
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pay. a great to meeting a president putin and come away from the g. 20 summit in japan in an upbeat mood. that meeting was a good. very businesslike way we had a discussion we had a great actually we had a great discussion in prison and. it was really a tremendous discussion. democratic debates in the u.s. see 2 roundy nights of televised debate has 20 presidential candidates clash over policy we look at sometimes of questionable tactics. and a video showing danish.


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